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Full text of "Kingston city directory from July 1922 to July 1923, including directories of Barriefield, Cataraqu, Garden Island and Portsmouth."

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The Hydro Shop 

of the Public Utilities 


SPECIAL QUALITY of High-Grade Westinghouse Mazda 
Tungsten Lamps, 10, 15, 25, 40, 60 and 100 Watt. 

Special MADE IN CANADA Westinghouse Nitrogen Gas 
Filled Lamps, Frosted or Clear. From 60 to 1,000 Watts. 

COMPLETE LINE OF— Electric Motors, all sizes; Ranges, 
Heaters, Stoves, Toasters, Coffee Percolators, Heating Pads, 
Sewing Machine Motors, Tea Urns, Irons, Fans, Egg Boilers, 
Vacuum Cleaners, Drying Machine, Hot and Cold Blast, Bell 
Ringing Transformers, Auto Engine Heaters, Massage Machines, 
Washing Machines, Water Tank Heaters. 

SPECIALS— Ohio Tuec Vacuum Cleaners, Hydro 
Irons, 1900 Washing Machines, Kribs Washing 
Machines, Dominion Washing Machines, Moffat 
Ranges, Open or Concealed Elements. 

Telephone 844. Representative. 


City Directory 






Leman A. Guild and George Hanson, Publishers 
Kingston, Ontario. 


89-91 Princess Street 


Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



Kingston Street Directory 

ABERDEEN STREET, north from Earl to Johnston-, first east of University Avenue 


1 Martin, Alex J 
3 Mills, Mary (wid James) 
5 Whalen, Captain Luke 
7 Coyle, Anna (wid James) 
9 Sowards, James 

11 Allen, W J C 

19 Ferguson. Capt John A 

15 Webb, Miss E 


31 Walsh, Major F 

33 Pigeon, John 

35 McMahon, Sarah (wid A C) 

45 Slater, Charles E 


8 Gill, Noel 
10 Pyke, Grant 

William Street intersects 

30 Ratcliffe, Walter H 

32 OHver, Robert K 

34 Fair, Alice (wid Jas) 

36 Adams, Mary E (wid Jas) 

ADELAIDE STREET, west from Montreal to Alfred, first north of James 

Davidson, William D | Not opened to Division 

Lansdowne street intersects 

I 3 Hillier, Adam 
I 5 Sammons, Isaac 
7 Hillier, Anson J 

ALBERT STREET, north from King to Fair Grounds, fifth west of Barrie 


Stuart street ends 

91 Miller, Prof. Jas 

99 Meagher, Frederick W 

105 Robertson, Prof J K 

113 Wheelock, Laura (wid M B) 

203 Nicol, Prof Wm 

209 Ellis, W S 

213 Simpson, Eleanor (wid Chas D) 

221 Mathews, Miss Angelique 

223 Drummond, Miss J R 

227 Carey, Edith (wid W B) 

229 Chown, Harvey R 

231 Derbyshire, Herbert A 

239 Ferris, Edward 

245 Kelley, J W 

253 Ray, Annie (wid D A) 

275 James, Richard 

281 Walsh, Dr Leonard J 

295 Watts, Roy 

297 Symons, Sarah (wid John) 

301 Chapman, Nellie C 

303 Home, S V 

309 Gillespie, James 

313 Baker, Phillip Henry 


96 MacGillivray, John, Ph.D 

138 Skelton, Prof Oscar D 

142 Hutton, James O in Apartment A 
Drury Prof Chas, in Apartment B 
Robinson, Mrs. G A, in Apartment C 

144 Best. L T 

148 Stewart. Dr H A 

152 Abernethy, Alfred J 
Union street west intersects 

I 198 Greenless, Robert F 
I 200 Clarke. Professor Arthur L 
I 208 Sullivan, Col. Cleaver 
I 212 Daly, Miss Annie M 

218 Reed, Prof. G B 
I 220 Campbell. Samuel F V 
I Cooper street begins 

I 234 McFadyen, Prof. J F • 
I 236 Graham, R S 
! 238 Blomley, Jas 
I 246 Abernethy. William 
I 252 Langwith, Christopher 
I 258 Do1)bs, John R C 
Earl street intersects 

266 Smith. Gordon 

270 Simpson, Dr S H 

276 Geiger, A G 

282 In man, Wm F 

284 Greenlees, John 

290 Gorden, Geo S 

Birch avenue begins 

I 298 Doherty, Albert 
I 300 Gordon, John 
I 304 Pollitt, Wm 
308 Metcalfe, Allurn 


PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

That's The Toye Bread Co 


Clover, Grasses, Grain 






343 Gourley, Isabelle (wid Dr T 
347 Knapp, Dixon S 
349 Earl, Rollo Ottwell 
353 Wilson, John A 
355 Marrison, G E 

Victoria Park 

415 Flynn. William 

417 Borland, William H 

419 Lougher, Mrs. (wid. Henry) 

425 Tandy, Rechab 

427 McNeely, James 

431 Campbell, John 

437 Marshall, Eliz (wid John) 

441 McCallum, Geo. 

445 Mulligan, William 

447 MacKinnon, Kenneth 

451 Alexander, Robert 

453 Prettie, Robert 

457 Sherbino, Annie (wid Robt) 

461 Freeman, Frederick 

465 Brownhill, Edward 

I 312 Alexander, Robert A 
I 314 Elliott, B E 
1 316 Raven, Annie (wid John) 
I 318 Bryant, James, grocer 
Johnson street intersects 
A) 320 Irwin, Frank 

322 Clements 

340 Rutherford, James 

344 Filtz, Richard 

346 Home, Clififord R. 

350 Kennedy, Alexis 

354 (upstairs) Montgomery, Robt 

356 Day, Ernest 

366 Nash, Dr C C 
Brock street intersects 

368 Crawford, John J 

374 Fournier, Joseph 

376 Shortt, Rev William K 

380 Graham, Sarah (wid James) 

382 Graham, Henry A 

386 Coward, George B 

388 Williams, Angus 

390 Walsh, Edwin . 

392 Jones, Rev. J W 
I 398 Gallagher, W H 
I 400 Mcllquham, James 
I 404 Stewart, J H 
Mack street intersects 

408 Horsey, Edwin E 

412 Stevenson, Robert 

414 Jones, John E 

420 Bruce, Robert 

422 Williams, L W 

436 Mcllquham, Herbert C. 

440 Clow, Frederick M 

442 Patterson, Richard D 

444 Wilstead, John A 

446 Bell, Rev. G A 

448 Marshall. Thcs. C. 

464 Saunders, George H 

466 Branifif, Hugh 

468 Clancy, Robert J 

470 Knight, John S 

472 Gallery, Catherine (wid Thos) 

474 Somerville, Francis 

478 Chalmers, William H 

Princess Street Methodist church 
Princess street intersects 

505 Hulse, Thomas 

508 McManus, Mrs. John (wid J) 

507 Wood, George 

518 Calhoun, Norman 

511 Robertson, George 

520 Parkhouse, Ezra E. 

515 Lennie, Edgar 

530 O'Brien, William J 

515a Vacant 

532 Pense, Frederick 

534 ParkhiU, Mary (wid J Y) 

536 Dennison, Frederick 

538 Bleakley,- Joseph 

540 Timmerman, Nicholas 

517 Dumbleton, George 

542 Hunt, A E 

517a Cooke, Herbert H 

546 Allen, Phillip 

519 Green, Edward 

556 Christley, Coarenett 

558 Johnston, David H 

560 Wood, Nelson F 

521 Wing, Geo. W 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited peKe. 





Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 




525 Hamilton, Harold 

527 Dorey, Matthew 

531 Foster. L J 

535 McDonald, Alexander . 

545 Silver, Emma (wid Wm) 

557 Roddy, John M 


The George Richardson Memorial Stadium 

Victoria School 
136 Cruse, James G, caretaker K C I 
Collegiate Institute 

ALFRED STREET, north from Alice to Concession Rd. firstwest University Ave. 

55 Flammer, Dr E 

65 Bassam, William E 

67 Bonner, Thomas M 

71 Richardson, Graham G. 

12) Wilson, Joseph 

75 Stuart, Jas Russell 

n Godkin, James D 

79 Stover, Herbert M 

81 Elsback, Victor D 

83 Cleland. Robt 

Union street west intersects 
109 Stover, Herbert, grocer 
113 Nicol, Mary 

117 O'Brien, Mary (w^id Patrick) 
119 Crothers, Vernon B 
129 Bedford, John 
131 Hamilton, Frank H 
133 Bawden, Evelyn (wid Jos) 
135 Asselstine, Minerva (wid Isaac F) 
137 Black, James 
139 Weir, James R 
151 Smith, Sydney C 
153 Torrance, Rev. E F., D.D. 
157 Hall, Chas H 
159 Cook, Hugh G 
161 Bosper, Dr. Lewis 
163 Compton, Charles R 

1631/2 Arniel, Wm J, grocer 

165 Vacant 

167 Lambert, Mark 

177 Hughes, John H 

179 Gibson, John 

181 Lemmon, Sarah (wid Jos) 

183 Laird, Wm. G 

187 Sloan. Katherine (wid Richard) 

189 Hinton, David 

201 Wells, William J 

203 Fallon, Bridget (wid Dominic) 

203a Snowden, Wm H 

205 Horton, Hubert G 

209 Taylor, Edward J 

211 Moore, Ann (wid Daniel) 

Earl street intersects 

I 172 Kissick, George W 
I 176 Lemmon, Thomas 

178 Pound, George D 

180 Stewart, Thomas H 

182 Young, David J 

184 Gilbert, Maggie (wid Albert) 

200 Taylor, Frank W 

202 Haunts, J 

204 Phillips, William Henry 

206 Hall, David 

206J^ Keill, Herbert 

208 Mounteer, Albert 

210 Bryant. William J 

214 Gates, William J 

216 Coulson, Douglas 

218 Lawler, Dr. Ambrose B 

220 Porter, Dr S E 

229 Franklin, Wm J 

231 Diack, Robt 

235 Sandwith, Harold, B 

237 Hilton, Alfred M 

239 MacDonald, Geo A 

241 Sands, Dr. Wallace 

243 Metcalfe, Hiram F 

245 Lytle, Mrs. Ethel, bdg hse 

Johnston streeet mtersects 

234 Steves 

236 Wood, Daniel P 
240 Gordon, Jessie 
242 Allen. Miss Sarah 
248 Pannell. Fanny (wid) 
250 Beaudoin. Chas 
252 Hughes, W H 
254 Asselstine, John 
258 Hyssop, Miss Mary E 
260 Rickaby, Lawrence 

Dr. Bell's Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 



'Phone 147 for Ambulance 







Brock street intersects 

271 Day, Dr Henry E 

273 Anderson, Edward 

277 Asselstine, Thos M 

279 Stevenson, J Frank 

281 McCreath, Peter Leith 

285 Coyle, Margaret (wid Henry) 

293 McLeod, James B 

295 Jenkins, E P 

301 Scott, George W 

303 Yule, James 

305 Nelson, Alex D 

307 Ward, Percy T 

309 Ross, Rev Dr Donald 

311 Wright, Rev J dePencier 

331 Fisher, John 

Cullen, Joseph, grocer 

Victoria Park 

Mack street commences 
320 Sliter, E O 
322 Hornibrook, Frances 
324 Reeves, Percy 
326 Alderdice, James 
328 McCutcheon, Alfred 
330 Smail, Harvey A 
336 Cullen, Joseph 

Princess street intersects 

345 McNamee, Francis B 

347 Fisher, Dr. John Henry 

349 Jones 

351 Lyston, P. L. 

353 Lake, Dr. Albert J. 

355 Ward, Roy H 

359 Bolton, Chas J 

361 Lake, Mrs. Abi (wid Frank) 

365 Arbuckle, A W 

367 Caldback, Miss Sarah A 

369 Wilson, Harold B 

371 Kelley, Edgar James 

7)72) Crawford, Stuart 

375 King, John 

377 Foster, Alfred W 

379 Martin Stephen 

381 Harvey, Harold 

383 VanLuven, Ronald 

385 McMahon, Robert A 

401 Greenlees, Robert R 
425 Collins, Norton J 
427 Dempster, David 
429 Doody, James 
433 Windover, Schuyler 

I 364 Bartels, Oscar V 

I 366 Kelley, James 

I 368 Boyes, Charles H 

I 370 Vacant 

I 372 Vacant 

I 374 Edgar, William T 

I 376 Lyons, Wm H 

I 378 Barrett, William J 

I 380 Bruton, Harry 

I 382 Caverly, Nathaniel 

I 384 Pritchard, Warren H 

I 386 Nourry, Prof Lucien 

I 388 Reid, Allen 

I 390 Vacant 

I 392 VanLuven, Edgerton 

I 394 Hoag, Frank J 

Elm street intersects 

437 FincMayson 

Sixth street end^l 

439 Kinsler, Thos 

441 Jackson, John 

443 Wilkinson, John 

445 Reynolds, Ernest 

447 Shepherd, George F 

449 Thorpe, T M 

451 Williamson, Isaac N 

453 Ferguson, C. (wid Joseph) 

396 Sears, E Ferdinand 

400 Redmond, John J 

402 Rathman, W 

428 Volume, Anne E (wid James) 

430 King, Howard 

432 England, John W 

434 Milne, Harvey 

436 Stevenson, Percy 

438 Gwatkin, John 

440 Bennett, John 

York street intersects 

Pine street ends 

Fair Grounds 

Stanley street ends, 

487 Saunders, Jennie 

(wid William) 

491 Saunders, John 

493 Vacant 

J. K. Carroll Agency ^^^FMr-c 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 INSURANCE 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK'S AUTO SERVICE repairing painting 

STORAG E, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 

~ ARCH 7 



ALICE STREET, west from University avenue to Albert, second N of King 


1 Stockwell, Lt Col C V I 

Alfred street commences! 

13 Saunders, Kathleen M (wid Dr H J) | 

15 Matheson, Prof J I 

9 Smith, CyrilM I 


Ireland, Francis C 
Knight, Prof Archibald P 
King, George 

16 Brown, Col Beverly 

18 Dunlop, Emma E 

ALMA STREET, runs north from York to Balaclava, along west side of Frontenac Park. 

Frontenac Park I 12 Moon, Robert T 

I 16 Orr, Lewis 

I 18 Bell, Florence (wid J. Ashford) 

I 20 Lane, Hugh 

I 24 Purtell, James J 

I 28 Holman, Albert 

I 30 Charnock, Jonathan 

I 34 Brunette, E. J. 

I 38 Pappas, Geo 

I 40 Pappas, Nicholas 

[ 58 Gray, Thomas 

Patrick street commences 

ANN STREET, runs west from Main to Vine, second north of Colborne 


7 Jarvis, John H I 8 Burns, Thomas 

I 10 Bain, Robert A 
I 12 Stinham, Chas C 
I 14 Langsford, Edwin 

ARCH STREET, runs north from Stuart to 

11 "Queenscote," W T Connell, M.D. 

21 Koen, Francis 

23 Pickering, Geo 

25 Johnson, James 

27 Drake, Victor 

29 Smith, Mrs. Nellie 

Deacon street ends 

Vacant lot 
43 Lamb, Nathaniel 
45 Hampton, Henry 
49 Ash, John B 
51 Ada, Edwin J 
53 Ada, Elizabeth (wid Wm) 
55 MacDonald, Jas J 
57 Healey, Thomas 
59 Ludlow, Richard 
61 Packer, Alfred 
65 Lamb, John 
69 Seaton, Francis 
75 Klugh, A 
n Wilton, Henry A 
79 Shales, W Carl 

Union, first west of Barrie. 

Queen's University 
Queen's Medical College 
School of Mining and Agriculture 
Taylor, Principal R Bruce 
Seccombe, Prof. Thos. A 
MacClement, Prof W C 

60 Selby, Charles H 

62 Connor, Amey (wid Frederick) 

64 O'Donnell, Arthur 
66 Gee, Stanley 

Jock Harty Arena 
84 Compeau, Joseph 
86 Barrett, Percy R 

BAGOT STREET, north from City Park to James, fourth west of Harbor 


96 Watson, Prof John, M.A., LL.D 

98 Mitchell, Prof G W 
100 Chadwick, Allan 
102 Kennedy, Donald H 
102 Breck, Dora (wid Luther) 
104 Birkett, John H 
106 Doyle, Joseph 
108 Wilder, Harry M 
110 Smith, Isobella (wid Charles; 
124 Minnes, James A 

107 Harty, Hon Wm 
109 Winnett, Dr A W 
115 Shaw, David A 
117 Klugh, Prof A B 

Gore street ends 
125 Ferguson, Rev Prof G E 
125 Bellhouse, Jessie C (wid William) 
127 Smith, Geo 
129 Guess, Amanda (wid Francis) 

I A STFRI INO Store Fixtures 

l-^« ^%^^ ^-/ 1 JLll Vj-ll.1 ^ V-* ono PHnr^*:^ Street 

We Make All Kinds of 

The K. D. Mfg., Co., 

House Mouldings 67O-68O Montreal St. Phone 1681J 




126 Elmer, Richard 

133 Porter, Charles 

126^ Rooney, George S 

137 Singleton, Harold 

128 Dix, Capt James 

141 Campbell, W M 

130 Stewart, James 

134 McKelvey, Mrs. (wid R J) 

136 Cadenhead, Grant 

136 Birch, Sarah (wid Samuel) 

136 Emery, Gertrude (wid George) 

138 Stayner, Frank 

140 Cockburn, William 

142 Wales, Miss Emily 

Earl street intersects 

151 O'Brien, Robert 
153 Hancock, Thomas 
155 Hancock, Thomas 
157 Goodearle, Miss A < 
161 McDonald, Edward 
163 Vacant 
165 Granger, Jas F 
167 Post. Richard H 
169 Moncrieff, Reginald 

154 Glover's Grocery 

156 Walker, Herbert L 

158 Clarke, C G 

160 Abramsky, David 

160 rear, Abramsky Bakery 

162^ Davie, William 

164 Doyle, Patrick J 

166 Lazelle, Charles 

168 Hammond, Edward 

170 Shanahan, Maria 

172 Walsh, John J 

174 Roberts, John 

176 Buck, Arthur W 

178 Anderson, Miss M A, dressmaker 

William streeet intersects 
180 Angrove, Dr Harold 
182 Hanson, Thomas 
184 Harris, Barton 
186 Campbell, Gertrude and Edith 
192 Savage, W J 
200 Carnegie, Capt Robt H 
202 Ward, Marie 
204 Reid, Capt Fred 
204 Reid, Dr F S 
206 Hewgill, Percy William 
208 Morrison, Charles A, physician 

Johnson street intersects 

St. Vincent Academy 

Convent of Congregation de Notre Dame 

210 Public Library, Mrs. A Kennedy, Librarian 

216 Gavine, W. J., upholsterer 

222 Olsen, John, blacksmith 

230 Dominion Motion Pictures Ltd 

211 Black, Frank 
213 Cobet, Ivo L A 
217 Crowley, Dr Leo E 
219 Cook, Francis W 
225 Powers, Elizabeth (wid William) 
227-231 Nicholls, Wm. V.S. office & hospital 
Clarence street enda 
Brock street intersects 

Cor. Bagot & Brock, Crawford & Walsh 
235 First Division Court 
237 Trumpour & McGlade, Real Estate 
237 Sun Life Insurance 

237 (rear) Department of Public Highways 
2391^ Drs. Lucy & Lucy 
239 "Bongard & Co., Brokers 
239 White, W J B, Insurance Agent 
241 Vacant 

245 Macnee and Minnes 
Cor. Bagot & Princess, Standard Bank 

Guess, Leighton E, livery stable | 

238-240 Ronan, Ida 
244 Rees Bros, wholesale fruits 
246 Thor<ne, Amelia 

248-250 Chown, Edwin & Son, hardware 
252 Chown, A & Co, hardware 
254 Mahood, Geo W, Dispensary 
258 Lake, E J, oculist and aurist 

Simpson, Dr Samuel 
2S8 Doyle, Miss K, manicure and hair parlor 
258 Newlands, Wm 

Princess street intersects 

Cor. Bagot & Princess, Royal Bank I Canadian National Express Co 

264 Prudential Life Ins Co 1 271^ Jarrell, Jas F 

McCreath, Peter L., Mgr j 273 Robertson, Wm, tailor 

264^ Steel, L R, corporation I 273 Darragh, Alex, Shoe Repairer 

272 Milne, H J, bicycle dealer | 275 (rear) Robinson, J S, Painter 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'M^uiactl^T' 



89-91 Princess Street 

Kingst on, Ont. 


'Phone 418 




Vacant lots I 275 Kingston Battery Service 

I 277 Attwood & Dine, Tires and Tubes 
I 279 Fex, George, Foot Specialist 
I 281 Baird, Mary (wid Robert) 
Queen street intersects 

Cor. Bagot & Queen, Palmer Used Car Co| Blue Garages Ltd, McLaughlin Cars 

Geo A 

Edwin Chown's warehouse 
Military Stables 
Artillery Park 
Military sleeping quarters 

358 Hackett, Joseph 
360 Marcus, Max 

Vacant lot 
368 Cunningham, Jane 
370 Samson, Alex 
376 Stroud, Allan 

Vacant house 
378 Saunders, Margaret (wid George) 

Murphy, John, grocer 
42 Mackintosh, William Ritchie 
46 Jackman, Wilfred 
48 Davidson, Daniel S 
50 Leboy, Peter 
52 Moon, Melville Geo 
54 O'Shea, Mrs SOD 
58-60 Corrigan, Patrick 

66 Bunt, Richard 

70 Henderson, Jane ^ 

Hawkins, Hicks 
72 Grimshaw, Russell 
74 Adams, Charles W J 
76 Leslie, Wm 

Miller's lane commences 

82 Buster, Robert 

86 Tuggey, Margaret (wid Wm) 

88 Tisdale, Wm R 

90 Irwin, Mary 

92 Taylor, Capt Richard 

94 Lasha, Walter 

96 Hubley, Ed C 

Raglan Road intersects 

305 Joyce, Luke 

307 Carthard, Margart (wid James) 
Purvis, W H 

Barrack street ends 
Military Offices 
Battery gun sheds 

Wilson, Lytle, Badgerow Co of Toronto, 
Ltd, vinegar mnfrs, D B Murray, mgr. 
Ordnance street intersects 

357 Aylesworth, Minerva (wid Erin) 
359 Gage, J D B 
361 Murphy, Mary (wid William) 
363 White, Edward J 
365 Menard, Elizabeth (wid George) 
367 Patterson, Samuel 
375 Davis, James 
Zn Burtch, Enoch (Grocer) 
Bay street intersects 

2il Tousignant, Frank 

39 Corimsley, John 

41 Maddigan, Annie (wid Michael) 

43 Vacant 

45 Westcott, Charles 

47 Ray, Wm 

49 Corcoran, John 

51 Effiott, James O 

53 Allcorn, Wm 

55 Turner, Harry 

57 Kelly. Wm 

59 Wright, Harry J 

61 Vacant 
North street intersects 

67 Phelan, Chas. 

69 Cannem. Walter 

71 Cooper, Henry 

IZ Corrigan, Michael 

n Corrigan, Michael 

79 Caverly, Martha (wid George) 

81 Ferris, James 

83 Disne}', Fred 

87 Phillips, James 

89 McGowan, Annie (wid Edw) 

91 Tisdale, Louis 

93 Allard, Edward 

95 Cleary, John 

97 Donavan, Cornelius 

99 Brady. James 

98 Jarvis, Alfred George 

101 Wartelsky, Alex, grocer 

100 Maddigan, Lillie (wid Edw) 

lOli^ O'Neill, James 

102 Roach. Albert 

103 Mitchell, Alexander 

104 Belanger, Frank 

105 Stokes, Benjamin 

106 Jones, Ada (wid Frank) 

107 Corrigan, Patrick 

108 Lawless, Patrick J 

115 Redden, Caroline (wid Jeremiah) 

110 Driscoll, Wm J 

117 Staley, Charles 

112 Lees, Frank 

119 Brooks, J W 

114 Whitehead, Eliza 

Corrigan street ends 

116 Graham, Robert F 

121 Brierley, Joseph 

118 Young, Thos. 

123 Vacant 



209 Princess Street 

670-680 Montreal St. 

THE K. D. Mfg., Co., 


Phone 1681 J 




120 Andre, Clarence 

125 Flaherty, Edward 

122 Fox, Morris 

124 Ryder, John 

124H Henderson, Robert S 

Robert Meek School 

126 Ennis, James 

128 Redmond, Ernest 

130 Morgan, Geo 

Dufferin street ends 

132 Payne, Sarah (wid Henry) 

John street commences 

155 Vacant 

134 Doolan, John 

157 Vacant 

138 Bourdeau, Baptisle 

140 Mills, Peter 

142 Jarrell, George 

146 Corrigan, Bernard 

148 Hall, Wm. Sergt-Maj 

150 Kelliher, Winifred (wid Maurice) 

152 Zeigler, Margaret (wid Wm) 

154 Redmond, Moque 

156 Clancy, Alice 

158 Cameron, Agnes (wid John) 

160 Bennett, Hugh 

162 White, Wm J 

162^ David, Wm 

168 Bocking, James 

170 McCloskey, James 

174 Collins, Frank 

176 McKenna, Elizabeth (wid James) 

178 Soles, Benjamin 

Charles street intersects 

Calvary Congregational church 

BALACLAVA STREET, from Sydenham to 

13 Martin, Capt Chas J 

17 Vacant 

19 Vacant 

21 Spratt, Louis 

23 Martin, Ed F 

Redan street commences 

27 Scott, Capt Wm T 
41 Billings, Minnie (wid George) 
51 Bourne, John C 
Patrick street commences 

Patrick, along north side of Frontenac Park. 

Frontenac Park- 
Alma street ends 

BARRACK STREET, runs west from the harbor to Bagot street, second north of Princess. 

fete du Pont Barracks | M T Go's elevator 

Ontario street intersects 

5 Coventry, Frederick 

7 McDonald, Capt Augustine M 

9 Corcoran, John 

City Gas tank 
23 Smith, Harold J 

Light, Heat & Power store house, 

Public Utilities 
Gas Purifying Plant, Pulilic Utilities 

King street intersects 

Snug Harbor (cor Barrack & King) 
51 Botting, R Wright 
53 Botting, Peter 
55-57 Walsh, Patrick, coal and wood 

C A S C Garage 

C O C Work Shop 

Riding School, R C H A 

Wellington street intersects 

Walsh's wood and coal yards 

Drury's Coal Shed 
80 Bush, George W 
82 Frost & Wood Implement Office 

85 Anglin, Samuel 

87 Callan, Jas 

89 Young, Gordon 

Peter,s Grocery 

Rideau street commences 

Spoizman's Grocery 
88 Boutillicr, Arthur C 
90 Boutillier, Amos S 
92 Thurson, Mrs. (wid Henry) 
94 Vacant 

Insist on Getting 

Toye's Cream Bread 



89-91 Princess Street Kingston, Ont. 

'Phone 418 






Bennett, Matilda 

96 Bell, Harry 


Leech, Mary (wid George) 

102 Pans, Henry William 


A. Chown & Co, garage 

104 Liddell, Capt Wm 


A. Chown & Co's, warehouse 

106 Gauthier. T 

110 Crawford, Sarah (wid William) 

112 Ormston, Henry James 

114 Haines, Gordon 

116 Ferguson, Walter J 

Purvis Shoe Repair Shop 

BARRIE STREET, north from King to Pine, 

King street east commences 
City Park 

Park avenue commences 

Cricket Field 

Court House 

Toner, Wm. M, caretaker 

Revelle, Turnkey 

Johnson, Turnkey 

Hawkey, Joseph T, governor 

County Jail 

Brooks, Mary, matron 

Kingston Dairy School 








west of City Park. 

King street west commences . 
Bermingham, Cornelius 
Morgan, Prof Wm 
Lavell, Judge H A 
Crawford. Robert 

O'Kill street commences 
Cappon, Prof James 
Bibby, Herbert D 
Strange, John 
Farrell, James M 
Dwyer, Edward J 
Graham, Grace (wid Isaac B) 
Mooers, Henry F 
Tofield, Henry A 
Carson, R J 
Mundell, D. Edward Dr 

Stuart street commences 
Waldron, Richard 
Flanagan, Miss Sarah E 
Flanagan, M E, florist 
Willis. Charles E 
Parker, Mrs. C M 
Bailie, William 
Mooers, Edwin 
Elliott, Joseph G 
Kirkpatrick, Harriet B (wid Wm) 

Deacon street commences 
Briceland, Jas 
Medley, William H 
Hiscock, Edgar C 
Eraser, Miss Helen 
Bryan, Robert, Capt. 
Hayman, Frank 
Morris, John 
Jordan, William, Dr 
Bawden, George 
Dobbs, Francis W 
Cays, Duncan A 
Brown, A W 
Kidd, William G 
Rogers, Alice M (wid R V) 
Savary, Rev T W 

Union street commences 
Livingston, Charles 
Uglow. Georgina (wid of Richard) 
Simmons, Wm G 
Slater, Thomas 

Davy, John E E 

Van Alstyne, Harriett (wid Chas) 
Scott, John 
Funnell, David J 
Funnell, Thos H 
Charles, Edward 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 




Clover, Grasses, Grain 









Chalmers church 

229 Hood, Alex 

231 McMahon, Robt, paint shop 
231 Shoe> Repairing Shop. 
Elliott, Edward^ K 

249 Lemmon, James H 
251 Hanson, Geo 

Bishop's Palace Grounds 

295 Vick, David A 

297 Cherry, Preston J 

301 Willard, John F Capt 

303 Armstrong, Francis G 

305 Bateson, Maud (wid Matthew) 

307 Blake, Annie, Miss 

Fletcher, Mary, Miss 
309 McKanna, Peter J 

323 Orr, Harry R 

327 MacDonald, James O., Dr 

329 McBride, James S 

331 Macalister, Rev John M 

333 Newlands, William A 

357 Peters, Sidney 
361 Baker, John F 
363 Barnum, Chas W 

I 190 Brough, Elizabeth (wid Albert) 

I 192 Twigg, Wm R 

I 194 Gilbert, John, grocer 

I Rice, Wm J 

Clergy street intersects 

I 206 Smith, Albert 

I 204 Shoe repairing shop 

1 212 McGowan, George A 

I 218 Butler, Mrs. Mary (wid Frank) 

I 220 Sang Lai, laundry 

I 224 Vacant 
Earl street intersects 

I 226 Purdy, James E, grocer 

I 228 Empire Cleaners, Tailors (Kahn, Jacob 

I H) 

I 230 Maple Hurst: 1st floor. Mrs. W Wood 

I 2nd floor, Henry Willis 

I 234 Robinson, Richard H 

I 236 Way, Wm. H 

I 238 Sing Doo Laundry 

I Villa St. Claire Apartments 

I No. 1, Hodgins, F Owen, Lt-Col 

I No. 2, Mair, Amelia (wid of John) 

I No. 3, Brown, Margaret 

I No. 4, Sullivan, Miss Frances 

I No. 5, Elder, Mrs. E (wid Jas) 

I No. 6, Lee Arthur, Noel 

I Basement, Ashie, H Ryder 

William street intersects 

I 246 Nesbitt, Sarah (wid James) grocer 

I 248 Elder, Sarah (wid of George) 

I 250 Derry, William H 

I 252 Donoghue, James 

I 254 Publow, Ivan 

I 256 Keenan, Margaret (wid T A) 

I 260 Crawford, James 
Johnson street intersects 

I 286 Shaw, George 

I 288 Hutchings, Emmanuel 

I 290 Saunders, Samuel 

I 292 Knapp, Charles F 

I 294 Cherry, George 

I 296 Ferguson, James 

I 298 McKoen, Annie (wid of John) 

I 300 McCabe, Earl 
Brock street intersects 

I 302 McCallum, Dr E C D 

I 304 Vacant lot 

I 308-312 Imperial Steam Laundry Co 

I and Thompson Bros. Ltd. 

I 314 Lyon, S R & Co, painter and decorator 

I 316 Branch Post Office (H B Wilson) 

I 318 Fallon, Frank E 

I Marcelis, Dr W A, chiropractor 

I Hutchison, John 

i Percival, O V 

I Robbs 

I Dominion Stores Ltd 

Princess street intersects 

I Cunningham, W J 

I YMCA building 

I 332 Hunter, Henry 
I 336 Gibson, Dr Jas F 
I 340 Watson 

Queen street intersects 

I 358 Clark, Roscal 

I 360 Sinclair, Robert 

I 362 Walker, Ray 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe^'rVIve. 




We Clean 


and do it well 

'PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Soods Called For and Delivered 




365 Robinson, C Kenneth Dr 

364 Lyons, William J 

367 Sills, Edward 

366 Suddard, Philip Geo 

368 Guess, Anna (wid Wilmot) 

370 Nicholson, Wm C 

372 Clenahan, Geo S, meat market 

383 Salsberg, Ralph H, Dr 

385 McKenna, Patrick H 

387 Louthard, Lewis 

389 Lloyd, Isaac 

391 Victorian Order of Nurses, Child Welfare 
Robinson, Mrs. Francis, RN 
Leader, Edith, RN 

399 Ferris, Lewis W 

405 Hounslow, Meat Market 

407 Patterson, Stuart 

409 Whitney, Fred 

421 Campbell, Albert 

429 Forbes, William 

435 James, Thos 

437 Armstrong, Chris 

439 McAllister, Park W 

441 Mallen, Edward 

445 Wood, Wm. K, Sergt 

447 Downey, Mary (wid Geo) 

449 Lawless, Patrick M 

451 McClellan, Chas 

453 Davy, William T 

455 McWilliam, Charles B 

457 Smith, Walter 

459 Lambert, Alfred 

461 Dennie, Everest 

Colborne street intersects 

Smith, Stanley J, grocer 

374 Revell, Geo Stanley 

376 Isaacs, Charles 

378 Johnson, Wm 

380 Eccles, Ida (wid George) 
Ordnance street intersects 

392 Tucker, Michael 

394 Catlin, Joseph 

396 Williams, Chas 

398 Mills, Amantha (wid Henry) 

400 Caines, Roy 

402 Powers, John 

Eves, J T, grocer 
York street intersects 

I 406 Shoe Repairing Shop (Mitchell, Wm) 
I 408 MacAvey, Elizabeth 
I 410 Plunkett, Isaac 
I 412 Clarke, William 
I 428 Swain, John 

430 Miller, William 

432 Kennedy, Mary J (wid Wm) 

Raglan road intersects 

454 McKane, Burns 

456 Lemnion, John 

458 Mahoney, Capt Chas A 

460 Crawford, Jas 

462 Baker, Eckhard H 

464 Leach, Emma (wid Edward) 

466 Hartrick, W^illiam J 

466 Darley, Mrs Mary J (wid A) 

470 Purvis, Archibald 

472 Smith, Frederick E 

474 Abramsky, Joseph 

480 Turcotte, Elizabeth (wid N) 

491 Vivian, John F 
495 Leslie, William 
497 Payne, Wm J 

Jenkins, Walter 

John street ends 

Quebec street intersects 

I 484 Cherry, Annie (wid Wm) 
I 486 Wiskin, James H 
I 488 Blake, Arthur W 
1 490 Hugall, Henry P 
492 Kearns, Samuel 

BARTLETT STREET, runs west from Victoria, first north of Princess. 

Bartlett North 



Smith street ends 

Bartlett South 

11 Burnside, Everett 

15 Jackson, Agustus 

17 Bryan, Arthur 




Couper, D 

McFedridge, William, sr 

Couper, Richard 

Watts, William 

Friendship, Chas C, market gdnr. 

Hyland, John 

Waddington, Henry, butcher 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR* BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Beirs cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations ^^^^"^ ^""^ chapped Hands, &c. 




'Phone 147 for Service 







Robert J, market gdnr 

BAY STREET, runs west from the river to Frontenac Park, fourth north of Princess 


Davis Dry Dock I Wellington street ends 

S. Anglin & Co, Lumber Mill Vacant buildings. 

S. Anglin & Co, office 

S. Anglin & Co, garage | 

Rideau street intersects 

45 Conley, Catherine (wid James) 

47 Layzell, Donald 

49 Oakes, Edward H 

51 Murphy, Chas 

55 Fisher, Irwin 

57 Johnston, John 

59 Vacant 

61 Garrity, Thomas 

IZ Murphy, John J, grocer 
75 Murphy, John 
87 Perver, William 
89 Harper, Frederick 
91 McLean, Wm John 
93 Roberts, Charles 
95 Clarkson, Arthur 
97 Henderson, James E 
Gordon, J M (grocery) 

48 Mrs. Hogan's Grocery 

50 Fowler, William F 

52 Sands, Frank 

54 Woods, Wm A 

56 Cunningham, Charles 

58 Blainey, Fredrick 

60 Rea, David J 

62 Clarke, Leonard 

64 McMillan, Neil 

66 Coyle, John 

Burtch's Grocery 
Bagot street intersects 

86 Gordon, John M 
90 Easton, Geo 
92 Hillier, Wilbert 
94 Stafford, James 
96 Bland, Mrs. 

Cor. Montreal, vacant 

Montreal street intersects 

House of Providence 

Ruttan's Confectionery 
111 Gow, Edward J 
113 Paynter, Richard 
115 Kelley, Margaret (wid Wm A) 

Sydenham street intersects 
Balaclava street commences] 138 Asselstine, Arthur J 

137 McBratney, Hugh 

140 Ferrier, George 

142 Gowan, Emma (wid James) 

144 Thompson, Chas A 

146 Murray, John 

148 Montgomery, J Murray 

150 Killeen, Thos. 

152 Hooper, Louis (wid Alfred) 

BEVERLY STREET, north from 

Zl McCoy, Peter 

39 Cameron, Lachlan 

49 Reid, John Thomas 

53 Duberry, Chas 

53 Scott, Harry 

83 Westcott. Walter J 

85 Harvey, William 

89 Thompson, William 

91 Christmas, Mary 

91 McLclkind, Morris A 

97 Blomeley, Thomas 

101 Shepherd, Joseph J 

119 Brinck, Julius 

121 Matthews, William H 

123 Dalton, Chas 

125 Zufelt, L A, Prof 

127 Harkness, E A 

131 Purdy, Arthur E 

143 Liglit, Capt Alfred 

King to Union, seventh west of Barrie 


Irwin, Bella, grocer 
25 Campbell, Edward J, carter 
52 Pickering, Chas B 

Edgehill Street intersects 
80 Robinson, Capt Robt J 
82 Lothrop, Alfred P 

"Hillside" Van Straubenzie, Anne, 
(wid Col) 
124 Saunders, Wm John 
140 "Keewadin," Walkem, Joseph B 
"Cottage," Campbell, Laderna 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A. Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Want of the Motoring Public. 




BIRCH AVENUE, west from Albert St., first north of Earl 


3 Bliss, Dorothy (wid Lyman) 
5 Bunt, Chas. Albert 
7 Vacant 


2 Edwards, Edward Blake 

4 McWilhams, Chas 

6 Sherman, Melbourne J 

BREWERY LANE, runs west from 308 Wellington 


I 1 Dencer, Thos 
I 4 Benoit, Louis 
I 6 Mason, Fredrick Wm 
I 8 Pennockf Jam es 

BROCK STREET, west from the harbor to Victoria, first south of Princess 


Wharf — Wolfe Island Ferry 
Cape Vincent Ferry 
Grand Trunk Railway Crossing- 
Canadian Pacific Railway Crossing 
Ticket Office, Rockport Navigation Co 
Wolfe Island Ferry Waiting Room 
McFarlane and Wood Storehouse 

Ontario street intersects 
Canadian Oil Co, Ltd 
19 Willard Storage Battery Station, (I Les 

ses, prop) . 
23 Rear — Curzon, James, barber 
23^ Redden, Rose (wid George) 

Berrigan's Farmer's Store 
25^ Bennet, Stephen 
27 McCormick Biscuit Co 
29 Berrigan Hotel, Michael Berrigan, prop. 
"31 Reid, David, barber shop 
2,1 Front — Robertson D Stewart & Sons 
Zl) 2nd floor, rear — Hay & Grain, Dennee, E 

G, merchant 
ZZ 2nd floor, front — Webster, Chas R, lawyer 
ZZ rear — Justice of the Peace 
ZZ rear — Orange Fife and Drum Band 
35 Provincial House 
Z7 Hopkinson, W E, grocer 
39-41 Anchor Building 

Leatherland and Dennis, Great West Life 

Insurance Co 
Thompson, Blake E (real estate) 
Godwin, W H & Son, insurance 
Shea, Ambrose, barrister 
Stark Realty Co, W A Stark, manager 
A. McKinnon & Co, brokers 

King street intersects 
Bank of Toronto, Borland, C Percy, mgr' '^ 

53 McLeod, James B., druggist 
55 Prevost, Zotique 
57 Cays, Duncan A, real estate 
57 License Inspector's Office (J McCammon) 
59-61 Henderson, James R, grocer ' 
63 Booth Fisheries, Canadia^n Co, H H Day 


G T Railway Tracks 

C P Railway Tracks 

R Grounds 

C P 

City Buildings and Police Station 
Market Square 

65 Belmont Cafe 

65-73 McKelvey & Birch, Ltd, general con- 
tractors, hardware 
IZ Mitchell. Mrs. E M, dressmaker 
75-79 Livingston, Charles & Bro, tailors 
81 Power & Son, architects 
83-85 Bank of Montreal 

Asylum of A & A S Rite (rooms 3rd floor) 

Cor King and Brock, Bank of Commerce 
Bldg. ^ 

56 Carroll, John K, real estate and insur- 

58 (upstairs) Lockhart, Thos J, real estate 
and insurance 

58 3rd floor— Driver, Rolit 

60 Mutual Life Assn Co, S Roughton mgr 

62 Metcalfe, Edgar J, butcher 

64 Mol)erley, Wm 

66 Hall, David, sanitary & heating eng 

68 Burke, Thos F, butcher 

70 Johnston, John E, boots and shoes 

72 (upstairs) Stockbridge, Geo 

74 Green Bros, meat market 

76 Swafifield, Harry, harness mkr 

78-80 Gourdier, Wm F. furrier 

82 Imperial Tobacco Co of Canada 

84 (upstairs) Fuller Brush Co. H C Burrows 



209 Princess Street 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 





Wellington stre 

R M Linton, Dry Goods Store 
103 Keeley, W J, mfg jeweller 
105 Leader, Miss M A, fancy goods 
109 Automotive Equipment 
111 Garden Dance Hall 
111J4 Taylor Specialty Co 

Alaska Silver Fox Co, Hacock, Sanford M, 

115 The Electric Shop 

116 Alexander, R, tailor 

117 Peters, Wm P, flour, feed & seed 
119-127 Queen's Hotel, Joseph Rose, prop 
129 Boyd's Garage, G W Boyd, prop, agent 

Reo, Hudson and Essex 
131 Chinese Boarding House, Peter Lee, prop 
133 Chinese Goods, Wing On Leung, prop 
Crawford & Walsh, tailors 

Bagot street intersects 

86 McCann Agency, R H Waddell, mgr 
88-90 Carnovsky, Wm H, fruit merchant 
92-94 Lawson, Percy C, florist 
et intersects 

Golden Lion Grocery, retail, N E 

O'Connor, prop 
McRae, W R & Co, wholesale, N E 

O'Connor, prop 
Golden Lion Grocery, warehouse 
Golden Lion, storehouse 

Clarence street ends 

Guess livery stables 
147 Lowry, J A, blacksmith 
149-157 McKay, John, Ltd, furs, etc 
161 Purcell, Michael, boilermaker 
163 McCarthy, Wm A, physician 

Montreal street commences 

Kingston Auto Sales, Studebaker Cars, 
Bawden, George, prop 
183 Ruttan, Henry M 
185 Schetagne, Paul 
187 Fitzgibbon, Daniel 
189 McConville, Dr Isobel 
191 Smith, Mary (wid Robert) 
193 Riley, Martin Y i 

Cooke's Church 
199 Howard, Dr. C A, phone 497 
201 McCann, John 
227 Sydenham apts 
229 Behan, Miss 
231 Branigan, Denis P 
235 Nurses' Home, Hotel Dieu 
237 Percival, Miss T 
239 Downey, Geo H 
241 McRae, Ross M 
243 Valleau, Gordon D 
245 Ranger, George 

247 Batescourt School, Bates, Miss Ada 
249 Fowler, Misses 
251 Williams, Major Victor 
253 Vacant j 

Cor Bagot & Brock Sts, Dominion 

Motion Pictures Ltd' 
Hotel Dieu grounds 

228 Mundell, Wm 
230 Hamilton, Major J 
232 Allen, Robt W, auctioneer 
234 Mackenzie, Mata (wid George) 
236 Williamson, George H 
238 Fitzgerald, Rev Canon W F 
240 Lawler, Robert J 
242 Bowen, William A 
244 Lipman, Barnet 
St. Mary's School 

269 Dix, Miss Margaret, bdg hse 

271 Myles, Robert 

273 Holland, H 

275 Loscombe, Albert E M 

Royal Hotel, yards and stables 
287-289 Fire Station No 2 
291 Hastings, Thos 

Clergy street intersects 

St. Mary's Cathedral 
Palace grounds 

MacCallum, E C D, Dr 
305 Fleming, Mary (wid H) 
307 Stover, N M (wid H) 
309 Evans, Jno 

Barrie street intersects 

304 Williams, Stephen 
306 Cockade, Wm, Capt 
310 Turner, Samuel 
312 Hughes, John 



PHONE 834 


Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 




311 Alarie, W F 

314 Jones, Harry 

313 Sharpe, Edith 

316 Brightman, Victor 

315 Hinds, Lucinda (wid J) 

318 Sharpe, E (wid Andrew) 

317 Carroll, Helen 

322 Dunnett, Lois (wid James) 

319 Armstrong, W John 

324 Craig, George A 

321 Farrell, Michael 

330 Toohey, Miss Mary 

323 Bailey, Freeman 

332 Sutton, Maude (wid Wm) 

325 Grass, Lewis 

334 Vanasky, Ellen (wid Alexander) 

329 O'Connor, Thomas 

336 Harris, Mary (wid James) 

331 Quinn, J F 

338 O'Reilly, Alfred M 

331 14 Hall, Wm H 

340 Moore, Wm J 

333 Coyne, Matthew 

335 Campbell, John 

337 Carnegie, Roy P 

347 Duncan, Sidney 

349 Martin, John W 

353 Saunders, John 

355 Thompson, Melville 

357 Boyd, Nancy (wid Capt John) 

359 Thompson, Emily (widow George) 

361 Sharp, Noble 

363 Caldback, John 

365 Dennison, Elizabeth (wid J) 

367 O'Brien, William H 

369 Michea, Harold 

371 Willard, W J 

2)7Z Kendrick, Thos G 

2)77 Vanluven, Alvin 
381 Guess, L E 
391 McAdoo, Elmer 
393 Graham, Edward 
395 McCallum, George 
397 McCallum, Wm J 
399 McBroom, Wm F 

421 Patterson, Mathew 

425 Nicholson, Miss Margaret 

429 Henzy, Miss Jennie 

431 Council, Wm S 

433 Walsh, Edwin 

439 Peters, Fred 

Victoria Park 

Victoria Park 

Division street intersects 

344 Boyce's Grocery 
346 Wood, William 
348 Laughlen, Henry 
350 Love, J W 
354 Allen, Robert J 
354 Craig, Mrs Eleanor (wid Wm) 
356 Slater, Sergt Stuart 
358 Jordan, Lieut Samuel 
360 Dick, H J 
362 Elliott, Dr. Charles H 
364 Clugston, Thomas 
370 Ferguson, Thos H 
372 DeCarteret, Clement 
374 Baiden, Charles 
378 Mills, Mary (wid Thos) 
378 Elliott & Williamson, garage 
380 Clark, Elizabeth (wid David) 
382 Sawyer, Frank 
384 McAvelia, Mrs. Letitia 
394 Hafifner, Phil T 
396 Clugston, Wm R 
398 Boyd, James 
400 Boyd, George 
404 Milton, Miss Mary Jane 
406 McGrath, Miss Katharine 
University Ave intersects 

408 Ainslee, M V, grocery 

428 Bruce, Emma (wid Wm G) 
430 Ainslee, M V 
432 Seef, Arthur J 
434 Kennedy, Jno 
438 Warren, Wm H 
440 Sloan, Robt D 
442 Chadwick, Harford 

Alfred Street intersects 

460 Mulholland, Cassia 

462 Campbell, Ray M 

464 Dunlop, Herbert 

466 Porter, Elz (wid Stanley) 

468 Harris, Richard 

470 Baker, Arnold L 

472 Smart, Chas A 

474 Hazlett, Thos 

476 Graham, Capt Jas 

Frontenac street intersects 

I 480 Fairlie, Mrs John 

I 482 Pritchard, Capt 

I 486 Lappen, Margaret (wid Thos) 

I Vacant lots 

I 510 Douglas, Hugh 

Dr. Bell's Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 




126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 




Albert street intersects 
521 Randolph, Mrs Julia (wid John) | 520 Jones, Robert 

525 Grant, Mrs Jessie (wid Thos S) | 522 Scriven, John 

Grant's Grocery ( 

Nelson street intersects 
531 McCallum, F Lyman | 

533 Mayer, Stanley G L I Vacant Lots 

535 Home, Charles D i 


Palace Skating Rin 

north from York 

k Grounds 


Chestnut, second west of Barrie 

16 Rawl. John E 
20 Cummer, William 
22 Teepell, Hardy 

CATARAQUI STREET, west from the river to west of Rideau 


Vacant buildings 

Orchard street commences 
9 Revelle, Edward J 
7 Maxam, Charles 
5 Wilson, William Charles 
3 Roach, Edward 

McKay's Store House 

Railway crossing 
British American Oil Co 

87 Bamford, Albert C 
89 Plumridge, John W 
91 Clarke, Fredrick W 
City Dumping Grounds 

Rideau street intersects 


Dominion Textile Co 
Canadian Oil Co's Warehouse 

Railway crossing 

Ordnance Depot, 3rd Military Dist. 

Edgehill ends 

CENTRE STREET, north from King west to Union, eighth west of Barrie 

"Bellevue", Gilbert, John 

VanLuven, Harry 

87 Cogswell, A E 

93 Bailey, Norman T 

95 Graham, Stanley N Prof 

97 Miller, Charles E 

99 Campbell, Charles A 
101 Gourdier, F E 
125 Brown, Lome, Prof 
135 Baker, Prof W C 


"Elmhurst", McPherson, Hugh 

1 McCormick, Eliz (wid Robt) 

2 McCormick, Earl 

3 Doran, Daniel J 

4 Hart, Charles R 

5 Cassell, Stanley 
66 Smith, William, H Capt 

Hot-House (P C Lawson) 
68 Lawson, Percy C, gardner 
76 Givens, John 
82 Pratchett, George 
84 Boyd, Wilmer 
102 McCormick, Eliz 

"Otterbourne," Bermingham, William 

CHAPMAN STREET, north from Queen to Colborne, first east of Division 

Soles, William F | Kingston Business College 

CHARLES STREET, west from Rideau to Patrick, fifth north of Bay 


7 Thibert, Alexander 

9 Dine, Mark 
11 Vacant 

13 Norris, Jane (wid Jas) 
15 Blaney, John 
17 Bauder, William D 
19 Phelan, Francis 
21 Ryan, Albert Jolin 
21 Godwin, Enoch 
29 Guild, Rebecca (wid John) 
35 Whitehead, Thomas J 
yj McKegney, Michael 
39 Maxam, Geo W 


12 Syvane, John E 
35 Carey, Ivanhoe 

Always Ask For 

Toye's Cream Bread 




Kingston, Ont. 

89-91 Princess Street 


'Phone 418 





41 Paradis, Charles 

Calvary Congregational 

36 Kennedy, William J 
38 Bates, Samuel E 

church I 

Bagot street intersects. 

I 35 Goodwin's Shoe Repair Shop 
I 2)1 (Upstairs) Clark, Wm Henry 
I Kennedy's Grocery 

Montreal street intersects 

3 Tooher, Annie, grocer 

Dominion Store 

13 Chart, Wm 


Grimwood, Walter 

15 Gobeil, Edward 


Kelly, Thomas G 

17 Doolin, Edward 


Kane, Patrick J 

21 Dalzell, Eunice 


Crawford, Edward 

25 Purtell, Wm 


Cole, Stewart, E 

31 Wright, George W 


Kershaw, Walter 

2)1 Joyce, Laurena E 


Smith, Arthur H 


Burrows, William P 


Fay, Margaret (wid John) 

37 Tait. James Robt 


Knott, Otto 

39 Newell, Napoleon 


Ruskin, Villie 

43 Cresdell, Sydney 


Joyce, Mary (wid Thomas) 

45 Bone, Harry 


Buckley, Reginald G 

143 Leighton, Fred 


Woods, William 

49 Wright, Bert S 


Flint, Charles 

53 Roswell, Henry 


Dumphy, Edward 

57 Mann, George W 


Cobb, Ernest 

59 Joyce, Lawrence Henry 


Lonsdale, Herbert 

61 Vacant 


Tugwood, Henry 

63 McKeigan, John 


Adrian, William 

65 Young, Thomas 


Upton, George A 

67 Wilson, Robert G 

CHATHAM STREET, runs north from Princess to Pine, first west of Division 


22 Lesses, Louis, Antique shop 
24 Fisher, Robt M 
26 Austin, Horace 
28 Twigg, Arthur W 
30 Savoy, Michael A 
First street intersects 
31 Evans, James G i 

Zl Matthews, Emma (wid John) | 

Colborne street intersects 

52 Cross, William 
54 Buell, Alonzo Raymond 
56 Nicholls, Ernest E 
58 Thompson, Robert 
60 Spring, J H 
72 Rutherford, Thos, res 

Rutherford, Thomas, grocer 
Elm street intersects 

Clow's Block: 

1 Losham's Grocery 

2 Benstead, Charles 

3 McAllister, Francis A 

4 Mcllroy, Alfred E 

5 Davis, W J 

6 Woodcock, Edward, Alex 

7 Hogan, Michael 

8 Jamieson, May 

9 Moncrief, Mary (wid Peter) 
Fifth street intersects 

97 Ferguson, Robert L | 100 Boon, Mrs Sarah 

99 Barton, Annie (wid John W) | 104 Lane, Wm Harold 

101 Saunders, William | 106 Redmond, Harold J 

Sixth street intersects 

I 126 Ryder, Joseph 


Saunder's Grocery 
21 Ennis, W Albert 
23 Aubin, William H 
25 Amey, Percy H 

51 Hibbert, Silvanus 
55 Botting, George 
57 Donovan, Jos 
59 Mulholland, Samuel 
67 LaBoche, Antoine 
69 Jackson, Walter 

87 Vacant 

89 O'Rielly, Arthur H 

91 Somerville, Mary (wid Thomas) 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

That's The Toye Bread Co. 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 








103 Jarvis, Francis 
135 Harpell, Allen E 

I 128 Edwards, Harvey A 
I 130 Easter, Harlow B 

132 Teeple, Earl 
I 134 Woods, James 
I 138 Bills, John S 
York street intersects 

CHERRY STREET, north from York to north of Pine, first east of Division 

Tidman's Grocery 4 Lemmon, Peter 

3 Potts, George 6 Kinch, Stanley 

5 Potts, Samuel I 8 McConnel, Robert G 

7 Thurlow, Edward I 10 Moore, David John 

11 Patterson, Annie (wid William) | 12 Ashley, Leo J 

Chestnut street intersects 
27 Smith, Geo A | 

37a Janeway, John H 
14 Boaprey, Carmon 
16 Salsbury, Sydney A 
18 McGarvey, James 

Quebec street intersects 
33 Tugwood, Alfred T | 24 Jamieson, Catherine (wid Harry H) 

35 Davy, Alice (wid George) I 34 Aylesworth, Andrew B 

7)1 Burtch, Orville I Grocery (R J Clark, prop) 

Pine street intersects 

61 Butler, Henry 

63 Flew, Annie (wid James) 

65 Fowler, Michael 

71 Richards, Ernest 

60 Easton, Walter A 
64 Holland, Chester 
68 Wood, Chaffey 
70 Farmer, John G 

CHESTNUT STREET, northwest from Carlisle to Quebec, first north of York 

3 Lowry, John A I Gommer, Leo 

5 Stratford, Harry W Salsbury, Robt 

7 Calvert, John A M I 

Cherry street intersects 

1 Shaver, Charles A 
9 Cottman, G C 

4 Volume, Dr David A 
6 PoUitt, George D 
8 Crozier, Herb 
10 Williamson, Richard 

Pine street ends 

CLARENCE STREET, west from the harbor to junction of Bagot and Brock streets, 
first west of Market 



CPR Freight Sheds 
CPR Railway Station 

yi Customs Express Dept 
39 Canal office 

Weights and measures office 

Steamboat Inspector's office 

Food Inspector's office 
Zl 2nd floor, McLean, Thompson 
Zl Phillips, Geo 
2)1 3rd floor, Kincaid, Mrs L 
39 Allies Taxi Stand 

41-43 Hanson, Crozier & Edgar, Printers 
47 Taxi & Cab Stand No 1, phone 490 

Mrs. Vincent Morrison 

Clarence St. Wharf 

Railway tracks 

Fenwick, Hendry & Co, rear entrance 

Toye, R H, side entrance 
Ontario street intersects 
28 Vacant 

32 Taxi Stand, phone 64 
34 Canadian National Telegraph, A C 

Hanley, agent 
36 Sullivan, W H, barrister 
36 Kirkpatrick, Chas S, customs, ticket and 

insurance broker 
36 (upstairs) The Club (Masters & Mates) 
38 Gregson, Leslie 
38 Hunt, Amos 

38 Macdonnell, G M, barrister 
40 Can Pac Ry Go's telegraph 

N A Telegraph Co 
44 Typewriters & Insurance, Dobbs, J R C 
44 Kingston Humane Society, Phone 819. 
48 Vacant 

48-50 British American Hotel, Bohan, 
Michael, prop 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited peS ave. 




Kingston's Original 
French Cleaners 

'PHONE 650 



19 Years' Service to 
the Kingston Public 




Bank of Montreal 
59-65 Ontario Chambers, American Consulate 

F S Johnson, Consul 
59-65 3rd floor, Rogers, Thos 
67 Kingston Agencies Ltd, Brokers, real 

estate and insurance, J O Hutton and 

B J Robertson 
69 Nickle, W M 
71-73 King & Smythe, barristers, solicitors, 

notaries, etc 
71 (upstairs) Burns, R Easton, chartered acct 
79 Mills Company, insurance brokers 
79 (upstairs) Cunningham & Smith 
81-83 Bell Telephone Co 
87 Frontenac Loan & Invest Society 

Dr R C Cartwright, mgr 
89 Rigney, T J 
91 Kent Bros, bankers 
93 Walkem & Walkem 

Mundell, William, barrister 
95 Strange & Strange, insurance 
97 North Am Life Ins Co, W J Fair 

Wellington street intersects 

King street intersects 

Customs Hse, Arch Strachan, coll 
Inland Revenue Office 
Clarence St Park 

Post Office, James Stewart, pstmsr 
Kehoe, Joseph, caretaker 
Post Office Inspector's office, J Camp- 
bell Strange, inspector 

101 Taylor, W, dental laboratory 
101 Wotherspoon, Hugh C, insurance broker 
Golden Lion block, S F 

110 Carter, Albert 

Bell, Dr, Wonder Medicine Co, phone 514 
112 Bell, Carl 
114 Scrutton, Alex 
116 Wo Kee, laundry 
120-122 Finkle & Co, livery 
124-126 Clarence St Garage 
128 Emlan, Harry C 

Carson, Mrs W H 
130 Bell, R Chas, real estate & insurance 
130 International Correspondence School, 

C A Isaacs, dist. mgr 
1301/2 Ponting, Thomas 
I32y2 Massey-Harris Co, implements 
132 Buell, Ulysses G 
134 Nichols, Wm, vet sujgeon 

CLERGY STREET, runs north from Barrie to Ordnance, sixth west of water front 

Eastern Dairy School Chalmers Presbyterian church 

Headquarters Military District No 3 j 

Earl street intersects 

36 Wellar, Miss Sarah 
38 Martin, Irving 
40 Cochrane, Edward J 
William street intersects 
45 Muirhead, Elizabeth (wid Rev Jno) | 44 Glasgow. Jean 

47 Purdy, Amelia Miss I 46 Norris, J V 

49 Muckleston, Emily I 48 Genge, Robt E 

51 Sutherland 50 Macphail, Prof Alexander 

53 Walsh, Agnes 1 52 Whiting, Mrs (wid John L) 

55 Reid, Fredrick C j 54 Lambert, Thomas 

I 56 Angrove, Henry 
Y.W.C.A. I 58 Welch, Frederick 

I 60 Des Rochers, Mary (wid Zephirin) 
Johnson street intersects 
85-89 St Mary's separate school I St. Mary's cathedral 

Brock street intersects 

105 Van Home, Geo 

96 Armstrong (Chief James) 

107 Peppiat, William A 

98 Trotter, Thos 

National Dyers & Cleaners, 

H J Shales 

100 Armstrong, Leslie 


102 Doyle, Jos F 

104 Harold, Alexander 

DR. BELL'S WONDER peroxide & paramint 

No Better Quality or Value 
DENTAL CREAMS. on the market 






147 for Ambulance 






133 Mrs. P. E. Masters 

135 Newton, Thos 

137-141 Fallon Bros, granite wks 


Queen Street Methodist church 
151 Allen, William J 
153 MacGregory, John 
163 Hillier, Frederick 

165 Staley, Horatio 
167 Revell, Matthew 
169 Pope, Mary Ann (wid Thomas) 
171 Scoles, Mr A 
175 Pound, Frederick J 
177 Rawson, Arthur 
181 Publow, George G 
183 Allen, Robert M 
185 McClelland, Richard Jas 
187 Donovan, John 
189 Fredrick, Hubert 
191 Thompson, Harry 

Frontenac Park 

I 106 Morgan, William J 

I 108 Purcell, Emma (wid Jas) 

I 110 Lawson, Milford 

I 112 Quick, Chas, butcher 

I McColl, M R 

street intersects 

I St Andrew's Presbyterian church 

I St Andrew's Manse, Rev John W 

I Stephen 

street intersects 

I 150 Campbell, Dr J W, surgery 

I 162 Vince, W J, painter 

I 164 Vince, William J 

street intersects 

Whiting, Arthur, shoe repairing 
176 MacCormack, Francis 
178 Leishman, Robert ' 

180 Johnston, John S 
182 Holland, Jas B 
190 Young, Wm 
192 Law,Capt H R 

Frontenac Park 


17 Woodhouse, David 

21 vacant 

27 Purdy, David 

29 Sauve, Robert 

31 Hysop, Jane (wid Chas) 

35 Turpin, Susan (wid Henry J) 

Zl Mooney, Robert Jas. 

39 Shanahan, Margaret (wid John) 

41 Martyn, Geo A 

45 Smith, Nancy (-CVid H) 


81 Woertendyke, Ada 

83 Hazlett, Wm 

85 Simpson, Sarah (wid A) 

87 Vacant 

91 Wilmont, Frances (wid Nathaniel) 

93 Warwick, Chas J 

95 Little, Dr Thomas 

99 Martin, Louis 
101 Gillie, James 
103 Hodgins, Chas C 

Barrie to University ave, first north of Union 

I 14 Brocklehurst, John W 
I 14^ DriscoU. Daniel 
16 Andrew, Franklin 
18 Vacant 
22 Vacant 
24 Vacant 
26 Arniel, Richard 
28 Vacant 
30 Geoghegan, Wm 

I 32b Gatchell, Joseph 

I 34 Watson, Alexander 

I 36 Geraldi, Russell 

I 38 Pelow, Dennis 

I 40 Jackson, Chas F 
street intersects 

60 McRory, Jno 
42 Bowes, E W 
70 Powell, Arthur 
72 Wilson, Robert J W 
74 Scott, Geo Edward 
78 Scobell, Sydney S 
80 Angrove, John 
84 Bloomfield, Capt Wm 
88 Makins, Miss Janet 
90 McMillan, Joseph 
92 Vacant 

98 Arniel, Elizabeth 
100 Swaine, W E 
104 Breathwaite, H 
106 Paul, Elizalieth (wid W J) 

Elgin St ends 

COLBORNE STREET, west from Sydenham 2nd north of Princess 


Ryan, Daniel, grocer | 2 Clarke, Ernest 

7 Boyd, Alma (wid Richard) 

4 Gould, Joseph 

J. K. Carroll Agency FIRE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 INSURANCE 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service ^^^^ 

Cor. King & Queen Sts. 





9 North, John 
11 Eccles, Jas 
13 Murray, John 
15 MacDonnell, Archibald W 
17 Tierney, James 
21 Dunlop, A 
25 Handler, Z 
27 Moncrieff, Douglas 
29 Hunter, Harold H 
31 Noble, James 
33 Storey, Arthur 

39 Salsberg's Grocery 

41 Whitney, Arthur G 

45 Hunt, Freeman 

47 Denn, Jas 

49 Code, William J 

55 Milner, Charles R 

57 Blann, Albert G 

59 Craighead, John 

67 Kane, Mary (wid James) 

69 Hagerman, William O 

71 Driver, William J 

73 Percival, Robt B 

75 Yampolsky, Morris 

79 Irwin, John C 

81 Glassford, Thomas C 

8 Barton, John 
14 Grimshaw, James 
22 Thompson, Mary (wid Jas) 
30 Lennon, Rev. Dr W S 
34 Revell, Charles 
36 Awford, Julia (wid George) 
40 Jacobs, Nellie (wid William) 

Clergy street intersects 

44 Vacant 

46 Vacant 

48 Thompson, Albert J 

50 Walker, Henry Clinton 

52 Easson, M (wid Wm) 

58 Newlands, Geo 

60 Wolfe, Charles 

62 Wolfe, Henry G 

68 Marshall, Howard Wilson 

70 Pierson, Leslie 

74 Flett, Alexander G 

G S Clenahan's Butcher Shop 

83 Smith's Grocery Store 

(upstairs) Smith, Stanley J 
85 Allen, George W 
87 McAuley, Albert 

Free Methodist Church 
91 Benn, Miles S 
93 Snyder, Rev Emerson 
105 James, Thomas N 
119 Abramson, J B 

123 Knight, U R 

125 Moore, Chas 

127 Henderson^ Walter C 

129 Bunt, William 

131 Watts, Mary J (wid Alexander) 

133 McGiU, Dr W A 

137 Robinson, Amelia (wid Henry) 

139 Gallivan, John 

141 Dean, William 

143 Shaw, Wm 

145 Mullen, Capt John 

149 Millard, Richard W 

181 Smith, William Vincent 
183 McKee, James 
185 Davis, Peter 
193 Lemmon, Thomas F 
195 Acton, George 
197 Bird, Langley 
199 Cooke, Chas H 

201 Daybell, Ethel M (wid George R) 
203 Bell, R Charles 
205 Elliott, Robt John 
209 Eward, Agnes (wid Robt) 
213 Whitty, Willet G 
215 Bews, Helen E 
217 Bryant, Annie I (wid Rupert) 
223 Bryant, Harry L 

Barrie street intersects 

114 Shangrow, Edward 
116 Nelson, Lloyd 
118 Sterling, Lawrence A 
120 Frost, Wm G 
122 McGlade, William J 
124 Kennedy, Andrew McQ 
I Chapman street ends 

Vacant lot 
136 McCullough, Robt 
Main street commences 138 Grey, Charles 
140 Dash. Edward 
142 Hutcheson, James B 

154 Pearn, Wm T, Sr 

street intersects 

I Macdonald School 

I 190 Mohan, Agnes 

I 192 Thompson, Frederick 

I 196 Owles, Frank 

I 198 Young, George 

I 202 Vacant 

1 206 Jones, Robert 

I 208 Pickering. Wm G 

I 210 Bews, John W 

I 220 Bews. James G 

I 214 Laird, Albert E 

1 216 Silverman, Samuel 

1 240 Mathews, Raymond 

I 244 Turcott, Wilfred 

I A STFRT INH Store Fixtures 

209 Princess Street 

We Make All Kinds of 

The K. D. Mfg., Co., 

House Mouldings 67O-68O Montreal St. Phone 1681J 




235 Abbott, Miss E 
243 Stagg, George H 
245 Holder, John B 

261 Bell, Louisa (wid James) 

Chatham street intersects 

I 246 Eves, Ellen (wid John) 
I 260 Davy, Thomas C A 
I 264 Caldback, R Jas 

COLLEGE STREET, north from Union, third west of Albert 



"Roselaw^n," Harty, Capt Wm 
2 Revelle, W E 
4 Carnegie, John Capt 
16 Hickey, Overton James 
120 Ballard, John W 

COLLINGWOOD STREET, north from King to Johnson, sixth west of Barrie 


65 Grant, Wm 

67 Woodhouse, Harry 

83 O'Donnell, Jean (vv^id Peter) 

85 Atkinson, Anna (wid Thomas) 

87 Flowers, Herbert 

89 Monk, Walter J 
129 Burns, Robert J 
133 Dennison, Martha (wid James) 
135 Patterson, Wm A 
139 Duffy, Annie (wid William 
141 Winton, George 

143 Gummer, Prof C F 

145 Gardiner, Helena (wid John) 

147 Robinson, A Norval 

149 Neville, Chester W 

163 Kemp, Marsven A 

167 Malcolm, Prof Lindsay 

169 Clark, Prof W C 

171 Henry, Walter J 

173 Lawlor, Jas 

175 Coldwell, Harry 

177 Bartels, Esther (wid M W) 

179 Catermole, Wm H 

179^ Brown, James F 

181 Walker, Chas M 

183 McGilivray, R J 

185 Derry, Patrick W 

187 McCullough, Robert 

189 Wilkins, Henry 


Kingston Ice Co 
20 McMurray, David 
38 Dine, C Wallace 
40 O'Donnell, Walter 
42 Francis, Frederick I 
44 Robinson, Mary (wid Christopher) 
84 Hermiston, Charles D 
84^ Wood, Anna B (wid Chester) 
86 McCormack, Simon, "Inglewood" 
90 Duffy, Bernard 
92 Gilby, Sergt 
118 Vanalstine, Alex 
120 Penwarden, Willis H 
122 Hiscock. Mrs Elizabeth (wid Joseph) 
126 Minnes, W 
140 Forsythe, Andrew 
142 Anglin, Mary W (wid Robert) 
144 Austin, James E 
Union street intersects 

I 158 Dennison, George 
I 160 Partridge, Francis P 
I 162 Moore, Wm M 

Couper Street Ends 

Earl street intersects 

295 Biss, Frederick 

298 Isbell, Leonard 

297 New England Bread Factory, E 

300 Viddulph, Frank 

Wathen, prop 

299 Stone, Thomas C 

301 Elson, Effie (wid Frank) 

302 Hamilton, Maud (wid Wm) 

303 Forester, Rev J Wm 

304 Dennee, George H 

305 Payne, W 

312 Francis, John 

307 Johnston, Frances (wid Orlando) 

314 Ansley, Harold M 

309 Carman, Frank W 

316 Rutherford, Frederick H 

318 Maguire, John J 

CONCESSION ROAD, west from 450 Division to Smith 


2 Arden, William Chas I 3 Bushey, Harry E 

4 McCallister, Alexander j Lansdowne street ends 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'utti'^:r?at 



Kingston, Ont. 

89-91 Princess Street 


'Phone 418 




8 Cattermole, Wm H 
5 Wilkins, William 
20 Berry, Frederick H 

14 Robbs, Alfred 

Theirault, Le Roy 

Newlands, Etta (wid Alex) 

Corbett, S S 

Palace school 

Vacant house 
22 Polks, Robert 

I 38 Vacant 
I 40 Vacant 
I 42 Crullin, William 
I 44 Betts, Alfred 
Alfred street intersects 

39 Fuller, Joseph 

41 Whitford, Jos G 

43 Graham, William 

45 Getty, James 

47 Saunders, Albert 

49 Smith, Edith (wid Leslie) 

Albert street ends 
Fair grounds 

Nelson street ends 

Smith street ends 
Victoria street intersects 
I Vacant 

CORRIGAN STREET, runs west from 176 Rideau to Bagot 


1 Hanson, George 
3 Harrison, Edward 
17 Lawrence, George 


4 Kemp, Robert 

6 Caley, John W 

8 Gunn, John B 

10 Jordan, William 

12 Wallace, John 

I 14 Firth, William E 

I 16 Morris, George E 

Bagot street intersects 

COUPER STREET, runs west from Albert to CoUingwood 


1 ground floor, McKenzie, Jean (wid Wm)| 
1 second flat, Ruthig, Harry L 
1 third floor I 

5 English, Sarah (wid Jas) I 


2 Williams, Edwin 
4 Harris, James 

COWDY STREET, runs north from Pine to Adelaide, second east of Division 

Todd, William M I Confectionery Store, Shales, R J 

Ellerton, Thomas I 3 Henshaw, William 

Vacant lots i I 12 Jackson, James W 

I 18 Clow, Albert M 
I 7 Babcock, William 

9 Vacant 
I 11 Phillips, Charles W 
I Frontenac Public School 

DAVIDSON STREET, west from EUerbeck ave to city limits 

Not built on 

DEACON STREET, west from 98 Barrie to Arch, first south of Union 


12 Hinchliflfe, Samuel 

16 Brown, Archie 

18 Cunningham, Sarah (wid Sam'l H.) 

22 Corboy, Jas 


9 Scrutton, Edmund, jr 
11 Roberts, Ernest 
IS Chown, Sarah (wid Wm) 

DIVISION STREET, runs north from Union street west to city limits, first west of Barrie 



Cor Division & Union, 





16 Bigford. John C 


18 Lake, Amos K 

1 Spence, Lewis P 

22 Barry, Frances 

3 Melville, Jeremiah J 

24 Nesbitt, Pearl A, music studio 

5 Roach, Bridget (wid Ed) 

24 Sligh. Delmar R 

7 Sharpe, Harry 

28 Moore, Nellie (wid Peter) 

15 Hannay, George A 

Mackie, Dr John 

17 Nobes, George 

32 Esford, Garnet 



209 Princess Street 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 








19 Saunders, Wm 

21 Myres, Warner 

23 O'Brien, Julia (wid Ed) 

25 Smith, Norman A 

27 Shepherd, Frederick 

29 Milo, Frank C 

31 Delaroche, Arthur 

33 Guild, Leman A 

35 Smith, Elmer N 

37 Loucks, Harriette (wid Rev 

39 Warwick, Allison H 
41 Thompson, Robert 
45 Donaldson, Joseph 

47 Lambert, Thos W 

White, Jafnes T 
49 Vacant 
59 Coe, Chas 
61 Lee, Hop, laundry 

71 O'Brien, Miss Elizabeth 

73 Doolan, Timothy E 

75 Haffner, Thomas 

77 Turcotte, Alphus 

79 Alarie, Ethel 

83 Rocheford, Anthony 

85 Roberts, Jessie 

87 Guy, Henry J 

Vacant lot 
93 Robinson, Wm J 
95 Moore, Herbert V 
97 Mullin E Vincent 

Mullin, Edw W, real estate 

Louise public school 
127 Keating, James R 
129 Jackson, William H 
131 Edwards, David 

34 Posselwhite, Chas Frederick 


Clergy street intersects 

36 Miller's Grocery 
. Miller, J Alexander 

40 Pullen, Arthur 

42 Clark, Arthur 

44 Grooms, John C 

46 Mackenzie, Alex A 

48 Ramsay, John F 

SO Hutchins, John C 

52 Gowsell, Jas 

54 Fitzgerald, William 

56 Adams, Mary (wid James) 
Earl street intersects 

70 Percy, John Alex, grocer 

72 Percy, John A 

74 Lloyd, Sarah (wid John) 

76 Vanalstine, Alex 

78 Hughes, Mrs Morton F 

80 Comer, Geo W H 

82 Coyle, Jas J 

86 Hughes, Isabella (wid John) 

88 Hanlon, Bernard J 
William street intersects 

I 94 Free Hugh 
I 96 Newyell 

I 98 Trotter, Kate (wid James) 
I 100 Killoran, Thos. 
& ins, brokers! 
Johnson street intersects 

I Vacant lots 

j 124 Crawford, Samuel 

I 126 Gratton, Margaret (wid Peter) 

I 130 Bedford, George 

I 134 Doherty, Isaac W 

I 136 Hipson, Joseph 

I 138 McConville, Arthur 

I 140 Kirkpatrick, George J 

I Boyce, J R, grocer 

147 Spooner, Chas 

149 Clark, Mary (wid Wm) 

151 Whalen, Mary (wid John) 

153 Boucher, Thomas 

155 Kelley's Grocery 

161 McAuley, Justine (wid Francis) 

163 Cummins, Capt David 

165 Crawford, Capt James 

167 Brunke, Conrad J 

A Powell, Drug Store 

Princess street intersects 

Brock street intersects 

146 Langdon, Louis M 
148 Scott, William H 
152 Hartrick, Edward 
154 Chown, William W 
168 West, Arthur W 

Garrett street commences 
192-200 Anderson Bros, grocers 

179 Phillips, Arthur W 

181 Smith, Mary (wid Geo H) 

183Hagerty, Howard J 

185 Wiltshire, Harry 

Queen street ends 

Moore & Davis, service station 
190 Gardiner, James B 
192 Joyner, Ed 

194 Richardson, Roxa (wid Ed) 
208-210 Friendship, John & Son, grocers 
212 Miller, Harold S 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pearsTve. 





89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 




Davis, Alice (wid Arthur P) grocer 
213 Forrest, Nellie 

Lyon, Margaret (wid Herbert) 
215 Lawrence, Capt John 
217 Spooner, M 
219 Craig, John 

Colborne street intersects 
219b TuUock, Capt Wm A 
221 Stewart, Elizabeth (wid John) 
223 Irish, Samuel 

214 Vacant 

216 Quigley, Patrick J 
218 Cochrane, James 
Macdonald School 

225 Irish's Grocery 

231 Smith. W Riley | 

22>Z Ewart, Joseph | 

237 Grimshaw, Frank ] 

239 Barry, Albert | 

241 Parkin, Earl R 

243 Elliott, Arthur W 1 

249 Birmingham, Wm 
251 Wehman, John C 
255 Jackson, Anthony 
267 Holiness Movement church 
Caswell, Rev 

Raglan Road ends 
271 Pound, Joseph 
273 Wolfe, William L 
275 Ford. John T 
281 Snook, Martin 
283 White. Thomas L 
285 Kitley, Edward 
297 Vacant 
299 Belton, Fred 
301 Francis, William Mallen 
303 Whitney, Raymond J 
305 Conlin, John 

305 Marriott, Georgina (wid John) 
307 Stratford, James 
309 Homer, J G. barber shop 

Main street ends 
i27 O'Connor, Thomas J 
329 Watchhorn, Robert 

I 220 Hughson, Ernest 
I 222a Langdon, Nathanel 
I 224 Mowat, Catherine (wid Henry) 
I 226 Moore, Thos 
EUice street ends] 228 Batten, Capt Wm Geo 
I 230 Mills, D F 
I 232 Esford. Capt Henry 
I 240 Eward, Fred W 
I 248 Strachan, Miss Ada "Kelso Cottage" 

Elm street commences 
1 Vacant lot 

I 254 Parks, Ross F 
1 256 Scott, Andrew H 
I 258 Smith, Henry W 
260 Ennis. Silas C 

260 Phillips, Noris 
270 Young, James 
Canard, Harry 
278 Denn, Elizabeth 

(wid William) 
Fifth street commences 

284 Grimshaw, Silas 

286 Prevost, Oliver 

288 Brooks, Chas 

294 Orser, Mary (wid Isaac) 

296 Paddon, Jane (wid Thos) 

Sixth street commences 
Vacant lots 
322 Elliott, B.Sc, Edwin F 
324 McKendry, Jas 
328 Wright. Chas 
330 Speizman's Grocery 

335 Hyslop, James C 
ZZ7 Gillespie, Wm H 
341 McCammon, Wm 
343 Ellwood, William J 
345 Tierney, Patrick 

351 Pringle, Frederick 
353 ^Tweedly, Edw 
355 Keech, Sandford 
359 Doran, Jas V 
361-5 Reid, Wm J. grocer 

371 Risbridge, Miss Mary 
375 Cooper, Thos 
381 Crozier, Charles 
387 Hamilton, John 
389 Vivian, Bert 
391 Goldman, Carl 
393 Bellringer, William 
395 Corcoran, Wm 
399 Corcoran, Henry 
403 Devan's Grocery 

425 Taylor, John 
429 Morley, Wm C 

York street intersects 

336 Albertson, Nelson 
342 Henry, John 
360 Stratford, Wm R 
364 Elliott, Matthew 

Quebec street ends 

Pine street intersects 

I 366 Elliott, 
378 Abbott 

Robert F 

Margaret (wid Thos) 
384 Campbell. Frederick J 

Stanley street commences 
390 Matier, William 
392 Benn. D 
396 Ubdgrove, Adelbert 
398 Pogue, Irwin 
400 Clark, Benson J 

Adelaide street intersects 

I 426 Schultz. Wm F 
I 434 Currier, Peter 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 




Clover, Grasses, Grain 







447 Temple, Frederick George 
449 Spencer, Harry 
451 Quick. Charles 
453 Cassford, Henry D 

455 Kemp, Wm J 

457 Vacant 

459 Smith, John James 

Regiopolis College 

583 Allison, John 
609 Kemp, Jas M 

Stephen street ends 

Thomas street ends 
Russell street ends 

436 Maurrice, Wharrie 

438 Lacey, Wm 

440 Bull, Jesse 

448 Bonham, Frederick 

Concession street commences 
450 Bailey, Moses 
454 Howitt, Fred H 
458 Gibson, Mary (wid Thomas) 
460 Hartman, Nelson 
464 Mcllroy, Mary (wid Rev James) 
498 Joyce, Robert 
610 Downey, Robt, coal oil merchant 

Clyde, Percy 

Quarries and vacant lots 

St. Mary's cemetery (R C) 

Martin, Chas., caretkr cemetery 


15 Coble 

DRAYTON AVE, runs north from Princess to Concession Road, first east of Regent 

I Hartman, Wa lter J 

DUFFERIN STREET, west from 2C0 Rideau to Bagot 

12 Sargent, Robert 

14 Leaden, Frederick 

16 Vacant 

18 Bothwright, Frederick 

20 Flannigan, Arthur 

23 Canning, Cornelius 

24 O'Connor, Maurice P 
26 Pickering, Mrs. Edith 
28 Chader, Hartley 
30 Leturneau, Alphonse 
32 Sloan, Sarah (wid Robert) 
34 Vacant. 

The Robert Meek School 

DURHAM STREET, west from Victoria, first south of Princess 


Private grounds 


I 16 Fillion, Oscar G 
I 28 Derry, Hugh 
' I 129 Flynn, L A 

I 40 Mulkearns, Thos 
I 42 Boswell, Edward 
I 46 Haffner, Geo 
Macdonnell street intersects 

I 76 Clark, John 

I 78 McKane, Jas 


23 Small, Phillip H 

47 Corrigan, Annie M 

49 Sullivan, John J 

53 Johnston, Miss Ann 

55 McGrath, John 

63 Welch, Lawrence 

65 Hanley, C 

67 Hanley, Joseph P 

from Ontario to Macdonnell, fifth south of Princess 


I 12 Baker, Geo 

I 14 Vacant 

I 16 Lovett, Thomas J 

1 18 Hunt, Hannah (wid John) 

I 20 Hawley, Clarence 

j 20y2 Dunphy, Frederick 

I 22 Amer, Charles 

I 24 Foster, Thos. 
King street E intersects 

(wid Wm) I 46 Pateman, William 

I 48 Reid, James E 

ie M I 50 Madden, Patrick J 

I 52 Anglin, W G, physician 

I 56 Winston Apartments: 

No. 2 Minnes, Arnott J 

I No. 3 Harold, Mary (wid H) 

I No. 3 Saunders, Lois 

I No. 4 Craig, W G 

I No. 5 Grant, Major La Roy F 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited peJ^rVIve. 




We Clean 


and do it well 

•PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 



EARL 29 

81 Kane, Jas E 
83 Watts, Sidney James 
831/4 Milton, Annie (wid Jas.) 
87'McMahon, Andrew W 
89 Boyd, George W 
91 Downey, Timothy 
97 Maddock, Joseph 
97a Frasso. Mrs. Agnes 
101 Robbs, Epphriam, butcher 

Glover, A, grocer 
103 Breck, Dora M (wid L W) 
113 Prevost, Zotique 
117 Henderson, James R 
119 Constantine, Col Chas F 

No. 6 Pettit, Cecil 

58 Vacant 

62 Black, Leah (wid John) 

66 Wightman, Duncan H 

68 Grady. Mrs. (wid M J) 

149 Laidlaw, D G 

151 Wilson, Rev (Dr) R J 

155 Nickle, Hugh C 

161 Robertson, Jane (wid B W) 

169 Cunningham, Lieut-Col A B 

179 Crothers, Elizabeth (wid W J) 

185 Woodman, Elmer 
189 Gibson, Mary A 
193 O'Connor, Dr Fergus 
195 Wormwith, William H 
199 Thompson, Augustus 
201 Shaw, Mary A 

Wellington street intersects 

72 Birkett, Patrick J 

74 Hendry. Archibald 

76 Olsen, John 

80 Millan, Dennis J 

82 Walsh, Mary (wid P) 

84 MacKenzie, Alex 

90 Rossure, Louis D 

92 Charlton, Maria (wid Robert) 

94 Cunningham, Mary 

96 McDonald, William C 

98 Vacant 
100 Scott, Jas 

102 Bowman, Mrs. Catherine (wid E) 
Bagot street intersects 

108 Sullivan, Wm 
110 O'Rielly, Michael J 
114 Powell, Thos. R P 
116 Hudson, Leo 
118 Betts, Margaret 
120 Saundercook, George 
122 Daly, William J 
130 Nickle, W F, M.P.P. 
132 Waddell, Prof John 

134 Brook, Annie T (wid Chas) bdg house 
Sydenham street intersects 

148 Ransome, Grace (wid H B) 

154 Constantine, Francis 

158 Mangan M (wid M) 

160 Lawless, Katherine (wid M J) 

162 Graham, Matthew 

West street ends 
170 Glover, Albert 

174 "The Residence" (Queen's girls) 
Eraser, Isabella (wid Norman) 
Clergy street intersects 

Chalmers church 




205 Purdy, J, grocer 


Morgan. William 

213 Emery, Chas 


Lloyd, Thos 

215 Merritt, Alice (wid Edward) 


Hallowell F (wid Henry) 

217 Marale, Earl 


Reed, Lionel 

219 Flynn, E 


Barney, Ida (wid Ben) 

221 Harvey, Carl 

223 Wright, William A 

225 Bryant, Geo. 


Pugh, Thos 

227 McDonald, Mary (wid Charles) 


Deroche, Alfred 

229 Dorey, Francis 


Capt Charles Willard 

233 Murray, Randall B 


Drysdale, Samuel 

235 Flood, Percy 


Lyons, T S 

237 Cronk, Lewis 


Darragh, A J 

239 Anderson, John E 


O'Connor, Charles J 

243 Watson. Thomas G 


Day, F Ernest 

245 Beck, William 


Deane, Geo 

247 Thompson. Alex R 


Beard, Robert 

2471/1 Bullen, Thos 


Smithers, Frances (wid F H) 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR, BELL'S Wonder Per- the market. Beirs cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 




'Phone 147 for Service 






247^ Simpson, Robt 
247 1/^ Harding, Edmund 
247K' Kyle, Jas 
255 Partis, Thos W 
257 Agnew, Robert W 

Chinese Laundry 

Division street intersects 

Percj', J A, grocer 
259 Patterson, Wilfred 
261 Irwin, Robt 
263 Willey, Jabez W 
265 McCrum, H L 
267 Burgess, Arthur 
269 Holtham, William 
271 Eraser, John 
273 Lemmon, John 
277 Lemmon, Allan 

Aberdeen street commences 
299 Chadwick, R J 
301 Murray, B J 
303 Stratton, David 
303a Wilson, Pearl (wid M) 
305 MacDonald, Malcome R 
307 Stewart, Edwin 
309 Wilson, Charles E 

254 McCormick, Daniel 

256 Minongue, Mary (wid William) 

258 Garvin, Catherine 

260 Hill, Arthur Geo 

262 Wright, Thos 

264 Vacant 

266 McMillan, Duncan 

272 Renton, Miss Lucinda 

276 Hughes, John 

282 Decker, Margaret (wid Thos) 

284 Asselstine, Isaac 

286 Rutherford, J H 

288 Dick, D J 

290 Hamilton, Isabella (wid Colin) 

292 Murphy, Capt Thos 

294 Miller, Miss Ina L 

300 Pitts, Rev Frank C 

302 Wylie, Isaac 

304 Gaudreau, Zephron 

306 Henderson, Geo 

University Avenue intersects 

315 McCartney, William, contractor | 316 Litton, John F 

317 Meek, Miss S | 318 Smallridge, William H 

319 Redding, Lewis P | 320 Marshall, Francis 

Alfred street intersects 

323 Arthurs, Geo H 

325 Mooney, Ellen (wid Thos) 

327 Cook, Thomas H 

329 Donnelly, Capt John 

331 Foley, William J 

333 McEwen, Mary (wid Alex) 

335 Thompson, Thos 

337 Elliott, John 

Collegiate Institute 

375 Vacant 

377 Barnes, Gertrude (wid 

379 Woodruff, Henry W 

383 Ansley, John W 

385 Jones, Norman 

391 Lee, Williams J 

Harrison, Stanley J 
393 Snook, Harold 
393 Lee, William James, gi 

401 Mackay, George J 
405 Hughes, Lieut Albert 
407 A'IcDonald, J B 
409 Patridge, Francis W 

Vacant lots 

Vacant lots 

Frontenac street intersects 

I 374 Harris, A G 
Albert) I 376 Shortt, Mary 


I 378 Muir, Henry 

I 380 Amey, Mrs. Capitola (wid N H) 
I 382 Callahan, Arthur H 
I 384 Rowland, Thomas W 
I 386 Finkle, (Zlarence H 
ocer I 388 McFarland. M S 

Albert street intersects 

420 Crumley, Edna M (wid H S) 

Collingwood street intersects 

I Vacant lots 

Victoria stret intersects 

I Athletic grounds of Queen's Univ. 

MacDonald street intersects 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

^*g%f\IAf^ *II^#V f pp>«(|4^p IK IN TROUBLE ON THE KOAD 


and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or night 





EDGEHILL, west from Beverly to Centre 



Hill. Henry 

Breck, Harry, "El Nidito" 

Chown, Dr. A P 

Vanluven, Ray 

Wilson, Donald D Dr 

Ettinger, G Harold Dr 

Miller, Norman, Prof 

Not built on 

ELGIN STREET, north from Union west to Clergy, first west of Barrie 



D. S. Collier, cleaning shop 

14 Wells, Chas A 

13 McLaughlin, Wm R 

22 Gengras, William P 

21 Caverly, Ellington 

24 Dean, George Leonard 

23 Sedore, Marshall 

25 Clarke. William 

27 Andre, Joseph T 

ELLERBECK AVENUE, north from King W to Union, ninth west of Barrie 

37 Thurlby, Thos I 32 Sullivan, Leo 

43 Dunne, Elizabeth (wid James) | 36 Lindsay, Robert J 

45 Vacant | Davidson street commences 

47 Vacant | 100 AlcCallum. Frank 

ELLIS STREET, runs west from 16 Main to Division, first north of Colborne 



9 Vacant 

8 Stephenson, Lawrence 

11 Guernsey, Henry G 

10 Bearance, Fred J 

15 MacDonnell, A W 

24 O'Brien, Miss Mary 

17 Booth, John H 

26 Campbell, Robert 

19 Langwith, Joseph 

20 Turner, Thomas 

Vine street begins 

28 Vacant 

21 Pogue, Stanley 

30 Vacant 

25 Hingy, William 

32 Ackley, William R 

27 Tidmans Grocery 

34 Collins, Mrs. Mary 

27a Lyon, Watson 

36 Kelly, James 

29 Millican, Harry G 

38 McCormick, Thomas 
40 Gerrison, Herbert 

ELM STREET, west from 248 
23 House, John 
25 Woodman, Geo A 
27 Turkington, Wm A 
35 Richardson, Dennis 
35a Vacant 
39 Cutter, Thos W 
41 Stagg. Martha (wid John) 
43 Porter, William J 
47 Denneny, John Pat 
49 Siddall, Robert 
51 Godkin, Roy 
59 Dixon, William J 
61 Hayes, Richard 
79 Filtz, Phillip 

Lashaw's Grocery 
89 Jarvis. Samuel Aaron 
91 Smith, Thos 
99 Hayward, Wm J 

Division to Alfred, second north of Princess 


18 Hodge, Walter W 

22 Suddard, Margaret (wid Edward) 

24 Monk. Francis A 

26 Fay, Frederick 

28 Clark, Andrew 

36 Lawler, Michael D 

40 Henderson, Margaret (wid Geo B) 

48 Christmas, Stanley 

50 Green. Frederick 

54 Gibbs, Fred 

56 Gibbs. Robert 
I 60 Marshall. Allan M 
I 62 Lowing, Mrs. Florence 
t 64 Marsh. John W 
Chatham street intersects 

I Thos Rutherford's Grocery 

I 92 Green, Wm 

94 Dixon, Charles 

Alfred street intersects 

(From here north, sometimes called Jenkin street) 


Clark, Henry 2 Smith, David 


Bearance, Sherman 4 Woodrow. Alfred W 


Bell, PA 6 Lucy, William 


LA. STERLING ?*<"? "«»?«* 

209 Princess Street 

The K. D. Mfg., Co., 


and White Enamel 

^n^ ^oniv/r . ^ o. TDu 1AQ1T BATHROOM MIRRORS 

670-680 Montreal St. Phone 1681 J ^f ^^ kinds 


EMILY STREET, north from the harbor to King, first east of Barrie 
EAST SIDE I Macdonald Park 
1 Folger, Howard S 
3 Leslie, Col J N S 
5 Campbell. John M j 

FIFTH STREET runs west from 278 Division, third north of Princess 


j 9 Cornwell, Stanley 
I 10 Eccles, Michael O 
I 8 Saunders, Ben 
I 14 Wilson, James 
Chatham street intersects 

24 Emmons, Byron | (Block unopened) 

26 Ammel, Emily (wid George) j 9 Moncrieff, Mary (wid Peter) 

28 Vacant 

30 McPhee, John j 

FIRST STREET, runs east and west across Chatham, first north of Princess 

3 Aikin, Robt E | 2 Rawley, Archibald 

Chatham street intersects 

25 Chapman, Henry | Conduit, W T 
33 Woodhouse, William 

FRONTENAC STREET, runs north from Union to the Fair grounds, first west of Alfred 

Victoria School grounds I 16 Webster, Chas R 

Collegiate Institute grounds | 22 Murray, Eva (wid D) 

I 24 Simmons, Chas 
I 26 Jolliffe, Richard 
I 28 Sargent, Isabelle (wid Fred) 
I 30 McQueen, Jesse A 
i 31 Bailey, Frederick R 

34 Otto, Chas H 
I 32i^ Singleton, John E 
•| 32a McNeill, John T 
I 36 Chown, Percy B 
I 38 Pie, WiUiam 
1 40 Burns, R Easton 
I 42 Vacant 
. I 44 Gamble, Andrew M 

I 46 Callaghan, Harcourt V 
\. ' I 48 Barr, Adam 

I 50 Muir, Albert H W 
I 52 Litton, John W 
Earl street intersects 

76 Moore, Thos 
78 Hogan, H (wid J) 
80 Sheppard, Wm B 
86 Vacant 

88 Samwell, Nana (wid F) 
90 Suddaby, Thos 
92 Roadley, Joseph 
94 Millard, Wm J 
96 Mercer, W J 
98 Watts, H W 
100 Cannon, William 
102 Welch, John H 
104 Gordon, Claude L 
106 Wilkins, Harry, painter 

81 McFarlane, Isabella 

83 Friendship, William H 

85 Egglestone, Thos W 

87 Arniel, Wm Sr 

91 Martin, Charles 

93 Arniel, Wm Jas 

95 Soward, William 

,97 Spooner, Chas N 

99 Hill, Jas 

99 MacDonald, Malcolm 

101 Franklin, George 

103 Haliday, William 

105 Laturney, Alice (wid James) 

107 Rankin, John 

109 Newman, Jas J 

Johnston street intersects 

145 Scott, David G 

147 Redfern, Edwin 

149 Lemon, Charles 

151 Laturney, George 

P. H. Baker, grocer 
146 Haflfner, Frederick 
148 Day, Rupert 
150 Reid, Allan M 




89-91 Princess Street Kingston, Ont. 

'Phone 418 




153 Shannon, Alfred J 

155 Murray, Katlileen (wid J Jas) 

157 Conner, Martha (wid H) 

159 Nicol, George 

161 Mullen, Jas E 

167 Hazlett, Geo M 

I 152 Smith, Annie E 

I 156 Sleeman, William Henry 

I 158 McQuaide, John 

1 164 Cochrane, Christina (wid Rev Wm) 

Victoria Park 

197 Phillips, John 
201 Tackaberry, Fred 
203 Phillips, Frederick 
205 Potter, Jas Eldred 
207 Bearance, C 
215 Vacant 
217 Martin, Frank C 
219 Baker, P H, grocery 

6 Dawson, Caspar 
8 Reynolds, Elizabeth (wid Wm) 
10 Graves. Geo A 

12 Geary, George 

14 Talhurst, William 

16 Patterson, Wm J 

20 Potter, Truman, Jr 

20a Wilder, Melville 

22 Casselman, G 

24 Trotter, Stanley 

26 Culcthith, John 

28 Mitchell, Emma (wid Charles) 

30 Dollar, A V 

64 Thompson, E Blake 

66 Boyd, John 

38 Berry, Wm 

38j/$ Dunsmoine, John 

40 Calhoun, Charles 

Brock street intersects' 

I Victoria Park 

Mack street intersects 

198 Ashley, Geo F 
200 Hazleton, R M 
202 Hopkirk, John E 
204 Makin, Samuel J 
206 Compton, William H 
208 Laidley, Alfred R 
210 Dick, William D 
212 Williams, Charles 
214 Higgins, Chas 
216 Telgmann, Prof O F 

21 Curson, Annie (wid of John) 

23 Hendry, James 

25 Gavine, William 
224 Hay, A Cameron 

Princess street intersects 

Douglas & Mcllquham, contractors, yds 
13 Gray, Lena (wid Edw) 
17 Thornton, William J 
19 Thomas, Samuel E 
22) Somerville, Robert H 
25 Pipe, Ken C 
27 Delahey, Barbara (wid E) 

Baker, Miss Emily F 

Jenkin street ends 

59 Ivey, Ira E 
61 Burns, Wm 
63 Harkness, H 
65 Cullen, Ellen (wid Wm) 
67 Timms, Thomas 
75 Cullen, Alfred 
77 Murray, Charles G 

GARRETT STREET, runs west from Division 

Anderson Bros, bldgs, stables, garage, etc 
7 Rawley, George 

Stable and barn, Macfarlane 
19 McDermott, Thomas J 
21 Angrove, Thos H 

McDonell, Donald ' 
21 Hicks, Charles 
2i Malone, Anthony 
29 McKay, Gertrude (wid Chas) 
31 Chapman, Wadington 
Zi Kirkpatrick, Geo H 

to University Avenue, first south of Princess 

2 Storms, Sarah (wid Archie) 

4 O'Driscoll, Margaret (wid Jerem'h) 

6 Wilson, John E 

8 Alderdice, Albert 

James Reid's furniture storerooms 
Robt Reid's furniture storerooms 
20 Lawrence, Bridget (wid Frank) 
24 Patterson, Bernard T 
26 Ryder, Peter, Sergt Major 
28 Skinner, Edward Wm, Capt 
30 Spence, John C 

GEORGE STREET, runs north from King to Stuart, first west of Barrie 

I 8 Drake, Alice (wid Walter) 

Insist on Getting 

Toye's Cream Bread 




126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 





29 Vacant 

33 Duffy. Michael 

35 Munsie, Capt Jas C K 

41 Eilson, Harry 

43 Driver, John 

47 Hemming. Margaret (wid T D R) 

55 Rigney. James W * 

57 Campbell, P G C 

59 Wright, Frank 

61 Buell. Albert 

63 Parker, Ray 

I 10 King, Henry C 
I 14 Purvis, William John 
I 16 Bird, Harry 
I 20 Lemmon, Walter P 
I 22 Cotman, George S R 
O'Kill street intersects 

General Hospital grounds, s e 

Nurses' Home 

Doran Bldg, Kingston General Hospital 

GORE STREET, runs from the harbor to Bagot street, sixth west of Princess 


Canadian Locomotive Co 

39 Walsh, John 

45 Gildersleeve, James P 

59 Craig, William H 

65 McLean, Archibald 

67 Eraser, Ella 

73 Hanley, James 

75 Fitzgerald, James 

77 Corey, Thos Wm 

79 Cole, Walter 

81 Hunter, Emma 

83 Harkness, William J 

85 Lane, Cyrus W 

89 Gushing, Agnes (wid Thos) 

91 Cobham, Frederick W 


Canada Cutlery Co (C A Eaton, mgr) 
Entrance to Collingwood Dry Dock 
Carpenter and Pattern shops. C L C 
Collingwood Shipbuilding Co Ltd 
Ontario street intersects 

40 Christey, Wm 
Private grounds 

King street intersects 

64 Power, Edward 

76 Sutherland, John H 

78 Lyster, Arthur 

82 Lingham, Arthur 

84 Hill, General Frederick W 

88 Heaton, J 

90 Withers. Wm 

92 Benn, Perry 

94 Gage, J R B, grocery 


street intersects 

103 Evans, Annie A (wid A S) 

1 104 Selbv, Charles 

105 Jack, Mary (wid Alex) 

1 106 Dainty, Charles H 

107 Ogilvie, Col. G Hunter 

i 112-114 Kent Bros Mica Works 

109 Rees, Edward (wholesale confec) 

! 116 Vacant 

115 Clark, Dr Robert W 

1 118 Shaw, Jas 

GRAY'S LANE, rear from 25 Upper William 

HICKSON AVENUE, runs west from Montreal street, outer station 



27 Nellis, George W 

Store and Post Office, Druce, 


27 (back) Van Koughnett, Alexander 

29 Light, Frederick 

37 Helsby, Richard 

41 Ennis, Wm 

30 Whitmore, Charles 

32 Vacant 

75 Watson, George 

Hickson lane commences 


77 Cote. Paul 

83 Cleary, Thomas H 

133 Whitehead, Joseph A 

141 Lamliert, Miss Mary 

Always Ask For 

Toye's Cream Bread 




89-91 Princess Street Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



JOHN 35 

153 Jeffries, VVm C 
155 Cole, William H 

K & P Railway intersects 

HICKSON LANE, runs north from Hickson Avenue to G T R tracks 


Not built on I 11 Cote, Robt 

GTR tracks 1 Murphy, Peter 

1 GTR Tracks 

JAMES STREET, LOWER, runs from one block south of Rideau 

12 Lonsdale. Henry | Not built on 

JAMES STREET, runs west from Rideau to Patrick, sixth north of Bay 

I Bagot street ends 

Montreal street intersects 

21 Black, James 

6 Darling. Katie (wid Chas) 

25 Stevens. Alfred J 

8 Truesdale, Frank 

27 Hartman, Delos C 

10 Collyer, Thomas 

29 Caron. Joseph 

12 LeHeup, Arthur -f 

Zi Philips. Mrs. Mary E 

14 Lesage, Joseph 

i}) Lyons, ihomas E. 

16 Powell, Frederick 

35 Scrutton, William John 

22 Clark, Jas T 

Zl Hallam, Alfred 

26 Ball, Thomas 

41 Perryman, George 

30 Dumbleton, Wm 

43 Dickson, Albert 

32 Gynane, John E 

45 Vacant 

34 White, William J 

47 Vacant 

Z(y Vacant 

49 Tower, William J 

38 Wart, Milton 

44 Potter, John 


46 Henry, David 

7 Vacant 

50 Vacant 

J ENKIN STREET (see Elm street, from Alfred street north 

JOHN STREET, west from Bagot to Barrie, first north of Raglan Road 

Taugher, James J | 

Montreal street intersects 

Purtell, Agnes (wid Michael) grocery 
9 Purvis, Thomas 
11 Barr, Purvis 
17 Palamountin, Richard E 
21 Hyland, Melville J 
23 Driscoll, Wilson 
27 Tanner, James Chas. 
29 Brennan, John 
291.^ Sands, William 
31 Wilson, George F 
ZZ Taylor, James 
35 Duggie. Charles 
47 Dee, Patrick J 
49 Marsh, Wm 
51 Armstrong, Frank 
55 Cassidy, William 
57 Compeau, Zarphine 
59 Daryaw, Capt Henry 
63 Tairen's Grocery 

Gage's Grocery 
8 Woolgar. Sydney 
10 Shortt, Henry 
12 Wilkinson, Geo 
14 Gage, Bertram R 

St John's separate school 
Grogan. Catherine (wid John) janitress 
30 Pelow, Thomas H 
32 Mahoney, James D 
34 Holden, Robt J 
38 Colloghy, Hugh James 
40 Peterson, Christopher 
42 Whitehead, Joseph A 
44 Walsh, Thomas 
54 Eccles, Hannah M (wid Henry) 
56 Phehx, Capt Chas E 
58 Compeau, Patrick. 
64 McCormick, Charles S 

Patrick strelet intersects 

65 Vacant 

66 Sullivan, Wm 

67 Davis, Frederick 

78 Flint, Charles David 

tiy2 Kenny, Joseph 

69 Smith, Wilham J 

71 Albertosn, Wm 

IZ Randall, Chas 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

That's The Toye Bread Co. 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 



36 JOHN 



75 Blake, Arthur A 

n Vacant 

79 Downey, Rupert 

JOHNSON STREET, west from the harbor to city limits, third south of Princess 


Swift's wharf I GTR Landing wharf 

Swift's warehouse I Railway (suburban) intersects 

Canada Steamship Lines Ltd, freight j Ticket office 

and passenger office I Can. National (GTR) 

Jas. Swift & Co. Ltd, coal office | Can. Steamships Ltd 

Jas Swift, coal shed I Ocean Steamship Lines, Hanley, J P 

Railway (suburban intersects) I 

3 Mathewson, Mathew I 

Robertson, George & Son, Ltd j 

Ontario street intersects 

I 16 Cohen, Soliman (grocery store) 

I 24-26 Sharbot Lake Creamery Ltd. 

j 28 Lee, Charlie, laundry 

I 34 Pierce, Thomas 

I 36 Sinnott, Margaret (wid Miles) 

I 42 Beard, John 

I H. A. Wood, mfg Co. Ltd 

Anglo-American Hotel 
19 Vacant 

21 McKillop. Miss Mary 
25 Murray, William 
31 Barry, Patrick 
Z2> Redmond, William J 
Zl Mackenzie, W Thomas 

Council, Dr J C 

St George's cathedral 

Children's Reading Room, Library 
85 (rear) Cattermole, Selina (wid Fred) 
85J/2 Powell's repair shop 

7 Leonard, Joseph 

8 Mundy, Albert 

9 Gallagher, Agnes (wid John) 
87 Bazeau, Francis 
87j/^ Drake, James 
93 Turnbull, Thos C 

First Church of Christ, Scientist 
Mahood, Perry 

Bagot street intersects 

King street intersects 

1 Glover, W R, (dentist) 

i 52 Garrett, Dr R W 
I 54 Dalton, J Arthur 
I Dalton, Mary (wid William B) 

I 68 Gardiner, Dr R J 
Wellington street intersects 


79 Dwyer, Eliz (wid John) 

Convent of Congregation de Notre Dame 

Public Library 
Hotel Dieu, Skating Rink 
Hotel Dieu grounds 
Hotel Dieu hospital 

First Baptist Church 

179 LaFlair, Rev John 

175 Haydon, James A 

181 Livingston, Ross 

185 Smith, Eleanor (wid 

187 Dorrance, Roy L 

189 Richmond, Misses 

J S) 

112 Jenkins, Earl 

114 Todd, Margaret (wid Herbert) 

116 Cook. O F 

118 O'Brien, Alex 

120 Patterson, John G, tailor 

122 Chedick, Otta C J 

126 Grimm, N R 

128 Logue, Wm 

130 Smith 

138 Hickey, Anne 

140 Craig, James 

142 Phillips, Frank R 

146 Milo, Thos W 

148 McNeil, Margaret (wid Neil) 

154 Richardson, H E 

162 Steacy, Noble 
Sydenham street intersects 

I 172 Lesses, I 

I 176 Hickey, John 

I 180 Mowat, Lillian 

I 182 Carnovsky, William H 

186 Sparks, Dr R E. DDS, LDS 
I Briden, Allison 

I 188 McCulla, James 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited p^«s ave. 




Kingston's Original 
French Cleaners 


•PHONE 650 



19 Years' Service to 
the Kingston Public 



191 Phelan, Daniel Dr, physician- 

193 Nash, Cabel M 

195 O'Connor, N. Edward 

197 Quigley, Dr J P 

St Mary's Cathedral 
225 Archbishop's palace 

247 Richardson, Dr A W 

249 Cousins, Eliza (wid James) 

251 Cavin, Gustave 

259 Martin. Capt Jas F 

261 Boyd, Miss Harriett 

263 Vacant 

265 Jenman, Geo 

267 Boyce. R J 

Louise public school 

289 McSorley, Mrs Theresa (wid Chas) 

291 Leggett, George H 

293 Crawford, Miss Sarah E 

295 Jervis, Frank 

297 O'Brien, Robert A 

301 La Brash, George 

309 Scott, Ruth (wid David G) 

309 Crawford, James 

311 Carty, J J 

313 'Williams, James P 

315 Coffin, Wm J 

317 Lake, M H 

319 Begg, Henry S 

323 Weir, Joseph 

325 Nicholson, Elizabeth (wid Alex) 

327 Harper, Maud (wid Fred) 

327 Greer, Sarah (wid Roger) 

329 Vacant 

333 Knapp, Dr A E 

335 Nesbitt, S 

337 Nesbitt, Mary (wid Robt) 

341 Nesbitt, W J, grocer 

I 196 YWCA 

Clergy street intersects 

216 Rogers, W A 
218 Lawson, Horace H, major 
220 Anderson, Katherine (wid Wm J) 
222 Sughrue, Frances (wid Wm) 
224 Corrigan, Margaret (wid Daniel) 
226 Voigt, Miss Mary 
228 Clogg, Miss Elizabeth 
232 Mclntyre, Miss Isabella 
238 Corrigan, Charles J 
240 Lynch, Helen (wid Michael) 
Barrie street intersects 

248 Bethel Congregational church 
258 Redmond, William 
260 Daffern, Thomas 
262 Bedford B 
264 Dumbleton, James 
266 Pollack, Allan 
268 Hamilton, William 
270 Yeomans, James S 
272 Martin. Caroline (wid Chas) 
276-278 Mullin, E W. real estate 
Division street intersects 

282 Carey, John 

284 Whitty, M J 

286 Turner, Norman 

288 Beaupre. Harriett (wid Remi) 

290 Snook, Henry 

292 Buckley, Mary (wid Wm) 

294 LaMarche. Dolor 

296 Doyle, Ellen 

298 Burke, Thomas 

302 Laturney, Rebecca (wid Geo) 

304 Sleeth, Minnie 

306 Williamson, Frederick 

308 Cherry, Oscar 

Aberdeen street ends 
310 McFarlane, Robert N F 
322 Vacant 
328 Muckler, Fred H 
330 Bain, John T 
332 Muckler, Mary (wid Wm) 
334 Wright. George A 

University Drug Store (A G Harris) 
351 Rogers, Mary (wid William) 
353 Daughtery, L Carlton 
355 Sanders, Isabella (wid Robt) 
357 Lake, Dr Samuel K 
361 Taylor, Henry H 

I 336 English. George A 
I 340 Fowler, Alex 
I Jones, Dr W A 

University avenue intersects 

373 Liggett, G H 

350 Hinton. D, shoe maker 

350 Kee. Sang, laundry 

352 Palmer, Catherine (wid Timothy) 

354 Johnson, Alexander 

356 Ainslie, Mrs. M I (Wid W G) 

358 de Mouilpied, Wm Snow 

358H McFaul, Mrs Mabel 

360 Veale. John 

362 Ainslee, Mary (wid David) 

364 Brown. Chas J 

366 McKee, Joseph 

Alfred street intersects 

I Porter. Dr S E 




No Better Quality or Value 
CREAMS. on the market 


'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






379 Caton, Alfred 

381 Moulday, J T (shoe repair shop) 

383 Bowman, Wm 

385 Henderson, Robt 

387 Laturney, Jas 

389 Hay, John 

391 Jones, Eliz (wid John) 

393 Campbell, Eliza J (wid Matthew) 

395 Kennedy, Matilda (wid Jos) 

Frontenac street intersects 
Red Star Grocery (P H Baker) 
409 Hafifner. Katherine (wid Philip) 
413 Trotter, Chas W 
415 Gray, Peter 

417 Armstrong, Marshall (police sergeant) 
419 Nixon, Thomas 
423 Wood, W P 
425 Smith, Alexander C 
429 Holland, James 
431 Orr, John L 

382 Knott, A (wid Walter) 

386 Vacant 

388 Barlow, Elizal^eth (wid Thos) 

402 McNeely, William 

404 Laplant, Louis 

406 Lloyd, Robert 

439 Jenkins, William C 

441 McAvoy, Frank J 

443 Henderson, Richard 

445 Dolan, Mary (wid James) 

447 Lyons, Robert 

449 Harris, James 

451 Nesbitt, Rachel (wid D A) 

Nelson street commences 
461 Haggarty, Wm 
463 Atkins, Frank 

465 Payne, George A, contractor I 

467 Cumberland, James Rev 1 

Victoria street intersects 

408 Kirkwood, William J Capt 
410 Belwa, Samuel G 
412 Thomson, Herbert F 
414 Robinson, Alexander 
416 Ovens, Rufus K 
418 Cooper, George 
420 McDermott, James 
422 Pountney, Alfred 
424 Morton, Elizabeth (wid Joseph) 
426 Sughrue, Thos Capt 
428 Otten, John 
430 Liston, Patrick E 
Albert street intersects 

Bryant's Grocery Store 
440 Bryant, James 
442 Buck, Philip H 

444 Hamilton, Margaret (wid David) 
446 Corby, Robert 
448 McCaig, Mary (wid Neil) 
450 Mcintosh, Rose (wid Alex) 
452 James, Alva F 
454 Vacant 
456 Asselstine, J S 

CoUingwood street ends 

469 Spencer, Harry W 

471 Curry, George 

475 Pixley, Josephine (wid Gardner) | 

Toronto street commencesi 

477 Hitsman, Samuel A | 

Macdonell street intersects 
500 McCullough, Francis I 

Regent street commences 
City limits 
"Daisy Bank", Pollitt, Fred J (gardener)] 

Prison road intersects 

470 Patrick, Albert 

480 Waite, Bert 

482 Bird, Alfred E 

492 Leggett, Claude Sergt. 

496 Walker, Lome 

JOSEPH STREET, west from Montreal to Division, first north of Russell 


21 Gillegan, Earl | Not built on 

KENSINGTON AVE, north from Edgehill to Union 


37 Lockett, Garnet H | 2 Gedye, Phillip V 

Browne, W Bernard | Minnes, Thos D 

61 Jemmett, Douglas M I Hicks, Prof Keith 

7i Mylks, Gordon W Dr | "Kensington Place", Murray, David 










2 Beckett, 





4 Downs, 


J. K. Carroll Agency FIRE 


56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

.NT M 

Cooke's Auto Service - " " ^"^^^^ '^^^^^ 


KING STREET EAST, from Barrie to Cataraqui river, second from the harbor. 


Murnay Tower 

Macclonald Park 

Emily street ends 
31 Waldron, Richard S 
45 Steacy, Annie (wid Ed T) 
49 Bidwell, Bishop 
53 Maclean, Andrew 

Maitland street ends 
Simcoe street ends 


City Park 

Macdonald monument 

81 Martin, Prof Iva E 
85 Kent, Col Robert 

87 Sullivan, Michael 
89 Vacant 

West street intersects 

123 Vacant i 130 Dr D A Black, dentist 

125 Hora, Capt I 132 Swift, James, Sr . 

131 Welch, Hugh I 134 Jones, Emily (wid K L) 

133 Vacant I 136 Taylor, M E (wid Jeremy) 

135 Blue Book Hotel 1 138 Murray. Alma (wid Percy) 

Fenwick, Marian (wid K N) I 140 Vacant 

157 Emsley, Maj Gen Jas I 150 Carson, Kenneth 

I 152 Steacy, Herbert 

I 154 Douglas, Young David Col 

[ 156 Knights of Columbus 
Union street intersects 

161 Vacant I 160 Glenn, Matthew 

165 Ellis, Arthur I 162 Thompson, Thomas P 

167 Roughton, Stephen I 164 Lafiferty, Major Heber 

169 T J Rigney I 166 Little, Earl G 

191 Vacant I 172 Darragh, George ♦ 

I 176 Smith, Daniel 

Oorc str cct intersects 

197 Gallagher, Catherine C (wid T) | 194 Neal, Albert 

199 Gildersleeve, Mrs Mary (wid C F) | 196 Aubin, William H 

203 Abbott, Charles C 198 O'Leary, William H 

213 Casey, William 202 McEwen, John F 

204 Ashcroft, Dr R J 
I 208 Deyo, Stephen 
I 212 Burns, Matthew 
Earl street intersects 
221 Fair, William J | 218 Bon Marche Grocery (S A Caverly, prop) 

223 Cunningham, John A | 218'/^ Jackson, Francis 

225 Frontenac Club | 220 Trotman, Lillian (wid David) 

I 222 Bucknell, Ann (wid Jas) 
I 224 Mallory, William H 
I 226 Smith, Miss Clara C 

2281^ Stephenson, Frank L 
I 232 Clarke, Ernest 
I 232 Metcalfe, Isaac 
I 240 Williamson, Dr A R B 
William street intersects 

243 Richardson, James & Sons 

253 Modney, James, shoemaker 

255 Finkle, Jennie 

255^ Pappa, John 

257-259 (upstairs) Lafferty, William 

259 Coyle, Harry J 

261 Lennox, William, Geo 

263 Norwood, Percy 

263H Wood, H A. jeweller 

244 Kilborn, Anna (wid Dr R K) 

250 Vacant 

252 Kavanagh, Jas 

254 Kavanagh, James 

Greer, Major Garnett 
256 Leach, Major Richard 
258 Goodfellow, Rose V 
260 Bidell, Thos C 
262 Glover, W R, dentist, office and res 

Johnson street intersects 

265 Connell, Dr J C I St George's cathedral 

275 Vacant | Custom House 

277 O'Connor, Dr C E | Strachan, Archibald, collector 

279 Kingston Taxi & Cab Stand | 

I A STFRI INH Store Fixtures 

l^«r^.kJ 1 J^lXI^AllVJ 209 Princess Street 


'Phone 147 for Ambulance 




40 KING 



281 Traveller Sample Rooms I 

283 Dominion Taxi Stand I 

285 W J Lemmon, barber shop | 

British American Hotel I 

Clarence street intersects 
295 Mrs. Vincent Morrison, news stand | Bank of Montreal, Philip DuMoulin, mgr 

297 Theobald, John M, barber I 302 Lackie, Mrs. Jas J, bakery 

297 Bazeau, Frank H I 304 DeCarteret. C, grocery broker 

297 Cosby, F W . I 306-310 British Whig 

299 Provost Marshal M D No 3 | 318 Canadian Freeman, Rev D A Casey, 

303 Austin, Wilfred E, druggist | editor 

Market street endsj 318 (upstairs) Paradis, Edward 

Market Square 

327 Stark Realty Co 

331 New England Cafe, Frank Dick, mgr 

335 King St. Garage 

339-341 Midland Shoe Co, F G Lockett, prop 

343 Morris, Nathan 

345 Morris, Fred * 

347 Vacant 

351 Vacant 

353 Bunt, John B & Co 

355-357 Halliday Electric Co 

Forrest, William 
320 Driscoll, Charles, grocer 
322 Hogan, Daniel, Butcher 
I 324 Bowen & Son, baker & confr 
I 326 Allies' Cafe, Joe S Lee, manager 
I 328-330 Bank of Commerce 
I Board of Trade (upstairs) Macnee, W 

I H, secretary 

Brock street intersects 

I Bank of Toronto 

332 Imperial Life Insurance Co, J B Cooke 
District Agent 
London Life Ins Co (Waters, Wm, mgr") 
Quinn, Francis R 
I 336 Oddfellows' Relief Association 
I 336 Oddfellows' Hall, upstairs 
I 338 Wartell, Hiram B, shoe mch 
1 338 Wartell, Hiram 
I 342 Asselstine, Dr J E, optometrist 
I 348 Forrest, Jas P, gents' furnishings 
I 346 (upstairs) Vaughan, John 
I 350 Smith Bros, jewellers 
I 352 Driver, J D, real estate & ins 
I Standard Life Assce Co, R F Davis, agt 

I 352 (upstairs) Parker, Jos H 
I 354 Victoria Cafe, Jackson Lee, prop 
I 356 Lion Clothing Co, Horwitz, .Arthur, mgr 
I 358 Vacant 
Princess street intersects 

363 Kingston Co-operative Stores 

363 Murray, Geo 

365 Pultz, Wesley 

367 (upstairs) Tisdale, James 

370 Murphy, L W, cheese merchant 

2)1\-2)12) Muller, Geo, bicycles 

375 Todd, Frederick J, barber 

2i77-2i79 Frontenac Mattress Co 

381 Stevenson, W H, blacksmith 

383 Abramsky, Alexander 

City Taxi Stand 
374 Sugel, Lewis 
3741/2 Woodcock, Peter (upstairs) 

Bishop's Machine Shop, Thos C Bishop 

Power House 
401 Kingston Coal Co (S Crawford, mgr) 
403 City incinerator 

Eugene Sleeth, inspector 
405 Incinerator 
407 Ward, Robert E 
409 Wilson, Levie 
411 Simmons, Florence (wid Wm) 
413 Jarrell, Isaac 

Queen street intersects 

Kingston Street Ry Co, H C Nickle, Supt 

400 Paper Box Factory 

400 2nd floor, Kingston Broom Co, Harigan 
& Crozier, props. 

400 (3rd floor) Monarch Battery Co 

400 (3rd floor) front, Kingston Art Furni- 
ture Co (R Elliott, mgr) 

414 Jinks, Arthur Jas 

416 Macdonald, Chas 

415 McKay, Wm. 

Barrack street intersects 
419 Smith, H J, grocery | 420 Sailors' snug harbor 

City Gas Tank | 428 Ross, Mary 

I 434 Ferguson, Hugh L 
I 438 Murray, Geo 
Place D'Armes int ersects 

J. K. Carroll Agency^NSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORA GE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 



KING STREET WEST, west from Barrie along the lake shore to Portsmouth 


1 Bermingham, Cornelius 
13 Calvin, Sandford C 
21 Cunningham, David 

George street commences 
23 Goodman, Wm J, grocer 
27 Vacant 
29 Gee, David 
31 Garrow, John 

35 MacPhail, Louise B (w^id Donald) 
41 Roche, Bridget (wid Wm) 
43 Coulson, Louise (wid Jas) 
45 Ashton, William 
55 McGuire, John F 
57 Miller, Henry F _ 

O'Kill street ends 
Hospital grounds 
101 MacDonald, Alexander 
103 Sharpe, Joseph J 
105 Thomas, Percy C 
107 Thorogbod, Jack 
109 Brouse, A, grocer 

University avenue commences 
117 Hughes, Margaret (wid L) 
117 Daunt, Jane (wid Joseph) 
119 Thompson, John 
123 Jarell, J J 
127 Lyman, Percy D 
143 Macnee, Francis Hill, "St Lawrence Cot 

145 Davis, David C 
165 Davis, Harold W 
171 DeEsterre, John C 

St. Lawrence avenue commences 
"River View", Taylor, Charles E 
"Willow Cottage", Gourdier, Wm 

Albert street commences 

CoUingwood street commences 
255-267 Kingston Ice Co 
271 Newman, William 
273 Baldry, Frederick 
275 Shipman, Walter 
277 McKay, William 
279 Villard, Louis 

Beverly street commences 
Chadwick, A, coal and wood 
281 Irwin, Miss Isabella, grocer 
301 Bryant, Victor W 
303 Aikins, John 
305 "Edgehill," Chown, Dr A P 
309 Dobbs, Archdeacon Ogilvie G 
311 Hughes, Arthur L 
313 Patterson, Capt Robert 
315 Kennedy, Howard 
317 Gamsby, Helen (wid G A) 
319 Irwin, William jr 
321 Patterson, Jean 

Centre street commences 
"St Mary's on the Lake" 
357 Kelly, William 
359 McCue, Edward E 
361 Wilson, Nelson J 
,371 Connell, Dr H C 

EUerbeck avenue commences 
437 Ettinger, John Geo 


Murnay Tower 
Bathing house 
Macdonald Park 

60 Bird, John 

66 Wire Works, Partridge & Sons 
Queen's Heating Plant 


300 Booth & Co, coal and wood 
302 Baker, Edward 

Ice houses 


Connell, Dr J C 



209 Princess Street 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 









Livingston avenue commences 

Vacant lots 398 Sydenham Hospital Annex 

Pembroke street commences! 400 Sydenham Convalescent Home 

556 Curtis, Donald I 430 Sydenham Lodge 

557 Day, Harold W I 450 "Alwington House," Richardson, Mrs 

I Henry W 

LANSDOWNE STREET, north from York to Concession Road, first west of Division 

Pine street intersects 

2 Curson, A James I Vacant 

Stanley street intersects 

I 19 Purdy, Fred W 
I 56 Devine, Lawrence 
Adelaide street intersects 

I Northmore, William J 

LIVINGSTON AVENUE, north from King west to Union, tenth west of Barrie 


49 Burleigh, Wesley 
49 Reeve, Annie (wid John) 
51 Shaw 
52 Vacant 


22 Moxley, Fred G 
26 Leonard, John 
28 Ashley, John 
30 Read, Lawrence 
32 Ellison, John W 
39 Berrigan, John 
Davidson street intersects 

53 Selby, James 

34 Aiken, George O 

54. Simmons, A Alfred 

36 Watson, Margaret (wid John) 

55 Simmons, Vivian 

38 McGuire, Jas 

43 Ryan. William E 

40 Walsh, Lawrence W 

57 Moore, Herbert S 

42 Wright, Daniel 

59 Brown, A D 

44 Kilpatrick, Fred A 

61 McWilliams, John 

48 Bird, Peter 

61a Eva, William J 

60 Garrett, Richard Sergt 

61b Patterson, E (wid J 


62 Shaw, Angenetta (wid John) 

63 Baltzer, Clarence E 

64 Ford, William 

65 Sullivan, Geo 

66 Walker, Frederick 

67 d'Apernz, Fred 

68 Dawson, Richard K 

71 Bearance, Elwood (grocer) 

70 Fowler, Thomas 

LOWER BAGOT STREET, Bagot street from Bay to Janies. 

LOWER RIDEAU STREET, Rideau street from Cataraqui to Montreal 

NORTH MacDONALD STREET from north Bartlett to Concession Street 

Clifford, Walter | Ayling, Henry 

Moyes. Herbert Vacant 

MACDONELL STREET, north from Union to Princess, first west of CoUingwood 

Queen's University athletic field 117 Sargent, Harold B 

Earl street ends] 

Johnson street intersects 

304 Beardsell. Cecil H 
402 Groves, Harry 
Taylor, William 
23 Mrs Edwards 

4 Dolan 
6 Jeffrey, Frederick B 

5 Lambert, Thomas M 
4 Betrand, Catherine (wid Dennis) 

402 Tunliridge, Joseph 

Durham street intersects 

Bocking, George F 
Revell, Arnie 
Clow, Fred 
Lewis, Calon 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'AVave. 





89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 




MACK STREET, west from Alfred to Nelson, first south of Princess 


1 Baker, Mrs W J 

1 Wilgar, William P, Lieut-Col 

7 Flynn, Haveland E 

9 Higgins, Arthur 
13 Eraser, James W 
15 Sills, Zella (wdi W R) 
17 Berry, Jas 

Victoria Park 

Frontenac street intersects 

23 Carr Harris, Prof R 

25 Crawford, Reginald 

27 Claxton, R L 

29 Dunn, M C 

31 "Fairview," Jennings, Harry 

35 Robertson, Hugh 

37 Grace, Frank J 

47 Gordon, William S 

54 Danby, Mrs E A 

54 Hutchings, Raymond H 

60 Weir, Kenneth H 
62 Wilson, Fred J 
64 Arkley, Lome M 

Victoria Park 
Albert street intersects 

I 76 Lappen, J Benson 

48 Dovle's Bakery 
I Doyle, V 

I 50 Meat Market (Ball, F W) 
Nelson streeet intersects 

MAIN STREET, northwest from Colborne to Division, third west of Sydenham 


9 Hanley, Clarence 
21 Aykroyd, Overton 
23 McGill, George A 
25 Maiden, Wm J 
27 Thompson, William Wright 
33 Plymouth, George Henry 
35 Ahearn, John 

37 Poast, Mary Jane (wid Joseph) 
39 Clenahan, John 
41 Hanlan, Frederick 
43 Beauvis, William 
45 Emmons, Ethel (wid Francis) 
47 Harpell, Jacob 
49 Clenahan, Thomas 
51 Payne, Thos 
43a CoUins, Capt Walter 
45 O'Connor, Fred 
47a Martin, James W 


12 Baird, Thos 

14 Trenhaile, Thomas 

16 Vacant 

Ellis street commences 
30 McCammon, Theresa (wid John) 
32 Millward, Welby 
34 Roach, Bernard 
36 Milne, Robt 
38 Cimningham, Matthew 

Ann street commences 
42 Boyer, Reginald 
44 Rev Charles Arksey 
Standard Church 

Hill, James, grocer 
Raglan Road intersects 

73 Hasler, William 

26 Vallier, Ervin 

23a Hamilton, Daniel 

30 Vacant 

25a Convery, Robert 

78 Morden, Charles 

27a Murphy, John F 

80 Nicholsori, Harold 

29a Ferguson, Roy 

38 Joyner, Frank 

31a Sarles, Thomas 

40 McQuaig, Hannah (wid Marshall) 

33a Waterman, Edwin John 

42 Salsburg, Frederick 

35a Lytle, John W 

75 Nicholson, Thomas K 

Jas Crawford's Stables 

MAITLAND STREET, north from the harbor to King, second east of Barrie 

Kingston Yacht Club | 14 "Maitland Hse" Givens, Wm R 

Kingston Ice Yacht Club I 

13 Phillips, William C | 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 





126-128 PRINCESS ST. 





MARKET STREET, west from Ontario to King, between Brock and Clarence 



City Hall 

Hotel Prince George 

City Auditor's Office 

6 Lyons, P & Son, hide dealers 

City Treasurer's Office 

8-10 Custom Appraiser's Office 

Police Court 

12-14 Weight and Measures 

The Bank of Montreal, Ontario St. Branch 

Inspector, Hulls & Equipment 

R R F Harvey, mgr 

Food Inspector's office 

Stafford, Reuben, caretaker 

Penfold, W J, caretaker 

Island Market 

Steamboat Inspector's office, and Marine 


Engineer's Examiner 

Dominion Inspector of Bonded Factories 

14 Murray, Wm, auctioneer 

18 (upstairs) Montgomery, Wallace H 

18-20 Hanson, Crozier & Edgar, Printers 

22-24 Ontario Dept of Agriculture, W H 

Sirrett, dist rep, and Ontario Employ- 

ment Bureau, A Stroud, supt 

Austin, W E (druggist) s e 

MARKLAND STREET, west from 240 Montreal to Patrick 




5 Williams, John 


Brown, Peter D 

9 Breseau, Philip 


Montgomery, Edmund 

11 Mclroy, James 


Brooks, Wm H 

15 McAdam, Samuel 


Amodeo, Anthony 

39 Gallagher, Wm 


Traynor, Albert Edward 

43 Byron, Gordon G 


Lee, Frank 

45 Verrier, John B 

47 Handley, William H 



Clark, Rol^ert William 

49 McKimm, Jno 


Cass, Harold A 

59 Brown, Mary J (wi 

d Alfred) 


Huft'man. Harold 

65 O'Brien, Timothy 


Feeney, Jos P 

67 Corcoran, Thomas 


Leary, John P 

70 Ashby, Alice (wid Henry) 


Watts, Ernest 


Lloyd, Ezra 


Sherbino, John Wm 


Black, Michael J 

MILLER'S LANE, west from Bagot to Montreal, second north of Bay 


1 Mann, Frank | Not built on 

2 La France, William 

3 Norris, Marshall | 

MONTREAL STREET, runs north from 163 

7 McCarthy, William, physician 
9 Maxam, Alfred, tailor 
11 McGraw, Sophia (wid Thos) 
11 King, John B 
13 O'Brien, Alex (tailor shop) 
15 Bedford, Auction Rooms 
19 Christley & Lawless, barber shop 
21 Egan, W (tailor shop) 
Present Truth Hall 
Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall 
Sargent's drug store, side entrance 

Princess street 
Marshall's hardware, side entrance | 

33 (upstairs) Sons of England hall j 

Chosen Friends No. 121 | 

Maccabees Hall, No. 200 
True Blues ] 

Woodmen of the World | 

Daughters & Maids of England | 

Brock to city limits 


Kingston Auto Sales Co Ltd 

Opera House rear entrance 

Billiard Room (Pappas Bros) 


King Edward Theatorium 
28 1. O. O. F. 

Canton Kingston, No 6 
Patriarchs Militants 
Louise Lodge 
Granite Lodge 
Kingston Lodge 
Limestone City 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'M^^uVcJldT' 








Poultry Association 
Painters' Union, 114 
35-37 Chevrolet Garages, Bawden, George 

41 Rawson, A, butcher 

42 Heaslip, John E 
42 Heaslip, John, barber 
47 Laundry (Fong Bros.) 

St Paul's Anglican church 
Artillery Park 
Depot Battalion quarters 
Militia stables 

118 Isner, Sarah (wid) 

119 Jackson, William H 

120 McGrath, Henry P 

121 Carr, Irwin 

122 Vacant 

123 Irwin, Robert A 

124 Spencer, Herbert 
127 Derbyshire, Eugene 
129 Robinson, Ernest W 
131 Smith, Albert 

133 McGarrity, Jas 

135 Ennis, Mr 

137 Clement, Webster L 

141 Simmons, Herbert J 

143 Belwa, Frederick 

145 Slimmons, John 

147 Vacant 

149 Gordon, John (grocery) 

151 Menard, Wm 

153 Black, Henry 

155 Sullivan, John 

157 Kingsbury, A. B. 

159 Diamond, Charles 

167 Carman, Walter 

169 Carman. Eliz (wid James) 

173 Kirkwood, Capt James 

175 Forsythe, F A 

177 Smith, Capt E J 

179 Barrett, Albert R P Capt 

181 Dunne, Joseph L 

183 Muchmore, Richard 

Cataraqui Lodge 
30 Williamson & Wellwood 
32 Barl)er Shop (Lennox, William G) 
46 Albion Hotel 
j Stage Drivers' Barn — Bath, Odessa, 

I Sydenham, Perth Road, Battersea and 

I Seeley's Bay. 

Queen street intersects 

Kaminske, Adolf (shoemkr) s e 
Victoria Terrace: 

1 Bearance, Rosella (wid George) 

2 Matthews, Jack 

3 Garrigan, Susan (wid James) 

4 Sharks, Herbert J 

5 Garrigan, Francis E 

6 A'Hearn, Joseph B 

7 Shortt, Elizabeth, Mrs 
McCullagh, Samuel, caretaker 

104-112 Wellington Terrace 
104 Smith, Charles E 
104^ Vacant 
106 Grant, James W 
106i/<Thompson, Harry 
\O6y2 Boudries, Wilfred Capt 
108 Jackson, Calvin A (upstairs) 
\O8y2 Murphy, Mrs 
110 Dumphy, Mary (wid E J) 
\lOy2 Curson, Mrs Wm 
112 Hogan, William Wesley 
112^ Norris, Jane (wid Samuel) 
Ordnance street intersects 

House of Providence and Orphanage 

Bay street intersects 

I 142 Burtch, Enoch 
I 144 Walker, Mary (wid Robert) 
1 146 Susman, Louis 
148 Day, Jennie (wid Walter J) 

North street intersects 

168 Sowards, Ellen (wid Jas) 

172 Sowards, John F 

174 Davie, Neil 

176 O'Connell. Robt (shoemaker) 

178 Latimer, Joseph R 
[ 180 Shaw, Harry 
I 182 Blake, Annie 
I 184 Campbell, Frederick J 







'Phone 147 for Service 





Miller's lane ends| 200 Campbell, Colin 

I 202 Griffin, Elizabeth (wid Joseph) 


I 204 Bews, George M 
I 206 Sing Hoo laundry 
I 210 Lemon, Ernest 
I 210^ Kettle, James J 
I 212 Cooke, Henry 
Raglan Road intersects 

I 214 Quigley, Hannah (wid Jas) 

1 216 Gallagher Bros 

I 218 Ferryman, Temperance (wid John) 

1 220 Farrel, Wm (upstairs) 

I 222 Eves, W H, meat market 

I 224 Peterson, Carl 

I Markland street commences 

I 240 Mazeau, Jerry 

I 240^2 Smith, A H 

I 246 Danier, Sergt. 

246 Repair Shop (Biss, Teddy) 
I 252 Corkey, Malcolm 
] 254 Gage, J R B, grocer 
John street intersects 

258 Purtell, Agnes (wid Michael) grocer 

260 McGuire, J E 

284 Jamieson, Robert 

290 Church, Kenneth V 

292 Vallier, Thos H 

294 Dry Goods Store (Rosen, Hymen) 

296 Purtell, Wm 

298 Porter, Fred J 

300 Magagne, Flaminio 

306 Bordoff, Ben 

308 Dominion Stores Ltd 

185 O'Reilly, Albert 
187 Brownlee, Richard 
189 Murphy, Matthew P 
207 Doherty, John 
209 Dervent, Frederick C 
211 Corrigan, Mrs S J 

213 Robinson's Stores 
215 Vanderwalker, Charles 
217 Snider, Talbert W 
219 O'Neil, Edward 
221 Fox, John A 
223 Clark, Edwin 
225 Guirey, John 

R Nolan, coal and wood yard 
243 Richardson, James 
245 Walker, Albert 
247 Flannagan, Joseph 

255 Knott, Flora (wid Joseph) 

257 Seguin, Euclid 

259 Lowry, Sergt Wm 

275 Vivian, Sarah (wid Henry C) 

277 Andre, Chas 

279 Goodwin, Alfred jr. 

279K Doyle, M W (butcher) 

281 Minifie, James R 

283 Cunningham, John J 

293 Langdon, Edward 

293 Sloane, Mary J 

297 Burtch, David 

299 Andre, Geo 

301 Kennedy, Michael J 

303 Kennedy, M, grocer 

305 Alarie, James H 

307 Amey, G Eeward 

309 Frizzell, Lucinda (wid Robt) 

311 MacFarland, Ewart G 

313 Pollitt, Rachel (wid Thomas) 

315 Curson, Andrew 

321 Eves, Mark 

323 Waddingham, Charles A 

325 Sugel, Louis 

327 McCormick, Mary S (wid Thos) 

329 McCaig, Stanley 

331 Lynch, Robert J 

Charles street intersects 

312 Tooher, Miss Annie, grocer 

326 Davis, John R 

328 Ashie, Sandford 

330 Martin, Fred 

332 Perry, Donald D 

332y2 Partridge, S Mrs 

334 Smith, William E 

336 Pelletier, Ludger 

Dumping ground and stone quarries 

James street intersects 

354 McDonald, Richard 

356a Payne, John 

358 Caron, Edward 

360 Prive, Leon 

362 Old People's Home for Aged and Infirm 

362 Baldwin, Roston (manager) 

390 Nelson, Miss Mary 

394 Shillington, William 

398 Williamson. Mary J (wid John) 

402 Bucknell, Richard 

404 Venoss, Exzevia 

406 McDonald. Mary 

Stephen street commences 
412 Store (McCormick, W J) 
414 Bryant, Alexander 
416 Letchfield. John 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 


PHONE 634 

and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or night 





Rideau street ends 

667 Kint;hani, John R 

669 St Patrick's separate school (closed) 

675 Howlaiid, Thos 

681 Braniah, Wm 

689 Harkness, Kate (vvid William) 

693 Doyle, John J 

Depot Methodist Church 
769 Lapier, Joseph 

Rear, Rideau Dairy 
m Orlando, Alfred E 
775 Dunlop, Charles H 
779 McConnell, Thomas S 
781 Gibson, Thos. 

819 Abbott, John 

820 Reid, Wm 

825 Mills. Eleanor (wid Thos) 
827 Osborne, Wm H 
831 Delaney, Ellen (wid Patrick 
835 Woodruff, Clifford H 

418 h'errier, William 
420 Devine 

Kingston Artificial Ice Plant 
442 Potter, Trueman 
444 Potter, Albert M 

Thomas street commences 
462 Holder, William 
466 Shuffelbotham, Walter 
468 Shuffelbotham, Samuel 
480 Collinson, John 

Russell street commences 

Quarry (Roddy & Monk) 
576 Gorman, Matthew E 
596 Paquin, Nelson 
598 Peters, Adam 
600 Bates, Daniel J 
602 Hogan, George W 
604 Felstead, Henry 
606 Scott, Mrs Lucy 

Entrance to Cohen's yard 

Depot public school 

Railway crossing 
622 Addy, Lemuel 
668 Gow, Neil 
670 K & D mfg Co 
680 Kelly, Howard 
682 McAdoo, Isabel (wid Andrew) 
686 McAdoo, Esther 
728 Hogan. Thos H 
700 Greenlagh, Mary A 
740 "Elmbrook", Claflin, Raymond C 
770 Druce, John Jas 
772 Gilbert, Joseph 
800 Druce, John, post office (grocer) 

Hickson avenue commences 

Grand Trunk Railway depot roundhouse 

GTR Station, Kingston Jet 

(McCallum, Frank L) 

Foley, William T 

GTR Restaurant, Elliott, Mrs Jean 

Frontenac Moulding & Glass Co, F 
Phillips, mgr 

Frontenac Floor & Wall Tile Co 

NELSON STREET, north from Johnson to 

10 Burke, Mary (wid W S) 
14 Godwin, W H 
16 Sewell, William 
24 Little, George F 
30 Jackson, Benjamin 

64 McCammon, Jas H (baker) 

66 VanLuven, Max 

68 Compton, George J 

70 Dalby, W H 

72 Truscott, Samuel A 

74 Singleton, Arthur C 

76 Sommerville, F C 

80 Creer, Charles S 
106 Davis. John C 

Brock street 

Mack street 

Concession, third west of Alfred 

11 Ludlow, William R 

13 Douglas, Robert M 

15 Pollie, Jno 

17 Hawkins, Reginald 

19 Joyce, John 

25 Vacant 

27 Wiskin, William 

Grant, grocery 

65 Weaver. Wilbert C 

67 Oakes, Alfred E 

69 Lockheed, James 

71 Leslie, James 

12) Vacant 

75 Abell, J Lambert 

n Harper. Clarence J 
125 Shurtleff, Wm M 
129 Miller, Alfred 
131 Palmer. Fred 


209 Princess Street 

Rough & Sl^Ised Lumber ,?*J!;il, |- ^[^-Jh 


670-680 Montr eal St. 


Phone 1681J 


108 McCullough, David 

112 Parrott, Alzodena 

126b Veale, John 

126b Pickering, Harry 

126c Pickering, Norman 

128 Thompson, Jane (wid W McLeod) 

130 Hill, Edward 

132 Breault, Wm 

134 Clark, H M 

138 Reid, Charles H 

140 Rea, Wm H 

142 Roadhouse, Rev Job 

160 Kidd, Robert J 

162 Sharpe, Joseph 

170 Clarke, Chas W 

Williamsville Public School, s e 

196 Clarke, Russell 
198 Landry, Noble 

St Luke's Anglican Church 

St Luke's Hall 
212 Pickering, Charles H 
214 Reynolds, Robert 
216 Saunders, Mary (wid John O) 
220 MacFarland, Mrs Myrtle (wid Wm) 
222 Holland, George 
224 Leavoy, Gordon W 
226 Gibson, George W 
228 McConnell, Arnold D 
230 Wallwork, Edward J 
232 VanAlstyne, Chas S 
242 Smith, Melville 
244 Marsh, William John 
250 Murray, Raymond 
254 Baker, Ernest E 
258 Harpell, Willet 
260 Ruttan, Mrs (wid John) 
262 Smith, Alfred 
262 Verney, Edward E 
266 Wiskin, Henry 
274 Bedore, Charles 

135 Martin, J W 

137 Black, Frederick 

139 Thompson, Charles W 

141 Balls, Frederick W 

1411^ Wathen, Ernest E 

143 Robbs, Ephriam 

147 Cruse, John F 

153 Dempster, William G 

155 Morrissey, John (Jr) 

157 Morrissey, John 

159 Snowden, R J 

161 Veale, Wm G 

165 Newlands. Mary (wid Jno) 

171 Davy, William R 

173 Wade. James 

street intersects 

195 Wiskin, Jas R 

203 Lowney, Luther 

207 Wilder, Mary (wid Artemus) 

211 Dix, Bertha 

213 Kane, Michael J 

215 Marsh, John J 

217 Steen, Evan 

York street ends 
Fair grounds 

NORTH STREET, west from the river to Sydenham, first north of Bay 


C P R roundhouse 
Railway crossing 
Imperial Oil Ltd 

C P R piers 
Railway crossing 

1 Bridgen, Newman 

2 Hingey, John 

3 Vacant 

4 Eves, Chauncey 

5 Mucklewee, George 
Rideau street intersects 

Geo A McGowan Cigar Mfg Co | 62 Eves, Mark 

I 64 Ahearn, Daniel 
Bagot street intersects 

I 76 Moon, William H 
I 78 Gimblett, Judson 
Montreal street intersects 
O'KILL STREET, runs west from 26 Barrie to King West 


15 Bird, William | 20 Sleeth, Eugene 

George street intersects 


General Hospital grounds 
Nurses' Home 

40 Fowler, Minnie (wid M) 

42 Beard, Caroline 

44 Bolger, May 

48 Beswick. Janet (wid Henry) 

50 McEllan, Dawson 



PHONE 834 


89-91 Princess Street Kingston, Ont. 

Thone 418 




52 Regan, Jas 

62 Cay, Samuel 

64 Ashton, Herman 

ONTARIO STREET, runs north from West to Cataraqui bridge, first west of harbor 

8 Dustin, D E 
10 Thompson, Fred 
32 Lovitt, Wm A 


Mitchell's Coal Yard 
Waterworks pumping station 
19 Javel Manufacturing Co 
23 Vacant 
25 Vacant 
29 Vacant 
31 Vacant 

Collingwood Shipbuilding Co, Hugh C 
Welch, manager * 

Union street intersects 
Canada Cutlery Co, Charles Eaton, man dir | 54 Germaine, John 

I 56 Ellis, James 
I 58 Anderson, Wm 
i 60 Beare, Albert S 
I 62 Hollywood, Wm J 
I 64 Vacant 
I 66 Vacant 

I 68 Van Hooser, Orvel 
I 70 Vacant 
I 70^ Vacant lot 
I 72 Vacant lot 
74 Vacant lot 
I 76 Vacant lot 
I 78 Vacant lot 
I 80 Jewitt, Rupert 
I 82 Hawitt, John E 
Gore street intersects 

Canadian Locomotive Works Co, Ltd 
Wm Casey, manager 

G T R city depot 

Canadian National — Grand Trunk 

Ticket Agent — J. P. Hanley, agent 

171-175 Robertson, Geo & Son, Ltd., whol, 

183-185 Robertson Grocery Co, whol grocers 

Swift, James & Co, customs warehouse 
189 Fenwick, Hendry & Co, wholesale grocers 
193 The Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co 

Pres. Donnelly. Capt John 
195 The Toye Bread Co 

J J Corbett, manager 

86 Walsh, John 

90 Vacant 

90^ Vacant 

96 Vacant 
102 Vacant 
104 Vacant 
106 Wilson, John 

Earl street commences 
128-132 Hooper & Slater, sash & door fy 
134-136 Nicholson, Thomas, meat market 
William strfllet intersects 

City storage yard 
144 Wood, Wm, bdg hse 
148 Home, S V, bottling works 
152 Cohen, Samuel 
1521^ Dufty, Albert 
154 Dumas, Charles 
156 Hofiferd, Wm 

164 Davidson, Margaret (wid Edw) 
168 Cohen, S, confectionery & ice cream par 
Johnson street intersects 

172 Anglo-American hotel 

Matt. Hanson, prop 
174 Anglo-American Hotel 
178-186 Frontenac Hotel, J A Hughes, prop 
188 Vacant 

190 Manufacturer's Agent, T Ashmore Kidd 
192 Canadian Immigration Dept, Alex 

Fowler, inspector 
194 Nickle, Farrell & Day, barristers 
194 Lawes, Geo (upstairs) 

R H Toye & Co, wholesale Fruit & Con 

fectionery; props. A J C Lingham and| 196 Mulholland, S J, barber 
J MacDonald i 198 Vacant 

Clarence street intersects 

Insist on Getting 

Toye's Cream Bread 



Clover, Grasses, Grain i^IlilliJLIO 







CPR Station and Ticket Office | 200-204 Prince George Hotel, Alfred Fitton 

j and R J Rothwell (props) 

Market street commences 
City Hall 

The Bank of Montreal, Ontario st branch 
Ballantyne, John, caretaker 
Children's Aid Soc, city bldgs 
Inimigiant Room 
Brock street intersects 
McFarlane & Wood, flour & feed merch | 228 Canadian Oil Co Ltd 
Kingston Milling Co, J M Campbell, propi 230 Dunnigan, Wm 
Fire Station No 1 I 232 Vacant 

Hall, John, upstairs 234 Bullock, Edward 

253 Vacant ■ I 236 O'Reilly Bros 

I 238-242 Sugarman. Henry, second hand dlr 
I 254 Vacant 

I 256-258 Millan, Dennis J, grocery & meat 
I store 

Princess street intersects 

257 Dalton, W B & Sons, who hardware 
261-265 W G Craig & Co, Ltd, wholesale groc 
267-275 Cohen, Isaac & Co, warehouse (junk) 
267-275 Monarch Battery Co, I Cohen prop 
277 Bratt, Geo 

Weber Piano Co, piano factory 
268 Redden, Barney 
270 Forte, James 
272 Maclean, Andrew, grocer 

274-280 McLean's store rooms 

282 Vacant 

284 Neale & Ashley, Vulcanizing 


279 Cockburn, William, blacksmith 

Queen street intersects 

Canada Steamship, warehouses 
291-295 Donoghue, Charles, grain merchant 

Tete du Pont barracks 
La Salle Causeway 

286 Lake View House 

Driscoll, Patrick (prop) 
I 288 Stone, C W, harness maker 
I 290 Vacant 

I 292-294 I Cohen's storehouse 
I 298-304 Oberndorffer, Cigar Mfg Co, 
I Marcus Oberndorffer, prop 

Barrack street intersects 

I Smith. Thos P (flagman GTR) 

I Place d'Armes commences 

I Sowards, James, coal and wood 

I RCHA stables 

Knapp's Boat Livery 
I Knapp, A C, boat-builder & livery 

I La Salle Causeway 

ORCHARD STREET, runs north from Cataraqui street, first east of Rideau 

Smelter Works j 2 Lalonde, Lora (wid Francis) 

|- 4 Sloan, Albert 

I 4a Rousseau, Wm 

I 6 Hagan, George 

I 8 Miller, Frank C 

I 10 Dixon, William 

I 12 White. Frederick Charles 
I River street commences 

ORDNANCE STREET, west from Wellington to west of Barrie, third north of Princess 


Rideau street intersects 

SO Paquin, Paul | 38 Anson, Annie (wid F J) 

39 Morley. John | 40 Alexander, John Henry 

41 Wells. James j 42 Reynolds. Charles A 

43 Vacant j 44 Thornton. Herbert A 

45 Enright, Daniel | 46 Coulson, Richard 

47 Smith, Herbert M j 48 Hobbs. I. (wid George) 

49 James, Albert j 

_^_^__ Bagot street intersects ____^ 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'AVave. 






89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 




69 Hackett, Wm 

71 Garland, Alfred 

Th Crawford, Robt 

75 Graham, William R 

n Gillespie, Mary (wid Jas) 

Battery stables 

House of Providence, s e 
Our Lady of Sorrow Chapel 

115 Adsit, Stanley 

117 McQuaide, David J 

119 Gallogher 

Montreal street intersects 
108 Vacant 

110 Crowley, Mary Mrs 
112 Billing, Harriette (wid Edward) 
114 Sudds, Geo Commence 
116 Dickson, Annie (wid John) 
118 Norris. John 
124 Woodcock, Fred 
Sydenham street intersects 
Oliver's Grocery | 134 Zacks, Keva 

135 Oldfin, John W, gas fitter, etc | 136 Paynter, Frederick T 

139 Revington, Jane (wid Michael) | 138 Kerrson, Stanley 

141 Howie, James | 142 Graham, John F 

143 Richards, Herbert L I 146 Lyons, Chas 

145 Considine, Michael | 148 Rolson, William 

147 Eves, Daniel | 150 Goldfinch, Alfred 

149 Aikin, Patrick | 152 Martin, John J 

Frontenac Park | 154 Thompson, George 

Alma and York streets commence! 156 Cambridge, Henry 
187 Moley, George | Clergy street ends 

I 178 Abernethy, Mrs (wid) 
I 184 Peters. Wm P 
I 188 Gardner, Anne (wid Jas) 
i 190 Parker. Robert 

192 Pennell, Mrs Martha J 
I 194 McMillan, Earl 
I 196 Wood, William P 
Barrie street intersects 
394 Marchand, Wilfred R | 

396 Morgan, Matthew | 

PARK, west from Victoria to Macdonnell, second south of Princess 


15 McCallum, Campbell j Friendship, Edward Roy 

I 13 Smith, Walter J 

MacDonell street intersects 

12 Campbell. Stanley 

PARK AVENUE, from Barrie to West across City Park 

Not built on 

PATRICK STREET, north from Balaclava to Stephen also from Thomas to Russell 

17 Stanford, 



27 Scriver, Jacob 

29 Goldfinch, William 

43 Markland, Frederick J 

Ruddell, Philip 
65 Bryant, Mary (wid John) 

Markland street ends 
67 Lyons, David J 


10 Battershill, Harry 
12 Dodgson. George H 
14 Hunter, William 
16a Rouleau, Thomas 
18a Treneer, Charles 
Treneer's Grocery 
Raglan Road intersects 

20 Marchen. Orville R 
22 Hunter, John J 
24 Graham, Robt J 
26 Aikens, Edmund 
28 Aikens, Joseph 

'il McFadden, Elizabeth (wid Edw) 
34 McFadden. James 
42 GoUogly. Jane (wid John) 
46 McParland. William 
48 Connolly, Ed J 
54 Mcllroy, Etta (wid Wm) 
John street intersects 

Always Ask For 

Toye's Cream Bread 





Clover, Grasses, Grain 








Mrs. Tairen's Grocery 
69 Kingston Cement Product Co 

113 Doyle, Charles S 

115 Husher, John W 

117 Scrutton, Chas 

119 Lloyd, Walter H 

121 Beaudry, Frederick C 

123 Bradshaw, John 

145 Bocking, James 

Charles street ends 

James street ends 

56 Newell, Louis 

62 Goodman, Michael 

64 Woolgar, Wm G 

Quebec street commences 

Not built on 

104 Ryder, John 

106 Rodway, Kate (wid Henry) 

108 Picard, Charles 

Pine street commences 
Hopkinson, James 
116 Wallace, Robt 
110 Payne, Charles 
112 Knight, Cecil 
114 Walsh, Herb 

Roddy and Monk's Quarry 
Stephen street intersects, not opened 
Thomas street intersects 

I 241 Smith, Daniel 
j 243 Meagher, Leo 
I 245 Powell, Walter W 
I 247 MacCallum, William 
I 249 Thompson, Elias 
I 251 Kenyon, Samuel 
I 253 Thompson, John P 
I 255 Tisdale. Hubert 
I 257 Loiseau, Frederick 
I 259 Hinchliffe, Harry 

PEMBROKE STREET, north from King to Union, eleventh west of Barrie 


27 Cox, William J 

29 McDonald, Roderick 

31 Henstridge, Amelia (wid Josephus) 

33 Crisp, Sophie 

49 Davidson, Thomas A 


5 Page, Richard H 
7 Woodhouse, Harry 
9 Donaldson, Samuel 
11 Harper, Robert N 
I 30 Johnson, Norman T 
j 32 Stockill, Richard 
I 34 Vacant 
I 36 Vacant 
Davidson street ends 

51 Scott, Harry B 

17 Scammell, Rev Edwin E 

61 Stephenson, Annie (wid Samuel) 

18 Nicklin, Philip C 

71 Burns, Fred R 

12> Macdonald, John A 

75 Hunter, George 

PINE STREET, runs west from Patrick to Alfred, 


1 Hopkinson, Joseph | 4 

3 Phillips, Joseph | 6 

5 Penning, Charles H | 8 

7 Northmore, Edward Jos | 10 

9 Steacy, Perry F I 12 

St. Catherine street commences| 16 

15 Roberts, Thomas J i 18 

17 Hembry, Harry 

19 Copley, Thomas 24 

21 Druce, George 26 

23 Clow, Thos 28 

25 Godwin, Alice (wid Enoch) 30 

27 Woods, John W 32 

Cowdy street intersects 76 

31 Confectionary Store (R J Shales) 

2)i Morrison, John 

35 Vacant 

n Rye, John A 

69 Hunt, James 

71 Shales' Grocery, Shales, W C (prop) 
IZ Donoghue, Peter I 

third north of Raglan Road 


Ferris, Edward S 
Anderson, Robt. S 
Knapp, Stanley 
Mallen, Patrick 
Cox, Harold 
Butcher, Richard 

Lemon, John 
Campbell, W R 
Lummon, Alfred 
Elder, Wm 
Downey, Jas A 
Stanley, Benjamin 
McCabe, John W 

Barrie street ends 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'aKe. 




'PHONE 650 



19 Years' Service to 
the Kingston Public 



Kingston's Original 
French Cleaners 


75 Galloway, Margaret (wid John) 

n McQuay, Thos A 

79 Millard, Wm 

81 McCabe, John G 

83 Davies, Sarah (wid Wm) 

Clergy street intersects 

85 Stephens, Mary (wid Wm) I 86 Clarke,Chas H, grocer 

87 Joyce, Geo E I 96 Smith, Joseph L 

99 McDougall, Duncan I 98 Saunders, Henry 

101 Ferguson, Robert J I 100 Gilchrist, Joseph 

103 Lane, Benjamin I 102 Jolliflfe, J H 

I 104 McDonald, Isobel (wid Alex) 

I Zion Presbyterian church 

t 106 Burgess, Rev Edwin H 

I W J Reid's Grocery 
Division street intersects 


139 Corey, William 
141 Smallridge, Stanley W 
143 Coward, Mark W 
145 Bennett, Alexander 
147 Hamilton, William E 
151 Campbell, Wm J 
153 Sharman, Hiram J 
155 Bushey, Wesley 
157 Salsbury, William J 
159 Bishop, Charlies W 

142 Wilson, Geo 

144 McConnell, Joseph F 

146 Wiskin, Arthur 

148 McMaster, John H 

150 Baker. Frank A 

152 Gognel, Charles 

154 Spence, Matilda (wid William) 

156 Smith, John 

158 Bird. Frank 
160 Neilson, Wm 
162 Hogan, John 
Lansdowne Avenue intersects 


Lister, Herbert 
169 Lister, J William 
175 Galloway, Robert 
177 Hooper, John J 
179 Gage, David B 
189 Cameron, Jas H 


Chatham street ends 

York street intersects 

PLACE D'ARMES, west from Ontario to Wellington, third north of Princess 


CPR Crossing 

Sowards, James, coal and wood 

Frontenac Lumber & Coal Co, lumber yds 

Hay market 

GTR frieght yards 


CPR Crossing 

Frontenac Lumber & Coal Co office 

GTR Crossing 

City Gas Tank 
King street East intersects 

48 Brown. Jennie (wid Richard) 

50 O'Reilly, A 

52 Hayman, Henry 

54 Desrosier. William 

Military Riding School 

PLUM STREET, west from Barrie to Cherry, first south of Quebec 




1 Murray, James G 

14 McKee, Amelia (wid John) 

5 Hetert, Frederick 

16 Payne, William Joseph 

9 Patrick. John M 

7 Hebert, Louis 

11 Burnside, Noel 

20 Duncombe, Jos 

17 Smith, James N 

24 Duncombe, Jos S 
26 Hebert, Charles 

19 Hinks, Alfred 

28 Hall, WiUiam James 

21 Stevenson, Ernest G 


30 Simpson, Wm T 

23 Harding, Alfred George 

32 Singleton. Henry 


34 Lattion. Ethel (wid Charles) 

PRIME STREET, runs from York to Chestnut, first east of Division 

Not built on 



1 Hefferman, Jos A 

DR. BELL'S WONDER peroxide & paramint 

No Better Quality or Value 
DENTAL CREAMS. on the market 




'Phone 147 for Service 






PRINCESS STREET, west from the harbor to limits 

Atlantic dock 

Railway crossing 

Dalton, W B & Sons, Ltd, wholesale 

27-33 Weber Piano Co Ltd, piano mfrs. 
35 Vacant 

Zl Spencer, Francis (wid Ben) 
39-41 Weber's store rooms 
43 Bridgen, Joseph 
45 Shapiro, A (second-hand dealer) 
47 Dew Drop Inn, Sailor's Mission I 

49-51 Circle. Murnie (wid Aaron) I 

53-55 Kingston Co-operative Society Ltd I 

King street intersects 


Commercial Dock 

Richardson, James & Sons, elevator 

Railway crossing 
I Peters, Wm P, seeds, grain, flour 

j Navy League Headquarters 

Ontario street intersects 

Millan, D J 
34-38 VanLuven Bros, garage 
40 Wright, Geo A, machine shop 
42-44 McBroom, Wm Francis 

(flour & feed store) 
46-50 Halliday Electric Store 

64-66 Vacant 

66 Star Fruit & Candy Store, P A 

Plaejannakos, prop 
68 Elmer, Fred, barber 
70 Johnston, Walter D, tire dealer 
12 Knowlton, Wilson 
74 Burke Electric Co 
76 Imperial hotel 

78-80-82-84 Bibby's Limited, clothing 
82 (upstairs) Dom. Inconje Tax Office 
82 (upstairs) Charles E. Millar, Inspector 

of Taxation 
84 Kingston Art Studio, Motley, H H, prop 
84 (upstairs) Millan, Dr Rupert, dentist 
86 Bibby's Annex 

88 Treadgold, h. E, sporting goods 
, 88 (upstairs) Thomson, Her])ert F 
I 90 Bisbikos, William (shoe shine) 
j 92 (upstairs) Bisbikos, William 
I 92 (upstairs) Aykroyd, Dr S A 
I 92 (upstairs) Marrison, J E 
I 94 Bank of Nova Scotia, Arthur N Lyster 
I manager 

Wellington street intersects 
101 Mcintosh Bros, Departmental Store j 100 Kinnear & d'Esterre. jewellers 

103-105 Sutherland, J H & Bro, shoes | 102 Grimm, N Roy. ice cream & confry 

107 Lipman, B, clothing & gents' furnishings] 106-110 Woolworth & Co 
109 Stroud Bros, teas and coffees | 112 Jesse's Popular Price Stores. Percy 

Hawley, Harry M, mgr (upstairs) | "^ Jesse (prop) 

111 Reid, Allan M, boots and shoes j 114 Jackson-Metivier Ltd 

113-115 Mahood Bros, jewellry, cut glass, china| 116 Lockett Shoe Store, boots and shoes. 

61 City Taxi Stand, phone 966 

65 Frontenac Cafe, Hum Wah (prop) 

67 GWVA club rooms 

67 Fannon, John, caretaker 

69 Parker's Dye Works, Ltd 

71-73 Robertsons Limited, crockery 

75 T H Stewart, manufacturer's agent 

n Elliott Bros, plumbers & hardware 

79 English & Scotch Woollen Co 

B Mooring, agent 
81 Jones, Harry M, tailor 
83 Dainty Cafe, Charlie Lam (prop) 
85-87 Stevenson & Hunter, hardware 
89-91 Taylor & Hamilton, tinsmiths 
93 McAuley, Henry W 
95 Cockburn, W H & Co, hardware 

119 Wilson, Eliza M, millinery 

119 (upstairs) Wilson, Eliz M 

121 Lindsay, C W Ltd, pianos, etc 

123-125 The Abernthey Shoe Store 

127 Roney, A F, clothing 

129 Daly, O Wilmot, dentist 

129^4 Dolese, John A, jeweller 

131 Tweddell, John, tailor 

133-139 Hotel Randolph, S T Welch, mgr 

141 Uglow, R & Co, booksellers, etc 

143 Arthey, Roy, Optometrist 

L C Lockett, prop 
118-120 Steacy's Limited, dry goods 
122 Campbell Bros, hats and furs 
124 The Best drug store, L T Best (prop) 
126-128 Mills, Geo" & Co, wholesale & retail 

hatters and furriers 
130 Newman & Shaw, dry goods 
132 McGall's Cigar Shop. J B McGall. prop 
136 Jenkins. E P, gents' furnishings 
138 Laura Secord Candy Shop 
140 Standard Bank of Canada, J F Rowland, 


145 Canadian National Express Co | 

Bagot street intersects 
155 Royal Bank I 156 Mahood Drug Co 
157 Royal Cafe I 158 Coates, F W. jewellry 

159 Kirkpatrick. Geo H, art store | 160-162 College Book Store. Jos Nash (prop) 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

We Clean 


and do it well 

PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 





161 Elmer, Richard H, barber 

163 Simpson, Fred, hatter 

165 Martin, Lewis, tobacconist 

167 Newman Electric Co 

169-171 Simmons Bros, hardware 

173 Central Meat Market, E Luckin (prop) 

175 Robinson's Groceteria 

177-179 Daily Standard Pub Co 

183 Nash, Dr C C, dentist 

185 Chown, A P, MD, druggist 

187 Lemmon & Sons, plumbers 

189 Martin, Steve J, shoe merchant 

191 Paris Cafe, Joe Lee (prop) 

193 Marshall, H W, hardware | 

Montreal street intersects 

164 United Cigar Store 

164^ (upstairs) Foden, Jas 

166 J. A. McNabb Co., Ltd. 

168 Weese, D A, photos, etc 

170-172 Laidlaw, John & Son, dry goods 

174 Corrigan, C J, dry goods 

178 Redden, James & Co, grocers 

180 Crystal Ice Cream Parlor, confectionery 

180 (upstairs) Sakell, Gregory 

182 Crawford, James, grocer 

184 Sawyer, Wm Alfred, shoe merchant 

186 Sargent, T H, druggist 

201 King Edward theatre 

203 Crown Cafe, Philip Toy (prop) 

205 Army and Navy Veterans 

207 Fex, George, Foot Specialist and shoe 

209 Kingsbury, A B, barber 
211 Graves Bros, plumbers and tinsmiths 
213 Vanhorne, Geo, clothing and men's 

215 Vacant 
217 Canadian National — Grand Trunk Ticket 

and Freight Office 
219 King Edward Cigar Store 
2191^ Vacant 
221-223 Allen Theatre 
225 Singer Sewing Machine Co 
227 Lawrence, Joseph, barber 
227 (upstairs) Lawrence, Jos 
229-237 Harrison, T F Co, furniture 
239 Parkhill, J Y & Co, wholesale produce 

I 200 Pappas Bros, pool room 

I 200 Dewar, Dr, dentist 

1 202 Baker's Cigar store 

I 204 Superior Ice Cream Parlor 

I 204 (upstairs) Karis, B 

I 206 King Edward Barber Shop J A 

I Ferguson, prop 

I 208 New York Hat Cleaning Co, Peter 

I Lampros (prop) 

I 210 Savoy Lunch 

I 212 "The Club" P G Reeves (prop) 

I 214 "My Valet", Collier, D S (prop) 

I 216 The Song Shop 

I 218 Entrance to Grand Opera House 

I 220 Sakell's Ice Cream Parlor & Conf. 

I Store Sakell & Karis, props 

I 222 Grand Cafe, Peter Lee, prop 

I 224 Vacant 

I 226 Keeley, Wm J, jr, jeweller 

I 228 Keyes, M P, undertaker 

Jas Crawford, proprietor 

Sydenham street commencesi 230-232 Reid, R J, furniture 

251 Kingston Steam Laundry, Albert Thomp-| 236 (upstairs) Masoud, George 

son, manager 
253 Boyes, C H, photographer 
255 Milo, T W, painter 
257 Aliramson, Jos B, clothing 
261 Shear, A, furniture, etc 
261 (upstairs) A Shear 
263-265 Aljramsky, Joseph, clothing 
265 Vacant 

267 Lyons, G W, watch-maker 
267 (upstairs) Lyons, G W 
269 (upstairs) Stewart, Ernest 
269 Elder, Jack 

269>2 Hutcheson, J B, real estate 
271 Zacks, Isaac, clothing 
273 Zacks, Isaac, res 

277 Price's SanitaryDairy, H F Price, prop 
281 Turk, J, furniture and stoves 
285 Salvation Army Citadel 
289 Routbard, L 
291 King, J B, tailor 
291 >4 Harold, Francis W 
293 Hunt, A E 

295 (upstairs) Wright, George 
297 Luckin, Edward, meat market 

St Andrew's church 
333-335 Thompson, John, sec hand goods 
339 Campion, Alice (wid Richard) 
341-343 Couper, Daniel, grocer 

238 Marble Hall Ice Cream Parlor. G 
I Masoud, prop 

I 240 Amodeo, M & Co, fruit dealers 

240 (upstairs) Amodeo, Michael 
1 242 Lockhead, J F 
I 244 Lyons, G, jeweller 
I 246 Corbett, S S, undertaker 
I 246 (upstairs) Wilson, Charles 
I 250 (upstairs) Billiard parlor, Trenhaile, Wm 
I James (prop) 

I 250-252 Reid, Jas, undertaker and furniture 
I 254-256 Reid, Jas, undertaker & furniture 
I 256 (upstairs) Reid, Frank 

258 (upstairs) Cunningham, Charles 

258 Knapp, Dr A E 
I 260 O'Connor, T J, ladies' wear 
I 262 Metropolitan Insce Co, 
I 262-264 Strand Theatre 
I 266 Beaupre, Edwin 

I 268 Hydro Electric and Public Utilities 
I 270 Cain, Ernest, Tobacconist & pool room 
I 272 Trades and Labor Hall 
I 272 A Martin Ltd 
I 272K' Vacant 
Clergy street intersects 

I 274 (upstairs) Cornelius, John, undertaker 

I 280 Holton, A D, florist 

I 282 McGeein, O V, meat market 

I 284 Handler, Z. second hand dealer 

II 284 (upstairs) Vacant 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Bell's cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 


'Phone 147 for Ambulance 







345 Hentig, Geo W, tinsmith 

347 (upstairs) Whiteman, Stewart 

349 Patton, Michael F, cleaner and dyer 

331 Vacant 

353 Yampolsky, Morris, tailors and gents' 

355 Ringland, Robt, shoe repairer 
357 Smith, Fred E, barber 
359 Hoag, Frank J, druggist 

2)7\-2)77 Young Men's Christian Association 

F J Wilson, secretary 
379 Jenkin, Ellen (wid John) 
381 Clarke, Thos W 
383 Robbs, Ephriam, barber 
383j^ Fong Sing, Chinese Laundry 
385 Lawrenson, Elmer 
387 Lawrenson, Elmer, tinsmith 
389 Vacant 
393 Smith, Daniel 
395 Davis, W C, shoe repairer 
397 McCallum Granite Co 
403 Hughes, Wm H, mattress manuf. 
405 Davidson, Miss Annie 
407 Campbell, Thomas 
411 Hamilton, Samuel 
417 Appleton, Herbert, plumber 
419 Gilchrist, Earl 
421 Appleton, Herbert 

286 (upstairs) Dafnas, Charles 

286 Dafnas, Chas, fruit and confctr 

288 Bank of Commerce (branch), Davidson, 

290 Godkin, J D & Son, livery 
292 McGall & Slater, shoe repairing 
I 294 Thompson, Geo, tobacconist 
I 294 (rear) Thompson Bottling Co 
I 296 The R & R Shoe Co 
1 Amodeo's Soft Drink Stand 

Clergy street intersects 

I 312 McColl, M R, drug store 
I 314 New York Fruit Store, Peter Dafnas, 
I prop 

316 Hillier, Wm barber 
316 (upstairs) Hillier, Wm 
318 McCandless, W, jeweller 
318 (upstairs) McCandless, W 
320 Barnum's Bakery, Barnum, Bliss, mgr 
320 (upstairs) Carson, Thos A 
322-324 Carson, R J, wholesale grocer 
336 Abramson, Louis, clothing 
338 Princess St, meat market 
342-344 Royal Hotel, P McKenna (prop) 
346 Vacant 
346 (upstairs) Vacant 
348 Maple Leaf Candy Shop 
Masoud, Allan (prop) 
350 Laird, John & Sons, wall paper, dec 
350 (upstairs) Laird, John 
352 "Surprise Store," Abramsky, M W, prop 

(upstairs) Abramsky, M W 
354 Ice Cream & Confect'ry, Wheeloch, G L 
356-358 Robinson Grocery Store 
(upstairs) Robinson, J 
Barrie street intersects 

Gasoline Service Station 
435 Davis, Raymond 
437 Shane, Jas 
443 Smith, Thos H 
445 Murray, Kenneth 
449 Lambert, Mrs William 
451 Boyd, J R 

453 Brown, Gertrude (wid W J) 
455 Livingston, Emily (wid Wm J) 
457 Miller, James A 

I Dominion Stores Ltd 

I 364 Dominion Meat Store 
i 366 Calhoun, Norman B 
I 368 (upstairs) Martin, James 
I 370 Wheeler & O'Connor 

370 Pennock, Harry 

372 Levin, Mrs C, Ladies' Fancy Goods 

374 Doxtater, Wm J 

382 Lablanc, Albert 

384 Doxtater, Wm J 

386 Olympia Fruit Store, J Zakos, prop 

388 Orange Hall 

388 James, W A, tailor 

390-392 Laturney, Edmund, carriages 

394 Graves, Frederick M 

396 McCambridge, Catharine (wid Frank) 

398-400 Vacant 

412 Queen's Laundry, (Yin Lee) 

414 Powell, Arthur, druggist 
Division street intersects 

424 Anderson. Wm 

426 Graham, P S, electrical contractor 

428 Jackson, Forrest L 

430 Patterson, Jas 

432 Wood & Davey, barbers 

434 Quirt, John 

436 Pense, Elizabeth (wid James P) 

450 Bell, Dr G W 

454 Pense, Harry E 

456 King, Frederick 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 




459 Lemmon, Wm M | 

461 Newman, Hannah (wid Wm) | 

471 Clow, M & Son, carriages | 

473 Godfrey, Clias. | 

475 Geraldi, Johi] L | 
477 Robinson, Thos 

479 Wilton, Miss Emma I 

481 Clow, Matthias I 

493 Bearance, Alexander I 

495 Chamberlain, Wm I 

497 Bates, Estella (wid John) I 

499 Wilson, Thos I 

501 Wilson, Wm I 

503-505 Saunders, Charles, grocer I 
Chatham street commences 
507 Lesses, Louis, stoves, furniture, etc 
521 Holland, Wm B 
523 Glosten, Thos 
525 Walsh, Sarah (wid James) 

527 Granger, James 1 

Alfred street intersects 

458 Bailey, Lieut W G 

460 Bradshaw, Mrs W G 

462 Kinnear, Frank 

464 Condie, Robert 

468 Duf?, Mrs Amey (wid Hew R) 

480 Caverley, Sherman A 

480 Searle, George 

University Ave ends 
490-492 Pickering, Chas H, grocery 
4921/^ Tibbett, Wm 
500 Vacant 
502 Coates, Frank W 
506 Fyke, Emma (wid Geo) 
520 Leckey, James 
520 Weese, D A 
522 Mullinger, Thos 
524 Laronge, John 
526 Cullen, Joseph, grocer 

557 Hall 

559 Burns A. (wid Perry) 

563 McBride, Joseph 

567 Timmerman, Ethel (wid Wm) 

567 Votery, John 

569 Timmerman, Margaret (wid Nicholas) 

571 Peters, Johanna (wid Hugh) 

573 Graves, Wm D 

544 Fisher, Dr. John H, druggist 
556a VanLuven's store room 
556 Armstrong, Richards H 
558 Hentig, George W 
560 MofTatt, Marshall 
562 Cox, Thos E 

Martin, F, grocer 

575 Connor, J W 
585 Bauder, Henry 
587 Zurbrigg, Daniel J 
587 Byron, Jas H 
593 McAllister's Garage 
601 Patterson, D J 
605 Service, N T 
611 Herbison, J E 

Graham, Edward (grocer) 

Frontenac street intersects 

572 Ponfret, W E 
574 Green, Samuel 

Laidley, Frederick 
Zurbrigg, Daniel J 
600 Pilley, Francis 

Princess St Methodist church 

Albert street intersects 

I 620 Waddell, Rev. J A 
I 622 Robinson, Levi P 
I 624 Hutchison, David 
I 628 Home, Robt A 
I 630 McCartney, Wm A J 
632 Mackey, Dr Wm 

617 Jarvis, John Henry, grocer 

619 Jarvis, John Henry 

621 Jarvis, Frederick Arthur, shoe repairer 

623 Vacant 

627 Cornelius, Geo 

629 Burns. Wm P 

631 Fegg, James A 

633 Young, Geo 

637 Smith, Thos 

Nelson street intersects 
639 Tallon, Peter W | Rideau Public School 

641 Luckin, Edward | 668-670 Carnovsky, Thos R, baker 

643 Axford, Walter, motor mechanic | Kingston Sub-Postoflfice No 2 

647 Hamilton, Wm G I Bell Telephone pay station 

Victoria street intersects 

651 Putnam, A 

653 Marshall, Robt 

655 Potter, Harry R 

657 Smith, Charles 

659 Young, Myles 

663 Young, Wm 

667 Eraser, William A 

671 McLaughlin, Mary (wid Robt) 

673 Amey, George 

Smith street commences 
679 Ferguson, G M 

672 McConnell, Joseph 

6721/^ Richardson, M J, barber 

674 Millner, Chas 

676 Kenward, Frank 

678 Lawler, Michael D 

680 Murphy, Dr Henry 

680 McVittie, Mrs John 

716 Peters, Capt Wm 

718 Hamilton, Margaret (wid Wm L) 

Smith street begins 
730 Hemsley, Charles George 



209 Princess Street 



126128 PAINCESS ST. 




Fine Furs 


681 Gibson. Alice (wid Wm H) 

687 McAdoo, Alex 

689 Stewart. Wm A 

785 Jones, William 

791 Murphy, Thos W 

793 Vacant 

801 Jones, Emma 

809 Bauder, Eliza (wid John) 

Tower street commences 

811 Cropp, Thos 

813 Davis, Caroline (wid Alfred) 

835 Taylor, Ernest A 

845 Cliff. Gordon 

855 McLaughlin, Ed 

857 Harkness, James | 

909 Coulter. Charles H. grocer 

909 Bath Road P O 

Bath road intersects 

Macdonnell street ends 
768 Savage, Patrick 
112 Couper, Miss Miriam 
776 Couper, Daniel 
826 Metcalfe. Edgar James, "Ashton" 
834 Haffner. Emma (wid John) 
840 Blakey, Alfred 
840^ Blakey, Emma (wid Cecil) 
842 Sutherland. Wm F 
844 Clark, Thos 
846 Blakey. AS 
848 Clark, Wesley 

68 Dennee, Eugene G 
I 914 Coulter, Chester A 

Regent street ends 

QUEBEC STREET, west from Patrick to Division, first south of Pine 


I 2 Hill, Henry 
I 4 Moore, Wm 
I 6 Moore. William G 
15 Jenkins. Walter C T 18 Eraser, Chas 

I 26 Hubbell, Walter H 
I 28 Estes. Winifred 
I 30 Gumming. George B 
I 32 White. William 
Barrie Street Intersects 
40 Otten, Horace John | 34 Lake, John W 

42 Johnson, Edwin | 36 Watts, Stephen 

44 Coppins, Fred | 39 Stephens, Alfred T 

46 Terry, Delos L | 41 Watson, Geo S 

48 Judge, Mrs Ida | 43 Raney, William J 

50 Jamieson, Emma (wid Jno) | 45 Murray, James A 

I 47 Vacant 
I 49 Redmond, James 
I 51 Vacant 
I 53 Vacant 
Cherry streeet intersects 

I Clow's Terrace: 

Confectionery Store. A T Tugwood. prop] 

7 Pearn, William | 

75 Phillips, Thos | 

11 Thornton. John Alex | 

79 Godwin, James G | 

793^ Huycke, James Fred | 

81 Dunn, William | 

83 Hanley, Lucinda (wid William) | 

85 Torrance, Henry | 

1 Treneer. John P 

2 Willis. Ida (wid James) 

3 Currell. Eliza (wid James W) 

4 Mitchell. James A 
66 Seeker, Henry J 
68 Smith 

70 Caverley, John 

Prime street begins 

Landeryou Terrace: 
78 Liston, Patrick 
80 Loiseau, Annie (wid Ulderique) 
82 Bonny, George 
84 Sleeth, Margaret A 
86 Pople, William 
88 Wilson, J Robert 

QUEEN STREET, west from the harbor to Division, first north of Princess 

M T Go's wharf • Crawford's wharf 

Montreal Transportation Co, Ltd Crawford. Robert, coal and wood 

C P R & G T R Tracks | CPR & GTR tracks intersects 

Ontario street intersects 
Lakeview House, Driscoll, Patrick, prop. I Eastern Canada Maxotirc and Ruliher Co 

Corcoran Bros (blacksmith shop) | Crawford's coal sheds 

I 12-14 Cooke's AutoSales 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service '''-'" ^" 

Cor. King & Queen Sts. 




19-29 Public Utilities 
19-29 Public Utilities. 

light, heat and powerl 

S. G. Laidly, harness maker 

Street Railway sheds, s e 
57 Fearne, Arthur R 
59 Pappas, John 
59 Rosehorne, William 
61 Purdy, Charles Smithy 
69 Bilon, George 

Harkness, Harry, Initcher 

Suddaby Bros, Tire Dealers 

73 Fransisco, George 

75 Gratton, Jos P 

79 Vacant 

81 McGuire, Thomas, fish dealer 

85 Bastow, Jeremiah J 

87 Horsfall, Alfred 

89 Hughson, Elizabeth (wid L) 

91 Sauve, Capt Cyrille 

93 Angrove, Thos B 

95 Lilly, George 

97 Angrove, Frank 
101 Marshall, Joan 
103 Curzon, Benjamin 
105 McGall, Mary (wid John) 
107 Jordan, Albert Ed 
Blue Garages 

Palmer's Garage 
125 Doran, Sarah (wid Jno) 
131 Gray, Joseph, Berton 
133 Knight, Frederick 

St. Paul's Church (Anglican) 

King street intersects 

I Angrove's Foundry and Machine Shop 

1 54 Vacant 

I 56 Copley. Thomas 

I 58-60 W J Crothers Co, power plant 

Wellington street intersects 

70 Foster, Annie 

72 Vacant 

82 Mulligan, William 

86 Hong Tom, laundry 

88 Oberndorfifer, Cillie (wid Simon) 

92 Wartman, Gertrude (Miss) 

94 Beaudrey, Georgina (wid Louis A) 

94y2 Young's finishing shop 

100 Tweddell, John 

102 Morris, Nathan 

104 Abramsky, Alexander 

108 Vacant 

110 Cooper, George J 

114 Angell, Frederick 

iimmons Bros, tin- 

157 Kaminski, Adolph 
159 Knapton, William 
161 Allen, Hanna 
163 Jamieson, William 
165 Reid, William H 

Vacant lots 
177 Caines, James 
179 Gimblett, Capt Wm H 
185 Susman, Max 

Bagot street intersects 

I Vacant lots 

I Rear entrance, to 

I smiths 

I 136 Boon, Thomas, James 

I 138 Burke, Edward J 

j 140 Revell, Bertram 

i 142 (rear) Robertson, Victor ' 

I 148 Jewish Synagogue 

Montreal street intersects 

I AllMon Hotel, Johnston, E K, (prop) 

I 164 Elmer, Susan (wid Jos) 

I 166 Dean, Albert 

I 170 Maxam, Alfred 

I Rear of Allen's Theatre 

I 184 Wilson, Euphemia (wid George) 

I 186 Driver, Thomas 

I 186 (rear) Kidd, John Ringland 

197 Anglin, Francis R 
201 Wenborn, Howard 
209 Cohen, Isaac 
211 Hunt, D 
213 Johnston, Keith P 
213 Gibson, William J 
219 Cartmer, Elfred M 

Queen St Methodist church 


Sydenham street intersects 

196 Walsh, Matthew John 
198 Wilson, Robert E 
200 Al)ramsky, Mae 
202 Abramson. Louis 
210 Richards, Albert L 
212 Addis, Phillip 
216 McLaughlin, Thomas 
220 Chapman, William 
224 Christley, Edward 
226 Christley, William 
Vacant lot 
Clergy street intersects 
235-237 Campbell, Dr J W 1 250 Nokes, Mary (wid Harry) 
241 Brian, Thos | 254 Turk. Jacob 
243 Cockburn, W H | 258 Hodge, Herbert O 
247 Robinson, Catherine (wid Geo W) | 260 Aitken, Margaret (wid William) 
249 McQuade, Frank I 262 Burke, Jno W 
251 Anglin, Robt R | 264 Richardson. How^ard 

I A STFRI INH Store Fixtures 

l^«r^« *J 1 J^lVl^Al 1 Vi 209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 





253 Gourdier, Louis 

255 Keyes, Dr Stanley J 

259 Byrne, Patrick Jas 

263 Christmas, William 

267 Switzer, Emeline (wid Peter) 

269 Burke, Mary E (wid John) 

271 Driver, W J, grocer 

273 Benn, Jane (wid John) 

275 McKee, Mary (wid Robt) 

277 Lutz, Alvin 

281 Lyons, VV J 

283 Lougher, F H, physician 

285 Pentecostal Tabernacle 

285 Vacant 

297 Hartman, Jas 

299-305 Frost, W G, carriage painter 

City Storage 
309 Gilbert, Benj J 
311 Hastings, Harriett (wid Wm) 

Chapman street commences 

Kingston Business College 
329 Curtis, Wm 
331 Smith, Henry 
333 Burns, John A 
337 Davis, Mrs. Alice (wid Arthur) grocery 

266 Byron, Wilfred 
268 Bath, Daniel 

Barrie street intersects 

I 282 Watson, Arthur 

j 286 Miller, Joseph Prof 

I 286 (rear) Miller's repair shop 

i 288 Scholes, Francis D 

290 Drury, William 
I 292 Lennox, George W 
I 294 Sharp, Cyrus H 
I 296 Lee, Izrael 
I 300 Dinsdale, Wm H 
I 302 Reece, Charles 
I 304 Sangster, Wm W 
I 306 Dunn, Thomas 
I 308 Shane, Annie (wid William) 
I 310 Casterton, Arthur C 
I 312 O'Neil, Geo 
I 316 Lake, Sarah (wid Wm) 
I 318 Byron, James 
I 320 Osborne, Albert 
I 322 Hackett, Damon 
I 328 Caldback. Henry J 
I 338 Ferryman, Richard R 

RAGLAN ROAD, west from 164 Rideau to Division, second north of Bay 


1 Childerhose's Grocery 

2 Hamilton, J Ernest 
4 Stanford, Michael 

6 Holt, Frank 

8 Tugwood, Alfred 

10 Cowlard, George H 

10/2 Card. Richard H 

12 Carey, Alex J 

19 Osborne, Elijah 

21 Vacant 

Wortellsky's Grocery 

39 Vacant 

41 Cuthbertson, Chas 
Robinson Stores 

6 Deline, Hugh 

8 Cody, Ernest 

10 Black, Thos 

12 McGuire, Fred 

Quigley, Hanna (wid Jas) confect'ry store 

69 Prager, Gus 

71 Sands, Maude (wid Thos) 

75 Harrigan, J T 

93 Amey, Margaret (wid Damon) 

95 Bourdeau. William 

97 Tucker, Frank 

99 Brick, Thos 

101 Donohue, John 

103 Powell, Charles H 

105 Nesbit, Duncan 

109 Moore 

111 Fleet, William 

113 Eraser, Stanley 

115 Christley, Joseph V 

117 Nicholas, William 

123 Tyo, Rose Ann (wid Stephen) 

Bagot street intersects 

I 34 S.P.Q.R. Confectionery Store 
I 38 Ling, Edward F 

,40 Scott, Charles 
I 42 Hart, Emily (wid Jas) 
Montreal street intersects 

56 Bennett, Jas E 

84 Smith, Elmer T 
86 Frost, Norman 
88 Edgar, Hamilton 
94 Fallon, Patrick J 
96 O'Brien, Patrick 
98 Guirey, Daniel 

100 Whitcomb, Charles 

102 Peck, Fred 

112 Coppins, Edwin 
114 Cassell, Edward 
124 Milne, Wm A 

Sydenham street ends 

Redan street ends 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'MfnuVcSe^^T/ 









127 Stanford, Thomas C 
129 Bongard, John Overton 

133 Milne, Celia (wid Robert) 
135 Beck, John C 
137 Gallagher, E 
147 Manning, Frank 
149 Lennon. Hannah (wid Felix) 
151 Leighton, William C 
155 Naylon, John 
157 Donnelly, Matthew 

161 Maquire, Frederick 
163 Bell, James H 
165 Davies, Frederick 

Entrance to Palace Skating Rink 
169 Stansbury, John 
171 Eves, Joseph T 
173 Goodfriend, John P 

Jenkin's Auto Painting works 


Zbar, Samuel 
223 Lennon, Margaret (wid Patrick) 

street intersects 

1 Treneer's Grocery 

1 148 Tibbutt, Frank 

I 150 Saunders, Herb 

152 Cookes, William 

154 Belmore, Harry 

156 Dutton, Samuel 

158 Bearance, Calvin 

street intersects 

160 Robbs, Ephraim 

street intersects 
street intersects 

I Hill's Grocery 

224 O'Neil, John D 
226 Hanson, Albert 
228 Harrison, Ernest 
230 Charlton, Ernest 
232 Dachpn. Dune 

Holiness Movement Church 

Vine street ends 

REDAN STREET, north from Balaclava 


Raglan Road 



9 McCabe, William 

4 Countryman, Annie (wid Thos W) 

11 Reid, John C 

6 Sullivan, William 

13 Taillon, Frank 

8 Talfts, Henry 

15 Tetro, James 

10 Meredith, Albert 

23 Fallon, Katherine (wid Patrick) 

12 Moyse, Wm 

14 Woods, Louise (wid William) 

16 Clement, Albert 

REGENT STREET, north from Johnson to Princess, third west of Victoria 


Scott, Walter D, gardener 


Pritchard, Fred W 
Bradley, James 
Simpson, Charles T 
24 Watts, John N, gardener & florist 
Weber, Henry C 
Dinnee, E 


1 Nicholson, Edna (wid Henry) 

7 Albertson, Thos A 
11 Vacant 
15 Guess, Ernest 
17 Winter, William 
19 Rankin, Jas 
21 Vacant 

23 Fournier, Ernest John 
25 Bernier, Alfred 
27 Masters, Thomas 
29 Scullion, James 
31 Longshore, Harry 
35 Beecher, George 

41 Chambers, Chas J 

from Barrack to Montreal, fourth veest of the harbor 



2 Peters, Chas, grocer 

2y2 Hum Kim, laundry 

4 Jarrell, Wm H 


6 Brand, William C 

8 Purvis, William 

10 Allistone, Thomas 

12 Barrett, William 

14 Seaton, Richard 

16 Daryau, Mary (wid Johnson) 


18 Cooper, Charles 

20 Martin 

34 Lawler, Thos 

38 Dunlop, Rachael E 

Ordnance street intersects 

52 Rollow, Joseph 




670-680 Montreal St. 

THE K. D. Mfg., Co., 


Phone 1681J 





47 Bajus, Grace (wid Philip) 

51 Corkey, John 

53 Beecher, Sus 

63 Vacant 

65 McKegney, John 

67 Melville. Patrick 

69 Clark, Peter 

81 Gossage. Thomas 
83 Russo, Leo 
91 Oderkirk, V Earl 
99 Shepherd, William 
101 Conway, Augustus 

S Anglin & Co, lumber yard 

Imperial Oil Company grounds 

251 Cooke, Arthur, "Brierfield House" 
255 Newman, William H 
257 Claxworthy, Annie (wid Elias) 
259 Arseneau, Wilfred 
261 Bourdeau, Jas 
Vacant lots 

I 54 Daly, Margaret (wid James) 

1 56 Maxwell, F Eliza (wid Geo W) 

I 58 Cannem, Martha (wid Wm) 
I Coco Cola Company 

1 64 Donnelly, Allan 
I Hogan's Grocery 

Bay street intersects 

1 82 Murphy, Catherine (wid Daniel) 

94 Morrison, Wm 
I 96 Fowler, Sgt A 
I 100 Fowler, Edward 
I 102 Cadue, James 
1 104 Reed, Marshall 
I 106 Ledford, George 
1 108 Knight, Robert 
I 116 Truman, Walter 

North street intersects 

I G A McGowan Cigar Mfg Co, Ltd 

1 McGowan, Geo A, prop 

142 Rosen's Scrap Yard 

142 Rochefort, Joseph A 

144 Eccles, Frederick W 

148 McNeill, William J 

150 Buck, Morley P 

152 McGrear, Victor 

154 Baxter, William 

156 Lye, Rowland John 

158 McNeill, Charles 

160 Mcllroy, Robt J 

162 La Rose, Ross 

Raglan road commences 

164 Childerhose's Grocery 

168 Clark, Francis J 

169 La Flamme, Joseph 

170 Rosen, Max 
174 MacDonald, Louis 
176 Harrison, Thomas J 

Corrigan street commences 
180 Tisdale, John F 
182 Murray, William 
184 Dunlop, James A 
186 Hart, Frederick 
188 Kinch, John 
190 Stanton, John 
192 Mayhew, Albert 
194 Butlin, Wm 
196 Sweetman. Thomas 
198 Mitchell. Sarah (wid William) 
200 Kane, Ernest 

Dufferin street commences 
202 Baker, Geo 
204 Crawford, John W 
206 Hallett. Alfred L 
212 Irwin, John 
214 Milne, F A 
216 Smith, Wm J 

Charles street commences 
254 Moring, Thomas 
256 Bazeau, William Albert 
258 Lambert, Michael 

James street commences 
264 McMaster. Annie 
266 Keill, Julian 

Cataraqui street intersects 





'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 





British American Oil Co., G B McLean,] 

manager j 

3 Mercer, Thos I 

5 Blaney, John I 

River street end3| 

Davis, A & Sons. Ltd, tanners | 

Smith, Delia (wid William) | 

211 Smith, Jas | 

213 Vankoughnett, Emma (wid George) | 

215 Vankoughnctt, John | 

217 Stradling, Frank I 

219 Murphy, Thomas | 

221 Gage, Otis E | 

223 Smith, Alice (wid Edward) | 


2 Fagan, John T 

4 Grigg, Arthur 

8 Smith, Charles E 
10 Smith, Thomas J 
12 Potter, Alex, grocery 
14 Keates, Thos F 
16 Keates, James 
38 Sturgess, Herbert 
40 Holland, George A 
42 Cody, W John 
44 Hurly 
46 Norris, James 
48 Vacant 
50 Watts, Samuel 
52 Bryant, Angelo 
54 Farrell 
56 Walsh, Thomas 

Watson, Ltd., foundary 

Road and Concrete Machinery 

RIVER STREET, west from Orchard to Rideau, first north of Cataraqui 


2 Carrington,Ada (wid Jos J) 
4 Greenwood, Richard 
6 Maxam, Thos A 


7 Leslie, Sophia (wid David) 

RUSSELL STREET, west from 480 

9 Lapier, John 
15 McQuaid, Joseph 
I51/2 McQuaid, Joseph 
17 Hughes, William 
19 Gray, David 

23 McMaster, James 
25 Martin, Jno F 

27 Payne, John 

29 Lomax, Mary I (wid Jacob) 

31 Chinnery, Frank 

33 Denee, Ed 

24 McGregor, Alex 
37 Jarrett, Alfred 
39 Wells, William 

45 Cotrell, Thos 

46 McGuirk, Michael 

Montreal to Division 


10 Andrews, Edward J 

12 Johnston, Berton 

14 Lesage, William G 

16 Bryant, Harry L 

18 Laird, Miss Mary 

20 O'Brien, Mary A (wid John) 

26 Thompson, Frederick 

22 Shorrock, Herbert W, grocer 

24 Marsh, Wm Thos 

32 LaRose, Napoleon 

Regiopolis College grounds 

SCOTT STREET, runs from Macdonell, west 

1 Greenhouse, Robert 


2 Snook 

SIMCOE STREET, from the 

harbor to 


third east 

of Barrie 







Mcllwane, Ed 





ewson, John 


SIXTH STREET, runs west from Division to Alfred, first south of York 



11 Porter. Andrew 

6 Yates, James 

13 Vacant 

8 Turcotte, George 

IS Marshall. Jas 

10 Hayward. John 

17a Douglas. Ellen (wid D) 

12 Saunders, Chas 

17b Diack. George 

12j/^ Turcotte. Harvey J 

19 Dove. John Jas 

14 Clift, John T 

19 Elfsback, Victor 

18 Boss, Sgt Major Wm 

21 Crawford, John 

20 Dougherty, William 

21 Salsbury, Francis J 

26 .Storms. Thos F 

2114 McCorkell, Robt 




Rough & d'S Lumber ,f^J!;i£^ ^^; ^^kn.^ 





25 Hall, Stanley C 
23 Porter, Wm J 

Paddock, George 

Brandon, Mary (wid W) 
21b McKnight, Mary (wid John) 

36 Andre, Thos 
38 Gibbs, Geo 

McMurter, Isabelle 

Chatham street intersects 

I 33 Prince, Jane (wid J C) 
I 35 Francis, William H 
j 37 McCullagh, Kenneth, N 
I 39 Halliday, Jas 


SMITH STREET, north from Princess to South Bartlett, first west of Victoria 

South Bartlett street intersects 
North Bartlett street intersects 

Kingsbury, Amos B | 1 Wood. Roy 

STANLEY STREET, west from Division to Alfred, first north of Pine 


33 Arthur, William Henry 


Lansdowne : 

street intersects 

35 Miller, Frank J 

40 Bullock, Frederick 

41 Couling, Wm 

46 Buck. Joseph F 

51 Addy, George 

48 Dryden, Luke 

59 King, William 

61 Grenier, Alfred Albert 

50 Knox, George 

67 Hogan, Thomas J 

52 Barter, Charles F 

71 Rodgers, Joseph B 

54 Compeau, Felix 

ST CATHARINE STREET, runs north from Pine, first west of Patrick 



5 Silver, Alfred 

6 Turner, Sidney H 

7 Sherwood, Sherman 

8 Talbot, William H 

9 Bowman, Henry D 

10 Milne, Peter J 

11 Hayes, Archibald 

12 Funnell, Bernard S 

13 Bullock, William 

14 Masson, Alfred 

15 Wright, Frank T 

16 Hurst, Albert 

ST LAWRENCE AVENUE, runs north from King to Stuart, fourth west of Barrie 



9 Maybee, Fred R 

10 Gott, Joseph 

11 Kay, Harry 

12 Southall, David 

13 Irvine, William 

14 Cuntreal, Frank X 

15 Newell, Alfred 

16 Chown, James 

17 Cockburn, John 

STEPHEN STREET, west from 410 

McCormick, W J, confec. 
13 McKay, Lemuel C 
15 West, Edwin H 
17 Peller, Arthur 
19 Clarabit, Harold 
23 Ladds, Thos, grocer 
25 Hamilton, James 
33 Forkes, Herbert 
35 Sargent, Robert 
37 Walker, Chas 
39 La Rush, Homer 
43 Scruton, James 
51 Delph, James P 
53 Overbaugh, Lome 
59 Hinchliss, Jas 
63 Wart, Alfred 
69 Henderson, Herb 
71 Wiseman, Albert 
73 Loyd, Jane M 
101 Miller, John 

Montreal to Division 


22 Bois. Alex 

24 Albertson. Herbert 

26 Walker, Henry 

28 Marsh, William F 
30 Vacant 

14 Moon, Wm 

18 Vacant 

20 Hamilton. William 

22 Vallier, Thos 

56 Boswack, John 

58 Henry, Chester 

24 Boyne, Thos 

38 Hurd. Frank 

40 Robertson, Wm J 

42 Bauder. Chas M 
102 Wallace. Boneland 
104 Marshall. Charles 
106 Vacant 
108 Cole, Edwin Geo 
110 Philips, Walter 
112 Stewart. Arthur 



PHONE 834 

T^YLOrt & HA-lVtlLTOlSr 

89-91 Princess Street Kingston, Ont. 

*Phone 418 




103 Peters, Alvin 

114 Lawler, William 

105 Gunste, Alexander 

116 Parton, Joseph 

107 Gallagher, C V (wid W H) 

118 Lozer, Henry W 

109 Somners, George 

120 Vacant 

111 Sauvey, Thos 

122 Miller, Charles E 

113 Turpin, Henry 

124 Vacant 

. 1 

115 Clement, Alfred 

126 Wilson, Robt J 

117 Campbell, Jas 

128 Brook, Wm R 

117 McConnell, Elmer 

130 Knox, George A 

13 ■ 

119 Turpin, Mrs (wid S) 

132 Lafontaine, Joseph 

121 Fardell, Bert 

134 Webster, John S 

123 Burns, Frank 

136 Newton, William E 

125 Sykes, Fred 

138 Cockerham, Albert 

': ,' ; . 

127 Breen, George 

140 Bailey, Thos 

129 Cornish, David 

150 Hoare, Wm 

131 Lyman. Willard 

133 Kemp, Wm J (grocer) 

STUART STREET, west from 80 Barrie to Albert 

Arch street commences 

Queen's University grounds 
Principal's Residence 

Old Arts Building 
Bowling Green 
Queen's Cafeteria 
Kingston Hall 
Lower Campus 

157 Watts, John 

159 Calhoun, Norman B 

1^1 Hayes, James G 

163 Johnson, Helen F (wid James) 

165 Todd, John 

169 Queen, Lena (wid Thomas) 

171 Dewey, Mary (wid W A) 

173 Shaw, Capt Malcolm 

175 Macdonald, Prof J F 

179 Fair, Robt J 

187 Dunlop, A Wallace 

191 Barrett, Edward G 

195 Nolan, George P 

217 MacPherson, Mrs J S 
219 McBride, John 
221 Powell, Garnett 


10 Curragh, James 

20 Clow 

24 Lockett, F G 

George street ends 

Kingston General Hospital 

K G H grounds 
100 Kidd, Thomas A, major 
102 Rutherford, Robert, General 
University avenue intersects 

Queen's University Observatory 
140 Sparks, Ernest, Dr 
142 Fairfield, Mary E (wid James B) 
146 Hird, Walter, Capt 
150 O'Brien, Annie E (wid Edward) 
154 King, Francis, KC 
160 Mahood, Fred K 
174 Treadgold, Albert E 
180 Morahan, Patrick 
184 Webster, Mary (wid Wm) 
188 Brouse, Henry 
198 Vacant 

200 Gilbert, George J 
202 McAuley, Henry W 

St. Lawrence avenue ends 
212 Hoppins, Abiram 
214 McLaughlin, James 
216 Thompson, Albert 
218 Bawk, William 
222 Bailey, Charles 
228 Taylor, Charles W 
230 Auchinvole, Mrs Mary (wid Gilbert) 
232 West, Walter A 
236 Sinclair. Annie B (wid Rev Peter U) 

SYDENHAM STREET, north from West street to Raglan Road, but not open from 
Brock to Princess 

3 Davis, Elmer 
13 Crothers, Norman 
15 Derry, Russell 
17 Folger, T Collamer 
19 Fleming, Walter 
21 Strange, Emma (wid Frank) 
2Z Lockett, Lawrence C 
25 Machar, Miss Agnes M 
27 Murphy, L W 


16 Robertson, Stewart 

28 DuMoulin, Philip A 

30 McMahon, M G 

32 Sutherland, S 

34 Fitzgibbon, Edward 

36 Davis, Mary (wid James) 

Earl streeet intersects 

Insist on Getting 

Toye's Cream Bread 



Clover, Grasses, Grain OlliIliL/O 







"Annadale," Carruthers, Lily (wid John B)| Robertson, Euphemia (wid Geo) 

William street intersects 

I Sydenham St. Methodist Church 

72-74 "Densmere", Denison, Mrs Elfa P 
I 76 Price, Havelock F 
I 78 Ryan, H J 
Johnston street intersects 

I First Baptist church 

Brock street intersects 
Not open 
Princess street intersects 

148 Kingston Steam Laundry 

61 McKay, John 

69 Bradley, Miss Elizabeth 

Hotel Dieu Hospital 

Crawford, James, wholesale produce 
Domestic Science School (upstairs) 
Board of Education rooms (upstairs) 
School Inspector's office (upstairs) 

149 Hemsley's Watch Repair Shop 
Patrick, John M, locksmith 

151 Burke, Phillip H 

153 Jameson, E D (wid George) 

155 Kidd, John Ringland 

157 Erickson, Robert 

159 Kidd, Jane 

150 Dutton, Miss Maud, fancy goods 
152 Hartman, Sarah (wid Wm) 
160 Hooper, W J A 

161 Murray, Elizabeth 
163 Nancarrow, Frederick 
165 Lee, George E 
171 Garrigan, James 
173 Morrison, William 
175 King, Thomas 
177 McKanna, William 
179 Angrove, James B 

Central school 
209 Page, John 
211 Aldridge, Austin 

223 Cross, Sergt Charles T A 
225 Lawless, James 

House of Providence grounds 

Bay street 
243 Truesdell, James H 

North street ends 
263 Matthews, Frederick 
265 Hussey. William 
269 Weir, Charlotte (wid Thomas) 
271 Timms, Martin H 
275 Nolan, Richard J 
277 Esford, William D 
279 Chambers, John 
281 Ferguson, James M 
283 Revell, Albert 
285 Angus, James 

Queen street intersects 

166 Wenborne, Robt 

Colborne street commences 

Devonshire Terrace: 

1 Ryan, Daniel, grocer 

2 Ryan, Daniel 

3 Paynter. William John 

4 Smith, Thomas W 

5 McCune, William A 

6 Hoggs, Christopher J 

7 Tomlinson, Walter 
206 Sullivan, Joseph Jas 
208 Beauf, John 
210 Armstrong, Sommerville 
212 Sinclair, Miss Charlotte 

Ordnance street intersects 

214 Oliver's Grocery 

216 Harrison, Geo 

218 Baker, William W 

220 Donovan. Julia (wid Timothy) 

222 Wilson, George 

224 Soles, Joseph F 

226 Powell, John 

228 Crawford, Jane (wid John) 

230 Boyd, Miss Mary 

232 Walters. William 

234 Rogers, Eliz J (wid Louis) 

242 Miller, Matthew 

244 Doolan, Anne (wid Jerry) 


Balaclava street commences 

246 Kane, Elizabeth (wid Thomas M) 

256 Irwin, Annie (wid Capt John) 

258 Thompson, Elizabeth (wid Frank) 

260 Wiskin. Mary (wid Edward) 

262 Pierson, Charles 

264 Graham. Catherine (wid Thos) 

266 Maher. George 

270 Kennedy, Patrick 

272 Kane, James F 

276 Ford, George 

278 Walton, John 

280 Kelly, Leonard 

284 Pearson, George 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe^rs ave. 





89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 




THOMAS STREET, runs west from Montreal to Division, first north of Stephen 

4 Sherbino, Henry 
6 Standen, James 
8 Gunn, Frederick 
10 Boyne, Thos 
12 Stevenson, John 
56 Evans, Charles 
66 Lewers, Wm Thos 

3 Stevenson, James 
9 Northmore, Nelson 
Childs, Gabriel, grocer 

TORONTO STREET, north from Johnson, first west of Victoria 



1 Durand, Joseph O 

25 Bradley, John 

2 Cockrill 

96 Fawkner, John 

98 Silver, Milton M 

100 Fulton, Richard 

102 Brass, Samuel C 

Ganyen, Joseph 

TOWER STREET, north from Princess, second west of Victoria 

Not built on 

UNION STREET EAST, west from the harbor to junction of Bagot and West, seventh 
west of Princess 


Kingston dry dock 
Kingston Shipbuilding Co 
Germaine's grocery 

35 Mortlock, Geo 

67 MacDonald, Gordon A 
69 Yellowley, Ann 
75 Waddell, Robt H 
81 Harvey, Robt R F 
85 St Pierre, Joseph 
87 McCauley, Genge P 
89 Cobb, Clayton E 


Collingwood Shipbuilding Co 

Ontario sti'eet intersects 

I 30 Mullen, Charles 
32 Fitzgerald, David 
34 Long, Anderson 

I 36 Clark, Chas 

I 38 Spencer, Valle (wid F) 

I 40 Hughes, Lillian (wid R H) 

I 42 Linaush, John 
King street intersect^ ' '^ * i* 

68 Symonds, Prof |M J " 

70 Webster, Wm F 

7^ Henderson, Wm George 

82 Robertson, Ben G 

84 Amey, William 

86 Dix, Capt John 

Wellington street intersects 

93 Hewitt, Thomas 

Dr Third 

101 Conway, Frank 

103 Reid, Robert J 

105 Gow, John E 

111 Lanos, Annie (wid Prof J M) 

115 Macnee, Katherine (wid W H) 

UNION STREET WEST, west from 152 Barrie to city limits 




15 Rogers, Miss Mary E 

St. James' church 

17 Fowler, John 

Arch street ends 

19 Woodrufif, WilHam 

30 Reid, Marshall P 

191^ Spooner, Lazarus 

32 Lemmon, Wm G 

21 Lumb, Frederick 

34 Sheppard, Edgar 

23 Davy, Benjamin F 

36 Milne, Be^iedict 

25 Morrison, Vincent 

38 Metcalfd. Rowland 

27 Ryan, Margaret (wid M) 

44 Reeve, Henry 

29 Hunt, Thos 

46 Nobes, E 

31 McGuirk, Miss Margaret 

48 Reid Bruce 

33 Perry, William 

50 Murphy, Mary (wid 


33 Bureau, Peter 

52-54 Orwell, Robert 

Elgin street 


56 Baker, John J 

Always Ask For 

Toye's Cream Bread 





Clover, Grasses, Grain 









35 McLeod, Cecil R 
Zl Young, Archibald 
39 Hudon, A 
41 Taft, M (wid J W) 
51 McLeod, C R, grocer 

Division street commences 
57 Harden, Thos 
59 Aylesworth, Genevieve 
61 Burns, Miss Margaret 
65 Boss, Gilbert W 
67 O'Brien. Miss E 
75 Home for Friendless Women and Infants, 

Thompson, Sarah E, supt 
Protestant Orphans' Home 

Miss Isabella J McKenzie, supt 

University avenue intersects 

58 Connelly, W E 

Division street 

Queen's University grounds 
Nicol Hall 
Gordon Hall 


121 Fowler, Prof James 

123 McEwen, Hester 

125 Culpack, Barbara 

127 McKenna, Helen 

129 Shaw, Eliza J 

131 Douglas, Carrie M (wid F P) 

133 Lockhart, Thomas J 

135 Lewis, Alexander 

137 Scott, Guy 

139 Bailey, Ethan B 

126 Wilson, Esther C (wid Edward) 

128 Graham, Harvey 

130 Marchen, Damon 

132 Marshall, Emily (wid Wm) 

134 Hyland, Geo 

136 Keeley, William J 

138 Harvey, Chas, bdg hse 

140 Shea, Nelson T 

144 Anglin, Elizabeth (wid Robt) 

Alfred street intersects 

The George Richardson Stadium 

Victoria school 

Frontenac street commences 

149 Minners, Le Roy 

151 Gibson, W W 

163 Derbyshire, Alice (wid B) 

Albert streeet intersects 
169 "Hedgewood", MacGuire, Margaret 186 Drysdale, W J 

171 Cooke, Joseph B 188 Litton, Chas S 

173 Todd, Thos 188^^ Melvin, Prof Geo S 

175 Morland, Hugh J 190 Haaz, Minnie (wid Anton) 

Union St Baptist church 196 Smithers, Harry 

198 Gaskin, Thomas 
200 Hoppins, Harvey 
Collingwood street intersects 
Vacant lots 

Beverly street ends 
Victoria street begins 
"Sunnyside," Chown, Minnie (wid G Y) | 210 Davis, Jno (mgr dry dock) 
Macdonnell street commences! 214 Dulmage, Jennie (wid L A) 
"Hillcroft"— Minnes, William T 216 Curry, Rev Henry E 

College street commences 
"Roselawn" Harty William, Jr. 
"Calderwood," (upstairs) Foulkes, J 
Lt.-Col. DSO 

(downstairs) — Dunbar, Major J B 
(rear) — Geary, Capt. H F 

218 Andrews, Robt G 
220 Lipman, Robert 

Beverly street 
Kensington Avenue 
Centre street 
EUerbeck avenue 
1006 Bannister, Katherine (wid J) 
1010 Bearance, Ellwood, grocer 
lOlOj^ Garrison, Nellie (wid D) 
1012 Dickson, John E 

Livingston avenue 
Pembroke street 
1020 Mc Waters, James 

"Elmtree" Marshall. Prof D H 

Alwington avenue 




UNIVERSITY AVENUE, north from 109 King street west to Princess 



Brouse, Arthur, grocer 

Vacant grounds 

15 Le Heup, John A 

Observatory, Queen's 

17 Girling, Jesse 

19 Barton. Fred E 

21 Mills, William 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'^rVave. 




Kingston's Original 
French Cleaners 

'J>HONE 650 



19 Years' Service f 
the Kingston Public 




23 Francis, Annie (wid John) 

25 Halmshaw, Herbert, Sergt 1 

27 Jenkin, Isaac I 

Stuart street intersects 

Queen's University grounds | Macdonnell, Geo M, KC 

Alice street commences 

1 118 Etherington, Frederick, Dr 

I 120 Mills, Thomas 
122 Gordon, Rev Daniel 
124 Mills, Annie (wid Geo) 
126 Chown, Alfred F 
132 Hague, George 
138 Macpherson, Colin 
144 "University Place" 
148 Borland, C Percy 
150 Williams, Lawrence J 

152 Cartwright, Richard C Dr 

153 Dyde, W Hobart 
Union street intersects 

154 Lovick, Miss Charlotte 

Grant Hall 
Ontario Hall 

McNeill, W E Dr 

Orphans' Home, s e 
163 Richardson, Henry 
165 Hughes, John M 

Clergy street west ends 
169 Mahood, Geo 
181 MacGillivray, Rev Malcolm 
183 Sawyer, W A 
185 Fralick, Chas 

187 McCallum, Sarah J (wid Neil) 
189 Reid, John M 
191 Vacant 
193 Gill, William 
195 Donnelly, Florence (wid Capt Thos) 

160 Clark, Miss Harriet E 

199 Clark, Leslie 

201 Graham, Henry 

203 Muchmore, Michael 

205 Welch, Frank 

207 Derry, John 

209 James, William M 

211 Lawless, James 

215 Mayell, John R 

217 Smith, Sarah (wid W) 

219 Smith, Mrs Wm, grocery 

221 Ice Cream Parlor (Mrs Wm Smith) 

William street ends 
227 Watson, David B 
229 Patterson, William 
231 McCartney, Alexander 
241 Nugent, Edward T 
243 MacDonald, Harriett (wid Donald J) 
245 Montgomery, Ernest F 
251 Jones, Dr. William A 

162 Chown, Oliver 
166 Lee, George E 
168 Grimason, Thos 
176 Burke, Ignatius 
178 Harold, Jessie 

Harold, Ella 

Davis, M R 
182 Daly, Katherine 
184 Wood, Sarah (wid W J) 
186 Watson, Benjamin R 
190 Shaw, Elizabeth (wid Abraham) 
192 McDermott, Joseph O 
194 Palmer, George A 
Earl streeet intersects 
196 Hopps, J 
198 Calvert, William J 
200 Fenwick, Myra (wid Geo S) 
208 Ruttan, Edwin 
210 Bryson, Maria (wid James) 
212 Gormley, Edward J 
216 Olkhe, Maria (wid Paul) 
218 Rees, Elizabeth (wid Egerton) 
220 Wheeler, Calvin S 
222 Weir, John 

259 Nesbitt, Wm J, grocer 

224 Wright, Samuel C 

226 Davy, Charles I 

228 Whitty, James 

230 Stafford, Reuben 

234 Compeau, Thos 

236 Sharpe, Andrew 

238 Conley, Joseph E 

240 Payne, Jas 

242 Porter, Jane (wid Frank) 

244 Goodridge, Edward J 

244-248 (rear) Bruton, William C, coke & 

wood yard 
246 Le Sauvage, Clifford W, x ray technician 
248 Bruton, Mrs W C 
250 McCartney, Alex 
252 Flemming, Wm J 
254 Davidson, Robert 
256 Sherman, James 
Johnson street intersects 

I 260 University Drug Store, A G Harris 

DR. BELL'S WONDER peroxide & paramint 

No Better Quality or Value 
DENTAL CREAMS. on the market 




'Phone 147 for Service 






Bruton, Wm C 

260 Crosby, Fred 


Murton, Frederick J 

262 Rutledge, Lewis K, Prof 


Simmons, Andrew G 

264 Murray, Sylvester 


Bartlett, Elizabeth (wid Robert) 

268 Dehaney, Wm 


Hughson, John H 

270 McManus, William J, Major 

272 Peters, Cyrus 

274 Sharman, Jacob M 

276 Ball, George E J, Capt R C O C 

278 Carroll, John K 

280 Vacant 

282 Ainslie, M V (grocery) 


street intersects 

297 McKay. Ellen L (wi 

d H) 


Montgomery, Cynthia (wid Wm) 

299 Carpenter, William j 



Garbutt, Ida 

301 Manahan, Merritt 



303 Barker, George H 

300 Vacant 

305 Sedgwick, Arthur E 


Cornelius, James 

307 Bateman, George A 


Burns, Wm J 

309 McDonell. John S 


Scott. James Norris 

311 McDonald, John A 


Neish, Miss Laura 

313 McFarlane, John A 


Clark, Richard R 
Jack, Miss Isabell 





Warren, Sarah (wid George) 

317 Roland, Francis J 


Milne, Rebecca J (wid Thos) 

319 Renton, William J 


Roney, Adam F 

321 Keating, Annie (wid 



Harpelle, Rose (wid Joseph) 

323 White, William J B 


Lawler, James H 

325 Meek, Margaret (wid Robert) 


Murray, Edward 

349 O'Grady, Louisa A ( 

wid of J; 



Boyd, Rev J D 

351 Warner, George L 



Macdonald, John 

Knight, Archibald 

Tweddell, James 

McAllister, Olive (wid Jerome) 

Pickering. Chas H, grocer 

UPPER CHARLES, see Charles from Montreal to Patrick 

UPPER WILLIAM, see William from Barrie to University 

VICTORIA STREET, runs north from Union to Concession Rd, fourth st. west of Alfred 


24 Alexander, Roderick 

40 Lavelle, Sarah 

60 Newman, Frank 

62 Carr, Prof 

64 Carroll, Adeline (wid Wm) 

Allan, Isaac, Estate. Lumber Yard 

80 Allan, W Roy 

82 Doyle, Thomas 
84 Marrow. Ellis, H Prof 

90 Kirkpatrick, C S 

92 Saunders, James M 

98 Allan, Margaret (wid Isaac) 

Earl street intersects 
100 MacArthur, W G 
102 Spence, Capt Wm D 
106 Smith, W H 
108 Mylkes, Manuel 
110 Kirkwood, Mrs Annie J 
112 Cruchley, Alfred 
114 Atkinson, Richard 
116 Lawson, Henry M 
118 Miller, Nancy (wid Albert) 
120 Sargent, T H 
124 Colclough, John 
126 Orser, Helena (wid Kenneth) 
128 Bradshaw, James W 


17 Maxwell, James 

19 Downie, Matthew 

81 Allan Lumber Co office 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

We Clean 


and do it well 

PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 




130 Black, Rev Wm 
44 Peters, John 

50 Fournier, William A 

58 Pierce, Rev Barry 

60 Killen, Charles 

62 Attwood, Chas 

64 Hefford, Chas 

66 Buck, Benson S 

88 Wilson, Wm 

90 Blakey, James 

92 James, Thos H 

92j^ Pickering, Thomas J 

94 Karl, Wesley 

96 Beare, Walter J 

98 Clench, Eliza (wid James) 
100 Karl, Mary J 
102 Buck, William R 
106 Friendship, John 
130 Mclver, Miss Eva 

132 Ward, Henry 
134 Francis, W R 
152 Cramer, J Frank 

Park street commences 
156 Gallivan, Michael 

Durham street commences 
186 Earl, Fred 
188 Hunter, Richard W 
192 Hogan 

Princess street intersects 
234 Graves, Arthur R 
236 Pecor, Mary (wid Chas A) 
238 Gates, Frank 
240 Wart, Marshall 
242 Good, William 
244 Clark. T H 

Johnson street intersects 

Brock street endfll 

53 Baker, William R 

83 Wilson, Wm Henry 

85 Millar, Henry A 

Mack street ends 

97 Bruce, William 
101 Bruce, William Moore 
103 Musselman, Walter F 
105 Suddaby, Chas F 
107 Hacock, Sanford M 
163 McDermott, M J 
165 Weaver, Reuben W 
169 Burns, Bernard 
171 Lawless, Pierre 
173 O'Driscoll, John B 

Durham street commences 
187 Smith, Alfred 
189 Patterson, Mary (wid R W) 

South Bartlett commences 

252 Reid, Thos 

254 Vacant 

256 Millar, Ira 

260 Hawkins, Moses 

262 VanLuven, Mary E (wid Anson) 

264 Wood, Edwin 

290 Reynolds, John 

Carnovsky, T R, grocer 
231 Sabourin, George 
231 Scott, George 
237 Mcllquham, Wm 
239 Mcllquham, James 
241 Mcllquham, Isabella (wid Andrew) 
243 Richardson, Melvin J 
245 Lazenby. James H 

Murphy, Frank 
247 Grimshaw, Robert T 
249 Robinson, Blanche 
251 Elliott, Thos C 
253 Gilmour, Wallace 
257 Vacant 
259 Shea, Cornelius 
261 Bradden, Jas 
281 Townsend, William H 
283 Townsend, W M 
285 Cade, Leonard 
321 Reid, Thos 
325 Reynolds, Samson 


VINE STREET, runs north from Ellice to Raglan Road 


6 Vacant 

11 Murray, William J 

8 Roberts, William 

Ann street ends 

10 Sovey, William H 

14 Kelso, Louis (wid Ephriam) 

18 McAllister, Edmund 

22 Gibson, Wm 

34 Hogle. William 

WELLINGTON STREET, north from City Park to Bay, third west of harbor 

5 Oliver, M J (wid Dr A S) | 12 Third, James, physician 

7 Kidd, Rev Wm E 1 

9 Hora, Helen (wid Travers) | 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Beirs cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 


'Phone 147 for Ambulance 







25 Macnee, W Kent 
27 Harvey, W J (5 
35 Anglih, Chas "=7 
37 Findlay, John 

J R B Gage's grocery storp 

45 Driscoll, Miss Mary 
45-47 Sydenham school 
59 Brophy, Margaret, artist 

79 Hart, Henry R 
81 Hanley, Columbus 
85 Neish, Prof Arthur 
87 Brais, Jas 
89 Kincaid, Jas 
91 Day, George 
93 Crothers, Wm J 

Union street intersects 

18 Cays, Dr Fred A 
26 Roberts, Capt 
28 McMillan, Miss Janet C 
Z2 Orr, Gertrude (wid Henry) 
34 Derry, Hugh ^ 
36 Davison, Chas^ S 
38 Daly, Patrick 
Gore street intersects 

50 Brophy, Joseph J 
52 Murphy, Wm 
54 Linton, William 
56 Moss, Wilfred 
58 Smith, T G 
60 Lilley, Samuel T 
62 Hambrook, Fred 
64 Martin, Geo 
70 Lindsay, James 
72 Anderson, Rev A 
Earl street intersects 

74 Hanson, Matthew 
78 Starr, Rev Dean G L 
80 Donoghue, Thos Chas 
82 Robertson, Herbert N 
88 Stunden, Frederick 
90 Vacant 

97 Winstin, Louis 
103 Mallen, Michael 
105 Ruttan, Wm A 
107 Hallinan, Miss Mary A 
109 Hanley, Archibald 
111 Huyck, Dr Philip H 

William street intersects 

100 Sparks, J F, physician 
102 Bogart, I Gordon, physician 
106 Waugh, Dr Freeman, dentist 
•116 Y I C B Association 
118 Donnelly, Foster 
120 Beel, Miss M J, bdg house 
122 Mylks, Dr Gordon W, physician 
124 Winnett, Dr A W, dentist 
124 Cays, Frederick A, surgeon, eye, etc 
Johnson street intersects 

I First Congregational church 

St George's hall I 130 Graham, Wm H 

Office of Rev Canon J W Jones | 132 Walsh, Dr L, dentist 

Secretary Synod of Ontario | 134 Newman, Edward E 

Weaver, Wm J, sexton St George's Cath. | 136 Kane, Dr John Edward 

I 138 Chapman, Leonard 
I 140 Stewart, Joseph J, optical parlour 
Post Office I 142 MacGregor, Dr Robt Roy, physician 

I 146 Boyce, Dr H A, physician 
Clarence streeet intersects 

Golden Lion Block 

148 Imperial Optical Co, R H CoUings, prop 

Masonic Hall (upstairs) 
150 Ontario Government Dispensary No 6, 
James Rigney, manager 
McRae, W R & Co, grocers, N E 
O'Connor, prop 

North American Life Assurance Co, 
W J Fair, agt 
151 3rd floor, Richardson's Studio 
1515^ Excelsior Life Insurance Co 
151^ Hon Wm Harty 
153 Kingston Transfer Co 
155 Wah Long, laundry 
159 Winstin, Louis, tailor 
159 Quesnal, Vilas 
159 McCall, Mr 

159 (2nd floor) Sparks & Sparks, dentists 
159 Rawbon, J Sexton 
159 2nd floor, Bateman, Geo A, Insurance and 

real estate 
161 Lawson, Florist 

Brock street intersects 

Bank of Montreal I 168 Waldron, Richard, office 

167 Doyle, Hugh J, barber shop 170 Linton, W N & Co, dry goods 

___^__ 1 172 (upstairs) Beatty. V A, dentist 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK'S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 



WEST 73 

169^ Smith, Daniel, office 

169 Mallen, Jas 

171 Williams,' A G, patent medicines & sundries 

173-175 Jackson, Wm, job printer 

177 Watts, John N, florist 

179 Leader, Geo E 

1791^ Potter, Alex 

179 Potter, Mrs A, fancy goods 

183 Frisco Cafe, Charlie Hum 

185;^ Robbs, Frank, barber 

187 Bank of Nova Scotia, A N Lyster, mgr 

172 (upstairs) Granite Club 
174 Queen Millinery Co 

Hall, Marion (wid Samuel) prop 
178 Gcdyc Millinery Co 
180 (upstairs) McKenzie, P, photos 
180 Canadian Pacific Ticket Office 

Dominion Express Office 
182 Greaza, Miss E V, milliner 
182 (upstairs) Greaza, Miss E V 
184-186 Side entrance to F W Woolworth Co 
188 Waggoner, A C, mer tlr (My Wardrobe) 
190 Kingston Sign Co 
192 Lane, Cyrus W, jeweller 
194 (upstairs) Stewart, Dr H A dentist 

Princess street intersects 

W H Cockburn, hardware store 
197 Angrove, James B 
199 Knowlton, Harry H 
201 Stewinson, M 

203 Davie & Barrett, plumbers & tinsmiths 
207-209 Crothers, W J Co, Ltd, biscuit mfg. 
213 Vacant 

208 Moore, W J & Sons, auto supplies, deal- 
ers in rubber goods 
210-214 Overland Garage, Arthur Callaghan 
216 The Veteran, Boot & Shoe repairer 

221 Harkness, Harry, butcher 
223 Roach, Francis 
Hewitt, Henry 
Campbell, Roy M, cylinder grinding 
229-231 Watkins, Manuf. Co of Canada Ltd, 

J M Hughes, manager 
233 Dominion Chemical Co 
235 Drury, Wm, coal and wood 
237 Nolan, Charles J 

"A" Battery stables 

G T R freight sheds 

Anglin & Go's lumber yard 

Queen street intersects 

I 222 Suddab}' Bros, tire dealers & vulcanizers 

I 232 Gilmour, W, carriage repair 

232 (rear) Taugher. James J 

236 Ashley, Hannah (wid Cumberland) 

I 238 Earle, Mary (wid Edgar) 

I 240 Fox, Geo 

I 242 Montgomery, James 

1 244 Hip son, "Wm 

I 246 Speizman. Alex 

I 248 Speizman's Grocery 

Barrack street intersects 

I 262 Vacant 
Place D'Armes endsj 264 Fields, Staff Sergt Harry 
266 Thompson, James 
268 Smith, Wm 
270 Hull, Ed 
272 Brunton, Alex 
274 Walker. Gideon 
276 Hoppin, Densmore 
278 Lamoureaux, Jos 
280 Smith, Wm 
282 Sudds, Arthur 

Ordnance street commences 
288 McSuire, James E , 

290 Poffley, Thomas 

Brewery lane commences 
308 Bajus brewery (closed) 

WEST STREET, from the harbor along east side of City Park to Earl 

W A Mitchell, coal merchant 

Ontario street begins 

11 O'Connor, Mary (wid Thos) 

15 Lord, William 

17 Cassidy, L F 

23 Shannon, Charles B 

23 Smythe, George ?' ^ '^ 

25 Hopkins, Dr Bruce ' 


Little, Wm, boat bldr and livery 

King street intersects 



209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 

74 WEST 


Black. Dr Allan, dentist 

Macdonald monument 

55 Pense, Mrs Eliz (wid E J B 

City Park 

57 Vacant 

59 Vacant 

61 Dalton, William B 

63 Fair, Alfred H 

Park avenue ends 

65 Brymner, Robert F 

Wellington street intersects 

67 Third, Dr James, physician 

Cricket grounds 

Union street ends 

Court House 

Bagot street commences 

City and County Registry office 

Sydenham street commences 


165 Whalen, Mary (wid D) 



WILLIAM STREET, runs west from the 

G T R wharf 


City storage yards 

Stables, J Swift & Co 

Richardson, Jas & Sons, grain mer 


Dr. T W Connell, surgery 
45 Baker, Mary (wid James) 
47 Lesslie, James F 
53 Ward, Jas 
55 Simmons, Wellington 
63 Norton, Wesley E 

harbor to University, 4th south of Princess 

1 Canadian Locomotive Works 

street intersects 

I Nicholson, T, butcher 

I 20 Purtell, Jas 

I Frontenac Club s e 

street intersects 

I 46 Williamson, Dr A R B, surgery s e 

I 44 Devlin, Peter 

I 50 Begg, Dorothy (wid Geo L) 

I 52 McCammon, Catherine 

j 56 McDonald, Michael 

I 58 Smith, Miss Etta 

I 60 Smith, Martha 

I 64 Booth, Mrs Katherine( wid Geo) 

I 66 Vacant 

Sparks, Dr J F, physician and surgeon 
79 Mabee, Horace C, physician 
85 Gibson, Wm, physician 
91 Cooke, Walter 
93 Charles, Edwin 
95 Sullivan, Mrs Eliz (wid Michael) 

St Vincent Academy,' s e 

' ■W£i 

Wellington street intersects 

70 Vacant 

72 Mcllroy, Herbert 
78-80 Moncriefif, Thos E 
82 Condict, Thos J 
84 Conlan, John 
88 Lee Sing Laundry 
90 Johnson, Peter 
92 Vanalvery, George 
94 Ward, J H 
96 Miller, Robert 
98 Fairclough, Florence 
100 Bateman, Margaret 
102 Smith, Harold E 
Bagot street intersects 
Dr Angrove, surgery * 112 Sullivan, Elizabeth (wid M) 

111 Murphy, Thos J 114 Clark, Catherine (wid James) 

115 Johnson, Felix 116 Hurley, Capt Jeremiah 

117 Dowdall, Mrs (wid A E) 118 Smith, A M 

119 Dunn, Ambrose 

121 Grimm, William C 

125 Hunt, Geo 

129 Halliday, Ed 

133 Blore, Arthur Private grounds 

135 Clancy, Mary 

137 Dolman, William 

139 Russell, Herbert S 

141 Quigley, Mary 

Sydenham street intersects 
Sydenham St Methodist churcli | 

181 Bell, Rev Rol)ert H | Private grounds 

183 Harris, Lt-Col A E | 

185 Mitchell, W A 1 


McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service ^^^ifiin 

Cor. King & Queen Sts, 





197 Richardson, Geo W 

199 Kelly, Michael 

201 Forster, John R 

203 McLean, Alex W 

205 McKee, Andrew 

207-209 The Avonmore, Leadbeater, Ethel 

(wid W R) 
213 Bishop, Thos 
215 Frizzell, Cora 
217 McGrail, Charles C 

Clergy street intersects 

188 Ireland, Kenneth 

198 Simmons, Frederick 

200 McLeod, Peter C 

202 Vacant 

204 King, Wm 

206 McMahon, Robert 

214 Varley, Charles 

Barrie street intersects 


Nesbitt, Sarah, (wid Jas) 
19 Stinson, Matthew 
25 Prouse, Mrs Edith 

Smith, William J 
27 Bateman, Geo W 
29 Bryant, Harry N 
31 Hutchings, Jane 
31 H Connay, Charles E 
33 McNamee, Mrs (wid Wm) 
35 Clark, Wm J 
39 Derry, James 

90 Metcalfe, Frederick F 
92 Wilson, Mary (wid Richard) 


I 14 Van Alstyne, Jennie (wid Wm) 

I 16 White, Wm 

I 18 Gilmour, Albert 

I 20 Welsh, Mrs (wid Charles) 

I 26 Miller, Fred C 

I 28 Banks, Wm 

|34 Holder, Elizabeth (wid Herb) 

I 36 Vacant 

96 Claxton, Matthew H 
98 Buck, Alfred 
100 Johnston, John E 

streeet intersects 

I 42 Randall, Wm 
I 44 Dart, Geo 
I 46 Card, Harry 
Aberdeen street intersects 

I 93 Reid, Samuel F 
I 95 Newman, Joseph A 
I 97 Jackson, Wm 
I 99 O'Driscoll, Margaret 
I 101 PoUitt, Charlotte (wid John) 
I 103 Dopking, Geo 
I 105 Purcell, Maria (wid George) 

YORK STREET, runs west from corner Ordnance and Alma to Nelson 


1 Johnson, Marion | Day Nursery 

3 Cherry, Nettie (wid John) 
5 Adsith, Ralph F 
7 Newlands, Elizabeth S (wid J) 
11 McGall, James j 

Barrie street intersects 
Mitchell, William (shoe repair) 
19 Huflf, Joseph 
21 Vacant 

25 Black, Frederick 

35 Leach, Wilfred H 

37 Smith, Fred W 

41 Clarke, Frederick W 

43 Patterson, Thos 

49 Johnstone, Hugh, grocer 

Eves, J T (grocer) 
18 Porter, Edward 
20 Duncan, Robt 
22 Vacant 
24 Preston, Geo E 
28 Clarke, Jas H 
28 Spencer, Amos E 
30 Nolan, John H 
32 Cockburn, Elvina (wid John) 
36 Hurley, John 
38 Lake, Hercules 
40 Vacant 
42 Vacant 

44 Stratford, Henry 
46 Karris, Peter 
48 Sakell, Thos 
Raglan Road intersects 

LA. STERLING ??•■? ^''^ 

209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 





63 Jenkins, Edward 

65 Doyle, Capt John W 

Carlisle street commences 

12) James, William 

75 Fowler, George 

11 Robertson, William J 

79 Lindsay, Thos 

83 Hennessy, Martha 

85 Pettit 

87 Doyle, John 

89 Ferguson, Charles 

91 McBride, Andrew 

93 Keller, Charles 

95 Rose, William J 

97 Bews, Wm 

99 Seaton, Frank D 
101 Tidman, Gertrude (wid Geo) grocer 

Cherry street commences 
103 Adsitt, Edna 
105 Bajus, James H 

107 Goodrich, Charles 

108 Whitfield, J W Albert 

109 Eves, Wm H 
109>4 Hopkinson, William 

Prime St commences 
111 Dillon, Wm 
113 Hussey, Geo Thos 
115 Lyon, Samuel 
117 Arniel, Mrs (wid S J) 

66 Kleinstenber, Wm 

68 McUen, William 

70 Elliott, Catherine B 

12 Bradden, Phillip 
Trudeau, Leo 

76 Skeggs, Bert 

78 Bell, Clififord J 

86 Shephen, Joseph 

88 McGill, Edith (wid M F) 

90-92 Boyd, Ferguson 

94 Ferguson, William 

96 Dunphy, James 
102 Richards, Samuel 
104 Paynter, Hugh 
106 Frederick, Francis L 

143 Eraser, Victor L 
145 Moncrieff, Robt D 
147 McGoff, John 
157 Dove, John J 
163 Blake. Arthur A 
165 Bell, Geo 

Division Street intersects 

I Speizman's grocery 

I 140 Hepburn, Wm 

I 142 Moyse, Albert 
I Hoffman, Sid 

I 154 Veale, Chas N 

I 156 Rawly, Stanley 

I 162 Crozier, Mary (wid Thomas) 

I 166 Harris, W J 

Lansdowne street commencesi 168 Whitney, Benjamin 

I 170 Reid, Harvey 

I 172 Smith, Henry 

I 174 Dubnosky, Harry 

I 176 Moulton, Hartford 
178 Moulton, Herbert 

Fair Grounds 
Kingston, Asphalt Plant 

219 Campbell, Dougal 

I Chatham street ends 

Alfred street intersects 

11 Litchfield, Caroline (wid Thos) 
13 Groom, Herbert 
15 Potts, Joseph C 
17 Frost, John 

Frontenac street ends 
53 Vacant 
55 New house 
57 Johnston, William D 
59 Acton, Frank 
61 Dumbleton, John Wm 

Albert street ends 
83 Vacant 
85 Baker, Abraham 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'mL'LcJI^T/ 







Alphabetical Directory 

Abbott, Alex, lab GTR, res Montreal Road 
Abbott, Charles C, retired, res 203 King 
Abbott, Miss Emma, drsmkr, res 235 Colborne 
Abbott, Eliz, Ivs 378 Division 
Abbott, Eliza, seamstress, Ivs 378 Division 
Abbott, Florence, school tchr, Ivs 819 Montreal 
Abbott, John, fireman, Ivs 403 King 
Abbott, John, fireman, incinerator, res 819 Mon- 
Abbott, Mary, tailoress, Ivs 278 Division 
Abbott, Wm, retired, Ivs 235 Colborne 
Abbott, William, driver, Ivs 403 King 
Abernethy, Alfred J, trav, res 152 Albert 
Abernethy, Archie J, student, Ivs 152 Albert 
Abernethy, Bessie, studt, Ivs 152 Albert 
ABERNETHY, BERT, (Mgr Abernethy Shoe 

Store) res 246 Albert 

Manager, Boots and Shoes, 123-125 Princess 
Abernethy, Robert, The Abernethy Shoe Store, 

Ivs 246 Albert 
Abernethy. Wm, retired, Ivs 246 Albert 
Abernethy, Valleau, elk Abernethy Shoe Co, Ivs 

246 Albert 
Abernethy, Mrs (wid) res 178 Ordnance 
Abernethy, Maud, Ivs 178 Ordnance 
Abell, J Lambert, ins agent, res 75 Nelson 
Abrams. Miss Emma, school tchr Victoria Sch, 

bds 30 Aberdeen 
Abramsky,A. res 383 King E 
Abramsky, Alex, teamster 

Abramsky, Alex, mcht. Princess st, res 104 Queen 
Abramsky, David, baker, res 160 Bagot 

bake shop, rear 160 Bagot 
Abramsky. Jos, clothing 263-265 Princess res 

474 Barrie 
Abramsky, Harry, clerk, Ivs 474 Barrie 
Abramsky, Samuel, clerk. Ivs 474 Barrie 
Abramsky, Annetta, Ivs 474 Barrie 
Abramsky, Moe, mcht, res 200 Queen 
Abramsky, Moses, elk J. Abramskj^, res 200 Queen 
Abramson, Jos B, ladies' furnishing store, 257 

Princess, res 119 Colborne 
Abramson, Eva, Ivs 202 Queen 
Abramson, Louis, men's clothier, 336 Princess, 

res 202 Queen 
Meek, Acey, clerk, Ivs 317 Earl St, 
Ackley, Wm R, lab, res 32 Ellis 
Acton, Frank, electrician city power hse, res 

59 York 
Acton, George, lab city, res 195 Colborne 

Ada, Alex, student, Ivs 51 Arch 

Ada, Edwin J, tinsmth, res 51 Arch 

Ada, Elizabeth (wid Wm) res 53 Arch 

Ada, George, banker, Ivs 51 Arch 

Ada, Miss Mary, slslady Steacy's, Ivs 53 Arch 

Adams, Ada, Ivs 79 William 

Adams, Addie M, Ivs 79 William 

Adams, Charles W J, sol, R.C.H.A., 74 L Bagot 

Adams, Mrs E J, Ivs 72-74 Sydenham 

Adams, Herman, agt Met Life, res 9 Alwington 

Adams, Mary E (wid Jas) res 36 Aberdeen 

Adams, Mary, res 70 Arch 

Adams, Mary E (wid Jas) res 56 Division 

Adamson, Jean, maid, Ivs 91 Albert 

Addis. Philip, soldier RCHA, res 212 Queen 

Addy, Lemuel, lab, res 662 Montreal 

Addy, George, lab, res 51 Stanley 

Adney, E Tapan, artist, bds 153 Sydenham 

Adrian, George, teamster, Ivs 66 U Charles 

Adrian. Wm, teamster. Kingston Sand & Gravel 

Co, res 60 Charles 
Adrian, William. Jr., teamster, Ivs 66 U Charles 
Adsit. Ralph, trav R H Toye & Co, res 5 York 
Adsit, Stanley, lineman. Pub Utilities, res 115 

Adsit, Edna, pattern presser, res 103 York 
Agnew. Catherine. Ivs 257 Earl 
Agnew, Robt W, mldr, res 257 Earl 
Ahearn, Alice, ledger keeper, Hydro Shop, Ivs 

64 North 
Ahearn, Daniel R, blksmith, res 64 North 
Ahearn, Daniel. Ivs 35 Main 
Ahearn, John, farmer, res 35 Main 
Ahearn, Jos M, machinist Loco Wks, Ivs No. 6 

Victoria terrace, Montreal 
Ahearn, Omer V, machinist. Loco Wks, Ivs No. 6 

Victoria terrace, Montreal 
Ahearn, Lorraine, nurse in training, Ivs No. 6 

Victoria terrace, Montreal. 
Aiken, see also Aikin, Aitken and Atkin 
Aiken. Harold, driver Dom Ex, 34 Livingston 
Aiken. George, gd. pen, Ivs 34 Livingston 
Aikens, Irene (wid Jas) Jackson Press, 150 Bay 
Aikens. Joseph, yardman, Sowards', res 39 Patrick 
Aikin, Robert E, retired, res 3 First 
Aikens, Patrick, retired, Ivs 28 Patrick 
Aikens, Patrick, carter, res 149 Ordnance 
Aikens. Edmund, carter, res 28 Patrick 
Aikens, John H, dr Dominion Express 
Ainslie, see also Ansley 
Ainslie, Herbert, barber, Ivs 362 Johnson 
Ainslie, Bertha E, clerk W J Arniel's store, Ivs 

362 Johnson 
Ainslie, Montie V. groc & butchr, 282 University, 
Ivs 430 Brock 




THE K. D. Mfg., Co., '''■''' ^'"^'^^^ ^'- ''^""^ ''^'^ 



Ainslie, Mary A (wid David J) res 362 Johnson 
Ainslie, Mary (wid Wm) res 356 Johnson 
Aitken, Margaret (wid Wm) res 260 Queen 
Akins, John, student, 303 King 
Akerly, Harvey, soldier RCHA, 116 Rideau 
Allarie, Michael M, retired, 305 Montreal 
Alarie, Jas, driver C Donoghue, cor Charles and 

Alarie, Ethel, res 79 Division 

Alarie, George, elk Grand Trunk, bds 79 Division 
Alarie, R, Can. Nat. Grand Trunk, bds, 336 Brock 
Alarie, R, baggageman. Can Nat Grand Trunk 

bds 336 Brock 
Alarie, Margaret, Ivs 79 Division 
Alarie, W F, farm implements. Barrack st, res 

311 Brock 

Albert, Ethel, maid, 95 Centre 

Albert, Laura, maid, 55 Clergy E 

Albertson, Herbert, fireman CPR, res 24 Stephen 

Albertson, Warren, driver Gilbert's Grocery, Ivs 

7 Rideau 

Albertson, Lome, transfer, Canadian Express Co, 

Ivs 7 Rideau 
Albertson, Nelson, patient Sydenham Hospital, 

336 Division 
Albertson, Sherman, teamster, Purtell, Ivs 7 

Albertson, Thomas, veterinary, res 7 Rideau 
Albertson, Wm, foreman constructor CPR, res 

71 John 

ALBION HOTEL, E K Johnston, prop, 46 Mon- 
treal st, cor Queen 

Alderdice, Albert, blacksmith, James Taugher, res 

8 Garrett 

Alderdice, James, ofificer Penitentiary, 326 Alfred 
Aldridge, Austin, warrant officer RCHA, 211 

Alexander, Robt A, clerk of Industry K P, res 

312 Albert 

Alexander, John, clerk Oddfellow's Relief Ass'n, 

Ivs 404 Brock 
Alexander, John Henry, gardner RMC, res 40 

Alexander, Robt, tlr, 116 Brock, res 451 Albert 
Alexander, Blanch V, op Bell Telephone 
Alexander, Roderick, gard, G Y Chown, res 24 

Alexander, Phil R, Ivs 24 Victoria 
Alexander, Maud (wid Herbert) Ivs 231 Division 
ALLAN LUMBER CO, 81 Victoria 
Allan, W Roy, mgr Allan Lumber yd, 80 Victoria 
Allan, Lois, Ivs 98 Victoria 
Allan, I Clarence, student, 98 Victoria 
Allan, Margaret A (wid Isaac) 98 Victoria 
Allan, Lally, bds 318 University 
Allard, Edward, storekeeper Sydenham Hospital, 

93 L Bagot 
Allard, Edith F, stenog Manuf Life Ins office, 

Ivs 93 L Bagot 
Allcorn, Wm, orderly Sydenham Hospital, Ivs 53 

L Bagot 
Allen, Harry A, clerk Belleville, Ivs 48 Quebec 
Allen, Robt W, auctioneer, res 232 Brock 'Verdun' 
Allen, Wm J C, bk-kpr I Cohen's, 11 Aberdeen 

Allen, Dorothy, elk Imperial Steam Laundry, Ivs 

151 Clergy E 
Allen, Cecil L, Bishop Machine Shop, Ivs 151 

Clergy E 
Allen, Emily, BA, Ivs 242 Alfred 
Allen, Ethel, Ivs 151 Clergy E 
Allen, Edith, Ivs 354 Brock 
Allen, George W, driver Dominion Express Co, 

res 85 Colborne 
Allen, Harold, stockroom kpr, Boyd's Garage, 

Ivs. 40 L Rideau 
Allen, Alice, nurse maid, bds 148 Earl 
Allen, P. corp RCOC, 546 Albert 
Allen, Phillip, soldier COC, res 546 Albert 
Allen, Rebecca (wid Thos) res 106 Ontario 
Allen, Hanna (wid Lewis) 161 Queen 
Allen, Robt, elk McKelvey & Son, res 183 Clergy 
Allen Theatre, E O Smithies, Mgr, 221-223 

Allen, Robt J, traveller Lipton Tea Co, 354 Brock 
Allen, Miss Sarah, res 242 Alfred 
Allen, Wm J, mldr, Sec Grand Opera, 151 Clergy 

Allies Taxi Stand, 39 Clarence 
Allies Cafe, Joe S. Lee, mgr, 326 King E 
Allison, W L & S P, Justice of the Peace office 

33 Brock 
Allistone, Thos, shoemaker RCHA, res. 10 Rideau 
AUmark, John, res 123 Colborne 
Allmark, John, postman, bds 123 Colborne 
Alma Mater Society, publrs Queen's University 

Journal, Queen's College 
Alton, Lester, warehouseman, A Chown & Co, 

211 Queen 
Amer, Charles, Peters Flour & Feed, res 221 Earl 
Alysworth, Minerva (wid Aaron) res 46 Princess 
Alysworth, Jas, wks W F McBroom, Ivs 46 

AMERICAN CONSULATE, 59-65 Clarence St, 

Felix S S Johnson, consul, res 115 William 
Amey, Capitola (wid N H) res 380 Earl 
Amey, Dora, Bank of Toronto, Ivs 380 Earl 
Amey, Raymond B, salesman, res, 179 Division 
Amey, Margaret (wid Damon) rear 93 Raglan 
Amey, Percy H, driver VanLuven, res 25 Chathai 
Amey, G Edward, lab, res 307 Montreal 
Amey, William, clerk Royal Mail Service, res] 

84 Union 
Amey, Jean H, operator, Bell Tele, 84 Union 
Amey, Sadie, res 84 Union 
Amey, Elgin B, 380 Earl 
Amey, Geo, teamster, res 673 Princess 
Amey, Nan, clerk Dom Stores Branch, Ivs 67| 

Amey, Hilliard, employee W H Hughes, Ivs 501 


Amey, May, splitter Mica Wks. Ivs 673 Princess 
Amey, Anna E, clerk, Ivs 673 Princess 
Ammel, Emily (wid George) res 26 Fifth 
Amodeo, Michael soft drink stand, cor Clerj 

and Princess 
Amodeo, Michael (M Amodeo & Co) fruit mer-j 

chants, 240 Princess, res 240 Princess 
Amodeo, Anthony, fruit mer, res 18 Markland 
Amodeo, James, clerk, Ivs 240 Princess 
Ancient Order Hizernians Lodge Rooms, 3rd 
floor, Princess and Montreal Sts. 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe^'rVave. 




'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A. Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 



Anderson, Rev A, clergyman, 72 Wellington 
Anderson, Miss Bessie, dressmaker, Jackson- 

Metiver Ltd, Ivs 3 Pine 
Anderson, John E, electrician, Sydenham Hos- 
pital, res 239 Earl 
Anderson Bros, Ltd, grocers, meat market, etc, 

192-198 Division 
Anderson, Edward (Anderson Bros), res 273 

Anderson, Rebecca, tailoress, Jackson-Metevier, 

Ivs 8 Pine 
Anderson, Robt S, Civil Service, RMC, res 8 Pine 
Anderson, Katherine (wid Wm J) res 220 Johnson 
Anderson, Wm A, student, Ivs 220 Johnson 
Anderson, Mary A, dressmkr, res 178 Bagot 
Anderson, John M, clerk E P Jenkins, res 

Anderson, Robt J, student, Ivs Hi Alfred 
Anderson, William J, student, 273 Alfred 
Anderson, Bessie, student, 296 Queen 
Anderson, Miss M A, dressmaker, res 178 Bagot 
Anderson, Wm (Anderson Bros) res 424 Princess 
Andre, Clarence, mason, Ivs 35 Charles 
Andra, Virginia (wid P) Ivs 27 Elgin 
Andre, Chas, carter, res 211 Montreal 
Andre, Clarence, pensioner, res 120 L Bagot 
Andre, George, teamster, res 299 Montreal 
Anderson, Jennie (wid Peter), Imperial Laundry, 

res 42 Clergy W 
Andre, Joseph T, moving picture operator, res 

27 Elgin 
Andre, Thos, carp, res 36 Sixth 
Andrew, Frahklin, sold, res 16 Clergy W 
Andrews, Mary, Ivs 218 Union W 
Andrews, Edward, packer, W G Craig & Co, Ltd, 

res 10 Russell 
Andrews, Robert G (Anderson Bros Ltd), res 

218 Union w 
Angell, Frederick, carpenter, res 114 Queen 
Angell, Laurell, heater, Ivs 114 Queen 
Angelson, Richard, ice cream pedler, bds 39 Elm 
ANGLIN, CHARLES S (S Anglin & Co), res 

35 Wellington 
Anglin, Eliz (wid Robt), res 144 Union 
ANGLIN, FRANCIS R (S Anglin & Co), res 

197 Queen 
Anglin, Mary, sec Principal Taylor, Ivs 52 Earl 
Anglin, Robt W, cor Mack and Victoria 
Anglin, Ruth, V A D, Ivs 52 Earl 
ANGLIN S & CO (Francis R and Charles S 

Anglin), Lumber, Coal and Wood, Cement, 

Saw and Planing Mills, Bay, cor Wellington 
ANGLIN, LIEUT.-COL WM G, Physician and 

Surgeon, retired, res 52 Earl 
Anglin, Mrs Myrtle (wid Wm), Ivs 103 Frontenac 
ANGLO-AMERICAN HOTEL, 172 Ontario, cor 

Angrove Brass and Iron Foundry, cor Queen 

and King 
Angrove, Frank, foreman Angrove's Foundry, 

res 97 Queen 
ANGROVE, HAROLD, M.D., res 180 Bagot, 


Angrove, Albert, electrician, Ivs 93 Queen 

Angrove, Harry, Ivs 56 Clergy 

Angrove James B, prop Bicycle Repair Shop, 

Wellington St, res 179 Sydenham 
x\ngrove, John, 80 Clergy w 
Angrove, Thomas H, guard penitentiary, res 21 

Angrove, Thos B, mgr Blue Garages Ltd, res 

93 Queen 
Angrove, Madeline, music teacher, Ivs 179 Syden- 
ham St 
Angus, James, lab, res 285 Sydenham 
Ansley, see also Ainslie 
Ansley, John W, res 383 Earl 

Ansley, Harold M, salesman, res 314 Collingwood 
Anson, Annie (wid F J), res 38 Ordnance 
Anson, Annie, Ivs 38 Ordnance 
Anson, Wm, sold., patient Sydenham Hospital, 

ivs 38 Ordnance 
Appleby, Sydney, bds 101 Queen 
Appleton, Herbert, plumber, res 421 Princess 
Arbuckle, Albert W, musician, res 365 Alfred 
Archibald, Walter, guard penitentiary, Ivs 369 

Ardagh, Geo H. caulker, Ivs 57 Arch 
Arkley, Lome M, Prof Queen's, res 64 Mack 
Arkley, Marion V, student, Ivs 64 Mack 
Arden, Wm Chas, soldier, res 2 Concession road 
Arksey, Rev Chas, Standard Ch, res 44 Main 
Armstrong, Chris, res 437 Barrie 
Armstrong, Arthur, Ivs 96 Clergy 
Armstrong, Cliff, Ivs 96 Clergy 
Armstrong, Alfred, teller Bk Toronto, res up- 
stairs. Bank Toronto 
Armstrong, Francis G, photographer, res 303 

Armstrong, Andrew, traveller, bds 34 Johnson 
Armstrong, Frank, lab city, res 51 John 
ARMSTRONG, JAMES, Chief Kingston Fire 

Dept, res 96 Clergy 
Armstrong, Gladys M, Bell Tel Co, Ivs 96 Clergy 
Armstrong, Leslie, policeman, res 100 Clergy 
Armstrong, Marshall J, police sergeant, res 417 

z\rmstrong, Herbert, mechanic Cooke's Garage, 

Ivs 417 Johnson 
Armstrong, Richard G, agent De Leval, res 556 

Armstrong, Somerville, res 210 Sydenham 
Armstrong, W J, mid, res 319 Brock 
Armstrong, Howard, clerk, Dalton's, Ivs 210 

Armstrong, Wm, clerk Dalton's, Ivs 210 Sydenham 
Army & Navy Veterans. 205 Princess 
Arniel.Ed. lab, Ivs 87 Frontenac 
Arniel. Ethel, Ivs 87 Frontenac 
Arniel, Jessie, Ivs 87 Clergy w 
Arniel, Elizabeth, Ivs 98 Clergy w 
A.rniel, Mary, Ivs 98 Clergy w 
Arniel, Richard, butcher, res 26 Clergy w 
Arniel, William, driver. Booth Coal Yd, res 67 

Arniel, Mrs G (wid Samuel J), res 117 York 
Arneill. Lillian, wks Jackson Press. Ivs 117 York 




Rough & DTelsTd Lumber ?1?® ?' , ?■ ^^tJt. 

670-680 Montreal St 

Phone I681J 



Arniel, Stanley, clerk W N Linton & Co, Ivs 14 

Arniel, Richard S, clerk, W N Linton & Co, Ivs 

26 Clergy w 
Arniel, Wm, sr,coal dealer, res 87 Frontenac 
Arniel, Wm J, grocer, cor Alfred & Earl, res 93 

Arthur, Geo, agt Newcombe pianos, res 323 Earl 
Arthur, Mildred, school teacher, Ivs 33 Stanley 
Arthur, Byrl, Ivs 33 Stanley 
Arthur, William Henry, retired, res 33 Stanley 
Arthurs, Mary A, Ivs 140 Division 
Arthurs, Miss M J, Ivs 388 Johnson 
Arthey, Roy, optician, bds 393 Johnson 
Arthey, Sidney, optician, bds 393 Johnson 
Arseneau, Wilfred, fixer Cotton Mills, res 2S9 

Arseneau, Louise, spinner Cotton Mills, Ivs 2S9 

Ash, John B, janitor Medical Col, res 49 Arch 
Ashby, Alice, (wid Henry) rear 70 Markland 
Ashcroft, Dr Robert J, osteopathy, res 204 King E 
Ashie. Sanford, marine engineer, C.S.L., res 328 

Ashie, H Ryder, janitor. Villa St Clare, Barrie 
Ashie, Mary (wid Wm), Villa St Clare, Barrie 
Ashie, Kathleen, bds 6 Sixth 
Ashley, Eva, Ivs 236 Wellington 
Ashley, Algernon, retired, bds 14 Colborne 
Ashley, Leo J, electrician, res 12 Cherry 
Ashley. Hannah (wid Cumberland), res 236 

Ashley, George, 198 Frontenac 
Ashley, Hazel, clerk, income tax, Ivs 12 Cherry 
Ashley, John, merchant, Maxotire Business, res 

28 Livingston ave 
Ashley, Hazelle, pub stenog, Ivs 28 Livingston 
Ashley, Harriet, student, 28 Livingston 
Ashley, Wm G, mgr King Edward theatre, res 

12 Cherry 
Ashley, Richard, fitter G T R, Montreal Rd, res 

100 Stuart 
Ashton, Herman, res 64 O'Kill 
Ashton, William, carpenter, res 45 King w 
Ashurst, Walter, painter, bds 288 Queen 
Asselstine, Arthur J, agt W T Rawleigh & Co, 

Toronto, res 138 Bay 
Asselstine, Grace stenog, Ivs 138 Bay 
Asselstine, Isaac L, res 284 Earl 
Asselstine, John, carp, res 254 Alfred 
ASSELSTINE, JOHN S, Optometrist, 342 King 

res 456 Johnson 
Asselstine, Miss Kate, Ivs 135 Alfred 
Asselstine, Miss Maud, Ivs 284 Earl 
Asselstine, Mrs Minerva (wid Isaac F), res 135 

ASSELSTINE, THOS M, local Registrar High 

Court of Justice and Clerk County Court 

of Frontenac, office Court House, res 277 

Asselstine, Lucinda Mrs, 362 Montreal 
Asylum of the A & A S Rite, 83-85 Brock 
Asylum, see Rockwood Hospital 
Athanoesopovlos, Geo, 354 Princess 
Atcheson, R, stone cutter, Fallon Bros, bds 163 


Atkins, Dorothy, milliner, Ivs Portsmouth 
Atkins, Frank, soldier A S C, res 463 Johnson 
Atkinson, Anna M (wid Thos) res 85 Collirtgwood 
Atkinson, Leonard, slsman, Steacy's, res 214 

Atkinson, Richard, bkkpr, Macnee & Minnes, res 

114 Victoria 
Attwood & Dine, vulcanizing, 277 Bagot 
Attwood, Charles, caretaker Central School, res 

62 Victoria 
Attwood, C Leonard, vulcanizer, Ivs 62 Victoria 
Aubih, Edith, Ivs 196 King E 
Aubin, Gladys M, Ivs 196 King E 
Aubin, William H, gardiner, res 196 King E 
Aubin, Wm H, packer W G Craig & Co, res 23 

Auchinvole, Mary (wid Gilbert), res 230 Stuart 
Austin, Horace, chef Mowat Hospital, res 26 

Austin, Victor, painter, bds 355 Division 
Austin, James, chef, Sydenham Hospital 
Austin. W A, asst supt Metropolitan Life, res 

21 Balaclava 
Austin, Harry F, druggist. Princess & King 
Austin, W. E., druggist. Princess & King 
Austin, William Dr, prof Queen's University, Ivs 

84 Barrie 
Austin, Gwendolen, nurse KGH 
Austin, George, Ibr, 2 Clow's Ter, Quebec 
Automotive Equipment, Dredge, G V, mgr, 109 

Awford, Julia (wid George) res 36 Colborne 
Axford, Walter, mechanic, VanLuven's, res 643 

Aylsworth, Andrew B, shoe maker, res 34 Cherry 
Aylesworth, Minerva (wid Erran) res 357 Bagot 
Aylesworth, James, truck driver, McBroom's, res 

357 Bagot 
Aylesworth, Genevieve, res 59 Union W 
Aykroyd, Dr S A, dental surgeon, 92 Princess 
Aykroyd, Overton, contractor, res 21 Main 
Aykroyd, James, contractor, res 19 Main 
Ayling, Henry, res MacDonald W 


Babcock, Robt, clerk, Lion Clothing Store, bds 

275 Brock 
Babcock, Ernest, driver, res Odessa 
Babcock, Frederick, lab, res Concession 
Babcock, Hazel, maid, bds 87 King E 
Babcock, Eliza (wid Jacob) Ivs 60 Wellington 
Babcock, Rosund, teacher, palace school, bds 93 

Babcock, Walter, plumber. Pub Utilities, res 65 

Babcock, Wm, patient, Sydenham Hospital, res 

7 Cowdy 
Baiden, Cliflford, studt Queen't, Ivs 372 Brock 
Baiden, Charles, mech instr Queens, res 372 Brock 
Baiden, C M, traveller, A Chown & Co, res Ports- 
Bailey, see also Bailie, Baillie, Baylay, Baylie 

and Bayly 
Bailey, Edna C, Ivs 31 Frontenac 



PHONE 834 


89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



Bailey Broom Co (J M Hughes), broom mkrs, 

Cataraqui st, cor Rideau 
Bailey, Chas H, G T freight sheds, res 222 Stuart 
Bailey, E B, trav Robertson Grocery Co., res 

cor Union and Alfred 
Bailey, Freeman, gard. Roselawn, res 323 Brock 
Bailey, Frederick R, res 31 Frontenac 
Bailey, Ed. lab, Watkins Mfg Co, Ivs 140 Stephen 
Bailey, Harry, druggist. Ivs 450 Division 
Bailey, William, retired, res 88 Barrie 
Bailey, Moses, wholesale butcher, res 450 Princess 
Bailey, Thos. quarry man, res 140 Stephen 
Bailey, William, carpenter, bds 218 Montreal 
Bailey, Lieut, W G, res 458 Princess 
Bailey, Ernest, patient, res 362 Montreal 
Bailey, Norman T, retired, res 93 Centre 
Bailey, C Stanley, student, Ivs 93 Centre 
Bailie, Wm, Dom Stores, bds 108 Clergy 
Bain, John T, mgr Rockport Navigation Co, res 

330 Johnson 
Bain, Katherine, nurse, bds 203 King E 
Bain. Robert A, engineer, Sydenham Hospital, 

res 10 Ann 
Baird. see also Beard 
Baird, Miss Catherine, res 12 Main 
Baird, Mary (wid Robt), res 281 Bagot 
Baird. Frank, student, Ivs 281 Bagot 
Baird, Thos, baker W J Crothers Co, res 12 Main 
Baird, Wm Geo, slsmn Bibbys Ltd, Ivs 12 Main 
Bair, Jas, slsman Cooke's Gar, bds 116 Johnson 
Bajus. Miss Carrie, Ivs 47 Rideau 
Bajus, Grace (wid Philip) res 47 Rideau 
Bajus, James H, tinsmith, res 105 York 
Bajus, Caroline, opr Bell Tel Co, Ivs 105 York 
Bajus, Mary, elk Smith Bros, Ivs 303 Barrie 
Baker, Arnold, barber. Fred Elmer, res 470 Brock 
Baker, Mary (wid Jas) Ivs 45 William 
Baker, Abraham, Met Ins Agt, res 85 up. York 
Baker, Cecil, elk Baker's cigar store, Ivs "Tintern 

Place", Mack 
Baker, Edward, res 302 King- 
Baker, Eckhard H, Taxi driver, res 462 Barrie 
Baker. Philip H, grocer, Red Star Grocery, res 

313 Albert 
Baker, David, trimmer Davis Tannery, bds 155 

Raglan Rd 
Baker, George, retired, res 202 Rideau 
Baker, Ernest E, lab Chadwick & Son, res 254 

Baker, John J, messenger Queen's, res 56 Union w 
Baker, Vera, nurse K G H 
Baker, John F, clerk, 361 Barrie 
Baker, Emily F, ret nurse, res 29 Frontenac N 
Baker, Manley, BSc, prof Queen's College, res 

45 William 
Baker, Myrtle, domestic Sydenham Hospital, bds 

12 Rideau 
Baker, Mary (wid Jas) res "Tintern Place" Mack 
Baker, W R, milk, res 53 Victoria 
Baker, Wm W, telegraph opr, res 218 Sydenham 
Baker, Wm C, M A, Prof in Physics, Queen's 

Uni, res 135 Centre 
Baker, Frank A, weigh master Richardson's Ele- 
vator, res 150 Pine 
Baker, Geo, craneman Shipyard, res 12 Earl 

BAKER'S CIGAR STORE, W Cusick mgr, 202 

Balchin, Leonard, lab Kelley Mid Wks, Ivs IIZ 

Baldry, Fred, foreman Crothers' Bakery, res 273 

Baldwin, Roston, supt Home for Aged & Infirm, 

res 362 Montreal 
Ball, Swinfen H G, druggist, Ivs 276 University 
Ball, F W, Mack St Meat Market, 50 Mack, res 

141 Nelson 
Ball, Dora M (wid Overton) bds 168 Division 
Ball. G E J, Capt R C O C, res 276 University 
Ball, Miss E, stenog City Clerk's office, bds 234 

Ball, R, plumber, Lemmon Sons, res 15 Rideau 
Ball, Howard, student, Ivs 141 Nelson 
Ball, Gerald, bds 168 Division 
Balls, Thomas, lab, res 26 Pine 
Balls, Frederick W, butcher, 59 Mack, res 141 

Ballantyne, John city messgr, res City Buildings 
Ballard, John W, prof Queen s, res 120 College 
Baltzar, Clarence E, traveller, res dZ Livingston 
Banks, Wm, lab City, res 28 William W 
BANK OF COMMERCE, cor Brock and King, 

R T Brymner, mgr 
BANK OF COMMERCE (Branch) 288 Princess, 

E M Davidson, mgr 
BANK OF MONTREAL, Philip Du Moulin gen 

mgr, cor King and Clarence. Market 

Branch, City Hall, R R F Harvey, mgr 
BANK OF MONTREAL, cor Bagot & Brock, 

H A Tofield. mgr 
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA, 94 Princess, A N 

Lyster, mgr 

BANK OF TORONTO, Market Square, C P 

Borland, mgr 
Bannister. Katherine (wid J) res 1006 Union W 
Barnes, see also Bearance and Barrons 
Barnes, Mary C, stenog Children's Aid, Ivs Zll 

Barnes, Gertrude (wid Albert) res Zll Earl 
Barnes, Francis M, Ivs Zll Earl 
Barney, Hannah E, writing teacher, Ivs 224 Earl 
Barney, Ida (wid Benj), res 224 Earl 
Barnum, Bliss, mgr, Barnum's Bakery, Ivs 363 

BARNUM, CHARLES, baker, 320 Princess, res 

363 Barrie 
Barr, Adam, guard K P, res 48 Frontenac 
Barr, Edna, bookkeeper Auto Sales Co, Ivs 48 

Barr, Hazel, clerk Webbers, Ivs 48 Frontenac 
Barr, Purvis, florist, res 11 John 
Barr, Daniel, agent Met Life, res 268 Queen 
Barrett, Edward G, journalist. Whig Office, res 

191 Stuart 
Barrett. Joseph, prop Daviti & Barrett, Carlton 

Hotel, Princess 
Barrett, Percy, driver "My Valet" res 86 Arch 
Barrett, Albert Capt, mariner, res 178 Montreal 
Barrett, William, lab Tannery, res 12 Rideau 
Barrett, Jos, plumber. Imperial Hotel 

Always Ask For 

Toye's Cream Bread 



BULBS, PLANTS ^ ^ '^^'^'^J DI^IVjVjO ^^^,, 


Clover, Grasses, Grain 





B arre tt, Thos, mach C L C, Ivs 86 Arch 
Barrett, Wm, patient Sydenham Hospital 
Barry, Miss Frances, res 22 Division ^__^ 

Barry, Miss Roberta I, Ivs 22 Division 
Barry, Elma (wicl Jac) Ivs 239 Division 
Barry, Albert, bookkeeper Blue Garages, Ivs 239 

Barry, Albert, bookkeeper CLC. res 239 Division 
Barry, John, clerk P G Reeves, bds 2 Vict. Terr, 

Barry, Patrick, lab. res 31 Johnson 
Barry, W J, retired farmer, res 38 Frontenac X 
Barry, Patrick J, Ivs 64 Union W 
Barron, Lillie, Ivs 163 Brock 
Barker, George H. asst Govt Insp Dairies and 

Creameries, res 303 University 
Barker, Ada, maid YWCA, 196 Johnson 
Barlow, Eliz (wid Thos) res 388 Johnson 
BARTELS, OSCAR V, City Treasurer, office 

city bldgs, res 364 Alfred 
Bartels, William, student, Ivs 364 Alfred 
Bartels. Annie L, violin teacher, Ivs 364 Alfred 
Bartels, Mrs Esther (wid) res 177 CoUingwood 
Barter, Charles F, soldier, res 52 Stanley 
Bartlett, Elizabeth (wid Robt). res 267 University 
Bartlett, Robt. traveller A Chown & Co, res 267 

Barton, John, chef KGH, res 8 Colborne 
Barton. Blanche May, book-keeper Harvey Milne, 

Ivs 99 Chatham 
Barton, Annie (wid J W), res 99 Chatham 
Barton, Fred E, guard K P, res 19 University 
Barstow, John, carriage mkr Laturney's, bds 

Albion Hotel 
Bassam, Wm E, res 65 Alfred 
Bassam, Bertha, Ivs 65 Alfjed 
Baston, Jeremiah C, res 85 Queen 
BATEMAN, GEORGE A, District Agent Sun 

Life Assurance Co and customs broker, 159 

Wellington, res 307 University 
Bateman, Margaret, res 100 William 
Bateman, Geo, mach, res 27 William 
Bates, Miss Ada J, Bates-Court School, 247 Brock 
Bates, Daniel, lab, res 600 Montreal 
Bates, George W, lab, res Toronto 
Bates, Estella (wid John), res 497 Princess 
Bates, John, retired, Ivs 38 mid Charles 
Bates, Samuel E, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 

38 mid Charles 
Bates, W J, cook, bds 600 Montreal 
Bath Road P O, 909 Princess, C H Coulter, post- 
Battershill, Mrs H F. Ivs 10 E'atrick 
Battershill, Harry, mason, res 10 Patrick 
Bateson, Maud (wid Ma'ttliew), res 305 Barrie 
Bateson, Ruth, Ivs 305 Barrie 
Bateson, Annie, dark W J Lee, Ivs 305 Barrie 
Batten, Capt Geo, stmboat capt, res 228 Division 
Bauder, Henry, retired, res 585 Princess 
Bauder, Miss, cigar mkr, McGowan's, Ivs 27 L 

Bauder, Maurice, gardener, res 809 Princess 
Bauder, O, stenog Fenwick & Hendry, l)ds 378 


Bauder. William, lab Kendrick's Garage, res 17 

Bauder, Chas M, gardener, res 42 Stephen 
Bauder. Manford, lab, Cataraqui Cemetery, Ivs 

809 Princess 
Bauder. Alfred, lab. Ivs 809 Princess 
Bauder, Eliz (wid John) res 809 Princess 
Bauder. Bert, Ivs 585 Princess 
Bawden. John, salesman Bawden's Garage, Ivs 

133 Alfred 
Bawden, Evelyn (wid Joseph) res 133 Alfred 
BAWDEN, GEORGE, Auto Garage, cor Mon- 
treal and Brock, res 120 Barrie 
Baxter. George, machinist, CPR, round house, 

Ivs 154 Rideau 
Baxter, William, lab, res 154 Rideau 
Baxter, Florence, clerk Royal Bank (Wolfe Isl), 

Ivs 20 Johnson 
Bazeau, Charlotte (wid Francis X) Ivs 256 Rideau 
Bazeau, William A, piano tuner, res 256 Rideau 
Bazeau, Francis, barber, res 87 Johnson 
Bazeau, Frank H, barljer, res 297 King 
Beacock, Bessie, nurse KGH 
Beach, Armorel, nurse KGH 
Beadle, John, lab, Ivs 58 Ontario 
Beaman, Maud, Ivs 406 Johnson 
Bearance, see also Barnes, Barrons and Byrnes 
Bearance, C, res 207 Frontenac 
Bearance, Calvin, warehseman Craig's whlsle, res 

158 Raglan * 

Bearance, Rosella (wid George) engineer, res 1 

Vict Terr, Montreal 
Bearance, Edith, Ivs 493 Princess 
Bearance, Elwood, grocer. Union & Livingston 

ave, res 1010 Union W 
Bearance, Fred, lab city, res 10 Ellis 
Bearance, George, eng Elec light wks, res 1 Vic- 
toria Ter, Montreal 
Bearance, Henry, carpenter, res Queen 
Bearance, Ila M, stenog King & Smythe, Ivs 1 

Vic. Terr, Montreal st 
Bearance, Doris L, Ivs 1 Vic Terr, Montreal st 
Bearance, Sherman, lab, res 3 Jenkins 
Bearance, Wm A, asst purchasing agt Loco Wks, 

Ivs 493 Princess 
Bearance, Roy Wesley, gilder, Ivs 152 Bay 
Beard, see also Baird 
Beard, Robert, res 246 Earl 
Beard, Harriet (wid Jas) Ivs 42 O'Kill 
Beard, Caroline, res 42 O'Kill 
Beard, Herbert, Ivs 246 Earl 
Beard, Tessie, matron K G H, Ivs 41 George 
Beard, Jessie (wid Chas) book-keeper Davy & 

Barrett, bds 174 Montreal 
Beard. John, soldier army service, res 42 Johnson 
Beardsell, Cecil, carpenter, res 304 Macdonell 
Beare, Albert G, lab, res 60 Ontario 
Beare. Walter J, res, 96 Victoria 
Beaton. Acelia A, teacher, Inls Villa St Clair, Barrie 

Barrie st 
Beaton, Elsie, maid, 95 Clergy W 
Beatty, V A, dentist, res 172 Wellington 
Beaudry, Fred, City Editor, Standard, res 121 

i^eaudoin, J Chas, supt CoUingwood Ship Builc 

ing Co, res 250 Alfred 







89-91 Princess Street Kingston, Ont. 

'Phone 418 



Bcaudry, Georgina (wid Louis) res 94 Queen 

Beauf, John, lab S Anglin & Co, res 208 Sydenham 

Beaupre, Evans, Ins. agent, Ivs 32 Wellington 

Beaupre, Edwin, soft drink manf, res 266 Princess 

Beaupre, Annie (wid Edward), Ivs 266 Princess 

Beaupre, Ann (wid Peter), Ivs 376 Earl 

Beaupre, Harriet, res 288 Johnson 

Bcauvis, Bruce, clerk Barnet Lipman, bds 211 Queen 

Beauvis, William, lab, res 43 Main 

Beavis, H C, porter Randolph 

Beck, John C, driver Harrison's Bakery, res 135 

Beck, Elaine, maid, Ivs 52 Johnson 
Beck, Mrs (wid) servant, 26 Barrie 
Beck. William, K Milling Co, res 245 Earl 
Beckett, Perc3\ cotton mill, res 2 Kent 
Bedard, Ellen (wid Edward), Ivs 260 Division 
Bedell, Beatrice, Ivs 260 King E 
Bedore, Bessie, saleslady J B McNabb Co, Ivs 274 

Bedore, Paul V, teamster Allan Lumber Co, Ivs 274 

Bedore, Charles, vvoodyard, res 274 Nelson 
Bedore, Leonard, truck driver Allan Lumber Co, 

Ivs 274 Nelson 
Bedford (Mrs), cook, 14 Maitland 
Bedford, Henry, traveller, Dalton's, Ivs 268 Johnson 
Bedford Auction Rooms, 15 Montreal 
Bedford, Herbert, auctioneer, 15 Montreal 
Bedford, B, res 262 Johnson 
Bedford, George, plumber, res 130 Division 
Bedford, John, spinner, res 129 Alfred 
Bedford, Helen M, waitress, Ivs 129 Alfred 
Beecher, Augustus, arc light trimmer, res 275 

Beecher, Edward J, electrician, Ivs 35 Rideau 
Beecher. George, linesman, Bell Tel, res 35 Rideau 
Beel, Miss Jennie M, 120 Wellington 
Begg, Henry S, accountant Penitentiary, res 319 

Begg, Dorothy (wid Geo), res 50 William 
Behan, Miss Mary, res 229 Broclc- 
Belanger, Mary, opr Bell Tel, Ivs 104 L Bagot 
Belanger, Catharine (wid Geo), res 104 Bagot 
Belanger, Frank, painter J Bunt, res 104 L Bagot 
Bellamy, Elizabeth, nurse KGH 
BELL TELEPHONE CO., Mr. Spriggs, local 

mgr., 81-83 Clarence. 
Bell, Bessie, book-keeper Bibby's Ltd, Ivs 12 Main 
Bell, Catherine A, pensioner, bds 672 Princess 
Bell, Rev Gore A, retired, res 446 Albert 
Bell, George, overseer K P, res 165 York 
Bell, CliflFord J, chaufifeur R J Reid's, res 78 York 
Bell, George, finisher, Ivs 165 York 
Bell, Mrs Grace F, help KGH 
Bell, Georgia A, stenog Mills Co, Ivs 450 Princess 
Bell, Geo W Dr. wonder medicine co, residence 

450 Princess, office 110-114 Clarence 
Bell, Carl, mgr Dr Bell Wonder Medicine Co, 

res 112 Clarence 
Bell, Florence (wid J Ashford) res 18 Alma 
Bell, James H, carp, res 163 Raglan rd 
Bell, Jennie, clerk, W N Linton & Co, Ivs 163 

Raglan Road 

Bell, Percy A, jeweler, Watertown, res 5 Jenkins 

Bell, Harry, Mechanist, res 96 Barrack 

Bell, Lily, Ivs 96 Barrack 

Bell, Richard S, exchange editor Standard Pub 

Co, Ivs 324 Alfred 
BELL, R CHARLES, Fire Insurance, Real 

Estate and General Commission agt, 130 

Clarence, res 203 Colborne 
Bell, Ross, Ivs 18 Alma 
Bell, Louisa (wid James) Ivs 261 Colborne 
Bell, Angre Holman, wks E Chown & Co, Ivs 96 

Bell, Geo, wks Weber's, Ivs 165 York 
Bell Telephone, Pay Station 668-670 Princess 
Bellhouse, Agnes. Ivs 125 Bagot 
Bellhouse, Mrs J C (wid W H), res 125 Bagot 
Bellingringer, William (jr) lab, Ivs 393 Division 
Bellingringer, George Henry, lab, Ivs 393 Division 
Bellingringer, Frank, lab, 393 Division 
Bellingringer, William, patient, res 393 Division 
Belmont Cafe, Alex Tierney, prop, 65 Brock 
Belmore, Nathan, driver, (jordon's Grocery, Ivs 

154 Raglan Rd 
Belmore, Harry, carpenter, S Anglin & Co, res 

154 Raglan 
Belton, Frederick, lab, res 299 Division 
Belwa, Fred plmb, res 143 Montreal 
Belua, Frederick, plumber & steamfitter, res 143 

Belwa, Samuel, fitter Round House (CPR), res 

410 Johnson 
Benn, Perry, res 92 Gore 
Benn, D, tinsmith, res 392 Division 
Benn, Miles S, clergyman. Free Methodist Ch., 

res 91 Colborne 
Benn, Edith Edna, Ivs 273 Queen 
Benn, Jane (wid John), res 273 Queen 
Bennett, Stephen, driver Farmer's Grocery, res 

25 Brock 
Bennett, James C, Linotype operator Jackson 

Press, res 56 Raglan Road 
Bennett T, driver Toye's, bds 160 L Bagot 
Bennett, Chandler, shoe repairer, Ivs 8 Rideau 
Bennett, Clifford, AI D, 133 Clergy 
Bennett, Hugh, foreman McGowan's Factory, res 

160 L Bagot 
Bennett, John, retired farmer, res 445 Alfred 
Bennett, Matilda (wid Alex) Ivs 103 Barrack 
Bennett, Andrew A, plumber, Ivs 145 Pine 
Bennett, Alexander, patient, Sydenham Hospital, 

res 145 Pine 
Benson, Benj, driver Jas Reid's, res 2 Clow Terr, 

Chatham st 
Berges, John W, teller. Bank of Nova Scotia, res 

121 William 
Bermingham, Cornelius, res 18 Barrie 
Bermingham, William, contractor, res "Otter- 
bourne," Centre st 
Bermingham, John, Ivs "Otterbourne", Centre 
Bermingham, Nora, Ivs "Otterbourne", Centre 
Bermingham, Katie, Ivs "Otterbourne", Centre 
Bernier, Alfred, sail maker, res 25 Rideau 
Benoit, Louis, wks Donnelly Wrecking Co, res 

4 Brewery Lane 
Berkett, Patrick J, Queen's Med Bldg. res 72 Earl 
Berks, Irene, Ivs 93 Raglan 

Insist on Getting 

Toye's Cream Bread 




Clover, Grasses, Grain 







Berrigan, T, prop Farmer's Store, 25 Brock, res 

Berrigan Hotel, Brock 
Berrigan, Mary, Ivs 29 Brock 
Berrigan, Eliza A, Ivs 29 Brock 
Berrigan, Katherine, Ivs 29 Brock 
Berrigan, Eliza (wid Timothy), Ivs 29 Brock 
Berrigan, Ross Harvey, driver Kingston Ice Co, 

Ivs 39 Livingston 
Berrigan, John, guard pen, res 39 Livingston 
Bertrand, Catherme (wid Dennie) res 4 Macdonell 
Bertrim, Eva, maid, 146 Wellington 
Berry, James, ins agent, res 17 Mack 
Berry, Frederick H, chauffer Imperial Oil Co, 

res 20 Concession 
Betts, Celia, maid, 87 Pine, Ivs 44 Concession 
Betts, Violet, Ivs 44 Concession 
Betts, Alfred, Ivs 44 Concession 
Betts, Maud, Ivs 140 Beverly 
Betts, Margaret, res 118 Earl 

Beseau, Anna, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 
Besha, Francis, servant, bds 142 L Alljert 
Bess, Frederick, mgr New England Bakery, res 

295 Collingwood 
BEST DRUG STORE, The (L T Best) Manufac- 
turing Chemists and Opticians, 124 Princess 
Best, Louis T (The Best Drug Store), res 144 

L Albert 
Beswick, Janet (wid H D) res 48 O'Kill 
Beswick, Geo, Ivs 48 O'Kill 

Beswick, Etta, operator Bell Tel Co, Ivs 48 O'Kill 
Beswick, Marv, clerk John Laidlaw & Son, Ivs 48 

Bews, John W, mason, McKelvey & Birch, res 

210 Colborne 
Bews, Helen C, nurse KGH, lives 210 Colborne 
«^ Bews, James G, physicial instructor Queen's, res 
^ 220 Colborne 

Bews, Isabel F, bookkeeper, Toye's, Ivs 215 Col- 
borne st 
Bews, Helen E, res, 215 Colborne 
Bews, George M. mason, res 204 Montreal 
Bews, William, lab. 97 York 
Bevan, Frederick, l)ds 8 Ontario 
BIBBY, HERBERT D (Bibby's Ltd), res 28 

Bibby, Kathleen, student, Ivs 28 Barrie 
BIBBY'S LIMITED (Herbert D Bibby, pres,^ 
Clothing & Gent's Furnishings, 78-84 Prin- 
cess st 
Bibby's Annex, 86 Princess 
Rickham, Jas, engr Cotton Mill, res 218 Ride-ni 
Bickham. Wallace, auto mechanic, Ivs 218 Ridcau 
Bickham, Janet, Ivs 218 Rideau 
Bickham, Ethel, stenog Queen's Uni, Ivs 218 

Bidell, Geo, student, Ivs 260 King 
Bidell, Thos C. supt Svdenham Hospital, res 

260 King E 
Biddulph, Frank, mach CLC, res 300 Collingwood 
Bidwell, Right Rev, Bishop of Ontario, res 49 
King E 

Bidwell. Barljara, nmsic teacher. Ivs 49 King E 

Bidwell, Roger, Ivs 49 King E 

Bigford, John C, carpenter, res 16 Division 

Bigford, Ray A, student, Ivs 16 Division 

Bigford, Hazel G, teacher, Ivs 16 Division 

Bigford, Ina B, teacher, Ivs 16 Division 

Bill, Frederick G W, clerk, Ivs 12 Patrick 

Billiard parlors (Mrs J Baker, prop) 250 Princess 

Billings, Henry A, mariner, Ivs 41 Balaclava 

Billings, Pearl A, Ivs 41 Balaclava 

Billings, Minnie (wid George), res 41 Balaclava 

Billing, Mabel Evelyne, Ivs 112 Ordnance 

Billing, Stella, Ivs 112 Ordnance 

Billing, Harriette (wid Edward) res 112 Ordnance 

Billing, Henry, bricklaj^er, Ivs 30 James 

Bills, John S, lab, res 138 Chatham 

Bilow, George, lal) Davis Tannery, res 69 Queen 

Birch, Ada, Ivs 136 Bagot 

Birch, Sarah (wid Samuel) res 136 Bagot 

Bird, Peter, guard K P. res 48 Livingston Ave 

Bird, Alfred E, orderly Mowat Sanitorium, res 

488 Johnson 
Bird, Delia, Cigar maker McGowan's, Ivs 80 

Bird, Alice, cigar maker, McGowan's, Ivs 80 

Bird, Harry, lab, res 16 Geors:e 
Bird, Robt, invalid, Ivs 16 Georee 
Bird. David, lab, bds 158 Pine 
Bird, Frank, patient, Sj^denham Hospital, res 

158 Pine 
Bird, John W, milk dealer, res 60 Kinsr W 
Bird, William, Bell Tel Co, res 15 O'Kill 
Bird, Laneley, Taxi driver, res 197 Colborne 
Birtles. Elizabeth (wid Sergt Major), Ivs 49 

Bisbikos. William, shoe shine, hat cleaners, 90 

Princess, res 92 Princess 
Bishop, Thos G, res 213 William 
Bishop. Maud, box maker, box factory. Ivs 125 

Bishop, John, cook. Ivs 47 Elm 
Bishop's Palace, 225 Johnson 

Bishop, Mrs A. paper box factorv. Ivs 450 King 
Bishop Machine Shop. King and Queen 
Biss, Teddv, repair shop, 246 Montreal 
Birkett, John H, treasurer CLC. res 104 Bagot 
Birmingliam. Cornelius, res 1 King W 
Birmingham, William, carpenter, res 249 Division 
BLACK, D ALLAN, Dentist, office and residence 

130 King E, cor West 
Black, Geo S, Ivs 465 All)ert 
Black, Mrs L (wid L) Ivs 203 Albert 
Black, Allan, student. Ivs 130 Victoria 
Black, Flerliert. Ivs 130 Victoria 
Black. Editii, drcssmkr, Ivs 137 Nelson 
Black, Leali (wid J), res 62 Earl 
Black, bVederick, mach hand S Anglm. res 137 

Black, Frederick, mach Loco wks, res 2.t \ ork 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pears ave. 




We Clean 


and do it well 

•PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 



Black. Henry, soldier SASC. res 153 Montreal 
Black, Marian, clerk Watts Elorist, Ivs 290 Vic- 
toria St 
Black, Mildred, milliner, Ivs 137 Nelson 
Black. Jas, retired, res 137 Alfred 
Black, Jas, lab Loco wks, res 21 James 
Black, Margaret R. clerk Income Tax OFtice, Ivs 

130 Victoria 
Black, Violet, nurse KGH 

Black, Michael J, fireman Svdenham Hospital, 
res 78 Markland 

Black, Margaret, nurse, Ivs 137 Alfred 
Black, G S, salesman L R Steel Corp, Albert St 
Black, Jane, 137 Alfred 
Black, Ered, storehouseman, A Chown & Co, Ivs 

19 York 
Black, Rev Wm, res 130 Victoria 
Black, Thomas, mason, res 10 Raglan 
Blair, Jas, clerk. Royal Bank, Ivs Cataraqui 
Blake, John, shipper Craig & Co, bds 181 Alfred 
Blake, Arthur A, servant R M C, res 75 John 
Blake, Frank, shipbuilder, res Barriefield 
Blake, Frederick, truck driver, bds 48 Quebec 
Blake, Mildred, maid, 162 Johnson 
Blake, Annie, res 307 Barrie 
Blake, Arthur W, baker Sydenham Hospital, res 

488 Barrie 
Blake, Mrs Mabel, dressmaker, Ivs 305 Barrie 
Blake, Wm H, Lieut, res 180 Barrie 
Blake, Hattie D, bkkpr E P Jenkins, Ivs 180 Barrie 
Blake, Jane (wid Colborne), Ivs 647 Princess 
Blake, Mildred, maid, 375 Bagot 
Blake, Frank, sailor CSL, bds 375 Bagot 
Blakey, Alfred, whlsale butcher, res 840 Princess 
Blakey, Royal, Ivs 840 Princess 
Blakey, James, butcher, res 90 Victoria 
Blakey, A Stanley, wholesale butcher, res 846 

Blakey, Emma (wid Cecil) res 840^^ Princess 
Blann, Albert G, sec man CPR, res 57 Colborne 
Bland, Mrs, res 96 Bay 
Blaney, Frederick, gen lab, res 58 Bay 
Blaney, William G, mach, Ivs 58 Bay 
Blaney, John, lab, Davis Tannery, res 15 Charles 
Blaney, Elsie, cashier Steacy's Ltd, Ivs 5 L Rideau 
Blaney, Esther, slslady Steacy's, 5 L Rideau 
Blaney, John, lab, tannery, res 5 L Rideau 
Bleaney, Ann (wid John) Ivs 114 Barrack 
Bleakley, Joseph, salesman Can Packing Co Ltd, 
res 538 Albert 

Bliss, Quartur, student, Ivs 3 Birch ave 

Bliss, Dorothy (wid Lyman), res 3 Birch ave 

Bliss, Bliss E. student, Ivs 363 Barrie 

Blodgett. Ross, barber, 321 Alontreal st. Ivs 578 

Blomely, A, res 47 Arch 
Blomely, James, clerk Jas Richardson & Sons. 

Ivs 97 Beverly 
Blomely, Mary, clerk Income Tax Office, Ivs 97 

Blomely, Thomas, plumber, Stevenson & Hunter, 

res 97 Beverly 
Blomley, Jas, watchman C S L. res 238 Albert 
Blomeiey, Abel, clerk P O, Ivs 49 Arch 

Bloomfield, Capt Wm, mariner, res 84 Clergy W 
BOARD OF EDUCATION, John Macdonald, 

Sec-Treas, cor Sydenham and Princess 
Blore. Arthur, clerk (iloverys' Grocery, res 133 

Blore, Elizabeth, maid 163 University 
Blue Book Hotel, 135 King 
BLUE GARAGES, cor Queen and Bagot 
Blundell, William, Gas mkr, L'tilities, res Bar- 
Blyth, Annie (wid Wm), Ivs 36 Edgehill 
Boaprey, Carmen L, constable, res 14 Cherry 
Boaprey, John Richard, boiler mkr, Ivs 14 Cherry 
Boast, Charles, lab, Albion Hotel 
BOARD OF TRADE ROOMS, 328 King upstairs 
Bocking. James Ed. lab RMC. res 145 Patrick 
Bocking. George F, guard K P, res Macdonell st 
Bocking, James, night watchman Dom Textile Co. 

res 168 L Bagot 
Boddon. Jean (wid Thomas), res 296 Division 
Body, Edward. ^watchmaker, res 350 King 
Bogart, Marguerite, nurse KGH 

BOGART, DR I GORDON, physician, res 102 

Bohan, Michael, prop B A Hotel, res B A Hotel 
Bois, Alexander, carter, res 22 Stephen 
Bois. Dora, cotton mill, Ivs 22 Stephen 
Bolger, May. res 44 O'Kill 
Bolger, Miss M O, clerk. Bank of Alontreal, res 

44 O'Kill 
Bolton, Charles J, shipper, Kingston Milling Co, 

res 359 Alfred 
Bolton, Elizabeth, bds 56 Division 
Bolton, Ethel M, maid, Ivs 218 Johnson 
Bolton, Bertha, maid, bds 45 King E 
Bolton, Stanford, traveller, bds 247 Brock 
Bonahan, Frederick, engineer Imperial Steam 

Laundry, res 448 Division 
Bonahane, Percy, moulder, Ivs 448 Division 
Bone, Harry, finisher Davis Tannery, res 45 U 

Charles st 
Bongard. John Oveston, carpenter S Anglin & Co, 

res 129 Raglan 
Bongard & Co, brokers, 239 Bagot 
Bongard, Mrs W, pianist "Strand", Ivs cor Pat- 
rick and Raglan Rd 
Bongard, Walter C, clerk Treneer's grocey, Ivs 

18 Patrick 
Bon Marche Grocery, S A Caverly, prop, 218 King 
Bonner, Thomas M, caretaker Victoria School, 

res 67 Alfred 
Bonner, Andrew R, chauffeur Chas Livingston, 

bds 67 Alfred 
Bonny, George, nightwatchman, res 82 Quebec 
Bonny, Louise, student, Ivs 82 Quebec 
Boon, Susan, Isabel, dressmaker, Ivs 100 Chatham 
Boon, Rol)ert J,' driver Cullen's Grocery, Ivs 100 

Boon, Sarah E, res 100 Chatham 
Boon, Thomas James, bookkeeper, res 136 Queen 
Booth, Albert, Ivs 145 CoUingwood 
Booth, John H, lal) Street Raitway Co, res 17 Ellis 
Booth & Co, coal & wood, 300 King 
Booth, Katherine (wid Geo), res 64 William 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Beirs cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 


'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






BOOTH FISHERIES, Canadian Co, H H Day, 

mgr, 63 Brock 
Borland, C Percy, mgr Bank of Toronto, res 148 

Borland, William H, soldier, res 417 Albert 
Bordoff, Ben, junk dealer, res 306 Montreal 
Boss, William, Sgt major RMC, res 16 Sixth 
Boss, Gilbert W, soldier, res 65 Union W 
Bosper, Dr Lewis L, dentist, res 161 Alfred 
Boswack, John, res 56 Stephen 
Boswell, Jane, nurse, 

Boswell, Edward, gardener, res 492 Princess 
Boswell, Edward, carpenter, res 42 Durham 
Bothwright, Frederick, lab, res 18 Durham 
Botting, Peter, lab Roddy & Monk, res 53 Barrack 
Botting, Randolph W, teamster Roddy & Monk, res 

51 Barrack St 
Botting, Russell, driver R Crawford, res Barrack 
Botting, George, fireman KP, res 55 Chatham 
Botting, Arden, teamster Kingston Transfer Co, 

Ivs 53 Barrack 
Botting, R Wright, teamster, Roddy & Monk, 

res 51 Barrack 
Boudmes, Wilfred Capt, mariner, res \O6y2 Mon- 
Boucher, Thomas, fireman, res 153 Division 
Boucher, Alfred, carter, Ivs 153 Division 
Boulger, Rose (wid William), bds 152 Ordnance 
Bourdeau, James, brakesman GTR, res 261 Rideau 
Bourdeau, William, CPR watchman, res 95 Raglan 
Bordeau, Robert, sectionman GTR, Ivs 261 Rideau 
Bordeau, Charles, gen foreman Collingwood Ship 

Yard, res Alfred 
Bordeau, Baptist, retired, res 138 L Bagot 
Bourne, John, shipper, Jackson Press, res 51 

Boutillier, Arthur C, soldr RCHA, res 88 Barrack 
BOWEN, WILLIAM & SON, Bakers, 324 King 
Bowen, Charles, baker, 224 King E, res 242 Brock 
Bowen, Harry, agent, res 232 King 
Bowen, Ellen, bds 36 Mid Charles 
Bowen, Wm, prop Bowen's Bakery, res 242 Brock 
Bowes, E W, res 42 Clergy W 
Bowers, Flora, nurse KGH 
Bowman, Helen, clerk Income Tax, bds 309 L^ni- 

versity ave 
Bowman, Earl, clerk Clarence St Garage, Ivs 

102 Earl 
Bowman, Mrs Charles, bds 200 William 
Bowman, Earl W, clerk Dodge Cars, Ivs 102 Earl 
Bowman, Clara G, dressmaker, Ivs 102 Earl 
Bowman, Katherine (wid E) res 102 Earl 
Bowman, Irene (wid Henry), res 9 St Catherine 
Bowman, Nora, Ivs 383 Johnson 
Bowman, Frederick, Mariner, Donnelly Wrecking- 
Co, Ivs 383 Johnson 
Bowman, William, fireman Donnelly Wrecking 

Co, Ivs 383 Johnson 
Bowler, Rebecca, maid, bds 117 Earl 
Bowler, William carpenter, res 218 Stuart 
Bowling, Thos, mgr Dom Meat Store, res 187 

Bowyer, Ralph, printer Jackson Press, res 191 

Bowyer, Reg, compositor Jackson Press, bds 193 

Boyd, James, electrician Ship Yard, res 398 Brock 

Boyd, George, engineer, res 400 Brock 

Boyd, Wm, Taxi Driver, 47 Clarence st, res 7 

Boyd, Nancy (wid John), res 357 Brock 
Boyd, Ethel, bookkeeper Macnee & Minnes, Ivs 

357 Brock 
Boyd, George, prop Boyd's Garage, res 89 Earl 
Boyd's Garage, agent Reo, Hudson, Essex, 129 

Boyd, Veronica, clerk Mcintosh's, Ivs 84 Centre 
Boyd, Joseph R, carpenter, res 451 Princess 
Boyd, John, carpenter, res 66 Frontenac N 
Boyd, Ferguson, baker, res 90-92 York 
Boyd, Hazel, Ivs 84 Centre 
Boyd, Melville, Ivs 332 University 
Boyd, Muriel, Ivs 332 University 
Boyle, Veronica, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 
Boyd, Rev, res 332 Universitj^ 
Boyd, Alice Mrs (wid) bds 318 University 
Boyd, Wilmer, teacher, res 84 Centre 
Boyd, Margaret, dressmaker, res 261 Johnson 
Boyd, Harriet, res 261 Johnson 
Boyd, Bertha, res 261 Johnson 
Boyd, Eliza, res 261 Johnson 
Boyd, Alma (wid Richard) res 7 Colborne 
Boyd, Agnes, teacher, Ivs 7 Colborne 
Boyd, Miss Mary, res 230 Sydenham 
Boyce Grocery, 344 Brock 
BOYCE, DR HAROLD A, physician, res 146 

Boyce, Frank, student, Ivs 146 Wellington 
Boyce, Helen E (wid John) Ivs 146 Wellington 
Boyce, Florence, stenog. City Clerk's Office, Ivs 

267 Johnson 
Boyce, Richard, salesman Steacy's, res 267 John- 
son St 
Boyce, John R, prop Boyce's Grocery, res 92 Clergy w 
Boyer, Reg, engineer CSL, res 42 Main 
Boyer, Laura (wid Joseph) Cotton Mill, Ivs 22 

Boyes, C H, photographer, res 368 Alfred 
Boyne, Thos, truck driver W G Craig & CO. res 

10 Thomas 
Bracken, C M, House Surgeon KGH 
Bradley, Margaret Mrs, lot 25 Toronto st 
Bradley, John, res 25 Toronto 
Bradley, David, lab, Ivs 235 Colborne 
Bradley, James. Weber Piano Co. res Regent 
Bradley, Eliz, res 69 Sydenham 
Bradshaw, Bertha, maid, 181 University 
Bradshaw, John, patient, Sydenham, res 123 

Patrick St 
Bradshaw, Beatrice, Ivs 123 Patrick 
Bradshaw, Jane (Registry Office Court House), 

Ivs 128 Victoria 
BRADSHAW, JAMES W, County Clerk, Court 

House, res 128 Victoria 
Brais, Jas, pilot, res 87 W^ellington 
Braithwaithe, Henry, res 102 Clergy W 
Bramah, William, engineer, res 681 Montreal 
Bramah, T., corp RCOC, res Barriefield 
Branch Post Office, Mr Wilson, 316 Barrie 
Brand, W C, piano maker, Weber's, res 6 Rideau 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 

Kingston's Original 
French Cleaners 

•PHONE 650 



19 Years' Service to 
the Kingston Public 



Brandon, Mary (wid Wm), res 23 Sixth 
Brass, Samuel C, tailor Livingston Bros, res 102 

Brayman, Miss Irene, night supervisor KGH 
Bradden, Philip, carter, res 12 York 
Bradden, Annie, Ivs 261 Victoria 
Bradden. James, carter, res 261 Victoria 
Brand, W, case maker, Weber's, Ivs 6 Rideau 
Braniff, Hugh, baker, Doyle's, res 466 Alfred 
Brannigan. Hugh student, Ivs 231 Brock 

House, res 231 Brock 
Brannigan, Harry L. clerk, Ivs 231 Brock 
Bradshaw, Mrs W C, Ivs 460 Princess 
Bradley, J (sr) employee Weber's, res 2>1 Ontario 
Bradley, J (jr) employee Weber's, Regent 
Bradley, Jas, carpenter, Ivs il Ontario 
Bratt. Lewis, carter, Ivs 277 Ontario 
Bratt, George, carter, res 277 Ontario 
Brady, James, machinist, res 99 L Bagot 
Bovden. Emma (wid Samuel), housekeeper. Ivs 

364 Brock 
Breault, William, retired, Ivs 132 Nelson 
Breck, Harry, electrician Newman Electric Co, 

res Edgehill 
Breck, Dora M (wid L W) res 103 Earl 
Brennan, George, tinsmith E Chown & Co, Ivs 

27 John 
Brennan, Ernest, auto mechanic, Ivs 29 John 
Brennan, John, lab, Davis Dry Dock, res 29 John 
Breseau, Phillip, butcher, res 7 Markland 
Breen. George, res 127 Stephen 
Brewster, Anna, maid, "Batescourt," Ivs 247 Brock 
Brewley, R J, soldier RCHA, bds 246 Bagot 
Brian, Edith E, nurse, Ivs 241 Queen 
Brian. Thomas, retired, res 241 Queen 
Brian, William Henry, mariner, Ivs 241 Queen 
Brian, Herbert James, mariner, Ivs 241 Queen 
Briant, Rhoda, Ivs 458 Division 
Brick, Thomas, piano polisher Weber's, res 99 Rag- 
lan Rd 
Brick, Bernard M, fireman Sydenham Hospital, 

bds 96 Raglan 
Briceland, Esther, clerk Bank of Montreal, Ivs 

98 Barrie 
Briceland, Donald J. steel worker, Ivs 98 Barrie 
Briceland, James, machinist, res 98 Barrie 
Budro, E, Linotype opr. Whig Office, bds 380 Brock 

Brierley, Joseph, lab. res 121 L Bagot 
Brierley, James, machine operator Cotton Mill, 

Ivs 121 L Bagot 
Bridgen, Joseph, grocery, res 43 Princess 
Brightman, Victor, fireman. No 2 Station, res 316 

British American Hotel, Bohsn Michael, prop, 

48-50 Clarence 
Bridgen, Newman, ti-ainman CPR, res 1 North 
Bridgen. Gordon, lab CPR, Ivs 1 North 
Bridgen. Harold, lab CPR, Ivs 1 North 
Briden, Allison, accountant. Bank of Montreal; 

Ontario, res 186 Johnson 
Brigge, Ivan, mgr Kingston Sign Co, res 190 

Brightman, Thomas, huckster, Ixls Albion Hotel 

Briggs, Frederick, gas meter repairer, res 371 

Briggs, Charlotte (wid Nicliolas), Ivs 70 Nelson 
Briggs, Alfred L, tinsmith. Pub Utilities, Ivs 

371 Division 
Brinch, Julius, brewer, Lake Ontario Brewery, 

res 119 Beverly 
Bristo, Edith, Tel opr, bds 154 York 
British American Oil Co, J B McLean, mgr, res 

1 Low Rideau 
BRITISH WHIG (Daily and Weekly), The 

British Whig Pub Co Ltd, publishers. 306- 

310 King 
Brock, Charles, baker, Bowen's Bakery, Ivs 242 

Brocklchurst, John W, carpenter, res 14 Clergy w 
Brockenshire, Mrs Wm, dressmaker, Ivs 610 

Brook, William R, storekeeper, res 128 Stephen 
Brook. William H, machinist, Ivs 128 Stephen 
Brook, Annie (wid Charles), res 134 Earl 
Brooks, Mary, matron County Jail, "Court Place" 

Brooks. Caroline, tailoress Crawford & Walsh, 

"Court Place", Barrie st 
Brooks, Henry, driver, bds 43 Markland 
Brooks. Wm H. lal) Watts, res 16 Markland 
Brooks. Charles, lab. res 288 Division 
Brooks, John W, soldier RCHA, res 119 L Bagol 
Brooks, Wm, machinist, Ivs 128 Stephen 
Brooks, Rosella (wid Wellington) res 86 L Bagot 
Brooks, Kathleen, maid 462 Princess 
Broom, Dr John C W, dental surgeon, Dr A W 

Winnett. bds 160 King 
Broomhawer, Bessie, maid 171 King W 
Brophy, Agnes, student, Ivs 50 Wellington 
Brophy, Francis, student, Regiopolis, Ivs 50 

Brophy, Jos J, res 50 Wellington 
Brophy, Charles E, Ivs 59 Wellington 
Brophy, Helena, Ivs 59 Wellington 
Brophy. Margaret, artist, Ivs 59 Wellington 
Brophy, Aiargaret, student Ivs 50 Wellington 
Braugh, William A, piano mks. Weber Piano Co, 

Ivs 190 Barrie 
Brough, Elizabeth (wid Albert), res 190 Barrie 
Brouse, Henry, machinist, res 188 Stuart 
Brouse Grocery, cor King and University 
Brown. Charles, fireman No. 1 Fire Station, res 

364 Johnson 
Browmes, Wm, lab, bds 47 Princess 
Brown, Gertrude (wid W J), res 453 Princess 
Brown. Lawrence, salesman G Mills & Co, res 

453 Princess 
Brown, L B, clerk, bds 303 King E 
Brown. Bertha, masseuse Svdenham Hospital, Ivs 

111 Union 
Brown, Archie, packer, res 16 Deacon 
Brown, Robert, lab, res Stuart 
Browne, Mary Agnes, Ivs Villa St Clare No 3 

Browne, Johanne, Ivs Villa St Clare No. 3 Barrie 
Brown, Col Beverly, soldier, res 16 Alice 
Brown, Nellie, Ivs 72 Clergy W 
Browne, Margaret, res Villa St Clare No 3 Barrie 

DR. BELL'S WONDER peroxide & paramint 

DENTAL CREAMS. on the market 




'Phone 147 for Service 



Brown, Adolphus F Rev, minister Calvary Ch res 

144 Barrie 
Brown, Beatrice, Ivs 144 Barrie 
Brown, James (wid R), res 48 Place d'Armes 
Brown, Richard B, clerk, CPR, Ivs 48 Place 

Brown, Edward, Ivs 48 Place d'Armes 
Brown, Margaret (wid David), Ivs 237 Victoria 
Brown. Fred H (sawyer K D Mfg Co) res out- 
side city limits 
Brown, Carrie Mrs., patient. 362 Montreal 
Brown, A, guard K P, res 59 Livingston 
Brown, V M, operator Bell Tel, Ivs 165 Raglan 
Brown, Charles, lab, res 493 Barrie 
Brown, Gordon R. Dom Textile Co, Ivs 493 Barrie 
Brown, Mrs J, Imp Laundry, res 453 Princess 
Brown, Ethel, nurse, KGH 

Browne, Bernard, retired, 59 Kensington, Ave 
Browne, Doris L, Ivs 59 Kensington 
Brown, Lome, Prof RMC. res 125 Centre 
Brown, Charles J, fireman (horseman) Fire Dept, 

res 364 Johnson 
Brown, Mary J (wid Alfred), res 59 Markland 
Brown, Peter D, piano tuner, res 12 Markland 
Brown, Violet, opr Bell Tel Co, bds 135 Raglan 
Brown. Harry, patient Sydenham Hospital, bds 

41 Ordnance 
Brown, Alberta, Ivs 329 Division 
Brown, James F, lab, res 179^ Collingwood 
Brownarch, packer E Chown & Son, res 20 

Brownfield, Delia (widow) housekeeper. Fron- 

tenac Hotel 
Brownfield, Richard, retired, res 178 Montreal 
Brownhill, Edward, res 465 Albert 
Briceland, Wm, tinsmith, Taylor & Hamilton, res 

210 University 
Bruce, Robert, mgr Laidlaw's, res 420 Albert 
Bruce, Irvine, Ivs 97 Victoria 

Bruce, William Moore, contractor, 101 Victoria 
Bruce, Earl R, carpenter, Wm Bruce & Sons, 

Ivs 97 Victoria 
Bruce, Nellie, maid, 61 Sydenham 
Bruce, James, lab, bds 106 Nelson 
Bruce, Jessie, book-keeper. Hanson, Crozier & 

Edgar, Ivs 428 Brock 
Bruce, Emma (wid Wm), res 428 Brock 
Bruce, Evelyn, Ivs 420 Albert 
Brundage, Arthur W, L R Steel Office, res 108 

Brunette, E J, soldier, RCHA, res 34 Alma 
Brunke, Conrad J. supt McKay's, res 167 Division 
Brunke, Sylvia, Ivs 167 Division 
Bruton, W C, carter, 244-48 University, res 261 

Bruton, Harry, warehouseman Can Oil Co, res 

380 Alfred 
Brunton, Alex, bridge builder, res 272 Wellington 
Bryan, Arthur, carpenter, res 17 Bartlett 
Bryan, Robert, Capt, mariner Str Jeska, res 110 

Bryant, Inez, stenog Robertsons 33 Brock st. 

Ivs 440 Johnson 
Bryant, Gladys, opr McKays, Ivs 65 Patrick 

Bryant, Harry, candy mkr W J Crothers Co Ltd, 

res 223 Colborne 
Bryant, Maude, Kingston Steam Laundry, Ivs 

225 Earl 
Bryant, Robert, caljinet maker, James Reid, 1\ - 

93 Johnson 
Bryant, Geo, Crawford's Grocery, Ivs 225 Earl 
Bryant, Harry N, painter, res 29 William 
Bryant, Ruth, Ivs 301 King 
Bryant, Victor W, traveller, res 301 King W 
Bryant, Harry L, carter, res 16 Russell 
Bryant, Maude, K S L, Ivs 225 Earl 
Bryant, Charles, painter, Ivs 225 Earl 
Bryant, Alexander, car checker CPR, res 41' 

Bryant, Angelo, painter, res 52 L Rideau 
Bryant, William J, painter, res 210 Albert 
Bryant, Eva, Ivs 217 Colborne 
Bryant, i.\nnie J (wid Rupert), res 217 Colborn< 
Bryant, Kenneth, painter, Ivs 65 Patrick 
Bryant, Ruth, Ivs 65 Patrick 
Bryant, Mary (wid John), res 65 Patrick 
Bryant, Jas, grocer, cor Albert & Johnson 
Bryant, Jas, grocer, res 440 Johnson 
Bryant, Pherna, Ivs 440 Johnson 
Bryant, Harry, painter and decorator, 314 Barrii 
Brymner, Robert F, mgr. Can Bk of Commerce 

res 65 West : 

Bryson, Maria (wid James), Ivs 210 University 
Buchanan, Clara, saleslady, Steacy's, bds 324 Ear 
Bryson. William, tinsmith Taylor & Hamilton 

210 University 
Bryson, James, painter, Ivs 210 Universita 
Buchanan, Clara, saleslady, Steacy's, bds 324 Earl 
Buchanan, Christine, maid, 18 Barrie 
Buchanan, Jeanette, maid, 102 Stuart 
Buck, Arthur W, engineer, GTR, res 176 Bagot 
Buck, Joseph, driver R H Toye, res 56 Stanley 
Buck, Alfred A, letter carrier, res 98 William 
Buck, Benson S, retired farmer, res 66 Victoria 
Buck, William, carpenter, res 102 Victoria 
Buck, Harry P, bkkpr Bel Tel, Ivs 442 Johnson 
Buck, Philip H, carpenter, res 442 Johnson 
Buck, Morley P, fireman GTR, res 150 Rideau 
Buckley, Mary (wid Wm), res 292 Johnson 
Bucklev, Reginald G, carter, res 102 U Charles 
Bucknell, Ann (Wid Jas), res 222 King 
Bucknell. Richard, res 402 Montreal 
Buell, Alonzo R, patient Sydenham Hospital, rei 

54 Chatham 
Buell, Ulysses G, caretaker, res 132 Clarence 
Buell, Clarence, lab, res 61 George 
Bufifam. M Victor, acct Bk of Montreal, bds 111 

Bahlig, Clara (sec YWCA), Ivs 196 Johnson 
Bull, John, baker New England Bakery, res 44( 

Bull, Jesse, baker. New England Bakery, res 44(r 

Bullock. William, weaver Cotton Mill, res 13 St 

Bullock, Frederick, mariner, res 40 Stanley 
Burns, William John, mgr Chas Livingston ."v 

Bros, res 304 University 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service .^^^ibljh 

Cor. King & Queen Sts. 















, L Montgomery, Bell Tel office, Ivs 

, Leora, Ivs 304 University 
, Frank, plumber Simmons Bros, Ivs 

, Wm Perry, clerk Laidlaw's, res 

, Thos M, asst engineer Waterwkr, 
8 Ann 

, Patrick, barber, Reid Bar1:)er Shop, res 
8 Ann 

, Mrs Minnie, hsekpr, Prin. R Bruce Taylor 
, John, Fireman No 2 Fire Station, res 333 

, R Easton, chartered acct, office 71 Clar- 
ence st, res 40 Frontenac 
, A (wid Perry) res 559 Princess 

Miss E, Ivs 559 Princess 

Margaret, res 61 Union W 

Matthew, res 212 King E 
, Frank, patient Sydenham, res 123 Stephen 

Mary, Ivs 169 Victoria 

Eliz, Ivs 169 Victoria 
, Bernard, lab, res 169 Victoria 

Charlie, Ivs 61 Frontenac 

William, res 61 Frontenac 

Alice, clerk Queen's University, Ivs 129 

Robert J, chief trade instr Portsmouth 
Penitentiary, res 129 Collingwood 


353 King Street Kingston 


Bunt, Albert, Ivs 5 Birch ave 

Bunt, Charles Albert, clerk Branch Post Office 
Barrie st, res 5 Birch ave 

Bunt, William, blacksmith, shipbldg Co, es 129 Col- 

Bunt, John B & Co, Hardware, 353 King 

Bunt, Richard, res 66 L Bagot 

Bunt, John B, Hardware Tinsmith, res 66 L Bagot 

Bullen, Thos, lab, res 247^^ Earl 

Bullock, Edward, res 234 Ontario 

Bureau, Peter, labourer, res 33 Union W 

Bureau, Isabella G, schoolteacher, Victoria, Ivs 
33 Union 

Burgess, G W, Bank Nova Scotia, bds 121 

Burgess, Arthur, Queen's Cafeteria, res 267 Earl 

Burgess, Rev Edwin H, rector Zion Church, res 
106 Pine 

Burke, Frank, Meat Market, 681 Brock, res 

Burke, Kathalyn, stenog N F & Day, Ivs Ports- 

Burke, Frances, tailoress, 81 Princess, Ivs Ports- 

Burke Electric Co, shop 74 Princess, Burk, I P, 
mgr, res 176 University 

Burke, Philip H, foreman composing room 

"Whig", res 151 Sydenham 
Burke. Thomas, res 298 Johnson 
Burke, William, clerk Gordon's grocery, Ivs Queen 
Burke, Northcate Richard, student, Ivs 151 

Burke, Gordon, patient, Sydenham Hospital, res 

276 Sydenliam 
Burke, Mary E (wid John), res 269 Queen 
Burke. Bridget, Ivs 269 Queen 
Burke, Edward J, chef Sydenham Hospital, res 

138 Queen 
Burke, Wm J, plumber, Stevenson & Hunter, res 

262 Queen 
Burke. Mary (wid Wm), res 10 Nelson 
Burleigh, W R, clerk, C P R Ticket Office, res 

52 Livingston Ave 
Burleigh, Wesley, carpenter. 49 Livingston 
Burleigh. Beulah, nurse, 49 Livingston 
Burleigh, W Ross, opr CPR Tel, Ivs 49 Livingston 
Burleigh, Herbert C, student, Ivs 49 Livingston 
Burnett, Bella, waitress Randolph 
Burnett, Nellie, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 219 Division 
Burnside, Noel, warehouseman, Anderson Bros 

res 11 Plum ' 

Burnside, Mary, Ivs 11 Plum 
Burnside, Ina, nurse, 119 Earl 
Burnside, Cora, nurse KGH 
Burnside, Everett, carpenter, 11 Bartlett 
Burt, William, locomotive engineer CPR bds 

Albion Hotel 
Burtch, Enoch, grocer, res 142 Montreal 
Burtch, Howard, postman, res 50 Colborne 
Burtch, Lillian, saleslady Steacy's, Ivs 297 Mon- 
treal st 
Burtch, David, stone-cutter, res 297 Colborne 
Burtch, Loraine Mildred, clerk, Steacy's, Ivs 297 

Burtch, Orville, lab, res 37 Cherry 
Burroughs, Mary Ann (wid Samuel), Ivs Regent 
Burrows, H C, mgr Fuller Brush Co, bds 263^ 

King E 
Burrows, W P, res 34 U Charles 
Bush, Geo W, res, 80 Barrack 
Bushell, Lola, stenog King & Smythe, Ivs 165 

Bushell, Mrs J, fur finisher Geo Mills, res 165 

Bushell, Robert J, gardener, Bath Rd 
Bushell, Henry, bds 85 Division 
Bushey, Henry E, painter, res 3 Concession 
Bushey, Westley, officer KP res 155 Pine 
Buster, Robt, carpenter, res 82 L Bagot 
Butcher, Norman H, piano tuner, Ivs 27 Pine 
Butcher, Richard, carpenter, S Anglin & Co res 

18 Pine 
Butler, Mary (wid Frank), res 218 Barrie 
Butler, Helen M, Ivs 218 Barrie 
Butler, Laura, nurse KGH 
Butler, Henry, lab, res 61 Cherry 
Butler, Beatrice, Jackson Press, Ivs 61 Cherry 
Butler, Walter J, driver, Ivs 61 Cherry 
Button. Wm, mechanic Blue Garages Ltd, Ivs 

105 Wellington 
Butlin, Wm, foreman Hooper & Slater, res 194 


LA. STERLING sf?«.f«'5«* 

209 Princess Street 




126-128 PRINCESS ST. 




Butlin, W A, clerk GTR freight ofifice, Ivs 194 

Butlin, Lillian, stenog Bd Trade, Ivs 194 Kideau 
Buttelil, Ola, Ivs Concession st 
Buttelil, Russel, farmer, Ivs Concession st 
Buttelil, Joseph, farmer, Ivs Concession st 
Bwins, Wm John, Bell Tel, Ivs 304 University 
Bwins, Frederick R, trvlr, res 71 Pembroke 
Byron, Wilfred C, porter CN Ex, res 266 Queen 
Byron, Jas W. driver CN Ex, res 318 Queen 
Bryne, Alary, niaid, 169 Victoria 
Byrne, Frances M (wid Patrick), Ivs 34 Clergy W 
Byron, Daniel, lab, bds 43 Markland 
Byron, Eliz (wid Wm), Ivs 43 Markland 
Byron, Gordon G, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 

43 Markland 
Byron. Miss M, clerk, Woolworth's, Ivs 123 L 

Byron, Arthur, lab, Ivs 587 Princess 
Byron, Elmer, Ivs 587 Princess 
Byron, Jas H, lab, res 587 Princess 

Cadd, Stephen Albion Hotel 

Cade. Leonard, lab. res 285 Victoria 

Cadenhead, Grant, chemist Queen's, res 136 Bagot 

Cadue, James, coachman, res 102 Rideau 

Cahill, Margaret A, domestic, Ivs 36 Barrie 

Cain. Ernest, tobacconist, 270 Princess, res 

Cain, Helen, Ivs. 181 William 
Cains, Ray, soldier, Ivs 46 Earl 
Gaines, Roy, traveller, res 400 Barrie 
Caines, Phyllis, Ivs 177 Queen 
Caines, James, retired, res 177 Queen 
Caldback, John, carpenter, res 363 Brock 
Caldback, Sarah, dressmaker, res 367 Alfred 
Caldback, James, electrician, bds Union near Wel- 

Calhoun. Norman B. tailor, res 159 Stuart 
Calhoun. Norman, tailor, res 518 Albert 
Calhoun, Charles, G.T.R. fireman, res 40 

tenac N. 
Callahan. Stewart A, student, Ivs 382 Earl 
Callahan, Arthur H, garage, res 382 Earl 
Callahan, Bridget, nurse, bds 235 Brock 
Callahan. Fred. E., traveller, res 214 Princess 
Callahan, Harcourt V, res 46 Frontenac 
Callahan, Arthur W H. partner Callahan Bros, 

res 382 Earl 
CaK'an. James C, mgr Donoghue's Feed Store, res 

87 Barrie street 
Callenoer. Prof, Queen's, Ivs 148 Barrie 
Caltworti.''ol, Nellie, maid, 16 Alice 
'Calvary COJ^gregational Church, cor Lower Bagot 

and Charles. Rev A. F. Brown, rector 
Calvert, George R. student, res 198 University 
Calvert', William J, tinsmith. 198 University 
Calvert, John A, M collector. Standard Pub. Co., 

res 7 Chestnut 
Calvin, Sandford C, res 13 King W 
Cambridge, Henry, lab. res 156 Ordnance 


Cameron. Agnes (wid John), res 155 L Bagot 

Cameron, James B, lal), res 189 Pine 

Cameron, Lena, Ivs 189 Pine 

Cameron, May, Ivs 189 Pine 

Cameron, Archibald, buffer, Davis Tannery 

Cameron. Lachlan, lab, res 39 Beverly 

Canuck, Frederick, Ivs 162 York 

Campljell, Wm M, merchant, res 141 Bagot 

Campbell, Gertrude, res 186 Bagot 

Campbell, Edith, res 180 Bagot 

Campbell, Vera, stenog T J Lockhart, Ivs 151 Pine 

Campbell, John, grocer, res 335 Brock 

Campbell. Ray M, machinist, res 462 Brock 

Campbell, Wm, Ivs 462 Brock 

Campbell, John A, clerk. Ivs 159 Wellington 

Campbell, James, student. Ivs 235 Queen 

CAMPBELL, JAMES W, physician, res 235-237 

Campliell, Frederick J. corporal R.C.H.A., res 384 

Campbell, William, student, Ivs 235-237 Queen 
Campbell, Robert, iron worker, res 26 Ellis 
Campbell. Miss Jennie, bds 154 Pine 
Campbell. Wm R. messenger Standard Bank, res 

26 Pine 
Campl)ell, Dougal, driver, res 219 up York 
Campbell. Melisa. Ivs 200 Montreal 
Campbell, Colin, res 200 Montreal 
Campbell. Ronald, mgr Dom Stores Ltd., bds 

274 University 
Campbell, Ethel, maid. 102 Centre, Ivs 393 John- 
Campbell. Chas A, accountant Income Tax Office. 

res 99 Centre 
Campbell. Stanley, painter, res 12 Park 
Campbell. Eliza (wid Math.), res 393 Johnson 
Campbell. Wm. J, res 151 Pine 
CAMPBELL, J M, Campbell Power Co, Kings- 
ton Mills, res 5 Emily 
Campbell, Annie E, Ivs 10 Frontenac 
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL F V, Hatter, Campbell 

Bros, res 220 Albert 
Campljell. John, retired, res 431 Albert 
Campbell. Laura Ethel, teacher, Ivs 431 Albert 
Campbell. Albert F, machinist, res 421 Barrie 
Campbell, John E, carter, res 25 Beverly 
Campbell, Arnold, carter, Ivs 25 Beverly 
Campbell, Ina, Ivs 25 Beverly 
Campbell, Marjorie M, book-keeper. Kinnear & 

d'Esterre. Ivs 151 Pine 
CAMPBELL BROS., Hats & Furs, 122 Princess 
CAMPBELL, WM. M, merchant, Campbell Bros, 

res 141 Bagot 
Campbell. Leman G, dental mechanic, res 183 

Campbell. Vern, constable, res 138 L Bagot 
Campbell. Thos M (J) engineer, Ivs 407 Princess 
Campeau. Hubert. Ivs 54 Stanley 
Campeau. Felix, lal), res 54 Stanley 
Campion. Jean, dressmaker, bds 127 Division 
Campion, Alice (wid Richard) res 339 Princess 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'Mf;uVcSe°°b' 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK'S AUTO SERVICE repairing painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 



Campion, Walter, traveller, W. G. Craig & Co 

Ltd, res 339 Princess • ■ 

Campsall, Gladys, nurse K G H 
Canadian Freeman Printing Co, Rev D Casey, editor, 

318 King 
Can. Steamship Warehouses, Ontario 
Canadian Oil Co Ltd, 228 Ontario 
Canadian Oil Co, Ontario 

Hanley A C, mgr, 34 Clarence 

Wellington F Conway, mgr 
Canadian Pacific Railway Co, Telegraph, Hoppes, 

J H, mgr, 40 Clarence 

Grass, mgr, 145 Princess 

Ticket & l^reight Office, Dunn, M C, agent 

Casey, mgr, Ontario St 

gen agt, 67 Clarence, res 142 AUiert 
Canada Cutlery Co, Charles Eaton, man director, 

Ontario St 
Canard, Harry, res 270 Division 
Cannen, Martha (wid William) res 58 Rideau 
Canning, Cornelius, retired, res 23 Dufferin 
Cannon, Wm Y, clerk, E Chown & Son, res 100 

Cannon, W Carl, partner Electric Shop, Brock 

St, Ivs 100 Frontenac 
Cannon, Mrs. David, Ivs 258 Rideau 
Cannon, Etta, Ivs 405 Princess 
Cannon, William Y, foreman E Cliown & Co, res 

100 Frontenac 
Cannon, Adal, Ivs 100 Frontenac 
Cappon, James Dr, res 26 Barrie 
Carey, Ivanhoe, soldier, res 35 L Charles 
Carey, Alexander, storekeeper, res 12 Raglan 
Carey, Margaret, Ivs 12 Raglan 
Casey, John, retired, res 282 Johnson 
Carey, Miss P H, Supt of Nurses, K.G.H. 
Carey, Thos, Ivs 62 Earl 
Carey. Mabel, book-keeper Dr. Connell, Ivs 62 

Carey, Edith (wid W B), res 227 Albert 
Carey, Travers, student, Ivs 227 Albert 
Carey, Mabel, stenographer, 265 King 
Carey, Charles, bell boy, Randolph 
Card, Flora, Ivs 10/, Raglan 

Shed, J. Ivey, agt, Clarence St 
Card, Richard H, carpenter, res lO^^ Raglan 
Card, E. A., Mrs, bds Montreal St 
Card, Annie, maid, bds 254 King E 
Card, Harry, res 46 William 
Carleton, Alice, stenog, Income Tax Office, bds 

309 University 

Carman, F W, conductor, res 309 Collingwood 
Carman, Ivy, bds U Charles , 

Carman, Frank D, soldier, res 309 Collingwood 
Carman, Eliz., (wid of James), res 169 Montreal 
Carman, Walter, civil servant, R.M.C., res 167 

Carnegie, Capt Robt H, Str Waubic, res 200 Bagot 
Carnegie, Roy P, res 337 Brock 
Carnegie, Ross, mariner, bds 366 Barrie 
Carnegie, John Capt, res 4 College 
Carney, John W, patient Sydenham Hospital, Ivs 

190 Colborne 
Carnovsky, Wm H, Fruit Merchant, 88-90 Brock, 

res 182 Johnson 
Carnovsky, Thos R, grocer and baker, res 668- 

670 Princess 
Caron, Edmund, res 367 Brock 
Caron, Joseph, lab, Cotton Mill, res 29 James 
Caron, Mildred B, Ivs 358 Montreal 
Caron, Edward, weaver, res 358 Montreal 
Carpenter, Geo, 332 King E 
Carr. Milflred, cigar maker, McGowan's, 121 

Carr, Mary (wid Henry) Ivs 42 Patrick 
Carr, Catherine, Ivs 121 Montreal 
Carr, Irwin, lab, res 121 Montreal 
Carr, Prof, Queen's University, res 62 Victoria 
Carr Harris, Bryan, student, Ivs 23 Mack 
Carr Harris, Gweneth, Ivs 23 Mack 
Carr Harris, Robt, Prof, retired, res 23 Mack 
Carr Harris, Redford, student, Ivs 23 Mack 
Carrington, Adeline (wid Joseph) res 2 River 
Carpenter, William John, Queen's Cafeteria, res 

299 University 
Carroll, Helen, res 317 Brock 
CARROLL, JOHN K, Real Estate Agency, 56 

Brock, res 278 University 
Carroll, Adeline (wid Wm) res 64 Victoria 
Carruthers, Edith, Ivs "Annandale" Sydenham St 
Carruthers, Lily (wid John B) "Annandale" 

Carruthers, Douglas "Annandale" Sydenham 
Carscaran, Ann (wid Briscoe) bds 34 Vine 
Carson, Jane (wid of John) bds 228 Johnson 
Carson, George E, student, Ivs 72 Barrie 
Carson, Orin A, student, Ivs 72 Barrie 
Carson, Robert J, wholesale grocer, 324 Princess 

St, res 72 Barrie 
Carson, Kenneth, grocer wholesale, res 150 King 

St East 
Carson, Thos A, res 320 Princess 
Carson, Mrs. W H, res 128 Clarence 
Carter, Etta, stenog Cunningham & Smythe, Ivs 

180 Barrie 
Carter, Arthur, Ivs 96 Rideau 
Carter, Mary (wid Gardiner) Ivs 27 Mack 
Carter, Albert, soldier, res 110 Clarence 
Cartman, Elfred M, major. Royal Canadian Or- 
dnance Corps, res 219 Queen 
Cartwright, Dr R C, man Frontenac Loan & In- 
vestment Society, res 152 University 
Carty, Joseph, teacher St Mary's School, res 311 




209 Princess Street 




126-128 PRINCESS ST. 



Casey. As^nes, bds 158 Earl I 

CASEY, WILLIAM, Manager Canadian LocoJ 

motive Company, res 213 Kmg- || 

Casford, D Henry, lab Roddy & Monk, res 453^., 

Division ',' 

Cass, Harold A. lab, res 62 Markland ■.; 

Cass, Miranda, Ivs 62 Markland 
Cass Eliza, Ivs 62 Markland 
Cass, Anne (wid Alfred) Ivs 62 Markland 
Cassell, Pearl, Ivs 114 Raglan 
Cassell, Edward, teamster Kmgston Sand and 

Gravel Co. res 114 Raglan 
Cassell, Stanley, orderly, Sydenham Hospital, res 

5 Centre 
Casselman, G, res 22 Frontenac N 
Cassford, Henry (jr) plumber, 453 Division 
Cassidy, William, Public Utilities, res 55 John 
Cassidy, Leo, machinist, res 17 West 
Casterton, Arthur C, policeman, res 310 Queen 
Caswell. Rev. Holiness Movement Church, res 

267 Division 
Caswell, Edith, student, bds 11 Cherry 
Caswell, Maria, Ivs 75 Union 
Catamole, Hubert, clerk, 218 King E 
Cathcart. A W, appraiser Customs House, res 

217 Frontenac 
Caton, Harold, student, Ivs 379 Johnson 
Caton, Alfred, lab, res 379 Johnson 
Catlin, Joseph, bookkeeper, Jas Swift & Co, res 

394 Barrie 
Cattermole, Miss A, stenog, Ivs 179 Collingwood 
Cattermole, Miss Hilda, Ivs 231 Division 
Cattermole, Wm H, res 179 Collingwood 
Cattermole, Selina (wid Fred) res 85 Johnson 
Cattermole, Jessie, bookkeeper. Ivs 85 Johnson 
Cattermole, Herl) Chas, clerk, res 8 Concession 
Caverly, Nathaniel, retired, res 382 Alfred 
Caverly, George L, mechanic. Hooper & Slater, 

Ivs 79 L Bagot 
Caverly, Martha (wid George) res 79 L Bagot 
Caverly, Sherman A, grocer, res 480 Princess 
Caverly, Uneeta, Ivs 21 Elgin 
Caverly, Ellington, res 21 Elgin 
Caverly, John, marine engineer, res 70 Quebec 
Caughey, Robt A, clerk of Industries K.P., res 

312 Albert 
Cavin, Gustave, mechanical engineer C L C, res 

251 Johnson 
Cay, Samuel, lab, res 62 O'Kill 

Cavs, Duncan A, real estate. Brock, res 128 Barrie 
CAYS, DR. FRED A, Physician, Eye, Ear, Nose 

and Throat Specialist, office 124 Welling- 
ton, res 18 Wellington 
Central Meat Market. E Luckin. prop, 173 Prin- 
cess St 
Chadband, William, patient, 382 Montreal 
Chader, Hartley, soldier R.C.H.A., res 28 Dufferin 
Chadwick, Helen M, typist, T A Kidd, broker 

Ivs 299 Earl 
Chadwick, Laura, Ivs 299 Earl 
Chadwick, Althea, Ivs 299 Earl 
Chadwick, Rol)ert J, machinist, res 299 Earl 
Chadwick, Harford, coal merchant, res 442 Brock 
Chadwick, Allen, coal merchant, res 100 Bagot 
Chambers, Robt, opr C.P.R. Telegraph Co, Ivs 

279 Sydenham 

|jHChaml)cr, Thos W, electrician, 355 King am! 
m Princess 

lilChalmers, William H, res 478 Albert 
l( Chaml)ers, RoI)ert, Ivs 279 Sydenham 
Chamljers, Charles, carter, 41 Rideau 
Chamberlain, Wm, plumber, res 495 Princess 
Chaml)erlain, Georgie, Ivs 495 Princess 
Chamberlain, Ethel, Ivs 495 Princess 
Chapman, Wm, employee Price's Dairy, res 223 

Chapman, Nellie, bookkeeper, Carson's Whole- 
sale, res 301 Albert 
Chapman, Agnes, cook, 183 William 
Chapman, Ethel, Ivs 301 Albert 
Chapman, Rachel (wid Ed.) Ivs 195 University 
Chapman, Waddington J, contractor, res 31 Gar- 
rett street 
Chapman, Henry, butcher, res 25 First 
Chapman, Edna, Ivs 25 P'irst 
Chapman, Frank, student, Ivs 25 First 
Chapman, William, bookkeeper, res 220 Queen 
Chapman, Estella, Ivs 138 Wellington 
Chapman, Leonard, sawyer Anglin's, res 138 Wel- 
Chapman, Maude (wid Henry) nurse, bds 193 

Brock St 
Charles, William, clerk G.T.R., bds 87 Division 
Charles. Edward, ship carpenter, res 188 Barrie 
Charleliois. Sadie, maid, 75 Nelson 
Charlton, Maria (wid Robert) res 92 Earl 
Charlton, Lena, Ivs 230 Raglan 
Charlton, Ernest, carpenter, res 230 Raglan 
Charnack, Jonathan, attendant Rockwood Hos- 
pital, res 30 Alma 
Chart, Winnifred L, spinner Cotton Mill, Ivs 13 

Upper Charles 
Chart, Archibald C, tinsmith. Ivs 13 Charles 
Chart, William C. lab. res 13 Charles 
Ciialterton. James, "Whig," Ivs 100 Earl 
Chatterton, Ellen (wid Edward) bds 366 Barrie 
Chedick, Anna (wid W) Ivs 122 Johnson 
Cliedick, Otto C J, decorator, res 122 Johnson 
Ciierri^, Pansie, saleslady Abernethy's Shoe Store, 

Ivs 3 York 
Cherry, Beulah, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 484 Barrie 
Cherry, Preston J., mariner, res 297 Barrie 
Cherry, Nettie (wid John) res 3 York 
Cherry, Hilda, stenog Jackson Press, Ivs 3 York 
Cherry. Delmar, electrician H. W. Newman, Ivs 

3 York 
Cherry, Annie (wid Wm) res 484 Barrie 
Cherry, George, Weber Piano Co, res 294 Barrie 
Cherry Oscar, city electrician, res 308 Johnson 
Cherry, Truman, 484 Barrie 
Cherbineau, Henry, baker, res 4 Thomas 


ban, Peter, lab, bds 391 Division 
Idcriiosc's Grocery, cor Raglan Rd & Rideau 
Iderhose, Joseph D, res 164 Rideau 
Ids, Gabriel, lab, res 11 Thomas 
nney, i-rank, Ivs 31 Russell 
niiery, Alice, Tile Works, Ivs 31 Russell 
nncr)', Ellen, Ivs 31 Russell 
nnery, Frank G, sprayer, K D Mfg Co, Ivs 31 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A. Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 


Chinese Boardiny House, Peter Lee. prop, \3\^ 

Brock I 

Chosen Friends, 12L SS Montreal f. 

Chown, Dr A. P. druggist, 185 Princess, res 305^? 

Chown, Jean, Ivs 305 King 
Chown, Helen, Ivs 305 King 

Chown. Minnie (wid G Y) "Sunnyside" Union St 
Chown, May, "Sunnyside" Union St 
Chown, Edna, physical director, Queen's, lvs|| 

"Sunnyside" Union St 
Chown, Sarah (wid Wm) res IS Deacon 
Chown, Harriett, teacher K.C.I., Ivs 45 Clergy E 
Chown, Frances, Ivs 45 Clergy E 
Chown. Percy B, Hardware Merchant, res 361; 

Chown, Harvey A, traveller, res 229 Albert 
Chown, Thclma, Ivs 16 St Lawrence 
Chown. Nettie, Ivs 16 St Lawrence 
Chown, Annie. Ivs 16 St Lawrence 
Chown, James, traveller, res 16 St Lawrence 
Chown, Oliver, Hardware Merchant, res 162 Uni- 
Chown, Hubert, clerk Edwin Chown & Son, Ivs 

162 University 
Chown, Daisy G, piano teacher. Ivs 126 University 
Chown. Alfred H, Hardware Merchant, res 126| 

A Chown & Co, warehouses, 17-19 Barrack 
A. Chown & Co, garage, 115 Barrack 
Chown, William, clerk, res 154 Division 
Chown, A & Co (A F & P B Chown) Hardware,; 

248-252 Bagot 
Chown, Percy B, res 36 Frontenac 
Chown, Douglas M, merchant, res 31 King W 
Christley, Wm, res 40 Gore 
Christley, Garnett, res 556 Albert 
Christley, William, barber, res 226 Queen 
Christley & Lawless, barber shop, 19 Montreal 
Christley. Joseph V. clerk Anderson Bros, res 

lis Raglan 
Christley. Mary (wid William), Ivs 224 Queen 
Christley, Edward, driver, res 224 Queen 
Christian, Elizabeth, maid, bds 359 King 
Christie, Maud, nurse, Ivs 16 Kensington 
Christmas. Mary, milliner, Queen Millinery, res; 

91 Beverly 
Christmas, Stanley, fireman. No 2 Station, resl 

47 Elm 
Christmas. Wm J. storekeeper. Sydenham Hos-! 

pital. res 263 Queen I 

Christie, Charlotte, Ivs 237 Bagot 
Church. Kenneth V. Insurance agent. London 

Life, res 290 Montreal 
Cicolari, Clare, bds 53 Clergy E 
Circle. Murnie (wid Aaron) Second Hand Clotli- 

ing. 49-51 Princess 


Mooers, Assessor, City BIdgs 

Sands. citV'clerk, City Bldgs 


Dick, eng, City Bldgs 


general mgr. 19 Queen 
CITY INCINERATOR, Eugene Sleeth, Inspec- 
tor, 403-405 King E 


Registrar. Court House grounds 

Rigney, solicitor. City Bldgs 
CITY HALL, Market Square 
CITY TAXI STAND, 61 Princess, Phone 966 

W Newlands. Collector. City Bldgs 

Auditor, Market St 

Bartels, City Treasurer. City Bldgs 

Folger. Superintendent, City Bldgs 

CLARENCE ST. GARAGE, 124-126 Clarence, 

M Oberndorfifer, prop 
Clancy, Robert, liveryman. Finkle, res Albert St 
Clancy, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Ivs 135 William 
Clancy, Mary, dressmaker, res 135 William 
Clancy. Elizabeth, dressmaker, Ivs 141 William 
Claflin, Alice (wid George), Ivs 740 Montreal 
('laflin, Raymond C, machinist, Cooke's Garage, 

res 740 Montreal 
Clancy. Alice. Cotton Mill, res 156 L Bagot 
Clarebit.. Harold, soldier, res 19 Stephen 
Clark, Arthur L, Prof, Queen's, res 200 Albert 
Clark, Elizalieth (wid Bury) Ivs 10 Ontario 
Clark, Elizabeth, opr Bell Telephone, res 10 

Clarke, Peter. Soward's Coal Co, res 69 Rideau 
Clarke. Charles G, Bailifif. Division Court, res 

158 Bagot 
Clark. Joseph, mechanic. Blue Garage, Ivs cor 

Bay and Rideau 
Clark. Howard, mechanic Blue Garages Ltd, cor 

Bay and Rideau 
Clarke, Arthur, traveller, Ivs 158 Bagot 
Clarke, M Ray, Provincial Officer, License Inspec- 
tor's Office, Brock- 
Clarke, Miss Annie, treasurer. McKelvey & 

Birch. Ltd 
Clark. Elizabeth (wid David) boarding house, res 

380 Brock 
Clark, James Ernest, student, 380 Brock 
Clark, Manta. maid, res Tichl)orne 
Clarke. Michael L. blacksmith. Ivs 62 Bay 
Clark, Wesley, checker. C.P.R. Sheds, Ivs 848 

Clark, Colin, clerk. Custom House, Cataraqui 
Clark. I'rancis J. Quarter Master Sergeant, res 

168 Rideau 
Clarke. Frederick W, locomotive fireman, res 91 

Clarke, James T. lab, res 22 James 




Rough & Dressed Lumber ^* ^"® ^' "" "'^^■' *'®"' 

670-680 Montreal St. 

Phone 1681J 



Clarke, Frederick C, bookkeeper, bds 39 L Charles 
Clark, W H, barber. 37 Mid Charles 
Clark, W C, Prof, res 169 Collingwood 
Clark, Herbert W., traveller, res 134 Nelson 
Clark, Charles, retired farmer, Ivs 134 Nelson 
Clarke. Charles W, car inspector Grand Trunk, 

res 170 Nelson 
Clarke, Gladys, student, Ivs 170 Nelson 
Clarke, Russell, auto mechanic, res 196 Nelson 
Clark, Mary (wid William) res 149 Division 
Clark, Mary N, clerk Kinnear & d'Esterre, Ivs 

149 Division 
Clark, Arthur, machinist, res 42 Division 
Clark. Benson, carman Grand Trunk, res 400 

Clark, Herbert, machinist Wright's Machine Shop 

bds 131 Colborne 
Clark, Ernest, res 2 Colborne 
Clark, Frederick, lab, Soward's Coal Co, Ivs 69 

Clark, Agnes, Ivs 69 Rideau 
Clark, Alice, Ivs 69 Rideau 
Clark, Robert J. Grocer, Ivs 14 Plum 
Clarke, Leonard, blacksmith, res 62 Bay 
Clark, Henry, baker, res 1 Jenkins 
Clark, Andrew, carter, res 28 Elm 
Clark, Francis, lab, Ivs 36 Markland 
Clark, Edw^ard, painter, Ivs 36 Markland 
Clark, Wm, lab, Ivs 36 Markland 
Clark, Mrs. Hannah Mary, Ivs 36 Markland 
Clark, Robert William, 36 Markland 
Clark, Jessie Mildred, stenog, Fenwick & Hendry 

Ivs 86 Pine 
Clarke, Charles H, retired, res 86 Pine 
Clark, John, driver Van Luven, res 76 Durham 
Clark, Edwin soldier^ res 223 Montreal 
Clark, Roscoe, driver Lesses' Antique Store, res 

358 Barrie 
Clark, Richard, civil service, res 310 University 
Clark, Harriett E, res 160 University 
Clark, Jessie A, res 160 University 
Clark, Leslie, ^police constable, res 199 University 
Clark, Lily, supervisor Bell Telephone, 114 Wil- 
Clarke, William, soldier, res 412 Barrie 
Clarke, Robt W, artist K D Mfg Co, Ivs 168 York 
Clarke, Joseph Wesley, machinist. Locomotive 

Works, Ivs 35 Mack 
Clarke, Frederick W, police constable, Ivs 41 

Clark, Chas, miner, res 36 Union 
Clarke, Margaret, cook "Roselawn" Union St 
Clarke, William, res 25 Elgin 
Clarke, Ernest, labourer, res 232 King E 
Clarke, Katherine (wid J) 114 William 
Clarke, Wm John, shoemaker, res 35 William 
Clarke, Dr. Robert W, Sydenham Hospital, res 

115 Gore 
Clarke, Mrs, housekeeper, 396 Princess 
Clarke, Thos, guard K P, res 844 Princess 
Clarke, Wesley, C.P.R., res 848 Princess 
Clarke, Emma, nurse, 479 Princess 

Clarke, Ross E, employee, C Lesses, Ivs 358 

Clarke. Jas H, printer. Standard, res 26 York 
Clarke, Robt, Ivs 168 York 
Clarke. John, res 33 Russell 
Clark, Charles H, farmer, res 244 Victoria 
Clarke. Mary, student, Ivs 200 Albert 
Clarkson, Arthur, conductor, res 95 Bay 
Clatsworthy, Annie (wid E) res 257 Rideau 
Clatsworthy, Nellie, Ivs 257 Rideau 
Clatsworthy, Elias, assistant clerk G N W, Ivs 

257 Rideau 
Claxton, Rupt L, paymaster Dom Textile Co, 

res 27 Mack 
Claxton, Matthew, tinsmith, McKelvey «& Birch. 

res 96 William 
Clayton, Joseph, lalb, Ivs 14 Cowdy 
Clcary, Alice, operator Bell Telephone Co, Ivs 

95 L Bagot 
Cleary, John, machinist. Can Loco Wks, res 95 'i 

L Bagot ; 

Cleary, Mary, laundress Kingston Steam Laundry, • 

Ivs 98 Rideau 
Cleary. Margaret E. Bell Telephone, Ivs 95 L • 

Cleary, Leo M, Frontenac Floor & Tile, Ivs 83 , 

Hickson Ave 
Cleary, Thomas H, signalman G.T.R., res 83 

Hickson Ave i 

Cleary, Marie C C. stenog, Frontenac Floor & , 

Tile, Ivs 83 Hickson Ave 
Cleland, Robt, Iron Moulder, res 83 Alfred 
Cleland. John, machinist, bds 83 Alfred 
Cleland, Wm, mechanical draughtsman, Ivs 83 

Cleland, James, druggist Mahood's, bds 156 Bagot 
Cleland, John C, druggist Mahood's, bds 156 Bagot 
Clement. Alfred, Supt. Dom. Textile Co, res 330 

Clement, Albert, retired farmer, res 16 Rideau 
Clement, Webster L, driver Simmons' Bros, res 

137 Montreal 
Clement, Sylvia, Cotton Mill, Ivs 115 Stephen 
Clement, Arthur, Cotton Mill, Ivs 115 Stephen 
Clenahan, F, employee Weber's, Ivs 370 Barrie 
Clenahan. G S, butcher, cor Colborne and Barrie,- 

res 49 Main > 

Clenahan, Thos H, baker, res 49 Main . ^ 

Clenahan, Margaret, Ivs 49 Main i 

Clenahan, John, painter, res 39 Main 
Clenahan, Mary M, bds 296.U^niversity 
Clench, Freeman, salesman, McKelyey & Birch,' 

bds 98 Victoria 
Clench, Eliza (wid Jas Clement) Ivs 98 Victoria' 
Clench, William, lal), Ivs 98 Victoria ' 

Cliff, Mary, dressmaker, bds 154 University t 

Cliff, Marjorie, clerk. Lockett's Shoe Store, bdsj 

228 University I 

Cliff, Sarah J, Ivs 125 William J 

Cliff, (iiordon, dairyman, res 845 Princess ^ 

Clifford, Walter, carpenter. North Macdonald Sty 
Cliff, John T, granite cutter, res 14 Sixth 
Clogg, Elizabeth, res 228 Johnson 
Cloran, Annie (wid B F) Ivs 20 Sixth 



PHONE 834 







Cloran, Mrs. A (wid) stenog N F & Day, Iv?, 

20 Sixth 
Clough, Thomas, retired, Ivs 23 Pine 
Clough, Grace, music teacher, Ivs 23 Pine 
Clow, Mildred, Ivs 481 Princess 
Clow, Frederick, Insurance Agent, res 440 Albert 
Clow, Mathias, merchant 471 Princess, res 481 

Clow, M & Son, 471 Princess 
Clow, John, res 20 Stewart 
Clow, Albert W, carpenter, res 18 Cowdy 
Clow, Harry, motorman Street Railway, bds 174 

L Bagot 
"The Club" P G Reeves, prop, 212 Princess St, 

(Masters & Mates) 
Clugston, Thos, mason, res 364 Brock 
Clugston, Wm R, Mason Contractor, res 396 

Coad, C, Imperial Laundry. Ivs 50 Division 
Coates. Frank W, jeweller, 158 Princess, res 502, 

Coates, Phyllis, Ivs 502 Princess 
Coakes, Mrs Jane, Ivs 152 Raglan 
Cobb, Ernest J, Engineer, Portsmouth Brewery, 

res 58 U Charles 
Cobb, Lillian, stenog, Lemmon & Sons, cor Alfred 

and Princess 
Collet, Ivo L A, mason contractor, res 213 Bagot 
Cobham, Frank, mechanic, Palmer Co, Ivs 91 

Cobham, F W, transfer man, res 45 Wellington 
Cockade, Capt Wm, No 2 Fire Station, res 306. 

Cockburn, William H, prop Cockliurn Hardware 

Store, Princess St, res 243 Queen 
COCKBURN, W H & CO, Hardware, 95 Princess 
Cockburn, Albert E, drauglitsman, Ivs 32 York 
Cockliurn, Elvina (wid John) res 32 York 
Cockburn, Ernest, salesman T A Kidd, Ivs 32 

Cockburn, John, res 17 St. Lawrence 
Cockburn, W, blacksmith, cor Queen «& Ontario, 

res 140 Bagot 

Cochrane, James, Post Office, Ivs 164 Frontenac 

Cochrane, Christiana (wid W) res 164 Frontenac 

Cochrane, Leo, electrician R.M.C., Ivs 40 Clergy 

Cochrane, James, mariner, res 218 Division 

Cochrane, Charles, Albion Hotel 

Cockerham, Albert, R.M.C., res 138 Stephen 

Cochrane, E J, retired, res 40 Clergy 

Cockrill, W H, Customs House, res 2 Toronto 

Coe, Myrtle, maid, 128 Barrie 

Coe, Charles, French Cleaner, D F Collier, res 

59 Division 
Code. William J, soldier, res 49 Colborne 
Cody, Ernest, fireman C.P.R., res 8 Raglan 
Cody, Frank, lab, Ivs 42 L Rideau 
Cody, Ross, carter, Ivs 42 L Rideau 
Cody, Wm John, lab, 42 L Rideau 
Coflfey, David, Ivs 223 Raglan 
Cofifey, Wm., machinist, res 315 Johnson 

Coffin, Henry, baggageman C.P.R., bds 25 John- 

Coglan, Dorothy, cashier, .Anderson Bros, 154 

Coglan, Joyce, clerk, Ivs 178 Ordnance 
Coglan, Delia (wid Dr. h>ank) 15 University 
Cogswell, A E, retired, res 87 Centre 
Cohen, I, (Lumber & Junk Yard) Montreal St 
Cohen, Isaac, warehouse, 267-271 Ontario, res 

209 Queen 
Cohen, S, batteryman, res 400 King 
Cohen, J M, batteryman, res 400 King E 
Cohen, Solman, Grocery Store 
Cohan, Samuel, prop (harden Dance Hall, res 

168 Ontario 
Cohen, Samuel, store 168 Ontario, res 152 Ontario 
Cohen, Samuel, confectionery and ice cream par- 
lor, 168 Ontario, res 152 Ontario 
(Jolclough, Albert, student, Ivs 124 Victoria 
Colclough, John, foreman Robertson's Ltd, res 124 

Coldwell, Harry, buyer James Richardson & Son, 

res 175 Collingwood 
Coldback, Harry, tinsmith, res 328 Queen 
CJoldl)ack, James, carpenter, res 260 Colborne 
Cole, Wm H, cutter McCallum, Ivs Hickson Ave 
Cole, Era (wid), waitress Belmont, bds 264 Rideau 
Cole, Stewart Edmond, soldier, res 26 U Charles 
Cole, Wesley, servant R M C, bds 17 Corrigan 
Cole, Edwin Geo, Cotton Mill, res 108 Stephen 
Cole, Walter, brick layer, res 79 Gore 
Cole, Arthur, Tile Works, Ivs 108 Stephen 
Coleman, Elizabeth, maid, 144 University 
Coles, Samuel, agent Dom Nursery Co, bds 35 


Coleson, Stanley, driver, Ivs 45 King 

Coley, John, lab, res 16 Corrigan 

Collett, Emily (wid Benjamin) Ivs 85 Johnson 

COLLEGE BOOK STORE, Jos Nash, mgr, 160- 

162 Princess 
COLLIER, D S, prop "My Valet", 214 Princess 


Collingwood Shiplniilding Co, Hugh C Welch, 

mgr, Ontario St 
Collins. Mary, bookkeeper Asselstine Optician, 

342 King, Ivs 43a Main 
Collins. Frank, shipper Can Oil Co, res 174 L 

Collins, Norton f, machinist, res 425 Alfred 
Collins, Thos, bds 160 Earl 
Collins, Gordon, cigar maker, Oberndoffer's 

Cigar Factory, Ivs 34 Ellis 
Collins, Melville, lab, Ivs 34 Ellis 
Collins, Mrs. Mary, res 34 Ellis 
Collins, Walter J, pilot Mathew's Steamship Line, 

res 43a Main 
Collins. Gordon, employee Oberndorf fer's Cigar 

Factory, Ivs 34 Ellis 
Collinson, John K. orderlv Mowat Hospital, res 

480 Montreal 
Collison, William, patient K.G.H. 




670-680 Montreal St. 

THE K. D. Mfg., Co., 


Phone 1681J 



Collings, Rayden H, prop Imperial Optical Co, 

bds 187 Brock 
Collyer, Thomas, Fireman G.T.R., res 10 James 
Colquhoun, Hugh, l)ds 56 Division 
Comer. J Edna, bookkeeper Dr J F Sparks, Ivs 

80 Division 
Comer, Geo W H, retired, res 80 Division 
Comer, Bessie M, typist, Ivs 80 Division 
Comph, Lottie, milliner. Mill's, bds 193 Brock 
Compeau, Margaret, maid, bds 55 West 
Compeau, Corol, maid, bds 13 King E 
Compeau, Grace, maid, bds 25 West 
Compeau, Lilly, housekeeper, bds 23 West 
Compeau, Thomas, mariner Donnelly Wrecking 

Co, res 234 University 
Compeau, Patrick, second engineer, res 58 John 
Compeau, Sarphine, retired, res 57 John 
Compeau. Frederick, apprentice plumber Elliott's. 

Ivs 57 John 
Compeau, John, plumber. Queen's, bds 17 Rideau 
Compeau, Joseph, lab Donnelly Salvage Co, res 

84 Arch 
Compton, William, res 206 Frontenac 
Compton, Rose M, book-keeper Frontenac Loan 

Co, Ivs 206 Frontenac 
Compton, George, postman, res 68 Nelson 
Compton, Dorothy, stenog, Dalton's Hardware 

Co, Ivs 68 Nelson 
Compton, Mildred, teacher, Ivs 68 Nelson 
Compton, Hanna (wid James) bds 17 Division 
Compton, Charles R, painter and decorator, res 

163 Alfred 
Condict, Thos J, lab, res 82 William 
Condict, Dorothy, I Cohen's, Ivs 82 William 
Condie, Jean, clerk Laidlaw's. Ivs 464 Princess 
Condie, Robert, adjutant Salvation Army, res 464 

Conduit, Annie, Battery Poster, 400 King 
Conin, John W, engineer R.C.H.A., lvs"48 Ordn- 
Conlan, John, stone cutter and mason, res 84 

Conley, Catherine (wid James) res 45 Bay 
Conley, Lenla, Ivs 45 Bay 
Conley, Janet, nurse K.G.H. 
Conley, Joseph E, Frontenac Mattress Co, res 

238 University 
Conley, Harriett, principal Sydenham Pulilic School, 

Ivs 93 Clergy W 
Connelly, J, elect. Queen's, res 58 Union W 
Conely, J E, mattress maker, i77-i79 King E 
Conlen, William, stage driver, res Sydenham 
Connell, Dr T W, Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat 

Specialist, 265 King, res King W 
CONNELL, Dr J C, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 

Specialist, Cor Jolinson and King, res 265 

King E 
Connell, Wm S, traveller, res 431 Brock 
Connell, Dr W T, Prof Queen's, res "Oueensgate" 

11 Arch St " ' 

Connolly, Edward J, musician, res 48 Patrick 
Connoly, Rose, stenog Tile Works, Ivs 48 Patrick 

machinist Queen's, res 58 
's Drug Store, Ivs 

Connolly, William E. 

Connor. Alfred J. clerk Hoas: 

62 Arch 
Connor. Frederick, postman, res 45 Main 
Connor, William, caretaker, Knights of Columbus 

bds 102 Rideau 
Connors, John, clerk H W Marshall, res 575 

Connor, Amy (wid Frederick) res 62 Arch 
Connor, Jennie, Ivs 157 Frontenac 
Connor, Martha (wid H), res 157 Frontenac 
Consello, Antonio, Fruit Merchant, res 18 Mark- 
Considine, Michael, postman, res 145 Ordnance 
Constantine, Col Charles. R.C.H.A., res 119 Earl 
Constantine, Frances, res 154 Earl 
Contrail, Francis, mechanic, res 14 St Lawrence 
Contrail, Thos, patient, Mowat, res 45 Russell 
Convent of the Congregation De Notre Dame, 

Bagot St 
Convery, Charles, driver, res 2 upp Rideau 
Conway, Charles E, carter, res 31^ William W 
Conway, George A, lab, res Montreal 
Conway, Augustus, res 101 Rideau 
Conway. Percy, lab. Ivs 101 Rideau 
CONWAY, FRANK, C.P.R. Agent, res 101 

Union E 
Conway. Stephen, Ivs 101 Union 
COOKE, JOSEPH B, Insurance Broker, 332 

King E, res 171 L^nion 
Cooke, Ella, Ivs 171 Union 
Cooke, Herbert H, Traveller K Milling Co, res 

517 Albert 
Cooke, Walter, gardener, res 91 William 
Cooke, Thos H. traveller Crothers, W J; res 327 

Cooke. Kenneth F, Bell Tel. Office. Ivs 327 Earl 
Cook. Henry H, student, res 212 Montreal 
Cook, O F, prop Cooke's Garage, res 116 Johnson 
Cook, Henry, cabinet maker, res 212 Montreal 
Cook, Arthur, overseer Dom. Textile Co, res 251 

Cook, Ada. nurse, Ivs 251 Rideau 
Cook. Edith (wd William) Ivs 251 Rideau 
Cooke, Charles H, lab tannery, res 199 Colborne 

14 Queen 
Cook. Hugh G, clerk, Henderson's Grocery Store, 

res l59 Alfred 
Cook, William, tinsmitli, res 152 Raglan 
Cook, Mildred, nurse. Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 
Cooke's Presbyterian Church, Pastor Rev Mr Fer- 
guson, Brock Street 
Cook, Frank W, tent maker, res 219 Bagot 
Cook, Tlios, niglit watchman, res 276 Ontario 
Coon, Vcrna, typist, Svdenham Hospital, IkIs 253 

Copley. Thomas, carpenter, 56 Queen, res 19 

Coppins, Frederick A, engineer. Locomotive 

Works, res 44 Quebec 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'arsave. 





B9-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



Coppins, Edwin, driver, Kingston Sand & Gravel 

Co, res 112 Raglan 
Coplin, Frank, bds 25 Johnson 
Corbctt, Alexander H, carpenter, Kingston Peni- 
tentiary, bds 73 Pembroke 

; Corbett, Samuel S, undertaker, 216 Princess, res 
Corbett, James J.mgr Toye Bread Co, res 85 

K Barrack 

■ Corbett, F T, C.P.R., l)ds 263i^ King E 
Corboy, James, lab, res 22 Deacon 
Corby, Robert, mechanic, res 446 Johnson 
Corcoran, John, blacksmith, res 49 L Bagot 
Corcoran, Thomas, lab, G.T.R., r«s 67 Markland 
Corcoran, Maggie, bds 142 York 
Corcoran's Blacksmith Shop, 9 Queen, 
Corcoran, John, res 9 Barrack 
Corcoran, William, teamster, res 395 Division 
Corcoran, Henry, res 399 Division 
Corey, Thos Wm, res 77 Gore 
Corey, William, lab Cotton Mill, res 139 Pine 

. Corfield, Harold, machinist, bds 416 Johnson 
Cork, Stanley, soldier, res 84 Gore 

. Corkey, John, pilot, res 51 Rideau 
Corkey, Edith, Ivs 51 Rideau 

Corkey, Malcolm, taxi driver, res 252 Montreal 
Cornier, Clara, Ivs 10 Raglan 
Cornelius, John Cecil, clerk Mahood Bros, Ivs 

274 Princess 
Cornelius, John, undertaker, 274 Princess, res 

274 Princess (upstairs) 
Cornelius, Melville, employee W H Hughes, Ivs 

627 Princess 
Cornelius, Robert, painter, Ivs 627 Princess 
Cornelius, Peter, painter, Ivs 627 Princess 
Cornelius, Florence, Ivs 627 Princess 
Cornelius, George, painter, res 627 Princess 

• Cornelius, Hazel, maid, Ivs 627 Princess 
Cornish, David, lab, 129 Stephen 
Cornwall, Nathaniel, painter, res Sixth St 
Cornwell, Stanley, painter, res 9 Fifth 
Corrigan, Annie M ( vvid Wm) res 47 Earl St 
Corrigan, Charles F, clerk, Ivs 47 Earl 
Corrigan, Jennie C, clerk Metropolitan Office, 

Ivs 47 Earl St 
Corrigan, Patrick J, clerk, res 58 Bagot 
Corrigan. Miss M, milliner, Ivs 58 Bagot 
CORRIGAN, C J, Dry Goods Store, 174 Princess 

res 238 Johnson 
Corrigan, S J Mrs, weaver Textile Co, res 211 

Corrigan, .Anna, student, Ivs 238 Johnson 
Corrigan, Katherine, Ivs 224 Johnson 
Corrigan, Charles, merchant, res 238 Johnson 
Cdrrigan, Helen, student, Ivs 238 Johnson 
Corrigan, Margaret (wid Daniel) res 224 Johnson 
Currigan, Thomas, operator La Salle Causewaj'-, 
bds 161 Raglan 

Corrigan, Kathleen, Cotton Mill, bds 161 Raglan 
Corrigail, Rose, seamstress, Livingston's Brock 

St, Ivs cor North and Bagot 
Corrigan, Mary, Ivs 58 L Bagot 
Corrigan, Maggie, clerk Corrigan's Store. Ivs 58 

L Bagot 
Corrigan, Bernard, lab Cotton Mill, res 146 L 

Corrigan, Michael, carpenter, res 77 L Bagot 
Corrigan, Patrick, lab, res 107 L Bagot 
Cosby, F W, barber, res 297 King E 
Cote, Paul, carter, Hickson Lane 
Cotman, Geo (Jr) barber, A E Hunt, Ivs 2 

Cotman, Gertrude, clerk. Income Tax, Ivs 9 

Cotman, George, musician, res 9 Chestnut 
Cotman. George, S R, lab. res 22 George 
Cotman, Wm, lab, Ivs 22 George 
Cotter, Percy, electrician, bds 194 Division 

Rigney, KC, x\ttorney, Court House 

Clerk, Court House 
COUNTY COURT CLERK and Clerk of the 

High Court Justice, T Milne Asselstine, 

Court House 

Registrar, Court House. 

Purdy, Treasurer, Court House 
Coughlin, Mrs J, bds, 479 Princess 
Coupland, Mary, maid, bds 223 King E 
Couling. Wm, (Jr) lab, Ivs 41 Stanley'- 
Couling. Wm M. retired, res 41 Stanley 
Countryman, Annie (wid Thos W) res 4 Redan 
Cooper, Albert, clerk, Ont Gov't Dispensary, Ivs 

462 Barrie 
Cooper, Geo J, Ont Gov't Dispensary, res 110 

Cooper, Carmel, cashier C.P.R. Sheds, Ivs 71 L 

Cooper, Thomas, lab, res 375 Division 
Cooper, Chas, brakeman C.P.R., res 18 Rideau 
Cooper. Geo, lab, res 418 Johnson 
Cooper, John, teamster, res 47 Concession 
Cooper, Nellie E (wid E) Ivs 98 William 
Cooper, Evelyn, student. Ivs 7 L Bagot 
Cooper. Eileen, nurse Hotel Dieu, Ivs 71 L Bagot 
COUPER, DANIEL, grocer, store 341-343 Prin- 
cess, res 776 Princess 
Couper, Bert, nmsic teacher, Ivs 776 Princess 
Couper, Agnes. Ivs 772 Ontario 
Couper. Miss Marian, res 772 Ontario 
Couper. Richard, Bath Road 

Cousins, Edgar, cutter McKay's, res 249 Johnson 
Coulson, Douglas, plumber, res 216 Alfred 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

That's The Toye Bread Co. 




Clover, Grasses, Grain 


_____ HAMILTON, 





Coulson, Mary (vvid Edgar) Ivs 186 Victoria 
Coulson, Louise (wid Jas) res 43 King 
Coulson, Fenwick, lab, Ivs 43 King W 
Coulson, Richard, sergeant R.C.H.A., res 46 

Coulter, Elsie, maid, 148 University 
Coulter, Charles H, grocer, res 909 Princess 
Coulter, Chester A, gardiner, res 914 Princess 
Coulter, Lilla M, clerk McKay's, bds 79 Arch 
Coulter, Rilla, stenog McKay's, bds 79 Arch 
Counter, Lottie, operator Sydenham Hospital, 

bds 91 William 
Cousins, M (wid Robt) Ivs 331 Earl 
Cousins, Eliza (wid James) res 249 Johnson 
Cousins, Edgar, fur cutter, John McKay's Fur 

Store, Ivs 249 Johnson 
Coventry, Frederick, lab, res 5 Barrack 
Cowan, Emma (wid Ed) Ivs 181 Division 
Coward, Doris, stenog, Ivs 143 Pine 
Coward, Mark, retired, res 143 Pine 
Coward, Eleanor, stenog, Ivs 143 Pine 
Coward, Kirk K, assistant Treasurer, Grand 

Opera House, Ivs 386 Albert 
Coward, Geo B, painter, res 386 Albert 
Cowell, Olive, bds 219B Division 
Cowie, George, pastor, Union St Baptist Church, 

bds 236 Stuart 
Cowie, Robert C, carpenter, Ivs 21 John 
Cowlard, George H, lab, res 10 Raglan 
Cox, Harold, driver Price's, Ivs Division St 
Cox, Thos E, soldier R.C.H.A., res 562 Princess 
Cox, Blanche, bookkeeper C.P.R. Telegraph, Ivs 

291 University 
Cox, Wm J, guard, Penitentiary, res 27 Pembroke 
Cox, B, Imperial Laundry, Ivs 57 Colborne 
Coy, H H, mgr Strand Theatre, bds 371 Brock 
Coyle, Kathleen, bookkeeper, Ivs 66 Bay 
Coyle, Anna (wid Jas) res 7 Aberdeen 
Coyle, lona, Ivs 5 Aberdeen 
Coyle, Theresa, Ivs 5 Aberdeen 
Coyle, Maggie, maid, 107 Gore 
Coyle, Catherine, clerk A McLean's, Ivs 66 Bay 
Coyle, Father Rev. 225 Johnson 
Coyle, E, clerk C.L.C., Ivs 259 King 
Coyle, Emily, saleslady, Abernethy's, Ivs 66 Bay 
Coyle, Henry, res 259 King E 
Coyle, Gertrude, bookkeeper, Ivs 66 Bay 
Coyle, John, teamster, res 66 Bay 
Coyle, James, lab, res 82 Division 
Coyle, Michael, bds 213 Nelson 
Coyle, Margaret (wid Henry) res 285 Alfred 
Coyne, Mary (wid M) bds 236 University 
Coyne, M R J, res 333 Brock 
CRAIG, W G & CO, (Wm G Craig, JAW 

Craig, W H Craig), wholesale grocers and 

tea importers, 229-235 Ontario 
Craig, Wm H, managing director W G Craig & 

Co, res 59 Gore 
Craig, Ernest J, porter Can Northern Express, 

res 69 John 
Craig, Jean M, clerk Standard Bank, Ivs 140 

Craig (wid W G) "Winston Apartments" No. 4, 

56 Earl 

Craig, James, manufacturers agent, res 140 John- 
son St 
Craig, Martha (wid James) Ivs 69 John 
Craig, John, conductor C.P.R., res 219 Division 
Craig, Donald, supt Watkins Mfg Co, res 324 

Craig, George A, butter-maker. Eastern Dairy 

School, res 324 Brock 
Craig, Mrs Eleanor (wid Wm) Ivs 324 Brock 
Craig, James, accountant N F & Day, res 140 

Craighead. John T.. lineman Bell Tel Co, res 59 

Cramer, John F, agent, 332 King 
Cramer, J Frank, agent, res 152 Victoria 
Cramer, Joseph, student, Ivs 25 Elm 
Crawford, John, Robertson Grocery Co, Ivs 204 

Crawford, Jas, merchant, J Y Parkhill & Co, res 

cor Barrie and Johnson 
Crawford, Stewart, prop, James Crawford, res 373 

Crawford, W G. watchmaker F W Coates, Ivs 

94 Queen 
Crawford, John, Sgt Major R.M.C., res 21 Sixth 
Crawford, Geo, retired, Ivs 401 Earl 
Crawford, Kenneth, tailor. Brock and Bagot, Ivs 

368 Albert 
Crawford, Doris. Ivs 24 Barrie 
CRAWFORD, ROBT, Coal & Wood, foot of 

Queen St, res 24 Barrie 
CRAWFORD, JOHN J (Crawford & Walsh), res 

368 Albert 
Crawford, Reginald, coal merchant, res 25 Mack 
Crawford, Jas H, mechanic, Jas Taugher, res 460 

Crawford, James, wholesale grocer, res 260 Barrie 
Crawford, Sarah E, res 293 Johnson 
Crawford, James, res 309 Johnson 
Cravv'ford, James, clerk Anderson Bros, Ivs 161 

Crawford. Jane (wid John) res 228 Sydenham 
Crawford, Sarah (wid Wm) res 110 Barrack 
Crawford, George S, marine engineer, Ivs 110 

Crawford, Robt James, tuner Weber Piano Fac- 
tory, res 73 Ordnance 
Crawford, Samuel, coal merchant, res 124 Queen 
Crawford, S Gordon, Ivs 124 Division 
Crawford, Joseph N, Ivs 124 Division 
Crawford, James Capt, sailor Frontenac Dredg- 
ing Co, res 165 Division 
Crawford, Frances, stenog C W Lindsay Piano 

Co, Ivs 165 Division 
Crawford, Lauretta, Ivs 165 Division 
Crawford, Edward, lab, res 24 Up Charles 
Crawford, Mrs Emily, clerk Lawson's, Ivs 238 

CRAWFORD & WALSH, Tailors, cor Brock & 

Bagot. Jolm J Crawford, Edwin Walsh 

J. K. Carroll Agency FIRE 


56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 


Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 



ridge), King w, Francis Partridge, prop, 
res 144 Collingwood 
Creer, Charles S, laundryman, Imperial Laundry, 

res 80 Nelson 
Cresdee, Sydney, servant R M C, res 43 U Charles 
Crisp, Sophy, res 33 Pembroke 
Crisp, Harriett, res 33 Pembroke 
Croft. Hannah (wid of George) bds 256 Univer- 

Cronin, Percy, Ed Chown & Son, Ivs 48 Ordnance 
Cronin, Joseph J, driver R C H A, Ivs 48 Ordnance 
Cronk. Alice, Cotton Mill, Ivs 34 James 
Cronk, Mabel, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 237 Earl 
Cronk, Georgina, maid Orphans' Home, Union St 
Cronk, Levi, res 237 Earl 
Cropp, Thos, soldier, res 811 Princess 
Crosby. Fred, res 260 University 
Crossley, Miss Mary, Ivs 62 Up Charles 
Cross, Chas T A, res 223 Sydenham 
Cross, Emmiline. Ivs 129 Durham 
Cross, William, lab, res 52 Chatham 
Cross, Olive. Ivs 52 Chatham 
Crothers, Hutcheson, Ivs 179 Earl 
Crothers, Mary L, Ivs 179 Earl 
Crothers, Eliz (wid W J) res 179 Earl 
CROTHERS, NORMAN, treasurer W J Croth- 
ers Co, res 13 Sydenham 
Crothers, Vernon B, salesman W J Crothers Co, 

res 119 Alfred 
CROTHERS, WM J (Jr), pres W J Crothers Co 

Ltd, res 66 William St 
CROTHERS, The W J Co Ltd, Biscuit & Con- 
fectionery manufacturers, 207-209 Welling- 
ton St 
Crothers, Wm J, Biscuit Manuf, res 93 Wellington 
CROWLEY, Dr Leo E, medical doctor, res 217 

Crowley, Mary, Airs, 110 Ordnance 
Crown Cafe, Philip Toy, prop, 203 Princess 
CROZIER, FRED (Hanson, Crozier & Edgar, 

Printers, 20 Market St) Ivs 162 York 
Crozier, Mary (wid Thos). res 162 York 
Crozier, Jas, boilermaker, Ivs 162 York 
Crozier, Charles (piano maker) res 381 Division 
Crozier, Herbert, Broom Factory, res 8 Chestnut 
Crozier, W C, Weber Piano Factory, Ivs 381 

Cruchley, Alfred, soldier, res 112 Victoria 
Crullin, William, lab, res 42 Concession 
Crumley. Edna M (wid H S) res 420 Earl 
Cruse, John S, shipper Geo Robertson & Son, 

Ltd, res 147 Nelson 
Cruse, Florence, stenog, A Chown Wholesale 

Hardware Co, Ivs 136 Alfred 
Cruse, Graton, Student, Ivs 136 Alfred 
Cruse William, shipper, McCormick Biscuit Co, 

Ivs 147 Nelson 
Cruse, James, caretaker K.C.I., res 136 Alfred 
Crystal Palace Ice Cream Parlor, Sakell Bros, 
props, 180 Princess 

Cudderford, Thos, bds Whitney Hotel 

Culcheth, Bruce, salesman Imp Tobacco, res 26 

Culcheth, John, salesman, res 26 Frontenac N 
Culpack, Barbara, res 125 Union 
CuUen, Elizabeth, nurse K.G.H. 
Cullen, Nellie, clerk, Cullen's Grocery, Ivs 65 

Cullen, Alfred, clerk, Cullen's Grocery, res 75 

Cullen, Jos, grocer, 526 Princess, res 326 Alfred 
Cullen, Geo, traveller McCormick's, Ivs 65 Fron- 
Cullen, Ellen (wid W) res 65 Frontenac 
Cumberland, James Rev, retired, res 467 Johnson 
Cumberland, Robt W, student. Ivs 467 Johnson 
Cumpson, B F, operator Bell Tel, 280 Wellmgton 
Cummins, Capt David, mariner, res 163 Division 
Gumming, Clara, dressmaker, Ivs 323 Earl 
Gumming, George B. soldier, res 30 Quebec 
Gumming. Carrie (wid George) Ivs 269 Brock 
Cummings, Hazel, nurse K.G.H. , bds 41 George 
Cunningham. David, piano maker, res 21 King W 
Cunningham, Wm E, electrician, Ivs Y.M.C.A. 

Cunningham, Wm J, caretaker Y.M.C.A. Bldg, 

Princess St 
Cunningham, John J, electrician. Jas Halliday's, 

res 283 Montreal 
Cunningham, Matthew, clerk, Wartell's Shoe 

Store, res 38 Main 
Cunningham, Bridget (wid David), bds 258 Rideau 
Cunningham, G B. electrician, 30 Quebec 
Cunningham, Ida, bds 479 Princess 
Cunningham, Kate (wid John) bds 479 Princess 
Cunningham, Charles, Chauffeur, James Reid, 

258 Princess 
Cunningham, Paul H. student, Ivs 223 King 
Cunningham, John E, broker, res 223 King E 
Cunningham, Mary, teacher, res 94 Earl 
Cunningham, Gordon, clerk, Ivs 169 Earl 
Cunningham, Mrs M (wid J H) Ivs 169 Earl 
Cunningham. Florence. Ivs 169 Earl 
CUNNINGHAM, ARTHUR B, Barrister, 79 

Clarence St 
Cunningham, Sarah M (wid S H) res 18 Deacon 
Cunningham. Charles, confectioner, res 56 Bay 
CUNNINGHAM & SMITH, Solicitors, 79 Clar- 
ence (upstairs) 
Cunningham, Jane, res 368 Bagot 
Curragh, James, machinist, Collingwood Ship 

Yard, res 10 Stuart 
Currell, Eliza (wid James W) res 3 Clow's Ter- 
race, Quebec St 
Currell. Adelaide, Cotton Mill, 3 Clow's Terrace, 

Quebec St 
Currell. Elsie, maid, Ivs 3 Clow's Terrace, Quebec 
Curl, Edith, bds, 380 Alfred 
Curl, Lilic, bds 380 Alfred 
Curtis, Elva. saleslady, Steacy's Ltd, Ivs 556 

King W 
Curtis, Donald, res 556 King W 

Dr. Bell's Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 


FOR GOOD VALUE GO TO 'Phonc 147 £or Ambulance 






Curtis, Wm, barber, Ehner's Barber Shop, res 

329 Queen 
Curtis. Belva, milliner Steacy's, Ivs 556 King W 
Curran. Mary (wid Lawrence) Ivs 183 Montreal 
Curran, B J, clerk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs Cataraqui 

Currier, Peter, lineman, Campbell Electric Co, 

res 434 Division 
Curry, Mary, Ivs 216 Union W 
Curry, Rev Henry E, res 216 Union W 
Currie, Miss Ada, housekeeper K.G.H. 
Curry, George, motor mechanic, res 471 Johnson 
Curzon, Annie (wid John) res 21 Frontenac 
Curzon, Wm Mrs., res 110 Montreal 
Curzon, Andrew, carter, res 315 Montreal 
Curzon, James, carter, res 2 Lansdowne 
Curzon. Ruth, stenog Cooke's Auto Sales, Ivs 

21 Frontenac 
Curzon, Benjamin, retired, Ivs 103 Queen 
Curzon, Eva, Ivs 103 Queen 
Curzon, James, barber. King Street, near Queen 
Curzon. Harry, driver Soward's, res 380 Brock 
Currie, Ada B, dietitian K.G.H., bds 41 George 
Gushing, Agnes (wid Thos) Ivs 89 Gore 
Gushing, Estella, Ivs 89 Gore 
Cusick, Walter, Tobacco Alerchant, Baker's 

Cigar Store, lids 229 Brock 
CUSTOMS HOUSE, Strachan Archibald, collec- 

tfu-, Clarence cor King 
ket, A W Cathcart, appraiser 
Cutter, Jean, maid, bds 157 King E 
Cutter, Thos W, lab Davis Tannery, res 39 Elm 
Cutterford, Thos, night operator C.P.R., bds 29 

Cuthbertson, Charles, soldier R.C.H.A., res 41 



D'Apernz, Fred, res 67 Livingston 
Dachpn, Dave, lineman Bell Tel, res 232 Raglan 
Dafnas, Gus, New York Fruit Store, Ivs 114 Clergy 
Dafnas, Peter, prop New York Fruit Store, res 

114 Clergy 
Dafnas, Charles, confectioner, 286 Princess 
Doffern, Thomas, carter, res 260 Johnson 
Doggett, Marjorie, Superior Ice Cream Parlor, Ivs 

16 Pine 

Managing Director, 177-179 Princess 
Daintv, Nellie, clerk McAuley's Book Store, Ivs 

106 Gore 
Dainty, Cliarles H, res 106 Gore 
Dainty Cafe, Charlie Lam, prop, 83 Princess 
Dairy Lunch, 210 Princess 
Dalby, William H. Grocery Broker, 304 King E, 

res 70 Nelson 
Daley, Kate, maid, bds 154 King- 
Daley, Jas, postman, Ivs 34 Wellington 
Daly, Jos, res 182 University 

Daly, Katherine, 182 University 

Daly, Margaret, 182 University 

Daly, Margaret (wid James) res 54 Rideau 

Daly. Madge, saleslady. Steacy's Ltd, lys 54 

Daly, Kathleen, Ivs 212 Albert 
Daly, Miss A M, res 212 Albert 
Daly, Capt, Wm J, res 122 Earl 
Daly, Margaret, Ivs 122 Earl 
Daly, Agatha, Ivs 122 Earl 
Dalv, Geo W. Gen Accountant C.L.C., Ivs 122 

Daly, O Wilmot, dentist, res 129 Princess (up- 
Daly, Bertram, Asst Queen's Medical Lab, Ivs 

38 Wellington 
Daly, Minnie D, Ivs 38 Wellington 
Daly, Patrick, printer, res 38 Wellington : 

Daly. Robert. Ivs 375 Bagot St i 

Dalton, J Arthur, Hardware Merchant, res 54 

Dalton, Mary (wid W B) res 54 Johnson 
Dalton, Chas P, merchant, res 123 Beverly 
Dalton, William, wholesale Hardware, res 61 

Dalton, W B & Sons Ltd, Wholesale Hardware, 

Princess St, corner Ontario 
Dalzell, Eunice (wid Thos) cook, res 21 U Charles 
Daniels, William, lab, Ivs 34 LTnion 
Danl^y, Ethel, teacher, Ivs 54 Mack 
Danby, E. A., Mrs, res 54 Mack 
Danier, Sergt, res 246 Montreal 
Dapking, .Geo, Queen's, res 103 William W 
Darbyson. Mabel, maid, Ivs 186 Bagot 
Dark, Cecil, employee Edward's Garage, bds 461 

Darling, Mrs. Thos, Ivs 527 Princess 
Darling, Kate (wid Charles), res 6 James 
Darling, Thos B, stock salesman, bds 155 Syd- 
Dart, Ernest, fireman C.P.R., Ivs 44 William W 
Dart, Geo, conductor C.P.R., res 44 William 
Darragh, Geo P, Ivs 172 King 
Darragh, Alexander, res 236 Earl 
Darragh, Alex, res 236 Earl 

Darragh, Hugh, No. 5 Victoria Terrace, Montreal St ' 
Darragh, Gertrude, clerk, Gordon's Grocery, No. , 

5 Victoria Terrace, Montreal ' 

Darragh, Emily, bds 218 Universitj- 
Darley, Mrs. Mary J (wid Alex) res 466 Barrie , 
Daryaw, Henry, Capt. mariner, res 59 John j; 

Daryaw, Mary (wid Johnson), res 16 Rideau 'c 

Dash, Edward, clerk, res 140 Colborne ' 

Daunt, Jane (wid Joseph) res 117 King W 'i 

Daugherty, L Carlton, res 353 Johnson 1' 

Daughters and Maids O E, 33 Montreal i; 

Davie, Neil, prop Davie & Barrett, Ivs 174 Men-' 

trcal St I 

Davey, Chester, barber Wm Wood, res 332 Prin- , 

cess St '. 

Davey, Carrie, nurse K.G.H. 
Davey, John, barber. Wood & Davy, Brock St, 

res 432 Princess 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'aWave. 




COOK'S AUTO SERVICE^ "''^''°j^J''^j^|^™4f'^'^ 

and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or night 



Davey, Rhoda, music teacher, Ivs 432 Princess 
David, Wm, salesman L R Steel Corp, res 162i/2 

Bagot St 
Davidson, Robert, contractor, res 254 University 
Davidson, Thos A, res 49 Pembroke 
Davidson, Victor, fireman, No 2 Station, res 36 

Davidson, Wm D, driver Burns' Bakery, res 1 

Davidson, John, lal) S Anglin & Co, bds 82 Queen 
Davidson, Roy. moulder, res 133 Clergy E 
Davidson, Mrs E (wid Thos) bds 48 Clergy 
Davidson, Dorothea, bds 48 Clergy 
Davidson, Daniel, barber, res 48 L Bagot 
Davidson, D. Men's Clothing Store, 244 Princess 
Davidson, Edwin M, manager Branch Bank of 

Commerce, Ivs Portsmouth 
Davidson, Miss Annie, res 405 Princess 
Davidson, Margaret (wid Ed) res 164 Ontario 
Davie, B Jean, book-keeper, Midland Shoe Co, 

Ivs 174 Montreal 
Davie, Neil, tinsmith, Davie Sr Barrett, res 174 

Davie, Margaret, tailoress, Ivs 355 Division 
Davie, Annie (wid John) bds 355 Division 
Davie, Barbara, book-keeper, 339-341 King St, res 

174 Montreal 
Davie, William, pattern maker. Can Loco Works, 

res 162^ Bagot 
Davtes, John H, clerk, P H Baker. Ivs 83 Pine 
Davies, Edith, Ivs 83 Pine 
Davies, Oram I. Butcher, Ivs 83 Pine 
Davies, Sarah (wid Wm) res 83 Pine 
Davies, Frederick, finislier, Weber Piano Factory, 

res 165 Raglan 
Davies. Gordon, clerk A Chown & Co. Ivs 165 

Raglan Rd 
Davis, William J, dyer, tannery, res 408 Montreal 
Davis, John R, macliinist, res 326 Montreal 
Davis, Mildred, nurse K.G.H. 
Davis, Annie, nurse 

DAVIS, M R, Inspector of Hulls, res 178 Univer- 
sity Ave 
Davis, Wm James, fireman, res 5 Clow's Block, 

Chatham St 
Davis, Rupert, mariner, bds 66 Bay 
Davis, Elmer, prop Davis' Tannery, res 3 Sydenham 
Davis, Richard, Ivs 21 Sydenham 
Davis, Ethel, cashier, Utilities Commission, Ivs 

106 Nelson 
Davis, Mrs A, grocery, cor Division and Queen 
Davis, Alice (wid Arthur P) cor Queen and 

Davis, Raymond, res 435 Princess 
Davis, Peter, soldier, R.C.H.A., res 185 Col- 
Davis, Mary J, Ivs 92 Barrack 
Davis, Frederick, res 67 John 
Davis, Mary (wid James), res 36 Sydenham 
Davis, Dr J T, dentist, 36 Sydenham 
Davis, Henry, mariner, bds 264 Sydenham 
Davis, William, shoe maker, Ivs 106 Nelson 
Davis, John C, carpenter, res 106 Nelson 

Davis, Harold W, Sect'y-Treasurer Davis' Tannery 
Davis, A & Son, Tannery, res 165 King W 
Davis, Wm Edward, lab, Ivs 408 Montreal 
DAVIS, JOHN, Mgr Davis Dry Dock, foot of 

Wellington St. res 210 Union W 
Davis, David C, res 145 King W 
Davis, Raymond, merchant Gasoline Service 

Station, res 435 Princess 
Davis, Caroline (wid Alfred) res 813 Princess 
Davis, Harold, driver Clifif's Dairy, Ivs 813 Prin- 
Davis, Rupert, Ivs 813 Princess 
Davis, Edward, machinist C.L.C., bds 164 Ontario 
Davis, Jas, Kingston Transfer Co, res 375 Bagot 
Davis, Anthony, plumber, Ivs 326 Montreal 
Davis, George, Ivs 94 L Bagot 
Davis, Robert, retired, Ivs 94 L Bagot 
Davison, Victor, No. 2 Fire Station, Ivs 36 Wel- 

Davison, Chas S, retired, res 36 Wellington 
Davy, Benjamin, supt La Salle Causeway, Ivs 226 

Davy, Chas I, res 226' University 
Davy, Hattie, clerk, Laidlaw's, bds 296 University 
Davy. Frederick, finisher, Davis' Tannery, Ivs 35 


Davy, Jessie, Tile Works, Ivs 35 Cherry 
Davy, Alice (wid George) res 35 Cherry 
Davy, Walter, bds 275"Queen 
Davy, Thomas C A, electrician, res 260 Colliornc 
Davy, Wm R, carpenter, res 171 Nelson 
Davy, Wm Norman, traveller, Ivs 171 Nelson 
Davy, Wm T, carpenter. S Anglin & Co, res 

453 Barrie 
Davy, Robert W, operator (movie) Ivs 453 Barrie 
Davy, John E, mgr Robertson Grocery Co res 

178 Barrie 
Davy, Dora, Ivs 178 Barrie 
Davy, Eva, stenog. Roliertson Grocery Co, Ivs 

178 Barrie 
Davy, Benjamin, clerk, Randolph Hotel, res 23 

Union W 
Davy, Goldsmith, wks Public Utilities, res 137 

Dawson, Allison, Ivs 164 King E 
Dawson, Edna, clerk, Rockwood Hospital, Ivs 

6 Frontenac N 
Dawson, Irene, teacher, Ivs 6 Frontenac N 
Dawson, Casperin, retired, .res 6 Frontenac N 
Dawson, Richard K, turnkey, county jail, res 68 



(Children's Specialist), res 271 Alfred 
Day, Jennie (wid Walter J) res 148 Montreal 
Day, Ernest, Insurance. Metropolitan, res 356 

All)ert St 
Day, F Ernest, painter, res 242 Earl 
Day, George, boiler maker, Loco Works, res 91 


LA. STERLING ??««f«'?'<« 

209 Princess Street 




*Phone 147 for Service 




DAY, HARRY H, Manager Booth Fisheries 

Store, Brock St, bds 237 Brock 
Day, Harold W, res 557 King, 
Day, Rupert, Com. Traveller, Macnee & Minnes, 

res 148 Frontenac 
DAY, A E, (Nickle, Farrel & Day) res 270 Uni- 
versity Ave 
Dean, George, sexton, St Andrew's Church, bds 

102 Earl 
Dean, George L, lab, res 24 Elgin 
Dean, George, res 244 Earl 
Debords, Emelie (wid M) Ivs 106 Barrack 
DeCarteret, Clement, Grocery Brooker, res 372 

Decker, Thomas, mechanic, Boyd's Garage, res 

282 Earl 
Decker, Margaret (wid Thos) res 282 Earl 
Dee, Mary, Ivs 831 Montreal 
Dee, Patrick J, driver, Kingston Sand & Gravel 

Co, res 47 John 
Deem, A, wks Weber Piano Co, Ivs 166 Queen 
d'Esterre, J C D (Kinnear & d'Esterre, Jewellers) 

res 171 King 
Dehaney, PhylHs, book-keeper, Boyd's Garage, Ivs 

268 University 
Dehaney, Bessie A, stenog, Jas Richardson & 

Sons, Ivs 268 University 
Dehaney, William, res 268 University 
Delacour, Frederick, lab, bds 226 Raglan 
Delaney, Ellen (wid Patrick) res 831 Montreal 
Delaroche, Arthur, machinist, res 31 Division 
Deline, Hugh, brakeman C.P.R., res 6 Raglan 
Deline, C, machinist. King and Queen 
Delph, Jas. P, res 51 Stephen 
Delahey, Barbara (wid E), res 27 Frontenac N 
Delahey, Rebecca, Ivs 27 Frontenac N 
Delahey, Edith, pro. nurse, Ivs 27 Frontenac N 
Delahey, Irene, student, Ivs 27 Frontenac N 
Dempster, David, lab, res 427 Alfred 
Dempster, William, gardener, res 153 Nelson 
Dempster, Sophia, dressmaker, Ivs 153 Nelson 
Dew, James, driver, Harrison's Furniture Store, 

res 47 Colborne 
Dew, Laura, Kingston Steam Laundry, Ivs 278 

Dew, Emma, Kingston Steam Laundry, Ivs 278 

Dew, Eliz. (wid Wm), res 278 Division 
Dencer, Thos, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 2 

Brewery Lane 
Dennee, E. G, merchant, Hay & Grain, office 33 

Brock, 2nd floor rear, res cor Princess and 

Dennee, George H, teamster. Imperial Steam 

Laundry, res 304 Collingwood 
Denneny, John P, res 47 Elm 
Dennison, Edwin, clerk Macnee & Minnes, Ivs 

365 Brock 
Dennison, Eliz (wid James), res 365 Brock 
Dennis David, Insurance Agent, Great Western 

Insurance Co, Office 39 Brock St, Ivs 225 
Dennison, Frederick, traveller Fenwick & Hen- 
dry, res 536 Albert 

Dennison, Mrs ,01e P, res "Densmere," 72-74 Sy- 
Dennison, Martha (wid James), res 133 Colling- 
Dennison, George R, engineer K.P., res 158 

Department of Public Highways, (rear of 237 

Bagot St) 
Derbyshire, Douglas, bds 127 Montreal 
Derbyshire, Florence, Ivs 163 Union 
Derbyshire, Alice (wid B), res 163 Union 
Derbyshire, Sarah, cashier Laidlaw's, Ivs 127 

Derbyshire, Herbert A, contractor, res 231 

Derbyshire, E W, student, Ivs 231 Albert 
Derbyshire, Eugene, carpenter, res 127 Montreal 
De Roche, Alfred, carter, res 228 Earl 
De Roche, George, lab, Ivs 228 Earl 
Derry, Hugh, mason, Rockwood Hospital, res 34 

Derry, Katie, saleslady Lockett's Shoe Store, 

res 34 Wellington 
Derry, Olive, clerk, Keeley's, Princess St. Ivs 34 

Derry, Bertram, electrician, McKelvey & Birch, 

Ivs 34 Wellington 
Derry, Jessie, clerk, Geo Robertson & Son Ltd, 

Ivs 34 Wellington 
Derry, Bertram, compositor, Hanson, Crozier & 

Edgar, res 239 Alfred 
Derry, Jas. boiler-maker, res 39 William 
Derry, William H, retired, res 239 Alfred 
Derry, George L, accountant, Canada Steamship, 

Lines, res 239 Alfred 
Derry, John F, pluml)er, res 207 University 
Derry, R Russell, accountant Chevrolet Garage, 

res 15 Sydenham 
Derry, Hugh, carter, Kingston Transfer Co, res 

28 Durham 
Derry, Patrick W, moulder, res 185 Collingwood 
Derry, Cecilia, Ivs 185 Collingwood 
Derry, Maria, Ivs 185 Collingwood 
Dervent, Frederick C, soldier, R.C.H.A., res 209 

DesRochers, Mary, (wid Z), res 60 Clergy 
DesRochers, Alphonse, Ivs 60 Clergy 
Desrosier, Kathleen, Ivs 54 Place D'Arms 
Desrosier, William, wks W J Crothers, Ivs 54 

Place D'Armes 
Desrosier, Josephine. Ivs 54 Place D'Armes 
Devan's Grocery, 403 Division 
Devan, Rose, (prop Devan's Grocery), res 403 

Devlin, Peter, Immigration Officer, res 4"* William 
Devlin, Frances, Ivs 44 William 
Devlin, Clare, Journalist, Standard Office, Ivs 44 

DeVane, Margaret, spinner Cotton Mill, bds 19 


J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

We Clean 


and do it well 

'PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 
MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 
D. S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 



Devine, soldier, Armouries, res 420 Montreal 
Devine, Thomas Paul, caretaker Armouries, res 

420 Montreal 
Devine, Lawrence, lab, res 56 Lansdowne 
Devine, John, lab, Ivs 56 Lansdowne 
DEWAR, DR G C, dentist, Ivs 482 Brock, office 

200 Princess (upstairs) 
Dew-Drop Inn, Mrs James A Robinson, prop, 

47 Princess 
Dewey, Mary (Wid Wm A), res 171 Stuart 
*DeWitta, Alice, bds 204 Bagot 
Deyo, Cyril, banker. Standard Bank, Ivs 208 

King E 
Deyo, Stephen H, trainman C.P.R., res 208 King 

St E 
Diack, Christine, Ivs 231 Alfred 
Diack, Robert, miller, Kingston Milling Co, res 

231 Alfred 
Diack, George, butcher, A Martin Ltd, res 17^ 

Sixth St 
Diamond, Charles, cabman, 47 Clarence, Ivs 159 

Diamond, Michael, taxi-driver, 47 Clarence, Ivs 

159 Montreal 
Diamond, Leo, driver, Henderson's Grocery, Ivs 

159 Montreal 
Diamond, Katherine, bookkeeper, R H Toye & 

Co, Ivs 159 Montreal 
Diamond, Edward, stenographer and bookkeeper, 

Ivs 159 Montreal 
Dick, Herbert J, manager C. S. L., res 360 Brock 
Dick, Wm„ City Assessor, office City Hall, res 

210 Frontenac 
Dick, Howard, City Engineer, res 288 Earl 
Dick, David, retired commercial traveller, res 288 

Dicken, George, banker. Bank of Nova Scotia, 

bds 102 Bagot 
Dicken, Wm G, ledger-keeper. Bank of Nova 

Scotia, bds 94 Princess 
Dickson, Mary, saleslady Steacy's, Ivs 116 Ordn- 
ance St 
Dickson, John E, res 1012 Lhiion St 
Dickson, Annie (wid John), res 116 Ordnance 
Dickson, Katherine. Ivs 116 Ordnance 
Dickson, Albert, caretaker Armouries, res 43 

James St 
Dillon, Wm, driver J Y Parkhill & Co, res 111 

York St 
Dillon, James, storeman Fenwick & Hendry, res 

111 York 
Dillon, Hannah, bds 296 University 
Dion, Joseph, machinist Davis Tannery, bds 279 

Diplock, Charles, painter, Ivs 115 York 
Dine, Harry G, partner Attwood & Dine, Ivs 38 

Dine, Charles Walter, chaufifeur, British Ameri- 
can Oil Co, Rideau 
Dine, Charles W (Jr), draughtsman, Ivs 38 Col- 
Dine, Mark, lab, res 9 Charles 
Dinnie, William, lab Sowards, Ivs 461 Barrie 

Dinnie, Ernest, gardener, res 461 Barrie 
Dinsdale, William, Tire Repairer, res 300 Queen 
Dishart, David, clerk, Anderson Bros, Ivs 81 

Disney, Fred, Asst Foreman, Locomotive Wks, 

res 83 L Bagot 
Dix, Jessie, Ivs 269 Brock 

Dix, Miss Margaret, boarding house, res 269 

Dix, Capt. Jas, retired, res 128 Bagot 

Dix, Capt John, mariner, res 86 Union E 

Dix, Bertha, res 211 Nelson 

Dixon, Harold E, prop Javel Manf Co, res 36 
Clergy W 

Dixon, Albert E, caretaker, Armouries, res 43 

Dixon, Wm J, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 
59 Elm 

Dixon, Mildred, Cotton Mill, Ivs 94 Elm 

Dixon, Charles, lab, 94 Elm 

Dixon, William, carpenter, res 10 Orchard 

Dobbin, Alfred, driver, bds 219 Up. York 

Dobbin, Daniel, bds 219 Up. York 

Dobbs, Archdeacon, Chaplain, K. P., res 309 King 

DOBBS, MRS J R C, Culture and Singing Orgii- 

ist, Director, Chalmers Church, Ivs 258 


DOBBS, J. R. C, Insurance, Typewriters, Real 

Estate, Sewing Machines. Safes, 44 Clar- 
ence St, res 258 Albert 

Dobbs, Francis W, res 124 Barrie 

Dodd, Bert, tinsmith Ed. Chown & Sons, Ivs 89 
Lower Union 

Dodd, Theo, maid, bds 130 Earl 

Dodge, V G, ass't manager Allen Theatre, bds 371 

Dodgson, George H, soldier R.C.H.A, res 1' 

Doherty, I W, postman, res 134 Division 

Doherty, A E, clerk Customs' House, res 298 Albert 

Doherty, John, yardmaster C.P.R., res 207 Mon- 
treal St 

Dolan, Michael, retired, bds 24 Ellis 

Dolan, res 8 Macdonnell St 

Dollie, John A, jeweller, 129 Princess (3rd floor) 
Ivs 44 William ^ 

Dollar, Albert, res 30 Frontenac N 

Dollar, Gertrude, Ivs 30 Frontenac 

Dolman, William, res 137 William 

Dola, Dola, mechanic Davis' Tannerv. bds 461 Barrie 

Dominion Stores Ltd, cor Charles and Montreal, 
A H Gibson, manager 


Dominion Motion Pictures Ltd, cor Bagot and 

Dominion Inspector of Bonded Factories, John 
E Cow, Inspector 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELL'S Wonder Per- the market. Beirs cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 


'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Dominion Meat Store, Thos Bowling, mgr, 364 

364 Princess 
Dominion Stores Ltd, Nolile Prentice mgr, Prin- 
cess St 
Millar, Inspector of Taxation, 82 Princess 
Dominion Taxi Stand, 283 King E 

mgr, 180 Wellington 
Donaldson, Joseph, retired, res 45 Nelson 
Donaldson, Arthur, McGeein B.V., res Pembroke 
Donaldson, Nancy (wid Jas) bds 238 University 
Donaldson, Samuel, guard K.P., res 9 Pembroke 
Donnelly, Matthew A, postman, res 157 Raglan 
Donnelly, Francis, soldier R.M.C., Ivs 290 Wel- 
lington St 
Donnelly, Foster, electrician, res 118 Wellington 
Donnelly, Thos, book-keeper Kingston Milling 

Co, res 30 Main 
Donnelly, John, Pres and General Manager, The 
Donnelly Salvage and Wrecking Co, 193 
Ontario, Dock and Wrecking Plant, Ports- 
mouth, res 329 Earl 
Donnelly. Orton, electrician, Newman's, res 118 

Donnelly, Mary, maid, 61 West 
Donnelly, Allen E, mgr King St Garage, 335 

King E 
Donnelly, John, res 329 Earl 
Donnelly, Doris, Ivs 329 Earl 
Donnelly, Harriett, Ivs 329 Earl 
Donnelly, Miller, Ivs 329 Earl 
Donnelly, David, Ivs 25 Smith 
Donnelly, Ruby L, nurse, Ivs 195 University 
Donnelly, J Playfair, student R.M.C., Ivs 195 

Donnelly, Florence M (wid Thos), res 195 Uni- 
versity Ave 
Donnelly, Thomas, l)ook-keeper Campbell's 
I'lour and Feed Store, Ontario, Ivs 30 Main 
Dovvnie, Matthew, Assessor Income Tax Ofifice, 

res 19 Victoria 
Donlop, James, corp R.C.O.C., res 510 Brock 
DONOGHUE, CHARLES, Grain Merchant, 

Office 281 Ontario, res 80 Wellington 
Donoghue, Miss, nurse, Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 
Donoghue, James V, guard K.P., res 252 Barrie 
Donoghue, Mary, 222 Johnson 
Donoghue, Thomas, driver, Ivs 12> Pine 
Donoghue, Peter, foreman Cotton Mill, res 12) 

Donoghue, John, lab, Richardson's Grain Elevator, 

res 101 Raglan 
Donoghue, Joseph, lab, Ivs 220 Sydenham 
Donoghue, Julia (wid Timothy) res 220 Sydenham 
Donovan, Jas, l)utcher, res 57 Chatham 
Donovan, Cornelius, mason, res 97 L Bagot 
Donovan, John, Vinegar maker, res 187 Clergy E 
Donovan, Mary, Ivs 103 Stephen 
Donovan, Joseph, butcher, res 57 Chatham 
Dooly, James, res 429 Alfred 

Doolan, Agnes B, book-keeper W R McRae & 

Co, Ivs 244 Sydenham 
Doolan, Bridget, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 
Doolan, Margaret, seamstress, Ivs 134 L Bagot 
Doolan, John, res 134 Bagot 
Doolan, Mary (wid James) res 445 Johnson 
Doolan, Doretta, nurse, Ivs 244 Sydenham 
Doolan, Ann (wid J), res 244 Sydenham 
Doolan, Mary, cigar-maker McGowan's Cigar 

Factory, Ivs 17 Up Charles 
Doolan, Timothy, Employment Supervisor, Loco- 
motive Works, res li Division 
Doolan, Thos M, clerk, Sargent's Drug Store, res 

17 Up Charles 
Doolan, Alice, cigar-maker McGowan's, Ivs 17 

Up. Charles 
Doolin, Edward, attendant Sydenham Hospital, 

res 17 Up. Charles 
Doran Bldg, Kingston General Hospital, George 

Dorane, Madeline, Ivs 125 Queen 
Dorane, Mary, maid, Ivs 125 Queen 
Dorane, Sarah (wid John) res 125 Queen 
Dorane, Daniel J, orderly, S3^denham Hospital, 

res 3 Centre 
Doran, James, res 359 Division 
Dorrance, Roy L, Prof of Chem. Queen's, res 

187 Johnson 
Dorey, Jessie, clerk Mcintosh's, Ivs 527 Albert 
Dorey, Francis, res 229 Earl 
Dorey, Matthew, engineer, res 527 Albert 
Dougherty, William, gardener, res 20 Sixth 
Douglas, Elizabeth, student. Ivs 516 Brock 
Douglas, Kenneth, contractor, Ivs 510 Brock 
Douglas, Robt M, salesman, Geo Robertson' & 

Son Limited 
Douglas, Helen, clerk M R McColl, Ivs 131 

Union West 
Douglas, Georgina, Ivs 17-A Sixth 
Douglas, Elizabeht, dressmaker. 17-A Sixth 
Douglas, Ellen (wid D) 17-A Sixth 
Douglas, Young David Col, 154 King E 
Douglas, Carrie M (wid F C), res 131 Union 
Douglas, Estella B F. nurse, Ivs 131 LTnion 
Douglas, Robt N, traveller Robertson's 
Douglas, H P, drug clerk, McCoU's, Ivs 131 L-nion' 
Douglas, Elizabeth, maid. Ivs 17 Sixth 
Douglas, Sarah (wid James) bds 152 Sj'denham 
Douglas, Max, student, Ivs 13 Nelson 
Douglas, Hugh, student, Ivs 13 Nelson 
Douglas, Jean, student, Ivs 13 Nelson 
Douse, Hugh L, Bank of Nova Scotia, Ivs 106 

Pine "St 
Dove, Sidney, Ivs 19 Sixth 
Dove, John Jas, meclianic, res 19 Sixth 
Dove, John, res 157 York 

Dove, John musfiaNSC eOzcmfwypshdulmfwyp 
Dowsely, William, com traveller McRae's Grocery, 

J. K. Carroll 

56 Brock Street 


'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 

*Phone 634. Open Day and N ight Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK'S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 



Dowsley, Perc)-, clerk, Anderson Bros, res Ports- 
Dowdall, Margaret, Ivs 117 William 
Dowdall, Mrs, (wid A E) res 117 William 
Dewier, Doris, clerk W N Linton, Ivs Barriefield 
Downey, Kathleen, stenog J. R. C. Dobbs, Ivs 

91 Earl 
Downey, Geo H, salesman Laidlaw's, res 239 

Brock St 
Downey, Mrs George, clerk, Belmont Cafe, res 

447 Barrie 
Downey, Ed, waiter Frontenac Hotel, Ivs Fron- 

tenac Hotel 
Downey, Jas T, clerk. Monarch Bottling Co, Ivs 

91 Earl' 
Downey, J M, clerk Alartin's Shoe Store, Ivs 91 

Earl St 
Downey, Timothj-, res 91 Earl 
Downey, Walter R, mariner, Ivs 447 Barrie 
Downey, Mary (wid Geo) cook Belmont, res 447 

Downej\ Francis, Ivs 68 York 
Downey, James (Jr). driver, Ivs 32 Pine 
Downey. Mary, clerk C.L.C., Ivs 32 Pine 
Downejs Edmund, clerk, Ivs 32 Pine 
Downey, Rupert, waiter R.M.C., res 79 John 
Downey, Hester (wid Robt) Ivs 87 Colborne 
Downey, Mildred, Ivs 610 Division 
Downey, Robert, oil merchant, res 610 Division 
Downs, Richard, res 4 Kent 
Dowsley, Wm R, traveller W R McRae & Co, 

res 204 William 
Doxtater, Wm J, shoe repairer, res 384 Princess 
Doyle, Mary, Ivs 167 Wellington 
Doyle, Hugh J, l)arl)er, 167 Wellington 
Doyle, Clare, book-keeper, bds 332 Brock 
Doyle, Miss Katie, clerk, Ivs 99 York 
Doyle, Miss K, Manicure and Hair Parlor, 258 

Doyle. Ed, clerk Ed Chown & Son, Ivs 102 Clergy 
Doyle, George, banker Bank of Montreal, Ivs 164 

Bagot St 
hcivle, Patrick J. mariner, res 164 Bagot 
I'.iyle. Margaret, clerk, Sj-denham Hospital, Ivs 

106 Bagot 
Doyle, Elizabeth, Ivs 106 Bagot 
Doyle, Joseph, ship-builder, res 106 Bagot 
Doyle, Florence, cashier Central Meat Market, 

res Portsmouth 
l)iiyle, Irene H, sect'y 318 King E, res 693 Mon- 
treal St 
Uoyle, Joseph, res 102 Clergy 
Doyle, Caroline, student, ivs 106 Victoria 
Doyle, Thomas J, baker, Doyle's Bakerj% res 82 

Doyle, John, Ivs 87 York 
Doyle, Martin, butcher, bds 105 York 
Doyle, Kathleen, Ivs 87 York 
Doyle, John, bottler, Thompson's Bottling Works, 

res 87 York 
Doyle, Katie, furrier, Gourdier's, Ivs 65 York 
Doyle, Rose L. Ivs 65 York 
' Doyle, John W, wks Sowards & Co, res 65 York 

Doyle, Thomas, driver, Doyle's Bakery, Victoria 
Doyle, J Vincent, baker Doyle's Bakery, res 48 

Doyle, Ruth, res 693 Montreal 
Doj'le, Norman, student, Ivs 693 Montreal 
Doyle, Howard, student, Ivs 693 Montreal 
Doyle, John J, conductor, G.T.R., res 693 Mon- 
Doyle, Chas T, butcher, 279^^ Montreal, res 113 

Doyle, Ellen, res 296 Johnson 
Doyle, Nelly, maid, Elm Tree House, Alwington 

Doyle, Madeline, bds 123 Patrick 
Doyle, Catherine A, Ivs 113 Patrick 
Doyle, Mary A (wid James) res 113 Patrick 
Drader, Mary, Mrs, patient, 382 Montreal 
Drake, Lillian, wks W J Crothers Co Ltd, Ivs 8 

George St 
Drake, Ellen (wid Walter) res 8 George 
Drake, Victor, clerk A. Chown's, res 27 Arch 
Drake, James, mason, res 87J/2 Johnson 
Draper, Charles, quaryman McGinnis & O'Connor. 

Ivs 587 Princess 
Dredge, Geo V, automobile Equipment Store, bds 

25 Johnson 
Drever, Colin, architect, office 8 Brock, res 449 

Driscoll, Marcella, Ivs 45 Wellington 
Driscoll, Mary, res 45 Welington 
Driscoll, Wm J, stone cutter, res 110 L Bagot 
Driscoll, Lawrence, clerk. C W Lindsay's, res 14^ 

Clergy W 
Driscoll, Charles, grocer 320 King 
Driscoll, Daniel, guard K P, res 14K' Clergy W 
Driscoll, Patrick M, prop Lake View House, Ontario 

and Queen Sts 
Driscoll, Mary, stenog, Ivs Lake \'iew House, Ontario 

and Queen Sts 
Driscoll. James. Ivs Lake View House, Ontario 

and Queen Sts 
Driscoll, Martha (wid Patrick) Ivs 23 John 
Driscoll. Harry, machinist, Ivs 23 John 
Driscoll, Wilson, res 23 John 

Driver, Bessie, nurse, Ivs 58 Brock (3rd floor) 
Driver. Grace, Ivs 58 Brock (3rd floor) 
Driver, Robt, messenger Bank of Montreal, res 

58 Brock (3rd floor) 
Driver, John Stanley, prop K & D Mfg Co, Ivs 

43 George 
Driver. H, Ivs 43 George 
Driver, Ruby, Ivs 43 George 
DRIVER, JOHN, agent Real Estate, 352 King, 

res 43 George 
Driver, Wm J, foreman Soward's Coal Co, res 17 

Driver, Reta A, Ivs 71 Colborne 
Driver's Grocery, 271 Queen 
Driver, Thomas, retired, res 186 Queen 
Driver, Miss Emma A, Ivs 186 Queen 
Druce, Geo N, general foreman, McKelvey & 
Birch, res 21 Pine 



209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 



Druce, James J, vice-President McKelvey & 

Birch Ltd, res 770 Montreal 
Druce, John, Store and Post Office, Hickson Ave 
Druce, Dorothy P, Ivs 770 Montreal 
Druce, Marjorie P, Ivs 770 Montreal 
Drumm, John, atendent Rockwood Hospital, res 

18 Alma 
Drummond. Jane R, (Miss), res 223 Albert 
Drummond, Kate, Ivs 223 Albert 
Drummond, Jane (wid Thos), Ivs 36 Barne 
Drury, Wm, Coal and Wood Merchant, res 290 
Queen ^^ ^ ... ^ 

Drury, Prof Chas W, Queen's, Ivs 142 L Albert 
Drury, A, House Surgeon, K.G.H. ,^, ^ , 

Drury, Geen, lab Drury's Coal Co, bds 192 Col- 
borne St 
Drury, Olive, stenog Queen's, Ivs 290 Queen 
Drury, Raymond, orderly Sydenham Hospital, 

bds 288 Queen 
Dryden, Lake, soldier, res 48 Stanley 
Drysdale, Samuel, fireman Richardson s, res 161 

Drysdale, Robert, student, bds 186 Union W 
Drysdale, Wm J, traveller Pearson Shoe Co, res 

186 Union W 
Drysdale, Bessie, nurse K.G.H. 
Duberry, Charles, machinist. General Hospital, 

res 53 Beverly 
Dubnosky, Harry, Second Hand Dealer, res 174 

Ducklan, Muriel, nurse maid,, bds 31 King E 
Duff, Jean C, Ivs 468 Princess 
Duff Hew R, student, Ivs 468 Princess 
Duff! Mrs Amey (wid Hew R), res 468 Princess 
Duff, Helen (wid Wm) Ivs 236 Albert 
Duff, Charles, wks Collingwood Shipyard, Ivs 602 

Duffan, A, accountant, Bank of Montreal, bds 118 

Duffy, Richard, lab County Roads, Ivs 33 George 
Duffy, Michael, lab County Roads, res 2>2, George 
Duffy, Thomas, waiter, Frontenac Hotel 
Duffy, William, bds 160 Earl 
Duffy, James, carpenter. Earl St 
Duffy, Bernard, guard K.P., res 90 Collingwood 
Duffy Annie (wid William) res 139 Collingwood 
Duffy! Albert, C.S.L., res 152^' Ontario 
Duggie, Charles J, soldier R.C.H.A., res 35 John 
Dulmage, John A B, student, Ivs 214 Union W 
Dulmage, Jennie (wid L A), res 214 Union W 
Dumblcton, Geo, clerk, Metcalfe's Meat, Mark- 
land, res 517 Albert 
Dumbleton, Wm, packer, Booth Fisheries Store, 

res 30 James 
Dumbleton, Richard, tinsmith Ed Chown & Son, 

Ivs 61 Upper York 
Dumbleton, Harry, lab, Ivs 61 Up. York 
Dumbleton, Albert, Ivs 61 Up York 
Dumbleton, James, motorman Street Railway, res 

264 Johnson 
Dunphy, Fred, Ivs 154 Bagot 

Dunphy, James, shipper Carson's Wholesale, res 
96 York 

Dunphy, Frederick, driver Price's Dairy, res 20^ 

Dunphy, Alma, Ivs 96 York 

Dunphy, Mary, (wid Edward), res 110 Montreal 
Dunphy, Marion, spinner Cotton Mill, Ivs 110 UP 

Dunphy, Edward, painter, res 110 Up Charles 
Du Moulin, Philip, manager Bank of Montreal, 

res 28 Sydenham 
Dumas, Charles, lab general, res 154 Ontario 
Dunbar, Major, Jas B, res "Calderwood" Union St 
Duncan, Sidney, minister, Bethel Church, res 347 

Duncan, Alexander, manager Mcintosh Bros, bds 

22 Frontenac 
Duncan, Helen, maid, 375 King E 
Duncan, Robert, carpenter, res 20 York 
Duncombe, Joseph S, mason, res 24 Plum 
Dunn, Anna, nurse, K. G. H. 
Dunn, Martha (wid Wm) Ivs 164 Ontario 
Dunne, Lily, clerk, Laidlaw's, Ivs 43 Ellerbeck 
Dunn, M C, commercial agt for Canadian National 
Grand Trunk Railways, and City Passenger 
Agt. Can National Railways, Ivs 29 Mack St, 
Office 217 Princess St 
Dunn, Isobel, clerk, Corrigan's, Ivs Beverly 
Dunne, Annie, book-keeper, Laidlaw's, Ivs 43 

Dunn, Elizabeth (wid James) res 43 Ellerbeck 
Dunn, Thomas, Public Utilities, res 306 Queen 
Dunn, Wm J, clerk. Out. Govt. Dispensary, res 8 

Dunnigan, Wm, student, Ivs 230 Ontario 
Dunnigan, Wm, mariner C S L, res 230 Ontario 
Dunnigan, Agnes, nurse, Hotel Dieu, Ivs 230 Ontario 
Dunlop, James Wm, foreman Ordnance Stores, 

Ivs 510 Brock 
Dunlop, Hugh, contractor, res 510 Brock 
Dunlop, Kenneth, Electrician Loco Works, Ivs 

464 Brock 
Dunlop, Grace, stenog, Geo Robertson & Co, Ivs 

464 Brock 
Dunlop, Herbert, salesman, res 464 Brock 
Dunlop, Charles, warehouseman W P Peters', res 

375 Montreal 
Dunlop, Harold, plumber, Harvey Milne's, Ivs 

184 Rideau 
Dunlop, A W, cashier, W G Craig & Co Ltd, 

res 187 Stuart 
Dunlop, Andrew A, accountant W P Peters, res 

71 Colborne 
Dunlop, Emma, res 18 Alice 
Dunlop, John, student, Ivs 18 Alice 
Dunlop, Jean, student, Ivs 18 Alice 
Dunlop, Laura M (Mrs) maid, Zl Aberdeen 
Dunlop, J, car repairer C.P.R. Round House, res 

184 Rideau 
Dunlop, Rachel E, res 38 Rideau 
Dunlop, Thomas A, Ivs 38 Rideau 
Dunlop, Albina, res 21 Colborne 
Dunnett, James, checker C.P.R. Shed, Ivs 322 

Dunnett, Janet, milliner, Ivs 322 Brock 
Dunnette, Clayton, wks Knapp's Livery 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


*Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service -2£ii£Li£ 

Cor. King & Queen Sts. 



Dunnett, Lois (wid James) res 322 Brock 
Dunsmore, John C, foreman K Auto Sales, res 

38y2 Frontenac 
Dunsmouie, John, mechanic K.O.S. Co, res 38y^ 

Dupuis, Charlotte, Ivs 247 Brock 
Dupuis, Edna M A, Ivs 247 Brock 
Dupre, G C, Capt, res 8 Alwington Ave 
Durand, Joseph, agent Met. Life, res 10 Toronto 
Dusty, Willa, nurse K.G.H. 
Dustin, D E, wks Collingwood Shipyard, res 

8 Ontario 
Dutton, M, prop Dutton's Music Store, res 150 

Dutton's Music Store, 150 Sydenham 
Dutton, Samuel, res 156 Raglan 
Duxberry, J, traveller, bds 278 University 
Dwine, Isabelle, maid, 113 Earl 
Dwyer, Norma, stenog, Kingston Agencies Ltd, 

Ivs 79 Johnson St 
Dwyer. Edward J, merchant, res 64 Barrie 
Dwyer, Dorothy, milliner, Portsmouth 
Dwyer, Josephine, Ivs 64 Barrie 
Dwyer, Stella, operator Bell Telephone, Ivs 79 

Johnson St 
Dwyer, Elizabeth, (wid John) res 79 Johnson 
DYDE, W HOB ART, partner Jas Redden & Co, 

res 153 University 
Dyde, Jessie W, Ivs 153 University 
Dyde, Myra F, Ivs 153 University 
Dyde. Jane C (wid Samuel) Ivs 200 University 

Ealy, Marion, nurse, K.G.H. 

Earl. Rollo Ottwell, Prof Queen's, res 349 Albert 

Earl, Orn, K.P., bds 123 Union 

Earl, Blanche, Jackson Press, Ivs 238 Wellington 

Earl, Mary, (wid Edgar), res 238 Wellington 

Easson, Elsie, civil servant Post Office, Ivs 52 

Easson, Marjory (wid William) res 52 Colborne 
Easson, Catherine, teacher, Ivs 52 Colborne 
Easter, Harlow, foreman mechanic Boyd's Gar- 
age, res 130 Chatham 
Easton, Walter, tinsmith Ed Chown & Son, res 60 

Eaton, J, mgr Canada Cutlery Wks, bds Queen's 

Easwell, George, fireman. Cotton Mill, bds 67 

Eastern Dairy School, L A Zufelt, supt, Barrie 

cor Clergy St 
Eccles, Frederick W, lab, res 144 Rideau 
Eccles, James, pilot mariner, res 11 Colborne 
Eccles, Hannah M (wid Henry), res 54 John 
Eccles, Michael V, lab, S"wift's Coal Co, res 10 Fifth 
Eccles, Ida (wid Geo) res 380 Barrie 
Eccles, S James, lab, Ivs 380 Barrie 
Edgar, Norman A, Geo Robertson & Sons Ltd, 

Ivs 374 Alfred 

Edgar, Kathleen, library Asst, Public Library 

Ivs 374 Alfred 
Edgar, Hamilton, printer, Hanson, Crozier & 

Edgar, res 88 Raglan Rd 
Edgar, Harry, machinest, 374 Alfred 
Edgar, William Thomas, painter, res 374 Alfred 
Edgar, Osmond, carpenter. Public Utilities, bds 

14 Colborne 
Egan, Tessie, stenog, Lindsay's, bds 106 Clergy 
Egan, W, tailor shop, 21 Montreal 
Egglestone, Thos W, soldier R.C.H.A., res 85 

Education Board Rooms, Sydenham 

Edwards, Rosanna, McLeod's Drug Store, Ivs 

131 Division " • 

Edwards, E Blake, auto repair shop, res 2 Birch 
Edwards. Mrs, res 23 Macdonnell 
Edwards, Harvey A, Baker, W J Crothers Co, res 

128 Chatham 
Edwards, Melville, machinist, Kingston Ship 

Building Co, Ivs 131 Division 
Edwards, David, carter, res 131 Division 
Eke, Robert, warehouse clerk, Ed Chown & Co, 

res 24 Russell 
Elder, Jack, merchant 269 Princess, bds 216 Queen 
Elder, William, driver, 403-405 King E 
Elder, Evangeline, (wid Jas), Villa St Clare No 

5, Barrie 
Elder, Ardelle. Sec to Mrs Elder, Villa St Clare 

No. 5, Barrie 
Elder, Sarah, (wid George), res 248 Barrie 
Elder, Katherine, Ivs 248 Barrie 
Elder, Jennie, Ivs 248 Barrie 
Elder, William, driver, res 30 Pine 
Ellerton, Thomas, bricklayer Tile Works, res 16 

Cowdy St 
Electric Shop (The), F J Graves, W C Cannon, 

props, 115 Brock 
Elliott, Arthur W, mechanic, Elliott & Williamson's 

Garage, res 243 Division 
ELLIOTT, ROBERT F, merchant, Elliott Bros, 

res 366 Division 
Elliott, Kate, teacher, Ivs 366 Division 
Elliott, Matthew B, tinsmith, res 364 Division 
Elliott. Edwin F. engineer, Canada Steamship 

Lines, res 322 Division 
Elliott, Katherine Fawcett, student, Ivs 364 Div- 
ision St 
Elliott, James A, Ivs 79 Colborne 
Elliott, Robert John, postman, res 205 Colborne 
Elliott, Alice, housemaid, Ivs 16 Sydenham 
Elliott, John, taxi driver, bds 21 Chatham 
Elliott, Harold W R. clerk E P Jenkins, bds 220 

Elliott, E M, clerk Bank of Montreal, Ivs 362 

ELLIOTT, JOSEPH G, President, "Whig" res 

94 Barrie St ' 

Elliott, Jean, G T R Restaurant. Kingston Junc- 
Elliott, Catherine B, res 70 York 

LA. STERLING ?*«'? «»♦*« 

209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. '^""— • 



Elliott, Thomas Charles, retired, res 251 Victoria 

Elliott. Edward V, bootmaker, bds 45 Aberdeen 

Elliott, J Courtland, student, Ivs 94 Barrie 

Elliott, Edward V, shoe repairer, 231 Barrie 

Elliott, Benson E, agent, res 314 Albert 

Elliott, Agnes. Ivs 314 Albert 

Elliott, Emma, maid, 14 Alice 

Elliott, Kathleen, student, Ivs Zil Earl 

Elliott, John M, merchant, Elliott Bros, res 2>il 

Earl St ^1 T->- 

Elliott, M R, merchant, Elliott Bros, res 64 Div- 
ELLIOTT BROS, Plumbers and Hardware, 77 

Elliott Wm. Bell Telephone, bds 144 Ontario 
Elliott,' James O. barber, Robb's Barber Shop, res 

51 L Bagot 
Elliott, Dr Charles H, physician, 362 Brock 
Elliott, Helen, Ivs 362 Brock 
Elliott. Olivia, Ivs 362 Brock 
Elliott. Florence (wid Joseph) Ivs 362 Brock 
Elliott. Wm. (378 Brock) rear 
Elliott, Arthur W, res 243 Division 
Ellis. James, res 56 Ontario 
Ellis. Arthur, architect, res 16o King E 
Ellis Prof Douglas, Queen's, Ivs 209 Albert 
Ellis' W S, res 209 Albert 
Ellison, John W, Lake Ontario Brewery 
Ellwood, Wm J, Battery Quarter Master, res 343 

Elmer, James, waiter Frontenac Hotel, bds ^uo 

Brock St 
Elmer, Roht J. Ivs 128 Bagot 

Elmer. Richard H. barber. Princess, Ivs 126 Bagot 
Elmer, Norma, Ivs 126 Bagot 
Elmer. Lawrenson, tinsmith, res 385 Princess 
Elmer, Fred, barber, 68 Princess 
Flnicr, Fred, barber, res 68 Princess 
Elmer, Susan (wid Joseph), res 164 Queen 
Elsback, Victor D, res 81 Alfred 
Elsemere, Mary, bds 479 Princess 
Elson, Effie (wid Frank), 301 Collingdood — 
Embury. Dorothy, nurse. K.G.H. 
Emerv, Charles, painter, res 213 Earl 
Emery, Gerald, contractor, Ivs 136 Bagot 
Emery! Gertrude (wid George) res 136 Bagot 
Emery, Florence, nurse, Ivs 136 Bagot 
Emery, John, student. Ivs 136 Bagot 
Emery, Rolph. Ivs 136 Bagot 
Emlaw, Harvey C, res 128 Clarence (3rd floor) 
Emsley. Maj Gen Jas, Officer Commanding 

Headquarters, res 157 King E 
Emmons, Ethel (wid Francis) res 45 Mam 
Emmons, Byron, lab, 24 Fifth 
Emmons, Ray. lab, 24 Fifth 
Emmons, Ernest, taxi driver, bds 191 Brock 
Enderson, Edna, weaver Cotton Mill, 4a Orchard 
England. B I, student, bds 311 Queen 
England, M John W, foreman Fenwick & Hendry, 

res 432 Alfred 
England, Eliza (wid Thomas) bds 215 Nelson 


English, Edith M, teacher, Ivs 336 Johnson 
English, George, tailor, 336 Johnson 
Ennis, James, taxi driver, res 126 L Bagot 
Ennis, John, batteryman, 400 King 
Ennis, John V, Ivs 41 Hickson Ave 
Ennis, Wm James, machinist, Ivs 41 Hickson Ave 
Ennis, Joseph G, student, Regiopolis, Ivs 41 

Ennis, Leo, Queen's, Ivs 21 Chatham 
Ennis, W Albert, lab, res 21 Chatham 
Ennis, Silas Charles, miner, res 260 Division 
Enright, Daniel, mariner, res 45 Ordnance 
Erickson, Robert, Supt Monarch Battery Co, res 

157 Sydenham 
Esford, Garnet, machinist, res 32 Division 
Esford, Henry, mariner, res 232 Division 
Esford, Wm D plumber, res 277 Sydenham 
Estes, Winfred, fireman, res 28 Quebec 
Estes, Luella, Ivs 28 Quebec 
Etherington, Walter, Lake View Hotel 
Etherington, Frederick Dr, res 118 University 
Ettinger, G Harold Dr, Queen's, res Edgehill 
Ettinger, John G, principal Victoria School, res 

^437 King W 
Ettinger, Russell, student, Ivs 437 King W 
Ettinger, Georgina, Ivs 437 King W 
Eva, Ailsa Irene, Ivs 61a Livingston Ave 
Eva, William J, bricklayer, res 61a Livingston Ave 
Evans, Wm, clerk. Express Co, Ivs 309 Brock 
Evans, John, engineer, res 309 Brock 
Evans, John (Jr) student, Ivs 309 Brock 
Evans, Annie (wid A S), res 103 Gore 
Evans, Mrs, bds 263^^2 King 
Evans, E, tailor, Ivs 169 Clergy E 
Evans, Charles, packer, res 56 Thomas 
Evans. Eliz (Mrs) tailoress, res 169 Clergy 
EVANSON, FRED S, sec treas Oddfellow's Re- 
lief Association, res 334 King 
Eves, James, bricklayer, 35 Brock 
Eves. Mark, yardman. Sowards'. Montreal St 
Eves. Rose, milliner Steacy's, bds 147 Ordnance 
Eves, Cecile, saleslady Steacy's, Ivs 147 Ordnance 
Eves, J T, grocer, cor York and Barrie, res 171 

Eves, Wm H, Initcher, res 109 York 
Eves, Frederick, student, Ivs 109 York 
Eves, M, Ivs 109 York 
Eves, Charles Earl, driver, Ivs 109 York 
Eves, Mark, res 315 Montreal 
Eves, Chauncey, lab, res 4 North 
Eves, Henry V, sailor, Ivs 147 Ordnance 
Eves, Daniel, carter, Ivs 147 Ordnance 
Eves, Ellen (wid John) res 246 Colborne 
Eward. Frederick William, blacksmith, res 240 

MacKay's Cream Bread Manufactu^redTy 








Eward, Eva May, Ivs 240 Division 
Eward, Agnes (wid Robt) res 209 Colborne 
Eward, Ella. Ivs 209 Colborne 

Ewart, Joseph, lab, Davis' Tannery, res 233 Divi- 
sion St 
Excelsior Life Insurance Co, 151 Wellington 

I'agan, Cecilia, spinner Cotton Mill, Ivs 2 L 

Pagan, Frederick, lal) Cotton Mill, Ivs 2 L Rideau 

Fahey, Rose, Ivs 63 Earl 

Fair, Roland, salesman Blue Garages Ltd, Ivs 34 

FAIR, WM J, dis. manager North American Life 
Assurance Co, Wellington cor Clarence, res 
221 King 

]''air, Lillian, Ivs 63 West 

Fair, Alfred H, retired, res 65 West 

Fair, Alice (wid Jas). res 34 Aberdeen 

Fair, Eva, Ivs 179 Stuart 

F"air, Elizabeth, Ivs 179 Stuart 

Fair, Mayirce, teacher. Collegiate, Ivs 179 Stuart 

Fair, Robert J, supt Good Roads, of County of 
Frontenac, res 179 Stuart 

Fairliurn, Robt, traveller, bds 90 L Bagot 

Fairclough, Florence, nurse, res 98 William 

Fairfield, Louise, Ivs 142 Stuart 

Fairfield, Mary E (wid James B), res 142 Stuart 

Fairfull, Lillian, nurse, K.G.H. 

Fairlie, Hannah M, Ivs 480 Brock 

Fairlie, Mrs John, res 480 Brock 

FALLON BROS, Monumental Works, 137-141 
Clergy E 

Fallon, Frank E, res 318 Barrie 

Fallon, Sarah, Ivs 23 Redan 

Fallon, Katherine (wid Patrick) res 23 Redan 

Fallon, Bridget, (wid Dominic), res 203 Alfred 

Fallon, Patrick J, stone cutter, res 94 Raglan 

Fallowfield, Ernest, mechanic, Collingwood Ship 
Yard, bds 70 Wellington 

Fanning, William, druggist, Austin's Drug Store, 
bds 156 Bagot 

Fannon, John, caretaker G.W.V.A, res 67 Princess 

Fardell, Bert, res 121 Stephen 

Fargey, F A, clerk. Bank Montreal, bds 380 Brock 

Farley, Raymond F, druggist McLeod's Drug 
Store, res 451 Johnston 

Farmer, John George, carpenter, Wallace, con- 
tractor, res 70 Cherry 

Farney, Irene, nurse, Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 

Farrell, James A (Nickle, Farrell & Day) Barris- 
ters, 194 Ontario, res 36 Barrie 

Farrell. Michael, carpenter, res 321 Brock 

Farrell, Clara M, student, Ivs 36 Barrie 

FARRELL, JfAMES M, Police Magistrate, res 
36 Barrie 

Farrell, W, barber, 220 Alontreal, res 54 L Rideau 

Fawker, John, guard K.P., res 96 Ontario 

Fay, Frederick, janitor C.S.L., res Main St 

Fay, Patrick, employee Oberndorffer's, res 36 Up 

1^'ay, Frederick, lal) Locomotive Wks, res 26 Elm 
Fay, James F. machinist, Ivs 36 Up Charles 
Fay, Margaret, (wid John), res 36 Up Charles 
Fearne, Margaret, Ivs 57 Queen 
Fearne, Arthur, electrician Street Railway Co, 

res 57 Queen 
Feeney, Thos, Ivs 7 Pembroke 
Feeney, Joseph P, boiler maker, res 66 Markland 
Fegg, James A, res 631 Princess 
Felstead, Henry, Ivs 604 Montreal 
Felstead, Mabel, Ivs 604 Montreal 
Penning, Hilda, school teacher, Ivs 5 Pine 
Penning, Oscar, plumber, McKclvey & Bircii, Ivs 5 

Penning, Robt, driver, McGinnis & O'Connor, Ivs 

5 Pine 
Penning, Charles H, lal) McKelvey & Birch, res 

5 Pine 
Fenwick, Sarah, Ivs Z21 Earl 

Penwick, Myra (wid George), res 200 University 
FENWICK, HENDRY & CO., Wholesale Groc- 
ers, (Henry E Richardson, prop, (189 Ontario) 
Ferguson, Thos, carpenter, bds 34 Simcoe 
Ferguson, Charles, painter, res 89 York 
Ferguson, William, res 94 York 
Ferguson, Hugh L, lab, res 434 King E 
Ferguson, Alice (wid G W) Ivs 130 Union W 
Ferguson, Capt John A, res 19 Aberdeen 
Ferguson, G, Imperial Laundry, 101 Pine 
Ferguson, James, barber, 206 Princess, res 296 

Ferguson, Robt J, salesman, res 101 Pine 
Ferguson, Robt L, lab, res 97 Chatham 
Ferguson, James M, engineer, res 281 Sydenham 
Ferguson, Roy, soldeir, res 29a Main 
Ferguson, Gerald, wks Hughes Mattress Co, bds 

179 Division 
Ferguson, C (wid Joseph), res 453 Alfred 
Ferguson, Georgina, nurse, Ivs 126 Bagot 
Ferguson, Thomas H, Insurance Agent, Metro- 
politan Life, res 370 Brock 
Ferguson, Robt, student. Dental College, Ivs 370 

Ferguson, Mary, student, Ivs 370 Brock 
Ferguson, Mina, Ivs 125 Bagot 
Ferguson, Rev Prof G E, res 125 Bagot 
Ferguson, Bessie, Ivs 125 Bagot 
Ferguson, Geo M, carpenter, res 679 Princess 
P^erguson, Thos, agent Met Life, res 370 Brock 
Ferguson, John A, barber, King Edward Cigar 

Shop, res 296 Barrie 
P^errier, Mabel M, teacher Robert Meek School, 

Ivs 140 Bay 
Ferrier, William, soldier R.C.H.A., res 418 Mon- 
Ferrier, George, machinist, res 140 Clergy 
Ferris, Lillian, clerk Laidlaw's, bds 10 Chestnut 
Ferris, Nellie, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 10 Chestnut 
Ferris, Edward, res 239 Albert 




670-680 Montreal St. 

THE K. D. Mfg., Co., 


Phone 1681J 



Ferris, Amelia L, Ivs 239 Albert 

Ferris, L Wilbur, electrician, Blue Garage, res 

399 Barrie 
Ferris, Annie, collector "Whig", 10 Chestnut 
Ferris, Edward S, teamster, res 6 Pine 
Ferris, Errie, tailoress R.M.C., bds 10 Chestnut 
Ferris, Lewis, Battery-man Blue Garage Ltd, res 

399 Barrie 
Ferris, James, painter, Milo's, res 132 L Bagot 
Fex, George. Foot Specialist, Princess St, res 

279 Bagot 
Flaherty, Edward, confectioner, res 125 L Bagot 
Flammer, Dr. Ernest, Prof. Queen's, res 55 Alfred 

Magague, Flamenis, grocer, 300 Montreal, res 

101 Stephen 
Flannagan, Mary B, Ivs 82 Barrie 
Flannagan, Michael E, florist, Ivs 82 Barrie 
Flannagan, Gertrude, Ivs 82 Barrie 
Flannagan, George, student, bds 10 Aberdeen 
Flannagan, Sarah E, Insurance Agent, res 82 

Flannagan, Charlotte, Ivs 82 Barrie 
Flannagan, William L, machinist, Ivs 82 Barrie 
Flannagan, Joseph, painter, res, 247 Montreal 
Flannagan, Arthur, mariner, res 20 Dufferin 
Flannagan, John, Ivs 70 Queen 
Flannagan, James, lab S Anglin & Co, Ivs 70 

Queen St. 
Flatman, Geo, lab Davis' Tannery, bds 175 Pine 
Fleet, Elizabeth (wid Alex), Ivs 81 Colborne 
Fleet, Lillian, Ivs 111 Raglan 
Fleet, William, carpenter, res 111 Raglan 
Fleming, Geo, teller Royal Bank, bds 116 Earl 
Fleming, Wm J, agent Singer Sewing Machine, 

res 252 University 
Fleming, Robt, driver Geo Robertson & Son, Ltd, 

res 344 King. 
Fleming, Mary (wid Hugh), res 305 Brock 
Fleming, Henry, operator Price's Dairy, Ivs 305 

Fleming, Walter, res 19 Sydenham 
Flett, Alex G, salesman Livingston's, res 74 Col- 
borne St 
Fletcher, Mrs Annie, waitress Prince George, bds 

Prince George 
Fletcher, Mary, 307 Barrie 

Flew, James, lab Davis' Tannery, Ivs 63 Cherry 
Flew, Annie (wid James), res 63 Cherry 
Flint, Thos. foreman W J Crothers Co, Ltd, res 

106 Barrack 
Flint, Inez, servant, 78 John 
Flint, Chas W, lab, res 108 Up Charles 
Flint. Gladys, wks Tile Works. Ivs 78 John 
Flint, Charles David, lal) Crawford's Coal Co, res 

78 John 
Flint. John, driver, Walsh Coal Co, res John St 
Flood, Bridget, (wid A), Ivs 235 Earl 
Flood, D, nurse, Ivs 235 Earl 
Flood, Percy, wks shipyard, res 235 Earl 
Flower, Herbert, Supervisor Industrial Building 

Rockwood Hospital, res 78 Collingwood 

Flynn, Wm, tuner, Lindsay's, Ivs 415 Albert 
Flynn, Frank, action regulator Weber's, Ivs 219 
Earl St 

Flynn, Kathleen, dentist assistant, Sparks & 

Sparks, Ivs 124 Durham 
Flynn, Wilfred, assistant Phillips & Taylor, Ivs 

219 Earl 
Flynn, Edward, waiter British American, Ivs 219 

Flynn, E, res 219 Earl 
Flynn, Haveland E, res 7 Mack 
Flynn, Albert C, Ivs 129 Durham 
Flynn, Lewis A, retired, res 129 Durham 
Flynn, Richard A, House Surgeon, Hotel Dieu 
Fields, Anne, (wid Arthur), Ivs 16 Durham 
Fields, Sergt Major Harry, soldier, res 264 Wel- 
lington St 
Fillion, Oscar G, res 16 Durham 
Filson, Harry, guard K. P., res 41 George 
Filtz, Richard, mason Watts & Son, res 344 Albert 
Filtz, Mildred, Ivs 344 Albert 
Filtz, Martin, plumber, Ivs 79 Elm 
Filtz, Olive, Ivs 79 Elm 
Filtz, Phillip, messenger Bank of Montreal, res 

79 Elm 
Findlay, John H, student, Ivs 37 Wellington 
Findlay, John, pattern maker, res Zl Wellington 
Findlay, Robt, student, Ivs Zl Wellington 
Findlayson, shoe repairer, res 43 Alfred 
Finkle, Caroline, clerk Income Tax, Ivs 386 Earl 
Finkle, Jessie, dressmaker, 93 Wellington 
Finkle, Warde, Bank of Montreal, Ivs 386 Earl 
Finn, Evelyn, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 
Finn. E B, Ivs 106 Clergy 
Finn, Kate, Ivs 106 Clergy 
Finn, C, operator Bell Telephone, 106 Clergy 
Fire Station No 2, 287-289 Brock, Chief Arm- 
strong, Capt Wm Cockade 
First Congregational Church. 1 Wellington 
First Division Court, 235 Bagot 
First Baptist Church, cor Johnson and Sydenham 
Firth, William E, machinist, res 14 Corrigan 
Firth, William E, machinist, res 14 Corrigan 
FISHER, DR JOHN H, Druggist, 544 Princess, 

res 338 Alfred 
Fisher, F W Co, Paper Box Factory, Reg Mon- 

crieff, mgr, 400 King 
Fisher, Robert Matthew, lab, res 24 Chatham 
Fisher, Irwin, lab, res 55 Bay 
Fitton, Alfred E, prop Prince George Hotel 
Fitzgerald, Wm, constal)le Police Station, res 54 

Fitzgerald, Mary, stenog, Nickle, Farrel & Day, 

Ivs 2>2 L Union 
Fitzgerald, James, packer, Robertson's Ltd, res 

75 Gore 
Fitzgerald, Canon W F, rector St. Paul's, res 238 

h'itzgerald, Eva, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 2)1 L Union 
Fitzgerald, Edward, moulder, Ivs 75 Gore 
Fitzgerald, Marion, Bell Tel. Co. Ivs 75 Gore 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe]^Vave. 




'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 



Fitzgerald, Jas, driver, res 75 Gore 
Fitzgerald. Lillian, clerk, 324 King, res 75 Gore 
Fitzgerald, David, res 32 Union E 
Fitzgibbon, Daniel, retired, res 187 Brock 
Fitzgibbon, Kathleen, housekeeper, 84 Barrie 
Fitzgibbon, Mamie, Ivs 34 Sydenham 
Fitzgibbon, Edward, machinist, res 34 Sydenham 
FitzSimmons, Gertrude, nurse, K.G.H. 
Foden, James, machinist, res 164i/4 Princess 
Fogarty, Lillian (vvid Cornelius), lab, Ivs 234 

Foley, Wm J, com traveller Fenwick & Hendry, 

res 331 Earl 
Foley, Wm T, baggageman, G.T.R. Outer Station 
Foley, Michael, lab, bds 34 Johnson 
Folger, H S, mgr Power Works, res 1 Emily 
Folger, Aileen, Ivs 17 Sydenham 
Folger, Mary (wid Frederick), Ivs 17 Sydenham 
Folger, T Collamer C, mgr Public Utilities, res 

17 Sydenham 
Fowler. Alex, Canadian Immigration Office, 192 

Ontario, res 340 Johnston 
Fong Sing, Chinese Laundry. 383^ Princess 
Fong Bros Laundry, 47 Montreal 
Forbes, Wm, mariner, res 429 Barrie 
Forbes, Martha, Ivs 429 Barrie 
Ford, John T, clerk, Sargent's Drug Store, res 

275 Division 
Ford, Mabel, Ivs "Queensgate", 11 Arch 
Ford, William, teamster, res 64 Livingston 
Ford, George, caretaker, Wellington Academy, 

res 276 Sydenham 
Ford, Geo, foreman, waterworks, res Portsmouth 
Forbes, Herbert, gardiner, res 33 Stephen 
Forte, James, soldier "A" Battery, res 270 Ontario 
Fortt, Edward, Teller Bank of Montreal, bds 252 

Forrester, Eleanor, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 

Forster, Francis, student, Ivs 201 William 
Forster, Patrick, Ivs 201 William 
Forster, John R, journalist British Whig, res 201 

Forrest, Edward J, salesman, bds 348 King E 
Forrest, Jas P, gent's furnishings, 348 King, res 

82 Earl ' 
Forrest, Wm, Davis' Dry Dock, 318 King 
Forrester, Beatrice, nurse K.G.H. 
Foster, Anna, cook, bds 170 Bagot 
Foster, Leonard J, binder Jackson Press, res 531 

Foster, Alfred, clerk, Bibby's Ltd. Ivs 111 Alfred 
Foster. Jessie, maid, 115 William 
Foster, Thos, Vetcraft Sydenham Hospital, res 

24 Earl 
Foster, Annie, Sowards Coal Co, res 70 Queen 
Foster, Rev J W, clergyman, Anglican, res 303 

Foster, Alfred W. salesman Bibby's 
Forsythe, Ralph, mechanic Blue Garages Ltd, Ivs 

Forsythe, Wm, Central Meat Market, Ivs 265 

Forsythe, Daniel, res Portsmouth 

Forsythe, Florence, milliner Gedye's Millinery 

Shop, Ivs Portsmouth 
Forsythe, Beatrice, milliner Gedye's Millinery 

Shop, Ivs Portsmouth 
Forsythe, J Carl, clerk, Newman & Shaw, Ivs 

Forsythe, Thomas, patient, 382 Montreal 
Forsythe, Francis A, engineer. Armouries, res 

178 Montreal 
Forsythe, Andrew, ship carpenter, Davis Dry 

Dock, res 140 CoUingwood 
Foubister, Mary (wid Jas), Ivs 437 Princess 
Foubister, Gladys, Ivs 437 Princess 
Foulkes, Lt-Col John L, headquarters, res "Cal- 

derwood". Union St 
Foulkes, Francesca, Ivs "Calderwood" Union St 
Fournier, J, book-keeper C.L.C., res 374 Albert 
Fournier, Ernest John, soldier Army Service 

Corps, res 23 Rideau 
Fowler, Rose, book-keeper, Louis Abramson's, Ivs 

R.R. No 1, Kingston 
Fowler, Misses, res 249 Brock 
Fowler, Minnie (wid M) res 40 O'Kill 
Fowler, Alice, Ivs 40 O'Kill 
Fowler, John, res 17 Union W 
Fowler, James, retired, res 121 Union W 
Fowler, Annie L, Ivs 121 Union 
Fowler, George, Tannery, Ivs 75 York 
Fowler, Florence, cigar maker, Ivs 75 York 
Fowler, Mabel E, operator Bell Tel Co, Ivs 96 

Fowler, William C, Ivs 70 Wellington 
Fowler, Thos W, Ivs 70 Livingston 
Fowler, Alex, Immigration Inspector, res 340 

Fowler. Doris S, stenog, Ivs 340 Johnson 
Fowler, Michael, engineer C.S.L., res 65 Cherry 
Fowler, William F, plumber, res 50 Bay 
Fowler, Arthur, soldier, bds 96 Rideau 
Fowler, Edward, movie operator, bds 96 Rideau 
Fowler, Herbert, Riding Instructor, res 96 Rideau 
Fowler, Minnie, cigar maker, McGowan's, Ivs 

75 York 
Fox, Morris, painter, res 122 Bagot 
Fox, Jack, painter, res 221 Montreal 
Fox, Joseph, painter, Ivs 221 Montreal 
Fox, Sidney, printer, British Whig, Ivs 240 Wel- 
Fox, George, electrician, res 240 Wellington 
Fox. A. Myrtle, Ivs 221 Montreal 
Frail, Geo, patient, res 535 x\lbert 
Fralick. J C, clerk, Campbell Bros, res 294 Barrie 
Fralick, James B, operator Griffin's, bds 185 Uni- 
versity Ave 
Fralick, Charles E, retired, res 185 University 
Francis, W M, clerk A Chown & Co, Ivs 62 

Francis, John, shoe maker, res 132 CoUingwood 
Francis, Walter R, salesman, W H Cockburn & 

Co, res 134 Victoria 
Francis, Mildred, tailoress, Crawford & Walsh, 
Ivs 12) University 




Get Your 

Rough & Dressed Lumber f}J}^l}i, l' "" t fa?:! 



Francis, Annie (wid John), res 23 University 

Francis. W H, painter, res 35 Sixth 

Francis, Edward, candy maker, W J Crothers, 

Ivs 35 Sixth 
Francis. Alice R, wks Textile Co, bds 356 Mon 

treal St 
Francis. William AI, teamster, R Crawford Coal 

Dealer, res 301 Division 
P'rancis, Frederick J, lab, res 42 Collingwood 
Franklin. George V, agent Manuf Life, res 101 

Franklin. Harve}', clerk, Marshall's Hardware, 

Ivs 101 Frontenac 
Franklin, Etta, cook, bds 157 King 
Franklin, Hilda A, Ivs 125 Beverly 
Franklin, George W, bds 389 Johnson 
Franklin. Charles F, salesman, Patricia Soap Co, 

bds 242 Sydenham 
Franklin, Wm James, retired, res 229 Alfred 
Franklin, Thomas, patient, 282 Montreal 
Frangas, James, employee New York Hat Clean- 
ers, Ivs 208 Princess 
]^>angas, Stephen, Ivs 208 Princess 
Fransisco, George, wks Public Utilities, res cor 

King and Wellington 
Fraser, Wm A, lab, res 667 Princess 
Eraser, Rebecca (wid R A) Ivs 502 Princess 
Fraser, Ella, res 67 Gore 
Fraser, William, watchmaker, 350 King, res 273 

Fraser, Charles, driver, 403-405 King E, res 8 

Quebec St 
Fraser, Isabella (wid Norman), res 174 Earl 
Fraser, John J, res 271 Earl 
Fraser, Helen, res 106 Barrie 
Fraser, Lilly, res 106 Barrie 

Fraser, Victor L, driver S Anglin, res 143 York 
Fraser, James W, teacher K.C.I., res 13 Mack 
Fraser, Arthur O, guard K.P., Ivs 218 Montreal 
Fraser. Stanley K, quarryman, Roddy & Monk. 

res 113 Raglan 
Fraser, William, Locomoti e Fireman C.P.R., 

bds Albion Hotel 
Fraser, Dorothy, spinner Cotton Mill, Ivs 8 Que- 
bec St 
Frasso, Edward F. driver Peter's Flour and Feed 

Store, Ivs 84 Pine 
Fraser, Charles, lab, res 8 Quebec 
Fraser, Stanley King, lab, res 113 Raglan 
Frasso, M, saleslady, Geo Mills, Ivs 97 Earl 
Frasso, Alger, lab Peter's Flour and Feed Store 

Ivs 97 Earl 
Fredrick, Francis L, boiler maker, Queen's, res 

106 York 
Fredrick. A, sailor, Ivs 106 York 
Free, Hugh, postman, Ivs 92 Division 
Free Methodist Church. Rev Miles S Benn, Rector 

Colborne St 
h'reese. Hugh, post clerk, res 94 Division 
Freeman, Elma, student, Ivs 461 Albert 
Freeman. E, nurse, Ivs 461 Albert 
Freeman. Easton, Taxi Driver. Ivs 461 Albert 

Freeman, Harold, post office clerk, Ivs 461 Albert 
Freeman, Frederick, traveller, res 461 Albert 
Freeman, Helena, nurse. Hotel Dieu, bds 235 

Freeman, Miss Evelyn, Operating Room Super- ' 

visor, K.G.H. 
Freeman, Kathleen, nurse, bds 152 Ordnance 
Friendship, Anna, Ivs 106 Victoria 
Friendship, Stanley, Insurance Agent, London '■ 

Life, Ivs 106 Victoria 
Friendship, Frederick, gardener, Ivs 106 Victoria 
Friendship, W, City Advertiser, British Whig, res 

83 Frontenac 
Friendship, Roy, mason, res 1 Park 
Friendship, John, gardener, res 106 Victoria 
Friendship, Chas, gardener, Ivs Bath Road 
Friendship, John & Sons, Grocers, 208-210 Divis- 
ion St 
Frisco Cafe, Charlie Hum, prop, 183 Wellington 
Frizzell, W J, Excise Clerk, Customs House, Ivs 

309 Montreal 
Frizzell, Cora, res 215 William 
Frizzell, S, Batteryman, 400 King E 
Frizzell, Thomas, caretaker, Customs House, Ivs 

309 Montreal 
Frizzell, Francis, C.L.C., Ivs 309 Montreal 
Frizzell, Norval, Ivs 309 Montreal 
Frizze.l, Lucinda (wid Robt), res 309 Montreal 
FRONTENAC HOTEL, James A Hughes, prop. 

Kennedy, mgr, office 159 Wellington 
Frontenac Cafe, Hum Wah, prop, 65 Princess 

SOCIETY, Dr R C Cartwright, mgr, 87 

Clarence St 
Frontenac Club, cor King and William 

mgr, 377 King E 
Frost, Norman, painter, res 86 Raglan 
Frost's Storage Co, 299-305 Queen 
Frost, Norman, painter, res 86 Raglan Rd 
Frost, W G, prop Frost's Storage Co, res 120 

Frost, Alma, nurse, 120 Colborne 
Frost, May, student, Ivs 120 Colborne 
Frost & Wood Implement Office, W F Alarie 

mgr, 82 Barrack 
Frost, John, soldier R.C.H.A., res 17 Up York 
Frizer, Rhoda, dressmaker, bds 176 Clergy 
Fuller, Joseph H, carter, res 39 Concession 
Fuller. Mrs Fanny, cook. British American Hotel 
Fuller Brush Co, H C Burrows, mgr, 84 Brock 
Funnell, Eliz, Ivs 390-392 Princess 
Funnell, Aileen E. stenog. Ivs 184 Barrie 
Funnell, May H, Ivs 184 Barrie 
Funnell, David H, mechanic. Can Loco Co, Ivs 

184 Barrie 
Funnell, Thos H, conductor C.P.R., res 186 Barrie 
Funnell, David J, engineer C.P.R., res 184 Barrie 
Funnell, Bernard, blacksmith Cotton Mill, res 

12 St Catherines 
Fulton, Richard, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 

100 Toronto St 
Furlong, Sarah, (wid Michael), Ivs 163 Division 



PHONE 834 


Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 



Gabriel, Edward J, blacksmith, res 15 Dufferin 
Gage, J R B, Grocery, cor Gore & Wellington, res 

359 Bagot 
Gage, David Benjamin, grocer, res 179 Pine 
Gage's Grocery, D B Gage & Son, cor Montreal & 

Gage, Otis E, res 221 L Rideau 
Gage, Bertram R, elk Gage's Grocery, res 14 John 
Gainsford, Lois, clerk Laidlaw & Son, Ivs 361 Alfred 
Galbraith, Arthur, operator G. T. R.. Ivs 136 Queen 
Gall, Geo, stone-cutter, Ivs 29 Arch 
Gallagher, Frank, taxi driver, 32 Clarence, res 216 

Gallagher, Wm, taxi driver, res 39 Markland 
Gallagher, Emmanuel, carpenter, res 137 Raglan Rd 
Gallagher, (Tot), Ivs 197 King E 
Gallagher, Catherine C, (vvid T). res 197 King E 
Gallagher, John, painter, Ivs 96 Earl 
Gallagher, Marv E, dressmaker, Ivs 96 Earl 
Gallagher, Wm'H. retired, res 398 Albert 
Gallagher, C V, (wid W H), res 107 Stephen 
Gallagher, Agnes, (wid of John), res 9 Johnson 
Gallagher, Wm J, taxi driver, Ivs 103 Pine 
Gallagher, Leo, taxi driver, Ivs 39 Markland 
Gallagher, fireman House of Providence, res 119 

Gallagher, Emmanuel, carpenter, res 137 Raglan Rd 
Gallagher, L, (wid), tchr Robert Meek School, Ivs 

428 Alfred 
Gallery, Wm, elk Burke's Meat Store, Ivs 472 Albert 
Gallery, Josephine, stenog, W G Craig & Co, Ltd, 

Ivs 472 Albert 
Gallery, J Vincent, clerk Hoag's, Ivs 472 Albert 
Gallery, Katherine, (wid Thos), res 472 Albert 
Gallivan, Lily, (wid Ed), Ivs 521 Brock 
Gallivan, Mary, book-keeper, Ivs Barriefield 
Gallivan, Timothy, drug apprentice, M R McColl, res 

139 Colborne 
Gallivan, Michael J, lab res 166 Victoria 
Gallivan, John J, engineer Public Utilities, res 139 

Gallivan, John V, Ivs 139 Colborne 
Gallivan, Mary, nurse, res 285 Alfred 
Gallow, Eva, maid, Dr Hughes, Ivs Wolfe Island 
•Galloway, Edwin, driver, Couper's, res 175 Pine 
Galloway, Christina, (wid Jas), Ivs 98 William 
Gallowav, Robt H, driver Carnovsky's Bakery, res 

175 Pine 
Galloway, Margaret, (wid John), res 75 Pine 
Gamble, A N, clerk, Frontenac Hotel, res 44 Fron- 

Gamble, Caroline, (wid P), Ivs 63 William 
Gamsby, H C. res 317 King W 
Ganjen, Joseph, Ivs Toronto St 
Gannon, Francis, student. Ivs 229 Princess 
Gannon, Wm, works T F Harrison's, res 229 Prin- 
Garbutt. Ida E, stamp vendor Post Office, res 296 


Garden Dance Hall, Miss S Cohan, Instructor, 111 

Gardiner, James E, salesman, W J Crothers', res 190 

Gardiner, Miss Helen, asst book-keeper, Macnee & 
Minnes. Ivs 188 Ordnance 

Gardiner, Elsie M, Ivs 220 Albert 

GARDINER, ROBT J, Dr, office and residence 
cor Wellington and Johnson 

Gardiner, Harriett F, Ivs 68 Johnson 

Gardiner, Arthur T, student, Ivs 68 Johnson 

Gardiner, Helena, (wid John), res 145 Collingwood 

Gardner, Jessie M, nurse, 59 Gore 

Gardner, Edward S, res Concession 

Gardner, Anne, (wid James), Ivs 188 Ordnance 

Gardner, Mary, res 188 Ordnance 

Garland. Alfred, attendant Rockwood Hospital, res 
71 Ordnance 

Garrett, T Richard, Sergt book-keeper Old Colle- 
giate, res 60 Livingston Ave 

Garrett. R W, Dr. res 52 Johnson 

Garrigan, Morris, plumber. 3 Victoria Terrace, Mon- 
treal st 

Garrigan, Wm, steam-fitter Elliott Bros, Ivs 3 Vic- 
toria Terrace, Montreal 

Garrigan, James, printer Whig, Ivs 171 Sydenham 

Garrigan, Bertram G. asst mail-clerk, Whig, Ivs 3 
Victoria Terrace, Montreal St 

Garrigan, Francis E, printer Standard, res 5 Vic- 
toria Terrace, Montreal 

Garrigan, Susan, (wid James) 3 Victoria Terrace, 

Garrigan, Nellie, (wid D), res 1010'/- Union W 

Garrity, Thos, Constable, Police Station, res 61 Bay 

Garrow, John fireman, Ivs 31 King W 

Gartland, Stanley, photographer Weese's Art Store. 
Ivs 307 Bagot 

Gartland. Florence, clerk Jackson-Metcvier Ltd, Ivs 
307 Bagot 

Gartland, Rose, clerk Woolworth's. Ivs 307 Bagot 

Gartland, Margaret (wid Jas), res 307 Bagot 

Garvin, Katherine, res 258 Earl 

Gaskin. Thos. clerk Custom House, res 198 Union W 

Gasoline Service Station, cor Division & Princess 

Gatchell. Joseph, employee Geo Fex._ bds Russell 

Gates, Francis, mason, res 238 Victoria 

Gates. Mrs Elizabeth, maid, 169 Earl 

Gates. Bella, maid. 169 Earl 

Gates. Wm J, carpenter, res 214 Alfred 

Gates, Charles, teacher music, Ivs 214 Alfred 

Gauthier, Theresa (wid of T), res 106 Barrack 

Gavine. Wm J, Upholsterer, 216 Bagot 

Gavine. Mamie, clerk Oddfellows' Relief Office, Ivs 
25 Frontenac 

Gavine. Jessie. Ivs 25 Frontenac 

Gary, Major Hamilton, R C A. Ivs "Calderwood," 
Union St 

Gcdye, Philip V, prop Gedye Millinery, res 2 Ken- 
sington Ave 

Gedye Millinery. Mrs P V Gedye. prop. 178 Welling- 
ton St 

Dr. Bell's Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 


FOR GOOD VALUE GO TO 'Phonc 147 for Ambulance |{ 






Gedye, Philip V, draughtsman, res 2 Kensington Ave 
Gee, Stanley, lineman Bell Telephone, res 66 Arch 
Gee, David, res 29 King W 
Gee, Albert, soldier, R.C.H.A. Ivs 85 Johnson 
Geiger. A G, traveller W G Craig & Co, Ltd, res 

276 Albert 
Geiger, Douglas S. student, Ivs 276 Albert 
Geiger, Herwald Beecher, student. Ivs 276 Albert 
Gelley, Thomas B, instructor R M C, Ivs Sydenham 

Genge, R E, post clerk, res 48 Clergy 
Gengras, William P. res 22 Elgin 
Geogan, K, wks Imperial Laundry, res 32 Clergy 
Geoghegan, Frederick, merchant, Ivs 32 Clergy W 
Geoghegan. Leo, moulder, Ivs 32 Clergy W 
Geoghegan, Wm, engineer CoUingwood Shipbuilding 

Co, res 32 Clergy W 
Geraldi, Ehvood, baker Burns' Bakery, Ivs 475 Prin- 
cess St 
Geraldi. Bert, cleaning, pressing, repairing, Ivs 475 

Princess St 
Geraldi, John L, baker, res 475 Princess 
Geraldi, Russell, baker. Burn's Bakery, res 36 

Clergy W 
Germaine, John, painter, res 54 Ontario 
Gerrison, Herbert, lab, res 40 Ellis 
Getty, Jas, lab. Ivs 45 Concession 
Gibbs. Robert, boiler maker, res 56 Elm 
Gibbs, Frederick, boiler-maker, res 54 Elm 
Gibbs, Geo, boiler-maker, res 38 Sixth 
Gibson, Alice, (wid Wm H), res 681 Princess 
Gibson, Dr William W, surgery, res 85 William 
Gibson, Alice, Ivs 41 Union W 

Gbison, Wally W, Sydenham Hospital, res 151 Union 
Gibson, Sarah. Ivs 41 Union W 
Gibson, Robert. Ivs 189 Earl 
Gibson. Mary, Ivs 189 Earl 
Gibson, Arthur, traveller Can. Brush Co, bds 108 

Gibson, Gladys, nurse. K. G. H. 
Gibson. Nina, nurse. K. G. H, 
Gibson, John E, stereotyper Whig, Ivs Stuart St 
Gibson, Thomas, lab, res 781 Montreal 
Gibson, James F. Dr, physician, (retired), res 336 

Gibson, R Sterling, student, Ivs 336 Barrie 
Gibson. Annie L. nurse, Sydenham Hospital 
Gibson, Alay, nurse, Ivs 128 Johnson 
Cribson. Mary (wid Robt). Ivs 79!^ Quebec 
Gibson, Thomas, lab Davis' Dry Dock, Ivs 781 Mont- 
Gibson, William, machinist C. P. R.. res 22 Vine 
Gibson. Wm J, County Registrar Office. City Build- 
ings, res 213 Queen 
Gibson. Marjory, teacher Sunnysidc. Ivs 458 Division 
Gibson, Constance, book-keeper Simmons' Bros, Ivs 

458 Division 
Gibson, George, carpenter, res 226 Nelson 
Gibson. John, cheese-buyer, res 179 Alfred 
Gibson, John Clarence, student, Ivs 179 Alfred 
Gibson, Arthur H, Manager Dominion Grocery Store, 

Montreal St Branch, Ivs 108 Clergy 
Gilbey, John, guard K. P., res 92 CoUingwood 

Gilbert, Ben, shipper W J Crothers Co, Ltd, res 309 

Gilbert, John, prop Gilbert's Grocery, res "Bellevue" 

Centre St 
Gilbert, J, Grocery (John Gilbert), 194 Barrie 
Gilbert, George J, machinist, res 200 Stuart 
Gilbert, Joseph, physical instructor R. C. R., res 

172 Montreal 
Gilbert, Evelyn, Ivs "Bellevue," Centre St 
Gilbert, William, barber Robb's, Wellington St, bd; 

77 Ordnance 
Gilbert, Margaret, (wid Albert), res 184 Alfred 
Gilbert G Victor, Christian Science Practicioner, Iv 

184 Alfred 
Gilchrist, G C, post clerk, 419 Princess 
Gilchrist, Earl, post clerk, res 419 Princess 
Gilchrist, Joseph, res 100 Pine 
Gilchrist, Carmon, traveller Telford Biscuits, Ivs 34 

Gildersleeve, Mabel, Ivs 45 Gore 
Gildersleeve, Jas P, City Registrar, Office, Court 

House, res 45 Gore 
Gildersleeve. Mary E, (wid Charles), res 199 King 
Gill, Wm, Vice-President Geo Robertson, res 193 

Universitv Ave 
Gill, Sarah. Ivs' 195 Earl 
Gill, Noel, insurance. North American Life, res 8 

Gill, Ernest C, student. Ivs 193 University Ave 
Gill, William, book-keeper Geo. Robertson & Son, 

res 193 Universitv Ave 
Gillan. J, res 101 Clergy W 

Gillespie. Frank, elk Macnee & ]Minnes, Ivs 309 Albert 
Gillespie, Wm, plumber, Simmons Bros, res 337 Divi- 
Gillespie, Albert, clerk Jas Redden & Co, res 77 

Gillespie, Jas, res 309 Albert 
Gillespie, Ethel, Ivs 309 Albert 
Gillespie. Sarah. Ivs 309 Albert 
Gillespie, George H, Col. Inspector of Cadet Corps, 

Ivs 183 University Ave 
Gillespie, Wm. F. soldier R C H A. Ivs 123 Montreal 
Gillespie, Mary (wid James), res 77 Ordnance 
Gillespie, Gilbert E, clerk Redden's Grocery. Ivs 77 

Gillespie, Gertrude E, stenog Queen's, Ivs 77 Ord- 
Gillegan, Earl, driver, res 21 Josci)h 
Gillow. Maggie G, maid. 46 William W 
Gilmour, Retta B, stenog Prudential Insurance Co, 

Ivs 51 Elm 
Gilmore, Robt E, machinist, res 161 Sydenham 
(lilmore, Muriel. Ivs 16 Sydenham 
(lilmore, Evelyn, stenog, Ivs 22 Patrick 
Gilmore. Wallace, carriage-repairer, 232 Wellington. 

res 253 Victoria 
Gilmour, Wm, store-room clerk. Watkin's Mfg Co. 

Ivs 182 Patrick 
Gilmour, Russell, tinsmith Simn-.on's Bros, Ivs 2Zm 

Patrick '■ 

Gilmour, Albert, tool-maker, res 18 William W 
(^limblott, Judson, civil servant. S C R. res 78 North 
(limblett. Douglas, student. Ivs 179 Queen 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pearVIve. 





Kingston, Ont. 

S9-91 Princess Street 


'Phone 418 



Gimblett, Phronia, civil service, SCR, Ivs 179 Queen 
Gimblett, Frances, student, Ivs 179 Queen 
Gimblett, William, retired, res 179 Queen 
Girling, Jesse, machinist, res 17 University Ave 
Givens, Walter, driver^ Ivs 76 Centre 
GIVENS, WM R, Managing Director, Standard, 

res Maitland St 
Givens, Alex C, reporter Whig, Ivs 76 Centre 
Givens, John M, student, Ivs 76 Centre 
Givens, Walter B, Ivs 76 Centre 
Givens, John, lab, res 76 Centre 
Glasgow, Jean, res 44 Clergy 
Glassford, C, car^jenter, res 81 Colborne 
Gleeson, Sarah, Ivs 235 Earl 
Glenn, Charles, driver Carsons', res York 
Glenn, Matthew, chauffeur, res 160 King E 
Glenn, Thomas, mariner Str "Maplehill," Ivs 480 

Gloster, Thos, wks Vetcraft, res 523 Princess 
Glover, Wm. barber Robb's Barber Shop, Ivs 11 

Glover, Albert, grocer Glover's cor Bagot and Earl, 

res 170 Earl 
Glover, Dr William, dentist, King and Johnson, res 

262 King E 
Glover, Geo, wks Davis' Tannery, Ivs 700 Montreal 
Gloyne, Frederick, wks Sydenham Hospital, Ivs 24 

Gobeil, Edward, lab, res 15 Upper Charles 
Godfrey, Charles, driver, Elliott Bros, bds 317 John- 
Godkin, Wm, driver Elliott Bros, res 11 L Alfred 
Godkin, Roy, liveryman Godkin's Livery, res 54 Elm 
Godkin, J D & Son, Livery, 290 Princess 
Gokin, Ford A, liveryman, res 11 Alfred 
Godkin, Enoch, Insurance Agent, res 27 Charles 
GODWIN, W H & SON (Enoch Godwin) Insur- 
ance Agents Excelsior Life, res 39 Brock 
Godwin, Prof Leo F, Prof Queen's, bds 138 King 
Godwin, James J, salesman Fenwick & Hendry, 

res 79 Qu^ebec 
Godwin, Alice (wid Enoch), res 25 Pine 
Godwin, Harold A, guard K P, res 109^2 Alfred 
Godwin, Wm Henry, student K C I, Ivs 14 Nelson 
Godwin, Wm H, mason, Ivs 14 Nelson 
Godwin, Marj-, Ivs 27 L Charles 
Goguel, Charles, soldier R C H A, res 152 Pine 
Going, Mary, Society Editress Whig, bds 189 Earl 
Golden Lion Store House, Clarence St 
Golden Lion Grocery, (Retail). Nicholas E O'Con- 
nor, prop, cor Brock & Wellington 
Goldfinch, Mrs Wm, servant, 70 Barrie, Ivs 29 Pat- 
Goldfinch, Alfred, driver, R S A Co, res 150 Ord- 
Goldfinch, Wm, laborer, res 29 Patrick 
Goldie, Mrs. H R. Ivs 179 Wellington 
Goldman, Karl, peddler, res 391 Division 
Gollon. Ian A. McCoU's Drug Store, bds 178 Clergy 
Golloghy, H. Ivs 38 John 
Golloghy, Jane, (wid John), res 42 Patrick 
Golloghy, Hugh James, blacksmith, res 38 John 
Gommer Leo, re? ,6 Chestnut 

Good, William, gardener Rockwood Hospital, res 
242 Victoria 

Goodearle, Annie G, clerk City Engineer's Office, 

res 157 Bagot 
Goodearle, Emily, book-keeper. City Engineer's Of- 
fice, Ivs 157 Bagot 
Goodenough, Thos, servant, 44 William 
Goodfellow, Rose V, Ladies' Hair Dresser, res 258 

Goodfriend, Anna, nurse, 256 Princess 
Goodfriend, John P, retired, res 173 Raglan 
Goodison, Lillian, Mrs. waitress G. T. R. Restaurant, 

res Kingston Junction 
Goodman, Irene, book-keeper, Ivs 25 King W 
Goodman, Eileen, grocer, 23-25 King 
Goodman, W J, wks C. P. R., res 23-25 King 
Goodman, Michael, lab. res 62 Patrick 
Goodrich, Charles, lab, res 107 York 
Goodrich, Edward J, upholsterer, Ivs 244 University 
Goodrich. Dorothy, wks Imperial Laundry, Ivs 244 

Goodrich, Robert, Bell Telephone Office, res 258 

Goodridge, G, wks Imperial Laundry, Ivs 244 Uni- 
versity Ave 
Goodwin, Alfred J, shoe-repairer, res 279 Montreal 
Godwin^ Shoe Repair Shop, A Goodwin, prop, res 

35 Chrales 
Gordon, Vera, assistant Dr Simpson, Dentist, bds 

133 Raglan Rd 
Gordon. Dr F W, Dentist, Dr C C Nash, Ivs 246 

Gordon, George S, post clerk, res 290 Albert 
Gordon, Claude L, manager C W Lindsay, Ltd, res 

104 Frontenac 
GORDON, JOHN, Mason, K.G.H., res 300 Albert 
Gordon, Lillian A, Student, Ivs 47 Mack 
Gordon, Gertrude J, student, Ivs 47 Mack 
Gordon, William S, res 47 Mack 
Gordon, Daniel M, Dr Rev, res 122 University 
Gordon, Wilhelmina, Queen's University, Ivs 122 

Gordon, J M, Grocery Store, cor Bay and Montreal 
Gordon, J M, prop Grocery Store, res 86 Bay 
Gordon, Amanda, teacher Victoria School, bds 240 

Gordon. Jessie, res 240 Alfred 

Gorley, Ross, electrician, 355 Princess, res 343 Albert 
Gormley, Edward J, printer Standard, res 212 Uni- 
Gossage, Thos, checker, C. P. R. Sheds, Ivs 81 

Gossage, Ilia, dressmaker, Ivs 212 University 
Gott, Joseph, machinist, res 10 St Lawrence 
Goudreau, Geoffrey, traveller Macnee & Minnes. res 

304 Earl 
Goudreau, Z, Com traveller, res 304 Earl 
Gould, Joseph S, retired, res 4 Colborne 
Gourdier, Earl, salesman Gourdier's Fur Store, res 

101 Centre 
Gourdier, Wm F, Furrier, 78-80 Brock St. res cor 

King and Albert 
Gourdier, Marion, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 253 Queen 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

ThatVThe Toye Bread Co. 

BULBS, PLANTS ^ * ^^^^> DI\l\JVJv:> j^^^jj 

Clover, Grasses, Grain 






Gourdier, Louis, wood-carver, res 253 Queen 
Gourley, Isabella, (wid T A ), res 243 Albert 
Gourley, James, Ivs 243 Albert 
Gourley, Christine Miss, patient, 382 Montreal 
Gow, Alban, wks C. P. R. shops, Ivs 41 Bay 
Gow, John E, Dominion Inspector of Bonded Fac- 
tories, 12-14 Market, res 105 L Union 
Gow, Annie, dietition Mowat Hosp, Ivs 105 Union 
Gow, James T, student, Ivs 105 Union 
Gow, Neil, car inspector G. T. R., Ivs 668 Montreal 
Gow, Harold W N, Ivs 668 Montreal 
Gow, Grace K, clerk Moore's Toy Shop, Ivs 668 

Gow, Edward, carpenter S Anglin & Co, res 111 

Gow, Albert W. machinist Cotton Mill. Ivs 111 Bay 
Gowan, Edw B, transferman, Post Office, res 142 

Gowan, Wm H, clerk Can National Exp'ress. Ivs 

142 Bay 
Gowan, Emma N, (wid James), res 142 Bay 
Gowan, Evelyn M, Ivs 142 Bay 
Gowdy, Charles E. wks Davis' Tannery, Ivs 144 

Gowsell, Vera, clerk, Golden Lion Grocery, res 52 

Gowsell, James W, wks Roddy & Monli, 'res 52 

Grace, Frank J, partner Electric Shop, Brock St, 

res yi Mack 
Grady, Annie, asst to secretary. Can Loco Co, Ivs 

cor Earl and Wellington 
Grady, Bridget M. (wid M J), res 68 Earl 
Grady, John M, civil engineer, Ivs 68 Earl 
Graham, Richard M. book-keeper G M MacDonnell, 

res Portsmouth 
Graham. Freda, milliner Queen Millintry Shop, Ivs 

Graham. Douglas, optometrist J J Stewart, bds 204 

Graham. Wm H, traveller, Robertson's Ltd, res 130 

Graham, Catherine. Ivs 476 Brock 
Graham, Roland, student, Ivs 476 Brock 
Graham, Capt Jas, Inspector C. N. R., res 476 Brock 
Txraham, Wm S, agent Manuf Life, res 307 Col- 

Graham, Edward, grocer. 611 Princess, res 393 Brock 
Graham. Robt F, driver Crawford's Grocery, res 

116 L Bagot 
Graham, Alma J. Ivs 126 Bagot 
Graham, Theresa, wks Prince George Hotel 
Graham, Winifred, stenog, Donnelly Wrecking & 

Salvage Co, res Portsmouth 
Graham, Charles, soldier A. S. C, Ivs 110 Clarence 
Graham, Norman, tinsmith Elliott Bros. Ivs 142 Ord- 
Graham, John, tinsmith Elliott Bros, res 142 Ord- 
Graham, Nellie, dressmaker Steacy's, Ivs v380 ."Mbert 
Graham, Sarah, dressmaker Steacy's, Ivs 380 Albert 
Graham, P S, Electrical Contractor. 426 Princess 

Graham. Harvey, driver Geo Robertson Co, res 128 

Union W 
Graham, Henry A, res 382 Albert 
Graham, Addie, book-keeper, Ivs 382 Albert 

Graham, Etta, Ivs 382 Albert 

Graham, Robt S, storekeeper Rockwood Hospital, 

res 236 Albert 
Graham, Grace, (wid of Isaac), res 66 Barrie 
Graham, William, carter, res 43 Concession 
Graham, Ethel, nurse K. G. H. 
Graham, Edna, nurse K. G. H. 
Graham. Stanley M, prof Queen's, res 95 Centre 
Graham, John F, tinsmith Elliott Bros, res 142 Queen 
Graham, Catherine (wid Thos), res 264 Sydenham 
Graham, Robt J, res 24 Patrick 
Graham, Wm R, res 75 Ordnance ^ 

Graham, John, lab Public Utilities, res Portsmouth 
G. T. R. City Depot. Ontario St 
Granger, Jas F. machinist, Loco Wks. res 165 Bagot 
Granger, James, Contractor, res 527 Princess 
Granger, Mary, Ivs 67 Union 
Grant, Wm T, grocer, Ivs 525 Brock 
Grant's Grocery, cor Brock and Nelson 
Grant, Jessie M, Ivs 525 Brock 
Grant, Geo. wks Tile Works, res 360 Bagot 
Grant, La Roy F, Major, Prof R. M. C, res 5 

Winston Apts. 56 Earl 
Grant. Dorothy, stenog. Street Railway Office, Ivs 

106 Alontreal 
Grant, James A. res 106 Montreal 
Grant, Barnabas J, Ivs 452 Johnson 
Grant, E L, clerk C. P. R. Roundhouse, res 6 Al- 

wington Ave 
Grant. Earl, clerk. Bank of Toronto, res 7 Rideau 
Grant. Rose, Mrs. Ivs 7 Rideau 
Grant. Wm G, lab. C. P. R. Roundhouse, res 65 Col- 

Grand Opera House, D P Branigan, Mgr, 218 Prin- 
Grand Cafe, Peter Lee, prop, 222 Princess 
Granite Club. 172 Wellington 
Grass, Lewis, wks Weber's Piano Factory, res 325 

Gratton. Mary, stenog Imperial Optical Co, Ivs 75 

Gratton, Joseph, supt Richardson's Elevator, res 75 

Gratton, Wilfred, student, Ivs 75 Queen 
Gratton, Mary, (wid Peter), res 128 Division 
Gray. Charles W, salesman, res 13 Frontenac N 
Graves, Wm D, express clerk Custom House, res 537 

Graves, Stanley, student. Ivs 404 Brock 
Graves. Mrs, Ivs 404 Brock 
Graves. -A., polisher Weber Piano Factory, res 234 


Graves. Edith (j, stenog Canadian National Express, , 

Ivs 573 Princess j 

Graves, Maud H.. Ivs 573 Princess \ 

Graves, Stephen, tinsmith Graves' Bros, Ivs 16 Fron- j 

Graves Bros, Plumbers and Tinsmiths. 211 Princess 1 
Graves, Geo, plumber, res 10 Frontenac 

J. K. Carroll Agency FIRE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 INSURANCE 

We Clean 


and do it well 

•PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 



Graves, Frederick 11, manager Canadian National 
Express, res 394 Princess 

Gray, Jack clerk, Ivs 415 Johnson 

Gray, David, lab, res 19 Russell 

Gray, Lena, nurse, K. G. H. 

Gray, John, Ivs 415 Johnson 

Gray, Peter, ri"s 415 Johnson 

Gray, Mayme A, teacher, Ivs 415 Johnson 

Gray, Thomas, retired, res 58 Alma 

Gray, Elizabeth, Ivs 58 Alma 

Gray, Ellen, Ivs 58 Alma 

(iray, John, engineer, Ivs 58 Alma 

Gray, David, driver R Crawford, Ivs 19 Russell 

Gray. Joseph Berton, lab Palmer's Garage, res 131 

Gray, R, Q M S, res Barriefield 

Great War Veterans' Association Club Rooms, Dr 

Daniel Volume, President, 67 Princess 
' Greaza, Pauline, Ivs 182 Wellington 

Greaza, Miss Emma V, Millinery Shop, 182 Welling- 
ton, res 182 Wellington, (upstairs). 

Green, John, butcher, 74 Brock, res Bath Road 

Green, Samuel, butcher 74 Brock, res 574 Princess 

Green, Edward, manager Peters' Feed Store, res 519 

Green, Harvey, driver Geo Robertson & Son, Ltd, 
res 128 Union 

Green, Wm, post clerk, 94 Elm 

Green, Reta, Ivs 574 Princess 

Green, Edward, caretaker City Buildings, Ivs 313 

Green, Edward A, lab, bds 311 Montreal 

Green, Nellie, cook, Ivs 140 Beverly 

Green, William, post clerk, res 92 Elm 

Green, Frederick, carter, res 50 Elm 

Green, Wm T, soldier, bds 61 Elm 

Greene, Mary. Ivs 214 Union W 

Gregory, John, Electrician Newman Electric Co, res 

Gregson, Leslie, lab, res 38 Clarence 

Greenhalgh, Edward, wks Textile Co, Ivs 700 Mont- 

Greenhalgh, Mary Ann (wid of Frederick), res 700 

Greenhouse, Robert, wks in Vetcraft, res 1 Scott 

Greenless. Robt, foreman Blue Garages, Ltd, res 401 

Greenless, John, res 284 Albert 

Greenless, Elva, teacher McDonald School, Ivs 198 

Greenless, Robt F, res 198 Albert 

Greenwood, Alice, w^eaver Textile Co, bds 480 Mon- 

Greenwood , Richard, lab Tannery, res 4 River 

Grenier, Alfred Albert, res 61 Stanley 

Greer, Jane, Ivs 368 Bagot 

Greer, Garnett, Major, Headquarters, res 254 
King E 

Greer, Sarah, (wid of Roger), res 327 Johnson 

Gray. Charles A. clerk, Ivs 13 Frontenac 

Grey, Reginald, bds 270 University Ave 

Grey, Charles, wks Queen's University, res 138 Col- 

Grifl'in, Kliz, (wid of Joseph), res 202 Montreal 
Griffin Theatre, 250-252 Princess 
Griffin, Bertha, nurse K. G. H. 
•Grigg, Emily J, nurse, bds 164 King E 
Grigg, Arthur, res 4 Lower Rideau 
Grimm, J H, candy-maker, Ivs 126 Johnson 
Grimm, N Roy, merchant res 126 Johnson 
Grimm Bros, Ice-Cream and Confectionery Store, 

102 Princess 
Grimm, William C, res 121 William 
Grimason, Anna, Ivs 168 University Ave 
Grimason, Thomas, res 168 University Ave 
Grimason, Marion, Ivs 168 University Ave 
Grimshaw, Russell, carpenter, res 72 L Bagot 
Grimshaw, Richard H, plumber, bds 247 Victoria 
Grimshaw, Bert, res 247 Victoria 
Grimshaw, James, res 14 Colborne 
Grimshaw, Ray, wks Public Utilities, bds 14 Colborne 
Grimshaw, Gertrude E, Ivs 284 Division 
Grimshaw, S A, contractor, res 284 Division 
Grimshaw, Frank, res 237 Division 
Grimsley, John, driver Masoud's, res 39 Bagot 
Grimwood, Walter, driver Glover's Grocery, res 66 

Up Charles 
Grogan, Catherine, (wid John), underneath St 

John's Separate School 
Groom, Herbert, engineer Mowat Hospital, res 13 

Up York 
Grooms, John C. carpenter, res 44 Division 
Groves. Harry, lab, Macdonnell St 
Guess' Livery, cor Brock and Bagot Sts 
Guess, Leighton E, prop Guess' Livery, res 381 Brock 
Guess, Amanda, (wid of Francis), dressmaker, res 

129 Bagot 
Guess, Anna, (wid of Wilmot), res 368 Barrie 
Guess, Ernest, carpenter, res 15 Rideau 
Guernsey, Harry, employed with W C Bruton, res 

11 Ellis 
Guernsey, Henry G, driver Bruton coal and wood, 

res 11 Ellis 
GUILD, LEMAN A, Editor and Managing Dir- 
ector Whig, res 33 Division 
Guild, Helen, clerk Whig, Ivs 33 Division 
Guild, Mildred, stenog Mowat, Ivs 291 Johnson 
Guild, Winifred, teacher, Ivs 33 Division 
Guild, William T, plumber, Ivs 29 L Charles 
Guild, R Elizabeth, Ivs 29 L Charles 
Guilcf, Christine, clerk Laidlaw's. Ivs 29 L Charles 
Guild, Rebecca (wid of John), res 29 L Charles 
Guirey, Vincent, clerk, 322 King, res Raglan Road 
Guirey, John, locomotive engineer, C. P. R.. res 225 

Guirey, John J, book-keeper, Ivs 42 Up Charles 
Guirey, Francis J, book-keeper, bds 104 Rideau 
Guirey, Daniel, engineer, C. P. R., res 98 Raglan 
Guirey, Kathleen, Ivs 98 Raglan 
Guirey, Leonard, Ivs 98 Raglan 
Gummer, William, res 20 Carlisle 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Bell's cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations ^ream for chapped Hands, &c. 


'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Glimmer, Prof Cuthbert, Queen's University, res 

143 Collingwood 
Gunn, John B, lab, res 8 Corrigan 
Gunn, Frederick, res 8 Thomas 
Gunste, Alexander, lab, res 105 Stephen 
Guy, Harry J, Custom House, res 87 Division 
Gurd, Mary E, (wid of J L), Ivs 185 Johnson 
Gurden, Alice, maid, 442 Albert 
Gurney, Reginald, Ivs 26 Clergy W 
Gwatkin, John James, post clerk, res 438 Alfred 
Gwatkin, Emma, book-keeper, Robertson's Crockery 

Store, Ivs 438 Alfred 


Hackett, Joseph, carter, res 358 Bagot 
Hackett, William, agent, 332 King, res 69 Ordn- 
ance St 
Hackett, Damon. Contractor, res 322 Queen 
Hacock, Sanford M, Fox-breeder, Alaska Silver 

Fox, res 107 Victoria 
Haffie, Muriel, nurse, K.G.H. 
Haffner, Phil T, retired, res 394 Brock 
Hafifner, Gertrude, Ivs 834 Princess 
Haffner, Fred A, Assessor Income Tax Office, 

res 146 Frontenac 
Haffner, Thelma, nurse, Ivs 75 Division 
Haffner, Thos, carpenter, res 75 Division 
Haffner, Katherine (wid Philip), res 409 Johnson 
Hagan, George, Sydenham Hospital, res 6 Orch- 
ard St 
Hagedorn, Florence. Ivs 228 Johnson 
Hagerman. Wm O,- Taxi Driver, res 69 Colborne 
Hagerman, Harold S, teller. Standard Bank, bds 

yj Union 
Haggerty, John, driver, Harkness, Ivs 461 Johnson 
Haggerty, Annie, machinist, Geo Mills, Ivs 461 

Haggerty, Lena J, maid, bds 15 Union W 
Haggerty, Wm, machinist, Locomotive Works, 

res 461 Johnson 
Haggerty, John, carpenter, res 183 Division 
Hague, Geo E. retired, res 132 University 
Hague, Winnifred, Ivs 132 University 
Hague, H Louise, Ivs 132 University 
Haine, Sarah, wks W J Crothers Co, bds 119 

Haingy, Frederick, painter, S Anglin & Co, bds 

91 Rideau 
Haines, Gordon, wks G.T.R., res 114 Barrack 
Haines, Helen, assistant Dr. Waugh, Ivs 332 

Haley, Mary, waitress Royal Hotel 
Hall, Wm, Sergt. Maj. soldier, res 148 L Bagot 
Hall, Samuel, fireman No 1 Station 
Hall, Bertha, dental assistant, Dr J Leonard 

Walsh, res above Fire Station 
Hall, John, fireman No 1 Station, res above 

Hall, Percy H, clerk Sutherland's, Ivs 331 K Brock 
Hall, Stanley C, res 25 Sixth 
Hall, Kate, dressmaker, Ivs 229 Barrie 
Hall, David, plumber, 66 Brock St, res 206 Alfred 

Hall, Helen, clerk, 66 Brock St, Ivs 206 Alfred 

Hall, William James, res 28 Plum 

Hall, W Henry, butcher, Anderson Bros, Ivs 331^4 

Hall, Charles H, plumber, res 157 Alfred 
Hall, Marian (wid Samuel), milliner, 174 Wel- 
lington St 
Halmshaw, Emmie, stenog, Ivs 25 University 
Halmshaw. Herbert, Sergt, soldier R.M.C., res 

25 University 
Halpin, Margaret, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 

Brock St 
Hales, Mary L (wid Wm), Ivs 118 Gore 
Hallam. Alfred, servant R.M.C., res Zl James 
Hallam, Alfred, pressman, Jackson Press, res 37 

Hallett, Alfred, machinist, res 206 Rideau 
Halliday, Jas, post clerk, res 39 Sixth 
HALLIDAY ELECTRIC CO, 46-50 Princess, 

Jas Halliday, prop, res Portsmouth 
Halliday, Ed, res 129 William 
Halliday, John. Electric Co, 355 Princess, res 

Halliday, Wm, res 103 Frontenac 
Halliday, JaS, post clerk, 39 Sixth 
Halliman, Mary H, res 107 Wellington 
HalHman, Helen, dressmaker, Ivs 107 Wellington 
Hallowell, F (wid Henry), res 216 Earl 
Hazlett, Howard, engineer, Ivs 474 Brock 
Hazlett, Thos, marine engineer, res 474 Brock 
Hambrook, Evelyn, clerk, Jackson-Metevier, Ivs 

62 Wellington 
Hamljrook. Fred, works Queen's Cafeteria, res 

62 Wellington 
Hambrook, Fred. Kingston Milling Co, bds 29 

Brock St 
Hamilton, Eleanor, dietition K.G.H., bds 41 

Hamilton, Wm. G. grocer. 647 Princess 
HAMILTON, SAMUEL, (Taylor & Hamilton), 

res 411 Princess 
Hamilton, Alan, B.Sc, Queen's University. Ivs 

230 Brock 
Hamilton, Major J, retired, res 230 Brock 
Hamilton, Isobel, stenog, Manuf Life Ins Office, 

Ivs 302 Collingwood 
Hamilton, J E, optician, 342 King, res 2 Raglan 

Hamilton, Margaret (wid Wm), res 718 Princess 
Hamilton, Rliena, Ivs 387 Division 
Hamilton, Henry, clerk. A Smith's, Ivs 387 Div- 
Hamilton, Fred S. Kingston Milling Co, bds 

Berrigan Hotel 
Hamilton, Ernest, liveryman, Finkle's, res Div- 
ision St 
Hamilton, Mary, wks Grimm Bros, bds 288 Barrie 
Hamilton, Harold, salesman Newman & Shaw's, 

res 525 Albert 
Hamilton, Thos, Bicycle Machinist, res 23 Upper 

Main St 
Hamilton, Isabelle (wid Colin), res 290 Earl 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 

COOK'S AUTO SERVICE'"*' '^^'j;5j^^^J^J''°^° 

and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or night 



Hamilton, Thomas, night clerk. British American 

Hotel, Ivs 263 Queen 
Hamilton, John, lab, res 387 Division 
Hamilton. Maud, (wid Wm), res 302 Collingwood 
Hamilton, Margaret (wid David), res 444 Johnson 
Hamilton. William, res 268 Johnson 
Hamilton, William, wks Tannery, res 20 Stephen 
Hamilton, Jas. res 25 Stephen 
Hamilton. John, Ivs 23a Main 

Hamilton, David, engineer R.M.C., res 23a Main 
Hamilton. Foster C. House Surgeon Hotel Dieu 
Hamilton. J Ernest, optometrist. J S Asselstine, 

res 2 Raglan Rd 
Hamilton, Geo, farmer, Ivs 23 Sixth 
Hamilton, Margaret Mary, forelady, Woolworth's. 

Ivs 147 Pine 
Hamilton, Wm E. driver, res 147 Pme 
Hamilton, Frank H, plumber, res 131 Alfred 
Hamilton, A, Govt Inspector, bds 225 Bagot 
Hampton, Henry, retired, res 45 Arch 
Hammond. Edward, clerk, Randolph Hotel, res 

168 Bagot 
Hammond, Thomas, clerk, Sydenham Hospital, 

Ivs 168 Bagot 
Hammond, Joseph, Ivs 168 Bagot 
Hammond. Edward J. whs Public Utilities, Ivs 

168 Bagot 
HAMMOND, WILFRED L, printer, 318 King 

E. bds 243 University 
Hancock, Thos, decorator, res 55 Bagot 
Handler, Mary, clerk R.R. Shoe Co, Ivs 25 Col- 
borne St 
Handler, Z, Dry Goods, 284 Princess, res 25 Col- 
borne St 
Handler, Edith, student, Ivs 25 Colborne 
Handley, Wm H, clerk, Tannery, Ivs 47 Markland 
Handley, Wm H (Jr), wks Tannery, Ivs 47 Mark- 
Handley, John Herbert, Ivs 47 Markland 
Hanley, Nellie, Ivs 109 Wellington 
Hanley, Minnie, nurse, Ivs 109 Wellington 
Hanley, Archibald, retired, res 109 Wellington 
Hanley, A Columbus, mgr Can Nat Telegraph, 
res 81 Wellington 

Hanley, Vincent C, clerk. Can Nat G T Agency 

res 65 Earl 
Hanley, Jas S, clerk. Can Nat G. T. Ticket 

Agency, Ivs 67 Earl 
Hanley, Clarence, driver Lemon & Sons, res 9 

Hanley, Gardiner, drug clerk, Dr J Fisher, Ivs 9 

Hanley, Jas, res 73 Gore 
Hanley, Mary A, Ivs 73 Gore 
Hanley, Mrs Jas S, Ivs 67 Earl 

Hanley, Joseph P, City Passenger and Ticket 

Agent, res 67 Earl 
Hanley. Cleary. clerk G.T.R., res 65 Earl 
Hanley. Hazel, nurse, K.G.H. 

Hanley, Archibald Father Rev, Rector St Mary's, 

res 225 Johnson 
Hanley, Lucinda {wid William), res 83 Quebec 
Hanlon, Helen, saleslady, 356 King 
Hanlon, Bernard J. res 88 Division 
Hanlon, Agnes A. Ivs 88 Division 
Hanlon, Joseph B, student, Ivs 88 Division 
Hanlon, Anna, Ivs 88 Division 
Hanlon, Frederick, lab, res 41 Main 
Hannay, Geo A, lab, res 15 Division 
Hannay. William, painter. Orange Hall, Ivs 15 

Hanscombe, William, retired, Ivs 171 Raglan 
Hansen. Matthew, prop Lake Ontario Brewery, 

res 74 W^ellington 
HANSON, CROZIER & EDGAR, Printers, 18- 

20 Market St 
HANSON, GEORGE, (Hanson, Crozier & Edgar, 

Printers, 18-20 Market), res 251 Barrie 
Hanson, Thomas, Tailor, Crawford & Walsh, res 

182 Bagot 
Hansen. Matthew, prop Anglo American, res cor 

Wellington and Earl 

Hanson, Laura, Cashier Allen Theatre, Ivs 226 
Raglan Rd 

Hanson, George, book-keeper Public L'tilities, res 

1 Corrigan 
Hanson, Harold, Street Car Conductor, Street 

Railway Co, res 226 Raglan 
Hasler, William, driver Imperial Oil Co. res 73 

Hasler. Pearl, clerk Geo Masoud's Ice Cream 

Parlour, Ivs 73 Main 
Haslip, Willa, Jas Redden & Co. Ivs 42 Montreal 
Hastings, Miss M, res 291 Brock 
Hastings, Thomas, retired, Ivs 291 Brock 
Hastings. Harriett (wid Michael) housekeeper, 

311 University 
Hastings. Harriet (wid William), res 311 Queen 
Harcourt. Florence (wid Herbert), Ivs 38 Alma 
Harding, Helen (wid Geo), bds 571 Princess 
Harding, Alfred Geo, soldier, res 23 Plum 
Harding, Edmund, lab, res 247j4 Earl 
Harkness, Fred, foreman W J Crothers Co Ltd, 

res 689 Montreal 
Harkness, James, butcher. Green Bros, Brock St, 

res 857 Princess 
Harkness, Harry, Meat Market, 221 Wellington, 

res 63 Frontenac North 
Harkness, W T, Senior Post Clerk, Post Office. 

res 83 Gore 
Harkness. Kathleen M, student, Ivs 83 Gore 
Harkness, Mabel L, Ivs 127 Beverly 
Harkness, Eliza A, Ivs 127 Beverly 

LA. STERLING ?t"?f«*"«s 

209 Princess Street 




'Phone 147 for Service 




Harkness, Kate, (wid William), res 689 Montreal 
Harkness Meat Market, cor Queen and Welling- 
ton Sts 
Marker (Mrs) M A, bds 44 Clergy 
Harling, Herbert D, clerk CNR Uptown Office, 

217 Princess, bds 36 Division 
Harling, Harold C, clerk Can Nat G T Ofifice, 

Ivs cor Johnson and Albert 
Harmer, Allan C, chauffeur, British American Oil, 

res 728 Montreal 
Harnden, Thos, res 57 Union W 
Harold, Francis William, upholsterer, 291^ Prm- 

cess, res 104 Clergy 
Harold, Mary (wid H), Ivs Winston Apts No 3, 

56 Earl 
Harold, Jessie, nurse, Ivs Winston Apts No 3, 

56 Earl 
Harold, Kathleen, nurse, Ivs Winston Apts No 3, 

56 Earl 
Harold. Gertrude, teacher, Ivs 104 Clergy 
Harold, Frank, upholsterer, Ivs 104 Clergy 
Harold, David O, contractor, res 104 Clergy 
Harold, Jessie, res 178 University 
Harold, Ella, res 178 University 
Harold, Margaret, Ivs 15 Nelson 
Harold, Mary, Ivs IS Nelson 
Harpell, Willet R, carter, res 258 Nelson 
Harpell, Martha, fur finisher, Gourdiers, Ivs 545 

Harpell, Allen E, wks MacCallum Granite Co, res 

135 Chatham 
Harpell, Jacob, lab, res 47 Main 
Harpelle, Gladys, clerk, W G Hamilton Co, 258 

Harpelle, Ross (wid Joseph), res 326 University 
Harper, Fred, engineer W J Crothers Co Ltd, res 

89 Bay 
Harper, Mrs M, saleslady Geo Mills & Co, Ivs 

327 Johnson 
Harper. Robt N, orderly Sydenham Hospital, res 

11 Pembroke 
Harper, Clarence J, Supt Davis' Tannery, rse 11 

Harper, Maud (wid Fred), res 327 Johnson 
Harrigan, John, wks Broom Factory, res 75 

Harris, Mary (wid Jas), res 336 Brock 
Harris, Richard, transfer agent. Post Office, res 

468 Brock 
Harris, Wm, baker W J Crothers Co Ltd, res 

166 York 
Harris, Barton, policeman, res 184 Bagot 
Harris, R W, Transferman, Post Office, 474 Brock 
Harris, Thos, plumber Elliott Bros, res Johnson 
Harris, James, electrician. Newman Electric, res 

449 Johnson 
Harris, Lt-Col Alex E. res 183 William 
Harris, Florence S (wid E) Ivs 183 William 
Harris. A G, University Drug Store, 258 Univer- 
sity ; res 374 Earl ; Public Telephone Station, 

1900; C. P. R. Telegraph 
Harris, Edward, moulder, Ivs 166 York 

Harris, May, furier, Gourdier's, Ivs 166 York 
Harris, Ernest, bds 243 Earl 
Harrison, Stanley J, salesman, bds 391 Earl 
HARRISON, T F Co Ltd, Furniture, Carpets, 

Pianos, 229-237 Princess 
Harrison, Ernest, baker, res 228 Raglan 
Harrison, Thos F, engineer, Ivs 176 Rideau 
Harrison, Thos J, bricklayer, res 176 Rideau 
Harrison, George, soldier, res 216 Sydenham 
Harrison, Edward, lab, res 3 Corrigan 
Hart, Henry R, book-keeper Swift's Coal Co, res 

79 Wellington 
Hart H, Inspector Weights and Measures. 12-14 

Market, res 79 Wellington 
Hart, John, ship carpenter, res 18 Sixth 
Hart, Zita, student, Ivs 18 Sixth 
Hart, Charles R, guard K P, res 4 Centre 
Hart, Frederick, res 186 Rideau 
Hart, Susanna, (wid H R), Ivs 157 Pine 
Harten, Miss, seamstress, Livingston's, Ivs 160 

Hartman, Violet, milliner E V Greaza's, Ivs 460 

Hartman, Gerald, liveryman, Godkin's Livery, 

res 290 Princess 
Hartman. Walter J, res Drayton 
Hartman, Sarah E, stenog Fenwick & Hendry, 

Ivs 152 Sydenham 
Hartman, Hilburt, Ivs 460 Division 
Hartman, Nelson, res 460 Division 
Hartman, Hilda, Ivs 460 Division 
Hartman, James, carpenter, res 297 Queen 
Hartman, Delos C, lab Dicky & Co, res 27 James 
Hartrick, Charlotte, Tailoress, McKay's, Ivs 

Hartrick, Doris M. stenog. City Auditor's Office, 

Ivs 152 Division 
Hartrick, Edward J, mgr Hydro Shop, res 152 

Hartrick, Jennie, maid, 31 King E 
Hartrick, Frederick M, electrician, 355 King, res 

Hartrick, Wm J, retired, res 466 Barrie 
Harty. Hon Wm, Financier. Office 151 Welling- 
ton, res 107 Bagot 
Harty. Wm (Jr), Director Can Loco Wks, res 

"Roselawn", Union St 
Harvey, W J C, retired, res 27 Wellington 
Harvey, Charles B S, typewriter repairer, J R C 

Debits, res 138 Union 
Harvey, R R F, mgr Bank of Montreal, Ontario 

St Branch, res 81 L Union 
Harvey, Marjorie, stenog Brank of Montreal, Ivs 

138 Union 
Harvey, Carl, S C R. res 221 Earl 
Harvey, William, soldier Sydenham Hospital, res 

85 Beverly 
Harvey, Ellen, Ivs 85 Beverly 
Harvey, Harold, contractor, res 381 Alfred 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service , 

Dealer in 

Cor. King & Queen Sts. 



Haunts, James, machinist Sydenham Hospital, 

res 202 Alfred 
Haunts, Harry, ofificer K.P., bds 138 Ordnance 
Hawkey, Joseph T. Governor County Jail, res 

"Court Place" Barrie 
Hawkins, Hicks, druggist, res 70 L Bagot 
Hawkins, Alva, night porter, British American 

Hawkins, Reginald, clerk, Luckin's Meat Market. 

Ivs 627 Princess 
Hawkins, Moses, wks Robertson's Ltd, res 260 

Hawkins, Reginald, wks Davis Dry Dock, res 17 

Hawkins, Arthur, machinist, Ivs 17 Nelson 
Hawkins, Reginald A, wks Davis Dry Dock, Ivs 

245 Victoria 
Hawley, Wm J, book-keeper Can Nat Telegraph, 

res 109 Princess 
Hawley, W, Post Office Clerk, bds 413 Johnson 
Hawley, Harry M, mgr Stroud Bros. 109 Princess 
Hawley. Clarence, res 20 Earl 
Hawthorne, Katherine (wid James), bds 155 

Hay, Ann (wid Alexander), Ivs 391 Brock 
Hay, A Cameron, retired, res 224 Frontenac 
Hay, William D, Dr, lecturer Medical College, 

bds 169 Stuart 
Hay, John, res 389 Johnson 
Haydon. James, retired, res 175 Johnson 
Hayes, James G, machinist, res 161 Stuart 
Hayes, Mary (wid Frank) Ivs 243 Patrick 
Hayes, Archibald, machinist, res 11 St Catherine 
Hayes. Richard, lab S Anglin & Co. res 61 Elm 
Hayes, Anthony, Ivs 61 Elm 
Hayman, Harry, yard man, Soward's, res 52 Place 

D'Arms St' 
Hayman, Frank, butcher, x\nderson Bros, res 112 

Hayman, Lawrence, opr King Edward, Ivs 52 

Place D'Armes 
Hayman, Harvey, lab, Ivs 52 Place D'Armes 
Hayman, Frederick, asst opr King Edward, Ivs 

52 Place D'Armes 
Haymer, Frank, driver, Anderson Bros, res 112 

Haynes, Wallace H. guard K.P., res 74 L Bagot 
Haynes, S L, seamstress, Livingston's, Ivs cor 

Earl and Division 
Hayter, Ethel (wid), bds 138 Colborne 
Hayward, John, carpenter, res 10 Sixth 
Hayward, Minnie W, tchr, bds 444 Albert St 
Hayward, Rhoda, tchr Louise schl, bds 444 Albert 
Hayward, Wm J, carpenter, res 99 Elm 
Hazelton, Robert, res 260 Frontenac 
Hazlett, Geo, res 167 Frontenac 
Hazlett, Wm, engineer C.S.L., res 83 Clergy W 
Hazlett. Carey, Ivs 83 Clergy W 
Head, William T, lab. bds 114 Johnson 
Head. E P, Optometrist, 338 King St 
Healey, Sarah (wid Thos), nurse. Ivs 286 Queen 
Healey, Agnes, maid, 169 LTniversity 
Healey, Elizabeth (wid H).' Ivs 43 Stephen 
Healey, Ella, maid, bds 143 King W 

Healey, Kate, cook, 55 George 

Healey, Thos, clerk Custom's Ofifice, res 57 Arch 

Hearn, Joseph, res 6 Victoria Terrace, Montreal 

Heart, Emily (wid J R), res 42 Raglan 

Heaslip, John, l)arber. 42 Montreal 

Heaslip, Efifie, tailor, Crawford & Walsh. Ivs 42 

Heaton, J, res 88 Gore 

Hebert. Charles, painter, res 26 Plum 

Hebert, Louis, res 7 Plum 

Hebert, Frederick, post clerk, P.O., res 5 Plum 

Hedley. Wm P. tchr K.C.I., bds 189 CoUingwood 

HefYerman, Jos A, trvlr McKay's, res 1 Prime 

Hefferen, Katherine, Ivs 172 Bagot 

Hefifner. George, mason, res cor Durham and 
Macdonnell Sts 

Hefford. Chas, wks Sydenham Hospital, res 64 

Hegadorn, Isabel (wid Leo). l)ds 107 Queen 

Hegadorn, Isabel, (wid Sydney), Ivs 426 Division 

Hegadorn, Jessie, Ivs 776 Prinoess 

Heggnan, Evelyn, Ivs 428 King 

Heinz, Wm. dr Hogan's Meat Shop, bds 36 Ellis 

Helsby, William, presser, Frontenac Floor cS: Tile 
Co, Ivs 37 Hickson Ave 

Helsby, Richard, engineer, Frontenac Floor &: 
Tile Co. res 37 Hickson Ave 

Hembry. Henr\'. res 17 Pine 

Hemming. Alargaret (wid T. D. R.) res 47 George 

Hemshaw, Herbert A, driver. City Delivery, Ivs 
288 Barrie 

Hemsle3% L C. prop Hemsley Watch Repair Shop, 
149 Sydenham, res 730 Princess. 

Hemsley, Charles G, watchmaker, 730 Princess 

Henderson, Geo. caretaker. Bell Tel Co, res 306 Earl 

Henderson, Robt, managing Editor, Standard, res 
385 Johnson 

Henderson, Margaret (wid G B) res 40 Elm 
Henderson, Jas E, dr Anderson Bros, res 97 Bay 
Henderson, Walter C. dr W G Craig & Co, res 

127 Colborne 
Henderson, Jas R, Ivs 124 Raglan 
Henderson, Ruth H, opr Bell Tel, Ivs Portsmouth 
Henderson Richard J, trvlr, res 443 Johnson 
Henderson. Herbert, stone cutter, Ivs 69 Stephen 
Henderson. Jane (wid Thos), res 69 Stephen 
Henderson, Jas R, grocer, res 117 Earl 
Henderson, Ellen, student. Ivs 74 Union E 
Henderson, Wm G, carpenter, res 74 Union E 
Henderson's Grocery 59-61 Brock, res 117 Earl 
Henderson, Robt S, lab, gen, res 124>4 L Bagot 
Henderson, Jane, res 70 L Bagot 
Hendry, Alica Maud, bk-kpr, Ivs 74 Earl 
Hendry, Amlirose H, Ivs 23 Frontenac 
HENDRY, JAMES, mgr Singer Sewing Machine, 

res 23 Frontenac 
Hendry, Jean, bk-kpr Dr Nash, Ivs 74 Earl 
Hendry, Archie, res 74 Earl 

Hendry, Agnes, elk Mcintosh's, Ivs 23 Frontenac S 
Hennessey, Mary, maid, Frontenac Hotel 
Hennesse}', Alartha, res 83 York 
Henry, Hul)crt, plumber McKelvey & Birch, Ivs 

342 Division 
Henrj% John, carpenter, res 342 Division 

T A ^TFRI INr, Store Fixtures 

209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. ~~^~~ 



Henr}-, Walter J, road master C.P.R., res 171 

Henry, Bertha, spinner Cotton Mill, Ivs 46 James 
Henry, David, carter, Nolan Coal & Wood Dealers 

res 46 James 
Henry, Chester, painter, res 68 Stephen 
Henry, Clifford, Ivs 545 Albert 
Henry, Mrs C, fur finisher. Geo Mills, 515 Albert 
Henry, Ed, apprentice Boyd's Garage, Ivs 342 Divi- 
Henry, Daisy E, bk-kpr, McFarlane & Wood, Ivs 

46 James 
Henshaw. Wm, ship bldr, res 3 Cowdy 
Henstridge, Amelia (wid Jos), res 31 Pembroke 
Henstridge, Eliz, tchr K.C.I., Ivs 31 Pembroke 
Hentig, Florence, Ivs 558 Princess 
Hentig, Isobel. Ivs 558 Princess 
Hentig, Geo W, merchant. Hardware, 345 Prin- 
cess, res 558 Princess 
Henzy, Kate, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 429 Brock 
Henzy, Miss Jennie A, res 429 Brock 
Henzy, Hattie. dressmkr, Ivs 429 Brock 
Hepburn, Clifford J, painter, Ivs 140 York 
Hepburn, Wm F, joiner, Ivs 140 York 
Hepburn, Robt J, Ivs 140 York 
Hepburn, May J, wks W J Crothers. Ivs 140 York 
Hepburn, Robt, mariner. Ivs 10 Pine 
Herbison, J E, taxi driver, res 611 Princess 
Hermiston, Helen S, Ivs 84 Collingwood 
Hermiston, Chas D, carpenter, res 84 Collingwood 
Hesler, Edna, wndr Cotton Mill, bds 43 U Charles 
Hess, Geo M, janitor Mahood's, res 27 Elm 
Hestler, Edward, bds 219 Up York 
Hewgill, M H, clerk Bk Montreal, Ivs 206 Bagot 
Hewgill, Roland M, student Queens, Ivs 206 Bagot 
Hewgill, Frank, mining engineer, Ivs 206 Bagot 
Hewgill, Percy W, Ins Excelsior Life, res 206 Bagot 
Hewitt, Mabel, Ivs 93 Union E 
Hewitt, Thos, retired, res 93 Union E 
Hewitt, Eva, wks 400 King E 
Hewitt, John E, engineer, res 82 Ontario 
Hewitt, Miss, seamstress Livingston's, Ivs Barrie- 

Hewitt, Henry, sol R.C.H.A., res lllYi Wellington 
Hewitt, Carrie (wid Chas), Ivs 432 Brock 
Hibbert, Silvanus, lab, res 51 Chatham 
Hickey, John (jr), barrister, Ivs 176 Johnson 
Hickey, John, retired, res 176 Johnson 
Hickey, Anna, res 138 Johnson 
Hickey, O Jas, engineer Queen's, res College St 
Hicks, Chas, canteen sec G.W.V-A., res 21 Garrett 
Hicks, Keith, Prof Queen's, res 50 Kensington 
Higgins, A (wid Jas), Ivs 5 Wellington 
HiggJns, Del, driver Amer Oil Co, res Ellis St 
Higgins, Chas, painter, res 214 Frontenac 
Higgins, Arthur, carpenter, res 9 Mack 
Higgins, Harold D, chauffeur Can Oil, res 27 Ellis 
Higgins, Delwart, driver Imp Oil Co, bds 27a Ellis 
Hill, Sherman, bus mgr Standard, Ivs 14 Maitland 
Hill, Henry, adv mgr Standard, res 14 Maitland 
Hill, Grace, saleslady Steacy's, Ivs 2 Quebec 
Hill, Frederick W, general, res 84 Gore 
Hill, Louise, Ivs 84 Gore 

Hill, Arthur Geo, attendant Rock wood, res 260 Earl 

Hill, Jas, grocer, 99 Frontenac 

Hill, Henry, Supervisor of Music, Public Schools, 

res "Edgehill" 
Hill, Edward, machinist, res 130 Nelson 
Hill's Grocery. T Hill, prop, cor Raglan and Main, 

res 372 Alfred 
Hill, Henry, mason, res 2 Quebec 
Hill, Grace, clerk Steacy's, Ivs 2 Quebec 
Hillier. Anson, driver MacLean's, res 7 Adelaide 
Hillier, Adam, packer MacLean's, res 3 Adelaide 
Hillier. Wm, barber, 316 Princess, res 316 Princess 

Hillier. Frederick, electrician, res 163 Clergy 
Hillier. Wili)ert, motorman K St Ry, res 92 Bay 
Hilton, Alice, bk-kpr 277 King E, Ivs 237 Alfred 
Hilton, W E, clerk, Bk Montreal, Ivs 22>1 Alfred 
Hilton, Alfred M, Sergt Major, Instructor at 

R.M.C., res 237 Alfred 
Hinchliffe, Samuel, clerk W H Cockburn Co, res 

12 Deacon 
Hinchcliffe, Harry, packer Davis' Tannery, res 259 

Hinchliss, Jas, res 59 Stephen 
Hinds, Lucinda (wid John), res 315 Brock 
Hinds, John, driver VanLuven's, Ivs 315 Brock 
Hinds, I, lab Tannery, bds Imperial Hotel 
Hinds, John, retired, bds 92 Queen 
Hinehan, Susan (wid John), Ivs 68 Centre 
Hingy, William, lab, res 25 Ellis 
Hingy, John, mason, res 2 North 
Hinds, Alfred, warehouseman McFarlane & 

Wood, res 19 Plum 
Hinton, David (Shoe Repair Shop), 348 Johnson, 

res 189 Alfred 
Hipson, Wm, bk-kpr S Crawford's, res 244 Wel- 
Hipson, Joseph, boiler maker, res 136 Division 
Hipson, Louise, tch Victoria Schl, Ivs 136 Division 
Hipson, Edward S, fitter, Ivs 136 Division 
Hipson, Ellen May, Ivs 136 Division 
Hipson, Joseph, warehouseman Crawford's 

Wholesale, res 228 Division 
Hird, Walter, Capt R.C.A., res 146 Stuart 
Hiscock, G C, post clerk P.O., res 106 Barrie 
Hiscock, Edgar C, retired, res 102 Barrie 
Hiscock, Elizabeth (wid Jos.), res 122 Collingwood 
Hiscock, Grace, nurse, Ivs 122 Collingwood 
Hiscock, Reta, teacher Victoria School, res 122 

Hitsman, Samuel A, tclir K.C.L. res 477 Johnson 
Hoag, Melba, Ivs 394 Alfred 
Hoag, Thelma, Ivs 394 Alfred 
Hoag, Frank J, Druggist, prop Drug Store cor 

Princess & Barrie, res 394 Alfred 
Hoare, William, res 150 Stephen 
Hobbs, Innie (wid Geo), res 48 Ordnance 
Hodge, Walter W, clerk Turk's Second Hand 

Store, res 18 Elm 
Hodge. Herbert O, painter, res 258 Queen 
Hodgins, F Owen, Lt-Col, Royal Can Engineers, 

Villa St Clare No 1, Barrie St 
Hodgins, C C, bursar Rockwood, res 103 Clergy w 

MacKay's Cream Bread ManufacJredTy 


'Phone 634. Open Day and N ight Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORA GE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 


Hodson, Alfred, machinist, bds 21 Main 
Hofferd, Wm, bricklayer, res 156 Ontario 
Hoffman, Sid, Musical Director, Allen Theatre, 

res 144 York 
Hogan, John H, lab, res 162 Pine 
Hogan, Michael, lab, res 7 Clow's Blk, Chatham St 
Hogan, Walter, presser, Tile Wks, Ivs 67 Stanley 
Hogan. Thomas J, lal), res 67 Stanley 
Hogan's Grocery, 48 Bay 
Hogan, Daniel, prop. Meat Market, Lower Princess, 

near King 
Hogan, Harold V, moulder, Ivs 112 Montreal 
Hogan, William W, moulder, res 112 Montreal 
Hogan, Nellie E, bk-kpr T F Harrison Co, Ivs 

78 Frontenac S 
Hogan, F (wid F), res 78 Frontenac 
Hogan, Thos H, res 728 Montreal 
Hogan, Wm H, teamster Utilities. Ivs 602 Montreal 
Hogan, G W, teamster I Cohen, res 602 Montreal 
Hogan, J. clerk, Custom House, bds Anglo American 

Hoggs, Christopher J, corpl R.C.S.C., Devonhire 

Terrace, 202 Sydenham 
Hogle, William, lab, res 34 Vine 
Holden, Robt, J, wks Davis' Tannery, res 34 John 
Holder, Herbert, Ivs 34 William W 
Holder, Elizabeth (v^^id Herb), res 34 William 
Holder, William, boat bldr and carpenter, res 

462 Montreal 
Holman, Albert, tinsmith, res 28 Alma 
Homer, Joseph, George, barber, 309 Division 
Home for Friendless Women and Children, 

Emma Thompson, supt, 75 Union 
Holmes, Clara, Ivs 86 Union E 
Holt, Frank, wks Textile Co, res 6 Raglan 
Holtham, Wm C, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 

269 Earl 
HOLTON, A D, Florist, 280 Princess 
Holland, Chris, shipper, W J Crothers Co Ltd, 

res 87 Chathain 
Holland, H, wks Weber's Piano Factorj% Ivs 

64 Clergy 
Holland, Mabel, employee K Steam Laundry, 

Ivs 64 Cherry 
Holland, Wm B, driver Burns' Bakery, res 521 

Holland, Violet M, clerk Uglow's, Ivs 429 Johnson 
Holland, Jas, driver C N Express, res 182 Clergy 
Holland, Spencer, maid, bds 25 West 
Holland, James, dr E Beaupre, res 429 Johnson 
Holland, Marjory, milliner, Ivs 182 Clergy 
Holland, Alice A, nurse, Ivs 429 Johnson 
Holland, Gertrude, nurse, Ivs 429 Johnson 
Holland, William, bds 286 Barrie 
Holland, Nelson, mariner, res 374 Barrie 
Holland, Gordon, shipping clerk Fenwick & Hen- 
dry, res 242 Nelson 
Holland, George, circulation mgr, Whig, res 222 

Holland, Harry, wks Sydenham Hospital, res 273 

Holland, Geo A, retired, res 40 L Rideau 
Holland, C John, guard K.P., bds 136 Queen 

Holland, Mrs Thomas, Ivs 137 Colborne 
Holland, W C (Jr), lab McKelvey & Birch, Ivs 64 

Holland, Henry Nelson, lal) Weber's Piano Factory, 

Ivs 64 Cherry 
Hollingsworth, James, section foreman G.T.R., 

bds 77 Hickson Ave 
Hollywood, Wm. J, employee Shipyard, res 62 

Home, Chas D, mgr Hardware Dept, McKelvey 

& Birch, res 535 Brock 
Hong Tom, Laundry, 86 Queen 
Hood, Mrs. Alex, res 229 Barrie 
Hood, John C, guard K.P., bds 111 York 
Hooper & Slater, Sash and Door Factory, 128-132 

Hooper, W J A, partner Hooper & Slater, res 

160 Sydenham 
Hooper, Wm, employee Hooper & Slater, Ivs 160 

Hooper, Ethel, Ivs 160 Sydenham 
Hooper, Mary, Ivs 160 Sydenham 
Hooper, Gordon, student, Ivs 160 Sydenham 
Hooper, Louise (wid Alfred), res 152 Bay 
Hooper, John J, farmer, res 177 Pine 
Hoover, Albert, patient K.G.H. 
Hopkins, Dr Bruce, res 25 West 
Hoppinson, Wm E, clerk, Farmers' Grocery, res 

109H York 
Hopkinson, J, prop Hopkinson's Grocery, 37 Brock 

St, res 1 Pine 
Hopkinson, Nancy, Mrs, bds 202 Montreal 
Hopkinson, Ethel, Ivs 202 Montreal 
Hopkirk, John, clerk G M MacDonnell, res 202 

Hopkirk, Marjorie, stenog Queen's, Ivs 202 

HOPPES, JOSEPH H, mgr North American 

Telegraph, res 196 Universit}^ 
Hoppin, Densmere, wks Anglin's, res 276 Wellington 
Hoppin, Christina, Ivs 276 Wellington 
Hoppin, Elizabeth, teacher Victoria School, Ivs 276 

Hoppins, Harvey, res 200 Union W 
Hoppins, Abiram, retired, res 212 Stuart 
Horton, Hubert G, painter, 205 Alfred 
Horrocks, Charles W, tool maker, bds 3 Adelaide 
Horsfall, Alfred, painter, res 87 Queen 
Hornibrook, Francis, engineer, res 322 Alfred 
Hornley, Robert, lab, bds 34 Johnson 
Horsey, Eva, Ivs 408 Albert 
Horsey, Edwin, bk-kpr McKay's Fur Store, res 

408 Albert 
Home, Clififord R, salesman Dominion Fish Co, 

res 346 Albert 
Home, Silvanus, Bottling Works, 148 Ontario, 
res 303 Albert 



209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 



Horwitz, David, merchant, 356 King, res 338 King 

Horwitz. Arthur, Lion Clothing House,, res 36h 
King . _ J 

HOTEL DIEU HOSPITAL and Grounds, cor 
Brock and Sydenham Sts 

Hotten, Leah (wid Archibald), bds 40 Ellis 

Hondon, Frederick, Bank of Montreal, Ivs o9 
Union W ^^ t- 

Houghton, Mary (wid I) Ivs 309 Frontenac 

Houghton, Grace, opr Bell Tel, Ivs 16 Plum 

Hounslow Meat Market, 405 Barrie 

Hounslow, James, butcher, res 405 Barrie 

House of Providence, Ordnance St 

House, John, carpenter, res 23 Elm 

Howard, Dr C A. physician, res 199 Brock 

Hora, Mary, Ivs 9 Wellington 

Hora, Helen (wid Francis), res 9 Wellington 

Horton, Gwendolen, nurse K.G.H. 

Home, Robt, driver Post Office, res 628 Princess 

Home, Janet, bds 246 Bagot 

Howard, Dorothy, nurse K.G.H. 

Howard, Eliz (wid Wm), Ivs 28 Markland 

Howell, Jacob B, res 557 Princess 

Howie. James, driver McKelvey & Birch, res 141 

Howison, Leo, mechanic Boyd's Garage. Ivs 2UU 

Montreal . . 

Howitt, Frederick, gas maker, res 454 Division 
Howland, Thomas, lab, res 675 Montreal 
Howland, Stewart, wks Textile Mill, Ivs 675 

Hubbard, W T, post clerk, P.O., Ivs 189 Clergy 
Hubbell. Laura, Ivs 26 Quebec r- , ' 

Hubbell, Walter H. carpenter, wks Thos Copley, 

res 26 Quebec 
Hubert, Frederick, post clerk, P.O. res 189 Clergy E 
Hubley, Ed Charles, soldier, res 96 L Bagot 
Hudon. Leo, Pub Highway, res 116 Earl 
Hudon, Alphonse, res 39 Union W 
Hudon J A, teller Bk Montreal, Ivs 39 Union w 
Huddleston,' Isabel, clerk Glovers Grocery, Ivs 

232 Earl 
HufT, Joseph, res 19 York _^ 

Huffman. Grace M, telephone operator 'Whig, Ivs 

230 Barrie ., nv^ , i , 

Huffman, Harold, blacksmith, res 64 Markland 
Hugall, Henry P, fireman R.M.C., res 490 Barrie 
Huggeson, Laura, maid, 72 Barrie 
Huggett, John E. Ivs 260 Division 
Hughes, John, wks "Standard", res 312 Brock 
Hughes, Laura, Ivs 312 Brock 
Hughes, Hector, student, Ivs 105 WeUington 
Hughes, Thos, porter, Frontenac Hotel 
Hughes, John M. mgr Watkins Co, res 165 Uni- 
Hughes, Marget (wid L) music teacher, res 117 

King W 
Hughes, Mal)el, saleslady Steacy's, Ivs 40 L Union 
Hughes, Wm H, mattress mfr, 403 Princess, res 
252 Alfred 
'Hughes, James A, prop l^rontcnac Hotel 
Hughes, Daunt. Ivs 117 King W 
Hughes, Arthur L, prof Queen's, res 311 King 
Hughes', Ruth, stenog Laidlaw's, Ivs 117 King W 

Hughes. Jolm. soldier R.C.H.A., res 276 Earl 

Hughes, Lillian (wid R H), res 40 Union E 

Hughes, Mabel. Ivs 40 Union E 

Hughes, Albert Capt, Hdqtrs, res 405 Earl 

Hughes, Wm, lab, res 17 Russell 

Hughes Mina (wid Albert), res 388 Johnson 

Hughes, Isobel M. elk O.F.R.A., res 252 Alfred 

Hughes, John, patient. K.G.H. 

Hughes, Mary, Ivs 351 Alfred 

Hughes, Mrs Morton F, res 78 Division 

Hughes, Isobel (wid John), res 86 Division 

Hughes, Joseph, lab. bds 15 Ellis 

Hughson, E, wks Weber's Piano Factory, res 

225 Division 
Hughson, J H. retired farmer, res 269 University 
Hughson, Elizabeth, tchr, Ivs 269 University 
Hughson, Ernest, wks Weber's Piano Factory, 

res 220 Division 
Hughson, Levi, retired, Ivs 220 Division 
Hughson, Eliz (wid S), res 89 Queen 
Hughson, Alice, Ivs 89 Queen 
Hughson, Martha, Ivs 269 University 
Hull, Edward, res 270 Wellington 
Hulse. Thos. res 505 Albert 
Hum, Kim, Laundry, 2j4 Rideau 
Humphrey, Airs, Ivs 373 Brock 
Hunt. Alvin E, accountant C.P.R. Sheds, Ivs 17 

• Frontenac 
Hunt, Amos, lab, 38 Clarence (3rd floor) 
Hunt, A E, barber, 293 Princess, res 542 Albert 
Hunt, G N, rec teller, Standard Bank, bds Union 

(cor Division) 
Hunt, Thos, tailor Lion Clothing, res 29 L^nion w 
Hunt, Patrick J, res 18 Earl 
Hunt, Johanna, (wid J), res 18 Earl 
Hunt, Pearl, Ivs 542 Albert 

Hunt, Harold, opr Bell Tel Co, Ivs 542 Albert 
Hunt, Delmer, driver Transportation Co, res 211 

Hunt, Ellen (wid Henr}^, Ivs 211 Queen 
Hunt, Freeman, carpenter, res 45 Colborne 
Hunt, James, lab, res 69 Pine 
Hunter, Hilton, driver, Kingston Transportation 

Co, Ivs 62 Wellington 
Hunter, Harold, post clerk, P.O., res 29 Colborne 
Hunter, Sadie, saleslady Cooper's, Ivs 108 Clergy 
Hunter, Melville H, mgr Sutherland's Shoe Store, 

Ivs 332 Barrie 
Hunter, Richard, plumber, Simmons' Bros, res 

188 Victoria 
Hunter, Emma, K.G.H.. res 81 Gore 
Hunter. Geo, supervisor K.G.H., res 125 William 
Hunter, Muriel, stenog, 339-341 King 
Hunter, Anna N, Ivs 188 Victoria 
Hunter. Richard W, Supt S Anglin Co, res 188 

Hunter, Henr}', contractor, res 332 Barrie 
HUNTER, RICHARD H, (Stevenson & Hunter) 

Ivs 332 Barrie 
Hunter, Geo, contractor, res 75 Pembroke 
Hunter, Frederick, retired, bds 140 Nelson 
Hunter, Wm, soldier R.C.H.A., res 14 Patrick 
Hunter, John C, carter, res 22 Patrick 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A. Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 


Hunter, Hilton C, driver, Ivs 22 Patrick 
Hunter, Wm J, wks Davis' Tannery, Ivs 59 Markland 
Hurd, Florence, servant, Ivs 176 Johnson 
Hurd, Frank, carpenter, res 38 Stephen 
Hurley, John, res 36 York 
Hurley, Capt, Jeremiah, res 116 William 
Hurst, James, carpenter, bds 352 University 
HurSt,' Albert, wks Davis' Tannery,, res 16 St 

Hurst, Thos, tailor, 356 King, res 29 Union 
Husband, Jennie, employee Prince George, bds 

Prince George 
Husher, John W, Sergt Major R.M.C., res 115 

Hussey, Wm, mgr Central Meat Market, Ivs 265 

Hussey, Geo Thos, knitter, res 113 York 
Hutcheson, Mrs G, stenog City Engineer's Office, 

Ivs 142 Colborne 
Hutcheson. J B, real estate agency, 269^ Princess, 

res 142 Colborne 
Hutcheson, Delia, stenog, W P Peters, Ivs 142 

Hutcheson, Grant, Real Estate Agency, Ivs 142 

Hutchings, Raymond H, accountant Bk of Tor- 
onto, res 54 Mack 
Hutchings, Jane (wid J), res 31 William 
Hutchings, Emmanuel, patient Sydenham Hospit- 
al, res 288 Barrie 
Hutchings, Thos, K.G.H., Ivs 31 William 
Hutchison, John, salesman. Imperial Tobacco, 

Ivs 318 Barrie 
Hutchinson, Luella, nurse, bds 193 Brock 
Hutchinson, David, retired, res 624 Princess 
Hutchins, John C, hardware elk Stevenson & 

Hunter, res 50 Division 
Hutchins, C, wks Imperial Laundry, Ivs 31 Up 

HUTTON, J O, Broker and Insurance, (Kingston 

Agencies Ltd), res 142 L Albert 
Hutton, Jessie, Ivs. 142 L Albert 
Huyck, Dr Philip H, physician, 111 Wellington, 

res 111 Wellington 
Huycke, Jas F, lineman Bell Tel, res 11^2 Quebec 
Hyland, John J, l)k-kpr Ont Gov't Dispensary, 

Ivs 3 Charles 
Hyland, Ellen M. nurse, Ivs 3 Charles 
Hyland, Melville J traveller Macnee & Minnes, 

res 21 John 
Hyland, Adeline (wid Wm), dressmaker, Ivs 390 

Hyland, Father Rev, 225 Johnson 
Hyland, Fred, res 309 Montreal 
Hyland, John, Bath Road 
Hyland, Norman, curator. Queen's, Ivs 134 

Union w 
Hyland, Mildred, Ivs 134 Union w 
Hyland, Geo, foreman Queen's College, res 134 

Union w 
Hymers, Elida, maid, Mrs Geo Robertson's, 

Sydenham St 
Hynds, William, driver, 322 King E 

Hynes, John, lal), bds 47 Princess 

Hyslop, James C, bridge motorman. La Salle 

Causeway, res 335 Division 
Hyssop, Sarah Jane, Ivs 258 Alfred 
Hyssop, Mary, res 258 Alfred 
Hyssop, Jane (wid Chas), res 31 Clergy w 


Ingalls, ]Mrs E, cigar-maker Oberndorffer's, Ivs 105 

Inglis, Ethel (wid of John), Ivs 105 L Bagot 

Inland Revenue Office, (examining warehouse). 
Clarence St 

Inman, Herbert, student, Ivs 282 Albert 

Inman, William F, lab, res 282 Albert 

Innis, William, student, bds 90 L Bagot 

International Correspondence Schools, Chas A 
Isaacs, Dist Manager, 130 Clarence 

Imperial Optical Co, R H Collins, prop, 148 Welling- 
ton St 

Imperial Tobacco Co of Canada, W J O'Brien, Man- 
ager, 82 Brock St 

Imperial Hotel, Michael Kane, prop, 76 Princess 

Imperial Life. J B Cooke, manager, 332 King 

Imperial Steam Laundry, 308-312 Barrie, Thompson 
Bros. Ltd, Chas A Thompson; Albert J 

Ireland. K M, traveller, W B Ralton's, res 188 Wil- 

Ireland, A^ma Ivs Alice 

Ireland, Beatrice, Ivs .Alice 

Ireland, Geo, Ivs Alice 

Ireland. Francis, res Alice 

Irvine, Wm, foreman pattern maker C. S. L., res 
13 St Lawrence Ave 

Irvin, Robert A, C. L. C, res 123 Montreal 

Irwin, Annie. (Capt John), res 256 Sydenham 

Irwin, J, boiler-maker, C P R Round House, 212 

Irwin. Jane, book-keeper, Jackson Press, Ivs 79 Col- 

Irwin, John C, draughtsman, res 79 Colborne 

Irwin, Lorraine D, dental assistant, Dr Harry Stew- 
art. Ivs 79 Colborne 

Irwin, Mildred, (wid of Robert), Ivs 85 Pine 

Irwin, Robert N, student, 79 Colborne 

Irish's Grocery, 225 Division 

Irish, Percell, manager grocery, 225 Division, Ivs 
223 Division 

Irish, Samuel, grocer, 225 Division, res 223 Division 

Irving, David, tailor. 92 Princess, res 302 Queen 

Irwin, Anna, Ivs 90 L Bagot 

Irwin, Mary, Ivs 90 L Bagot 

Irwin, Robert, advertising mgr, Laidlaw's. res 85 

Irwin, Alma, Ivs 319 King 

Irwin, William, engineer K. P.. res 319 King W 

Irwin, Isabelle. (grocery), res 281 Kins W 

Irwin, Elizabeth, maid, bds 167 King E 

Irwin, Susan, (wid of Robt), Ivs 67 Union 

Irwin, Robert, chauffeur, res 261 Earl 




Rough & Di essed Lumber f}, ]}^ ^' , P" 

° 670-580 Montreal St. 

Mfg., Co., 

Phone 1681J 




Irwin, Viola, maid, bds ISO Frontenac 
Irwin, Frank, retired farmer, res 320 Albert 
Isaacs, Charles A, district manager International 

Correspondence School, res 376 Barrie 
Isbell, Leonard, clerk, Anderson's Meat Market, 

res 298 Collingwood ' 
Isner, Morris, Ivs 118 Montreal 
Isner, Jennie, Ivs 118 Montreal 
Isner, Sarah, (wid of Lewis) res 118 Montreal 
Ivey, Ira E, agent C. P. R., res 59 Frontenac N 

Jack, Douglas, clerk Royal Bank, Ivs 105 Gore 

Jack, Mary (wid A M), res 105 Gore 

Jacobs, Vinaait, barber, Ivs 40 Colborne 

Jacobs, Minto, lab, Ivs 40 Colborne 

Jacobs. Nellie, (wid of William), res 40 Colborne 

Jacobs, M, wks Imperial Laundry, Ivs 40 Colborne 

Jack, Isabel, res 312 University 

Jack, Barbara, res 312 Universitv 

JACKSON, W, prop of Jackson Press, res 97 Up 

William St 
JACKSON PRESS, Wm Jackson, owner, 173-175 

Jackson, Forrest L, cashier Manufacturer's Life 

Ins. Office, res 428 Princess 
Jackson, Annie, (wid of Thos), Ivs 531 Brock 
Jackson, Chas W, merchant, Jackson and Metevier, 

bds 9 Sydenham Apts, Brock St 
Jackson, Wilfred, soldier, R. C. H. A., res 46 Lower 

Jackson, F, wks Weber Piano Factory, Ivs 40 Clergy 
Jackson, John, electrician Newman Electric Co, Ivs 

119 Montreal 
Jackson, Evelyn, milliner E M Wilson, Ivs 119 Mon- 
Jackson, Jean, stenog, Geo Mills & Co, Ivs 30 Nelson 
Jackson. Christina, saleslady, Jackson,i Aletev^ier, 

Ltd. Ivs 273 Queen 
Jackson, Metevier, Ltd, Ladies' Ready-to-wear, 114 

Jackson, Mildred, Ivs 15 Bartlett 
Jackson. Augustus, lab. res 15 Bartlett 
Jackson, Francis, res 218 King E 
Jackson, Chas F, wks Weber's Piano Factory, res 

40 Clergy W 
Jackson, William H, blacksmith, res 129 Division 
Jackson, Gordon, salesman, bds 240 Montreal 
Jackson, Calvin A. lab, res 108 Montreal 
Jackson, Wm, barber. Ivs 108 Montreal 
Jackson, Leonard, Ivs 108 Montreal 
Jackson, James W. lal), Roddy & Monk, res 12 Cowdy 
Jackson, William H. carpenter, res 119 Montreal 
Jackson, Walter, res 69 Chatham 
Jackson, William, fireman, Hotel Dieu 
Jackson. Anthony, patient, Sydenham Hospital, res 

255 Division 
Jackson. Sarah. Ivs 30 Nelson 
Jackson. Benjamin, carpenter, res 30 Nelson 
Jackson, Emma. Ivs 441 Alfred 
Jackson. Ross. Ivs 441 Alfred 
Jackson. John H, merchant, res 441 Alfred 

James, Alay, clerk, Laura Secord Store, Ivs 275 

James, Edward, student, Ivs 275 Albert 
James, Nora, Ivs 275 Albert 
James, Richard F, craneman Government Dredge, 

res 275 Albert 
James, Thomas Bert, mechanic Cooke's Garage, res 

435 Barrie 
James, Thomas H, porter Randolph Hotel, res 92 

James, Wm, res 73 York 
James, Martin, Father Rev, 225 Johnson 
James, William M, tailor, 388 Princess St 
James, Martin, carpenter, bds 203 University 
James, Julia, (wid of John), bds 207 University 
James, Alva F, traveller, res 452 Johnson 
James, Bess, domestic, bds 138 Albert 
James. Albert, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 49 

James, Thomas H, retired, res 105 Colborne 
James, W H, garage, rear 105 Colborne 
James, Thos, waiter, Frontenac Hotel 
Jamieson, E D, (wid of George) res 153 Sydenham 
Jamiesoi:^, B O, clerk. Chown's Drug Store. Ivs 153 

Jamieson, Mary, Ivs 202 Montreal 
Jamieson, Victoria, weaver Textile Co, Ivs 202 Mon- 

Jamieson. Howard, driver Anderson Bros, Ivs 78 

Jamieson, William, plumber, res 163 Queen 
Jamieson, Katherine, (wid of Harry), res 24 Cherry 
Jamieson, May, res 8 Clow's Block, Chatham 
Jamieson, Herbert, clerk Gilbert's Grocery, Ivs B 

Clow's Block, Chatham 
Jamieson, Louise, Ivs 8 Clow's Block, Chatham 
Jamieson, Emma, (wid of John), res 50 Quebec 
Jamieson, Eliz, (wid of Thos), Ivs 155 Pine 
Jamieson, Robt B, lab, res 284 Alontreal 
Jamieson, Thomas L, piano-maker. Weber Piano Co. 

bds 84 Collingwood 
Jamieson, Joseph, painter, Ivs 163 Queen 
Jamieson, Ross A, soldier R C H A, Ivs 163 Queen 
Jamieson, L, employee Weber's, Ivs 84 Collingwood 
Janeway, Edythe, operator Bell Telephone, Ivs 37 

Janeway, John H. contractor, res 37a Cherry 
Janeway, Melville H, painter, Ivs 37a Cherry 
Jarman. Miss, nurse. Ixls 263 '-j King E 
Jarrell, W H, carter, res 4 Rideau 
Jarrcll, Amanda, Ivs 4 Rideau 
Jarrell, Isaac, driver Kingston Steam Laundry, res 

413 King E 
Jarrell. John H. clerk, res 123 King W 
Jarrell. Joseph J, piece-work supervisor, res 123 

King W 



PHONE 834 







Jarrell, Jas F, contractor, 271 Bagot, res 344 Prin- 
Jarrell, Geo, marine engineer, Plajfair, Matthew's 

Co, res 142 L Bagot 
Jarrell, Gertrude, stenog, Ivs 142 L Bagot 
Jarrett, Alfred, caretaker Robert Meek School, res 

il Russell 
Jarrett, Vera, Ivs 275 King W 
Jarvis, John Henry, grocer, 617 Princess, res 619 

Jarvis, Frederick Arthur, shoe-repairer, 621 Prin- 
cess, res 621 Princess 
Jarvis, Alfred George, worker Royal Military Col- 
lege res 98 L Bagot 
Jarvis, John, lab. Mica Works, res 7 Ann 
Jarvis, Samuel Aaron, shoe-finisher, Sydenham Hos- 
pital, res 89 Elm 
Javel Manufacturing Co, H E Dixon, prop, 19 

Ontario St 
Jeckell. Mary, (wid of Henry), Ivs 85 Frontenac 
Jefferson, Anne, maid, bds 3 Emily 
Jefferies, Miss Mary, billing clerk McKelvey & 

Birch, Ivs 153 Hickson Ave 
Jefferies, W C, cigar-maker Oberndorffer's, res 153 

Hickson Ave 
Jeffery. Wm H. advertising-manager. Imperial To- 
bacco Co, Ivs 82 Brock 
Jeffery, Major John, R. M. C, Ivs 62 Earl 
Jeffery, Rose, (wid of Victor), Ivs 254 Rideau 
Jeffery, Alice, (wid of Charles), Ivs 4 Kent 
Jeffery, Frederick B, mason, res 6 Macdonnell St 
Jenkin, Gertrude, clerk Division Court, Ivs 27 Lower 

Jenkin, Ava, Ivs 379, Princess 
Jenkin, Eileen, (wid of John~) , res 379 Princess 
JENKINS, E P, Clothier and Men's Furnishings, 

136 Princess, res 295 Alfred 
Jenkins Auto Painting Works, E Jenkins, prop, cor 

Raglan and York 
Jenkins, Edward J, res 63 York 
Jenkins, Walter C T, retired, res 15 Quebec 
Jenkins, Edward, car painter, res 65 York 
Jenkni, Gertrude L, clerk Division Court, Ivs 27 

Jenkin, Dorothy. Ivs 27 University 
Jenkin. li.aac J, carpenter, res 27 University 
Jenkins, Geo A\", engineer, res 321 Montreal 
Jenkins, M Earl, guard K. P., res 112 Johnson 
Jenkins, Wm C, retired, res 439 Johnson 
Jenman. George, shoe-maker, res 265 Johnson 
Jemmett, Douglas M, professor Queen's, res 61 Ken- 
Jennings, Gertrude, student. Ivs 31 Mack 
Jennings, Harry, retired, res 31 Mack 
Jerome. J Leonard, accountant Lindsay's, res 46 

Jervis, Frank, res 295 Johnson 

Jeroy, Evelyn, book-keeper Crawford & Walsh, bds 
100 Raglan Rd 
esse, Percy, prop Jesse's Store, 112 Princess, res 

112 Princess, (upstairs) 
cssup, Joseph, moulder, bds 67 Union 
Jewell, Leslie, salesman. Fenwick & Hendry 
Jcwitt. Rupert, crane-driver. C. L. C. res 80 Ontario 

Jinks, Arthur Jas, night watchman, K P & G Rail- 
way, res 414 King E 

Jock Harty Arena, Arch St 

Johnson, Alexander, carpenter, res 354 Johnson 

Johnson. Felix, Consul American Consulate, res 115 

Johnson, James, machinist, C. L. C. res 25 Arch 

Johnson, Norman, salesman L R Steel Corporation. 
Ivs 38 Pembroke 

Johnson, Alex J, carpenter shop, 216 Bagot, res 
354 Johnson 

Johnson, D R, salesman Lockett's, bds 325 Earl 

Johnson, John E, boot and shoe merchant, res 100 
William W _ 

Johnson, Norman, clerk Lockett Shoe Store, bds 
225 Earl 

Johnson, Annie M, res 53 Earl 

Johnson, Eva, res 53 Earl 

Johnson, Jno, County Jail Turnkey, bds 235 Colborne 

Johnson, Airs. Albert C, Ivs 88 Barrie 

Johnson, Alex, turnkey jail, Ivs 43 York 

Johnson. Hugh, retired, res 49 York 

Johnson. Agnes. Ivs 49 York 

Johnson. Isabell, Ivs 49 Y'ork 

Johnson, Beatrice, Ivs 1 York 

Johnson, Marion, res 1 York 

Johnson. Helen F, (wid of James), res 163 Stuart 

Johnson, Walter, vulcanizer, bds 310 University 

Johnson, Sarah, (wid of James), 321 University 

Johnson, Fannie, (wid of John), bds 310 University 

Johnson, Norman T, res 30 Pembroke 

Johnson, Kenneth M, guard K P, Ivs 30 Pembroke 

Johnson, Stirling, truck-driver W B Dalton & Son, 
Ivs 30 Pembroke 

Johnson, Mary, Ivs 366 Johnson 

Johnson, Edwin, dairyman, res 42 Quebec 

Johnson, Emma K, (wid of H), prop Albion Hotel, 
res cor Queen and Montreal 

Johnston, Wm D, shoe merchant, 70 Brock, res 57 
York North 

Johnston, Murdock J, branch manager Manufactur- 
er's Life Insurance Co. Brock, res cor Alwing- 
ton and Union 

Johnston, David, tailor Livingston's, res 558 Albert 

Johnston. Mrs Myrtle, employ Prince George Hotel 

Johnston, J S, material supervisor C L C, res 180 

Johnston, J Fred. Ivs 605 Princess 

Johnson, Edward, foreman Price's Dairy, res 42 

Johnston, John F, manager music dept T F Har- 
rison's, res 57 Bay 

Johnston, Keith P, prof Queen's University, res 213 

Johnston, Arthur Vernon, student, bds 198 Rideau 
Johnston. Berton. brakeman G. T. R., res 12 Russell 
Johnston, Mary patient, K G H 

Johnston, Noab, patient, K G H 

Johnston, William, retired, res v378 Barrie 
Johnston, Francis (wid Orlando), res 307 Colling- 

Johnston. Daisy, music teacher, Ivs 307 Collingwood 




THE K. D. Mfg., Co., '''-''' ""^^'^^^^ ''• "^'^"^ ''''^ 




Joliffe, Jacob H, res 102 Pine 

Jolifife, Richard O, prof Queen's, res 26 Frontenac 

Joliffe, Harold R, student, Ivs 26 Frontenac 

Jones, J W, Rev Canon, secretary Synod of Ontario, 

St. George's Hall. Wellington, res 392 Albert 
Jones, H, candy maker, W J Crothers Co, res 218 

Jones, Robert E, elk Sydenham Hosp res 520 Brock 
Jones, Emma, Ivs 314 Brock 
Jones, Harry, cleaner and presser, 81 Princess, res 

314 Brock 
Jones, Ada, (wid Frank), wks Royal Hotel, res 

106 Lower Bagot 
Jones, William, dairyman, res 785 Princess 
Jones. Sophia, (wid of A), housekeeper, Ivs 563 

Jones, John, packer Roliertson's Ltd, res 349 Alfred 
Jones, Robt, auto repairer, 392 Princess, bds 118 

Jones, E Mildred. Queen's University, Ivs 134 King 
Jones, Emily, (wid K), res 134 King E 
Jones, Mary, (wid F), Ivs 30 Union W 
Jones, Norman, auto repairer, res 385 Earl 
Jones, Alary, (wid Robt), Ivs 206 Colborne 
Jones, Robt, cheesemaker, res 206 Colborne 
Jones, Herbert K, student, Ivs 392 Albert 
Jones, John E, agent, res 414 Albert 
Jones, Elsie, teacher Portsmouth. Ivs 392 Albert 
Jones, Annie, Ivs 132 Stephen 

Jones, William A, Dr, physician, res 251 University 
Jones, William H, works Green's butcher shop, Ivs 

78 Durham 
Jones, Gertrude, Ivs 391 Johnson 
Jones, Eliza (wid John) res 391 Johnson 
Joyce, Jos J. elk Ed Chown & Son, Ivs 305 Bagot 
Joyce, Marion, elk Sawyer's Shoe Store, Ivs 305 

Joyce, Luke, lab. res 305 Bagot 
Joyce, Lawrence, wks Public Utilities, Ivs 59 

Up Charles 
Joyce, James, clerk, res 33 Charles 
Joyce, Rose Anna (wid Wm), Ivs 223 Montreal 
Joyce, Geo E. res 87 Pine 
Joyce, Rose G. nurse, Ivs 42 Up Charles 
Joyce, Mary, (wid Thos), res 42 Up Charles 
Joyce, Robt., drover, res 498 Division 
Joyce, John, (Jr). shipbuilder, Ivs 19 Nelson 
Joyce, Patrick, lab, Ivs 19 Nelson 
Joyce, Francis, druggist, Ivs 19 Nelson 
Joyce, Margaret, forelady Crother's Biscuit Fac- 
tory, Ivs 19 Nelson 
Joyce. Ellen, Ivs 19 Nelson 
Joyce. Lawrence H. clerk, res 59 Up Charles 
Joyner. Hazel, cashier, 332 King E, Ivs 127 

Joyner, Francis, driver R Crawford, res 38 Main 
Joyner, Edward, machinist, res 192 Division 
Joyner, George, traveller Belleville Shoe Co, res 

335 Brock 
Jordon, A E Sergt, res 107 Queen 
Jordon, Lieut, Samuel, res 358 Brock 
Jordon. L. caretaker, Bil)by's Clothing Store, Ivs 

18 Ontario 

Jordon, William Dr, Prof Queen's University, 

res 116 Barrie 
Jordon, William, lab, res 10 Corrigan 
Judge, Catherine (wid Thos), dressmaker, Ivs 16 

L Rideau 
Judge, Mrs Ida, vi'vr, Dom Textile, res 48 Quebec 
Judson, Abbi, nurse K.G.H. 


Kahn, J H, Empire Cleaners & Tailors, 228 Barrie 
Kaiser, Alfred, lab, Ivs 495 Princess 
Kaminski, Gazeela, dressinaker, Ivs 157 Queen 
Kaminski, Adolf, shoe maker, 157 Queen 
Kane, B, asst R E Burns, Ivs 146 Sydenham 
Kane, James F, post elk, P.O., res 272 Sydenham 
Kane, Dr John Edward, physician, 136 Welling- 
ton, res 81 Earl 
Kane. Margaret M, stenog. Power Architect, Ivs 

81 Ear! 
Kane, "Pauline, Library Asst, Pub Lib, Ivs 110 Earl 
Kane, Mrs B, elk W G Craig & Co Ltd, Ivs 246 

Kane, Thos, Agent Met Life, res 409 Barrie 
Kane, Elizabeth, bk-kpr Laidlaw's. Ivs 67 Colborne 
Kane, Michael, prop Imperial Hotel 
Kane, Bessie, typist Queen's, Ivs 81 Earl 
Kane, John E, res 81 Earl 

Kane, Hannah, spinner Cotton Mill, bds 57 Bay 
Kane, Marie, Ivs 246 Sydenham 
Kane. Elizabeth (wid T M), res 246 Sydenham 
Kane, Miss Mary, res 67 Colborne 
Kane, Patrick J, fireman C.P.R., res 70 Up Charles 
Kane, Ernest, Tobacconist, res 200 Rideau 
Karis, Peter, merchant, res 46 York 
Karis. Basil, partner, Superior Ice Cream Parlor, 

Ivs 204 Princess 
Karis, Frank, partner Ice Cream Parlor, res 204 

Karl, Ben, elk, Ed Chown & Son, res 100 Victoria 
Karl, Edward, driver Couper's, Ivs 100 Victoria 
Karl, Mary J, res 100 Victoria 
Karl, Herbert, lab, Ivs 100 Victoria 
Karl, Wesley, carpenter, res 94 Victoria 
Kavanagh, John, machinist, Ivs 252 King 
Kavanagh, Jas, res 252 King 
Kavaner, Jennie, stenog Dr H A Boyce, bds 32 

Kaj'. Harry, machinist, res 11 St Lawrence 
Keates, Mary, packer Tile Wks, Ivs 14 L Rideau 
Keates, Rachel (wid Thos), Ivs 16 L Rideau 
Keates, Jas H, brakeman C.P.R., res 16 L Rideau 
Keates, T F, warehouse man, Imp Oil Co, res 14 

L Rideau 
Keates, Chas A, apprentice Whig, res 14 L Rideau 
Keating, James R, clerk, res 127 Division 
Keating, Annie (wid R B) res 321 University 
Keating, J. bk-kpr C.L.C., res 127 Division 
Keatings. Wm, driver Lackie's, Ivs 37 Clarence 
Kcarns, Samuel, carpenter, res 492 Barrie 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited PEkts'lvE. 





Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 



K D Manufacturing Co, (Kelly, Howard; Driver, 

John Stanley), Montreal St 
Kecch. Sandford, mechanic Palmer's Garage, res 

355 Division 
Keech, Hiram, Ivs 1U8 Frontenac 
Keefe, William, lab, Ivs 66 Up Charles 
Keeler, Sarah (wid Orval), bds 194 Ordnance 
Keeley, W J, Manufacturing Jeweller, 103 Brock, 

res 136 Union 
Keeley, Wm J, optometrist, 226 Princess, res 256 

Keenan, Margaret (wid Thos A) res 256 Barrie 
Kehoe, Miss, seamstress Livingston's, Ivs 248 

University Ave 
Kehoe, Joseph, caretaker Post Office, res Post 

Office (rear) 
Kehoe, Stanford, wks Grand Opera House, Ivs 

Post Office 
Kehoe, Lena, stenog Robertson's, Ivs Post Office 
Kehoe, Christina, stenog Standard, Ivs Post Office 
Kehoe, Wilfred, student, Ivs Post Office 
Keill, Julian, chef, 266 Rideau 
Keller, Charles, carpenter, res 93 York 
Kelley, L, sgt, res 280 Sydenham 
Kelley, T G, corpl, 63 Up Charles 
Kelley, James, Grocer, res 366 Alfred 
Kelley, Isobel, Ivs 366 Alfred 
Kelley's Grocer}', 155 Division 
Kelley, Edgar, Mgr Kelley's Grocery, Division 

St, res 371 Alfred 
Kelley, Leonard, soldier, res 280 Sydenham 
Kelley, Mrs Lyon, Ivs 9 Main 
Kelley, James, carter, res 36 Ellis 
Kelley, Margaret (wid Wm A), res 115 Bay 
Keller, Amelia, school teacher, Robert Meek School. 

'ivs 115 Bay 
Kelley, William, res 357 King E 
Kelley, Michael, res 199 William 
Kelly, Howard, mfr, K D Mfg Co, 680 Montreal 
Kellv, Alfred, Taxi Driver, Ivs 14 Frontenac N 
Kelfy, J W, teacher, K.C.I. , res 245 Albert 
Kelly, Susan, Ivs 87 Earl 
Kelly, Helen, clerk, Robinson's Grocery, Ivs 522 

Kelly, George, machaninst C.L.C., Ivs 57 L Bagot 
Kelly, William, lab, res 57 L Bagot 
Kelliher, Margaret (wid Wm), res 150 L Bagot 
Kelliher, Michael, mattress mkr, res 150 L Bagot 
Kelso, Louis (wid E), res 14 Vine 
Kelso, Albert, electrician, H Newman Electric Co, 

bds 14 Vine 
Kemp, Marsoen A, piano tnr, res 163 CoUingwood 
Kemp, Mary, Ivs 163 CoUingwood 
Kemp, Annie, clerk, Kelley's Grocery, 155 Divis- 
ion, Ivs 609 Division 
Kemp, Wm, grocer, Stephen St, res 455 Division 
Kemp, James M, carpenter, res 609 Division 
Kemp, Melville, optician J J Stewart Optical Co, 

Ivs 609 Division 
Kemp, John, butcher, Ivs 609 Division 
Kemp, Robert, res 4 Corrigan 
Kemp, Beatrice, spinner Ctn Mill, Ivs 4 Corrigan 

Kemp, John, car inspector G.T.R., res Montreal 

St, outside city limits 
Kemp, Margaret, cook, bds 81 King E 
Kendrick, George, vulcanizer, Eastern Canada 

Maxotire & Rubber Co, bds 201 Queen 
Kendrick, Thos J, garage, rear 373 Brock 
Kennedy, E R, corpl, res 350 Albert 
Kennedy, Wm J, marine engineer, Donnelly Sal- 
vage and Wrecking Co, res 36 Mid Charles 
Kennedy's Grocery, cor Montreal and Charles 
Kennedy, Henry, shoe maker, Ivs 268 Queen 
Kennedy, Andrew M, engineer Grand Trunk, res 

124 Colborne 
Kennedy, Elizabeth (wid Thos), Ivs 32 John 
Kennedy, Patrick, lab, res 270 Sydenham 
Kennedy, Matilda (wid Joseph), res 395 Johnson 
Kennedy, Mabel B, Ivs 395 Johnson 
Kennedy, Hazel O, Ivs 395 Johnson 
Kennedy, Herbert H, plumber McKelvey & Birch 

Ivs 395 Johnson 
Kennedy, Wm L, auditor Locomotive Works, 

Ivs 395 Johnson 
Kennedy, .\ndrew E, engineer, Ivs 395 Johnson 
Kennedy, Michael J, grocer, res 301 Montreal 
Kennedy, William, help, K.G.H. 
Kennedy, Mary J (wid Wm), res 432 Barne 
Kennedy, Ernest J?^, clerk, Ivs 350 Albert 
Kennedy, Alex, ins agt Sun Life, res 350 Albert 
KENNEDY, A H, Exporter, 159 Wellington St, 

res King W 
Kennedy, Helen, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 44 Clergy 
Kennedy, Timothy, Ivs 87 Frontenac 
Kennedy, Charles, lab, res 230 Earl 
Kennedy, Howard, res 315 King 
Kennedy. Charles, mechanic Van Luvens, Ivs 

163 Bagot 
Kennedy, Miss R, elk Corrigan's, Ivs Portsmouth 
Kennedy, Harry, shoe repairer, Ivs 268 Queen 
KENNEDY, MRS A, Librarian, Public Library, 

ivs 485 Princess 
Kennedy, Donald H, conductor CPR, res 102 Bagot 
Kenny," Joseph, retired, res 67i^ John 
Kenny, Ethel, maid, 293 Alfred 
Kenney, Miss M, clerk Woolworth's, Ivs 175 

Kenney, Dan, employee Strand, Ivs 175 Sydenham 
Kenrick, Geo. auto mechanic, bds 201 Queen 
KENT, COL ROBT, Banker, res 85 King E 
Kent, Wm C, banker, Kent Bros, Ivs 85 King 
KENT BROS, Bankers (R E & W C Kent), 91 

Kenward, Mrs h'rank, Ivs 674 Princess 
Kenward. Frank, gardiner Sydenham Hospital, 

res 670 Princess 
Kenyon, Samuel, patient, Sydenham Hospital, res 

251 Patrick 
Kerr, Arthur, traveller, bds 201 Queen 
Kerr. Ada, retired, l)ds 5 Aberdeen 
Kerr, Alan, mechanical dentist, bds 56 William 
Kerr, Wm J, postman, res 31 Clergy w 

Dr. Bell's Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 




'Phone 147 for Ambulance 





Kerr, Joseph, traveller, Macnee & Miniies, Ivs 

Kershaw, Walter, pipe fitter, res 28 Up Charles 
Kershaw, Doris, press feeder. Whig, Ivs 28 Up 

Kershaw, Lily, maid, 154 Earl St 
Kershaw, Hilda, press room "Whig," Ivs 28 Up 

Kerrson, Stanley, steward Portsmouth Peniten- 
tiary, res 158 Ordnance 
Kettle, James J, orderly Sydenham Hospital, res 

2101^ Montreal 
Keyes, Mary, stenog, W R McRae & Co, Ivs 84 

L Union 
Keyes, M P, undertaker, office 228 Princess, res 

288 Princess (upstairs) 
Keyes, Eliz (wid Andrew), Ivs 255 Queen 
Keyes, Stanley J, physician, res 255 Queen 
Keyes, Annie, dressmaker, Ivs 7 Division 
Kej'es, Michael, Ivs, 190 Rideau 
Khent, Elizabeth, bds 42 Montreal 
Keah, Frank, wks McGinnis & O'Connor, his 

29 Arch 
Kidd, Robt J, machinist Imp Laundry, res 160 

Kidd, J Ringland, carriage mkr, res 155 Sydenham 
Kidd, John Ringland, carriage mkr, 186 Queen 
Kidd, Jane, res 159 Sydenham 
Kidd, Emma, Ivs 159 Sydenham 
Kidd, Thos A Major, broker, res 100 Stuart 
Kidd, Wm G, retired, res 146 Barrie 
Kidd, Ida M, Ivs 146 Barrie 
Kidd, Rev Wm E, clergyman, St George's, res 

7 Wellington 
Kiell, Herbert, lab, res 2065^ Alfred 
Kilpatrick, Fred A, marble cutter, McCallum's, 

res 44 Livingston 
Kirkpatrick, Florence, stenog Queen's Engineer- 
ing Office, Ivs 44 Livingston 
Kilborn, Anna (wid Dr R), res 244 King 
Kilborn. Laura, Ivs 24-+ King 
Kilborne, Thomas, retired, r&s 100 Division 
Killen, Thos P, fireman Richardson's Elevator, res 

150 Bay 
Killeen, Thomas (Jr), stenog, Ivs 150 Bay 
Killeen, Ellen, Ivs 150 Bay 
Killeen, Charles, lab, Ivs 150 Bay 
Killeen, Mary (wid Patrick), Ivs 14 St Catherine 
Killeen, Evelyn M, opr Bell Tel, Ivs 60 Victoria 
Killeen, James Vincent, Ivs 60 Victoria 
Killeen, Ethel, maid, bds 155 Earl 
Kincaid, Mrs George, bds 185 Division 
Kincaid, Jas, watchman C.L.C., res 89 Wellington 
Kincaid, Mrs Lois, res 37 Clarence (3rd) 
Kinch, John, foreman S Anglin, res 188 Rideau 
Kinch, Stanley, pressman Jackson Press, res 6 


KING & SMYTH, Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, 

etc., 71-73 Clarence 
King, Sydney J, carpenter, Ivs 375 Alfred 
King, John, contractor, res 375 Alfred 
King, Ernest Y, jeweller apprentice, Kinncar & 

d'Esterre, Ivs 375 Alfred 

King, Oscar W, electrician, Ivs 375 Alfred 
King, Howard, contractor, res 430 Alfred 
Kingston Business College, cor Queen & Chapma: 
King, Margaret (wid Thos) Ivs 220 Colborne 
King, Flora, Ivs 220 Colborne 
King, Thon>as, carpenter, res 175 Sydenham 
King, William, carpenter, res 59 Stanley 
King. Elsie, elk Woolworth's, Ivs 59 Stanley 
King, John B, tailor, Princess St, res 11 Montreal 
KING, FRANCIS, K.C., Barrister (King & 

Sniythe), res 154 Stuart 
King, Wm, checker, Ed Chown's, Ivs 64 Victoria 
King, Thos H, ins agt. Met Life, bds 409 Barrie 
King, Alice, Deputy Registrar, Queen's Univer- 
sity, Ivs 14 Alice 
King, Joseph G, res 14 Alice 
King, W, patternmaker, cor King & Queen 
King, Geo W, tinsmith, res 204 William 
King. Wellington B, electrician, Ivs 204 William 
King. Edith I. Typist. R M C, Ivs 204 William 
King, Myrtle M, clerk Queen's University, Ivs 

204 William 
King, Lois, electrician, res 204 William 
King Edward Barber Shop, J A Ferguson, prop, 

res 206 Pine 
King, Frederick, Kingston Battery Service, res 

456 Princess 
King, Geo, tinsmith, Simmon's Bros, Ivs 209 

King Edward Theatre, W J Ashley, mgr, 201 

King Edward Cigar Store, Edwin F Martin, prop, 

219 Princess 
King, Louisa M, stenog. Out Dept Agriculture, 

Ivs 10 George 
King, Henry C, driver Collingwood Shipyard, 

res 10 George 
Kingham, Richard J, tanner Davis' Tannery, res 

667 Montreal 
I\ingsl)ury, Amos B, barber, 209 Princess, res 25 

Kingston Ice Co Ltd, cor Collingwood & King 
Kingston Cement Products Co, H F Norman, 

mgr, 69 Patrick 
Kingston Steam Laundry, 204 Princess 

Barrie Sts 
Kingston Collegiate Institute, Earl St, cor Alfred 
Kingston Taxi Stand, 279 King E 
Kingston Coal Co, S Crawford, mgr, 401 King E 
Kingston Street Railway Co, H C Nickle. supt. 

King St 
Kingston Broom Co, Harrigan & Crozier. props, 

400 King St 
Kingston Art Furniture Co, R Elliott, mgr, 400 

King E 
Kingston Yacht Club, ft of Maitland 
Kingston Art Studio, G H H Motley, prop, 84 


COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'aIsTve. 





89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



Kingston Co-operative Society Ltd, B O Smith, 

Mgr, 53-55 Princess 
Kingston Hat Cleaners, Wnidow Cleaners, Fred 

Simpson (prop), 16/ Princess St (upstairs) 
Kingston Steam Laundry, Albert J Thompson, 

mgr, 251 Princess 
KINGSTON MILLING CO, J M Campbell, pres, 

Ontario St 

Capl, (Jntario St 
calfe, prin. cor ( )ueen and Ciiapnian Sts 

prop, 153 Wellington 
Kingston Sign Co, Ivan Bugge, mgr, 110 Wel- 
lington (upstairs) 

Estate and Insurance, (J () Hutton, B G 

Rol)ertson), 67 Clarence 
Kingston, Humane Society, Phone 819, Headquar- 
ters. 44 Clarence, R E Ward, Inspector, 

407 King E 

and Bagot Sts 
Kinnear & d'Esterre, Jewellers, (F Kinnear & J 

C d'Esterre), 100 Princess 
Kinnear, W Frank, jeweller, Kinnear dt d'Esterre, 

res 462 Princess 
Kipley, Edward, driver, 403-405 King 
Kirby, Chas, bds 192 Barric 
Kirby, William, Ivs 14 Ann 
KirU, Marv E, typist & bk-kpr, Livingston's, bds 

238 Earl 
Kird, Meriff, lab, res 9 Russell 
Kirkpatrick, Bessie, stenog Ed Cliowii & Son, 

Ivs 9 Main 
KIRKPATRICK, CHAS S, Customs Ticket & 

Ins Agents, 30 (,'larence, res 90 Viclouia 
Kirkpatrick, Geo H, art store, 159 Princess, res 

33 Garrett 
Kirkpatrick, Gertrude, student, bds 296 Queen 
Kirkpatrick, Harriett B (wid Wm), res 96 Barrie 
Kirki)atrick, Louisa H, Ivs 96 Barrie 
Kirkpatrick, Mary, res 228 Jolinson 
Kirkwood, Annie J, res 110 Victoria 
Kirkwood, Etta, Ivs 173 Montreal 
Kirkwood, Gordon E, mechanic, Lesscs' Garage, 

Ivs 110 Victoria 
Kirkwood, Howard, conductor St Ry, Ivs 173 

Kirkwood, James Capt, mariner, res 173 Montreal 
Kirkwood, James, Bell Boy, Randolph, Ivs 357 

Kirkwood, Mary, bk-kpr Dr A P Chown, Ivs 

173 Montreal 
Kirkwood, William J, Capt, mariner, res 408 

Kissick, G W, Inspector Manufacturers Life Ins 

Co, res 172 Alfred 
Kiteiy, Edward, driver, res 285 Division 
Kleinsteul)er, Wm, monument letterer, McCal- 

lum's, res 66 York 
Kling, Dora, Ivs 273 Princess 

Klugh, A, res 75 Arch 

Klugh. Prof Alfred B, lecturer in Biology, 

Queen's University, res 117 Bagot 
KNAPP, ALBERT E Dr, dentist, 258 Princess, 

res 333 Jolmscjn 
Knapp, A C, boat builder and livery, Ontario St 
Knapp, Bruce, student, bds 194 Division 
Knapp, Charles N. retired, Ivs 136 Ordnance 
Knapp, Charles F, electrician, L'cll Tel Co, res 

292 Barrie 
Knapp, Dixon S, res 347 Albert 
Knapp. Elsie, nurse, Ivs 347 All)ert 
Knapp, Frederick B. student, Ivs 347 Albert 
Knap]). Marjorie. stenog, Hanson, Crozicr & 

Edgar. ))ds 200 Montreal 
Knapp. Minnie, l>k-kpr, St Ry Co. Ivs 347 Albert 
Knapp, Noel, student, Ivs 347 Albert 
Knapp, Stanley, carpenter, res 10 Pine 
Knapp, Wm J, wks Knapp's Livery, Ivs Ontario 
Knapton, Wm, Sergt R.CH.A., res 159 Queen 
Knight, Dr Albert P, res Alice St 
Knight. Ashie, Ivs 108 Rideau 
Knight, Catherine, Ivs 108 Rideau 
Kniglit, Cecil, lab Davis' Tannery, res 112 Patiick 
Knight, Eliz. dressmaker, bds 2 Garrett 
Knight. Frederick, fitter Round House, res 113 

Queen St 
Knight, Fred, retired, res 346 University 
Knight, Georgia, milliner, Gedye Millinery, Ivs 

346 University 
Knight, Hugh R, carter, res 123 Coll)orne 
Knight, John S. gardener, res 470 Albert 
Knight. John R. l)utcher. 372 Barrie, Ixls 123 

Knight, Phyllis, music tchr, Ivs Alice St 
Knight, Roljt, marine engineer Playfair Co, res 

108 Rideau 
Knight, Wardell, student, Ivs 470 Albert 
Knott, Annie, (wid Walter), res 382 Johnson 
Knott, IHora, (wid Joseph), res 255 Montreal 
Knott, Otto \\ furrier, res 38 U Charles 
Knowlton, Alfred, retired, Ivs 67 Jbhn 
Knowlton, Clara, maid, 107 Bagot 
Knowlton, Harry H, wks shipyard, res 199 Wel- 
lington St 
Knowlton. Wilson, lab, res 72 Princess 
Knowlton. Wm, wks Randolph Hotel, Ivs 72 

Knox, hlossie M, weaver, Cotton Mill, Ivs 130 

Knox. George, engineer, res 50 Stanley 
Knox, George A, carter, Jas Swift's, res 130 

Knox, Geo, machinist. King & Queen 
Knox, Isobel, Ivs 150 University 
Koen. Francis, machinist, C L C, res 21 Arch 
Komph. Miss M L, milliner Geo Mills Co, bds 

193 Brock 
Kyle, Jas. res 247H Earl 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

ThatVTheToye Bread Co. 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 







Lablanc, L, Imp Ldry, 382 Princess 

La Boche, Antoine, patient Sydenham Hospital, 

res 67 Chatham 
La Brash, George, lineman Bell Tel, res 301 

Lacey, Roy, clerk A Chown & Co, Ivs Portsmouth 
Lacey, Wm, freightman G.T., res 438 Division 
Lacey, Father Rev, 225 Johnson 
La Chanco. Ida (wid E W), Ivs 113 Earl 
Lackie's Bakery (Mrs J Lackie, prop), 302 King E 
Ladds, John, fireman Ruddy & Monk, res 27 

Ladds, Thos, grocer, Ivs 23 Steplien 
Lafontaine, Joseph, lab, res 132 Stephen 
Lafiferty, Wm. sold, res 257-259 King E 
Lafferty, Major Heber, R.C.H.A., res 164 King 
Laflamme, Joseph, Warrant Officer R.C.H.A., 

res 169 Rideau 
La Flair, Ruth, Ivs 179 Johnson 
La Flair, John P, student, Ivs 179 Johnson 
La Flair, John S. clergyman, First Baptist Ch, 

res 179 Johnson 
La France, Wm, carter, res 2 Miller's Lane 
LAIDLAW, DAVID J, prop, John Laidlaw & 

Son, res 149 Earl 
LAIDLAW, JOHN & SON, Dry Goods, 170-172 

Laidlaw, Robt, officer K.P., bds 181 Division 
Laidly, G S, harness maker, cor Queen & King 
Laidley, Alfred R, res 208 Frontenac 
Laidley, Edith, teacher, Ivs 578 Princess 
Laidley, Frederick, retired, res 578 Princess 
Laird, Albert E, painter, res 214 Colborne 
Laird, Annie, Ivs 350 Princess (upstairs) 
Laird, Edith, saleslady Steacy's, Ivs 350 Princess 
Laird, Gertrude, Ivs 350 Princess (upstairs) 
Laird, John, merchant, John Laird & Sons, res 

350 Princess (upstairs) 
Laird, John & Sons, wall paper, 350 Princess 
Laird. Mary, res 18 Russell 
Laird, Mrs, wks Anglo American Hotel 
Laird. Wm G, paperhanger, res 183 Alfred 
Lake, Abi (wid Frank), res 361 Alfred 
LAKE, DR E J, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 

Specialist, 258 Bagot, res 353 Alliert 
Lake, Amos, carpenter, res 18 Division 
Lake, Ann (wid John), Ivs 170 York 
Lake, Dazie, student, bds 347 Albert 
Lake, Elma M, stenog, Bk of Nova Scotia, Ivs 

353 Albert 
Lake, Ethel M, 1)k-kpr Dairy School, Ivs 18 

Lake, Gordon, student, Ivs 34 Quel)ec 
Lake, Hercules, wks Cotton Mill, res 38 York 
Lake, Irene Marjorie, tchr "Batescourt", Ivs 357 

Lake, John W. night watchman Shijiljuilding Co. 

res 34 Quebec 
Lake, Milton, Linotype Opr. Hanson, Crozier &; 

Edgar, Ivs 317 Johnson 

Lake, Sarah (wid Wm), res 316 Queen 
Lake, Samuel K Dr, res 357 Johnson 
Lake View House (Patrick Driscoll, prop), 

Ontario St 
La Londe, Adeline, Ivs 466 Albert 
Lalonde, Alexander S, machinist, Ivs 2 Orchard 
Lalonde, Henry, carpenter, bds 20 George 
Lalonde, Lona (wid Francis), res 2 Orchard 
Laniax, William, machinist. Ivs 29 Russell 
Lamb. Jas, agency director, 332 King 
Lamli, John, wks Collingwood Shipyard, res 65 

Arch St 

Lair.b, Lawrence, Ivs 43 Arch 

Lamb, Nathaniel, wks Collingwood Shipyard, res 

43 Arch 
Laml\ Walter, lab, Roddy & Monk, Ivs Ports- 
Laml), Walter, Capt, retired, bds 168 University 
Lamarche, Dolor, lineman, C Nat Telegraph, res 

294 Johnson 
Lambert, A, butcher, Anderson Bros, res 459 

Lambert, Beatrice, ledger kpr. Bank of Montreal, 

Ivs 54 Clergy 
Lambert, Catherine, Ivs 258 Rideau 
Lambert, Ernest, driver, Robinson's Grocery, Ivs 

459 Barrie 
Lambert, Edward, student, Ivs 459 Barrie 
Lambert, Helen, stenog, I Cohen, Ivs 258 Rideau 
Lambert, Joseph, mariner, Ivs 459 Barrie 
Lambert, Irene, bk-kpr Stevenson & Hunter, Ivs 

167 Alfred 
Lamljert, Margaret M, res 141 Hickson Ave 
Lanibert, Mark, night watchman C.L.C., res 167 

Lambert, Mary E. res 141 Hickson Ave 
Lambert, Marjorie. music tchr, Ivs 459 Barrie 
Laml ert, Michael, patient Rockwood. Ivs 20 Russell 
Lambert, Michael (Jr). Ivs 258 Rideau 
Lambert. Michael, carpenter, res 258 Rideau 
Laml)ert, Mildred J, Ivs 167 Alfred 
Lambert, Rene, driver Robinson's Grocery, Ivs 

459 Barrie 
Lambert, Thomas, clerk. Division Court, res 54 

Clergy St 
Laml)ert. Thomas, upholsterer, James Reid, res 

5 MacDonnell 
Lambert, Mrs. Wm, res 449 Princess 
Lampros, Peter, prop New York Hat Cleaning 

Co. res 208 Princess 
Lanioureaux. Joseph, engineer, res 278 Wellington 
Landry, Nol:)le J, pressman, Whig, res 198 Nelson 
Lane, Hugh, plumlier McKelvey & Birch, res 

20 Alma 
Lane, Beniamin, packer, E Chown & Son, res 

103 Pine 
Lane, Cyrus W. jeweller. 192 Wellington, res 85 Gore 
Lane, Eldred, Ivs 85 Gore 
Lane, W Harold, plumlier, Taylor & Hamilton. 

res 104 Chatham 

J. K. Carroll Agency ^''^^ivTi^ir 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 IN SU R ANC E 

We Clean 


and do it well 

•PHONE csn Office 214 Princess. 
IVIY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 
D- S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 



angsford, Edwin, \ah S Anglin & Co, res 14 Ann 
angdon, Louis, mgr Carpet Dept, T F Harrison, 

res 146 Division 
angdon, Martha, res 253 Victoria 
Langdon, Nathaniel, mason, res 222 Division 
Langdon, Edward, painter, res 293 Montreal 
Langwith, Anna E, student, Ivs 252 Albert 
Langwith, Christopher, res 252 Albert 
Langwith, Grace, maid, 238 Brock 
Langwith, Joseph, boilermaker, res 19 Ellis 
Langwith, Vera, stenog S R Lyon & Co, Ivs 19 Ellis 
Lannos, Annie Eva (wid J M), res 111 Union E 
Laplante, Louis, steam fitter, C.L.C., res 404 

Lapier, George, milk vendor, Ivs 769 Montreal 
Lapier, John, lab, res 9 Russell 
Lapier, Joseph, lab, res 769 Montreal 
Lapointe, Annie, maid, Albion Hotel 
Lapointe, Mary, maid, 85 Victoria 
Lappen, J "Benson, machinist. Bishop Machine 

Shop, res 76 Mack 
Lappen, J B, machinist, King & Queen 
Lappen, Catherine, Ivs 317 Brock 
Lapree, Irene, wks Randolph Hotel 
Larochc, M, wks Randolph Hotel 
Laronge, John, lab, res 524 Princess 
La Rose, Ross, lab, res 162 Rdieau 
La Rose, Lillian, Ivs 32 Russell 
La Rose, Napoleon, res 32 Russell 
La Rush, Homer, chef, res 39 Stephen 
Lasha, Walter, machinist C.L.C., res 94 L Bagot 
Latimer, Anna, Gertrude, Ivs 178 Montreal 
Latimer, Edna Louise, Ivs 178 Montreal 
Latimer, J Harry, cashier Dominion Express, Ivs 

178 Montreal 
Latimer, George, bandsman R.C.H.A., bds 116 

Latimer, Joseph R, porter, Can National, res 168 

Laturney, Alice (wid Jas), res 105 Frontenac 
Laturney, Edward, carriage nikr, res 392 Princess 
Laturney, Gertrude, tchr, Victoria School, Ivs 105 

Laturney, George, res 151 Frontenac 
Laturney, Isabella, Ivs 302 Johnson 
Laturney, Jas, opr Standard, res 387 Johnson 
Laturney, Mabel, Ivs 302 Johnson 
Laturney, Belle, res 302 Johnson 
Laturney, Mrs, res 302 Johnson 
Laturney, Rebecca (wid Geo), res 302 Johnson 
Laura Secord Candy Shop (Miss Theresa Whelan, 

chief clerk), 138 Princess 
Lauder, B G (Miss), mgr Driver's Grocery, 

Queen St, bds 273 Queen 
Laundry Shop (Sang Lai), 220 Barrie 
Laundry Shop (Sing Doo), 238 Barrie 

Laurier. Nicholas, wks Davis' Tannery, bds 240 

Lavell, Doreen, student, Ivs 22 Barrie 
Lavell, Henry A, judge, res 22 Barrie 
Lavell, Sarah, Ivs 40 Victoria 
Lavery, John, shoe maker, bds 108 Chestnut 
Laven, Mrs. C, Ladies' Fancy Goods Store, 372 


Lawrence, Bridget, (wid F H), res 20 Garrett 
Lawrence, George, orderly, Sydenham Hospital 

res 17 Corrigan 
Lawrence, Jos O, barber, res 227 Princess 
Lawrence, Capt John, mariner, Canada Steamship 

Lines, res 215 Division 

Lawrenson, Elmer, plumber, 387 Princess, res 

385 Princess 
Lawrenson, Harry, student K.C.I, Ivs 385 Princess 
Law, Capt H, physical instructor, res 192 Clergy 
Lawes, Geo, postman, res 194 Ontario 
Lawler, Dr Ambrose B, physician and surgeon, 

218 Alfred 
Lawler, Arthur, clerk Dalton's, Ivs 328 University 
Lawler, Herbert, tinsmith Simmons', Ivs 40 Uni- 
versity Ave 
Lawler, H J, clerk, Dalton's, res 328 University 
Lawler, Michael D, tinsmith, Chown & Co res 
36 Elm 

Lawler, Michael D, wks Simmons' Bros, res 678 

Lawler, Robt J. clerk. United Cigar Store, res 

240 Brock 
Lawler, Thomas J, fireman, K Fire Dept No 2, 

res 34 Rideau 
Lawler, William, K & D Mfg Co, res 114 Stephen 
Lawless, Elsie, private sec'y Hon Wm Harty, 

Ivs Portsmouth 
Lawless, Edward, student, Ivs 211 University 
Lawless, James, machinist, res 225 Sj'denham 
Lawless, James J, guard K.P., res 211 University 
Lawless, Katherine, bds 115 Union 
Lawless, Mary (wid Michael), Ivs 249 Johnson 
Lawless, Katherine (wid M J), res 160 Earl 
Lawless, Patrick J, ins agt, res 108 L Bagot 
Lawless, Patrick M, barber, Montreal St, res 449 

Lawless, Peter, Ivs 160 Earl 
Lawless, Peter T, teamster, res 171 Victoria 
Lawless. Vincent, asst Phillips' & Taylor, Ivs 211 

Lawlor, Elizabeth, (wid Richard), Ivs 197 Johnson 
Lawlor, James, res 173 Collingwood 
Lawlor, William T, driver K & D Mfg Co, Ivs 

114 Stephen 
Lawlor, Wm Herbert, foreman Simmons Bros, 

Ivs 328 LTniversity 
Lawson, Alfleda G, bk-kpr, Ivs 116 Victoria 
Lawson, Hattie. Ivs 66 Victoria 
Lawson, Henry M. res 116 Victoria 
Lawson, Herbert, farmer, Ivs 66 Victoria 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Beirs cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 


'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Lawson, Milfred, Battery Mechanic, res 110 

LAWSON, PERCY C, Florist, 92-94 Brock, res 

68 Centre 
Lazell. Charles, painter, res 166 Bagot 
Lazell, Fred Wm, wks Ed Chovvn & Son, Ivs 

166 Bagot 
Lazenl)y, James, liaggageman G.T.R., res 245 

Leach, Emma, ))k-kpr, T H Stewart, Ivs 464 Barrie 
Leacli, Emma L (wid Edward), res 464 Barrie 
Leach Lydia, stenog T H Stewart, Ivs 464 Barrie 
Leach, Major Richard, R.C.A., res 256 King 
Leach, Wilfred H, res 35 York 
Leacock, Miss, nurse K.G.H. 
Leadl)eater, Ethel (wid W R), snpt Avonmore, 

207 William 
Leaden, Herman A, wareliouseman, Can Oil Co, 

Ivs 14 Dufferin 
Leaden, Frederick, corpl, res 14 Dufferin 
Leaden, Howard, wks Thompson Bottling Co, 

res 14 Dufferin 
Leaden, Mamie L, stenog, W J Crothors Co, Ivs 

14 Dufferin 
Leader, Edith, nurse, Ijds 302 Queen 
Leader, Geo E, tailor, 179 Wellington, res 17 Mack 
Leader, Miss M Ay Ladiejs' Fancy CiOods\ 105 

Brock, bds 346 University 
Leary, John P, elk R.C.H.A., res 68 Markland 
LEATHERLAND & DENNIS, ins agents. Great 

West Life Ins Co, 39-41 iirock 
LEATHERLAND, J FRANK, Insurance Agent, 

res 234 Sydenham 
Leavoy, Gordon W, salesman Anglo Oil Co, res 

224 Nelson 
Lehlanc, Albert, sold R.C.H.A., res 382 Princess 
Lehoy, Peter, wks Davis Dry Dk, res 50 L Bagot 
Leckey, James, traveller, res 520 Princess 
Ledford, Catherine, clerk Mcintosh Co, Princess 

St, Ivs 106 Rideau 
Ledford, George, lal), res 106 Rideau 
Lee, Arthur Noel, acct Bk Montreal, res Villa 

St Clare No 6, Barrie St 
Lee, Charles, cabinet maker, Jas Reid, res "Wood- 
land Place", Portsmouth 
Lee, Charlie (Laundry), 28 Johnson 
Lee, Frank, boiler maker, res 34 Markland 
Lee, Geo E, asst sales mgr Can Loco Co, res 

166 University 
Lee, Geo E, res 165 Sydenham 
Lee, Hop, Laundry, res 59^/^ Division 
Lee, Israel A, retired, res 296 Queen 
Lee, Kin, laundry, Ivs 86 Queen 
Lee, Lett, asst chef, Randolph Hotel 
Lee, Mary Ann (wid John), Ivs 391 Earl 
Lee, Mildred G,. student, Ivs 391 Earl 
Lee, Sing, Laundry, 88 William 
Lee, Wm J, grocer, cor Earl and Albert, res 

391 Earl 
Leech, Herliert, mariner, Ivs 113 Barrack 
Leech, Mary (wid George), res 113 Barrack 

I.ceman, Wm, tinsmi^Ji, Simmons', Ivs 49 York 

(cor Raglan Rd) 
Lees, Frank, boiler maker, res 112 L Bagot 
Lefavo, Effie, bds 9 Aberdeen 
Lefeave. Percy, instlr Bell Tel, hds 439 Brock 
Legacy, Beatrice, servant, 103 Johnson 
Leggett, Claude, Pay Sergt, Oh! Collegiate, res 492 

Leggett, hVank, student, Ivs 492 Johnson 
Leggett, CJeorge H, Ry Mail Clk. res 373 Johnson 
Lc Heup, John A, cari)enter, res 15 University 
l.eighton, Margaret Mrs, elk. Star Fruit it Candy 

Store, Ivs 38 Clergy W 
Lcigliton, Wm C, res 151 Raglan 
Leisliman, Karl E, acct A Chovvn, Ivs 178 Clergy 
Leisliman, Martha H, elk Newman & Shaw, Ivs 

178 Clergy 
Leisliman, Myrtle, Ivs 178 Clergy 
Leisliman, Robert, elk, Prince George Hotel, res 

178 Clergy 
LEMMON & SONS, Tinsmiths and Plumbers, 

187 Princess 
LEMMON, ALLAN (John Lemmon & Sons), res 

277 Earl 
Lemmon, Charles, carpenter, res 149 h'ronlenac 
Lemmon, Ernest, sold R.C.H.A., res 210 Montreal 
Lemmon, Gladys, teller Royal Bk, res 148 Frontonac 
Lemmon, J Stanley, mariner, Ivs 249 Barrie 
Lemmon, Jas H, machinist C.P.R., res 249 Barrie 
Lemmon, John, carter, res 456 Barrie 
Lemmon, J, ftr C.P.R. Round Hse, Ivs 249 Barrie 
Lemmon, John, teamster, res 24 Pine 
LEMMON, JOHN (John Lemmon & Sons) res 

273 Earl 
Lemmon, Laura M, Ivs 249 Barrie 
Lemmon, Melville, merchant, Ivs 273 Earl 
Lemmon, Peter, tinsmith, Taylor & Hamilton, 

res 4 Cherry 
Lemmon, Sarah (wid), res 181 Alfred 
Lemmon, Thos, tinsmith, res 176 Alfred 
Lemmon, Walter P, elk, res 20 George 
Lemmon, Wm M, painter, W J Vince, res 459 

Lemmon, Willa, clerk Steacy's, Ivs 24 Pine 
Lemmon, Wm, barber, res 32 Union w 
Lemonde, Estelle, nurse, K.G.H. 
Lennie, Edgar, wks E L Ruddy & Co, res 515 

Lennon, Eric W, student, Ivs 30 Colborne 
Lennon, Gladys R, student. Ivs 30 Coll)orne 
Lennon, Margaret, res ZZ3 Raglan 
Lennon, Thomas, blacksmith, res 193 Colborne 
Lennon, W S Rev Dr, clergyman, Queen St 

Methodist, res 30 Colborne 
Lennox, Arthur, watchmaker, Smith Bros, res 261 

King E 
Lennox, Arthur, apprentice 350 King, Ivs 261 King 
Uennox, Donald, Sakell's Ice Cream Parlor. Ivs 

292 Queen 
Lennox, George, caretaker, armouries 
Lennox, Jack K. Ivs 292 Queen 
Lennox, Mrs Jessie, music tchr, Ivs 154 Pine 
Lennox, Wm G, Barlier Shop, 261 King 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 


COOK'S AUTO SERVICE"'' ^^gj"p5£"™| ^°^° 

and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or night 



^entz, Bessie, stcnog' Hydro Shop, Ivs 12 L James 

^entz, John A, marine engineer, res 12 I^ James 

ItLeonard, Charlotte, maid Fr^ntenac CUiI). Ivs 

11 Up York 
^Leonard, John, retired, res 26 Livingston 
Leonard. John, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 

238 Ontario (npstairs) 
Leonard, Joseph, res 7 Jolinson 
Leonard, Joseph, clerk Carnovsky's Store, Ivs 

668-670 Princess 
Leonard, Maud, tchr, Kingston Business College, 

Ivs 26 Livingston 
Leronge, John, polisher. Welder's, Ivs 524 Princess 
LeSausage, CHft'ord W, X-ray technican, res 246 

LeSage, Florence M, wks Textile Co, Ivs 14 

LeSage, George W. lab, res 14 Russell 
Lesage, Joseph, soldier R.C.H.A., res 14 James 
LeSage, Margaret H, deputy registrar Court 

House, Ivs 14 Russell 
Leslie, Euphemia, Ixls 388 Johnstni 
Leslie, Helen, bds 269 Brock 
Leslie, lsal)el, tchr, Ivs 71 Nelson 
Leslie. Col J N S, res 3 Emily 
Leslie. James, res 47 William 
Leslie, William, cashier Oddfellow's Relief Assoc- 
iation, 344 King, Ivs 71 Nelson 
Leslie, Jeanette, Ivs 495 Barrie 
Leslie, J F. sec-trcas Donnelly Salvage & Wreck- 

•ing Co, res 47 William 
Leslie, Marion I'", Ivs 47 William 
Leslie, Matthew, attendant, Movvat Hospital, res 

495 Barrie 
Leslie, Soidiia (vvid D), res 7 Ri\cr 
Leslie, William, retired, res 252 King 
Leslie, Wm, tailor Livingston's, res 495 Barrie 
Leslie. Wm. engineer, res 76 L Bagot 
LESSES ANTIQUE SHOP, C Lesses, prop, cor 

Chatham and Princess 
Lesses, Cecilia, res 370 Alfred 
Lesses. Isaac, prop Williard Battery Station 

Brock, res 172 Johnson 
LESSES, REUBEN, manager C Lesses' Shop, 

Ivs 370 Alfred 
Letchfield, John, wks Dominion Textile, res 416 

Leturnean, Alphonse, lali, Doni Textile, res 30 

Levoy, Peter N, ship carpenter, Davis Dry Dock, 

res 50 L Bagot 
Levvers, Wm, salesman, Rees Bros, res 66 

Lewers, Hazel R. saleslady, Mahood's, Ivs 66 

Lewers, Wm T, trvlr Rees Bros, res 66 Thomas 
Lewis, Alexander, res 135 Union 
Lewis, Anna (wid Reg), Ivs 163 Queen 
Lewis, Calvin, retired, res 8 Macdonnell 
Lewis, Marion E, Ivs 154 Stewart 

Lewis, Professor R.M.C., bds 182 Alfred 
License Inspector's Office. Wm McCammon 

License Inspector, 57 Brock 
Liddell. Capt Wm, mariner, res 104 Barrack 
Light, Capt. Alfred, director of music R.C.H.A., 

res 43 Beverly 
Light. Frederick, wks Davis Tannery, res 29 

Hickson Ave 
Lilly. George. Civil Service R.M.C., res 95 Queen 
Fillie, Mrs. Jas. wks British American Hotel 
Lilley. Samuel T. Boys' Secretary Y.M.C.A., res 

60 Wellington 
Lillis. Horater. wks Artificial Ice Plant. Ivs cor 

Ellis and Division 
Linaugli, Frances, clerk, Mahood's, Ivs 42 I, Union 
Linaugli. John, res 42 Union 
Linaugh. Leo, sailor, Ivs 42 Union 
Linaugh, Maria, clerk, Steacy & Steacy, Ivs 42 

Linaugh, Margaret, Ivs 42 L Union 
LINDSAY, LTD, C W, Pianos & Phonographs, 

121 Princess 
Lindsay, Herbert, driver, Kingston Ice Co, res 

1 Union St W 
Lindsay, Robt J, carpenter, res 36 Ellerbeck ave 
Lindsaj^ Jas, salesman G Mills, res 70 Wellington 
Lindsay, Thomas, clerk Crawford's Grocery, res 

79 York 
Ling, Dorotliy, carder Cotton Mill, Ivs 38 Raglan 
Ling, Edward F, sec'y Army & Navy, res 38 

Ling, Ethel, spinner. Cotton Mill, Ivs 38 Raglan 
Ling, Frederick E (Jr), IVs 38 Raglan 
Ling, Lee, laundryman, res 59^ Division 

LINGHAM, ARTHUR J C, prop, R H Toye Co, 

res 82 Gore 

Linton, Mrs Charles, Ivs 442 Brock 

Linton. W N cSi Co, Dry Goods Merchants, 168- 

170 Wellington 
Linton, Wm N, merchant, W N Linton & Co, 

res 54 Wellington 
Lion Clothing Co, Arthur Horwitz, mgr, 356 King 
Lipman, Barnet, Men's Clothing, 107 Princess res 

244 Brock 
Lipman, Robert, traveller S Hart & Co, res 220 

LTnion W 
Lipsett, John B, Linotype Operator, Whig, Ivs 44 

Clergy E 
Lister, Herbert, machine opr Davis Tannery, res 

167 Pine 
Lister. Miss M. seamstress Livingston's, Ivs 167 

Pine St 
Lister. J Wm, patient Svdenham Hospital, res 

169 Pine 
Listen, Patrick, clerk, L Martin's, res cor Albert 

and Johnson 
Liston, Elizabeth (wid John), Ivs 430 Johnson 
Liston, Thomas H, carpenter, res 78 Quebec 

LA. STERLING ?««?fi«^ 

209 Princess Street 




'Phone 147 for Service 




Listen. Wm, lab, Ivs 78 Quebec 

Litchfield, Jas, wks Cotton Mill, Ivs 11 Up York 

Litchfield. Caroline (wid Thos), res 11 Up York 

Little, Earl, res 166 King E 

Little, George F, letter carrier, res 24 Nelson 

Little', George, mechanic, K Auto Sales, Ivs 15 
'clergy West 

Little, George, auto mechanic, Kingston Auto 
'sales, bds 404 Montreal 

Little, Edna M, Ivs 24 Nelson 

Little, Isabel (wid J), clerk. Davis' Grocery, res 
cor Queen and Division 

Little, Dr Thomas, Prof Queen's, res 95 Clergy 

Little, Wm, boat builder & livery 

Litton, Chas, ins agent, res 188 Union w 

Litton. Elsie M. Ivs 188 Union w 

Litton, Harriett, Ivs 316 Earl 

Litton. Jessie (wid John). Ivs 105 Gore 

Litton, John F, res 316 Earl 
Litton, John W, contractor res 52 Frontenac 
Litton, Mary, tailoress, R.M.C Ivs 316 Earl 
Livings, Rachel, maid Sydenham Hospital, bds 

11 Up York 
Livingston. Chas & Bro. 75-79 Brock 
Livin<^ston. Charles, merchant, Charles Livmg- 

"ston & Bro., res 162 Barne 
Livingston. Emily (wid Wm J) res 455 Prmcess 
Livingston. Ross, merchant. Chas Livmgston & 

Bro, res 181 Johnson 
Lloyd, Bessie, tile wkr. Ivs li Stephen 
Lloyd, Ezra. lab. res IZ Markland 
Lloyd, Laura, help K.G.H. ,or, r> • 

Lloyd, Isaac, sexton, St Mary's, res 389 Barne 
Lloyd, Keitha M. stenog Macnee & Mmnes. Ivs 

74 Division 
Lloyd, Melitta. maid. Ivs IZ Stephen 
Lloyd Robt, moulder, res 406 Johnson 
Lloyd, Sarah (wid John), res 74 Division 
Lloyd, Thos, engineer, res 214 Earl 
Lloyd. Victor, clerk. Macnee & Minnes, Ivs 406 

Lloyd. Walter A. engineer, res 119 Patrick 
Lloyd, Wm A, clerk. Chas Livingston. Ivs 406 

Johnson t^ r- u 

Lochead, J H, House Surgeon K.G.H. 
I ochead, lana's, traveller, res 69 Nelson 
LOCKETT'S SHOE STORE, L C Lockett prop, 

116 Princess 
Lockett. Edgar M. Ivs 23 Sydenham 
Lockett, Muriel Edna, Ivs 24 Stuart 
Lockett, F J, merchant. Midland Shoe. 339-341 

King, res 24 Stuart 
Lockett, Garnet H. mgr Midland Shoe Co. 331- 

341 King, res Zl Kensington Ave 
LOCKETT, L C, prop Lockett Shoe Store, 116 

Princess, res 23 Sydenham 
Lockett, L Wilfred. Ivs 23 Sydenham 
Lockett, Kathleen, Ivs 133 Union 
LOCKETT, THOS J, Real Estate and Insurance, 

oflEice'58 Brock (upstairs), res 133 Union 



res 203 

Logan, Wm, engineer C.P.R., bds Albion Hotel 
Logue, Chas P, appr Loco Wks, Ivs 128 Johnson 
Logue, Joseph P, clerk Loco Wks, Ivs 128 Johnson 
Logue, Wm J, Lococomotive engineer G.T.R., res 

128 Johnson 
Loiseau. Alice, cigar mkr McGowan's, Ivs 

Loiseau, Annie, (wid U), res 80 Quebec 
Loiseau. Frederick, gilder, res 257 Patrick 
Loiseau. Leo. lab. Ivs 80 Quebec 
Loiseau, May Rose, tile wkr, Ivs 80 Quebec 
Lomax, James, wks Tannery. Ivs 29 Russell 
Lomax. Mary J (wid J) res 29 Russell 
London, Edward, bds 218 Montreal 

Waters, mgr. ZZl King 
Loney. Luther M, elk Custoins' Houst 

Long, Anderson, lab, res 34 Union 
Longshore, Harry, bandsman R.C.H.A., res 31 

Longshore. Herbert, wks Davis Tannery. Ivs 31 

Lonsdale. Henry, wvr Cotton Mill, res 12 James 
Lonsdale, Herbert, wks Dom Textile Co. res 62 

Up Charles 
Loppen. Margaret (wid Thos), res 486 Brock 
Lord, Wm, caretaker R.M.C, res 17 Nelson 
Lorimer, Caroline, photographer, Kingston Art 

Studio, Ivs 142 King 
Loscombe, Albert E, ins agt, res 275 Broclc 
Losee. Ida (wid J J), Ivs 66 Earl 
Loshaw's Grocery. E Loshaw, prop. 1 Clow's 

Block. Chatham St 
Loshaw. Elswood. res 1 Clow's Block, Chatham 
Loshaw. John H, clerk E Loshaw's Grocery. Ivs 

1 Clow's Block. Chatham St 
Lothrop, Alfred P, Dr, Prof of Chemistry, Quern's 

University, res 82 Beverly 
Loucks. Ethelyn. Ivs Zl Division 
Loucks. Harriette (wid Rev Ed) res Zl Division 
Loucks. Miss Josephine, stenog, McKelvey & 

Birch, Ivs 291 Brock 
Loucks. Kenneth, car inspector G.T.R., res 10 

Raglan Rd 
Lougheed, J F, res 242 Princess 
Lougher. Frederick H, physician, res 283 Queen 
Lougher. Olivia, Ivs 283 Queen 
Lougher, William W, baker. Ivs 283 Queen 
Loughlen, Henry, res 348 Brock 
Loughlen. Mary, Ivs 122 Earl 
Loughen. Sarah, tailoress D S Collier 

Loune, Timoth^^ lab (Public Utilities). 

Love. Courtland. student. Queen's L^nivcrsity, Ivs 

350 Brock 
Love. John W, driver, res 350 Brock 
Love. Joseph, upholsterer, bds 127 Union 
Lovett, Kathleen, private secretary C.P.R.. Ivs 



16 Earl 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 


56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service _£££i£Lis 

Cor. King & Queen Sts, 



Lovett, Thos, machinist, res 16 Earl 

Lovett, Wm A, wks Shipyard, res 32 Ontario 

Lovick, Charlotte E. tchr Louise School, res 154 

Lovick, Emma A P, res 154 University 
Lovick, Hester M, nurse, Ivs 154 University 
Lovick, John S, machinist, bds 154 University 
Low, Percy, mathematics Asst R.M.C., bds 120 

Lower, Lillian, clerk, W N Linton & Co, Ivs ^9 

Lowrie, M, governess "Roselawn," Union 
Lowrie, William, Sergt-Maj., R.C.H.A.. res 259 

Lowing, Mrs. Florence, res 62 Elm 
Lowney, Luther, l)k-kpr, Custom House, res 203 

Lowry, Ceclia, (wid C), Fancy Goods, Ivs 32 

Union w 
Lowry. John A. blacksmith, 147 Brock, res 3 

Loynes, S, salesman, Fenwick & Hendry 
Lucas, Christina, bds 2 Clow's Ter., Quebec St 
Lucas, Mary E M, Ivs "Elm Tree House" Union w 
Luckin, Edv,-ard, Meat Market, 297 Princess, res 

641 Princess 
Lucy, Elizabeth, Ivs 6 Jenkin 
Lucy & Lucy, Drs, Chiropractors, res 239 Bagot 
Lucj', Wm, retired, res 6 Jenkin 
Ludlow, Frank, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 59 Arch 
Ludlow. Gertrude, Ivs 59 Arch 
Ludlow, Richard, gardener, res 59 Arch 
Ludlow, Ray, ])k-kpr, Anderson's Grocery, Ivs 

59 Arch 
Ludlow, Wm R, gas fitter, res 11 Nelson 
Luml), Frederick, inspector C.L.C., res 21 Union w 
Lummon, Alfred, blacksmith, res 28 Pine 
Lusk, Jennie M, opr C.P.R. Sheds, Ivs 208 King 
Lutz, Alvin, fireman, K Fire Dept, No 1 Station, 

l)ds 275 Queen 
Lye, R J, wks Weber's Piano Factory, Ivs 156 

Lye, Albert, Ivs 156 Rideau 
Lyman, Elizabeth M, Ivs 127 King w 
Lyman, Katherine, Ivs 127 King w 
Lyman, Percy D, retired, res 127 King w 
Lyman, Willard, engineer, res 131 Stephen 
Lynch. Daniel, patient Mowat Hospital, Ivs 93 

Lynch, Daniel, agent. Prudential Life Ins Co, res 

93 Raglan Rd 
l^ynch, Helen (wid Michael), res 240 Johnson 
Lynch, Leo, student, Ivs 240 Johnson 
Lynch, Robert J, patient, Sydenham Hospital, 

res 331 Montreal 
Lynd, Herbert, moulder, cor King and Queen 
Lynd, Jane M, res 37 Stephen 
Lyon, Agnes, nurse. Ivs 447 Johnson 
Lyon, Charles. Mrs. bk-kpr, 314 Barrie, Ivs 115 

I. yon, David J. painter. 314 Barrie, res 67 Patrick 

Lyon, Gladys, nurse, Ivs 447 Johnson 
Lyon, Margaret (wid Herbert), res 213 Division 
Lyon, Myrtle, waitress British American Hotel 
Lyons, Roljert, lab, res 447 Johnson 
Lyon, S R & Co, Painter & Decorator, 314 Barrie 
Lyon, Sam R, painter & Decorator, res 115 York 
Lyon, Stuart, student, Ivs 447 Johnson 
Lyon, Watson, carpenter S Anglin, res 27a Ellis 
Lyons, Annie, elk Laidlaws, Ivs 281 Queen 
Lyons, Anna, domestic, bds 15 Union E 
Lyons, Charles A, wool & hide business, 12 Mar- 
ket St. res 146 Ordnance 
Lyons, Edward T, driver, C N Express, res 46 

Lyons, Ellenor. elk Laidlaw's, Ivs 281 Queen 
Lyons, Flora, stenog S.C.R., Ivs 376 Alfred 
Lyons. Gerald S, student, Ivs 234 Earl 
Lyons, G S, Linotype Operator, Jackson Press, 

res 234 Earl 
Lyons, G W, watchmaker and jeweller, 267 Prin- 
cess, res 267 Princess (upstairs) 
Lyons, Harry, student, Ivs 376 Alfred 
Lyons, Howard C, clerk, A Chown Hardware, 

Ivs 146 Ordnance 
Lyons, Julia (wid Wm), res 281 Queen 
Lyons, Mollie. Ivs 146 Ordnance 
Lyons, P & Son. Hide Dealers, 6 Market 
Lyons, Ruth A, Ivs 234 Earl 
Lyons, Thos E, dr C. N. Ex, res 33 James 
Lyons, Wm J, chaufifeur R Waldron, res 364 Barrie 
Lyons, Wm H, traveller Robertson's Ltd res 

376 Alfred 
Lystcr, Arthur N, mgr Bank of Nova Scotia res 

78 Gore 
Lyster, Benjamin, wks Davis' Tannerv, res 8 River 
Lyston, Patrick L, carpenter, res 351 Alfred 
Lytle, Alecia, elk Newman & Shaw. Ivs 35a Main 
Lytle. Ethel (wid Wm). res 245 Alfred 
Lytle, John Walter, painter, 35a Main 
Lytle, Violet, clerk, Newman ."t Shaw. Ivs 35a 

Mac and Mc 

MacAllister, John Rev, retired, res 331 Barrie 
MacArthur, Wm G. traveller, Clark Bros Ltd, 

res 100 Victoria 
MacAvey, Margaret, res 408 Barrie 
MacAvey. Elizabeth, res 408 Barrie 
MacCallum. Wm, patient Hotel Dieu res ^47 


MacCALLUM, E E D Dr, physician, res 302 


MacCallum. Sarah (wid Neil), res 187 University 
MacClement, Prot W T, Prof in Biology, Queen's 

University, Arch St 
MacClement. Ruth, student. Queen's University, 

Ivs Arch St 
MacDonald, Alexander, lai>, res 101 King w 
MacDonald, Angus S, sailor, Ivs 305 Earl 

1/ A. STERLING ^^'iJ^*^ 

209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. '"""—" 



MacDonald, Anna, tclir, Victoria, hds 400 Brock 
MacDonalcl, Edmund, student, Ivs 73 Pembroke 
MacDonald, Florence G, typist Cunningham and 

.Smith, lv.s 111 Union 
MacDonald, George A, law elk, Queen's Univer- 
sity, res 239 Alfred 
MacDonald, Gordon A, lab, res 67 Union 
MacDonald, Harriett (wid D J) res 243 University 
MacDonald. James C. packer Robertson's Whole- 
sale Grocery, res 55 Arch 
MacDonald, James O Dr. physician, res 327 Barrie 
MacDonald, John S, prop. Dominion Chemical 

Co, 233 Wellington, res 309 University 
ALacDonald, J. baker. W J Crothers Co Ltd. res 

64 Bay 
MacDonald, John, merchant. R H Toye &: Co, 

res 92 Queen 
Macdonald, J Grant, student. Ivs 175 Stuart 
Macdonald. John F. Prof English, Queen's Uni- 
versity, res 175 Stuart 
Mac(h>nald, 'John A, tailor instructor, Kingston 

Penitentiary, res 73 Peml)rokc 
Macdonald, John', Sec'y Treas Board of Educa- 
tion, res 334 University 
Macdonald, Louis, foreman warehouse, John Mc- 
Kay, furrier, res 174 Rideau 
A'ac'onald Malcolm, res 99 Frontenac 
MacDonald, Malcolm R, machinist, res 305 Earl 
M,acDonald, Wilfred, moulder. \\ atkins' Mfg Co. 

Ivs 174 Rideau 
MacDonald. Wm A, sailor, Ivs 305 Farl 
MacDonald, Wm. agent. Metropolitan Life, res 

MacDonald, Vera. tchr. Ivs 305 Earl 
MacDonell, Archibald A, painter, res 15 Colborne 
Macdonnell, George N (K.C.) Barrister, Office 
38 Clarence, res cor University and Stuart 
MacDonell, Lillian G, bkkpr J K Carroll. Ivs 15 

Macdonnell, Mary C, tchr Queen's, Ivs cor Uni- 
versity and Stuart 
MaclJougall, Helen (wid John), Ivs 116 Barrie 
MacFarland. Anna, Ivs 220 Nelson 
MacFarland, Ewart G, driver, res 311 Montreal 
MacFarland, John E, carpenter, Ivs 388 Earl 
MacFarland, Maxwell S, carpenter, res 388 Earl 
MacFarland, Myrtle (wid William), res 220 Nelson 
MacGillvary, J, Prof Queen's, res 96 L Albert 
MacGillivary. John C. student. Ivs 96 L Albert 
MacCiillivray. Malcolm Rev, retired clergyman, 

res 181 University 
MacGillivray. Malcolm S. student, Ivs 96 L Albert 
MacGillivray, Mary C, student. Ivs 96 L Albert 
MacGillivray, Robert James, engineer, res 183 Col- 

MacGillivray, Roderick, student, Ivs 183 Colling- 

MacGregor, Alexander, carter, res 24 Russell 
MacCiregor, John foreman C N R, res 153 Clergy F. 
MacGregor, Dr Robt Roy, physician, 142 Wel- 
lington, res 140 Wellington (upstairs) 
MacGuire, Ita May, Ivs "Hedgewood," 169 Union 

MacGuire, Jas D, Ivs "Hedgewood," 169 Union 
MacGuire. Margaret, res "Hedgewood." 169 Union 
Macintosh. Sarah, maid "Calderwood" Union St 
MacKay, Edith, nurse, Ivs 72 Barrie 
MacKay, George J, Prof Queen's, res 401 Earl 
MacKay, Dr Wm, physician, Mowat Hospital, 

res 632 Princess 
MacKenzic, Marjorie, (B.A.), stenog. Jackson Press, 

Ivs 2 Couper 
MacKenzie, Mabel, Ivs 234 Brock 
MacKenzie, M (wid George), res 234 Brock 
MacKenzie, Margaret, stenog, Robertson's Ltd, 

Ivs 46 Division 
MacKenzie, Alexander, traveller, res 84 Earl 
MacKenzie, W Thos, caretaker Jas Richardson 

& Sons, res 37 Johnson 
MacKenzie, Adam, salesman Lightning Rods, hds 

34 Johnson 
MacKenzie, Elsie, Ivs 46 Division 
MacKenzie, Mina, lik-kpr J Redden Grocery, 

Ivs 46 Division 
MacKenzie, Alexander A, retired Mariner, res 

46 Division 
Macklen, O T, Prof R.M.C., bds Sydenham Apts 
Mackie, (Mrs) Alexander, bds 44 Clergy 
Mackie, Dr John, physician. Queen's University, 

bds 28 Division 
MacKinnon. Kenneth, musician, res 447 Albert 
MacKinnon, Lachlan, student, Ivs 447 Albert 
Maclntosii, Wm Ritciiie, soldier, res 42 L Bagot 
MacKnight, Mary, maid, 263 Sydenham 
MacLean's Store rooms 274-280 Ontario 
MacLean, y\ndrew (Jr), grocery, 272 Ontario, 

Ivs 53 King E 
MacLean, Emma, nurse. No 3 Winston, Apts. 

56 Earl 
MacLean, Sadie N. (wid David). Ivs 61 Kensington 
Macmillian, Francis (wid John), bds 361 Alfred 
MacMillan, Miss Janet C, res 28 Wellington 
MacMillan. Margaret, Ivs 28 Wellington 
MacMurray, David, lal). Kingston Ice Co, res 20 

MacNamce, Airs, (wid W"), res 33 William W 
MACNEE & MINNES (James A Minnes & 

William T Minnes), Wholesale Dry Goods, 

245 Bagot St 
Macnee, Alice, Ivs 25 Barrie 
Macnee, Cecil, Ivs 143 King W 
Macnee, Francis, res "St Lawrence Cottage," 143 

King W 
Macnee, Katherine (wid W H), res 115 Union 
Macnee, Mary, Ivs 55 George 
Macnee, Nora, Ivs 115 Union 
Macnee, W Kent, ins agent, Board of Trade, 

res 25 Wellington 
MacPhail, Prof, Alexander, Queen's, res 50 Clergy 
MacPhail, Angus, Chef, Dew Drop Inn, 47 

MacPliail, Katherine, nurse, Ivs 35 King w 
AlacPhail. Louise B, (wid Donald), res 35 King W 
MacPHERSON, COLIN A, President McKelvey 

&; Bircii, res 138 University 
MacPherson, Donald, student, Ivs 138 ^jniversity 

MacKay's Cream Bread 


6, 6, 6, It's Goc 

Manufactured b' 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

coon S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars 

Ready at a Moment's Notice 



MacPIicrson, Ethel, supervisor Bell Tel, res 217 

MacPHERSON, HUGH, prop and mgr Kings- 
ton Transfer Co, res "Elmliurst" Centre St 
MacPlierson, J S Mrs, res 217 Stuart 
AlacPlierson, Keith, student, Ivs 72 Clergy w 
MacPherson, Muriel, student K.C.I., Ivs 71 Clergy 

MaeWilliams. Bert, clerk Anderson Bros, Ivs 

cor Alfred and Earl 
McAdam, Samuel, engineer, res 15 Markland 
McAdoo, Alex, lal), res 687 Princess 
McAdoo, Elmer, lab, res 391 Brock 
McAdoo, Esther J (vvid Wni H), res 686 Montreal 
McAdoo, Herliert, mariner, bds 86 Ontario 
McAdoo, Isahelle (wid A M), res 682 Montreal 
McAdoo, Kenton, Ivs 687 Princess 
McAd(H), Mildn-d, milliner, Queen Millinery. Ivs 

687 Princess 
AlcCallister, Edmund, mechanic, res 18 Vine 
McCallister E, garage, 593 Princess, res 18 \Mne 
McCallister, {'""rancis A, engineer, res 3 Clow Blk, 

Chatham St 
McCallister, Ceo, wks McCallister's Garage, res 

McCallister, Mary (wid Frank), cook Belmont 

Restaurant, Ivs 43 Markland 
McAllister, W Park, driver W G Craig i*^- Co Ltd, 

res 439 Barric 
McCallister, Reginald, driver, R()l)insi)n's .Stores, 

Ivs 4 Concession 
McArthur, Elizabeth, Ixls 200 William 
McArthur. Neil. l)kki)r, Loekett's .Shoe .Store, Ivs 

197 William 
McAuley, Albert, clerk Laidlaw's, Ivs 87 Colljornc 
McAuley, Geo P, guard K.P., res 87 Union 
McAuley, Henry W, merchant. McAuley's Book 

Store, res 202 Stuart 
McAuley, Jas, student, Ivs 87 Union 
McAuley, John B, Ivs 161 Division 
McAvelia, Letitia, res 384 Brock 
McAulev. Minnie, clerk, McAulev's Book Store. 

bds 50 William 
McAuley, Nellie, student, Ivs 87 Colborne 
McAuley, Robt. lab, bds 655 Princess 
McAvoy, Frank J, insurance agt. res 441 Johnson 
McAvelia, Mrs Letitia, res 384 Brock 
McAvelia, Howard, student, Ivs 384 Brock 
McAvey, Margaret (wid Chas), maid. Villa St 

Clare No 4, Barrie St 
McBain, George, help, K.G.H. 
McBratney, Hugh, stone cutter and contractor 

res 137 Bay 
McBride, A, Sgt R.C.O.C, res 522 Princess 
AtcBride, Andrew, shipper, J Y Parkhill & Co, 

res 91 York 
McBride, G Kerby, student, Ivs 329 Barrie 
McBride, Helen (wid P), Ivs 50 Union w 
McBride, John, caretaker. Queen's University, res 

219 "Stuart 

McBride, J Stinson, mgr Robertson's Ltd, res 

329 Barrie 
McBride, John. Ivs 50 Union w 
McBride, Joseph (sr), carpenter, res 563 Princess 
McBride, Jos (jr), Ivs 563 Princess 
McBroom, Aberdeen, clerk, Ivs 399 Brock 
McBroom, Gilmour, clerk, Ivs 399 Brock 
McBroom, Harry, jr clerk Standard Bank, Ivs 

399 Brock 
McBroom, H J. Sydenham Apts 
McBROOM, WM FRANCIS, Flour & Feed 

Merchant, 42-44 Princess, res 399 Brock 
McCabe, Cecil, student, Ivs 9 Redan 
McCabe, Earl, warehouseman W R McRae & Co 

Ivs cor Brock and Barric Sts 
McCalie, Mabel, clerk, Ivs 84 Pine 
McCal)e, John W. retired, res 84 Pine 
McCai)e, John G, quarryman, res 81 Pine 
McCabe, Wm, Sowards' Coal Co, res 9 Redan 
McCaig, Alice, Ivs 448 Johnson 
McCaig, Edward, clerk. Bibby's Ltd, Ivs 249 

McCraig, Mabel, clerk, Nickle, Farrell and Day, 

Ivs 448 Johnson 
McCaig, Mary (wid Neil), res 448 Johnson 
McCaig, Stanley V, piano maker, res 329 Montreal 
McCabe, Mrs, res 159 Wellington 
McCallister, Alexander, butcher, 4 Concession 
McCallister, Olive (wid Jerome) res 352 University 
McCallum, Barlnira, res 441 Albert 
McCallum, Campliell, salesman, res 2 Park 
McCallum, Catherine, Ivs 99 L Albert 
McCallum, Francis H, student Oueen's University 

Ivs 531 Brock 
AlcCallum. T Lyman, res 531 Brock 
McCallum, bVank L, Kingston Jet G.T.R. 
McCallum, Frank. Ticket" Agent G.T.R. Station, 

res 100 Ellerbeck ave 
McCALLUM, GEORGE, prop McCallum Granite 

Works, res 395 Brock 
McCallum, Geo, driver, McCammon's, res 441 

lum pres, 395-397 Princess 
AlcCallum, Ja'ck, wks McCallum Granite Works, 

Ivs 395 Brock 
McCallum, John, wks Davis Tannery, bds 38 

McCALLUM, WM J, Sec'y Treas, McCallum 

Granite Co, res 397 Brock 
McCambridge, Catherine (wid Frank), res 396 

McCombs, Thos, lab. res Concession St 
McCammon, Albert, clerk Alacnee & Minnes, Ivs 

64 Nelson 
McCammon, Catherine, res 52 William 
McCammon, Charlotte, stenog Income Tax, Ivs 

64 Nelson 
McCammon, Daisy. Ivs 341 Division 
McCammon. Ellen, Ivs 52 William 
McCammon. James H, baker, res 64 Nelson 
McCammon, James, patient K.G.H. 


STORE FIXTURES 209 Princess Street 



126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 



}*IcCammon. Lotie, stenog lincome Tax Office. Ivs 

64 Nelson 
McCammon, Lila, clerk Income Tax. Ivs 64 

McCammon. Robt, clerk Macnee & Minnes. Ivs 64 

McCammon. Theresa (wid John), res 30 Mam 
McCammon. Thomas, electrician McKelvey ^ 

Birch, Ivs 341 Division 
McCammon, Wm. License Inspector. Office 5/ 

Brock, res 341 Division ,^, , , 

McCammon. Wm, Market Clerk. Ivs o04 Johnson 
McCANDLESS, WM, Jeweller, 318 Princess, res 

318 Princess (upstairs) 
McCann Agency. R H Waddell. mgr. 86 Brock 
McCann, Anna, nurse K.G.H 
McCann, John J. retired, res 201 Brock 
McCartney, Alex J, mason, res 231 University 
McCartney, Alex, mason, res 250 University 
McCartney, Alice, stenog W J Crothers Co Ltd, 

Ivs 250 University ^^^ t- • 

McCartney. Harold, student, Ivs 250 University 
McCartney. John, foreman W J Crothers Co, 

Ltd, res Barriefield 
McCartney, Gertrude, Ivs 367 Brock 
McCartney, William, mason, res 630 Princess 
McCartney. Evelyn, stenog, 304 King, Ivs 2oU 

University .,- t2 ^ 

McCartney, John C, mason, Ivs 6\3 tarl 
McCartney, Priscilla, res 231 University 
McCartney, Wm H, mason, Ivs 315 Earl 
McCartney, Wm. contractor, res 315 Earl 
McCarthy, Barron, student. Ivs 163 Brock 
McCarthv. Daniel J, bds 376 Earl 
McCarthy. Dr Wm A, physician, 163 Brock, res 

163 Brock 
McClelland, Charles, marine engineer, res 

Barrie _ , 

McClelland, Dawson, tinsmith, res oO O Kill 
McClelland. Margaret (wid Dawson), Ivs 

Barrie „ 

McClelland, Richard, Jas. retired, res 185 Clergy E 
McClelland, Sarah, housekeeper, 134 Bago^t 
McCleverty, Phoebe (wid Alen), Ivs 159 Wel- 
lington St -7 T D 
McCloskey. Augustus, student, Ivs 17 L Bagot 
McCloskey, James, lab, Sydenham Hospital, res 

170 L Bagot 
McCoskey, Jane, student, Ivs 170 L Bagot . 
McCloskey. Joseph, sailor, Ivs 170 L Bagot 
McCloskey, Patrick, wks Textile Co, res Albion 

McCall Jane, bds Lake View -Hotel 
McCoU, M R, druggist, 312 Princess, res 30/ 

McCaul, Jessie (wid John), Ivs 443 Johnson 
McConnell, Arnold D, Hospital C^versecr. K. P., 

res 228 Nelson 
McConnell, Elmer, soldier, res 117 Stephen 
McConnell. Jas. retired, res 672 Princess 
McConnell, Joe. clerk. Queen's Hotel 
McConnell, Margaret H, (wid Melvin), Ivs 249 



McConnell. Newman, retired, Ivs 228 Nelson 
McConnell, Robt G, clerk, R.C.O.C, res 8 Cherry 
McConnell, Thomas S, Davis Tannery, res 779 

McCorkill, Elizabeth, servant, Ivs 34 Barrie 
McCorkill. Robt. tailor, res 21]/, Sixth 
McConville. officer K.P., res 138 Division 
McCormack. Agnes, bk-kpr Steacy's, Ivs 230 

McCormack, Anna, dressmaker, Steacy's, Ivs 230 

McCormack C, action regulator, Weber's, res 64 

McCormack. Edward H. car man G.T.R., Ivs 327 

McCormack, Geo, action regulator, Weber Piano 

Factory, Ivs 64 John 
McCormack, Mary S (wid Thos), res 327 Montreal 
McCormack, Thomas Ray, Piano Maker, Ivs 327 

McCormick. Charles S. wks Weber Piano Fac- 
tory, res 64 John 
McCormick, Daniel, lab, res 254 Earl 
McCormick, Earl, carpenter and mason, res 2 

McCormick, Edward, car inspector G.T.R., res 

327 Montreal 
McCormick, Elizabeth (wid Robt), res 1 Centre 
McCormick, Elizabeth, res 102 Centre 
McCormick. Francis, res 176 Clergy 
McCormick, Gordon, piano maker, Ivs 64 John 
McCormick, M Irene, tchr K.C.I., Ivs 86 Colling- 

McCormick, James, barber. Ivs 38 Ellis 
McCormick, Michael, traveller, Robertson Gro- 
cery Co, res 22 Ellis 
McCormick, Robt, marine engineer, Ivs 1 Centre 
McCormick. Roy, piano maker, Ivs 64 John 
AlcCormick. Simon, res 86 Collingwood 
McCormick, Thomas, engineer, res Montreal 
McCormick, Thomas, carpenter Canada Steam- 
ship Lines, res 38 Ellis 
AlcCormick, Artificial Ice Plant, W J McCormick. 

prop 422 Montreal 
AlcCormick, W J, tobacconist, 412 Montreal 
AlcCormick, William, Ivs 1 Centre 
McCoy, Peter, contractor, res 37 Beverly 
McCoy, Airs Robt. patient, 372 Montreal 
AlcCoy, Ross, apprentice Lemmon & Sons, Ivs 37 

AlcCreath, Peter L, ins supt. Prudential lins Co, 

res 281 Alfred 
McCrobbie. Rol)t, patient, 372 Montreal 
AlcCrum, Elizabeth, maid, 180 Bagot 
AlcCrum. Harry L, Linotype Operator. "Whig", 

res 265 Earl 
AlcCue, Edward, lab, res 359 King W 
AlcCue. Alichael, blacksmith, Corcoran's. Queen St, 

bds 342 Princess 
AlcCulla, Ethel, Ivs Armouries, Alontreal St 
McCulla, James, retired, res 188 Johnson 
McCulla, Lyola, nurse. Hotel Dieu, Ivs 235 Brock 
AlcCulla. Samuel, caretaker Armouries, Montreal 


McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 


A Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 



McCulla, Wm J, clerk, Post Office, Ivs Armouries 
Montreal St 

McCullough, David, retired fanner, res 108 Nelson 

McCulIoch, Gertrude, nurse, K.G.H. 

McCullough. Frances, clerk, Mahood's Fancy Store. 
Ivs 108 Nelson 

McCullough, Francis, lab, res 500 James 

McCullough, Irene, stenog, Queen's University. 
Ivs 187 Collingwood 

McCullough, K N H, traveller, W G Craig & Co, 
res 37 Sixth 

McCullough, Robt L, wks Public Utilities, res 
187 Collingwood 

McCullough, Robt, sect foreman C.P.R., res 136 

McCullough. Vincent, wks Weber's Piano Fac- 
tory, Ivs 500 Johnson 

McCullough, Eva, tch, Collins Bay, Ivs 108 Nelson 

McCune. Doris, clerk, Robinson's Grocery, Ivs 
497 Barrie 

McCune, Hazel, bk-kpr, J Y Parkhill Co, Ivs 200 

McCune, Mildred, Robinson's Grocery, Ivs 497 

McCune, Melville, student, Ivs 5 Devonshire ter- 
race, 200 Sydenham 

McCune, Wm A, machinist Shipbuilding Co, res 
5 Devonshire Terrace, 200 Sydenham 

McCutcheon, Alfred, bottler, res 328 Alfred 

McCutcheon, Harold, assistant, Ivs 328 Alfred 

McDermott, James J, plumber, Rockwood Hos- 
pital, res 420 Johnson 

McDermott, Joseph O, instructor Mowat Sani- 
torium, res 192 University 

McDermott, Lillian, Ivs 19 Garrett 

McDermott, Michael J, lab, res 163 Victoria 

McDermott, Thelma, stenog C.P.R. Telegraph. 
Ivs 19 Garrett 

McDermott, .Thomas J. conductor G.T.R. Sub, 
res 19 Garrett 

McDermott, Vincent, Ivs 19 Garrett 

McDonald, Alexander, foreman G.T.R. Car Dept, 
res 537 Albert 

McDonald, Angus, retired, Ivs 104 Pine 

McDonald. Augustus, mariner, res 7 Barrack 

McDonald, Charles, repair man K.P. & C. Ry, 
res 416 King E 

McDonald. Christinia M, classified advtg clerk, 
"Whig". Ivs 407 Earl 

McDonald. Daniel, machinist, Ivs 155 Frontenac 

McDonald, Doris. Ivs 311 University 

McDonald. Edna (Miss). Secretary, Nickle, Far- 
rell & Day, bds 15 Aberdeen 

McDonald, Edward, shipbuilder. Collingwood 
Shipbuilding Co.. res 161 Bagot 

McDonald, Howard, clerk, Sutherland's, Ivs 311 

McDonald, Irene, stenog, Simnlons Bros, Ivs 29 

McDonald, Isobel (vvid .\lex), res 104 I'inc 
McDonald, Jos B, carpenter, Donnelly Wrecking 

Co, res 407 Earl 
McDonald, John .\. Gen Purchasing -\gent, Can 

Loco Wks, res 309 University 
McDonald, John, Secretary School Board, res 

334 University 
McDonald, John, baker, W J Crothers Co, Ivs 

64 Bay 
McDonald, Lawrence, builder, Ivs 56 William 
AIcDonald, Lawrence, Ivs 1071-^ L Bagot 
AlcDonald, Letitiea, nurse K. G. H. 
McDonald, Louis, wks McKay's, res 162 Rideau 
McDonald, Malcolm, blacksmith, Ivs 99 Frontenac 
McDonald, Marie, music tchr, Ivs 96 Earl 
McDonald, Mary (wid Charles), res 227 Earl 
McDonald, Mary, res 406 Montreal 
McDonald, Mary J. tchr, Ivs 29 Pembroke 
McDonald, Mrs, nurse K.G.H. 
McDonald, M Stewart, student, Ivs 227 Earl 
McDonald. Michael, mason, res 56 William 
McDonald, Richard J, lab, res 354 Montreal 
McDonald, Roderick, retired, res 29 Pembroke 
McDonald, Patrick L. G.T.R.. Ivs 56 William 
McDonald, Wm C, ins agent. Metropolitan, res 

96 Earl 
McDonnell, Donald N, res 21 Garrett 
McDonough, Alfred, bds 133 William 
McDougal, Duncan, Principal. Robt Meek School, 

res 99 Pine 
McDowall. Earl, student, bds 46 William 
McDowell, Sarah, housekeeper. Bishop's Palace, 

225 Johnson 
McEwen, Beatrice, bk-kpr. Crawford's Grocery, 

Ivs 333 Earl 
McEwen, Hester, res 123 Union 
McEwen, Mary E, (wid Alex), res 333 Earl 
McEwen, J F, res 202 King E 

McEwen, Robt, driver, Soward's, res 492 Barrie 
McEwen, Robt, driver, Chas S Doyle. Quebec St 
McFadden, Elizal^eth (wid E). res 32 Patrick 
McFadden, James. Taxi driver, 47 Clarence, res 

34 Patrick 
McFadyen, J F, Prof. Queen's University, res 

234 Albert 
McFadyen, Marion, student, Ivs 234 Albert 
McFaul, Evelyn, student, Ivs 358i/2 Johnson 
McFaul, M A Mrs, res 358^ Johnson 
McFaul. Norman, student. Ivs 358i4 Johnson 
McFARLANE & WOOD, Flour and Feed Merch- 
ants, 227 Ontario 
McFarlanc. Bella, clerk Kirkpatrick's .\rt Store, 

Ivs 81 Frontenac 
McFARLANE, JOHN A (McFarlane & Wood), 
res 313 University 




Rough & Dressed Lumber ^* ' "® ^' ^' ^^^'^ ^®"' 

■WM511 w vi^aovu i.uiiiw«i g7Q_ggQ Montreal St. Phone 1681 J 



McFarlane. R N F, contractor, res 310 Johnson 
McFedridge, Norma, Ivs Bath Rd 
Mcl-'edridge. Wm (Sr), res Bath Road 
McGall's Cigar Shop, J B McGall, proi), 132 

McGall & Slater, Shoe Repairing, 292 Princess 
McGall, Fred A, clerk, McGall's Cigar Shop, res 

105 Queen 
Mc(iall, Irene, hk-kpr McGall's Cigar Store, Ivs 

105 Queen 
McGall, Jack B. Tobacconist, McGall's Cigar 

Shop, res 132 Princess 
McGall-, James, Shoe Repairer, res 11 York 
McGall, Kenneth J S, student Collegiate, Ivs 168 

McGall, Mabel, Ivs 105 Queen 
McGall, Mary (wid John), res 105 Queen 
McGall, Miss Minnie, stenog, McGall's Cigar 

Shop, res 105 Queen 
McGall, Thomas, Taxi Driver, Ivs 105 Queen 
McGarvey, James J, lab, Golf Links, res 18 Cherry 
McGarrity, Jas A, engineer Can Slcamship Lines, 

res 133 Montreal 
McCiecin, Helen, bk-kpr, Kingston Ice Co Ltd, 

1 Bay St, Portsmouth 
McGeein, O V, Meat Market, 282 Princess, res 

McGill,' Amey, housekeeper, Mowat Hospital, lids 

120 Wellington 
McCiill, Edith (wid M F), dressmaker, res 88 

York St 
McGill, Florence (wid Col Sydney), bds 120 Wel- 
lington St 
McGill, George A. blacksmith, res 23 Main 
McGill, Vera, maid, Mrs F Anglin, Ivs 197 Queen 
McGill, W A, veterinary, surgeon, res 133 Col- 

l)orne St 
McGinnis, Donald, student, Queen's, Ivs 11 Ciierry 
McGinnis, Gregory, decorator, Steacv's Ltd, bds 

191 Brock 
McCiinnis, Tliomas, patient K.G.H. 
McGinty, I'rank, barber, Elmer's Barlier .Shoj), 

l)(ls 132 Clarence 
McCFhule. Wni. Keal Estate Agent. Office. Trmn- 
puur & Mc(;ia(le, 237 Bagot Si, res 122 Col- 
borne St 
McCjlynn, Frances, clerk, Steacy's, Ivs 297 Barrie 
McGlynn, Geo, drug clerk, Mahood's Drug Store, 

res II Aberdeen 
McGowan. Jack, oiler, Plavfair Matthews Co, Ivs 

89 L Bagot 
McGoff. John, res 147 York 
McGoff, Mamie, bk-kpr. Jackson-Metevier Ltd, 

Ivs 147 York 
McGoff. Margaret, bk-kpr, Newman & Shaw, Ivs 

147 York 
McGoff, Mary J, clerk, Ivs 147 York 
McGoff, Melissa, Ivs 147 York 
McGowan, Geo A, Cigar Factory, Geo A Mc- 

(jowan, prop. 140 Rideau 
McGowan, Ann (wid Edward), res 89 L Bagot 
McGowan. E Ayerst. mgr Geo A McGowan Cigar 
h'actory. Ivs 212 Barrie 

McGowan, George A. manufacturer, Geo A Mc- 
Gowan Cigar Factory, res 212 Barrie 
McGowan, Robert, Gov't Electrician. Rockwood 

Hospital, bds 194 Division 
McGrail, Chas C, res 217 William 
McGrath, Miss Anna F, res 406 Brock 
McGrath, H P, taxi driver, res 120 Montreal 
McGrath, Henry, retired, bds 212 Nelson 
McGrath, John, engineer C.L.C., res 55 Earl 
McGrath. Mary, Ivs 406 Brock 
McGrath, Rose, maid, bds 52 Clergy 
McGraw. Sophia (wid Thos). res II Montreal 
McGreer, Victor, warehouseman, Imp Oil Co, 

res 152 Rideau 
McGregor, Andrew, lab, Ivs 78 Main 
McGregor, Charit3\ bds 9 Barrack 
McGuigan, Marcella, saleslady, Abernethy's, Ivs 

152 Sydenham 
McGuire. Earl, soldier R.C.H.A., Ivs 288 Wel- 
lington St 
McGuire. I'red. wks Cheese Factory, Ivs 288 

McGuire, James, butcher, res 3S Livingston 
McCiuire, John I'\ mechanic, res 55 King W 
McGuire, Thomas, retired, res 81 Queen 
McGuirk, Ellen, wks Cotton Mill, Ivs 44 Russell 
Mc(nurk, Michael, fireman Cotton Mill, res 49 

McGuirk, M, res 31 Union W 
McHole, Mrs. Patrick, Ivs 24 Patrick 
Mcllquham, Clifford J JC, mason, Ivs 400 Albert 
Mcllquham, h'rederick, student, Ivs 241 Victoria 
McTlquham, H C, landing man Customs House, 

res 436 Albert ' 
Mcllquham, Isabella (wid F A), res 241 Victoria 
Mcllquham, janus, driyer Rapid Transit, res 239 

Mcllf|uham, James, contractor, res 400 Albert 
Mcllquham, Lillian M, typist Sydenham Hospital, 

Ivs 400 Albert 
Mcllquham, Wm, city traveller, R H Toye & Co. 

res 237 Victoria 
.Mcllroy. Alfred i-"., niouhUr. res 4 Clow's Block, 

Chatham St 
Mcllroy, Clark, lab, Ivs 464 Division 
Mcllroy, Etta (wid Wm). res 54 Patrick 
Mcllroy. Harry, carpenter, Ivs 9 Markland 
Mcllroy, Mary (wid James), res 464 Division 
Mcllroy, Robert J, clerk, MacLean's Grocery, 

res 160 Rideau 
Mcllwane, Ed. res 22 Simcoe 

Mcintosh Bros, Departmental Store, 101 Princess 
Mcintosh. Blanche, Ivs 450 Johnson 
Mcintosh, Louise. Ivs 450 Johnson 
Mcintosh. Rose (wid Alex), res 450 Johnson 
Mcintosh, W, wks Weber Piano Factory, res 

Fort Henry 
Mclntyre, Frederick, Linotype Operator, Jackson 

Press, bds 193 Brock 
Mclntyre, Helen, res 232 Johnson 
Mclntyre, Isabella, res 232 Johnson 
Mclroy, Herbert, driver, res 72 William 
Mclroy, James, lab, res 11 Markland 



PHONF. 834 






j'Mcllroy, James, lab, res If Markland 
Mcllroy. vSherman, driver, Harrison's Bakory, Ivs 

11 Marklaiid 
* Mchro, Eva. res 130 V'ieloria 

McKahe, Earl, elk (iolden Lion Cirocery, res 300 

MeKabe, Marion, res 300 Barrie 
McKane, Bernard H, ivs 78 Durham 
MeKane, Burns G, Taxi Driver, res 454 Barrie 
McKane, James, driver, res 48 Durham 
McKane, James, Initcher, Green (Brock St), res 

78 Durham 
McKane, Wm, driver Green's Meat Market, Ivs 

31 Clergy West 
McKanna, William, mariner CSL, res 177 Sydenham 
McKanna, Peter J, marine engineer, res 309 Barrie 
McKay, Cecil, clerk. King Edward Cigar Store 
McKay. Doris, Ivs 61 Sydenham 
McKay, Ellen L (wid H). res 297 University 
McKay. Gertrude (wid Clias), res 29 Garrett 
McKAY. JOHN, prop McKay's Fur Store, res 

61 Sydenham 
McKAY, JOHN, LTD, Furs, Etc, 149-157 Brock 
Ale Kay, Lemuel C. res 13 Steplien 
McKay, Lionel C, driver McKaj^'s Eur Store 
McKay, Marjorie L. Ivs 297 University 
McKay, Tliomas C, Ivs 297 Lfniversity 
McKay, Wm K, Elevator employee, Richardson's, 

res 415 King E 
McKay, Wm, engineer K P. res 277 King W 
McKee, Mary (wid Robt H), res 275 Queen 
McKee, James, foundryman, res 183 Colborne 
McKee, Martha (wid John), Ivs 1 Plum 
McKee, Claire, press feeder, Jackson Press, Ivs 

1 Plum 
McKee, Amelia (wid Jojin), res 14 Plum 
McKee, Robert, contractor, Iv's 14 Plum 
McKee. Joseph, decorator, McKelvey & Birch, 

res 366 Johnson 
McKee, Martha, student, Ivs 366 Johnson 
McKee, Jessie, student, Ivs 366 Johnson 
McKee, Thos, Ivs 74 Clergy W 
McKee, Andrew, mason, res 205 William 
McKee, Joseph, clerk Lockett's Shoe Store, Ivs 

205 William 
McKee, W J, salesman Lockett's, Ivs 205 William 
McKee, Clara, press feeder, Jackson Press, res 

Raglan Rd 
McKegg, Edward N. clerk. Bibby's Ltd. bds 249 

McKegney, Michael, lal) Collingwood Shiplniilil- 

ing Co, res 2i7 L Charles 
McKegney, John, res 65 Rideau 
McKegney, Eliz, clerk Geo, Mills (JC: Co, Ivs 65 
' Rideau 

McKegney, Catlierine, opr Bell Tel, res 65 Rideau 
McKegney, K, wks Jackson Press, Ivs 65 Rideau 
McKegan, John, sol R.C.H.A., res 63 U Charles 
McKelvey, John, retired, res 134 
McKelvey, Evelyn (wid R J), Ivs 134 Bagot 
McKelvey, John L, student Queen's, Ivs 134 Bagot 
McKelvey, Gertrude, student Macdonald College 

Ivs 134 Bagot 

McKelvey & Birch, Ltd, general contractors, 

Hardware, 65-73 Brock 
McKelvey, John L, office 153 Bagot, res 134 Bagot 
McKendry, Anna O, stenog, Fuller Brush Co, 

l)ds 264 Rideau 
McKelvey, Beatrice, milliner, (iedyc Millinery, 

l)ds 82 Earl 
McKendry, Jas. driver, Jas Crawford, wholesale, 

res 324 Division 
McKelvej', Madeline, Ivs 324 Division 
McKenna, Beatrice, student. Ivs 176 L Bagot 
McKenna, Eliz. nurse. Ivs 127 Union 
McKenna. Eliz (wid James), res 176 L Bagot 
McKenna, Frank, student, Ivs 176 L Bagot 
McKenna, Helen, res 127 Union 
McKenna, P, prop, Royal Hotel, Princess vSt 
McKenna, Patrick A, engineer, res 385 Barrie 
McKcnzie, lsa1)ell, dressmaker, l)ds 98 William 
McKenzie, Mima, ass't l)k-kpr, Jas Redden & Co, 

Ivs 46 Division 
McKenzie, Peter, photograplier. ISO Wellington, 

(upstairs), res 180 Weliinglun 
McKeown, Alfred E, traveller Imp Tobacco Co, 

l)ds 252 Barrie 
AlcKoen, Annie (wid John), res 298 Barrie 
McKoen, Elorence, Ivs 45 King E 
McKoen, Howard E, bk-kpr, Ivs 298 Barrie 
McKivor, Mary, student, Ivs Concession 
McKinnon, A, stocks & Bonds, i27 King E 
McKillop, Mary, res 21 Johnson 
McKittrick, James, lab, bds 34 Jolmson 
McKim, Cliarles, quarryman, res Division 
McKim, Susan, wks Cotton Mills, Ivs 49 Markland 
McKim, O, retired, res 49 Markland 
McKibbon, Edna R, tchr Domestic Science at 

Bd Elducation Bldg, bds 137 Union w 
McKnight, Mary M (wid John), res 21 Sixth 
McLean, Alexander, acct Kent Bros, res 203 

McLean, Anna. miJIiner, (Jueeii Millin>ery Shop. 

bds 220 Joiinson 
McLean. Arch, clerk, Livingston's, res 165 Gore 
McLean, George B, manager, British Am. Oil 

Co, bds 325 West 
McLean, John, retired, res 91 Bay 
McLean, Thompson, rivetter, Shipyard, les 37 

Clarence (2nd floor) 
McLeavy, Daniel J, sailor. Canada Steamship 

Lines, bds 83 Division 
McLelland, Maurice, watch maker, Kinnear & 

d'Esterre, res 91 Beverly 
McLeod, Cecil R, grocer, res 35 Union W 
McLeod, Harry J, student, Ivs 200 William 
.McLeod, James B, druggist, 53 Brcok St, res 293 

McLeod, James B, (Jr), clerk McLeod's Drug 

Store, Ivs 293 Alfred 
Mcl.eod, Lola, tchr K. C. I., bds 98 Wilbam W 
McLeod, Peter C, res 200 William 
McLeod, Presley .\, student. Ivs 293 Alfred 
McLaughlin. Alice. Ivs 112 William 
McLauglilin, Alexander, patient. 382 iVIontreal 




670-680 Montreal St. 

THE K. D. Mfg., Co., 


Phone 1681J 



McLaughlin, Edward, res 855 Princess 
McLaughlin, James H, lab, res 214 Stuart 
McLaughlin, James D, Ivs 214 Stuart 
McLaughlin, John, student, Ivs 216 Queen 
McLaughlin, Mary (wid Robert), res 671 Princess 
McLaughlin. Alinerva, dressmaker, Steacy's, Ivs 

671 Princess 
McLaughlin, Thomas, foreman Ricliardson's, res 

216 Queen 
McLaughlin, Wm, retired merchant, Ivs 344 Albert 
McLaughlin, Wm R, res 13 Elgin 
McMahon, Alex, mechanic, K Auto Sales, Ivs 297 

McMahon, AndrcAv W, com trvlr Midland Shoe 

Co, res 87 Earl 
McMahon. Anita, clerk Newman & Shaw, Ivs 206 

McMahon, Miss E, bk-kpr, Randolph Hotel 
McMahon, Gladys, nurse K.G.H. 
McMahon, Kenneth, ins. Continental Co, Ivs 35 

McMahon, M G, res 30 Sydenham 
McMahon, Miss, Ivs 30 Sydenham 
McMahon, M M, clerk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs 30 

McMahon, Robt A. agent. 332 King, res 385 Alfred 
McMahon, Robt, painter and paper hanger, res 

206 William 
McMahon, Robt A, salesman Boyd's Garage, res 

385 Alfred 
McMahon, Sarah (wid A C), res 35 Aberdeen 
McManus, Cecilia, Ivs 508 Albert 
McManus, James, ship wright, Ivs 508 Albert 
McManus, John, wks shipyard, Ivs 508 Albert 
McManus, Mrs John (wid J), res 508 Albert 
McManus, Mary E, Ivs 508 Albert 
McManus, Wm J, major, retired, res 270 Montreal 
McMartin, Eva, nurse K.G.H. 
McMaster, Annie, res 264 Rideau 
McMaster, Kenneth, patient Mowat Hospital, Ivs 

23 Russell 
McMaster, John H, machinist, res 148 Pine 
McMaster, James, lab, res 23 Russell 
McMaster, Janet (wid Peter), Ivs 23 Russell 
McMillan, Duncan H, lab, res 266 Earl ' 
McMillan, Earl, cleaner and presser. res University 

McMurter. Tsabelle (wid David), res 40 Sixth 
McMillan, Joseph, Sec. Treas Collingwood Ship- 
yard, res 90 Clergy w 
McMillan. Malcolm, wks Vetcraft, bds 47 Princess 
McMillan, Aiargaret, maid, bds 14 Markland 
McMillan, Neil, driver Robertson Grocery Co, 

res 62 Bay 
McMoniglo, Moranda, imrse K. G. H. 
McMillan, Rea, cook, bds 132 King 
McNeil, A, prop Eastern Canada Maxotire and 

Rul)lier Co, cor Queen and Ontario 
McNeill, Charles, shippt'r, Richardson's elevaior, 

res 158 Rideau 
McNeill, Elizabeth, stenog, Walkem & Walkem 

Ivs 148 Rideau 
McNeill, Harry, student, Ivs 148 Rideau 
McNeill, Hugh, vulcanizer, W J Moore & Sons, 
bds 281 Queen 

McNeill, John F, Prof of History, Queen's, res 

32a Frontenac 
McNeil, Margaret (wid of Neil), res 148 Johnson 
McNeill, Thomas A, Ivs. 148 Rideau 
McNeill, Wm J, Govt Grain Inspector, res 148 

McNeill, W E Dr, Registrar, Queen's University, 
res "University Place," 144 University Ave. 
McNamee, Bernard A, student, Ivs 345 Alfred 
McNamee, Francis B, carpenter, res 345 Alfred 
McNamee, Marie M, stenog, Ivs 345 Alfred 
McNeely, Jas, retired farmer, res 427 Alfred 
McNelly, Pearl, Ivs 402 Johnson 
McNeely, William, salesman, res 402 Johnson 
McPherson, Bertha, maid, bds 234 Albert 
McPherson, Bertha, clerk, Maple Leaf Candy 

Store, Ivs 357 Barrie 
McPhee, John, lab, res 30 Fifth 
McParland, Wm J, moulder Ship Building Co, res 

46 Patrick 
McQuaide, David J, machinist, res 117 Ordnance 
McQuaide, Ethel, ass't bk-kpr, Ed<Chown & Son, 

Ivs 21 Russell 
McQuaide, Francis E, machinist, res 249 Queen 
McQuade, John, res 158 Frontenac 
McQuaide, Olive, stenog, Ed Chown & Son, Ivs 

21 Russell 
McQuaid, Charles, engineer, bds 103 Queen 
McQuaide, Joheph, lab, res 15 Russell 
McQuaide, Wm, driver City Water Wagon, res 

151^ Russell 
McQuaid, Wm, cabman, 47 Clarence, res 21 Rus- 
sell St 
McQuaig, Hannah (wid Marshall), res 40 Main 
McQuaig, Leitha, laundress. Imp Laimdry, Ivs 

40 Main 
McQuaig, Stanley, foreman, Cotton Mill, Ivs 259 

McQuay, Herbert, clerk Laidlaw's, res 11 Pine 
McQuay, Maud, forelady W J Crothers Co, Ivs 

11 Pine 
McQuay, Thomas A, boiler maker. Collingwood 

Shipbuilding Co, res 11 Pine 
McQueen. Clara, cashier, Mcintosh's Store, Princess 

St, bds 79 Elm 
McQueen, Elva, servant, "Sunnyside", Union St 
McQueen, Harry A, student, Ivs 30 Frontenac 
McQueen, J A, driver, Kingston Steam Laundry, 

res 30 Frontenac 
McQueen, Kenneth E, student, Ivs 30 Frontenac 
McQueen, Mac, lab, bds 42 Montreal 
McQueen, Samuel, teamster, Ivs 657 Princess 
McQueen, Sarah E, domestic, Ivs 30 Frontenac 
McQueen, William, cook, Albion Hotel 
McRae, W R & Co (wholesale), Nicholas E 
O'Connor, prop. Golden Lion Block, Wel- 
lington St 
McRae, John A, Prof Queen's, Ivs 117 William 
McRae, Ross M, accountant, Ed Chown & Son, 

res 241 Brock 
McRorey, Beatrice, clerk. Post Office, Ivs 60 

Clergy w 
McRory, John, res 60 Clergy w 
McSorley, Theresa (wid Charles), res 289 Johnson 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pAKve. 




COOK'S AUTO SERVICE'' '"™°™|™|4''°^'' 

and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or night 



McTaggart, John, retired, Ivs 98 Centre 
McUen, Rol>ert H, driver, Ivs 497 Barrie 
McUen, Wm, l)utcher, res 68 York 
McVeetie, Anna, Ivs 41 Union 

McVeetie, Charlotte, (wid Robt), Ivs 98 Frontenac 
McVittie, Florence, Ivs 680(2) Princess 
McVittie, Mrs John, res 680(2) Princess 
McWatters, Alex, mason, bds 29 Arch 
McWilliam, Chas B, engineer, res 455 Barrie 
McWilliams, Charles, engineer, res 4 Birch 
McWilliam, Gertrude, Ivs 455 Barrie 
McWaters, Jas, guard K.P., res 1020 LTnion W 
McWaters, Myretta C, tchr, City Public School, 

Ivs 1020 L^nion w 
McWilliams, John, attendant Rockwood Hospital, 

res 61 Livingston 


Mabee, Horace C, surgery, res 79 William 
Maccabees Hall. No. 200, 33 Montreal 
Machar, Miss Agnes M, res 25 Sydenham 
Macher, Caroline (wid J), Ivs 50 William 
Machen, Harold, drvier, Imp Oil Co, Ivs Brock St 
Maddigan, Annie (wid Michael), res 41 L Bagot 
Maddigan, P>a, elk Steacy's, Ivs ^1 L Bagot 
Maddigan, Howard A, student, Ivs 50 Earl 
Maddock, Joseph, lab K & P Ry, res 97 Earl 
Maddigan, Kathleen, elk, Steacy's, Ivs 41 L Bagot 
Maddigan. Lillie (wid E), res 100 L Bagot 
Madden, Patrick J, storekeeper K.P., res 50 Earl 
Madden. Roy, Assessor Income Tax Office, bds 

50 Earl 
Madron, Ernest, music tchr, bds 179 Division 
Magagne, Flamino, confectioner, Ivs 101 Stephen 
Mageau, Jerry, res 240 Montreal 
Magnet, Helen (wid Dan), Ivs 18 Vine 
Maguire, Frank, wks Elliott Bros, Ivs 161 Raglan 
Maguire, Frederick, lab, res 161 Raglan 
Maguire. Harriet (wid Patrick), Ivs 34 Up Charles 
Maguire, John J, res 318 Collingwood 
Maguire. Kathleen, clerk, Woolworth's, Ivs 161 

Maher, George, lab S Anglin, res 266 Sydenham 
Maher, Alary, waitress Randolph Hotel 
Mahood Drug Co. Geo Mahood & John Phillips, 

props, 156 Princess 
Mahood Bros, Jewellery, Cut Glass & China, 113- 

115 Princess 
Mahood, Fred K, merchant, Mahood Bros, res 

160 Stuart 
Mahood, Geo W, druggist, Mahood Drug Co, res 

169 University 
Mahood, Percy S, merchant, Mahood Bros, res 

103 Johnson 
Ma honey, Chas A Capt, mariner, res 458 Barrie 
Mahoney, Capt James D, mariner, Canada Steam- 
ship Lines, res 32 John 
Mahoney, Capt. Patrick, mariner, bds 114 Clar- 
ence St 

Mahoney, Rose, Mrs, waitress G. T. R. Restaurant, 
Kingston Junction 

Maiden. Wm Ftancis. piano finisher, Lesses' Anti- 
que Shop, bds 25 Main 

Maiden. Wm John, carpenter, res 25 Main 

Mair, Amelia (wid John), res Villa St Clare No 2 
Barrie St 

Mair, Jessie, student, Ivs Villa St Clare No 2, 
Barrie St 

Mair, W Mace, student. Ivs Villa St Clare No 2, 
Barrie St 

Makins. Harriett, Crawford & Walsh, Ivs 88 
Clergy w 

Makins, Elizabeth, Ivs 88 Clergy w 
Makins, Janet, res 88 Clergy w 
Makins, Samuel J, retired, res 204 Frontenac 
Makins, Wilhelmina, elk Newman & Shaw, Ivs 
88 Clergy w 

Malcolm, Prof Lindsay, Queen's University, res 

167 Collingwood 
Mallen, Almeda, stenog, Mahood's Fancy Store, 

Ivs 12 Pine 
Mallen, Anna, Ivs 103 Wellington 
Mallen, Edward, wks R Crawford's, Ivs 441 Barrie 
Mallen, Frances, bk"-kpr, Mutual Life Insurance. Ivs 

103 Wellington 
Mallen, Frank, driver R Crawford, Ivs Division St 
Mallen, Jas, messenger Customs' House, res 169 

Mallen, Michael, pilot, res 103 Wellington 
Mallen, Michael Jas, partner Jones & Mallen 

Repair Shop, Colborne St, Ivs 12 Pine 
Mallen, Patrick, foreman Crawford Coal Co, res 

12 Pine 
Mallen, Vincent, musician, Ivs 169 Wellington 
Mallick, Robt, embalmer, Ronan's, Ivs 204 Bagot 
Malone, x\nthony, secretary, Kingston Transfer 

Co, res 23 Garrett 
Malone, Laura, Ivs 23 Garrett 
Malone, Minnie, clerk. 324 King E. res 103 Earl 
Malone, Vida, Ivs 23 Garrett 
Maloney, Francis (wid Thomas), Ivs 36 Elm 
Maloney, John, bds 261 Earl 
Maloney, Thomas, retired, bds Albion Hotel 
Mallory, Chas W. acct Whig, res Portsmouth 
Mallory. Margaret, clerk Newman & Shaw, bds 

318 LTniversity Ave 
Mallory, W Hubert, post clerk, P.O., res 224 King 
Mallory, Verna, nurse, K.G.H. 
Manahan, Merritt N, piano tuner. Weber Piano 

Co. res 301 University 
Mann. Frank, lab. res 1 Miller's Lane 
Mann, Kathleen, clerk Mahood's, Ivs 57 Charles 
Mann. Wm G. lab Golf Club, res 57 U Charles 
Manning, Frank, soldier R.C.H.A., res 147 Rao-Ian 
Manning, G. Mrs. bds 418 Montreal "^ 

Marale, Earl, engineer, Waubic, res 217 Earl 
Marble Hall Ice Cream Parlour, Geo Masoud 
prop, 238 Princess ' 

LA. STERLING «*•« fixtures 

209 Princess Street 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 

STEELE, BRIGGS' -°T.^,on, 





Marcoux, Joseph, furrier, Gourdicr's, Brock St, 

bds 94 Queen 
Marchand, Agnes (wid Charles), bds 120 Wel- 
lington St 
Marchand, Bryce, clerk. Best's Drug Store, bds 

310 Queen 
Marchand, Eleanor, help K.G.H. 
Marchand, Gertrude, laundress Kingston Steam 

Laundry, Ivs 15 Ellis 
Marchand, Ray, motorman Kingston Street Ry, 

Ivs 28 Patrick 
Marchand, Wilfred R, electrician, res 394 

Marcelis, Wm A. Dr, chiropractor, 318 Barrie, 

res 78 Nelson 
Marcelis, Winnifred,. nurse K.G.H. 
Marchen, Damon, Inspector K. P. & C, Ry, res 130 

Union W 
Marchen, Orval R, porter G.T.R., res 20 Patrick 
Marcus, Max, tinsmith McKelvey & Birch, res 

360 Bagot 
Marine Engineer Examiner's Office, 12-14 Market 

(2nd floor) * 
Markland, Edith, maid, 59 Gore 
Markland, Frederick J, lab Davis' Tannery, res 

43 Patrick 
Marks, W, plumber, Lemmon & Sons, Ivs Ports- 
Marsey, Henrietta (wid J M), bds 121 Patrick 
Marsh, Alice (wid George), Ivs 31 Pembroke 
Marsh, John J, traveller Robertson's, res 215 

Marsh, John W, florist, res 64 Elm 
Marsh, Mabel, nurse, Ivs 31 Pembroke 
Marsh, Wm Thos, res 24 Russell 
Marsh, Wm F, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 

28 Stephen 
Marsh, Wm John, night watchman, Rockwood 

Hospital, res 244 Nelson 
Marsh, Wm G, watchman, Thunder Bay Co, Port 

Arthur, res 49 John 
Marshall, Allan M, carpenter, Sydenham Hospital 

res 60 Elm 
Marshall, Blanche, maid, Dr J Third, Ivs Howe 

Marshall, Charles, wks Tannery, res 104 Stephen 
Marshall, David H, Prof, "Elm Tree House", 

Union St West 
Marshall, Emily (wid Wm), res 132 Union w 
Marshall, Francis, guard K. P., res 320 Earl 
Marshall, Wm J, wks Boyd's Garage, bds 18 

Marshall, H W, Hardw^are, 193 Princess 
Marshall, H W, merchant H W Marshall, 193 

Princess, res 68 Colborne 
Marshall, Jas. caretaker. Military Headquarters, 

Clergy St, res IS Sixth 
Marshall, Jean, forelady W J Crothers Co, Ivs 

101 Queen 
Marshall, Joan, carpenter, res 101 Queen 
Marshall, John, mgr Gilbert's Grocery, res 497 


Marshall, John, bk-kpr, Marshall's Hardware, lv| 

68 Colborne 
Marshall, Mrs, head waitress, Randolph Hotel 
Marshall, Robert, carpenter, res 653 Princess 
Marshall, Ruth, nurse K.G.H. 
Marshall, Thomas, tailor, res 448 Albert 
Marshall, W J, postman, res 216 Wellington 
Marshall, W C, checker, W J Crothers Co, Ivs 

101 Queen 
Marriott, Georgina (wid John), res 305 Division 
Marriott, Gladys, maid, bds 75 Union E 
Marrison, G E, photographer, 92 Princess (up- 
stairs), res 355 Albert 
Martin, A, Ltd, 272 Princess 
Martin, Agnes, dressmaker, bds 69 L Bagot 
Martin, Agnes, Ivs 259 Johnson 
Martin, Alexander J, res 1 Aberdeen 
Martin, Aliva, Ijk-kpr, Abramsky's, bds 598 

Martin, Beatrice, Ivs 47a Main 
Martin, Caroline (wid Chas), res 272 Johnson 
Martin, Cecil, student, Ivs 99 Clergy w 
Martin, Charles, caretaker, St. Mary's R.C. Cemetery 
Martin, Charles, Custom House Officer, res 91 

Martin, Mrs, (wid Capt Charles), Ivs 13 Balaclava 
Martin, E Pearl, nurse, Ivs 135 Nelson 
Martin, (Miss) E, res 38 Clergy 
Martin, Eva, clerk. Bank of (Zommerce, bds 38 

Martin, Earl L, Real Estate, J K Carroll Agency, 

res 20 Rideau 
Martin, Ed F, merchant. King Edward Cigar 

Store, res 23 Balaclava 
Martin, Emma, dressmaker, bds 187 Alfred 
Martin, F C, grocer, 564 Princess, res 217 Fron- 
Martin, Floyd, clerk F C Martin's Grocery, Ivs 

217 Frontenac 
Martin, Frank, carpenter, Ivs 349 Brock 
Martin, Frank J, shipper. Vinegar Works, res 

25 Russell 
Martin, Frank C, merchant, cor Princess & Fron- 
tenac, res 217 Frontenac 
Martin, Fred, machinist, Tannery', res 330 Mon- 
Martin, Geo, lab, res 64 Wellington 
Martin, Geo Arthur, machinist, res 41 Clergy w 
Martin, Gertrude, Ivs 13 Balaclava 
Martin, Grace, clerk. Bank of Commerce, Ivs 38 

Martin, Harriet, Ivs 349 Brock 
Martin, Hester (wid S), nurse, bds 97 Queen 
Martin, Irene M, stenog T J Rigne)% Ivs 1 Aber- 
Martin, Iva, Prof R.M.C., res 81 King E 
Martin, James W, painter and decorator, res 47a 

Main St 
Martin, James F Capt, mariner, res 259 Johnson 
Martin, James, machinist, res 368 Princess 
Martin, John, retired, res 349 Brock 
Martin, Jolm J. mariner, res 152 Ordnance 

J. K. Carroll Agency FIRE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 INSURANCE 


Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 



Martin, John W, garage, 110 Clergy, res 135 

Martin, Lewis, tobacconist, store 165 Princess, 

res 99 Clergy w 
Martin, Lewis, tailor, res 99 Clergy w 
Martin, Manly, clerk, Ivs 99 Clergy W 
Martin, Marion, clerk Mahood's Drug Store, Ivs 

47 Main 
Martin, Pauline, Ivs 99 Clergy w 
Martin, Steve J, shoe merchant, 189 Princess, Ivs 

379 Alfred 

Martin, Veronica, Ivs 272 Johnson 

Marton, Bessie, stenog, City Treasurer's Ofifice, 

Ivs 64 Wellington 
Mascard, Herbert, mechanic Boyd's Garage, bds 

380 Barrie 

Mascard, Leo, automobile mechanic, Boyd's 

Garage, bds 380 Barrie 
Massey-Harris Agencj^ farm implements, 132 

Masson, Alfred, waiter, Queen's Cafeteria, res 

14 St Catherine 
Masson, Frederick, Wm, soldier, R.C.H.A., res 6 

Brewery Lane 
Masson, Margaret (wid Hugh), Ivs 249 Queen 
Masonic Hall, Golden Lion Block, Wellington 
Masters, Arthur, Superintendent Locomotive 

Wks. bds 25 Johnson 
Masters, Mrs. employed Allen Theatre, res 27 

Masters, Percival E, patient Sydenham Hospital, 

res Clergy St 
Masters, Thomas, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 

27 Rideau 
Masoud, AlU.Mi,^ prop Maple Leaf Candy Storfe, 

348 Princess, Ivs 236 Princess 
Masoud, Geo, merchant, Ice Cream Parlor, 238 

Princess, res 236 Princess 
Matier, Henry, electrician. Public Utilities, Ivs 

390 Division 
Matier, Margaret F, Ivs 390 Division 
Matier, Wm, wks Davis Tannery, res 390 Division 
Mathcson, Matthew, lab, res 3 Johnson St 
Matheson, John, res 34 Simcoe 
Matheson, Prof John, Prof Queen's University, 

res 15 Alice 
Matthews, Angeliquc. res 221 Albert 
Matthews, Ella, clerk, Robertson's Ltd, Princess 

St, Ivs 121 Beverly 
Matthews, Emma, (wid John), res Z7 Chatham 
Matthews, Frederick, carpenter, res 263 Sydenham 
Matthews, George E, wks G. T. Freight Sheds, 

bds 79 Alfred 
Matthews, Georgina, Ivs 221 Albert 
Matthews. Jean M, clerk, Newman & Shaw, bds 

Matthews, John, Shipper R H Toye, res 2 Victoria 

Terrace, Montreal St 
Matthews, Marion, Ivs 221 Albert 
Matthews, May, clerk, Graham's Grocery, Ivs il 

Matthews, Madeline, clerk Nesbitt's Grocery, Ivs 

27 Chatham 
Matthews, Raymond, res 240 Colborne 

Matthews, Victor, driller Collingwood Shipbuild- 

ingCo, Ivs 121 Beverly 
Matthews, Wm Henry, guard K.P., res 121 Beverly 
Maurice, Wharrie, wks Davis Tannery, res 436 

Maxwell, Earl B, contractor, Ivs 17 Victoria 
Maxwell, James, contractor, res 17 Victoria 
Maxam, Alfred, prop Maxam Tailor Shop, Mon- 
treal St, res 170 Queen 
Maxam, Charles, wks Lemmon's Hardware, res 

7 Cataraqui 
Maxam, George, Ivs 170 Queen 
Maxam, George, wks Randolph Hotel 
Maxam, Gladvs, clerk, Kingston Steam Laundry 

Ivs 170 Queen St 
Maxam, Mary E, wks Cotton Mill, Ivs 6 River _ 
Maxam, Ralph, electrician Newman's Electric 

Shop. Ivs 170 Queen 
Maxam. Thomas Alfred, fireman, Davis Tannery, 

res 6 River St 
Maxam, Wm G, lab, Randolph Hotel, res 39 L 

Maxwell, Edith, nurse K.G.H. 
Maxwell, Fannie (wid Geo), res 56 Rideau 
Maye, Lillian, maid, 65 West 

Mayck, Clarence, soldier, bds 238 Ontario, upstairs 
Maybee, Fred R, com. traveller, res 9 St Lawrence 
Maybee, Gordon, student, Ivs 9 St Lawrence 
Mayell, John R, carpenter, res 215 University 
Mayell. Melville, machinist, Ivs 215 University 
Mayer, Stanley G L, sergt Major, Pay Office, res 

533 Brock 
Mayhew, Albert, res 192 Rideau 
Mea, Rev. Father C J. St Mary's Cathedral, bds 

111 Union 
.Meagher, Catherine (wid M), Ivs 193 Earl 
Meagher, Eleanor, Ivs 131 Stephen 
Meagher, Frederick W, Real Estate, res 99 L 

Meagher, Joseph, painter, Ivs 243 Patrick 
Meagher, Leo. advertising agent, res 243 Patrick 
Meal, Albert, res 194 King E 
Medley, Wm H, retired, res 100 Barrie 
Meek. Helen, instructor in Vetcraft, Sydenham 

Hospital, Ivs 325 LTniversity 
Meek, Margaret E (wid Robt), res 325 University 
Meek. Mary, clerk. Oddfellow's Relief, Ivs 317 

Earl St 
Meek, Sarah, res 317 Earl 
Meekins, Ruby, maid, bds 200 Albert 
Meighen, Miss Edna, Ass't Supt of Nurses K.G.H. 
Mcggs, Robert, salesman Steacy's, bds 316 Prin- 
cess St 
Mellon, Bernard, soldier R.C.H.A.. Ivs 12 Patrick 
Melvin. Geo S, Prof Queen's Medical College, res 

1881/' Union w 
Melville, Jeremiah, plumber, Elliott's, Princess 

St, res 3 Division 
Melville, Michael, Ivs 67 Rideau 
Melville, Nora, student, Ivs 3 Division 
Melville. Patrick, attendant, Rockwood Hospital, 

res 67 Rideau 
Menard. Elizabeth (wid George), res 365 Bagot 

Dr. Beirs Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 



'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Menhinick. Frederick, Vctcraftman S.C.R., bds 
192 Colborne 

Menzies, Ralph, electrician, Newman Electric Co, 
Ivs 139 Alfred 

Meredith, Albert, caretaker, Kingston Hall, 
Queen's, res 10 Redan St 

Meredith, Arthur, night watchman K.G.H., bds 
48 Union w 

Meredith, John, inspector, Ivs 10 Redan 

Merrick, Georgie, Ivs 62 Arch 

Merrick, Lucy A, stenog. Inspector's Office, Post 
Office, Ivs 197 William 

Merriman, M, agent, Ivs 263 King E 

Merrian, Martha, nurse. Girls' Orphans' Home, 
Union St 

Merritt, Alice (wid Edward), res 215 Earl 

Alerritt, Alma, Ivs 215 Earl 

Metcalfe, Alvin, post clerk, res 308 Alljert 

Mercer, John, Dry Goods Clerk, Laidlaw's, res 
96 Frontenac 

Merter, Thomas, warehouseman, British Ameri- 
can Oil Co, res 3 L Rideau 

Merritt, Gilbert, wks Weber Piano Factory, res 
44 York 

Merritt, Lilly B, Dental Assistant, Dr A W Win- 
nett, Ivs 215 Earl 

Metcalfe, Edgar J, Aleat Market, 62 Brock St, res 
826 Princess 

Metcalfe, Frederick, Vet Surgeon, res 90 Wil- 
liam w 

METCALFE, HIRAM F, Principal Kingston 

Business College, res 243 Alfred 
Metcalfe, Isaac, res 232 King 
Metcalfe, James H, retired, Ivs 308 Albert 
Metcalfe, Ronald, carpenter, res 38 Union w 
Metcalfe, Wallace J, clerk, Sutherland's Shoe 

Store, bds 191 Brock 
Metropolitan Insurance Co, 260 Princess St 
Michea, Harold, teamster. Imperial Oil Co, res 

369 Brock 
Midland Shoe Co (wholesale), 339-341 King St, 

F G Lockett, prop 
Middleton, Susan (wid Robert), Ivs 361 Division 
Mieske, Freda, nurse, Ivs 417 Johnson 
Milford, Wm, painter, res 64 Brock 
Military Offices, .cor Barrack and Bagot 
Milne, Alex, engineer, Kingston Steam Laundry, 

res 124 Raglan Rd 
Milne, Beatrice, Ivs 10 St Catherine 
Milne, Benedict, driver Doyle's, res 36 Union W 
Milne, Capt, pilot, res 36 Main 
Milne, Celia (wid Robt), res 133 Raglan 
Milne, F A, orderly Sydenham Hospital, res 214 

MILNE, HARVEY, Bicycle Repairer & Carpet 

Cleaner, 272 Bagot, res 434 Alfred 
Milne, James, student, Ivs 10 St Catherines 
Milne, Loretta, Ivs 36 Main 
Milne, Mary, Mrs, maid, 122 University 
Milne, Peter J, engineer, Davis Tannery, res 10 

St Catherine 

Milne, Rebecca (wid Thomas), res 318 University] 
Milne, Wilfred, Battery Service, Bagot St, bds 318J 

Milne, Wm A, Stationery Engineer, Kingston 

Steam Laundry, res 124 Raglan 
Milncr. Charles A. pianist, Allen Theatre, res 674 

Milner, Charles R, machinist, res 53 Colborne 
Milo, Francis C, painter and decorator, res 29 1 


Milo, T W, painter, 255 Princess, res 146 Johnson 
Milton, Annie (wid Jas), res 83 Earl 
Milton, Caroline, nurse, Ivs 404 Brock 
Milton, Miss Mary Jane, res 404 Brock 
Milton, Norma, typist Queen's, Ivs 83 Earl 
Milton, S G, nurse, Ivs 83 Earl 
Millan, Dennis, Groceries, Meats, Ice, Vegetables,] 

256-258 Ontario, res 80 Earl J 

Millan, Leo, clerk, Millan's Grocery, Ivs 80 Earll 
Millan, Katherine, bk-kpr, Millan's Grocery, Ivsj 

80 Earl 
Millan, Mae, student, Ivs 80 Earl 
Millan, Norman, driver, Ivs 80 Earl . 

Millan, Rupert. Dr Dental Surgeon, office 82-84] 

Princess St, res 82-84 Princess 
Millard, Edward, butcher, res 42 Main 
Millard, Ernest, David, lab Cotton Mill, Ivs 7S 

Millard, Florence Ethel, Ivs 79 Pine , 

Millard, George C, agent Singer Sewing Machine^ 

res 2 Colborne ^ 

Millard, Millwood, clerk. Price's Dairy, res corl 

Main & Ellis I 

Millard, Richard W, Harrison's Furniture Store,] 

res 149 Colborne 
Millard, Wm J F, res 94 Frontenac 
Millard, Wm John B, carpenter, res 79 Pine 
Millar, Alice, opr Bell Tel, Ivs 16 Plum 
Millar. Charles E, Inspector of Taxation Income 

Tax Office, res 97 Centre 
Millar, J, Ivs 457 Princess 
Millar, Wm R, foreman Allan Lumber Co, 81 

Victoria, res 78 Victoria 
Miller, Adam, lab. Cotton Mill, Ivs 35 Stanley 
Miller, J Alexantfer, grocer, prop Miller's Grocerj- 

Division St, res 36 Division 
Miller, Alfred, foreman builder, res 159 Nelson 
Miller, Bessie, clerk American Consulate, Ivs 294 

Miller, Chas E. lab, res 122 Stephen 
Miller, Frank J, lab, res 35 Stanley 
Miller, Frank E, engineer, res 8 Orchard 
Miller, Frederick C, res 26 William W 
Miller, Harold S, wood turner S Anglin & Co, 

res 212 Division 
Miller, Harry, l)arber, bds 212 Division 
Miller, Henry !•", lab, res 57 King w 
Miller, Ina, milliner. Miss Wilson. Ivs 118 Victoria 
Miller, Ina L, American Consul, res 294 Earl 
Miller, Ira, soldier, mechanical Transport Dcpt, 

res 256 Victoria 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 



89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



Miller, Jas, Prof Queen's University, res 91 Albert 
Miller, James A, soldier Ordnance Corps, res 457 

Miller, John, lab, res 101 Stephen 
Miller, John, Shoe Repairing Dcpt. Sydenham 

Hospital, bds 243 University 
Miller, Joseph, prop, Miller's Repair Shop, res 

286 Queen 
Miller's Repair Shop, Joseph Miller, prop, rear 

286 Queen 
Miller, Katherine, clerk, R Uglow & Co, Ivs 26 

U. William 
Miller, Matthew, taxi driver, stand 47 Clarence, 

res 242 Sydenham 
Miller, Myrtle, dressmaker, Ivs 96 William 
Miller, Nancy (wid AU^ert), res 118 Victoria 
Miller, Norman, Prof Queen's University, res 

Miller, Robt, carter, res 96 William 
Miller, Wm, Ivs 118 Victoria 
Miller, William, res 430 Barrie 
Millican, Harry G, electrician, res 29 Ellis 
Milligan, Max, clerk Frontenac Hotel, res 303 

Mill,s Anna M, Ivs 3 Aberdeen 
Mills, Annie E (wid Geo), res 124 University 
Mills, Amantha (wid Henry), res 398 Barrie 
Mills, D F, master manner, res 230 Division 
Mills, Eleanor (wid Thos), res 825 Montreal 
MILLS, GEO & CO, Wholesale & Retail Hatters 

and Furriers, 126-128 Princess 
Mills, Geo, Ivs 124 University 
Mills, Gordon, Ivs 120 University 
Mills, Irwin, builder, Ivs 3 Aberdeen 
Mills, Mary (wid Jas), res 3 Aberdeen 
Mills, Mary (wid fhos), res 378 Brock 
Mills, F May, stenog, Income Tax, Ivs 120 Uni- 
versity ave 
Mills Company, Insurance and Brokers, Thos. 

Mills, prop, 79 Clarence 
Mills, Peter, wks Tannery, res 140 L Bagot 
'Mills, Thomas, retired merchant, res 120 Univer- 
sity ave 
Mills, Thomas, mariner C.S.L., Ivs 165 Queen 
Mills, Samuel R, merchant, Geo Mills & Co, Ivs 

124 University 
Mills, Van, Mills Co, Clarence St 
Mills, Wm T, clerk, W B Dalton & Sons, res 

21 University 
MILLS, WM Y, merchant, Geo Mills & Co, Ivs 

124 University 
Millward, Welby, inspector Price's Dairy, res 32 

NUnifie, Florence, Ivs 281 Montreal 
Minifie, Joesph H, machinist, Ivs 281 Montreal 
Minifie, Richard, fitter, res 281 Montreal 
Minnes, Arnott J, com traveller, Macnee & Min- 

nes, bds No 2 Winston Apts, 56 Earl 
Minnes, Grant J T, student, Ivs "Hillcroft" Union 
Minnes, Isobel, Ivs 124 Bagot 
MINNES, JAMES A, Wholesale Dry Goods 

Merchant (Macnee & Minnes, res 124 Bagot 
Minnes, Katherine, student, MacDonald College, 

Guelph, Ivs 124 Bagot 

Minnes, Lc Rojs res 149 Union W 

Minnes, Marjorie, nurse Royal Victoria Hospital, 

Montreal, Ivs 124 Bagot 
Minnes, Norah, Ivs 124 Bagot 
Minnes, Thomas D, accountant, Portsmouth 

Penitentiary, res 30 Kensington Ave. 
Minnes, Victor A, student, Ivs 30 Kensington Ave. 
Minnes, William T, wholesale dry goods mer- 
chant, Macnee & Minnes, res "Hillcroft", 

Union street. 
Minnes, Wm G, com traveller, Macnee & Minnes, 

Ivs 126 Collingwood 
Minogue, Mary (wid Wm), res 256 Earl 
Mitchell, Alexander, lab, res 103 L Bagot 
Mitchell, Anna H, Ivs 258 Albert 
Mitchell, Caroline, student, Ivs 185 William 
Mitchell, Charles, Blacksmith, W Cockburn, bds 

Lakeview House 
Mitchell, Emma, dress-making, IZ Brock, res 28 

Mitchell, Emily (wid John), bds 357 Barrie 
Mitchell, Prof G W, Prof in Classics Queen's 

University, res 98 Bagot 
Mitchell, James A, painter, res 4 Clow's Block, 

Quebec St 
Mitchell, John, Ivs 203 Alfred 
Mitchell, Sarah (wid Wm), res 198 Rideau 
Mitchell. Sybil, bk-kpr Robertson Grocery Co, 

Ivs 198 Rideau 
Mitchell, Wilhelmina, Ivs 198 Rideau 
Mitchell, Wm, Shoe Repairing Shop, cor York 

and Barrie, res 406 Barrie 
Mitchell, Wm A, Mitchell's Coal Yard, 15 Ontario 

res 185 William 
Moberley, Wm, painter, res 64 Brock 
Modney, James, shoemaker, res 253 King E 
Mofifatt, Marshall, Baggageman C.P.R., res 560 


Mohan. Agnes, stenog, McBroom's Feed Store, 

res 190 Colborne 
Mohan, Stasia, bk-kpr, W H Cockburn & Co. 

Ivs 190 Colborne 
Moley, George, machinist, res 187 Ordnance 
Mollay, Margaret, clerk. Newman & Shaws, bds 

318 University 
Monarch Battery Co, I Cohen, prop, 267-275 

Monarch Life Insurance Co, 2,21 King E 
Monk, Walter J, employed McKelvey & Birch, 

res 89 Collingwood 
Monk, Francis A, contractor, res 24 Elm 
Moncrief, Douglas, accountant, McKelvey & 

Birch, res 27 Colborne 
Moncrieff, Florence, clerk, Anderson Bros. 9 Fifth 
MoncrieiY, Florence, cashier, Anderson Bros, Ivs 

9 Clow's Block, Chatham St. 
Moncriefif, Mary (wid Peter), res 9 Fifth 
Moncriefif, Mary (wid Peter), res 9 Clow's Block 

Chatham St. 
MoncrieiT, Reginald, Mgr. Paper Box Factory. 

King St., res 169 Bagot 
Moncriefif, Ruby, clerk, Mahood's, Ivs 78 William 
Moncriefif. Sarah, clerk, Steacy's Ltd., Ivs 9 

Clow's Block, Chatham St. 
Moncriefif, Sarah, clerk, Steacy's Ltd., Ivs 9 Fifth 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

That's The Toye Bread Co. 




'Phone 147 for Service 




Moncrieflf, Albert P, Ins. Mgr, res 145 York 

Moncrieff. Earl D, bk-kpr, Ivs 145 York 

Moncriefif, Marion, Kingston Paper Box Factory, 
Ivs 78 William 

Moncriefif. Thos E, painter & paper hanger, res 
78 William 

Montese, Frederick, lab., bds. 7 Plum 

Montgomery, Cynthia (wid Capt Wm), res 294 

Montgomery, Ernest F, Gov In.sp, Civil Service, 
res 245 University 

Montgomery, Edmund, lab. Baker's Billiard Par- 
lor, res 14 Markland 

Montgomer}', Elsie, saleslady, Steacy's, bds 83 

Montgomery, Harold, driver, Ivs 19 Sixth 

Montgomery, James, mgr Standard Chemical Co, 
res 242 Wellington 

Montgomery, J. Murray, wks. Davis' Tannery, 
res 148 Bay 

Montgomery, Mary, Ivs 294 University 

Montgomery, Robert, res 354 Albert 

Montgomery, W H, Chief Excise Clk Customs 
House, res 18 Market 

Monroe, Miss T S, bds, 146 Queen 

Montreal Transportation Co Ltd, Foot Queen St. 

Mooers, Edwin, Tax Commissioner, City Build- 
ings, res 90 Barrie 

Mooers, Henry F, res 68 Barrie 

Mooers, Isabella (vi^id) Ivs 90 Barrie 

Moon, Gretta, clerk, Henderson's Grocery, Ivs 
76 North 

Moon, Melville, engineer Soward's, Ivs 52 L 

Moon, Robert, res 12 Alma 

Moon, Wm H, lab, res 76 North 

Mooney, Agnes, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 

Mooney, Clara, Ivs 325 Earl 

Mooney, Clara, Ivs 325 Earl 

Mooney, Ellen (wid Thos), res 325 Earl 

Mooney, Gladys, stenog, Weber's Piano Factory, 
Ivs 178 Montreal 

Mooney, Isabelle, Ivs Zl Clergy W 

Mooney, Mabel. Ivs il Clergy W 

Mooney, Mamie, stenog, J L Whiting, res Ports- 

Mooney, Mary, Ivs 325 Earl 

Mooney, Mary (wid J), Ivs 176 Clergy 

Mooney. Robt Jas, machinist, res 2)1 Clergy W 

Moore & Davis, Gasoline Service Station, cor 
Princess and Division 

Moore, Alice, clerk. Bank of Commerce, Ivs 420 

Moore, Ann (wid Daniel), res 211 Alfred 

Moore, Charles L, carpenter, res 125 Colborne 

Moore, David John, res 10 Cherry 

Moore, Edmund, partner, Moore & Davis, Gas- 
oline Service Station, res 435 Princess 

Moore, Elizabeth (wid Joseph), Ivs 245 Alfred 

Moore, Gladys, maid. Ivs 340 Brock 

Moore, Gladys, maid, 185 King 

Moore, Gretta. stenog, CoUingwood Shipyard, 
bds. 129 Union 

Moore, Harry, vulcanizcr, Suddaby Bros, res 503 

Moore, Harry, lab, bds 498 Division 

Moore, Herbert, motor-mechanic, Callaghan 
Bros' Garage, res 51 Livingston 

Moore, Herbert V, merchant, W J Moore, res 
95 Division 

Moore, Herbert Thomas, mariner, Ivs 57 Liv- 

Moore, Herbert S, mechanic Overland Garage, 
res 57 Livingston 

Moore, Irene, nurse K.G.H., Ivs 95 Division 

Moore, Kenneth F, Ivs 57 Livingston 

Moore, Miss L S, Ivs 25 Sydenham 

Moore, Lula, cook, 148 Earl 

Moore, Margaret (wid Andrew), Ivs 525 Brock 

Moore, Mina, Ivs 420 Earl 

Moore, Nellie (wid Peter), res 28 Division 

Moore,. Robert James, caretaker. Ivs 226 Division 

Aloore. Thomas, foreman Gas & Water Depts, 
Public Utilities, res 76 Frontenac 

Moore, Thomas, tailor, Crawford & Walsh, cor 
Brock & Bagot, res 226 Division 

Moore, W J & Sons, Auto Supplies Dealers in 
Rubber Goods. Toys. 208 Wellington 

Moore, Wm M, merchant, W J Moore & Sons, 
res 162 CoUingwood 

Moore, Wm J, carter, res 340 Brock 

Moore, Wm E, lab, res 6 Queliec 

Moore, William, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 
4 Quebec 

Moore. Wm H, vulcanizer, Suddaby Bros, bds 
503 Princess 

Moran, Alice, milliner Steacy's Ltd, bds 243 Brock 

Moran, Abbie, saleslady Steacy's Ltd, bds 243 

Moran. Margaret, maid, bds 3 Emilj^ 

Morden, Charles, contractor, res 78 Main 

Morden, Hazel, nurse K.G.H. 

Morden, Laura, Ivs 78 Main 

Morehan, Ella, Ivs 180 Stuart 

Morehan. Patrick, moulder, res 180 Stuart 

Morell, Phoeba, Mrs, Ivs 85 Queen 

Morgan, George, foreman G.T.R. Sheds, res 130 
L Bagot 

Morgan, Matthew, carpenter res 396 Ordnance 

Morgan. Wm. porter. Belmont Cafe, res 212 Earl 

Alorgan, Wm J, res 106 Clergy 

Morgan, Wm, Prof Queen's Theological College, 
res 20 Barrie 

Moring, Thomas, Investigator G.T.R., res 254 

Moring, Basil, mgr English and Scottish Woolen 
Co, bds 243 University 

Morland, Hugh J, retired, res 175 Union W 

Morland, Mildred, nurse K.G.H. 

Morley, Geo A T, wks Cotton Mill. Ivs 39 Ordn- 

Morley, Harold, mechanic, 335 King E 

Morley, Harold, mechanic Donnellj^'s Garage, 
King St, Ivs 429 Division 

Morley, Edith Helen, wks Cotton Mill, Ivs 39 

Morley, John, miner Sydenham, res 39 Ordnance 

Morley, Laura, Ivs 429 Division 

Morley, Wm, mason, W^atts Contractor, res 429 

Morris. S Arkington, clerk P.O., Ivs 114 Barrie 

Morris, Benjamin, grocer, 345 King E, res 102 

Morris, Benjamin, student, partner Morris Gro- 
cery, King St, Ivs 102 Queen 

Morris, Bert, store-keeper, CoUingwood Ship- 
yard, res Williamsville 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

We Clean 


and do it well 

■PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER 3oods Called For and Delivered 



Morris, Evelyn, clerk Mahood's. Ivs 510 Brock 
Morris, Fred, grocer, 345 King E, res 102 Queen 
Morris, Frederick, student, partner Morris Gro- 
cery, King St, Ivs 102 Queen 
Morris, George E, soldier, R.C.H.A., res 16 Cor- 

Morris. John, mgr Imp Oil Co Ltd. res 114 Barrie 
Morris. Mr. retired, bds 93 Raglan 
Morris, Nathan, clothier, res 343 King, res 102 

Morrissey. John, retired, res 157 Nelson 
Morrisscy, John (jr) barber, attendant Rockwood 

Hospital, res 155 Nelson 
Morrissey. Nelson, Candy Maker. Crother's Bis- 
cuit Factor)'. Ivs 155 Nelson 
Morrison, Dr. Charles A, medical doctor, office 

208 Bagot, res 208 Bagot 
Morrison, Jessie, nurse, K.G.H. 
Morrison, John, carpenter, res 33 Pine 
Morrison, Kenneth, Ivs 33 Pine 
Morrison, Miss, post clerk, P.O., Ivs 208 Bagot 
Morrison, Ross. Taxi Driver, City Taxi Stand, 

res 304 University 
Morrison, Vincent, res 25 L'nion W 
Morrison. Wm, Post Clerk, P.O., res 173 Syden- 
ham St 
Morrison, Wm. retired, res 94 Rideau 
Morrison. Wm. driver, Rapid Transit Delivery, 

bds 377 Brock 
Morrow, Ellis H, Prof Queen's University, res 

84 Victoria 
Morrow. Edgar, patient, K.G.H. 
Mortlock, Geo H, teamster, Crother's Co, res 

35 Union 
Morton, Angus, carpenter, Ivs 424 Johnson 
Morton, Elizal)eth (wid Joseph), res 424 Johnson 
Morton, Flossie, saleslady, Couper's, Ivs 424 

Morton, Georgina. Asst Accountant. A Chown 

& Co. Ivs 424 Johnson 
Morton. Harold J, operator G.N.W.. Ivs 398 

Morton, James, lab. Ivs 398 Montreal 
Morton. John, clerk. Couper's Grocery, Ivs 424 

Moscrip, Margaret (wid W. C.) superintendent 

Y.W.C.A.. Ivs 196 Johnson 
Motley. G A H. photographer Kingston Art 

Studio, res 142 King 
Mouck. Frank A, wks Roddy & Monck, res 24 

Moudson, Minnie, Sydenham Hospital, res 331 

Mouilpied, Helen, student, Ivs 358 Johnson 
Mouilpied, Wm Snow, Linotype Operator, Stan- 
dard Pub Co, res 358 Johnson 
Mouison, J M, House Surgeon, K.G.H. 
Moulton, Hartford, driver, S Anglin, res 176 York 
Moulton, Herbert, carpenter, res 178 York 
Mounteer, Agnes, clerk Stover's Grocery, Alfred 

St, Ivs 208 Alfred 
Mounteer, Albert, painter, 208 Alfred St. res 208 

Mounteer. Thomas, student. Ivs 208 Alfred 
Mowat, Catherine (wid H), res 224 Division 
Mowat, E Lillian, res 180 Johnson 

Mowat, Geo A, clerk McGall's Cigar Store, Ivs 

224 Division 
Mowat, H Ethelwyn, res 180 Johnson 
Mowat, Wm H, bank clerk, Ivs 224 Division 
Moxley, Fred G, com trvlr, res 22 Livingston 
Moyes, A, wks Weber Piano Factory, Ivs 142 

York St 
Moyes, Robert J, storekeeper. Shipyard, res 

MacDonald W 
Moj'es, Wm M, machinist. Bishop's Machine 

Shop, res 12 Redan 
Muchmore, Michael L, riveter Collingwood Ship- 
yard, res 203 University 
Muchmore, M Bernette, Ivs 183 Montreal 
Muchmore, Richard, engineer, res 183 Montreal 
Muckleston, Annie, Ivs 49 Clergy E 
Muckleston. Emily, res 49 Clergy E 
Muckler. Bert, Electrician, McKelvey & Birch, 

Ivs 332 Johnson 
Muckler, Fred, Transfer Agent, P.O., res 328 

Muckler. Margaret, Ivs 332 Johnson 
Aluckler, Mary (wid Wm) res 332 Johnson 
Mucklewee, George, lab S Anglin & Co, res 5 

Muir, A H, City Auditor, City Auditor's Office, 

res 50 Frontenac S 
Muir, Henry, res 378 Earl 

Muirhead, (jerald, mechanic, Ivs 45 Clergy E 
Muirhead, Wm, student, bds 138 Bagot 
Mulholland, Cassie, dressmaker, res 460 Brock 
Mulholland. Edith, book-keeper. King & Smythe, 

Ivs 460 Brock 
Mulholland. Ethel, dressmaker. Ivs 460 Brock 
Mulholland. Samuel, driver McRae's Grocery, 

W941ington St, res 59 Chatham 
Mulholland, Svlvester, barber, Ontario St., Ivs 

460 Brock 
Mulkerns, Thomas, piano tuner, res 40 Durham 
Mullen, Charles, res 30 Union E 
Mullen, Frank B, mariner, bds. 182 Rideau 
Mullen. James, retired, Ivs 145 Colborne 
Mullen, Jas E, marble cutter, res 161 Frontenac 
Mullen. John, mariner, res 145 Coiborne 
Muller, Fred, machinist. 371-373 King E 
Muller. Geo, Bicycle Works, 371-373 King E 
Mulligan, Archie A, Ivs 445 Albert 
Mulligan. May V. Ivs 445 Albert 
Mulligan. William, lab., res 82 Queen 
Mulligan, Wm.. driver Douglas Mcllquham. res 

445 Albert 
MULLIN, E. W. & SON, Office, cor Johnson 
and Division. Real Estate and Insurance 
Mullin. Edward W. Real Estate, cor Johnson and 

Division, res 276 Johnson 
Mullin, E Vincent, res 97 Division 
Mullin. Lulu, res 157 Montreal 
Mullin, Margaret, Ivs 276 Johnson 
Mullinger. Thos J, police constable, res 522 Prin- 
Mundell, Charles Duncan, student, Ivs 78 Barrie 
Mundell, D Edward, Dr, Physician & Surgeon, 

res 78 Barrie 
Mundell, Mary J (wid John) Ivs 21 U Charles 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Bell's cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations ^^^^"^ ^°^ chapped Hands, &c. 

FOR GOOD VALUE GO TO 'Phonc 147 for Ambulance 






MUNDELL, WM, Barrister, Office 93 Clarence, 

res 228 Brock 
Mundy, Albert, butcher, Nicholson's Butcher 

Shop, Ontario St, res 8 Johnson 
Mundy, Howard, Ivs 8 Johnson 
Munroe, James, Textile Co, bds 240 Montreal 
Munroe, Zella M, operator Bell Telephone, Ivs 

164 Queen 
Munsie, Capt. Jas C R, accountant, res 35 George 
Murphy's Grocery, li Bay 
Murphy, Annie, Ivs Hickson Lane 
Murphy, Catherine (wid Daniel), res 82 Rideau 
Murphy, Charles, machinist, res 51 Bay 
Murphy, Daniel, soldier R.C.H.A., Ivs 52 Stanley 
Murphy, Dennis, soldier, Ivs 108^ Montreal 
Murphy, Francis (wid John) Ivs 194 Division 
Murphy, Francis, sailor, res 245 Victoria 
Murphy, Gus, barber. Hunt's, Princess St, Ivs 

117 Alfred 
Murphy, Henry Dr, vet surgeon, res 680 Prmcess 
Murphy, James, 108^ Montreal 
Murphy, John, prop Murphy's Grocery, IZ Bay, 

res 75 Bay 
Murphy, John F, lab, res 27a Main 
Murphy, Kathleen, stenog R E Burns, res 189 

Murphy, L W, cheese merchant, 370 King E, 

res 27 Sydenham 
Murphy, Marjorie, stenog, Ambrose Shea, 39 

Brock, Ivs 189 Montreal 
Murphy, Mary E, Ivs 82 Rideau 
Murphy, Mary (wid Jas), cook, Bishop's Palace, 
Murphy, Mary (wid Leo), cook, Bishop's Palace, 
Murphy, Mary (wid Wm), res 361 Bagot 
Murphy, Mary (wid L), res 56 Union W 
Murphy, Matthew P, letter carrier, res 189 Mon- 
Murphy, Mrs, nurse, 108^ Montreal 
Murphy, Peter, 'flagman, G.T.R., res Hickson 

Murphy, Roy, bell-boy Frontenac Hotel, Ivs 52 

Murphy, Thos, clerk Carnovsky's Fruit Store, 

Ivs 129 Montreal 
Murphy, Thos W, res 791 Princess 
Murphy, Thos J, Capt, res 111 William 
Murphy, Thos, Capt, res 292 Earl 
Murphy, Wm, lal), res 52 Wellington 
Murray, Alwin, clerk, Mitchell's Coal Yard, Ivs 

470 Brock 
Murray, Alma M (wid Percy), res 138 King E 
Murray, Arthur, motor license issuer, 14 Market 
Murray, Bernard, res 301 Earl 
Murray, Chas G, plumber, McKelvey & Birch, 

res 11 Frontenac N 
Murray, David, prop Vinegar wks, res Kensing- 
ton Place, Kensington Ave. 
Murray, Edward P, letter-carrier, res 330 Uni- 
Murray, Eleanor, employee Kingston Steam 

Laundry, Ivs 233 Earl 
Murray, Elizabeth R, maid, 162 University 
Murray, Elizabeth, Ivs 146 Bay 
Murray, Elizalieth (wid Joseph), Ivs 161 Syden- 
ham St 

Murray, Eva (wid D), res 22 Frontenac 

Murray, Francis, Ivs 138 King E 

Murray, George, driver, Co-operative Grocery, 

Ivs 13 Colborne 
Murray, Geo, servant R.M.C., res 438 King E 
Murray, J, casemaker, Weber Piano Factory, Ivs 

233 Earl 
Murray, Jas A, Post Clerk, P.O., res 45 Quebec 
Murray, James G, gymnastic instr Sydenham 

Hospital, res 1 Plum 
Murray, Mrs. J. C, Ivs 66 Barrie 
Murray, Jennie C, saleslady, Newman & Shaw. 

Ivs 146 Bay 
Murray, John D, student, bds 22 Frontenac 
Murray, John, retired, res 146 Bay 
Murray, John, carpenter, res 13 Colborne 
Murray, Kathleen (wid J Jas), res 155 Frontenac 
Murray, Kenneth, ins agt, London Life, 332 King 

E, res 445 Princess 
Murray, Margaret, employee, Kingston Steam 

Laundry, Ivs 233 Earl 
Murray, Margaret, Ivs 22 Frontenac 
Murray, Marjorie, Ivs "Kensington Place". Ken- 
sington Ave. 
Murraj', Maude, clerk, Newman & Shaw, Ivs 470 

Murray, Mary, housekeeper, bds 22 Frontenac 
Murray, Monica, nurse. Hotel Dieu, bds 235 

Murray, Olive, saleslady, Robertson's Ltd, Ivs 

Court House 
Murray, Randall, wks Weber Piano Co, res 233 

Murray, Raymond, machinist, res 250 Nelson 
Murray, Richard, molder, bds 32 Patrick 
Murray, Sj^lvester, marine Engineer, res 264 

Murray, Thomas, res 219 L Rideau 
Murray, Terrence, lab, Soward's Coal Co, res 

69 Markland 
Murray, Vera, Ivs 13 Colborne 
Murray, Wm, orderly Sydenham Hospital, res 

182 Rideau 
Murray, Wm J, carpenter, AlcKelvey & Birch 

res 11. Vine 
Murray, Wm, Ivs "Kensington Place", Kensing- 
ton Ave. 
Murray, Wm, Chaufifeur, J B Carruthers, res 25 

Murray, Wm, auctioneer, 14 Market, res Bar- 

Murray, Wm, Ivs 26 Clergy W 
Murtagh, Thomas, barber, Hugh Doyle's, res 64 

Murton, Frederick J, motor mechanic, res 263 

Musselman, Walter F, mgr Woolworth Co Ltd, 

res 103 Victoria 
Mutch, Miss S, clerk, Woolworth's, Ivs Alfred 

St North 

Mutual Life of Canada Co, S Roughton, mgr, 

60 Brock 
Myles, Isobel T, Advertising Clerk, Whig, Ivs 230 

Earl St 
Myles, Robert, guard K.P., res 271 Brock 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited PE^ils'lvE. 









MYLKS, DR GORDON W, Physician and Sur- 
geon, office 122 Wellington, res cor Ken- 
sington and Union 

Mylks, Gordon (jr) student, Ivs li Kensington 

Mylks, Manuel, res 108 Victoria 

Mj'^res, Warner, driver Guess' Livery, res 21 



Napier, Ennria, waitress Belmont Cafe, Sydenham 

Apartments, Brock 
Nancarrow, Frederick Hugh, compositor Standard 

Ivs 163 Sydenham. 
Nancarrow, Frederick (Sr.), electrician Public Utili- 
ties, res 163 Sydenham 
Nash, Cobel M, retired, res 193 Johnson 
NASH, CLIFFORD C DR, Dentist, 183 Princess, 

res 366 Albert 
Nash, Elward. Ivs 193 Johnson 
NASH, JOSEPH, prop College Book Store, bds 

229 Brock 
Nash, Alarjorie, (wid Geo. B.) Ivs 103 Gore 
National Dyers and Cleaners, H J Shales, Mgr 
Naylon, Fred, elk Best's Drug Store, Ivs 155 Raglan 
Naylon, John, policeman, res 155 Raglan 
Naylon, William, driver Van Luven's City Delivery, 

Ivs 155 Raglan 
Neale & Ashley, Vulcanizing Co., 284 Ontario 
Neale, Albert, merchant Neale & Ashley, res 194 

Neale, Agnes Muriel, Ivs 8 Aberdeen 
Neish, Ada, res 308 University 
Neish, Prof Arthur, Queen's University, 

Neish, Laura, res 308 University 
Neil, Mary, (wid Peter j Ivs 158 Rideau 
Neilson N machinist, cor King & Queen 
Neilson, William, laborer Davis' Tannery, res 160 

Nellis, Geo W, laborer, res 27 Hickson Ave 
Nelson, Alex Duncan, book-keeper Dalton's Whole- 
sale, res 305 Alfred 
Nelson, George, wks Weber's Piano Factory, Ivs 

202 Rideau 
Nelson, Lloyd, welder. Bishop's Machine Shop, res 

116 Colborne 
Nelson, Mary E, dressmaker, res 390 Montreal 
Nesbitt's Grocery, cor Barrie & William 
Nesbitt, Andrew, merchant, Anderson Bros Ivs 424 

Nesbitt, Duncan, carpenter, C.P.R. res 105 Raglan 
Nesbitt, Jennie, Ivs 105 Raglan 
Nesbitt, William James, grocer, cor University & 

Johnson, res 341 Johnson 
Nesbitt, Loraine, res 335 Johnson 
Nesbitt, Lyla, Ivs ZZl Johnson 

Nesbitt, Mary, tchr. Public School, Ivs 2,7,1 Johnson 
Nesbitt, Mary, (wid Robt), res ZZl Johnson 
Nesbitt, Pearl A, music studio, 24 Division, Ivs 

451 Johnson 
Nesbitt, Rachel (wid D A), res 451 Johnson 
Nesbitt, Robert Ivs William W 

Nesbitt, Sarah, (wid Jas), grocer, res William W 
Nes])itt, Sarah (wid Jas) res Cor Barrie & William 
Nesbitt, Stanley J, taxi-driver, res 335 Johnson, stand 

47 Clarence 
Neville, Chester W, farmer, res 149 Collingwood 
Nevcns, Vv^m, signal man G T R, bds 91 Cataraqui 
Newell, Alfred, soldier, res 15 St Lawrence 
Newell, Louis, machinist, res 56 Patrick 
Newell Napoleon, laborer, res 39 U Charles 
Newell, Richard, laborer, Ivs 39 U Charles 
New.lands, Alex, student, Ivs Concession 
NEWLANDS & SON (William & John C New- 
lands), Arcliitects, 258 Bagot 
Newlands, Elizabeth, (wid I), res 7 York 
Newlands, Elizabeth, vs iZ2, Barrie 
Newlands, George musician Allen's Orchestra, res 

58 Colborne 
Newlands, Grace, clerk Barnum's Grocery, Ivs 58 

Newlands, Ida, Ivs iZZ Barrie 
NEWLANDS, JOHN C, Architect, Ivs 39 Union 

St West 
Newlands, Mary (wid John), res 165 Nelson 
Newlands, Wm A, City Tax Collector, City Hall, 

r^'s 2>ii Barrie 
NEWLANDS, WM, Architect, Office 258 Bagot, 

res 138 King 
NEWMAN, H W, Electric Co, H W Newman, 

prop, 167 Princess 
New England Bakery Ofifice, 217 Collingwood 
^New England Cafe, Jonc Lee, manager, 331 King 
NEWMAN & SHAW (Joseph Newman & David 

Shaw), Dry Goods, Ladies' Ready-to-wear 

and House Furnishings, 130 Princess 
New York Hat Cleaning Co, and Shoe Shine Par- 
lor, Peter Lampros, prop, 208 Princess 
New York Fruit Store, Peter Dafnas, prop, 314 

Newman. Dorothy student, Ivs 95 William W 
Newman S Edith, Ivs 271 King W 
Newman, Emma, wks Jackson Press, Ivs 461 Princess 
NEWMAN, EDWARD E, Mgr Royal Bank, res 

180 Wellington Apts. 
Newman, Frank, mgr Jackson Press, res 60 Victoria 
Newmaii, Hannah, (wid William), res 461 Princess 
Newman, Henry W, merchant Newman Electric 

Co, Ivs 271 King W 
Newman, Jas J, Entry Clk, Custom's House, res 109 

Newlands, John C, architect, office 258 Bagot Ivs 

39 Union ' 

NEWMAN, JOSEPH, Dry Goods Merchant, 

Newman & Shaw, res 95 William 
Newman, Mildred, Ivs 95 William 
NewMTian, William H, (R C H A) res 255 Rideau 
Newman, William, res 271 King W 
Newton, Cyril, book-keeper. Can Oil Co. Ivs 135 

Clergy E 
Newton. Marjorie, operator Bell Telephone Co Ivs 

135 Clergy E f , ivs 

Newton. Thos Geo, baker Toye's Limited, res 135 
Clergy E 






126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 



Newton. Victor T, piano tuner Lindsay Co, Ivs 135 

Clergy E ,-,^ e. 

Newton, William E, naval nist, res 136 btepen 
Newyell, Eva, Ivs 96 Division 
Newyell, O, traveller, res 96 Division 
Nichols, W D, mechanic, res 117 Raglan Rd 
Nicholls, Wm. veterinary surgeon, 227-231 Bagot 
Nicholls, Ernest E, baker Burns' Bakery, res 56 

Nicholson, Agnes, Ivs 425 Brock 
Nicholson, I^Irs. Annie, maid, Frontenac Hotel 
Nicholson, Cleary, Ivs 134 Ontario 
Nicholson, Edna, (wid Henry), res 1 Rideau 
Nicholson, Elizabeth, (wid Alex) 32o Johnson 
Nicholson, Elizabeth, res 425 Brock 
Nicholson, Ehvood, Ivs 45 Alain 
Nicholson, Harold, postman, res 80 Main 
Nicholson, Harold, driver Macnee & Minnes, Ivs 

Nicholson, Howard, driver Dominion Express, Ivs 

75 Main 
Nicholson, Irene, student, Ivs 134 Ontario 
Nicholson, John, driver, Ivs 75 Main 
Nicholson. Kenning, guard K P, bds 181 Division 
Nicholson, Louisa V, Ivs 386 Albert 
Nicholson, Thomas K. res 75 Main 
Nicholson, Thomas, bds 328 University 
Nicholson, Thomas, butcher shop, 136 Ontario, 

res 134 Ontario ,,, ^ 

Nicholson, Victor, clerk 136 Ontario, Ivs 134 Ontario 
Nicholson. Walter B, painter & paper hanger, bds 

83 Victoria 
Nicholson, Wm. laborer, res 370 Barrie 
Nicholson, Mrs Wm C. wks Jackson Press, res 370 


Xickle. J M Farrell & A E Day, Barristers, 

194 Ontario 
Nickle, Donald, student. Ivs 155 Earl 
Nickle, Evelvn, student, Ivs 130 Earl 
Nickle, Hugii C, supt K P & C E R'y, res 155 Earl 
Xickle, Hugh D, Ivs 155 Earl 
NICKLE, WM M, Barrister, Nickle, Farrell & 

Dav, Ivs 130 Earl 
NICKLE, WM F, Barrister, Nickle, Farrell & 

Day, res 130 Earl 
Nicklin, Philip C, military draughtsman, M D No. 

3, res 18 Pembroke 
Nicol, Elizabeth, boarding house, res 113 Alfred 
Nicol, George, res 159 Frontenac 
Nicol, Helen, Ivs 159 Frontenac 
Nicol, James, mason, bds 119 King W 
Nicol, Mary W. res 113 Alfred 

Nicol, Prof William, Queen's Univer, res 203 Albert 
Nicolle. John, res 62 Barrie 
Nixon, J E. Ivs 606 Montreal 
Nixon. Thomas, stationary Engineer K P, res 419 

Noble,' Ellen, Ivs 50 William 
Noble. Helen, Ivs 31 Colborne 
Noble, James, engineer, res 31 Colborne 
Noble, Lena, Ivs 3 Emily 
Nobes, E. res 46 Union W 
Nobes, George, plumber, res 17 Division 
Nobes. William, bds 19 Division 

Nobes, Wilhelmina. student. Ivs 17 Division 
Nokes, Mary, (wid Harry), dress.mkr res 250 Queen 
Xolan. Charles J, teamster, res 237 Wellington 
X'olan, George P, guard K P, res 1^5 Stuart 
Nolan. R James, 227 Montreal, coal & wood merch- 
ant, res 275 Sydenham 
X'olan, John H, taxi driver, res 30 York 
Xolan, Alary B, stenog T J Rigney, Ivs 195 Stuart 
X'^olan, Richard J, prop X'olan's Wood Yard, res 275 

Sydenham St 
X^oonan, X'ellie, dental assistant, Dr R P Alillan, 

82-84 Princess 
X^ordellie, Joseph, musician R C H A, bds 286 Queen 
Xorman. Harry, bds 116 Earl 
Norman, Horace F. manager Kingston Cement Co. 

res 69 Patrick 
Norman. Horace F J. student, bds 69 Patrick 
X'orman, ^^'illiam, tinsmith Stevenson & Hunter, re? 

Norris, Annie, weaver Dominion Textile Co, res 13 

X'orris, Arthur P, engineer C S L. Ivs 46 Clergy 
X'orris, Frank L. asst Supt C S L, Ivs 46 Clergj' 
X'orris, James, engineer, res 46 L Rideau 
Xorris, Jane, (wid James), Ivs 13 Charles 
X'orris, Jane, (wid Samuel), res 112>^ Alontreal 
X'^orris, James, Sr, retired, res 46 Clergy 
X^orth, John, printer Jackson Press, res 9 Colborne 
X'orris, John, auto mechanic. Callaghan's Garage. 

res lis Ordnance 
X'orris. Alarshall. mariner, res 3 Aliller's Lane 
X'orris. Samuel G. Ivs 112JX Alontreal 
X'orris. William J. boat builder Davis' Dry Dock, 

res Barriefield 

dis mgr. cor Wellington and Clarence Sts 
X'orthmore, Edward J. laborer, res 7 Pine 
X'orthmore. X^elson. driver. 403-5 King E 
Northmore. Pearl, elk Masouds, Ivs 7 Pine 
X'orthmore, William J, carter, res 58 Lansdowne 
X'orton. Wesley E, yardman C P R. res 63 William 
X'orwall, Capt Cragie, insurance agent, Alutual Life 

of Canada, bds 206 Bagot 
X'orwood. Percy, soldier, res 263 King E 
X'ourrv. Prof Lucien. organist St. Alary's Cathedral, 

res 386 Alfred 
X'ugent. Edward F. foreman Locomotive Co, res 

241 University 
Nurses' Home. K.G.H.. 57 George 


Oakes, Alfred E, electrician Street Railway Co, res 

67 Nelson 
Oakes, Edward H, chef Sydenham Hospital, res 

49 Bay 
OberndorflFer Cigar Alfg Co, Alarcus OberndorfTer, 

prop, 298-304 Ontario 
OberndorfTer, Cette, (wid Simon) res 88 Queen 
OberndorflFer, Esther, Ivs 88 Queen 
Oberndorfter. Herman, traveller, OberndorfTer Cigar 

Factory. Ivs 88 Queen 
ObendorfTer, Henrietta. Ivs 88 Queen 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service ^f^iiiin 

Cor. King & Queen Sts. 



Oberndorfifer/ Henry, Cigar Manufacturer, Ivs 88 

Oberndorffer, Marcus, prop Clarence St Garage, res 

88 Queen 
O'Brien, Alexander, merchant tailor, 13 Montreal, 

res 118 Johnson 
O'Brien, Annie E, (wid Edward), res 150 Stuart 
O'Brien, Catherine, Ivs 138 Johnson 
O'Brien, Edward, gardener, Airs A W Richardson, 

bds 71 Division 
O'Brien, Elizabeth, (wid John), Ivs 297 Barrie 
O'Brien, Elizabeth, res 71 Division 
O'Brien, E, res 67 Union W 
O'Brien, Etta, Ivs 172 Knig E 
O'Brien, Gertrude, clerk. University Drug Store, Ivs 

96 Raglan Rd 
O'Brien, Helen, clerk Mahood's, Ivs 20 Russell 
O'Brien, Henry, employed British American Hotel 
O'Brien, Joseph P, pattern-maker, Ivs 118 Johnson 
O'Brien. Julia, res 23 Division 

O'Brien, Kathleen, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 
O'Brien, Lola, Ivs 2i Division 
O'Brien, Margaret, Ivs 67 Union W 
O'Brien, Mary L, maid, bds 165 King W 
O'Brien, Mary, res 24 Ellis 

O'Brien, Mary, boarding house, res 117 Alfred 
O'Brien, Mary A, (wid John), res 20 Russell 
O'Bien, Michael, mechanic, bds 117 Alfred 
O'Brien, Patrick, moulder, res 96 Raglan 
O'Brien, Philla, clerk J Laidlaw & Son, bds 71 Divi- 
O'Brien, Robert, carter, res 151 Bagot 
O'Brien, Robert A, moulder, res 297 Johnson 
O'Brien, Timothy, carter, res 65 Markland 
O'Brien, Vincent, student, Ivs 530 Albert 
O'Brien, William, foreman Collingwood Shipyard, 

res 369 Brock 
O'Brien, William, machinist Foundry, res 367 Brock 
O'Brien, Wm J, manager Imperial Tobacco Office, 

res 530 Albert 
O'Brien, Wm J, traveller, res 530 Altert 
O'Connell, Robert, shoe-repairer, 176 Montreal 
O'Connell, Sophia, maid, Ivs 100 Stuart 
O'Connor, Annie, res 195 Johnson 

Throat Specialist, 277 King St 
O'Connor, Charles J, res 238 Earl 
O'Connor, Charlie, singer, Ivs 327 Division 
O'Connor, Earl, mechanic Blue Garages, Ivs ZZl 

O'Connor, Elizabeth, Ivs 11 West 
O'Connor, N Edward, merchant Golden Lion, res 

195 Johnson 
O'Connor, Fergus J, Doctor, res 193 Earl 
O'Connor, Floss, Ivs 11 West 
O'Connor, Katherine, res 195 Johnson 
O'Connor, Madeline, Ivs 238 Earl 
O'Connor, Mary (wid Thos), res 11 West 
O'Connor, Mary, (wid John), res 49 Earl 
O'Connor, Alorris, steam-fitter, Elliott Bros, Ivs 24 


O'Connor, Patrick, retired bds Imperial Hotel 
O'Connor, Rita, saleslady, S J O'Connor, Ivs 327 

O'Connor, Rose, milliner, Wheeler & O'Connor, Ivs 

11 West 
O'Connor, Thos J, prop Ladies' Ready-to-Wear, 

Princess St, res ill Division 
O'Connor, Sarah, Ivs 82 Earl 
O'Connor, Thos, retired, res 329 Brock 
O'Donnell. Arthur, retired, res 64 Arch 
O'Donnell, Jean, (wid Peter), res 83 Collingwood 
O'Donnell, Frederick J, clerk Baker's Cigar Store, 

Ivs 83 Collingwood 
O'Donnell, John, chef, Frontenac Hotel 
O'Donnell, Theresa, Ivs 83 Collingwood 
O'Donnell, Walter, carter, 40 Collingwood 
Oderkirk, V Earl, lab S Anglin & Co, res 91 Rideau 
Oderkirk, Reta, domestic, bds 159 Queen 
Oderkerk, Nellie, maid, Ivs 160 Stuart 

CANADA, F S Evanson, sec'y, 334 King E 
O'Driscoll, Gus, clerk, Ivs 4 Garrett 
O'Driscoll, John B, baker, res 173 Victoria 
O'Driscoll, John Wm. Ivs 173 Victoria 
O'Driscoll. Margaret AI. nurse Hotel Dieu, Ivs 173 

O'Driscoll. Margaret (wid Jeremiah) res 4 Garrett 
O'Driscoll. Margaret, (dressmaker), res 99 William 
Offord, Kate, help K G H 
Ogilvie, Colonel G Hunter, broker, res 107 Gore 


For all branches of Insurance, Real Estate 
and Bond Broker 

151 WELLINGTON ST. Phones 789w & 1087 

Ogilvie, Marion, Library Asst, Pul)lic Library, 

Ivs 107 Gore 
O'Gorman. Anna E. Ivs 576 Montreal 
O'Gorman, Matthew, retired, res 576 Montreal 
O'Gorman, Mr laborer, res 30 Hickson Ave 
O'Grady, Barclay, barber, bds Imperial Hotel 
O'Grady. James R. Ivs 349 University 
O'Grady, Louisa A (wid James), res 394 Uni- 
O'Hearn. Ethel, nurse Hotel Dieu. bds 235 Brock 
Ohlman. Grace, ticket seller. King Edward, bds 108 

O'Keefe, Edward, gardner. bds Concession 
Oldfin. Catharine, clerk Coates' Jewelry Store, Ivs 

135 Ordnance 
Oldfin. John W. gas-fitter, res 135 Ordnance 
Oldham. Ethel, (wid Marrell), Ivs 230 Svdenham 
O'Leary. William H, boiler-maker C S L, res 198 

King E 
Oliver, A S, clerk Bank of Alontreal, 2,1 Up Union 
Oliver's Grocery, James Oliver, prop, cor Ordn- 
ance and Sydenham 

LA. STERLING ?i»J« f"'*""'^ 

209 Princess Street 

D u , n " """"a I „,hor at The K. D. Mfg., Co., 

Rough & Dressed Lumber ,,,.,,, ^^^,^^^, „, ^' ' 

Phone 1681J 



Oliver, James, prop Oliver's Grocery, res 214 Syden- 

Oliver, M J, (wid Dr G S), res 5 Wellington 

Oliver, Mildred, Ivs 32 Aberdeen 

Oliver, Robt T, official C P R. res 32 Aberdeen 

Olkhe, Clara, teacher, Ivs 216 University 

Olkhe, Maria (wid Paul), res 216 University 

Olmslead, Annie, bds 67 Earl 

Olmstead, Margaret, maid Ivs 74 Wellington 

Olsen, Anna, Ivs 76 Earl 

Olsen, John, Blacksmith Shop 222 Bagot, res 76 Earl 

Olsen, Oscar, machinist, Ivs 76 Earl , 

Olympia Fruit Store, J Zakes, prop, 386 Princess 

O'Neil, Edward, engineer, CoUingwood Shipbuildmg 
Co, res 219 Montreal 

O'Neil, Elizabeth, (wid John) Ivs 269 Queen 

O'Neil, Flossie, maid, 209 Queen 

'O'Neil, Geo, micha trminier Kent Bros, res 312 King 

■O'Neil, Katherine, Ivs 97 Raglan 

■O'Neil, John D, clerk Army Headquarters Old Col- 
legiate Bldg. res 224 Raglan Rd 

'O'Neil, Joseph, laborer, Ivs 219 Montreal 

'O'Neil, Margaret, (wid Arthur), Ivs 219 Montreal 

'O'Neil, Patrick J, fireman, bds 65 Markland 

O'Neill, Hannah, maid, 64 Barrie 

O'Neill, Katie, maid, 18 Barrie 

O'Neill, James, clerk Gage's Grocery, res 107>^ L 

O'Neill, Susan, maid. 251 Brock 

Ontario Dept. of Agriculture, A W Sirett, Repre- 
sentative, 22-24 Market 

Ontario Employment Bureau, Major Allan Stroud, 
Supt, 22-24 Market 

Ontario Government Dispensary, No 6, James Rig- 
ney Mgr, 150 Wellington, Golden Lion Block 

Orange Fife and Drum Band, Room 33 Brock 

Orange Hall, 388 Princess, (upstairs) ,^ 

O'Rielly, Albert, vulcanizer. res 185 Montreal 

O'Riellv, Alfred M, machinist, Loco Works, res 
338 Brock 

O'Rielly, A H, postman, Ivs 89 Chatham 

O'Rielly, Arthur H, lab, res 50 Place d'Armes 

O'Rielly, Anna, clerk, Jackson-Metivier, bds 289 

O'Rielly, Bridget, (wid James), Ivs 85 William 

O'Rielly Bros, vulcanizing, 236 Ontario 

O'Rielly, Carmel, typist, Joli Dept. British Whig, 
Ivs 110 Earl 

O'Rielly, Francis, Ivs 185 Montreal 

O'Rielly, Frank, driver, Metcalfe's Meat Market, 
Ivs 50 Place d'Armes 

O'Rielly, Jas J, student, bds 78 Frontenac 

O'Rielly, Michael J, marble cutter Fallon Bros, res 
110 Earl 

O'Rielly, Thomas J, vulcanizer, O'Rielly Bros, Ivs 
185 Montreal 

O'Rielly, Wilfred, Ivs 50 Place d'Armes 

Orlander, Alfred E, section-man, G T R, res 773 

Ormston, Henry James, lab, res 112 Barrack 

Orphans' Home, Union St 

Orr, Angus, traveller, Robertson's, bds Sydenham 

Orr, Gertrude, (wid Henry), res 32 Wellington 
Orr, Harry R, barber, res 323 Barrie 
Orr, John, wks Public Utilities, 431 Johnson 
Or, John H, student, Ivs 431 Johnson 
Orr, Lewis, mariner, res 16 Alma 
Orr, Lillian, Mary, stenog Queen's, Ivs 431 Johnson 
Orr, Maxwell L, clerk Public Util, Ivs 431 Johnson 
Orrell, Mary, Ivs 27 Wellington 

Orser, Harry, wks Driver & Kelly, Ivs 294 Division 
Orser, Helena, (wid J K), res 126 Victoria 
Orser, Mary (wid Isaac), res 294 Division 
Orser, Rae, Apiarist, Elginburgh & Latimer, Ivs 126 

Orser, Sid. saw-filer, 374 Princess, res 307 Brock 
Orwell, Robert, taxi-driver, res 52 Union W 
Osborn, Albert George, caretaker MacDonald School, 

res 320 Queen 
Osborne, Elijah, soldier R C H A, res 19 Raglan 
Osborne. Miriam, book-keeper Treadgold's, Ivs 320 

Osborne, William, lab, res 827 Alontreal 
O'Shea, Annie, Ivs 21 Colborne 
O'Shea, Grace, teacher MacDonald School, bds 34 

Ostrom, G, clerk Randolph, res 2l2y2 Earl 
O'Sullivan, Mary, music-teacher. Ivs 107 Wellington 
Otto, George S, teacher. K C I, bds Sydenham Apts 
Otten. Horace John, electrician, K P, res 40 Quebec 
Otten, Percy, traveller W J Crothers Co, Ivs 36 

Otten, Alice, Ivs 36 Division 

Otten, J, grocery & tobacconist, 36 Division, res same 
Ovens. Daniel M, ledger-keeper. Bank of Toronto, 

bds 416 Johnson 
Ovens. Martha, Ivs 148 Johnson 
Ovens. Rufus K, res 416 Johnson 
Oven, Wm, works Military Pay Office, bds 481 

Overbaugh. Julia (wid G W), Ivs 53 Stephen 
Overbaugh, Lawrence, boiler-maker, res 53 Stephen 
Overland Garage, Callaghan Bros, props, 210-214 

Owles, Frank, tailor, res 196 Colborne 
Oxford. Walter, mechanic Van Luven's Garage, res 

643 Princess 

Packer, Alfred, carpcntc;, C L C res 61 Arch 
Packer. Harold, music teacher, res 61 Arch 
Packer, Leonard, engineer. Ivs 125 Stephen 
Packer, Vernon W, clerk. Royal Bank, Ivs 61 

Paddock, George, contractor, res 23 Sixth 
Page, Delliert, contractor, res Concession 
Page. Hugh J, telegraph operator C P R, Ivs 209 




PHONE 834 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK'S AUTO SERVICE repairing painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecki ng Cars Re ady at a Moment's Notice 



Page, John, railway engineer C P R, res 209 Syden 

Page, Richard F, milk vendor, res 5 Pembroke 
Paige, Frank, clerk, res 353 King E 
Painters' Union, No 114, 33 Montreal 

Parrott, Luela, tclir Victoria School, Ivs 112 Nelson 
Parlis, Thomas, employed G W V A, cor Earl and 

Parton, Joseph L, butcher, res 116 Stephen 
Partridge & Son, Wire Works, 66 Kinj 

Palamountain, Richard E, butler R M C, res 17 John Partridge, Francis P, prop Crescent Wire Works, 

Palmer's Garage, G A Palmer, proprietor, cor (Jueen 

and Wellington 
Palmer. Catherine, (wid Timothy), res 352 Johnson 
Palmer, Eugene, driver, McFarlane's Feed Store, 

bds 43 Markland 
Palmer, Francis P. Ivs 352 Johnson 

King St, res 160 Collingwood 
Partridge, Francis W, wire works, res 409 Earl 
Partridge, S, Mrs, res 332>< Alontreal 
Patterson, Annie, (wid W). res 11 Cherry 
Patterson. Caroline, wks Steam Laundry. Ivs 229 


Palmer, George A, prop Palmer's Garage, res 194 Patterson, David, clerk Post Office. Ivs 601 Princess 


Palmer, Joseph, moulder, Ivs 352 Johnson 
Palmer, L F, manager A Martin Ltd. res 131 Nelson 
Palmer, Alargaret, patient. Home for Aged and In- 
firm, Montreal St 
Palmer. Vincent, blacksmith, Ivs 352 Johnson 
Pannell, Emma, Ivs 190 University 
Pannell, Fanny, (wid) res 248 Alfred 
Pappas Bros, Pool Room and Tobacconist, 200 

Pappas, George, tobacco merchant, res 38 Alma 
Pappas, John, res 255 King E 
Pappas, John, carpenter, res 59 Queen 
Pappas, Nicholas, tobacco merchant, res 40 Alma 
Paquin, Alice, tailoress Livingston's Clothing House, 

Ivs 50 Ordnance 
Paquine, Emile, machinist, Ivs 50 Ordnance 
Paquin, Nelson, laborer, res 596 Montreal 
Paquin, Paul, carpenter, res 50 Ordnance 

Patterson, D John, carpenter, res 601 Priicess 
Patterson. E. (wid of J D), res 61 B Livingston 
Patterson, Edward L. clerk Midland Shoe Co, King 

St, Ivs 135 Collingwood 
Patterson, Ethel, book-keeper, W J Crothcrs, Ivs 

189 Victoria 
Patterson, Gertrude, nurse, Ivs 430 Princess 
Patterson, Gordon, mechanic, Ivs 442 Albert 
Patterson, Helen, clerk. Registrar's Office, 

Queen's University, Ivs 61 B Livingston 
Patterson, James, retired, res 430 Princess 
Patterson. Jean, res 321 King W 
Patterson, Jean, stenog, Ivs 11 Cherry 
Patterson, John B, tailor, Ivs 120 Johnson 
Patterson, J K, guard K P, Ivs 430 Princess 
Patterson, Margaret, Ivs 601 Princess 
Patterson, Mary, (wid of Robt), res 189 Victoria 
Patterson, Mathew, shoe-repairer, res 421 Brock 
Patterson. Mildred, tchr. Ivs 313 King 
Patterson. Richard, driver, res 442 Albert 

Paradis, Edward, wks Pu1)lic Util. res 318 King E ^ .^.^^,w, ^v.^wc^,a, uim.i. i 

Paradis, Charles J, lineman Bell Telephone Co, res Patterson, Robt, res 313 Kin„ 

41 L Charles Patterson, R M, Ivs 61b Livingston 

Paris Cafe, Joe Lee, prop, 191 Princess Patterson, Samuel, lab, res 367 Bagot 

Parish, John Henry, messenger Bank of Nova .Patterson. Stewart, taxi-driver. 32 Clarence, res 

Miss F Wood row. 

Scotia, res 360 Bagot 
Parker's Dye Works. Ltd, 

manager, 69 Princess 
Parker, Mrs. C M. res 86 Barrie 
Parker, Evan, clerk H. W, Marshall's Hardware, 

Ivs 352 King 
Parker, Joseph H, cabinet-maker, res 352 King 
Parker, Henry, packer A Chown & Co, cor Bay and 

Parker, Ray, guard K P, res 63 George 
Parker, Robert, packer, Geo Robertson & Co, Ltd, 

es 190 Ordnance 
Parkin, Earl, clerk Steacy's, Ltd. res 241 Division 
Parker. Lydia. Ivs 195 Earl 
Parkhill, J Y & Co, Wholesale Produce. Jas. 

Crawford, prop, 239 Princess 
Parkhill. Donald, Dr. Ivs 534 Albert 
Parkhill, Mary (wid J Y). res 534 Albert 
Parkhill, Stanley. Ivs 534 Albert 
Parkhouse, Ezra E. Alanuel Farmins,' Instructor, res 

520 Albert 
Parks, George, patient Home for Aged and Infirm, 

Montreal St 
Parks, Ross M, mariner C S L, res 254 Division 
Parks. W Sergt R C O C. Ivs Barrifield 
Parramon, Agnes, nurse. Ivs IZ Kensington Ave 
Parrott, Alexander M, retired, Ivs 69 Colborne 
Parrott. Alzodena. farmer, res 112 Nelson 

497 Barrie 
Patterson. T Bernard, house surgeon. Hotel Dieu, 

Ivs 24 Garrett 
Patterson, Thos, fireman, K F D, res 43 York 
Patterson, Wm Alexander, accountant and collector. 

Public Utilities, Princess, res 135 Collingwood 
Patterson, Wm, drover, res 16 Frontenac N 
Patterson, Wm J. painter, res 229 Universitv 
Patterson, Wilfred, mechanic. Sydenham Hospital, 

res 259 Earl 
Patterson, Miss W, student, Ivs 11 Cherry 
Pateman, Wm, res 461 Earl 
Patrick's Lock Shop. 149 Sydenham 
Patrick, Albert fireman, res 470 Johnson 
Patrick, John M, locksmith, res 9 Plum 
Patrick, John J. res 9 Plum 

Patten, Michael F, cleaner and Dyer, res and store 

349 Princess 
Paul. Anna, nurse, K G H 

Paul. Elizabeth, (wid W J), res 106 Clergy W 
Paul, Grace M, Ivs 106 Clergy W 

Paul. Jeanette, patient Home for Aged and Infirm, 
Montreal St 

Paul, Mrs. Mary (wid Jas), Ivs 106 Clergy W 

Paul, William, patient, Home for 'Aged and Infirm, 

]\Tontreal St 


STORE FIXTURES 209 Princess Street 

THE K D Mf ? Pn ^'^^-^^^ Montreal St. Phone 1681J 



Paus, Henry William, res i02 Barrack 

Payne, Albert, plumber Simmons', Ivs 122 L Bagot 

Payne, Anita, stenog, Income Tax Office, Ivs 465 

Payne, Charles, servant R M C, res 110 Patrick 
Payne, E Fred, driver Taylor & Hamilton, res 51 

Payne, Florence G, clerk Gilbert's Grocery, Ivs 240 

Payne, Geo A, contractor, res 465 Johnson 
Payne, James, carpenter, res 240 University 
Payne, John, res 27 Russell 
Payne, John W, painter, res 356 Montreal 
Payne, Lillian L, stenog. Oddfellows' Relief, Ivs 

240 University 
Payne, Margaret, (wid Fred), Ivs 51 Main 
Payne, Sarah, (wid Henry), res 132 L Bagot 
Payne, Thos. F., driver Taylor & Hamilton,, res 

51 Main 
Payne, Violet May, wks Cotton Mill, Ivs 132 L 

Payne, William, driver Walsh Coal Co, res 16 Plum 
Pa3ne, W. carpenter, res 305 Collingwood 
Paynter, Bertha, book-keeper, Kingston Steam 

Laundry, Ivs 3 Devonshire Terrace 
Paynter, Frederick, machinist, res 136 Ordnance 
Pa.vnter, Hugh, res 104 York 

Paynter, Mabel, Ivs 3 Devonshire Terrace, 196 Sy- 
denham St. 
Paynter, Richard, baker Barnum's Bakery, res 113 

Paynter, William John, machinist Collingwood Ship 
Building Co, res 3 Devonshire Terrace, 196 
Sydenham St. 
Pearce, Alfie, liveryman, Finkle's, res 120 Clarence 
Pearce, Adden, bds 348 Brock 
Pearn, Sydney M, patient Mowat Hospital, Ivs 154 

Pearn, William, carpenter, res 7 Quebec 
Pearbon, Cecil,- Ivs 284 Sydenham 
Pearson, Charles, driver, Ivs 284 Sydenham 
Pearson, Carl Clifford, clerk. SCR, bds 384 Alfred 
Pearson, Frank J, motor-mechanic Callaghan Bros, 

Garage, res 62 Bay 
Pearson, George, carpenter, res 284 Sydenham 
Pearson, Howard, driver, Ivs Colborne 
Pearson. Norman, truck-driver, I Cohen & Co. 
Pearson, Olive, book-keeper Geo. Masoud, Ivs 284 

Peck, Frederick J, res 102 Raglan 
Pecor, Charles, Ivs 236 Victoria 
Pecor, Elsie, wks W J Crothers, Ivs 236 Victoria 
Pecor, Kathleen, wks W J Crothers, Ivs 236 Victoria 
Pecor, Mary, (wid Chas A), res 236 Victoria 
Pecor, Vera, maid, 85 Wellington 
Pelow, Dennis, carter, Ivs 34 Clergy W 
Pelow, Dennis, carpenter, res 38 Clergy W 
Pelow, Florence, Ivs 38 Clergy W 
Pelow, Mary, Ivs 131 Colborne 
Pelow, Thomas H, salesman, res 30 John 
Pelow. Zita, stenog Hvdro Shop, Ivs 30 John 
Pellan, B J, Mrs. cook, 362 Montreal 
Peller, Arthur, wks Cotton Mill, res 17 Stephen 
Pelletier, Ludger. carpenter, res 338 Montreal 

Pelletier, Josephenne, nurse, Ivs 338 Alontreal 
Pelletier, Miss, nurse Hotel Dieu, bds 235 Brock 
Penfold, Wm J, caretaker, 12-14 Market 
Pennell, Gladys B, nurse, Ivs 192 Ordnance 
Pennell, Mrs Martha J, res 192 Ordnance 
Pennock, H Mill, Weber's, Ivs 371 Princess 
Pennock, James, engineer. Piano Factory, res 18 

Brewerj' Lane 
Pennock, J, engineer Weber's Piano Factory, res 

8 Wellington 
Pense, Arthur W, student, Ivs 436 Princess 
Pense, Fred B, reporter Whig, res 532 Albert 
Pense, Edith G, Ivs 55 West 
Pense, Elizabeth H, (wid E J B), res 55 West 
Pense, Elizabeth, (wid James P), res 436 Princess 
Penwarden, Reta, Ivs 120 Collingwood 
Penwarden, W H, Insurance Agent, Crown, Life, 

London and Lancashire, res 120 Collingwood 
Peppiatt, A O, Ivs 107 Clergy E 
Peppiatt, William A, lab, res 107 Clergy E 
Percival, Robt B, agent McCormick's Biscuits, 

Brock St, res 73 Colborne 
Percival, Miss Thomasuis, res 237 Brock 
Percy's Grocery, 70 Division 
Percy, Hethro M, Ivs 72 Division 
Percy, John A, grocer, prop Percy's Grocery, res 

72 Division 
Percy, Samuel, lab bds 94 Rideau 
Perkins, Thomas, lab Sydenham Hosp, bds 30 Alma 
Pero, Aliss F, clerk College Book Store, bds 263^ 

King E 
Pero, Gertrude, book-keeper College Book Store, bds 

263 H King E 
Pero, Miss G, nurse, bds 2635^ King E 
Perrin, Wm, postman, Ivs Portsmouth 
Perry, Don D, warehouse clerk, E Chown & Son, 

Ivs 420 Montreal 
Perry, Don D, shipper, E Chown & Son, res 332 

Perry, Wm L, corporal R C O C, Ivs 33 Union W 
Ferryman, James, machinist, Frontenac Tile Works, 

Ivs 41 James 
Ferryman, George, wks Cotton Mill, res 41 James 
Perr3'man, Richard R, machinist, Dom Textile Co, 

res 338 Queen 
Perrvman, Temperance, (wid Jno), res 218 Montreal 
Perver, William, soldier, R C H A, res 87 Bay 
Percival, O V, mariner, res 318 Barrie 
Pester, Charles, clerk Imperial Hotel 
Peter's Grocery Store, C Peter's, prop, res 2 Rideau 
Peters, Adam, foreman Cohen's Yard, res 598 Mont- 
■^^ real St 

Peters, Alvin, machinist Tannery, res 103 Stephen 
Peters, Austin, traveller W P Peters, Ivs 18 Rideau 
Peters, Charles, prop (Grocery. 2 Rideau 
Peters. Clifford, batteryman 400 King, Ivs 598 Mon- 
treal St 
Peters, Cyrus M, salesman Van Luven's, res 272 

Peters, Eliza (wid Anson), Ivs 3 Adelaide 
Peters. Emma, Ivs 571 Princess 
Peters. Emmaline. milliner. Ivs 571 Princess 
Peters. Fannie, dressmaker. Ivs 44 Victoria 
Peters. Fred, carpenter, res 439 Brock 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited PEi'lsTvE. 




'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 


Peters, Gertrude, Ivs 44 Victoria 

Peters, Hugh, carpenter, res 44 Victoria 

Peters, John, contractor, res 44 Victoria 

Peters, Johanna, (wid Hugh) res 571 Princess 

Peters, Johnson, lab, res 90 William 

Peters, Kenneth, mechanic Van Luven's Ivs 272 

Peters, Lloyd, lab. Brewery Portsmouth, bds 9 

Peters, Nicholas, employed New York Hat Cleaning 

Co, Ivs 208 Princess 
Peters, Reta, Ivs 184 Ordnance 
Peters, Sydney, lab. res 357 Barrie 
Peters, Wilfred Eldridge, lab Cohen's Yard, Ivs 598 

Peters, Willa, Ivs 184 Ordnance 
Peters, William P, Flour, Feed, Seed, 117 Brock 

res 184 Ordnance 
Peters, Capt William, res 716 Princess 
Peterson, Carl J, lab, res 224 Montreal 
Peterson, Christopher, mariner C S L. res 40 John 
Peterson, Beatrice, (wid), Ivs 12 Market 
Pettit, R C H A, res 85 York 
Pettit, Cecil, accountant Bank of Nova Scotia, Apts 

No. 6, 56 Earl St 
Phelan, Alban, student. Ivs 191 Johnson 
Phelan, Charles, plumber McKelvey & Birch, res 

67 L Bagot 
Phelan, Daniel, Dr, physician, res 191 Johnson 
Phelan, Eleanor, Ivs 191 Johnson 
Phelan, Francis, machinist Davis' Tannery, res 19 

Phelan, Georgina (wid Thomas) Ivs 19 Charles 
Phelix, Capt Charles E, mariner C S L, res 56 John 
Phillips, Arthur W, Supt City Parks, res 179 Divi- 
Phillips, C (Q.M.S.-R.C.O.C), Ivs 195 Colborne 
Phillips, Cecil, taxi-driver. Ivs Zl Clarence 
Phillips, Charles W, janitor Frontenac School, res 

11 Cowdy 
Phillips, Charles, piano-finisher Weber's, es 87 L 

Phillips. Clarence, chauffeur H Richardson, Ivs Zl 

Phillips, Francis R, traveller, res 142 Johnson 
Phillips, Frederick, postman, res 203 Frontenac 
Phillips. George, bds 602 Montreal 
Phillips, George, res 2il Clarence, (upstairs) 
Phillips, James, tinsmith, Ivs 75 Quebec 
Phillips, John druggist Mahood's Drug Store, res 

197 Frontenac 
Phillips, Eliza (wid Henry), Ivs 152 Bay 
Phillips, Joseph P, carpenter, Davis' Dry Dock, 

res 3 Pine 
Phillips, Lila, Ivs 179 Division 

Phillips, L Seymour, elk Newman & Shaw, Ivs 3 Pine 
Phillips, Marie, waitress, Randolph Hotel 
Phillips, Marie Mrs, (wid), bds 34 Rideau 
Phillips, Mary, Ivs 75 Quebec 
Phillips, Airs Mary E, res 2>Z James 
Phillips, Norris, Kingston Auto Sales, res 260 Divi- 
Phillips, Norris, night watchman, K. Auto Sales, 

res Division. 

Phillips, Ross, lab., res. .'57 Clarence 

Phillips, Russell C, foreman spinner, Cotton Mill, 
res 3 Pine 

Phillips, Seympur, elk. Newman & Shaw, res 3 

Pine ♦ 

Phillips, Thomas, baker Doyle's Bakery, res 75 

Phillips, Walter, elevator cotton mill, res 110 

Phillips, J. Wilfred, lab. res. 11 Cowdy. 

Phillips, Williiam C, manufacturer, res 13 Mait- 

Phillips, William Henry, res. 204 Alfred. 

Phillips, William J, elk Newman & Shaw, Ivs 
3 Pine 

Phillips, Winifred, dressmaker, res 204 Alfred 

Picard, Charles, lab, Davis' Tannery, res 108 Pat- 

Pickering, Chas. B, grocer, 52 Beverly 

Pickering, Charles H, grocer, prop Pickering's 
Grocery, 490-492 Princess St, res 212 Nelson 

Pickering, Mrs. Edith, res. 26 Dufferin 

Pickering. Freda, res 212 Nelson 

Pickering, Geo., elk Jas. Redden & Co., res. 24 

Pickering, Harry, prop. Pickering's Dairy, res 126 
B. Nelson. 

Pickering, Norman, milk dealer, res 126C Nelson 

Pickering, Thomas J, postman, res 92i^ Victoria 

Pickering, Wm, elk Gordon's Grocery, res Col- 

Pickering, William G, elk Gordon's Grocery, res 
208 Colborne 

Pie, William, res 38 Frontenac 

Pierce, Barry Rev., res. 58 Victoria. 

Pierce, J L, harnessmaker, bds 428 Brock 

Pierce, Mildred, res 58 Victoria 

Pierce, Thomas, lab, res 34 Johnson 

Pierson, Frank, auto mechanic, Callaghans Gar- 
age, res 62 Bay 

Pierson, Howard, driver Price's Dairy, bds 70 

Pierson, Leslie, driver, res 70 Colborne 

Pierson, Mrs Mary, res 219 Rideau 

Pierson, Norman, driver I. Cohen & Co, res 118 

Pigeon, Frances (wid Richard), res 218 University 

Pigeon, John, employed Weber's piano factory, 
res 33 Aberdeen 

Pigeon, Sarah, dressmaker, bds 218 University 

Pilgrim, James, Ivs 9 Pine 

Pilkey, Dr J H, house surgeon K G H 

Pilley, Francis, soldier Army Pay Office, res 600 

Pilley, Miss, dressmaker, rms. 98 Clergy E. 

Pinerod, David, lab, W. J. Crothers" Co., res. 76 

Pinerod, Robt, lab. S. Anglin & Co., Ivs. 76 Divi- 

Pinkham, Geo L, elk British American Hotel 

Pipe, Kenneth, taxi driver, res 25 Frontenac 

Pipe, Margaret, res. 25 Frontenac (N.) 

Pipe, William, painter and varnisher, res 25 Fron- 






126-128 PRINCESS ST. 



pitman, Harold, employed Allen Theatre, bds 
Prince George Hotel. 

pitman, Mrs. Alma, cook, Prince George Hotel. 

Pitts, Chestlery, student, Ivs. 300 Earl. 

Pitts, Rev Frank C. res 300 Earl 

Pixley, Edith, Ivs 475 Johnson 

Pixley, G S, House Surgeon K G H 

Pixley, Josephine (wid of G), res 475 Johnson 

Pixley, Neil, Ivs 475 Johnson 

Plagannokos, A., fruit dealer, res. 66 Princess. 

Plumridge, Cecil, driver Hooper & Slater, Ivs 89 

Plumbridge, John W, lab R.M.C., res 89 Catara- 

Plymouth, George Henry, orderly Mowat Hospital 
res 33 Main 

Plunkett, Isaac, porter, K G H, res 410 Barrie 

Pluffs, Victor, lab, res 69 Queen 

Place, Mrs Westley, Ivs 226 Raglan 

Poast, Annie, Ivs. 37 Main. 

Poast, Mary Jane, (wid. Joseph) res. 37 Main. 

Poffley, Pearl, maid 246 Wellington 

Poffley, Thomas, operator bridge, res 290 Well- 

Pogue, Irwin, lab. Richardson's elevator, res. 398 

Pogue, Harrison, Ivs 398 Division. 

Pogue, Stanley, lab, res 21 Ellis 

POLICE STATION, Robt Robinson, Chief of 
Police, Market St 

Pollitt, Annie, music teacher, Ivs 101 William W. 

Pollitt, Charlotte (wid John) res 101 William W 

Pollitt, Eliz (wid Francis) Ivs 40 Quebec 

Pollitt, Fred, gardener "Daisy Bank" 

Pollitt, George Donald, printer Standard Pub 
Co, res 6 Chestnut 

Pollitt, Norman J, agent, Ivs 313 Montreal. 

Pollitt, Rachel (wid. Thomas) res. 313 Montreal. 

Pollitt, William, carter, res 304 Albert 

Pollitt, William, taxi driver, City Taxi Stand, 
res 31 John 

Pollitt, Mrs. Wm. res. 48 Mack. 

Pollie, Hugh, fireman No. 2 Station, res 15 Nelson 

POLLIE, JOHN, Inspector Childrens Aid Soc- 
iety, office, city buildings, res 15 Nelson 

Pollock, Allan, butcher, Anderson Bros, 266 John- 

Polk, Alvia, res. Concession St. 

Polk, Robt J, res Concession St. 

Polk, Robert N, dairyman, Ivs Concession. 

Polk, Sandford, dairyman, Ivs Concession. 

Polk, Vera, tch. Frontenac School, Ivs Concession. 

Pollock, Mary, stenog. J. J. Stewart, Ivs 266 

Pouting, Thos. mechanic Clarence St. Garage, Ivs. 
130 Clarence 

Pope, Mrs Mary (wid), res 169 Clergy E 

Pople, Henry, Ivs. 86 Quebec. 

Pople, Henry, lab, res 86 Quebec 

Porks, Marshall, conductor C.N.R.. bds 158 Rideau 

Porter, Alfred H., driver, Ivs. 242 University. 

Porter. Andrew, res 11 Sixth 

Porter, Charles, retired, res 133 Bagot 

Porter. Frances, stenog. Oddfellows' Rclier, Ivs. 
466 Brock 

Porter, Edward, res 18 York 
Porter, Ella M., Ivs. 242 University. 
Porter, Eliz (wid S), res 466 Brock 
Porter, Fred, wks. C.L.C., res. 298 Montreal. 
Porter. Herbert F, bk-binder. Whig, res 242 Uni- 
Porter, Jane (wid Frank), res 242 University 
Porter, Mp-y C, elk. Oddfellows' Relief, lb.-:. 242 

Porter, Mary A, (wid. Wm.) Ivs. 43 Elm. 
Porter, Dr S. E., physician, res 220 Alfred 
Porter, Wm. driver, Sowards, res. 61 Elm. 
Post, Blanche (wid of J R) res "El Nedito," 

Post, C, elk, 363 King E 
Post, Richard, elk Co-Operative Store, res 167 

Possclwhite, Charles, bookkeeper, res. 34 Division 
Posselwhite, Ethel, dressmaker, Ivs. 34 Division. 
Possclwhite, May, bookkeeper Cunningham & 

Smith, Ivs. 34 Division. 
Posselwhite, Violet, bookkeeper, Frontenac Tde 

Co., Ivs. 34 Division. 

Clarence St. 

Campbell, Strange, Inspector, Clarence St. 
Potter, Albert, student K.C.I., Ivs. 205 Frontenac. 
Potter, Albert W, machinist, res 444 Montreal 
Potter, Alex, mariner, res, 179 Wellington. 
Potter, Alex. (Jr.), car inspector, C.P.R., Ivs. 12 L. 

Potter, Alexander, engineer C.P.R., res 12 1... 

Potter's Grocery, Mrs. Alex. Potter, prop, Ivs. 12 

L. Rideau. 
Potter, A. (Sr.) res. 12 L. Rideau. 
Potter, Arthur, electrician, Newman Electric Co. 

res. 665 Princess. 
Potter, A. Mrs. Art Needle Work, 181 Wellington. 
Potter, Edna (wid Charles), Ivs 574 Princess 
Potter, Florence, stenog. Taylor & Hamiltdn, Ivs. 

52 Division St. • 
Potter, Harry R. electrician, Newman Electric Co. 

res. 655 Princess St. 
Potter, Isabelle, press feeder, Whig, res Ports- 
Potter, Jack, barber, Hugh Doyle's, res. 288 

Queen St. 
Potter, James, C.P.R., res. 205 Frontenac St. 
Potter, John, res. 44 James St. 
Potter, Mary (wid. Wm.) Ivs. 655 Princess. 
Porter, May, Ivs. 205 Frontenac St. 
Potter, Rel)ecca, Ivs. 179 Wellington St. 
Potter, Trueman, mechanic, Davis Dry Dock, Ivs. 

20 Frontenac. 
Potter, W. H., electrician, Ivs 179 Wellington. 
Pottle, Julia, help K.G.H. 

Potts, George, engineer, C. S. Lines, res. 3 Cherry. 
Potts, Joseph C. carpenter res, 15 Upper York. 
Potts, Samuel, wks. Public Utilities, res. 5 Cherry. 
Pound, Clifford, G. Ivs. 178 Alfred St. 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'Mf;uVc:i^°b/ 


COOK'S AUTO^ SERVICE" ^^™;("Jf?.^^^:?^ ^^^^ 

, re w , ^ riKJlNL 634 

and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are j^eadyat a moment's notice, day or night 



Pound, Dojfflas, G. hds 35 Union W. 

Pound, Elizabeth, tch. Fronteiiac School, Ivs. 271 

Division St. 
Pound, Fred. J. elk., A. Chown & Co., res 175 

Clergy St. 
Pound, George D. Sailor's Missionary, res. 178 

Alfred St, 
Pound, Grace L. Ivs. 178 Alfred St. 
Pound, Herbert, wks. Public Utilities, Ivs. 271 

Division St. 
Pound, Joseph, pressman, Davis Tannery, res 271 

Division St. 
Pound, Mrs. bds. 10 Patrick St. 
Pountney, Albert, orderly, Sydenham Hospital, 

Ivs. 96 Victoria. 
Pountney, Alfred, orderly, Mowat San£.lorium, 

res. 422 Johnson St. 
Poulos, Peter, employed Pappas Bros, Ivs. 3S 

Alma St. 
Poultry Association, 33 Montreal St. 
Powell, Arthur, res. 70 Clergy W. 
Powell, Carroll, auto repairer, Ivs. 104 Gore St. 
Powell, C. H. repair shop, 85^ Johnson St. 
Powell, E. A. elk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs 70 

Clergy St. 
Powell, Frederick, boot and shoe maker, res 16 

James St. 
Powell, Garnett. grocery store, General Hospital, 

res. 221 Stuart St. 
Powell, John W. foreman, Richardson's Elevator, 

res. 226 Sydenham St. 
Powell, Thos. R. P. res. 114 Earl. 
Powell, Vera, milliner, Ivs. Portsmouth. 
Powell, Walter, W. moulder, res. 245 Patrick. 
POWER, SON & DREVER, Architects, 81 Brock 
Power, Bessie, W. Civil Service, Post 'Office, Ivs. 

114 Earl. 
Powers, C. Harold, shoe shine parlor, Ivs. 402 

Power, Edward, M. agent, res. 64 Gore. 
Powers, Elizabeth, (wid. William), res. 225 Bagot. 
Powers, Ida, P. Ivs. 402 Barrie. 
Powers. John, carpenter, res. 402 Barrie. 
Power, Joseph W, architect, office 81 Brock, res 

72 Sydenham. 
Power, Miss, post elk, post office, Ivs. 112 Earl. 
Power, Miss, bds. 9 Mack. 

Power, Thos., janitor, Standard, bds. 144 Ontario. 
Pratt, Annie (wid. of Ed) bds. 64 Victoria. 
Prager, Gus, traveller, res. 69 Raglan. 
Prager, Karl, sailor, Kingston Navigation Co., Ivs. 

69 Raglan. 
Prescott, G W, traveller, bds Frontenac Hotel 
Prentiss, Margaret, (wid. Hiram F.) Ivs. 198 Col- 
I'rentics, Noble, manager Dominion Store, bds. 108 

Preston, Frederick S. Ivs. 24 York. 
Preston, George, private, R.C.H.A., Ivs. 24 York. 
Preston, George E. res. 24 York. 
Preston, Herbert, plumber, Lemmon & SonS; Ivs. 

24 York. 
Preston, Capt. John F. (R.C.H.A.), Ivs. 47 George. 

Prevost, Oliver, elk. 55 Brock, res. 280 Division 
I revost, Zotique, merchant, 55 Brock res 11! Farl 
PRICE^S DAIRY, H. F. Price, prop] 277 Princess 
1 rice, Havelock F. res. 76 Sydenham 
Prince, Ellen, Ivs. 33 Sixth. 

I^^T^f;,^,^"'^' ^'^'^'- J- C.). res. 33 Sixth. 
PRINCE GEORGE HOTEL, Market & Ontario 

Alhed E. Fulton & R. G. Rothwell, props. 
l^ringle Ada, stenog. Queen's University, Ivs. 15 

Pringle, Ethel, Ivs. 351 Division. 
Prmgle, Frederick, overseer, Dominion Textile Co 

res. 351 Division. 
Pritchard, Dorothy, sec. Public Utilities, Ivs. 482 

Pritchard, Fred. W. res. Regent St. 
Pritchard, Capt. res. 482 Brock. 
Pritchard, Warren, H. soldier, res. 384 Alfred. 
Prittie, Agnes, (wid. Thos) Ivs. 451 Princess. 
Pnttie, C Gordon, operator. Strand, Ivs 294 

Prittie, Richard, cab driver, Ivs. 451 Princess. 
Prittie, Richard, cab-man, 47 Clarence. 
Prittie, Robert, boiler maker, res. 453 Albert. 
Prive, Leon, musician, res. 360 Montreal 
Prive, Marie E. Ivs. 360 Montreal. 
Prouse, Mrs Edith, res 25 William 
Prouse, Miss Ellis, res 9 Ellis. 

Prout, Veronica, nurse Hotel Dieu. bds. 235 Brock 
Protestant Orphans' Home, Union St. 
Prudential Insurance Co., McCreath P. S Mgr 

264 Bagot. 
Russell Stewart Inspector, cor. Sydenham 
& Princess Sts. 
PUBLIC LIBRARY, Mrs. A. Kennedy Librarian, 

210 Bagot. 

, Shop, 268 Princess 
fice, 19 Queen, 
^^ublow, Ida, Ivs. 181 Clergy E. 
"^T^ublow, Ivan, milk tester, res. 254 Barrie. 
PUBLOW, GEO. G. cheese instructor, res. 181 

Clergy E. 
Publow, Walter, Ivs. 181 Clergy E. 
Pugh, Thos. tinsmith, res. 226 Earl. 
Pultz, Wesley, elk. C. Donoghue's, res. 365 King. 
Pullen, Arthur, officer, K. P., res. 40 Division. 
Putnam, Albert, E. carpenter, res. 651 Princess. 
Purcell, Emma, (wid. Jas.), res 108 Clergy. 
Purcell, Maria, (wid. Geo.) res. 105 William. ^ 
Purcell, Michael, boilermaker, res. 161 Brock. 
Purcell, Patrick, lab. Cotton Mill, bds. 114 L. 

Purdy, Amelia, Miss res. 47 Clergy E. 
Purdy, Arthur E. chemist. Nicol Hall, Queen's, 

res. 131 Beverly. 
Purdy, Arthur Cecil, driver, Ivs. 19 Lansdowne. 
Purdy, Charles, blacksmith, bds. Carleton Hotel. 
Purdy, Charles, res 61 Queen. 
Purdy, Frank H. res. 27 "Clergy W. 
Purdy, Florence, elk. City Treasurer's Ofifice, Ivs. 

226 Barrie. 
Purdy, Frederick W. carter, res. 19 Lansdowne. 

LA. STERLING ?*•"?"«*?'<» 

209 Princess Street 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 




Purely, J. E. grocer, 226 Barrie 
Purdy, Robert, res. 27 Clergy St. W. 
Purtell, Grocery, cor. John & Montreal. 
Purtell, Agnes, (wid. M.) res. 258 Montreal. 
Purtell, James, J. Overseer, Post Office, res 24 

Purtell, Jas. engineer, res. 20 William. 
Purtell, Francis J. machinist, Campbell's Garage, 

bds. 25 U. Charles. 
Purtell, William, blacksmith, res. 25 U. Charles. 
Purtell, William J. carter, res 296 Montreal. 
Purvis, Shoe Repair Shop, cor. Bagot & Barrack. 
Purvis, Archibald, soldier, R.C.H.A., res. 470 

Purvis, Elizabeth, cashier, Steacy's Ltd., Ivs 9 John 
Purvis, Helen, operator Bell Telephone, Ivs. 14 

Purvis, Ida, M. operator Bell Telephone, 14 

Purvis, Kathleen, cashier, Steacy's Ltd, Ivs. 9 John 
Purvis, Phyllis, L. elk. 226 Barrie. 
Purvis. Sybil, cost-clerk, Jackson Press, Ivs. 14 

Purvis, Thomas, carter, Booth Coal Co., res. 9 

Purvis, William, shoe repairer, res. 8 Rideau. 
Purvis, Wm. John, blacksmith, foundry, res. 14 

Pyke, Emma, (wid. Geo.), res. 506 Princess. 
Pyke, Grant, prop, Pyke, Towing and Salvage 

Co., 506 Princess. 
Pyke, Grant, Capt. Pyke Salvage Co., res. 10 Aber- 
Pyke, Lena, Ivs. 506 Princess. 
Pyke, James, engineer, G. T. R., bds. Provincial 

House, 35 Brock St. 

Quail, Gladys, nurse K. G. H. 
Quartermaster Stores, R.C.A.. 21 Barrack 

Rev. Bruce Taylor, D.D., Principal, Arch St 
weekly) Alma Mater Society, Publishers 

Queen's University. 

King St. 

Arch St. 
QUEEN'S OBSERVATORY, cor University and 

Queen's Hotel. Joseph Rose prop., 119-127 Brock. 
Queen's Laundry, (Yen Lee), 421 Princess. 
Quesnal, Ovelas, motorman, Street Railway, res. 

159 Wellington. 
Quick, Charles, prop, butcher shop. Clergy St. 

res. 451 Division. 
Quigley's Confectionery Store, Mrs. J. Quigley, 

prop. cor. Montreal & Raglan Rd. 
Quigley, Elizabeth, (wid. Thomas), Ivs. 150 Bay. 
Quigley, Ella, Ivs. 141 William. 
Quigley, Joseph, P. Dr. res. 197 Johnson. 
Quigley, Mary, res. 141 William. 
Quigley, Patrick J., driver, Doyle's Bakery, res 216 

Quinn, Arthur F. student, Ivs. :];!l Brock. 







, Eleanor, Ivs. 331 Brock. 

, Francis, messenger Bank of Toronto, res. 


. Ida. M. student, Ivs. 169 Stuart. 

, James, finisher Tannery, Ivs. 331 Brock. 

, John F. tch. Regiopolis College, res. 331 


, Karl, student, Ivs, 331 Brock. 

, Lena, (wid. Thomas), res. 169 Stuart. 

, Nita, Ivs. 169 Stuart. 

, Ross, H. patient Sydenham Hospital, Ivs. 

169 Stuart. 

Ettie, Ivs. 434 Princess. 

Gordon, book-keeper Geo. Robertson's 
Wholesale, Ivs. 434 Princess. 
John, ship carpenter, Collingwood Shipyard, 
res. 434 Princess. 

Maude, stenog. S. C.R., Ivs. 434 Princess. 


Radcliffe, May, biller Public Utilities, Ivs. 260 

Raddigan, Kate, maid, bds. 41 Rideau. 
Ralph, Chris, polisher, Weber's Piano Factory, 

Ivs. 274 Ontario. 
Ralph, Leonard, baker, 302 King E. 
Ramsay, James, plumber, McKelvey & Birch, Ivs. 

48 Division. 
Ramsay, John, plumber, Elliott Bros, res. 48 Divi- 
Ramsby, J. B. Mrs. Ivs. 24 Stuart. 
Randall, Chas. W. Silver Fox Farm, Cataraqui, 

res. 73 John. 
Randall, William, res. 42 William W. 
RANDOLPH HOTEL, 133-139 Princess, L. T. 

Welch, manager. 
RANDOLPH, MRS JULIA, (wid. John), res. 521 

Raney, William, J. carpenter. S. Anglin & Co., res. 

43 Quebec. 
Ranger, George, res. 245 Brock. 
Rankin, John, res. 107 Frontenac. 
Rankin, James W. tinsmith, res. 19 Rideau. 
Ranson, Grace (wid. H- B.) res. 148 Earl. 
Ranous, Gladys, nurse K.G.H. 
Ratcliffe, Walter, H. architect, MeKelvey & Birch 

res, 30 Aberdeen. 
Rathbun, Wm. J. jeweller, Kinnear & d'Esterre, 

res 402 Alfred. . 
Rathman, William, jeweller, Kinnear & d'Esterre, 

res. 402 Alfred. 
Raven, Arthur M. guard K. P., res. 316 Albert. 
Rawbon, J. Sexton, oil paintings and engravings, 

159 Wellington. 
Rawley, Stanley, lab. res. 156 York. 
Rawley, Marjorie. wks. Imperial Laundry, Ivs. 7 

Rawley, George, carpenter, res 7 Garrett. 
Rawley, Dorothy, wks. Imperial Laundry, Ivs 2 

Rawley, Archibald, lab. res. 2 First. 
Rawley, Eliza, (wid. W.) nurse bds. 15 Rideau. 
Rawson, Archie, Ivs. 177 Clergy E. 
Rawson, Arthur, butcher, bds. Albion Hotel. 
Rawson, Cecil, elk. A. Rawson, Ivs 177 Clergy E. 
Rawson, Gordon, driver, res. 177 Clergy 

J. K. Carroll Agency ,^surInCE 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 


Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 



Ray, H M, carpenter, res 140 Nelson 

Ray, Wni. soldier, R.C.H.A., res. 47 L. Bagot. 

Rayncr, Ethel, stenog. Rosen's, 170 Rideau, Ivs 

110 Montreal. 
Rayson, Mary, Lil)rarian, Queen's, bds. 49 Clergy 

Rea, Anna, (wid. D. A.) res. 253 Albert. 
Rea, David J., lab. res. 60 Bay 
Rea, Gertrude, saleslady, Robertson's Ltd., Ivs 60 

Rea, Harold, printer, Ivs. 60 Bay. 
Rea, James, stone-cutter, Roddy & Monk, Ivs. 60 

Rea. William, lab. W. J. Crothers Co., res 140 

Read, F A Rev, retired clergyman, res 71 Raglan 
Read, Frank W, insurance agent, bds 71 Raglan 
Read, George, student, bds. 79 Division. 
Read, Lawrence, res 30 Livingston. 
Read, B. Ruth. Ivs. 71 Raglan. 
Redden, Barney, fireman No. 1 Station res. 268 

Redden, Caroline (wid. Jeremiah) res. 115 L. 

Redden, Clarence, conductor Street Railway, Ivs 

115 L. Bagot. 
Redden, Eva, operator Bell Telephone Co., Ivs 

115 L. Bagot. 
Redden, Florence, maid, Ivs. 270 Albert. 
REDDEN, JAMES (James Redden & Co.) bds 

64 William. 
REDDEN, JAMES & Co., grocer (James Redden 

and W. Hobart Dyde), 178 Princess. 
Redden, Jas. waiter, Carleton Hotel. 
Redden, Marion, bds 64 William. 
Redden, May, nurse K.C.H. 
Redden, Rose (wid George) res 23 Brock. 
Redden, Mrs. Stella, over Central Butcher Shop 

Princess St. 
Redding, Lewis P.. soldier res. 319 Earl. 
Redfern, Edwin, res 147 Frontenac 
Redford, Martin, traveller, bds 34 Johnson 
Redmond, Ernest, mechanic Van Luven's res. 128 

L. Bagot. 
Redmond, Harold, shipper, A. 'Chown Co., Ltd., 

166 Chatham 
Redmond, J., teamster, W. J. Crothers Co., Ltd., 

res 49 Quebec 
Redmond, John, salesman Steacy's res. 400 Alfred 
Redmond, Katherine, Ivs 400 Alfred 
Redmond, Martha. Ivs 400 Alfred 
Redmond, Mary E., Ivs 400 Alfred 
Redmond, Mary, Ivs. 154 L Bagot. 
Redmond, Mogue, lab. res. 154 L. Bagot. 
Redmond, William T., carpenter, res. 258 John- 
Redmond, Wm. J., boiler-maker res 33 Johnson 
Reece, Charles res 302 Queen 
Reece, Charles, Ivs 302 Queen 
Reed, Mrs. C, Ivs 218 Albert 
Reed, Chauncey, carpenter, res 165 Queen St 
Reed, Edith (wid Clifton) Ivs 24 Pine 
Reed. Prof. G. B., Queen's, res. 218 Albert. 

Reed, Gertrude, cigar-maker, Ivs 104 Rideau 

Reed, Lillian, Ivs 104 Rideau 

Reed, Lionel, chauffeur Hon. W. Harty, Ivs. 222 

Reed, I'hos. W. shipper Robertson Grocery, Ivs. 
96 William 

Reed, Vera, cigar-maker, Geo. McGowan Co., Ivs. 
104 Rideau 

REES, BROS, Wholesole Confectionery & Bis- 
cuits, 244 Bagot. 

Rees, Charlotte, (wid Samuel) Ivs 83 Quebec 

Rees, Edward A., Rees Bros, Ivs. 109 Gore. 

Rees. Elizabeth A, Twid Egerton), res 218 

Rees, Harold, Ivs 147 Frontenac 

Rees, Howard, cadet R.AI.C. Ivs 109 Gore 

Rees, Mrs. Maud, saleslady, T. F. Harrison's, res. 
302 Queen 

Reeve, Aunie (wid of John) res 49 Livingston 

Reeve, Henry, res 44 Union West 

Reeve, Geo., lab Ivs 15 Russell 

Reeves, Percy G., Merchant "The Club" res 324 

Regan, Jas., moulder, res. 320 O'Kill. 


REID, ALLAN M., Shoe Merchant, 111 Princess 
res 150 Frontenac 

Reid, Bruce, K.P. & C. Ry, res 48 Union W 

Reid, Charles H., traveller, res 138 Nelson 

Reid, Christine (wid James) res 256 Prmcess 

Reid, David, barber, 31 Brock, Ivs 89 Gore 

Reid, David, employed B. V. McGeein's meat mar- 
ket, res. 388 Alfred. 

REID, FREDERICK C, (Firm of Jas. Reid) res. 
55 Clergy E. 

Reid, F. A.. Capt. No. 1 Fire Station res 204 Bagot 

Reid F L Dr, Sydenham Hospital, res 204 Bagot 

REID, FRANCIS C, (James Reid) Ivs 256 Prin- 


Reid, George W., student, bds. 79 Division. 
Reid. Gordon, moulder, res King and Queen 
Reed, Harvey, carter, res 170 York 
Reid. Ilia, warper Dominion Textile Co., Ivs 321 

REID JAMES, Undertaker and Furniture Store 

254-256 Princess, res 254-256 Princess. 
Reid. Jas., res. 48 Earl. 

Reid Jas., wks Public Utilities res 388 Alfred 
Reid, John Thomas, soldier R.M.C., res. 49 

Reid, John C, engineer, James Swift & Co., res 11 

Reid Tohn M.. machinist, res. 189 University 
Reid, Joseph S., undertaker, R. J. Reid, Ivs 103 L 

Reid, Kinnear, undertaker, R. J. Reid res. 233 

Reid, Leonard, plumber, Ivs 11 Redan 
Reid, Marjone Neuman, tch., Ivs. 96 William. 
Reid,' Marshall, retired, res 104 Rideau 
Reid, Marshall P, caterer, res 30 Union W 
Reid. Marv. J., (wid. Wm.) Ivs 204 Bagot. 
Reid, Melville, driver Can. National Exp., Ivs 16C 


Dr. Beirs Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 




'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Reid, Mossolene, Ivs. 93 William 

Reid, Pearl Mildred, book-keeper Dominion Fish 
Co., Ivs 252 Victoria 

REID, ROBERT, J., Furniture, Leading Under- 
taker and Embalmer, 230-232 Princess, res 
103 Union 

REID, SAMUEL. (Jas. Reid) res 93 William 

Reid. Sarah (wid. Wm. H.) Ivs 165 Queen. 

Reid. Thomas, packer Robertson Grocery Co., res 

96 William W 
Reid, Thomas, res 321 Victoria 
Reid, Thomas, contractor, res 252 Victoria. 
Reid, Thomas, King and Queen 
Reid, Wallace, Ivs 361 Division. 
Reid, William J., prop. Grocery 365 Division, res 

361 Division 
Reid, William F., engineer res 165 Queen 
Reid, William, car inspector G.T.R., res 821 

Reid, William H., res 30 Union W 
Reid, William, 388 Alfred 
Renaud, Florence, nurse Rockwood Hospital, Ivs. 

35 Brock 
Renaud, George, prop. Provincial House, 35 

Renton, James Jr., Standard Bank, Ivs 319 Uni- 
Ronton, John E., student, Ivs. 319 University. 
Renton, Lucenda J., res 272 Earl 
Renton, Thomas H., Dr. asst. to Dr. C. C. Nash, 

Ivs. 138 King E. 
Renton, Thomas T., Ivs. 272 Earl. 
Renton. William, v^^orks Jackson Press, Ivs. 319 

Renton, William, Jr., traveller, Macnee & Minnes, 

res. 319 University. 
Revell, Albert, lab res 283 Sydenham 
Revell, Arnie, mason res Macdonell St 
Revell, Adrian I., barrister, Clarence St., Ivs 2 

Revell, Bertram, wks Kingston Street Railway Co., 

res 140 Queen 
Revell, Charles, lab. res. 34 Colborne. 
Revell, Edward, lab. Kingston Milling Co., res. 

9 Cataraqui 
Revell. Evelyn, maid Ivs. 167 Clergy. 
Revell, Geo Stanley, salesman, res 374 Barrie 
Revell, Ian E., journalist Standard, Ivs. 3 College 
Revell, James, plumber McKelvey & Birch res 

440 Brock 
Revell, James H., elk Bibby's res 440 Brock 
Revell, Matthew, contractor, res. 167 Clergy E. 
Revell, Minnie, cook Sydenham Hospital, res 167 
Clergy E. 

Revell, Ruth, student K.C.I., Ivs. 167 Clergy E. 
Revell, William E., chief keeper County Jail, res 

2 College St 
Revington, Albert, elk, Ivs. 139 Ordnance. 
Revington, Jane, (wid M) res 139 Ordnance 
Reynolds, Chas. A., printer Standard Pub. Co., 

res 42 Ordnance 
Reynolds, Clifford, plumber, Simmons Bros,, Ivs. 

42 Ordnance 
Reynolds, Earl, W., res. 290 Victoria 

Reynolds, Edward N, Trumont, bds 325 Victoria 
Reynolds, Eliza, (wid. Wm.) res. 8 Frontenac 
Reynolds, Emily (wid James) Ivs 79 Pine 
Reynolds, Ernest, driver, Peters' Flour and Feed 

Store, res 445 Alfred 
Reynolds, Era I., Ivs 290 Victoria. 
Reynolds, Francis J., moulder, res 290 Victoria 
Reynolds, Francis, motorman Kingston Street Ry. 

Ivs 42 Ordnance 
Reynolds, Frank S., electrician, Bell Telephone 

Co., bds 196 Rideau. 
Reynolds, Gertrude, typist, Dr. Cays', Ivs. No. 8 

Reynolds, John, moulder. King and Queen 
Reynolds, Lena, operator Bell Telephone Co. Ivs 

20 Patrick 
Reynolds, Lina M., operator Bell Telephone Co., 

Ivs 31 John St 
Reynolds, Muriel E., operator Bell Telephone Co., 

Ivs 445 Alfred 
Reynolds, Norman, Ivs 214 Nelson 
Reynolds, Robert, mason, res 214 Nelson 
Reynolds. Samson, broom-maker res 325 Vic- 
Reynolds, Mrs. Vera, Ivs 203 Colborne 
Reynolds, William E., printer Ivs 290 Victoria 
Rhodes, Hugh, bds. Queen's Hotel. 
Rice, Wm. J., baker 198 Barrie. 
Richards, A. R., House Surgeon, K. G. H. 
Richards, Albert L., baker, Toye's Bakery, res 210 

Richards, Ernest, paper-hanger res. 71 Cherry 
Richards, Ernest, painter, res. 36 Pine 
Richards, Harold, Ivs 102 York. 
Richards, Herbert L., contractor, res 143 Ord- 
Richards, Hyppeletic, elk. Stevenson & Hunter, 

res 264 Queen. 
Richards, Kathleen, nurse. Orphans' Home, Union 

Richards, Samuel, mason, res 102 York. 
Richards, Stancie, lab, Ivs. 2 Miller's Lane. 
Richardson Studio, W. L. Richardson, prop. 

151 Wellington. 
RICHARDSON, JAS. & SONS, Grain Merchants 

31 William. 
RICHARDSON, ALEX, W. DR., physician, res 

247 Johnson 
Richardson, Dennis, carter, res. 35 Elm. 
Richardson, Eliz, dressmaker, bds 200 Alfred 
Richardson, Emma L., Ivs 243 Victoria 
Richardson, Geo. W. res 197 William 
Richardson, (iladys, Ivs 197 William 
Richardson, Graham G., traveller, res. 71 Alfred. 
RICHARDSON, H. E., prop. Fenwick & Rend 

ry, res. 154 Johnson. 
Richardson, Henry E., Vice-President Weber 

Piano Co., res. 163 University. 
Richardson, Henry, prop., Kingston Auto Sales, 

res 163 University 
Richardson, Mrs. Henry W., "Alwington House" 

450 King 
Richardson, Hov^^ard, res 264 Queen. 
Richardson, James R., soldier R.C.H.A., res 243 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 


89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



Richardson, Jean, res 318 University 
Richardson, Lois, deaconess, 197 William 
Richardson, Lome, baker, Ivs 35 Elm 
Richardson, Matilda, Ivs 194 Division 
Richardson, Melvin J., barber, res 243 Victoria. 
Richardson, Rox}^ L (wid Edward), res 194 Divi- 
Richardson, Sadie, Ivs 197 William 
Richardson, W., photographer, bds 200 Alfred. 
Richmond, Miss, Ivs. 189 Johnson. 
Richmond, Myra, (wid of D.) ivs 190 University 
Rickey, Archibald, carpenter, Ivs Barriefield. 
Rickaby, Alfred L., motor mechanic, Callaghan's 

Garage, res Alfred cor. Brock. 
Riddell, Mrs. James, wks Britisli American Hotel 

Ivs 2471/ Earl 
Rideau Dairy, 769 Montreal 
Rideau Public School, Princess cor. Nelson 
Riley, Martm, agent Prudential Life Insurance 

Co., res. 193 Brock. 
Rigney, James W., manager Ottawa Gen'l Dis- 
pensary, No. 6, res .55 George 
RIGNEY, T. J. Barrister, 89 Clarence, res. 169 

Ringland, Robert, shoe repairer, 355 Princess St 
Risbridger, George, retired, Ivs 371 Division 
Risbridger, J. A., elk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs 330 

Risbridger, MarJ^ res. 371 Division. 
Ritchie, Margaret, maid, bds. 169 Earl. 
Ritchey, T., employed Weber's Piano Factory, Ivs 

331 Montreal 
Ritson, Mary, maid, 106 Wellington 
Ritchard, Verna, maid, bds 305 King 
Roach, Albert, plumber McKelvey & Birch, res 102 

L Bagot 
Roach, Bernard, painter res 34 Main 
Roach, Bridget (wid Ed) res 5 Division 
Roach, Catherine, Ivs. 5 Division. 
Roach, Edward, lab. res. 3 Cataraqui 
Roach, Francis, lab res 223 Wellington 
Roach, George P., lab. bds. 144 Rideau. 
Roach, William J., lab, Ivs 5 Division 
Roadhouse, Florence, nurse. Ivs. 142 Nelson. 
Roadhouse, Job. retired, res. 142 Nelson. 
Roadley, Joseph, retired, res. 92 F'rontenac. 
Robbs, Alfred, butcher, res. 14 Concession. 
Robbs, Ephraim, res 160 Raglan Rd 
Robbs, Ephraim, butcher shop, 101 Earl. 
Robbs, Ephriam, barber, 383 Princess, res. 143 

Robbs, Frank, barber, 185 Wellington. 
Robb, Harry, elk. Central Meat Market, Ivs. 171 

Robiis, Madeline, nurse, 203 Albert, 
j Robbs. Robert, barber, Robb's Barber Sno]), les. 
I 318 Barrie. 

Roblin, David, auto mechanic, S. Anglin & Co., 

Ivs. 129 Nelson. 
iRobert Meek School, L. Bagot St. 
iRoberts, Capt. R.C.H.A. res. 26 Wellington. 
jRoberts, Charles, motorman. Street Railway Co., 
1 res. 93 Bay. 

JR.pberts, Dorothy, D. book-keeper, Cunningham & 

Smythe, Ivs. 246 University. 
ioberts, Ernest, plumber. Public Utilities, res. 11 


Roberts, Eliza, bds. 211 Albert. 

Roberts, Isabell, Ivs. 31 King E. 

Roberts, Jessie, res. 85 Division. 

Roberts, John, lab. res. 174 Bagot. 

Roberts, John, help, K.G.H. 

Roberts, Leo. traveller. Imperial Tobacco Co bds 
2 Montreal. 

Roberts, Thomas, J. lab. res. 15 Pine. 

Roberts, Violet, (wid. William), Ivs. 14 Rideau 

Roberts, William, soldier, R.C.H.A., res 8 Vine 

ROBERTSON, GEO. & SON, LTD., Wholesale 
Grocers, 171-175 Ontario. 

ceries, 183-185 Ontario. 

ROBERTSONS LTD., Crockery, Glassware, Etc 
W. A. Rogers, manager, 71-73 Princess. 

ROBERTSON, BENJAMIN, G. Broker & Insur- 
ance, Kingston Agencies, Ltd, res 182 L 

Robertson, Donald, student, Ivs. 82 Wellington. 

Robertson, Euphemia (wid George), res Syden- 

Robertson, Eileen, saleslady, Steacy's, Ivs. 40 

Robertson, Geo, partner Robertson Grocery Co, 
Ivs. Sydenham. 

Robertson, Geo. patient, Sydenham Hospital, res. 
511 Albert. 

Robertson, Geo., Robertson Grocery Co., res. cor. 
Earl and Sydenham. 

Robertson, Hugh, retired, res. 35 Mack. 

Robertson, Herbert, merchant, Ivs. 82 Wellington. 

Robertson, Jane, (wid. B. W.) res. 161 Earl. 

Robertson, John, K. Prof. Queen's, res. 105 L. 

Robertson, Margaret, Ivs. 35 Mack. 

Robertson, D Stewart & Sons, Grocery Brokers 
33 Brock. 

Robertson, Stewart, M. Grocery Broker, 33 Brock, 
res. 16 Sydenham. 

Robertson, Victor, driver, res. 142 Queen. 

Robertson, William J. elk. Macnee & Minnes, res. 
77 York. 

Robertson, Wm J, tailor, 273 Bagot, res 40 

Robinson's Grocery, Mrs. J. Robinson prop. 356- 
308 Princess, Branch, Raglan Rd and Mon- 
treal St 

R. & R. Shoe Co., S. Robinson & Routbard, props, 
296 Princess. 

Robinson, Addie. housekeeper, 148 University, Ivs 
264 Colborne. 

Robinson, Dr. Andrew, Ivs. 44 Collingwood. 

Robinson, Arleen, Ivs. 622 Princess. 

Robinson, Amelia (wid. Henry), res. 137 Colborne. 

Robinson, Amos. W. machinist, Ivs. 414 Johnson. 

Robinson. Alexander, res. 414 Johnson. 

Robinson Bertha, Ivs. 414 Johnson. 

Robinson, Blanche M, res 249 Victoria 

Robinson, Catherine (wid .George W.) res. 247 

Robinson, Cecil, Ivs. 137 Colborne. 
Robinson, Ernest, res. 129 Montreal. 
Robinson, Elmer, Ivs. 137 Colborne. 
Robinson, Elsie, elk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs. 142 
L. Albert. 

PHONE 834 TL *> TL T U J r 

The Home of Toye s 1 ftat s 1 DC 1 ove Bread Co. 

Wrapped Bread ^^-■i-«MMM^MMi^i..iMMMM.M«M«^M.^.^ 




'Phone 147 for Service 





Robinson, Emma, Miss, patient, Home for Aged 

and Infirm, Montreal St. 
Robinson, Ethel, spinner Cotton Mill, Ivs. 15 

Robinson, Frances (Mrs.) nurse, bds. 302 Queen. 
Robinson, Geo. A. Ivs. 135 Colborne. 
Robinson, G. A. Ivs. 142 L. Albert. 
Robinson, Gertrude, elk. Bell Telephone Office, 

Ivs. 414 Johnson. 
Robinson, Horace, motor mechanic, Cooke's Gar- 
age, Ivs. 477 Princess. 
Robinson. James, bds. 94 Queen. 
Robinson, James, caretaker, res. 47 Princess.^ 
Robinson. James, elk. Macnee & Minnes, Ivs York 
Robinson, Joseph, stock keeper, res. 203'^ Alfred. 
Robinson, J. S. painter, 275 Bagot, res 94 Queen. 
Robinson, Kenneth, machinist, C.L.C.. Ivs 239 

Robinson, C. Kenneth Dr., physician, res. 365 

Robinson, L. Ivs. 137 Colborne. 
Robinson, Levi. P. dairyman, res. 622 Princess. 
Robinson, Mary, (wid. Christopher) res. 44 Col- 

Robinson, Alelville. salesman, 339-341 King. res. 

477 Princess. 
Robinson, Xorval, res. 147 CoUingwood. 
Robinson, Percy, wks C. L. C, Ivs. 137 Colborne. 
Robinson, Richard, H. retired, res. 234 Barrie. 
Robinson, Capt. Robt. J. Chief of Police, res 80 

Robinson, Rose, elk. Robinson's Grocery, 356 

Robinson, Samuel, merchant, R. & R. Shoe Co., 

Ivs. 319 Barrie. 
Robinson, Thos. wks. Weber Piano Factory, Ivs. 

477 Princess. 
Robinson, Viola, maid, bds. 36 Frontenac. 
Robinson, W. J. machinist, res. 93 Division. 
Robinson. W. C. guard, K.P., bds. 123 Union. 
Roche, Bridget, (wid. W). res. 41 King W. 
Roche, Martin, machinist, Ivs. 41 King W. 
Rochefort, Anthony, carpenter, res. 83 Division. 
Rochefort, Catherine, (wid. L.) nurse, bds. 83 

Rochefort, Joseph, agent 332 King, Ivs. 742 Rideau 
Rochefort. Venerante (wid. Joseph) Ivs. 181 Col- 
Roddy & Monk, crushed stone and building stone, 

Roddy, Edward, driver, Anderson Bros., Ivs. 

Roddy, John, M. Roddy & Monk, res. 557 Albert 
Rodney, Kate, (wid. Henry), res. 106 Patrick. 
Rodwa, Sarah, nurse, K.G.H. 
Rodgers, Charles, elk. Anderson Bros. Ivs. 71 

Rodgers. Gladys, nurse, K.G.H. 
Rodgers, Joseph, B. painter, res. 71 Stanley. 
Rodgers, William, lab. Street Railway Co., Ivs. 
71 Stanley. 

Rodgerson, William, wks. Geo. Masoud, bds. 78^ 

Rodgers, Agnes, elk. Mahood's, Ivs. Bank of 

Montreal Bldg. 
Rogers, Alice. M. (wid), res. 148 Barrie. 
Rogers, Aileen, stenog. American Consulate bds. 

234 Barrie. 

Rogers, Bessie, T. music teacher, Ivs. 59-65 Clar- 
Rogers, Eliz. (wid. Louis) res. 234 Sydenham. 
Rogers, Elizabeth, nurse, Ivs. 351 Johnson. 
Rogers, Jennie, (wid. G.) Ivs. 205 William. 
Rogers, Mary, (wid. William), res. 351 Johnson. 
Rogers, Mary E. res. 15 Union W. 
Rogers, T. N. elk. Bank of Montreal, res. 59-68 

Rogers, Wilhemina, book keeper, CoUingwood 

Shipyard, Ivs. 351 Johnson. 
ROGERS, WM. A. Manager Robertson's Ltd., 

res. 216 Johnson. 
Rollan, Edward, electrician, Ivs. 52 Rideau. 
Rollan, Frederick, machinist, Ivs. 52 Rideau. 
Rollaw, Joseph, engineer, res. 52 Rideau. 
Rollow, Mrs. employed Allen Theatre, res. 52 

Rollow, Rhoda, Ivs. 52 Rideau. 
Rolson, William, carpenter, res. 148 Ordnance. 
Ronan, Ida, undertaker, Ronan's Undertaking 

Business, res. 240 Bagot. 
Roney, A. F. merchant, Roney & Co., res. 320 

Roney, W. Fred, manager Rone}^ & Co., res 

Roney, George S. traveller, res. 126 Bagot (Lip- 
Roney, Gerald, student, Ivs. 320 University. 
Roney, Gordon, student, Ivs. 320 University. 
Rooney, Travers, D. K. cadet, R.M.C., Ivs. 128 

Rorabeck. Gladys, maid, 120 Bagot. 
Rose, Donald, C. student, bds. 175 Union. 
Rose, Miss F. elk. Laidlaws. Ivs. 394 Ordnance. 
Rose, Florence, elk Woolworth's, bds 394 Ordn- 
Rose, George, lab. res. 367 Bagot. 
Rose, Miss M. waitress, Queen's Hotel, res. 367 

Rose, Susan, Ivs. 144 Ontario. 
Rose. William, J. lab., res. 95 York. 
Ross, Annabelle. nurse, Hon Wm Harty, 107 

Bagot St 
Ross, Arthur E Dr, bds 310 Johnson 
Ross, D. student, bds. 413 King E. 
Ross, Howard W. patient, Sydenham Hospital, 

res. 488 Barrie. 
Ross, Isabel, Ivs. 309 Alfred. 
Ross, James H. manager, Belleville Creamery, 

Kingston, bds. 272 Johnson. 
Ross; Mary, res. 428 King. 
Ross, Mary, Ivs. 309 Alfred. 
Ross, Rev. Dr. retired clergyman, res. 309 Alfred. 

JTK. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

We Clean 


and do it well 

•PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Soods Called For and Delivered 



Rosehorne, William, lab., res 59 Queen. 
Rosen, Hymen, Dry Goods Store, 294 Montreal. 
Rosen, Max, junk dealer, res. 170 Rideau. 
Rosenfield, David, mgr. Robinson's Stores, Ivs. 

356 Princess. 
Rosenfield, Rose, teacher, Barriefield, res. 35G 

Roswell, Henry, driver, Roddy & Monk, res 53 

Rossure, Louis D. accountant. Bank of Commerce, 

res. 90 Earl. 
Rotherson, Lottie I. bds. 59 U. Charles. 
Rothwcll, Geo. E. Hotel Prop., Prince George 

Rothwell, Harr3% teamster, Roddy & Monk. 
Rothwell, Michael, teamster, Roddy & Monk. 
Roughton, David, civil engineer, Ivs. 167 King E. 
Roughton. Phyllis, Ivs. 167 King E. 
ROUGHTON, STEPHEN, Manager, Mutual Life 

Insurance Co., 60 Brock, res. 167 King E. 
Routbard L. Clothing Store, 289 Princess, res 387 

Rouleau, Thomas, lab., res. 16 Patrick. 
Rousseau, William, lab., res. 4a Orchard. 
Rowley, D. Imperial Laundry, Ivs. 2 First St. 
Rowlej', F. Imperial Laundry, Ivs 2 First St. 
Rowley, Henry, paper-hanger, bds. 27 Balaclava. 
Rowley, M. wks. Imperial Laundrj^ Ivs 7 Garrett. 
Rowley^ Mary, bds. 659 Princess 
Routley. Mrs. A. K. Ivs. 681 Princess. 
Routley, Honer, elk. Laidlaw's, Ivs. 681 Princess. 
Rowe. John E. inason, res. 16 Carlisle. 
ROWLAND, JAMES F. Manager Standard Bank, 

res. 317 University. 
Rowland, Thos. W. accountant, Fenwick Hendry, 

384 Earl. 
Rowledge, Elsie, stenog. Income Tax Ofifice, bds. 

309 University. 
ROYAL BANK, E.' E. NEWMAN, Manager, cor. 

Bagot and Princess, 155 Princess. 
Roval Cafe. S. K. Lee, prop, 157 Princess. 
ROYAL HOTEL, P. McKenna, prop, 342 344 

Ruddell, Philip, baggageman. Outer Station, G. 

T.R., res. 63 Patrick. 
Russell, Herbert Stephen, accountant. Standard 

Bank, res. 139 William. 
Russell, Ida, L. (wid. H. F.), Ivs. 139 William. 
Ruskin, Harry, bushier, Livingston's, Ivs. 40 

Russo, Leo. motor mechanic, Sydenham Hospital, 

res. S3 Rideau. 
Ruthig, Harry, res 3 Couper 

Rutledge, Lewis, K. Prof. Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, Queen's University, res. 262 University. 
Rutley, Jane A. operator, Bq14> Telephone, bds. 178 

Clergy. _ v-« ' " 
Rutherford, James, H. elk. C.P.R. Sheds, res. 286 

Earl. f 

Rutherford. William, elk. Macnee & Minnes, Ivs. 

340 Albert. 
Rutherford, Jas. res. 286 Earl. 

Rutherford, Josie. elk, Bibby's Ltd., Ivs. 98 Clergy. 
Rutherford, Frederick H. accountant, Oddefello\\'s' 

Relief Association, 344 King, res. 316 Col- 

Rutherford, Jas. A. retired, res. 340 Albert. 

Rutherford, W. C. elk. Macnee & Minnes, Ivs. 340 

Rutherford, Robt. cadet, R.M.C., Ivs. 102 Stuart. 
Rutherford, Aline, Ivs. 102 Stuart. 
Rutherford, Cecily, Ivs, 102 Stuart. 
Rutherford, Robt. General, res'. 102 Stuart. 
Rutherford, Hazel, Ivs, 72 Chatham. 
Rutherford, Mabel, Ivs. 72 Chatham. 
Rutherford, Thomas, grocer, res. 72 Chatham. 
Ruttan, Henry, M. treas., Jas. Richardson & Sons, 

res. 183 Brock. 
Ruttan, Edwin, G. res. 208 University 
Ruttan, Frederick, Le. Roy, fireman, Donnelly 

Wrecking Co., res. 142 Montreal. 
Ruttan's Confectionery, cor Montreal & Bay. 
Ruttan. Mrs. (wid. John), res. 260 Nelson. 
Ryan, D. grocer, cor. Sydenham & Colborne. 
Ryan, Albert, John, lab. Davis Tannery, res. 21 L. 

Ryan, Blanche, employed Randolph Hotel. 
Ryan, Charles J. traveller, bds. 28 Pine. 
Ryan, Daniel, prop, Ryan's Grocery, res. 194 Sy- 
Rj^an, E. A. asst. manager. Metropolitan Life, res. 

356 Albert. 
Rj'an, F. H. Supervisor C.L.C., res. 13 Maitland. 
Ryan, H. J. res. 78 Sydenham. 
Ryan, Loretta, dressmaker, Ivs. 43 Livingston. 
Ryan, Matthew P, boiler maker, bds 28 Pine 
Ryan, Mary, Ivs. 240 Bagot. 

Ryan, Mabel, nurse, Hotel Dieu, bds. 235 Brock. 
Ryan, Margaret, Ivs. 176 Johnson. 
Ryan, Margaret, (wid. M.), res. 27 Union W. 
Ryan, Miss, bds. 72 Princess. 
Ryan, Mona, Ivs 43 Livingston. 
Ryan, Samuel, student, Ivs 4 Devonshire Terrace, 

Sydenham St. 
Ryan, William F. retired, res. 43 Livingston. 
Rymar, Eleanor, nurse, Ivs. 151 Earl. 
Ryder, Irene, Ivs. 557 Albert. 
Ryder, John, carter, res. 104 Patrick. 
Rj'der. John M. contractor, res. 551 Albert. 
Ryder, John, fireman. Queen's University, res. 124 

L. Bagot. 
Ryder, Joseph, lineman. Bell Telephone Co., res 

126 Chatham. 
Ryder, Laura, M. teacher, Ivs. 104 Patrick. 
Ryder, Peter, H. Sergt.-Major, soldier, R.C.H.A, 

res. 26 Garrett. 
Riid^ Wilhelmina, Ivs 104 Patrick. 
Rye, A. John, car repairer, G.T.R., res. 37 Pine. 
Rutherford's Grocery, 72 Chatham. 
Sabourin, George, lab., res. 231 Victoria. 
Sakell's Ice Cream and Candy Shop, Sakell Bros., 

220 Princess. 

Sakell, Andrew, Ivs. 228 Sydenham. 

Sakell, Andrew, partner, Crystal Palace, Ivs 180 

Sakell, George, Superior Ice Cream Parlor, 204 

Sakell, Gregory, Crystal Palace Ice Cream Parlor, 

res. 180 Princess. 
Sakell, Thomas, res 48 York. 
Salsberg, Dorothy, Ivs. 383 Barrie. 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Bell's cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 



'Phone 147 for Ambulance 




Salsberg, Hyman, prop. Salsberg Grocery, 39 Col- 
borne, res. 383 Barrie. 

Salsberg, Ralph. H. Dr. physician and surgeon, 
res. 383 Barrie. 

Salsbury, Francis J. wood-worker, res. 21 Sixth. 

Salsbury, Frank, res. 21 Sixth. 

Salsbury, Fred, lab. res. 42 Main. 

Salsbury, Harold, wood-worker, Ivs. 21 Sixth. 

Salsbury, Howard, Ivs. 21 Sixth. 

Salsbury, Phyllis, Ivs. 21 Sixth. 

Salsbury. Sidney, printer. Standard Pub. Co., res. 

16 Cherry. 

Salsbury, Robert, Ivs. Chestnut St. 
Salsbury, Sarah, (wid. B.) Ivs. 42 Main. 
Salsbury, Wm. J., wood-worker, res. 157 Pine. 
Samnions, Issac, retired, res. 5 Adelaide. 
Sampson, John B. cashier, E. W. Mullin, & Son, 

Ivs. 27C Johnson. 
Samson, Alex, engineer, res. 370 Bagot. 
Samwell, N. (wid. F.) res, 149 Union. 
Sanderson, Maude, tch. Ivs. 204 King E. 
Sands, Anna, Ivs 29>2 John. 
Sands, Frank, elk, Ivs. 52 Bay. 
Sands, Jas. T. elk. Simmons Bros., Ivs. 29^ John. 
Sands, James, cigar maker, McGowan's, bds. 126 

L. Bagot. 
Sands, Maud, A. (wid. Thomas W.) res. 71 Rag- 
lan Rd. 
Sands, Thomas, ship carpenter, bds. 52 Bay. 
Sands, Dr. Wallace, City Clerk's Office, City Hall, 

res. 241 Alfred. 
Sands, William, (Junior), plumber, Ivs. 29>2 John. 
Sands, William, lab. res. 29J^ John. 
Sangster, William, car cleaner, C.P.R. Round 

House, Ivs. 304 Queen. 
Sangster, Gertrude, elk. Steacy's, Ltd., Ivs. 304 

Sangster, Marion, Ivs. 304 Qi^ieen. 
Sandwith, Douglas, Ivs. 235 Alfred. 
Sandwith, Harold B., Instructor, Dairy School, 

res. 235 Alfred. 
SARGENTS' DRUG STORE, (Sargent, Thos. H. 

prop.) 186 Princess. 
Sargent, Edward, cigar-maker, Ivs. 12 Dufferin. 
Sargent, Harold B. druggist, T. H. Sargent, res. 

17 Macdonell St. 

Sargent, Isabelle E. Ivs. 28 Frontenac. 

Sargent, Margaret, Ivs. 12 Dufferin. 

Sargent, Roliert, lab, res 12 Dufferin 

Sargent, Rol)ert, Can Oil Co, res 14 Dufferin 

SARGENT, THOS. H. Druggist, 186 Princess 
res. 120 Victoria. 

Sargent, Thos. accountant, Ivs. 12 Dufferin. 

Series, Edna, (wid. Thos.) res. 31a Main. 

Saul, Elizabeth, elk. Laidlaws', Ivs. 308 Queen. 

Saunders, Albert, driver, A. Chown, res. 47 Conces- 

Saunders, Benjamin, lab, res. 8 Fifth. 

Saunders' Grocery, cor Chatham and Princess 

Saunder^' Charles, Grocery prop. 503 Princess. 

Saunders Charles, fireman, K. F. Dept., res. 12 

Saunders David, lab. Ivs. 491 Alfred. 

Saunders Edna, student, Ivs. 124 Beverly. 

Saunders, Geo. H. baker, Masouds, res. 464 Albert. 
Saunders, Harry, lab., Ivs. 491 Alfred. 
Saunders, Henry, retired, res. 98 Pine. 
Saunders, Herbert, carpenter, res. 150 Raglan Rd. 
Saunders, Isabella, (wid. Robt.) res. 355 Johnson. 
Saunders, James, salesman, Steacy's, res. 98 Vic- 
Saunders, Jennie, (wid. W.) res. 487 Alfred. 
Saunders, John, lab., res. 491 Alfred. 
Saunders, John, carpenter, res. 353 Brock. 
Saunders, Kathleen L., assistant librarian Queen's, 

Ivs. 13 Alice. 
Saunders, Mrs. Kathleen, (wid. H. J.) res. 13 

Saunders, Lois, Librarian Queen's College, Ivs. 

No. 3 Winston Apts., 56 Earl. 
Saunders, Margaret, (wid. Geo.) res. 378 Bagot. 
Saunders, Mary. C. stenog. Standard Bank, Ivs 13 

Saunders, Mary. (wid. John), res. 216 Nelson. 
Saunders, Reginald, carter, Ivs. 12 Sixth. 
Saunders, Robt. lab. Ivs 8 Fifth. 
Saunders, Samuel, A. tinsmith, Lemmon & Sons, 

res. 290 Barrie. 
Saunders, Verna, music teacher, Ivs. 353 Brock. 
Saunders, William, salesman, Steacy's, res. 19 Divi- 
Saunders, William J. tch. K.C.I., res. 124 Beverly. 
Saunders, William, res. 101 Chatham. 
Saundercook, George, retired farmer, res. 120 Earl 
Sauve. Joseph, tailor, res. 29 Clergy W. 
Sauve, Thos. mariner, res. Ill Stephen. 
Sauve, Cyril, mariner, res. 91 Queen. 
Sauve, George, engineer, bds. 37 L. Charles. 
Savage, Ed. bds. 89 Collingwood. 
Savage, Jennie, (wid. H. B.) Ivs. 120 Colborne. 
Savage, Kathleen (wid. James.) Ivs 54 Patrick. 
Savage, Melville, elk. Abernethy Shoe Store, bds. 

89 Collingwood. 
Savage, Nelson, bookkeeper. Frost Storage Co., 

" Ivs. 120 Colborne. 
Savage, Patrick, lab., res. 768 Princess. 
Savage, Wm. J. painter, res. 192 Bagot. 
Savary, Thos. B. Rev. Rector St. James', res. 152 

Savoy, Michael A., res. 30 Chatham. 
Sawyer, Agnes, Ivs. 382 Brock. 
Sawyer, Francis, shoe merchant, res. 382 Brock. 
Sawyer, John, painter, Ivs. 382 Brock. 
Sawyer, May, Ivs. 382 Brock. 
Sawyer. W. Reginald, student, R.M.C., Ivs. 183 

SAWYER, W. A. Shoe Merchant, 184 Princess, 

res. 183 University. 
Scally, James, elk. R. Crawford Coal & Wood 

Dealer, res. Portsmouth. 
Scamwell, Beatrice, tch., Ivs. 17 Pembroke. 
Scamwell, Constance, librarian. Public Library, 

Ivs. 17 Pembroke. 
Scamwell, Edwin, Ivs. 17 Pembroke. 
Scamwell, Edwin, Rev. retired clergyman, res 17 

Scanlon, John, caretaker. Trades & Labor Hall, 

res. 42 Gore. 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pearVave. 









Schetagne, Paul, foreman Bell Telephone, res. 
185 Brock. 

Scholes, A. res. 171 Clergy E. 

Scholes. James, Ivs. 204 Frontenac. 

Scholes, Francis, D. mechanic, res. 388 Queen. 

Schillinger, Florence (wid. Wm.), Ivs. 1 Queljec. 

Schultz, William, F. fireman, res. 426 Division. 

Schobble, John, res. 78 Clergy W. 

Scobble, Maggie, cook. 31 King E. 

Scobble, Sidney I. fur-cutter, Geo. Mills & Co.. 
res. 78 Clergy W. 

Scott, Alfred, Bank of Commerce, Ivs. 100 Earl. 

Scott, Charles S. mechanic, Blue Garages, res. 155 

Scott, C R, elk, Anglo American, res 40 Raglan 

Scott. Charles W. res. 15 Ellis. 

Scott, David, plumber, res. 145 Frontenac. 

Scott, Duberry. painter, res. 53 Beverly. 

Scott, Edward, signalman G.T.R., Ivs 779 Montreal 

Scott. Effie, (wid. W.) Ivs. 23 Sixth. 

Scott, Flossie, Ivs 378 Bagot. 

Scott, Frederick, lal)., Ivs. 15 Ellis. 

Scott, Geo. traveller W. G. Craig & Co., Ltd., 
res. 301 Alfred. 

Scott, Geo. elk. Post Office, res. 307 Johnson. 

Scott, Geo. brick layer, res. 231 Victoria. 

Scott, Geo. Edward. Principal McDonald School, 
res. 74 Clergy W. 

Scott, Geo, employed Robertson & Co, res 137 
Union W 

Scott, Guy, packer, Geo. Robertson & Son, Ltd.. 
res. 137 Union. 

Scott, Harry. B. engineer. Donnelly Wrecking Co., 
res. 51 Pembroke. 

Scott, James, instructor. K. P., res. 100 Earl. 

Scott, Jessie, stenog, I. Cohen & Co., Ivs. 305 

Scott, John, contractor, res. 182 Barrie. 

Scott, James Norris, chemist, res. 306 University 

Scott, Lucy, Mrs, grocer, 606 Montreal. 

Scott, Minnie, cook, bds. 130 Earl. 

Scott, Roscue, 332 King E., res. 148 Division 

Scott, Ruth. (wfd. D. G.) res. 305 Johnson. 

Scott, S. L. postman, 305 Johnson. 

Scott, Thos. S. engineer, bds. 134 Earl. 

Scott. Walter D, gardener, res Regent St 

Scott, William, H. traveller, N. C. Poison & Co., 
res. 148 Division. 

Scott, W. J. Roscoe, collector, London Life Insur- 
ance, bds. 148 Division. 

Scott, Capt. Wm. T. mariner, res. 27 Balaclava. 

Scrace, Edna, servant, 22 Barrie. 

Scrimshaw, Thos. patient, Home for Aged & In- 
firm, Montreal St. 

Scriver. Jacob, painter, res 27 Patrick. 

Scriven, John, pattern-maker, res. 522 Brock. 

Scrutton, Alex, boiler-maker, C.L.C., res. 114 Clar- 

Scrutton, Charles, H. trainman, C.P.R., red 117 

Scrutton, Edward, J. res. 9 Deacon. 

Scrutton, Jas. res. 43 Stephen. 

Scrutton, Wm. J. res. 35 James. 

Scullen, James, lab., res. 29 Rideau. 

Scale, George O. Ivs. 470 Johnson. 

Scale, Mrs. Emma, dressmaker, bds. 198 Rideau. 
Searle, George, cutter, Livingston's, res. 480 

Sears, E. F. salesman Allan Reid's, res. 396 Alfred! 
Seaton, Francis Joseph, postman, res 69 Arch. 
Seaton, Frank, D., patient, res. 99 York. 
Seaton, Richard, retired, res. 14 Rideau. 
Seeker, Corp. H. treasurer, G. A. U. V. res. 66 

Seeker, Henr\' J. liandsman, res. 66 Quebec. 
Seccombe. Emma, Ivs. 14 Maitland. 
Seccombe, Prof. Thos. A., Prof. in English, 

Queen's University, res. College Grounds. 
Sedgwick, Arthur Edward, carpenter, S. Anglin 

& Co., res. 305 University. 
Sedore, Grace, book-keeper, Masoud's. bds. 258 

Sedore, Marshall, res. 23 Elgin. 
Scguin, Euclid, res. 257 Montreal. 
Seguin, Oscar, shoe-maker. Princess St. bds. 461 

Selby, Charles H., mason, res. 60 Arch. 
Selby, Charles, mechanic, res. 104 Gore. 
Selby, James, contractor, res. 53 Livingston. 
Selb}', May. elk McLeod's Grocery, Ivs. 60 Arch. 
Selby, Olive E. Ivs. 53 Livingston. 
Self, A. G. Staff Quartermaster Sergeant, R.C.O.C. 

432 Brock. 
Self, Charles, baker, 302 King E. 
Self. Charles, baker, bds. 390 Division. 
Sevey. David, l)ds. 41 Colborne. 
Service, Newell T. elk., Dom. Express, res. 605 

Seward, Grace, maid, 311 King W. 
Sewell, Ernest, Ivs. 16 Nelson. 
Sexsmith, Margaret, tch., bds. 163 Alfred. 
Sewell, Marjorie, Ivs 16 Nelson. 
Sewell, William, patient. Ivs. 16 Nelson. 
Shales, Herbert, J. prop. National Cleaners & Dy- 
ers Cor. Princess & Clergy, res. 4 Victoria 

Terrace, Montreal St. 
Shales, R. J. Confectionery Store, cor. Pine & 

Shales, W. C. Grocery Store. 71 Pine. 
Shales, Robt. J. prop, confectionery store, res. 31 

Shales. W. Carl, chauffeur Macnee's, res. 79 Arch 
Shanahan, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Laidlaws', Ivs, 

39 Clergy W. 
Shanahan. Hugh, fitter, Ivs. 39 Clergy W. 
Shanahan, Margaret, res. 39 Clergy W. 
Shane, Annie, (wid. William), res. 308 Queen. 
Shane, James, employed Civic Utilities, res 437 

Shangrow, Edward, plumber, Lemmon & Son., res. 

114 Colborne. 
Shangrow, P., wks. Imperial Laundry, Ivs. 22 Elgin 
Shannon, Alfred, printer Standard office, res. 153 

Shannon. Charles, B., assistant postmaster, Post 

Office, Ivs. 23 West. 
Shannon, Ethel M., Ivs. 98 Victoria. 
Shannon, F. wks. Weber Piano Foctory, res. 274 







126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 



Shannon, Hazel, chocolate dipper, W. J. Croth- 

ers, Co. bds. 91 Rideau. 
Shannon, John, lab., 69 Queen. 
Shapiro, A. second hand dealer, 4.5 Princess, res. 

45 Princess. 
Sharmon, Frederick, piano-maker, Weber Piano 

Co., Ivs. 294 University. 
Sharmon, Hiram, J. engineer, res. 153 Pine. 
Sharmon, Jacob M. boat-builder, Davis Dry Dock, 

res. 274 University. 
Sharp, Adelyn, bds. 149 Collingw^ood. 
Sharp, Andrew, machinist, res. 2.36 University. 
Sharp, Elizabeth, (wid. Andrew), res. 318 Brock. 
Sharp, Elizabeth, elk. Steacy's, Ivs. 318 Brock. 
Sharp, Edith, res 318 Brock 
Sharpe, Harry, .agent Mutual Life of Can., res. 1 

Sharpe, Joseph, plumber McKelvey & Birch, res. 

162 Nelson. 
Sharpe, Joseph, J. cigar-maker, res. 103 King W. 
Sharpe, (Mrs. Joe.) 400 King. 
Sharpe, Mrs. J. patient, 362 Montreal. 
Sharpe, Katie, Ivs. 407 King E. 
Sharpe, Miss M. milliner, Ivs. 334 Brock. 
Sharp, May, Ivs. 7 Division. 

Sharpe, Noble, elk. Bell Telephone, res. 361 Brock. 
Sharpe, Mrs. R cigar-maker, Oberndorffer's, Ivs. 

407 King. 
Sharpe, Rhoda, (wid. Joseph), Ivs. 103 King W. 
Sharpe. Syrus, carpenter, res. 294 Queen. 
Shaver, Charles, A. tch. K. C. I., res. 1 Chestnut. 
Shaver, Eleanor, (wid. Chas.) Ivs. 332 Brock. 
Shaver, Etta. (wid. Geo. H.) Ivs. 152 Victoria. 
Shaver, Robt, lab, bds 12 Redan 
Shaw, Aujenette, (wid. John), res. 62 Livingston 
Shaw, Bertha stenog, McCann Agency, Ivs. 143 

Shaw, Charles, painter, bds. 243 Brock. 
SHAW, DAVID, A. Dry Goods Merchant, res. 

115 Bagot. 
Shaw, Ellen, M. Ivs. 51 Livingston. 
Shaw, Eliza. J. res. 129 Union. 

Shaw, Elizabeth, (wid. Abraham), res. 190 Univer- 
Shaw, George, sign painter, res. 286 Barrie. 
Shaw, Harry, Sergt. elk. M. D. No. 3, Old Colleg- 
iate, res. 180 Montreal. 
Shaw, Ida, Ivs 143 Colborne. 
Shaw, Irene, Ivs. 118 Gore. 
Shaw, James, manager Bongard & Co., 239 Bagot, 

res. 118 Gore. 
Shaw, Jennie C, Ivs. 201 Earl. 
Shaw. L. Brock, Ivs. 190 University. 
Shaw, Laura, elk. Bearance's Grocery, Livmgston 

& Union, Ivs. 62 Livingston. 
Shaw, Louisa, maid, bds. 26 Frontenac. 
Shaw, Malcolm, capt. mariner, res. 173 Stuart. 
Shaw, Mary A. organist Sydenham Street Metho- 

'dist Church,^res. 201 Earl. 
Shaw, Richard. J. patient Sydenham Hospital, res. 

51 Livingston. 
Shaw, Vera L. Ivs. 115 Bagot. 
Shaw, William G. student Queen's University, Ivs. 

115 Bagot. 
Shaw, William, lab ., res. 143 Colborne. 

SHEA, AMBROSE, Barrister, 39 Brock, res. 220 

Shea, Charles, lab. Street Railway Co., bds. 89 

Shea. Cornelius, lab. res. 259 Victoria 

Shea, Garnet, soldier, Ivs. 140 Union W. 

Shea. Geo. elk. Ed. Chown & Son, Ivs. 259 Vic- 

Shea, Marion Nora, stenog. G.A.U.V., Ivs. 259 

Shea. Nelson T., res. 140 Union. 

Shea, Sadia, res. 54 L. Bagot. 

Shear, A. Furniture Store, 261 Princess, res. 261 

Shear, Bella, Ivs. 261 Princess 

Shear. Louis, student, Ivs. 261 Princess. 

Sheffel, Sarah E. Mrs. patient, 362 Montreal. 

Shephard, Bartely, sailor, res. 80 Frontenac. 

Sheppard, C. wks. Imperial Laundry, Ivs. 447 

Sheppard, Edgar, K. P. & C. Ry., res. 34 Union W 

Sheppard, Ella, elk Coates' Jewellery Store, bds 
21 University. 

Shepherd, Frederick, marine fireman, C. S. L. res. 
154a Pine. 

Shepherd, Frederick, fireman, Kingston Fire 
Dept., res. 27 Division. 

Shepherd, Geo. F.. soldier, R.M.C., res. 447 Alfred 

Shepherd, Grace, dressmaker, Ivs. 80 Frontenac. 

Shepherd, Herbert A. agent Fuller Brush Co., Ivs. 
80 Frontenac. 

Shepherd, Joseph J. foreman Collingwood Ship- 
building Co., res. 101 Beverly. 

Sheppard, Leo. employed Grimm's Bros, res. 80 

Sheppard, Robt. pattern-maker, Collingwood Ship- 
building Co., Ivs. 101 Beverly. 

Sheppard. William, lab., res. 99 Rideau. 

Sherbino, Anna, (wid. W R.) res. 457 Albert. 

Sherbino, Gladys, shipper, W. J. Crothers' Co.. 
Ivs. 457 Albert. 

Sherbino, Henry, baker, Bowen's Bakery, res. 4 

Sherbino, Mar3', (wid. Frank). Ivs. 114 Johnson. 

Sherbino, William John, baker, W. J. Crothers Co. 
res 76 Markland. 

Sherbino, John, baker, W. J. Crothers Co., Ltd., 
res. 76 Markland. 

Sheridan, Humphrey, Mrs. Ivs 216 Johnson 

SHERIFFS OFFICE, R. F. Vair, Sheriff, Court 

Sherman, Arthur, mariner, Ivs. 256 University. 

Sherman, Melburne J., engineer, C. S. L., res 6 
Birch Ave. 

Sherman, Theresa, (wid J. A.) res. 256 University 

Sherwood, Sherman, bricklayer, res. 7 St. Cathar- 
ine St. 

Shibley, Laird, Ivs 227 Albert 

Shields, Wm. carpenter, Ivs. 72 Princess. 

Shillington, Gladys, student, bds 394 Montreal 

Shilling-ton, Hilda, nurse, K.G.H. 

Shillington, William, retired, res 394 Montreal 

Shipton, Evelyn, Ivs 275 King W 

Shorey, John, bds. 296 Queen. 

Shornton, Elizabeth, patient, 362 Montreal 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service -^Hiiiin 

Cor. King & Queen Sts, 


Shorrock, Herbert, W. lab., res. 22 Russell. 

Shortt, Anna, Ivs. 376 Earl. 

Shortt, Ellen, Ivs. .370 Albert. 

Shortt, Elizabeth Mrs., res. 7 Victoria Terrace, 

Montreal St. 
Shortt, Harry, baker. .•]02 King E., res. 10 John 
Shortt, Mary, res. 376 Earl. 
Shnfflebotham, Samuel J, bread salesman, res 768 

Shnfflebotham, Walter, J. res. 466 Montreal. 
Shurtleff, William, tch. K.C.I., res 79 Nelson. 
Skelcher, E J C, savings ledger, Standard Bank, 

Ivs. Union cor. Division. 
Sidall, Robert, mariner, res. 49 Elm. 
Sidley. Myrtle A. stenog. Business Office British 

Whig, bds. 309 Barrie 
Sills, Adlcna E., Ivs. 367 Barrie. 
Sills, Arthur, K., student, Ivs. 15 Mack. 
Sills, Edward, res. 367 Barrie. 

Sills, Hubert R., electrical engineer, Ivs. 15 Mack. 
Sills, Vivian W. Ivs. 15 Mack. 
Sills, Zella, (wid. W. R.) res. 15 Mack 
Silver, Alfred, employed Weber Piano Factory, 

res 5 St. Catherine 
Silver, Emma (wid Wm), res 545 Albert 
Silver, Jas. driver, 403-405 King St. 
Silver, Milton, M. guard. K. P., res. 98 Toronto. 
Silver, Thos. Alfred, lab., res 5 St. Catherine 
Silver, Miss Vive. Ivs 361 Barrie 
Silverman, Mary, Ivs. 216 Colborne. 
Silverman, Morris, agent, I. Cohen & Co., res. 216 

Silverman, Samuel, peddler, res. 216 Colborne. 
SIMMONS BROS, Hardware, 169-171 Princess. 
Simmons, Anna, Ivs. 24 Frontenac. 
Simmons, A. Alfred, retired, res. 54 Livingston. - 
Simmons, Albert, lab., bds. 44 Ontario. 
Simmons, Andrew, G. merchant, res. 265 Univer- 
Simmons. Charles C. merchant, 24 Frontenac. 
Simmons, Earl, Ivs. 198 William. 
Simmons, Ethel, Ivs. 411 King E. 
Simmons, Florence, (wid. Wm.) res. 411 King E. 
Simmons, Frederick, tinsmith, res. 198 William. 
Simmons, Herbert, J. head shipper, E. Chown & 

Son, res, 141 Montreal. 
Simmons, Joseph G. mariner, Ivs. 54 Livingston. 
Simmons, Mrs. res. 297 Albert. 
Simmons, Myrtle, cashier. Prudential Insurance 

Company, Ivs. 297 Albert, 
Simmons, Vivian A. mason, res. 55 Livingston. 
Simmons, Wellington, Chemistry, Queen's Univer- 
sity, res 55 William 
Simmons, William G, merchant, res 170 Barrie 
Simpson, Bessie, Ivs. 85 Clergy W. 
Simpson, Charles, bds. 84 William. 
Simpson, Charles T. gardener, res Regent. 
Simpson, Mrs. E. J. (wid C. D.) res. 213 Albert. 
Simpson, Fred, hat cleaner, 163 Princess. 
Simpson, Marcella, Ivs. 85 Clergy W. 
Simpson, Olive, Ivs. 85 Clergy W. 
Simpson, Rose Mary, Ivs. 85 Clergy W. 
Simpson, Robert, lab., res. 247^ Earl. 
Simpson, Rudolph, mechanic, Ivs. 23 Sixth. 


res. 236 


SIMPSON,^ DR, S. H. Dentist, 258 Bagot.T^^ 

Shnpson, Sarah, (wid. Arch), res. 85 Clergv W 
Smipson, Walter, driver Chown" "" 

Hardware, bds, 275 Queen. 
Snnpson, William, res. 30 Plum 
Suns, Ida, maid, 119 Earl. 
Sinclair, Annie, B. (wid. Rev. P. W) 


Sinclair, Anna, tch., Ivs. 236 Stuart 
Smclair, Miss Charlotte, res. 212 Sydenham. 
Sinclair, Ivan, packer, 339-341 King res 86 Fron- 
Sinclair, Mazie, nurse. K.G.H. 
Sinclair, Mary, D. nurse, K.G.H 
Smclair, Margaret, (wid. John), bds. 260 Alfred 
Smclair, Robt, Ivs. 360 Barrie 
Sm.g, H, laundry. 206 Montreal 

dry, Manager, 225 Princess. 
Singleton, Arthur, traveller T. Stewart, 74 Nelson 
Smgleton, Harold, traveller J. Y. Parkhill & Co 

res. 137 Bagot. 
Singleton, Henry, attendant Rockwood Hospital 

res. 32 Plum. 
Singleton. John, com, traveller, res. 36 Frontenac 
Singleton, Marion, tch. bds. 23 Frontenac 
Sinnott, Charles, lab., Ivs 36 Johnson. 
Sinnott, John, carter, Ivs. 36 Johnson 
Sinnott, Joseph, taxi driver, Ivs. 36 Johnson 
Smnott, Margaret, (wid. Miles), res. 36 Johnson. 
Jt'^^'^^'i^^a^'.'^xV'' taxi-driver, res. 36 Johnson. 

7^ ' ' ^^strict Representative Ontario 

Dept. of Agriculture, Kingston Office res 
Sissons, Margaret, (wid. John), Ivs. 141 Nelson 
Skeggs, Arthur J, fireman, bds. 243 Montreal. 
Skeggs, Bert, cigar-maker, res. 76 York 
Skelton, John. Textile Co, bds 218 Montreal 
Skelton, O. _ D. Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 

Queen's University, res. 138 Albert 
Skelton, William, bds 480 Montreal 
Skilley, Margaret, maid, 102 Stuart. 
Skinner, Edward W Capt, asst in draughting. 

Queen's University, res. 28 Garrett. 
Skinner, Henry E. Mrs. bds. 134 Earl. 
Slater, Charles, shoe-repairer, McGall & Slater 

res. ^5 A])erdeen. 
Slater, Thomas, partner Hooper & Slater, res. 172 

Slater, Stewart, stock man VanLuven's Garage 
res 356 Brock ' 

Slazske, Charles, tannery, bds. 240 Montreal 
Sleeman, William, night operator C. P. R. Tele- 
graph, bds. Johnson. 
Sleeman, William H. mason, res. 156 Frontenac 
Sleeth, Charles, wks. Weber Piano Factory, Ivs. 

132 Clarence. 
Sleeth, Eugene. Sanitary Inspector, res 20 O'Kill 
Sleeth, Lawrence, Ivs 132 Clarence 
Sleeth, Margaret, A. res. 84 Quebec 
Sleeth, Mary, res 304 Johnson 
Sleeth, Samuel, Ivs. 20 O'Kill. 

Sligh, Delmer R, patient Sydenham Hospital, res. 
24 Division. 

LA. STERLING «*»« fxtwes 

209 Princess Street 


& Dressed Lumber ?* JJl? *^-.?' "^t?' ^^'l 

Phone 1681 J 

670-680 Montreal St. 



Slimmons, John, retired, 145 Montreal, 
summons, William J. engineer, C.P.R., Ivs 145 

Sliter, Ernest O, MA, Princ Collegiate Insti- 
tute, res: .320 Alfred. 
Sliter, Ernest, salesman Excelsior Life, Ivs 320 

Sloan, Albert Stuart, S. Anglin & Co., res 4 Or- 
Sloan, Katherine, (wid Richard), res. 187 Alfred. 
Sloan, Eleanor, stenog. Board of Education, Ivs 

440 Brock. 
Sloan, Elizabeth, (wid.) bds. 75 Pine. 
Sloan, Marv Elizabeth, weaver Cotton Mill, Ivs. 

32 Duf¥erin. 
Sloan, Ethel, student, Queen's University, Ivs. 440 

Sloan, Ethel, nurse, K.G.H. 
Sloan, Mary J. res. 293 Montreal. 
Sloan, Robert D. salesman, Bibby's Ltd., res. 440 

Sloan, Sarah (wid R.) res. 32 Dufferin. 
Small, Harvey C. engineer. Dept. of Public High- 
ways, 237 Bagot, res. 130 Alfred. 
Small, Harry, manager Kingston Ice Companx', 

res. 23 Earl. 
Small, Phillip, electric meter installer. Public Uti- 
lities, Ivs. 23 Earl. 
Small, Rosalie, milliner Steacy's, bds. 428 Princois 
Smallridge, Stanley W. plumber, McKelvey & 

Birch, res. 141 Pine. 
Smallridge, William H. mason, res. 318 Earl. 
Smart, Charles A. wks. Geo. Robertson & Son, res. 

472 Brock. 
Smart, Clara, (wid. John) Ivs. 270 Wellington. 
Smellie, Alex, mechanic, McAllister's Garage, Ivs 

522 Princess. 
Smeaton, Ellen, (wid. Chas.) Ivs. 69 Raglan Rd. 
Smeaton, Frank, packer, Robertson Grocery Co., 

res. 78 Victoria. 
Smeaton, John R. Ivs. 78 Victoria. 
Smeaton, Thomas, Ivs 78 Victoria. 
Smiley, Alexander, mechanic, McAllister's Gar- 
age, bds 522 Princess 
Smiley,"james, employed at Sydenham Hospital, 

bds. 188 Stuart. 
Smith, Agnes, M, binder. Job Dept, Whig Office, 

Ivs 216 Rideau 
Smith, George Albert, mason, res. 27 Cherry. 
Smith, Albert, chef General Hospital, bds 19 Uni- 
Smith, Albert, shoe repairer, 204 Barrie, res. 206 

Smith, Alexander, C. carpenter, S. Anglin & Co., 

res. 425 Johnson. 
Smith, Alfred, meat market, 338 Princess, res. 187 

Smith, Alice (wid. Edward) res. 223 L. Rideau. 
Smith, Alice, M. student, Ivs. 106 Victoria. 
Smith, Anna, (wid. James), Ivs. 23 Barrack. 
Smith, Annie, tailoress, bds. 43a Main. 
Smith, Annie E. res 152 Frontenac 
Smith, Anna E. (wid. Jas), Ivs 419 King E. 
Smith, A. H. store 240^ Montreal. 
Smith, Arthur Harold, grocer, res. 34 Charles. 
Smith, Arthur M. res. 118 William. 
Smith, Arthur, mariner, C.S.L. Ivs. 17 Plum. 

Smith, Arthur, H. soldier, res. 34 L. Charles. 


Smith, Bertram, O. manager Co. -Operative Store, 
Ivs. 100 Frontenac 

Smith, Beatrice L. elk. Woolworth Co., Ivs. 217 

Smith, Bert, patient, Sydenham Hospital, res. 131 

Smith, Clara, tailoress Crawford & Walsh, bds 116 

Smith, Charles, sectionman, G.T.R., bds Carleton 

Smith, Charles E. tanner, Davis Tannery, res. 8 
L. Rideau. 

SMITH, CYRIL, M. Solicitor Cunningham & 
Smith, res. 9 Alice 

Smith, Catherine, Mrs. patient, 362 Montreal. 

Smith, Charles, E. patient, Sydenham Hospital. 
res. 104 Montreal. 

Smith, Charles, lab., res. 657 Princess. 

Smith, Charles L. lab., Ivs 393 Princess. 

Smith, Clara C. res. 226 King E. 

Smith, Charlotte A., Ivs. 219 Queen. 

Smith, Daniel, financier's office, 169 Wellington, 
res 176 King 

Smith, Doris G. elk. Oddfellows' Relief Associa- 
tion, 334 King. Ivs. 25 Division. 

Smith, Delia, (wid. Wm.) res. 209 L. Rideau. 

Smith, Daniel, carter, res. 393 Princess. 

Smithy David, res. 241 Patrick. 

Smith, Daniel, res. 176 King E. 

Smith, David, res 2 Jenkin. 

Smith, David, driver R. Crawford, res. 22 Clergy 

Smith, Edgar R. salesman, Ivs. 199 Colborne. 

Smith, Edith, (wid. Leslie), res. 49 Concession. 

Smith, Edwin, soldier, R.C.H.A., Ivs 268 Welling- 

Smith, Edward J. Capt. mariner, res. 177 Montreal 

Smith, Elan, Ivs 37 Russell 

Smith, Eleanor (wid. J. S.) res. 185 Johnson. 

Smith, Electa, patient K.G.H. 

Smith, Elena, maid, St. Andrew's Manse. 

Smith, N. Elmer, backsmith, res 35 Division 

Smith, Elmer T. lab. res 84 Raglan Rd. 

Smith, Etta, J. elk. R. Uglow & Co.. Ivs 58 Wil- 

Smith, Etta, H. Ivs 127 Bagot. 

Smith, Florence, book-keeper, 332 King E. Ivs. 
199 Colborne. 

Smith, Frank, agent Metropolitan Life, res. 1 

Smith, Frank F. res. 9 Markland. 

Smith, Frederick, E. barber, res. 472 Barrie. 

Smith, Fred. E. barber, 357 Princess, res. 472 

Smith, Fred. Wm. carpenter, res. 37 York. 

Smith, C. Eraser, machinist, res. 468 Barrie. 

Smith, Geo. baker. New England Bakery, Ivs 637 

Smith, George, res. 127 Bagot. 

Smith, Gordon J. merchant Smith Bros. Jewellers, 

350 King, res. 266 Albert. 
Smith, Hazel, maid, 28 Sydenham. 
Smith, Harold J, grocery, res 419 King 
Smith, Harold E. gardener, res. 102 William. 



PHONE 834 

'Phone 634. Open Day and N ight Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK'S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 



Smith, Harold J, grocery prop, res 23 Barrack 

Smith, Henry, driller Shipbuilding Co., res. 331 

Smith, Henry W. painter, res. 258 Division. 

Smith, Henry, retired, res. 172 York. 

Smith, Herbert, driver, Harkness Meat Market, Ivs 
268 Wellington. 

Smith, Herbert M. lab., res. 47 Ordnance. 

Smith, Horace Edward, elk Redden's, Ivs 217 Uni- 

Smith, Howard, driver, Ivs. 4 Devonshire Terrace, 
Quebec St. 

Smith, Howard, lab. Ivs 42G Princess 

Smith, Hyacinth, elk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs 037 

Smith, Isobell, (wid. Chas.) res. 110 Bagot. 

Smith, Isabell, wks. Cotton Mill, Ivs. 282 Welling- 

Smith, James, N. carter, res. 17 Plum. 

Smith, James, Albert, lab., res. 211 L. Rideau 

Smith, Jas. B. mechanic, VanLuven's Garage, res 

Smith, John Jas. engineer, Sowards Coal Co., res. 
459 Division. 

Smith, John, gardener, Ivs. 102 William 

Smith, John, soldier, R.C.H.A., res. 156 Pine. 

Smith, Joseph L. printer, Hanson, Crozier & Ed- 
gar, res 96 Pine 

Smith, J. Peter, boiler-maker, bds. 380 Barrie. 

Smith, Keitha M., Ivs. 35 Division. 

Smith, Leslie H. merchant, Smith Bros. Jewellers, 
Ivs. 185 Johnson. 

Smith, Mae, bindery, Whig, 216 Rideau St. 

Smith, Manston, salesman, Kingston Auto Sales 
Co., res. 166 Sydenham. 

Smith, Margaret, stenog, Ivs. 282 Wellington. 

Smith, Martha, res. 60 William. 

Smith, Marion; proof reader. Whig Office, Ivs 25 

Smith, Mary G. Ivs 127 Bagot. 

Smith, Mary (wid. Geo. H.) res. 181 Division. 

Smith, Mary, (wid. Robt.) Boarding House, 191 

Smith, Maud, help K.G.H. 

Smith, Melvin, lab., Ivs. 108 Montreal. 

Smith, Melville, operator, McGinnis & O'Connor, 
res. 242 Nelson. 

Smith, Mossolene, Ivs 172 York 

Smith, Muriel E. student, Ivs. 106 Victoria. 

Smith, Muriel, nurse, bds. 41 Union W. 

Smith, Nancy, (wid H.) res. 45 Clergy. 

Smith, Mrs Nellie, employed Queen's Cafeteria, 
res 29 Arch St 

Smith, Nelson Elmer, blacksmith, res. 35 Division 

Smith, Norman A. printer, British Whig, res. 25 

Smith, Phyllis, Ivs. 361 King. 

Smith, Ralph C. elk. Simmons Bros., Ivs 354 Brock 

Smith, Robt J, liveryman. Guess' Livery, bds 312 

Smith, Ronald M. traveller Arson Shoe Co., Ivs 
125 Beverly. 

Smith, Sarah, J. (wid. Wm.) grocer, 219 Univer- 

Smith, Sidney C, accountant Robertson Grocery 
Co., res. 151 Alfred. 

Smith's Grocery Store, S. J. Smith, prop, 83 Col- 

Smith, Stanley J. prop, grocery, 83 Colborne, res. 
S3 Colborne. 

Smith, Thos. shoe maker, res. 91 Elm. 

Smith, Thomas, flagman C.P.R., bds. 7 Barrack. 

Smith, Thomas, baker, Carnovsky's, res. 637 Prin- 

Smith, Mrs. T. G. res. 58 Wellington. 

Smith, Theodore L, bricklayer, res 101 }/4 Pine 

Smith, Thos. H. mason, res. 443 Princess. 

Smith, Thomas J, lab Davis' Tannery, res 10 L 

Smith, Thos. W. carpenter, res. 4 Devonshire Ter- 
race, 198 Sydenham. 

Smith, Vernon, electrician Bell Telephone, bds. 
451 Alfred. 

Smith, Vincent, mariner, Ivs 166 Sydenham 

Smith, Walter, lab. res. 457 Barrie. 

Smith, William, J. lab. res. 69 John. 

Smith, Wm. lab., res. 282 Wellington. 

Smith, Wm. soldier, R.C.H.A., res. 268 Wellington. 

Smith, Wm. Ivs. 58 Wellington. 

Smith, W. Riley, contractor and builder, res. 231 

Smith, William Vincent, Captain, mariner, res 181 

Smith, William H. farmer, res 106 Victoria. 

Smith, William J. res. 23 William W. 

Smith, William, E. servant R.M.C., res. 334 Mont- 

Smith, William J. (Jr.) cigar maker, bds. 219 

Smith, Walter J. lab., res. 13 Park. 

Smithies, E. O. manager Allen Theatre, bds. 371 

Smithies, Henry, supt Davis Tannery, res. 196 

Smithers, Ethel M. Ivs. 196 Union W. 

Smithers, Frances, (wid. F. H.) res. 248 Earl. 

Smylie, Annie, Ivs. 56 L. Rideau. 

Smythe, F. A. accountant W. G. Craig & Co., Ltd., 
res. 23 West. 

Smythe, Geo. H. B.A., (King & Smythe), res. 23 

Smythe, Jane, maid, Roselawn, Union St 

Smythe, Martha, maid, Roselawn, Union St. 

Snider, Harold M. salesman, Chevrolet Garage, 
res. 36 Aberdeen. 

Snider. Ida, operator Bell Telephone, Ivs. 217 

Snider, T. Albert W. carpenter, res. 217 Montreal 

Snider, Zelpha, maid, 190 Clergy 

Snook, Amy, Ivs. 281 Division 

Snook, Arthur, Ivs. 290 Johnson 

Snook, Harold, guard K.P., res. 393 Earl. 

Snook, Henry, retired, 'res. 290 Johnson 

Snook, John W. lab. res. Scott St. 

Snook, Martin, disabled, res. 281 Division. 

Snowden, George, sOldier R.C.H.A., Ivs. 6 Orchard 

Snowden. Robt. James, mason, res. 159 Nelson. 

Snyder, Edna, nurse, K.G.H. 

Snyder, Jacob, lab., bds. 34 Johnson. 

Snyder, Rev. Emerson, Free Methodist clergyman, 
res. 93 Colborne. 

Snyder, Spearie, blacksmith, bds. 36 Ellis. 



209 Princess Street 

670-680 Montreal St. 

THE K. D. Mfg., Co., 


Phone 1681J 



Soles, Benjamin, wks. Tannery, res 178 L. Bagot 

Soles, Frederick, res Chapman St 

Soles, Joseph L. foreman Davis Tannery, re§. 224 

Soles, Membray A. stenog. Can. Steamship Lines 

Ivs. 224 Sydenham 
Soles, Wilfred H. elk. Fenwick & Hendry, Ivs 171 

Somerville, Alfred, carpenter, Ivs 23 Frontenac. 
Somerville, Anita. Ivs 474 Albert. 
Somerville, Francis, wks. Weber Piano Co., 

res. 474 Albert. 
Somerville. Howard, book-keeper. Public Utilities, 

res. 256 University Ave. 
Somerville, Mary, (wid. Thos.) res 91 Chatham. 
Somerville, Richard, elk. Inland Revenue, Ivs 218 

Somerville, Robt. carpenter, res. 23 Frontenac. 
Sommers. Frank, Ivs 109 Stephen 
Sommers, George, wks Tile Works, res. 109 Step- 
Sons of England Hall, 33 Montreal. 
Southall, David, carpenter, res. 12 St. Lawrence. 
Southall, Ida, Ivs 12 St. Lawrence. 
Southwick, Robert, yardman, Berrigan Hotel 

bds. 29 Brock. 
Sorey, William H, lab. res 10 Vine 
Sowards. Ellen, (wid. James), res. 168 Montreal. 
Sowards, Gladys, stenog. Fish Market, bds. 93 

Sowards, James, coal & wood, Sowards" Coal 

Yard, res. 9 Aberdeen. 
SOWARDS, JOHN F. Coal Merchant, Sowards 

Coal Co., res 172 Montreal. 
Sowards, William, foreman Sowards Coal Co.. res. 

95 Frontenac. 
SOWARDS COAL CO., cor Ontario & Place 

Spafford. Emma. (wid. Moses), Ivs. 245 Alfred. 
Spankie. Margaret A. bds. 296 University. 
SPARKS & SPARKS (Robert E. and Ernest B. 
Sparks), Dental Parlor, 159 Wellington (2nd 

SPARKS, ERNEST, DR. dentist Sparks & 

Sparks, res. 140 Stuart. 
SPARKS, ROBERT. E. DR. Dentist, res. 186 


SPARKS, DR J F, Physician, office, cor William 
and Wellington, res 100 Wellington. 

Spear, Matilda, maid, Ivs 25 Sydenham. 

Speizman's Grocery, 330 Division 

Speizman, Alex, elk Speizman's Grocery, res 246 

Speizman's Grocery, Mrs. Ale.x. Speizman, prop, 
cor. Barrack and Wellington 

Speizman, Ella, Ivs 246 Wellington. 

Spence, David William Capt. mariner, res. 102 

Spence, Ella, student, Ivs 102 Victoria. 

Spence, Harold, book-keeper, Ivs 102 Victoria. 

Spence, Jennie, stenog, Ivs. 102 Victoria. 

Spence, John, elk, Macnee & Minnes, Ivs 102 Vic- 

Spence, John C. Massey-Harris Co., agent, office 
132;X Clarence, res. 30 Garrett. 

Spence. Lewis, P. officer, Portsmouth Penitentiary 

res. 1 Division. 
Spence, Matilda, (wid. Wm.) 
Spence, Walter, elk. W. J. Crothers, Co., Ltd. res 

184 Queen. 
Spencer, Amos, E. wks. C.S.L., res. 28 York. 
Spencer. Edward, engineer, C.S.L., res. 68 Union 

Spencer, Frances, (wid. Ben.) res. 37 Princess. 
Spencer, Harrj' W. resident manager Street Car 

Corporation, res 469 Johnson 
Spencer. Harry, baker. New England Bakery, res 

449 Division 
Spencer, Herbert J. machinist Davis Dry Dock, 

res 124 Montreal 
Spencer, Lucy, book-keeper, Ivs 37 Princess 
Spencer, M. (wid. S. L.) Ivs 45 Clergy W. 
Spencer, Valle. (wid. F.), res. 38 Union. 
Spencer, Robt. J. asst. supt. Prudential Life Insur- 
ance, res 260 Wellington. 
Spooner, Ada M. book-keeper, Jas. Reid, Ivs 314 

Spooner, Charles M. res 97 Frontenac 
Spooner, Charles N. conductor C.P.R. res. 147 

Spooner. Ellen, bds. 203'-^ Alfred. 
Spooner, Elizabeth, maid. 169 University. 
Spooner, Emma, bds. 377 Albert. 
Spooner. George D. bs. 450 Princess 
Spooner, Isabel, (wid. Reuben), bds. 377 Alfred. 
Spooner. Lazarus, Ivs 19 Union W 
Spooner, Lila, Ivs 233 Brock 
Spooner, Louisa, Ivs 97 Frontenac 
Spooner, Margaret. Ivs 365 Barrie 
Spooner, Nettie E. tch. Victoria School, Ivs 233 

Spooner. William, student. Ivs 426 Johnson 
Spoor, Bruneau. elk. Bibby's Ltd., Bds 1 Aberdeen 
Spoor, E. employed Woolworth's, res 246 Col- 
SPRATT, M. J. Archbishop, res, Archbishop's 

Palace, 225 Johnson. 
Spratt Dorothy May, Ivs 21 Balaclava 
Spratt, Ellen Gertrude. Ivs 21 Balaclava 
Spratt, Louis, res 21 Balaclava 
Spriggs, L. E. auto mechanic S. Anglin & Co., 

bds. 147 Collingwood. 
Spriggs, Olive, accountant, Frontenac Loan, Clar- 
ence St. Ivs 147 Collingwood 
Spriggs, W. A. mgr. Bell Telephone Co., 
Sprin.g, L. res 60 Chatham 
Sproule, Lorna, nurse K.G.H. 
Squires, Albert, lab, bds 12 Market 
Squires. Dudley, teller Bank of Commerce, Ivs 288 

Squires, Rose, patient, 382 Montreal 
Stacy, Delia, nurse, K.G.H. 
Stafford, Alma E. student, ivs 230 University 
Stafford, Clara, tch. bds 211 Nelson. 
Stafford. James, elk Williams' Drug Store, res 

94 Bay. 
Stafford. Jane, Ivs 282 Earl 

Stafford, Margaret J. stenog. Macnee & Minnes, 
Ivs 230 University. 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'/r'sTe. 




'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 


Stafford, Mary, candy maker, W. J. Crothers Co., 
bds. 19 Plum. 

Stafford, Reuben, messenger Bank of Montreal, 
res 230 University. 

Stagg, George H. mason, res 243 Colborne 

Stagg, Myrtle Irene, elk. Oddfellows' Relief As- 
sociation, Ivs. 41 Elm. 

Stagg, Martha, (wid. John), res. 41 Elm. 

Staley, Charles, carpenter, res 117 L. Bagot. 

Staley, Edmund George, Capt. mariner, Ivs 41'J 

Staley, Eva, Marj-, nurse, Ivs 419 Albert 

Staley. Mrs. Horace, res. 165 Clergy E. 

Staley, Horace, bds. 328 Albert 

Stanley, Mary (wid Capt Chas), Ivs 419 Albert 

Staley, Teresa K. stenog. Wm. Mundell, Ivs 419 

Stallard, Sarah, (wid James), Ivs 4 Clow's Block, 
Quebec St. 

STANDARD BANK, J. F. Rowland, Manager, 
cor. Bagot & Princess. 

Givens, Managing Director and Editor, pub- 
lishers Daily and Weekly Standard, 177-179 

Standard Church, 44 Main. 

St. Andrew's Church, cor. Princess & Clergy. 

Stanford, Edward, carpenter, res 17 Patrick. 

Stanford, Ed. (Jr.), ''The Club", Ivs 17 Patrick. 

Stanford, Edna, Ivs 17 Patrick. 

Stanford, Ellen, cigar-maker, Geo. McGowan, Ivs 
4 Raglan Rd. 

Stanford, Gus. res. 240^4 Montreal 

Stanford, Hyedred, elk. Newman & Shaw, Ivs 17 

Stanford, Michael, res 4 Raglan Rd. 

Stanford, Nellie, cigar-maker, McGowan's Cigar 
Factory, Ivs 4 Raglan Rd. 

Stanford, Nellie, Ivs 161 Queen. 

Stanford, Thomas C. treas. Grand Opera House, 
res 127 Raglan Rd. 

Stanford, William, locomotive fireman, C.P.R. bds 
Albion Hotel 

Stanley, Benjamin, elk R.M.C. res. 76 Pine. 

Stanley, Charlotte, (wid. William), Ivs 75 Division 

Stansbury, Albert, Ivs 169 Raglan Rd. 

Stansbury, Elsie, stenog, W. J. B. White, 239 
Bagot, Ivs 169 Raglan Rd. 

Stansbury, John, elk Customs House, res 169 Rag- 
lan Rd. 

Stanton, J. wks. Weber Piano Factory, res 190 

Stanton, J. checker G.T.R., res 6 Thomas 

Stanton, Nathaniel, elk. Lindsay's, Ivs Barriefield 

Stanton, Ted. wks. Weber's Piano Factory, Ivs 
Barriefield • 

Staplen, Richard, patient Sydenham Hospital, Ivs 
86 Ontario 

Star Fruit & Candy Store, P. Playannokos, prop. 
66 Princess 

Storey, Frank, baker, bds. 114 Johnson. 

Stark, Realty Co., 

(a) W. A. Stark, Manager. 

(b) A McKinnon & Co, Brokers, A McKin- 
non. Manager, cor. Brock & King. 

Stark, Williain A. broker, res Concession. 

Starr, Rev. Dean. G. L., rector St. George's, res 

78 Wellington. 
Stavncr. Frank, soldier, res 138 Bagot 

Etc., 118-120 Princess 
Steacy, Annie M. (wid. Ed. T.) res 45 King E. 
Steacy, Edward, elk. Royal Bank, Ivs 45 King 
STEACY, HERBERT, secretary Steacy's Ltd., 

Ivs 152 King E 
Steacy, Mrs., (wid.) cook, 80 Barrie. 
STEACY, NOBLE, Managing Director, Steacy's 

Ltd., res. 162 Johnson. 
Steacy, Percy F. messenger Royal Bank, res 9 

Steacy, Recca, stenog. Cunningham & Smith, bds 

428 Princess 
Steacy, Walter, bond salesman, Ivs 45 King E. 


Thomas F. Thompson Inspector, 12-14 

Stephen, Joseph, lab., res 86 York 
Stephen, Rev. John St. Andrew's Manse, cor 

Clergy & Princess 
Steen, Clarence, salesman, cor. Nelson & U. York. 
Steen, Evans, G. driver Jas. Redden & Co., res 217 

Steeves, Stanley, book binder, Jackson Press, res 

cor Princess & King 
Stenton, Gerald M. agent, Dom Express office 

res. 520 Brock 
Stephens, Alfred T. mariner Sowards Coal Co., 

res. 39 Quebec 
Stephen, Hugh M. student, Ivs St. Andrew's Manse 
Stephens, Mary, (wid Willard), res 85 Pine 
Stephenson, Annie (wid S.) res 61 Pembroke 
Stephenson, Frank L. res 228 King E. 
Stephenson, John guard, K.P., Ivs 61 Pembroke 
Stephen, Lawrence, engineer, res 8 Ellis 
Stephens, Louis, H. upholsterer, R. J. Reid, bds 

i64 Queen 
Stephens, Jennie (wid Geo.) housekeeper Dean 

Starr, Ivs 78 Wellington. 

Scales Co., res. 118 Colborne. 
Sterling, Lillian, Ivs 118 Colborne. 
Sterling, Louis A. Ivs 118 Colborne 
Stevens, Alfred J. soldier, R.C.H.A., res 25 James 
Stevens, James C. elk. Ivs 25 James 
Stevens, Olga, maid, bds. 266 Albert 

STEVENSON & HUNTER, Hardware, 85-87 

Stevenson, Clarence, lab., 3 Thomas 

Stevenson, J. Frank, Supt. Frontenac Tile Co., 

res. 279 Alfred 
Stevenson, Frank H. lab., Roddy & Monk, res 18 

Stevenson, Frank, Ivs 18 Russell 
Stevenson, Ernest George, res 21 Plum 
Stevenson, James, lab., G.T.R., Section, res 3 

Stevenson, John, teamster. Artificial Ice Plant, 3 







126-128 PRINCESS ST, — — — 



Stevenson, Lorna, stenog, bds 436 x\lfred 
Stevenson, Mina, cook. Hotel Frontenac 
Stevenson, Percy, D. agent Prudential Life Insur- 
ance Co., res. 436 Alfred 
STEVENSON, ROBT., Hardw^are Merchant, Ste- 
venson & Hunter, res 412 Albert. 
Stevenson, William, retired, Ivs 47 Rideau 
Stevenson, William, Ivs 18 Russell 
Stevenson, W. H. blacksmith, 381 King E. 
Stewart, Arthur, lab. Davis Dry Dock, Ivs 113 

Stewart, Bessie, elk Income Tax, Ivs 180 Alfred 
Stewart, Bessie, Ivs 130 Bagot 
Stewart, Carry, nurse bds. 25-1 University 
Stewart, Ernest, 269 Princess 
Stewart, Geo. shoemaker, bds. Queen's Hotel 
Stewart, George, student, bds 114 Barrie 
STEWART, DR HARRY A, Dental Surgeon, of- 
fice 194 Wellington, res. 148 L. Albert. 
fice, res. 132 Bagot 
Stewart, James, steel worker, bds. 246 Bagot 
Stewart,, John A. engineer, res 404 Albert 
Stewart, John, wks. Sydenham Hospital, bds. 

3311^ Brock 
Stewart, Mabel, elk Income Tax Office, Ivs 180 

Stewart, Thomas H, manufacturer's Agent, 75 

Princess, res 180 Alfred 
Stewart, William A. milk dealer, res. 689 Princess 
Stewart, Edwin, R.C.H.A. res. 307 Earl 
Stevenson, M. shoe repairing, 201 Wellington 
Stinchcombe, Alice, Ivs 35 Wellington 
Stockbridge, Geo. gardener, C.P.R. res. 72 Brock 
Stockdale, Charles, elk. Post Office, bds. 164 Queen 
Stockhill, Laura, student, Ivs 32 Pembroke 
Stockhill, Richard, engineer, Mowat, res. 32 Pem- 
Stockwell, Lt.-Col. C. V. soldier, R.C.H.A. res. 1 

Stokes, Benjamin, carter, res 105 L. Bagot 
Stokes, Edward, lab., Ivs 105 L Bagot 
Stone. Arthur, bds. 439 Brock 
Stone, C. W. harness maker, 288 Ontario, 
Stone, Harry, picture moulder, Kelly & Driver, 

Ivs 299 Collingwood. 
Stone, Melvin, presser. Collier's, Princess St, Ivs 

299 Collingwood 
Stone, Thomas C. baker, res 299 Collingwood 
Stonham, Charles, lab., res 12 Ann 
Stonham, George W. lab, Grand Trunk, Ivs 12 Ann 
Storms, Clarence, lab, Ivs 26 Sixth 
Storms, George, Ivs 26 Sixth 
Storms, Hazel, drug clerk, Ivs 25 Sixth 
Storms, John, patient, 362 Montreal 
Storms, Sarah, (wid Chas.) res 2 Garrett 
Storms. Susan, waitress Prince George, Ivs 18 

Storms, Thos. motorman K. P & C. Ry, res 26 

Storms, W. L. driver, Kingston Ice Co., Ltd, 303^ 

Storey, Arthur, engineer C.L.C., res 33 Colborne 
Stock, Andrew, H. sergeant R.C.H.A., res 256 

Stott, David, l ab., bds 7 Plum 

Stover, H. M. grocer, 109 Alfred, res 79 Alfred 

Stover, N. M. (wid. Harry), res 307 Brock 

Strachan, Miss Ada, res Kelso Cottage, 248 Divi- 

Strachan, Arch, collector Customs House, res Cus- 
toms House. 

Strachan, Jean, maid, bds 152 King E 

Strachan, Mary, cook, bds 169 King E 

Strader, Velana, nurse K.G.H. 

Stradling, Frank, elk Sydenham Hospital, res 217 
L. Rideau. 

Strain, Mary J. (wid William), Ivs 246 Colborne 

STRAND THEATRE, Mr Abbie, Manager, 262- 
264 Princess 

Insurance Agents, 95 Clarence. 

Strange, Emma, (wid. Frank), res 21 Sydenham 

Strange, Gertrude. E. Ivs 134 King 

Strange, Helen M. Ivs 21 Sydenham 

STRANGE, JOHN, Insurance Agent, Office 95 
Clarence, res 34 Barrie 

Strange, J. Campbell, Inspector Post Office, Ivs 
34 Barrie 

Strange, J. M. Ivs 67 Gore 

Stratford, H. (Sr.), res. 44 York 

Stratford, H. W. taxidermist, res 5 Chestnut 

Stratford, James, retired, res 307 Division 

Stratford, Kathleen, Ivs 44 York 

Stratford, William R. retired, res 360 Division 

Stratton, David, res 303 Earl 

Street, Amy, furrier, Goudier's, bds 153 Nelson. 

Street, Beulah, operator Bell Telephone Co., bds. 
153 Nelson 

Street, Hazel, waitress Masoud's Ice Cream Par- 
lour, bds. 153 Nelson 

Street, Myrtle, maid, 104 Bagot St. 

Stroud, Bros, Teas and Coffees, 109 Princess. 

Stroud, Albert M. foreman. Job Dept. Whig res 
254 Barrie St. 

Stroud, Alajor Allan, manager Employment Bur- 
eau, res 376 Bagot 

Stroud, Constance, elk Dr. Neish's Office, Queen's 
University, Ivs 376 Bagot 

Stinson, Matthew, res 19 William W. 

St. John, Estelle, housekeeper, 309 King 

St. Pierre, Joseph, lab., res 85 Union E. 

Stock, Dora, tch. K.C.I., Ivs 234 Barrie 

Stuart, Eliz. (wid. John), res 221 Division 

Suddard, James lab. Stone Quarry, Montreal St., 

STUART, J. RUSSELL Public School Inspector, 
Oifice, Board of Education Rooms, Syden- 
ham St. res 75 Alfred 

Stundcn, Miss Essie, Ivs 88 Wellington 
.Stundcn, Frederick, elk, res 88 Wellington 
Sturgess, Herbert, N. brakeman Grand Trunk, res 

38 L. Rideau 
St. Luke's Anglican Church, Nelson St. Rev. J. de 

Pencier Wright Rector 
St. Vincent's Academy, Bagot St. 
.Subers, Helen, bds. 134 King St. 
Snddaby. Bros. Tire Dealers, cor Queen & Wel- 
Suddaby, Charles, merchant, res 105 Virtoria 
Suddaby, Thos. W. merchant, res 90 Frontenac 


MacKay's Cream Bread 'Mf;uVcSe°°b/ 



Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 



Siuldard, James, lab, Stone Quarry, Montreal St, 
Ivs. IS Dufferin 
^ Suddard, Margaret, (wid Ed.) res 22 Elm 
Suddard, Marjorie E. Ivs 366 Barrie 
Suddard, Melville, elk. Ivs 22 Elm 
Suddard, Philip G. marine engineer, res 366 

Sudds, Arthur, mariner, res 280 Wellington 
Sudds, Arthur (Jr.), sailor, Ivs '280 Wellington 
Sudds, Doris, operator. Bell Telephone, Ivs 280 

Sudds, George, W. mariner, res 114 Ordnance 
Sudds, Mary, candy maker, W. J. Crothers Co., 

Ivs 114 Ordnance 
Sudds, Minnie, employed Kingston Steam Laun- 
dry, Ivs 114 Ordnance 
Sugarman, Annie, typist, Ivs 242 Ontario 
Sugarman, Henry, second-hand dealer, 238-242 

Sugarman, Moses, apprentice Willard Service Sta- 
tion Brock St., Ivs 242 Ontario 
Sugel, Harvey, elk, Robinson's Stores, Montreal 

St. Ivs. 325 Montreal 
Sugel, Lewis, second-hand dealer, 374 King. 
Sughrue, Cornelius, mariner bds. 203 University 
Sughrue, Frances (wid Capt. W. D.) res 227 

Sughrue, Thomas Capt. mariner, res 426 Johnson 
Sullivan, Alfred, student, Ivs 65 Livingston 
Sullivan, Beatrice, waitress, Randolph Hotel 
Sullivan, Clever, res 208 Albert 
Sullivan, Elizabeth, bds. 224 Johnson 
Sullivan, Elizabeth, (wid M.) res 112 William 
Sullivan, Eva, tailoress. Miss Mitchell, Brock St. 

Ivs 155 Montreal 
Sullivan, Frances, res. Apt. No. 4 Villa St. Claire, 

Barrie St. 
Sullivan, George, Instructor Penitentiary, res 65 

Sullivan, John E. partner W. M. Linton Co., Ivs 

155 Montreal. 
Sullivan, John, J. elk. Newman and Shaw's, res 49 

Sullivan, John, night freight clerk, G.T.R. res 155 

Sullivan, John J. night freight clerk, G.T.R., res. 

155 Montreal 
Sullivan, Josephine, elk. 350 King, Ivs 206 Syden- 
Sullivan, Leo, res 30 Ellerbeck 
Sullivan, Marion, student, Ivs 65 Livingston 
Sullivan, Michael, res 87 King E. 
Sullivan, W. candy-maker, W. J. Crothers Co., 

Ltd., res 6 Redan 
Sullivan, William, barrister, res 108 Earl 
Sullivan, William, employed Gas Works, bds 164 

Sullivan, William, soldier, R.C.H.A., res 66 John 
Sully, Mary, waitress. Royal Hotel 
Sumiverby, Edward, bds. 821 Montreal 
Summerville, Frederick, retired, res 76 Nelson 
Superior Ice Cream Parlor, 204 Princess 
Superior Meat Market, 224 Barrie 

Susman, Abraham, student, Ivs 185 Queen 
Susman, A. elk Robinson's Groceteria Ivs 185 

Surprise Store, Wm. Abramsky, prop. 352 Prin- 

Susman, Freda, Ivs 140 Montreal 

Susman, Harry, clerk, Ivs 146 Montreal 

Susman, Harry, clerk, Ivs 146 Montreal 

Susman, Louis, res 146 Montreal 

Susman, Max. dealer in junk, res 185 Queen 

Susman, Mendell, salesman Ivs 185 Queen 

Susman, Nellie, Ivs 185 Queen. 

Susman, Rebecca, book-keeper, Abramsky's Ivs. 

146 Montreal 
Susman, William, student, Ivs 185 Queen. 
SUTHERLAND, J. H. & BRO., Shoes, 103-105 

SUTHERLAND, J H (J H Sutherland & Bro), 

res 76 Gore. 
Sutherland, Mr. traveller, res 51 Clergy E. 
Sutherland, Robt. Ivs 109 Gore 
Sutherland, Samuel, elk Macnee & Minnes, Ivs 32 

Sutherland, Wm. F. foreman, C.P.R., Freight 

Sheds, res 842 Princess 
Sutton, Maud, (wid Wm.) res 332 Brock 
SwaiuQ, Ernest, book-keeper. Queen's bds. 302 

Swaine, John, machinist. Can. Loco. Co., res 428 

Swaine, William E. piano-tuner, res 100 Clergy W 
Swaffield, Henry, harness-maker, 76 Brock, res 

216 Queen 
Sweeney, Ernest, bds. 667 Montreal 
Sweetser, Nellie, maid, Prof. Seccombe, Arch St. 

College Grounds. 
Sweetman, Thos. Car Inspector, G.T.R., res 196 

SWIFT, JAMES, SR., President Jas. Swift & 

Co Ltd, res 132 King E 
SWIFT, JAMES & CO., LTD., Coal, Swift, 
James Sr., Pres., Swift, James Jr. Secretary 
Johnson St. 
Swift, James, Jr, Sec'y Jas Swift Co Ltd, res 132 

King E 
Swift, Loretta, Ivs 132 King E. 
Switzer, Annie, nurse Ivs 267 Queen 
Switzer, Emaline (wid Peter), res 267 Queen 
Sword, Gladys, stenog. Booth Fisheries, Brock 

St., bds. 93 Colborne 
Sydenham Convalescent Home 400 King 
Sydenham, Hospital Annex, 398 King 
Sydenham, Lodge, 430 King 
Sydenham Public School, 47 Wellington 
Syks, Frederick, soldier R.M.C., res 127 Stephen 
Symands, Prof. M. J. Prof. Queen's, res 66 Union 

Synane, John E. lab., res 12 L. Charles 

Tackaberry, Fred, operator G.T.R., res. 201 Fron- 

Taft, Grace, tch. Ivs 41 Union W. 
Taft, Mary, nurse K.G.H. 
Taft, Minnie (wid. J. W.) res 41 Union 
Taggart, J. A. Ivs 164 Bagot 
Tait, Clifton R. druggist McLeod's Drug Store, 

bds 425 Albert 
Taite, Robt. J. carter, res. 37 U. Charles 
Tairen's Grocery. 63 John ^^_^^__ 

Dr. Beirs Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 



'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Tairen, Jessie, wid. Joseph), res 63 John 

Tairen, Joseph, elk, Tairen's Grocery, Ivs 63 John 

Taillon, Ethel, Ivs 13 Redan 

Taillon, Frank, night watchman, S. Anglin & Co., 

res 13 Redan 
Taillon, Peter, driver Doyle's Bakery, Ivs 639 

Talbot, Wni H, carpenter, res 8 St Catherine 
Talhurst, Louise, cigar-maker, Oberndorffer's Ivs 

14 Frontenac N. 
Talhurst, William, res 14 Frontenac N. 
Tallon, John, retired bds 5 L. Rideau. 
Tandy, Mary, (wid Wm.) Ivs 240 King 
Tandy, Rechab, res 425 Albert 
Tanner, Charles, E. painter, Ivs 27 John 
Tanner, Ethel, Ivs 27 John 
Tanner, James Charles, painter, res 27 John 
Tanner, William J. bds. 8 Garrett 
Tarrant, Hilda H. nurse K.G.H. 
Tatton, Ethel, (wid Chas), res 34 Plum 
Taugher, James P. blacksmith, Ivs 7 John 
Taugher, James J. blacksmith, res 7 John 
Taylor, Chas, A. surveyor R.M.C., res 228 Stuart 
Taylor, Chas. E. res 185 King W. 
TAYLOR, CHAS. Prop. T. F. Harrison Co., 

Ltd., res King W. (cor. St. Lawrence). 
Taylor Dental Laboratory, 101 Clarence 
Taylor, David W. mechanical dentist office 101 

Clarence, res 62 Victoria 
Taylor, E. Corpl. R.C.O.C, res 484 Alfred 
Taylor, Edward James, engineer, res 209 Alfred 
Taylor, Ernest A, mgr Hemlock Park Dairy, 

res 835 Princess 
Taylor, Corporal Ernest, bds 168 Division 
Taylor, Frank W. patient Sydenham Hospital res 

200 Alfred 
TAYLOR & HAMILTON, (H. H. Taylor, and 

Samuel Hamilton), Hardware, Plumbing and 

Tinsmiths, 89-91 Princess 
TAYLOR, HENRY, H. merchant res 361 Johnson 
Taylor, James, lab., res 33 John 
Taylor, James, driver. Gage's Grocery, Ivs 33 John 
Taylor, John retired, res 425 Division 
Taylor, L. Ivs 132 Stephen 
Taylor, Marjorie D. nurse bds. 209 Alfred 
Taylor, Mary Catherine, stenog, Portsmouth Bre- 
wery, bds 209 Alfred 
Taylor, Mary, maid, bds 49 King E. 
Taylor, Mary E. (wid. J.) res 136 King E. 

Queen's University, res Arch St. College 

Taylor, Richard, engineer, C. S. L., res 92 L. Bagot 
Taylor, Roy, Taylor Specialty Co., Brock St. bds 

92 Queen. 
Taylor, William, res 25 Macdonell 
Taylor, William, stone cutter, bds 84 William 
Taxi and Cab Stand, No. 1, 47 Clarence, Phone 490 
Taxi Stand, 32 Clarence, Phone 64. 
Telgmann, Carmen, Ivs 216 Frontenac 
Telgmann, Mignon, Ivs 23 Pine 
TELGMANN, Oscar, Musician, res 216 Fron- 
Teeple, Earl, auto mechanic, VanLuven's Garage 
res 132 Chatham 

Teeple, Harry N. carpenter, res 22 Carlisle 
Teeple, Herbert, accountant, Ivs 22 Carlisle 
Teeple, Myrtle, stenog S. Anglin & Co., Ivs 22 

Temple, Frederick George, instructor R.C.H.A. res 

447 Division 
Tero, Mary E. Ivs 303 University 
Terry, Delos L. soldier res 46 Quebec 
Tetlock, Catherine (wid. John), Ivs 56 Raglan Rd. 
Tetro, George, operator C.P.R. Telegraph Office 

Ivs 15 Rideau 
Tetro, Gertrude, Ivs 15 Redan 
Tetro, James J. engineer, res 15 Redan 
Theobald, J. M. res 297 King 
Theriault, Le Roy, res Concession St 
Thibett, Alexander, machinist Davis Tannery, res 

7 Charles 
Thimlin, Mary, maid, 179 Earl 
THIRD, DR. JAMES, Physician, office 67 West, 

Ivs 12 Wellington. 
Third, Dr. Reginald, physician, office 67 West, Ivs 

12 Wellington 
Thomas, Percy C. res 105 King W. 
Thomas, Samuel E. res. 19 Frontenac N. 
Thompson, A. employed Weber Piano Factory, 

Ivs 247 Earl 
Thompson, Arch, branch manager. Dominion Life 
Insurance Co. 56 Brock, bds 106 Wellington 
THOMPSON, ALBERT J. Manager Kingston 

Steam Laundry, res 48 Colbome 
Thompson, Albert, boiler maker, res 216 Stuart 
Thompson, Augustus, yard foreman C.L.C., res 

199 Earl 
Thompson, Bella, Ivs 10 Ontario 
Thompson, Bessie, typist, Rockwood, Ivs 37 

Clergy W. 
SON, Prop. 294 Princess 
Thompson, Charles W. traveller, res 139 Nelson 
THOMPSON. CHARLES A. Manager Thomp- 
son Bros., Laundry, Barrie St., res 144 Bay. 
Thompson, Charles, student, K.C.I, bds 300 Albert 
Thompson, Catherine, cigar-maker, Orbendorf- 

fer's, Ivs 10 Ontario 
Thompson, Douglas, salesman, Abramson's Store, 

Ivs 168 L. Bagot 
THOMPSON, E. BLAKE, Real Estate Agent, 39 

Brock, res 34 Frontenac 
Thompson, Elias, res 249 Patrick- 
Thompson, Elizabeth, (wid Frank), res 258 Sy- 
Thompson, Emily, (wid Geo.), res 359 Brock 
Thompson, Ernest, painter, T. W. Milo, Ivs 27 

Thompson, Ethel, Ivs 10 Ontario 
Thompson, Florence, Ivs 22 Colborne 
Thompson, Frank Ivs 258 Sydenham 
Thompson, Fred, fitter ship yard, res 10 Ontario 
Thompson, Frederick, driver, Drury Coal Co., res 

192 Colborne 
Tliompson, Frederick, lalj, res 26 Russell 
Tliompson, Geo. tobacconist, 294 Princess, res 154 

Thompson, George, student, Ivs 199 Earl 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 


and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or night 



Thompson, Gordon A. Canada Radio Stores, 369J^ 

Princess, Ivs 247 Earl 
Thompson, Harry, carpenter, 106 Montreal 
Thompson, Henry A. Prudential Life Insurance 

Co., res 191 Clergy 
Thompson, Howard, elk. Geo. Thompson, Ivs 154 

Thompson J. Tailor, Ivs 94 William 
Thompson, James painter res 266 Wellington 
Thompson, James, clerk, bds 4 Raglan Rd 
Thompson, Jennie Ivs 10 Ontario 
Thompson, Jennie (wid Charles), bds 50 Elm 
Thompson, John, new and Second Hand Goods, 

333-335 Princess 
Thompson, John, blacksmith res 119 King W. 
Thompson, John P. patient, res 253 Patrick 
Thompson, Katherine, cigar-maker, Oberndorf- 

fer's, Ivs 10 Ontario 
Thompson, Marjory, Ivs 154 Ordnance 
Thompson, Marjory I. stenog. Oddfellows' Relief 

Association, Ivs 144 Bay 
Thompson, Mary (wid James G.) res 22 Colborne 
Thompson, Melville F. book-keeper, Collingwood 

Shipyard, res 355 Brock 
Thompson, Mrs. (wid W.) res 128 Nelson 
Thompson, Norman, wks Thoinpson Bottling Co., 

res. 359 Brock 
Thompson, Peter, machinist, Ivs 31 Colborne 
Thompson, Peter Thos. res 162 King E. 
Thompson, Robt. lab., Kingston Shipbuilding Co., 

res 41 Division 
Thompson, Robt, driver Toye's Bakery, res 58 

Thompson, Thos. retired res 335 Earl 
Thompson, Tony, employed Wm Bishop's, Ivs 

92 Princess 
Thompson, William, bds 4 Raglan Rd. 
Thompson, William Wright, res 27 Main 
Thompson, William Wright, painter, res 89 Bev- 

Thompson, Herbert F. photographer, res 412 

Thomson, Isobel, Ivs 266 Alfred 
Thorne, Amelia, res 246 Bagot 
Thurlow, Edward, wks Public Utilities, res 8 

Thorpe, Thos. M. wks. Bell Telephone Co., res 

449 Alfred 
Thornton, Herbert, pressman, Jackson Press, res 

40 Ordnance . 

Thornton, John Alex., plumber, res 77 Quebec 
Thornton, William J. foreman, Anglins' res 17 

Frontenac N. 
Thorogood, Jack, carpenter, res 107 King W 
Thrussel, William, patient 362 Montreal 
Thurlby, Thomas J. res 37 Ellerbeck Ave 
Thurston, Florence M. Ivs 92 Barrack 
Thurston, Sarah (wid Henry), res 92 Barrack 
Tibbutt, Frank, lab., S. Anglin & Co., res 148 Rag- 
lan Rd. 
Tibbutt, Wm. lab., res 492^ Princess 
Tidman's Grocery, Mrs. G. Tidman, prop, 27 Ellis 
Tidman, Amey, elk. Ivs 101 York 
Tidman, Gertrude, (wid G.) res 101 York 
Tidman, Leon, baker, Ivs 101 York 

Tidman, Oliver, carpenter, Ivs 101 York 
Tierney, Alex, prop Belmont Cafe, res 654 Brock 
Tierney, Bernard J. accountant W. J. Crothers Co. 

Ivs 17 Colborne 
Tierney, Cecil, accountant Blue Garages Ltd., Ivs 

345 Division 
Tierney, James, retired, res 17 Colborne 
Tierney, Mary A. music teacher, Ivs 17 Colborne 
Tierney, Patrick, res 345 Division 
Timmerman, Ethel, stenog, Craig's Wholesale, 

res 569 Princess 
Timmerman, Gertrude, chocolate dipper, Grimms' 

Ivs 569 Princess 
Timmerman, Margaret, (wid Nicholas), res 569 

Timmerman, Nicholas, constable, res 540 Alfred 
Timms, Charlotte R. Ivs 909 Princess 
Timms, Fred. C. Ivs 69 Frontenac N. 
Timms, Geo. W. time keeper, Ivs 69 Frontenac N. 
Timms, Martin A, helper. Whig, 34 Clergy W 
Timms, William, postman, 909 Princess 
Tisdale, Ella M. tch Ivs 180 Rideau 
Tisdale, Hubert, lab., res 255 Patrick 
Tisdale, J. Francis, foreman S. Anglin & Co., res. 

180 Rideau 
Tisdale, John A, painter, bds 272 Johnson 
Tisdale, Louis, boat-builder, Knapp's Boat Livery, 

res 91 L. Bagot 
Tisdale, Lulex, elk. Jesse's Store, Ivs 91 L. Bagot 
Tisdale, Roy, electrician, Newman's Electric Store, 

Ivs 88 L. Bagot 
Tisdale, William, ^loulder Can. Loco. Works, Ivs 

91 L. Bagot 
Todd, Frederick J. barber, res 375 King E. 
Todd, John, boiler-maker, res 165 Stuart 
Todd, Lena, tch. Ivs 173 Union 
Todd, Margaret, (wid Herbert), res 114 Johnson 
Todd, Olive, B. nurse, Ivs 173 Union 
Todd, Thos. retired, res 173 Union 
Todd, William M. lab., res 14 Cowdy 
TOFIELD, HARRY A, Manager Bank of Mont- 
real, res 70 Barrie 
Tofield, Helen, Ivs 70 Barrie 

Manager, 209 Princess St. 
Tolfts, Edward, wks Kingston Cement Co. Ivs 8 

Tolfts, Henry, lab. Cement Works, res 8 Redan 
Tomkins, E. J. elk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs 330 Uni- 
Tompkins, Fred, carter, Drury's, res 192 Colborne 
Tomlinson, Walter, lab, res 204 Sydenham 
Toner, William, caretaker Court House, res Court 

House, Barrie St. 
Toohey, Kate, Ivs 330 Brock 
Toohey, Miss Mary, res 330 Brock 
Toolan, Mary Ivs 327 Barrie 
Tooher's Grocery, Miss Annie Tooher, prop, cor 

Montreal and Charles, res 312 Montreal. 
Toole, Mrs. O. patient K.G.H. 

Torrance, Dr. Edward F. clergyman, res 153 Alfred 
Torrance, Frederick W. law student, Osgoode 

Hall, Ivs 153 Alfred 
Torrance, Henry, res 85 Quebec 
Torrance, Jessie D. Ivs 153 Alfred < 

LA. STERLING Sto« Fixtures 

209 Princess Street 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 

STEELE, BRIGGS' ^^rM^ilxoN. 




Torrance, Kate D, Ivs 153 Alfred 
Tour, Patrick, shoe-maker, bds 49 Princess 
Tousignant, Frank, engineer C.S.L., res 37 Bagot 
Town, Eliz, (wid Richard), Ivs 72 Wellington 
Townsend, Everett, manager Frontenac Tile Co., 

Ivs 148 Barrie 
Townsend. William M. crane driver, C.L.C res 

283 Victoria 
Townsend, William H. bricklayer, res 281 Victoria 
TOYE, R. H. & CO., Wholesale Fruit and Con- 
fectionery Props, A. J. C. Lingham, J. Mac- 
Donald, 195 Ontario 

195 Ontario 
Tozer, George, lab., Ivs 118 Stephen 
Tozer, William, H. lab., res 118 Stephen 
Trades and Labor Hall, 272 Princess 
Travellers' Sample Rooms, B. A. Hotel, 281 King 

Traynor, Albert Edward, soldier, res 28 Markland 
Treadgold, Alice M. student K.C.I., Ivs 174 Stuart 
TREADGOLD, ALBERT E. merchant Tread- 
gold's Sporting Goods, 88 Princess, res 174 
Treadgold, Albert R. employed Treadgold's, Ivs 
174 Stuart 

Treadgold, William, H. M. Ivs 174 Stuart 
Treguana, Beatrice J. maid, Ivs 68 Johnson 
Treneer's Grocery, C. C. Treneer. prop, res 18 

Treneer, Ernest, wks Weber Piano Factory, res 

52 Quebec 
Treneer, E. wks Weber Piano Factory, Ivs 52 


Treneer, Frederick C. wks. Weber Piano Factory, 
Ivs 1 Clow's Terrace, Quebec St. 

Treneer, Fred, tuner, Weber's Piano Factory, Ivs 

1 Stanley Terrace, Quebec St. 
Treneer, Fred, Ivs 261 King 

Treneer, John P. gardener, res 1 Clow's Terrace, 

Quebec St. 
Treneer, Robt. H. mail elk. Whig, res Quebec St. 
Treneer, William, J. peddler, Ivs 1 Clow's Terrace 

Quebec St. 
Trenhaile, Thos. baker, R.C.H.A. res 14 Main 
Trenhaile, Wm. James, manager Billiard Room, 

res 256 Princess 
TrevilHon, E. C. elk Bank of Montreal, res 380 

Trotter, Annie, typist Edwin Chown & Son., Ivs 

98 Clergy 
Trotter, Catherine, (wid James) res 98 Division 
Trotter, Chas. W. taxi-driver, res 413 Johnson 
Trotter, Edward, patient 362 Montreal 
Trotter, Mary, (wid. D.) 24 Frontenac 
Trotter, Norma V. nurse, Ivs 413 Johnson 
Trotter, Stanley, elk Macnee & Minnes, res Fron- 
tenac St. 
Trotter, Thos. teamster, res 98 Clergy 
Trottman, Miss, res. 220 King E. 

Trudeau, Leo. mechanic, Kingston Auto Sales, res 

74 York 
Trusdell, Clarence, Ivs 243 Sydenham 
Truesdalc, Frank, mariner, res. 8 James 
Truesdale, James H. machinist, res 243 Sydenham 
Truesdale, Katherine (wid Chas), bds. 243 Vic- 

Truesdale, Lionel, machinist, Ivs 243 Sydenham 
Truesdale, Vernal, Ivs 243 Sydenham 
Truman. Walter, soldier R.C.H.A. res 116 Rideauj 
Trumpour, Mark, B. Real Estate Agent, office 
237 Bagot res 64 L. Union 

Truscott, John, retired, Ivs 34 Livingston 
Truscott, Samuel A. Inspector of Public Schools, 
office Court House, res 72 Nelson 

Tryon, George, lab., Ivs 426 Division 
Tryon, William, lighthouse keeper, Amherst Is- 
land, bds 152 Sydenham 
Tucker. Frank, tailor Crawford & Walsh, res 98 ! 

Raglan Rd. 
Tucker, Gus, operator Bell Telephone, Ivs 392 

Tucker, Inez, wks Jackson Press, Ivs 392 Barrie 
Tucker, Michael, electrician Burke's Electric Shop, 

res 392 Barrie 
Tucker, Michael, engineer, res 392 Barrie 
Tucker, Thomas, retired, bds 173 Collingwood 
Tudor, K. Sergeant, Old Collegiate Building, bds 
28 Plum 

Tuggcy, Maggie (wid. Wm.) day-work res 86 L. 

Tugwood, A. T. Confectionery Store, cor Quebec 

& Cherry 
Tugwood, Alfred, lab. res 8 Raglan Rd. 
Tugwood, Alfred T. res 33 Cherry 
Tugwood, Florence, spinner Dom. Textile Co., 

Ivs 8 Raglan Rd. 
Tugwood, Henry, res 64 U. Charles 
Tugwood, Thomas, lab. Dom. Textile Co., Ivs 8 

Raglan Rd. 
Tugwood. William, machinist, bds 443 Alfred 
Tullock, William A. mariner, res 219 B. Division 
Tunbridge, Joseph, attendant Rockwood Hospital, 

res. 402 MacDonell 
Turk, J. Furniture Store, 281 Princess, res 254 

Turnbull, Evelyn, Ivs 93 Johnson 
Turnbull, Thomas engineer Jas. Richardson & 

Sons, res 93 Johnson 
Turcotte, Alpheus, retired, res 77 Division 
Turcotte, Arthur, Ivs 8 Sixth 
Turcotte, Bernard, mariner, Ivs 480 Barrie 
Turcotte, Cecil, Ivs 8 Sixth 
Turcotte. Eliz., (wid Nicholas), res 480 Barrie 
Turcotte, Evelyn, Ivs 77 Division 
Turcotte, Francis, Ivs 11 Division 
Turcotte, George, carpenter res 8 Sixth 
Turcotte, Harvey J. carpenter, res 12^ Sixth 
Turcotte, Kenneth, Ivs 480 Barrie 
Turcotte, Madeline, Ivs 480 Barrie 
Turcotte, Wilfred, lab, res 244 Colborne 

J. K. Carroll Agency FIRE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 INSURANCE 

We Clean 


and do it well 

•PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11. Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 



Turkington, George S. lab., Mahood's Drug Store. 

res 27 Elm 
Turkington, William J. mason, Ivs 27 Elm 
Turkington, Robt. salesman Lindsay's, bds Prince 

George Hotel 
Turpin, Mrs. Amelia, elk. Laidlaw's, res 119 

Turpin, Henry, carter, res 119 Stephen 
Turpin, Henry, carter, res 113 Stephen 
Turpin, Susan, (wid. H. J.) res 35 Clergy W. 
Turner, Charles, Ivs Barriefield 
Turner, Ida, (wid Samuel), Ivs 2 River 
Turner, John, baker Carnovsky's Bakery, bds 243 

Turner, Norman, sec G.W.V.A. res 286 Johnson 
Turner, Samuel, finisher Weber Piano Co.. res 

310 Brock 
Turner, Sydnej^ A. finisher Weber Piano Fac- 
tory, res 6 St. Catherine. 
Turner, Thomas, mason, res 20 Ellis 
Turner, Thomas, tailor, Ivs 137 William 
Turner, Wm. H. lab. res 55 L. Bagot 
Tuttle, Margaret (wid Geo.) res 270 Johnson 
Tweddell, James H. chief trade instructor Peni- 
tentiary, res 350 University 
Tweddell. John, tailor 131 Princess, res 100 Queen 
Tweedly, Edward, foreman Davis Tannery, res 

353 Division 
Tweedly, Lawrence, salesman W. R. McRae & 

Co., Ivs 353 Division 
Twigg, Annie A. elk Woolworth Co., Ivs 192 

Twigg, Arthur W. auto mechanic, res 28 Chatham 
Twigg, T. J. Harr3% surveyor, Ivs 192 Barrie 
Twigg, Norma, G. M. elk. Woolworth Co.. Ivs 

192 Barrie 
Twigg, William A. res, 192 Barrie 
Twiss, John F. tch R.M.C. bds. 336 Johnson 
Tyner, R. H. accountant Royal Bank, Ivs 310 Uni- 
Tyo, Ann, (wid Stephen), res 123 Raglan Rd. 
Tyo, Elizabeth, Ivs 123 Raglan Rd. 
Tyo, Helen, Ivs 123 Raglan Rd. 
Tyreel, Arthur, soldier R.C.H.A., bds 43 Patrick 
Tyrwright, Charlotte, nurse, bds 333 Earl 
Tyson, J. H. joiner Kirkpatrick's, res 47 Main. 


(Jbdgrove, Gilbert, contractor, res 390 Division 
UGLOW. R. & CO., Mrs. R. Uglow, prop, 141 

Uglow, Georgina, (wid Richard), res 164 Barrie 
Uglow, Helen, librarian Queen's, Ivs 164 Barrie 
Uglow, Marjorie, Ivs 164 Barrie 
Underwood, Jessie, res 307 Division 
United Cigar Store, 164 Princess 
University Drug Store, (A. G. Harris prop) cor 

University & Johnson 
Upton, Geo. A. lab., res 68 U. Charles 
Upton, Beatrice, book-keeper, C. Donoghue's, Ivs 

68 U. Charles 
Urquhart, Isobel, Ivs 54 Wellington 

Vair, James, manager Cooke's Auto Sales, Ivs 165 

VAIR, ROBERT P., Sheriff, Court House. 

Valleau, D. taxi-driver, res 243 Brock 

Valleau, Gordon D. taxi-driver res 243 Brock 

Vale, John C. carter Booth Coal Co., Ivs 9 John 

Valentine, Wm, printer, Whig, bds 246 Colborne 

X'allier, Clifford C. Ivs 292 Montreal 

V'allier, Morley P. carter, Roddy & Monk, res 292 

Vallier, Thos. H. carpenter, Davis Dry Dock, res 

292 Montreal 
Vanalvery, George, soldier, res 92 William 
V'analstine, Alex, retired, res 118 Collingwood 
Vanalstine, Birdie. Ivs 180 Barrie 
Vanalstyne, Charles S. civil servant, Kingston 

Penitentiary, res 232 Nelson 
Vanalstyne, Edward B. book-keeper, Canadian 

Locomotive Co, Ivs 180 Barrie 
Vanalstyne, Harriet D. (wid Chas), res 180 Barrie 
Vanalstyne, Jennie, (wid W.) res 14 William 
Vanalstyne, Miss H D. book-keeper E P Jenkins, 

Ivs 180 Barrie 
Vanalstyne. M. Lawson. Auto Battery Expert, Ivs 

14 William W 
Vanalstyne. Samuel, traveller Robertson Grocery, 

Ivs 118 Collingwood. 
Vanasky. Ellen (wid Alex), res 334 Brock 
Vanasky, Katie, dressmaker, Ivs 334 Brock 
Vanasky, Alinnie, saleslady Steacy's, Ivs 334 Brock 
Vandervcort, Elizabeth (wid John), Ivs 59-65 

Vandewalker, Charles, J. carpenter K. & D. Mfg., 

Co., res 215 Montreal 
Vanhorne, Ethel, res 105 Clergy E. 
\"anhorne, Francis W. lab. Ivs 165 Clergy E 
VANHORNE, GEO, Clothing & Mens' Furnish- 
ings Store, 213 Princess, res 105 Clergy 
Vanhorne, Robt. R. driver, Jas Redden. Ivs 105 

Clergy E. 
Van Hooser, Frank, lab. Ivs 68 Ontario 
Van Hooser, Orval, lab., res 68 Ontario 
VanKoughnett, Alexander, lab, Ivs 27 Hickson 

VanKoughnett, Earl, lab., Ivs 213 L. Rideau 
VanKoughnett, Emma, (wid Geo.) res 21 L. 

VanKoughnett, John, carter, res 215 L. Rideau 
VanKoughnett, William, lab., res 27 Hickson Ave 
V'anLuven's Store Room, 556a Princess 

VanLuven, Alvin. prop Rapid Transit Delivery 

res 377 Brock 
VanLuven, Egerton L. dealer VanLuven's Gar- 
age res 392 Alfred. 
VANLUVEN, .E. WRAY, (VanLuven's Garage), 

res 32 Edgehill. 
V^anLuven, Emma, tch, bds. 189 Alfred 
VanLuven, Fred D. reporter Whig, Ivs Ports- 
VanLuven, Harry, traveller, res 484 Brock 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Bell's cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 

FOR GOOD VALUE GO TO 'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






VanLuven, Martha E. (wid Peter), Ivs 29 Mack 
VanLuven, Mary, (wid Anson), res 262 Victoria 
VanLuven, Maxwell, res 66 Nelson 
VANLUVEN, RONALD, (VanLuven Bros), res 

383 Alfred 
VanLuven, Ranson wks. Tannery, bds. 313 Mont- 
VanLuven, Vera, Ivs 377 Brock 
Van Straubenzie, (wid Col.) res Hillside, Beverly 
Van Straubenzie, Cordelia, Ivs Hillside, Beverly 
Van Straubenzie, Edith, Ivs Hillside, Beverly 
Van Straubenzie, Madeline, Ivs Hillside, Beverly 
Van Wren, Jean, Ivs 148 Earl 
Varley, Charles, res 214 William 
Varley, Mary, Ivs 214 William 
Varley, Robt, student, Ivs 214 William 
VanOrder, Bella, milliner, bds. 188 Ordnance 
Vaughan, John, carpenter, res 346 King E 
Veale, Charles N. plumber, res 154 York 
Veale, Miss E. J. stenog, Kingston Milling Co., 

Ivs 360 Johnson 
Veale, Frederick, student, Ivs 161 Nelson 
Veale, George H. elk. Allan Reid, Ivs 360 Johnson 
Veale, Harold, painter, bds 161 Nelson 
Veale, Isabel, stenog. J. M. Campbell, Ivs 360 

Veale, J. Melville, Ivs 360 Johnson 
Veale, John, baker, Doyle's Bakery, res 360 John- 
Veale, Leonard, apprentice Lowry's Blacksmith 

Shop, Ivs 161 Nelson. 
Veale, William G. painter, res 161 Nelson 
Veale, William, book-keeper, Ivs 360 Johnson 
Veale, W. Mack, book-keeper, Geo. Robertson & 

Son, Ltd.. Ivs 360 Johnson 
Veley, Ira, lab. Ivs 58 Ontario 
Venoss, Edward, carter, res 404 Montreal 
Verney, Edward E. lab. res 262 Nelson 
Verrier, Ernest L, bk-kpr, Ivs 45 Markland 
Verrier, J. watchman, W. J. Crothers Co., Ltd, res 

45 Markland 
Verrier, John, plumber, Hall's Store, Brock St. Ivs 

45 Markland. 
Veryard, Arthur, soldier, R. C. Dragoons, bds 98 

"Veteran The," Boot & Shoe Repairer, J. A. Fin- 

layson, prop, 216 Wellington 
Victorian Order of Nurses: Child Welfare, Mrs. 

Francis Robinson, R.N., Miss Edith Leader, 

R.N., 391 Barrie 
Victoria Cafe, 354 King St. 
Vick, Alice, stenog. Oddfellows' Relief, Ivs 295 

Vick, David, carpenter, res 295 Barrie 
Villa St Clare Apartments, Evangeline Elder 

(wid James), 246 Barrie 
Villare, Ernest, Ivs 43 Princess 
Villard, Louis, instructor, Kingston -Penitentiary, 

res 279 King 
Vince, Williani J., decorator, res 160 Clergy 
Viveal, T, help, K.G.H. 
Vivian, Bert, polisher, McCallum Granite Co., 

res 389 Division 
Vivian, John F, soldier, R.C.H.A., res 491 Barrie 
'/ivian, Sarah (wid H C), res 275 Montreal 

Vivian, Sarah J, (wid Robt), Ivs 389 Division 

Voigt, Carrie, res 226 Johnson 

Voight, Mary, res 226 Johnson 

Vallier, Ervin, taxi driver, res 26 Main 

Vallier, James, lab, Ivs 26 Main 

Volume, Dr Daniel, physician, pres G.W.V.A. 

Branch, res 4 Chestnut 
Volume, Eliz, (wid James), res 428 Alfred 
Volume, Margaret, teacher, Ivs 428 Alfred 
Vosper, Dr Lewis L, dentist, bds 262 King 
Votrey, John, clerk, A Chown & Co, Ivs 567 

Votrey, Margaret (wid Thos) Ivs 567 Princess 


Waddell, Robt H, Real Estate Broker, Ivs 132 

Waddell, Lucy, Ivs 132 Earl 
Waddell, Gwendoline, Ivs 132 Earl 
WADDELL, ROBT H, mgr McCann Agency, 

res 75 L Union 
Waddell, Rev. John A, Rector Princess St. Meth- 
odist, res 620 Princess 
Waddingham, Chas A, soldier R.C.H.A., res 323 

Waddington, Henry, butcher, Bath Road 
Wade, James, carpenter, res 173 Nelson 
Wafer, Frank, bds Albion Hotel 
Wafer, Isobel (wid John), bds 425 Alfred 
Wafifer, Joseph, night porter, Frontenac Hotel 
Wagar, Edna, maid, 235-237 Queen 
Wagar, Lillian, clerk, Jas Redden & Co, 34 Up 

Wagar, Lydia, bds 34 William W 
Waggoner, Alex C, tailor, res 190 Wellington 
Wah Long Laundry, 155 Wellington 
Wainwright, Edw, driver A Chown & Co, Ivs 

34 John 
Waite, Bert, x-ray operator. Mowat Hospital, res 

480 Johnson 
Waldron, Ethel, Ivs 80 Barrie 
Waldron, Carrie, Ivs 80 Barrie 
Waldron, Richard, office 168 Wellington, res 80 

Waldron, Richard S. res 31 King E 
Waldron, William, W N Linton & Co, Ivs 80 

Wales, Emily, res 142 Bagot 
WALKEM & WALKEM, Attorneys & Solicitors, 

Barristers, 93 Clarence 
WALKEM, JOSEPH B, Barrister, Walkem & '< 

Vv^alkem, res cor Beverlv & Union 
WALKEM, HENRY C C, Lawyer, Walkem & 

Walkem, Ivs cor Beverly & Union 
Walkem, Harry, Road Supt, Ivs 140 Beverly 
Walker, Albert E, carpenter, res 245 Montreal 
Walker, Beatrice O, maid, 181 Collingwood 
Walker, Blake George, liarber, Elmer's Barl>er 

Shop, bds 1 Victoria Terrace, Montreal 
Walker, Chas E, Prof Queen's University, res 

135 Alfred 
Walker, Chas M, janitor. Queen's University, res 

181 Collingwood 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pearVIve. 





89-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



Walker, Chas, piano maker, res 37 Stephen 

Walker, Chas, Ivs 40 Alma 

Walker, Chas. waiter, Frontenac Hotel 

Walker, Duncan, mechanic, Watkins Mfg Co, Ivs 

1 Corrigan 
Walker, Edith, nurse K.G.H. 
Walker, Mrs Eliza, saleslady, W N Linton's, bds 

380 Brock 
Walker, Emerson E, electrician, Ivs 245 Montreal 
Walker, Ernest, stone cutter, bds 1 Corrigan 
Walker, Frederick, soldier R.C.H.A., res 66 

Walker, Frederick, wks Public Utilities, bds 1 

Walker, George, lab, Ivs 197 Colborne 
Walker, Gideon, chaufifeur, res 274 Wellington 
Walker, Mrs Harriett, cook Y.W.C.A., 196 

Walker, H Clinton, clerk Can Nat Express, res 

SO Colborne 
Walker, Hazel M, Ivs 245 Montreal 
Walker, Henry, wks S Anglin & Co, res 26 

Walker, Herbert L, instructor, Kingston Peni- 
tentiary, res 150 Bagot 
Walker, Letty, music teacher, bds 32 Union W 
Walker, Lome, guard, Kingston Penitentiary, 

res 496 Johnson 
Walker, Mary (wid Robt), res 144 Montreal 
Walker, Raymond S, District Mgr National Life 

Insurance, res 362 Barrie 
Walker, William C, fireman, Ivs 181 Collingwood 
Wallace, Grace, res 116 Patrick 
Wallace, Helen, bk-kpr W G Craig & Co, Ivs 

127 Colborne 
Wallace, J, wks W J Crothers Co, Ltd, res 25 

Wallace, John, lab, W J Crothers Co Ltd, res 

12 Corrigan 
Wallace, Lucy (wid Jas), bds 236 University 
Wallace, Ljanan, mason, Ivs 116 Patrick 
Wallace, Marj^ E (wid S), res 275 Division 
Wallace. Roljt, contractor, res 116 Patrick 
Wallace. Ronald, contractor, res 102 Stephen 
Wallace, Ruth, Ivs 116 Patrick 
Waller, Addie, milliner, bds 138 Division 
Waller, Clifford, driver, Anderson Bros, Ivs 

Waller, Elizabeth, nurse, K.G.H. 
Wallis, Ivor, employed Strand, Ivs 236 University 
Walsh, Agnes, res 53 Clergy E 
Walsh, Anita, Ivs 82 Earl 
Walsh, Edwin, res 390 Albert 
Walsh, Edwin, tailor Crawford & Walsh, res 433 

Walsh, Major Frederick, Military District No. 3, 

res 31 Aberdeen 
Walsh, Herbert, wks Cotton Mill, res 114 Patrick 
Walsh, James S, Ivs 525 Princess 
Walsh, Jane, milliner, Gedye Millinery, Ivs 17 

Walsh, John, lab, res 86 Ontario 

Walsh. John B, salesman Imperial Tobacco Ivs 

172 Bagot 
Walsh, John J, res 172 Bagot 
Walsh, Josephine, clerk Anderson Bros, Ivs 39 

Walsh, Lawrence, guard. Kingston Penitentiary 

res 40 Livingston 
Walsh. Dr J Leonard, dentist, 132 Wellington St 

res 281 Albert 
Walsh, Mary, Ivs 281 Albert 
Walsh, Mary (wid P), res 82 Earl 
Walsh, Matthew J, chief keeper, Portsmouth 

Penitentiary, res 196 Queen 
Walsh, Pearl, clerk. Mahoods, bds 167 Bagot 
Walsh, Sarah (wid James), res 525 Princess 
Walsh, Thomas, engineer, Davis' Tannery, res 

56 L Rideau 
Walsh, Thomas, officer, Portsmouth Penitentiary, 

res 44 John 

WALTERS, WILLIAM, Supt London Life In- 
surance Co.. res 232 Sydenham 

Waltham, John, driver, Sowards' Coal Co, res 
225 Sydenham 

Walton, John, carter, Sowards' Coal Co, res 278 

Wallwork. Edward J, auditor Income Tax Office, 
res 230 Nelson 

Ward, George, officer, Portsmouth Penitentiary, 
bds 200 Alfred 

Warburton, Eyton, canvasser, Daily Standard, Ivs 
4 Colborne 

Ward, Henry, painter and paper-hanger, res 132 

Ward, Horace W, auto mechanic, Ivs 407 King E 
Ward, Jas W, fitter C.L.C., res 53 William 
Ward, J H, shoemaker, res 94 William 
Ward, Marie, retired, res 202 Bagot 
Ward, Percy, taxi-driver. Allies Stand, res 307 

Ward, R H, traffic mgr, Jas Richardson & Sons 

Ltd, res 355 Alfred 
Ward, Robt E, store keeper, res 407 King E 
Ward, Ray, decorator, Ivs 437 Princess 
Warnamaker, Mrs C, help K.G.H. 

Warren, Douglas, salesman, McKelvey & Birch, 
Ivs 438 Brock 

Warren, Edwin, mechanic, Warren & Williams 

Garage, Ivs 438 Brock 
Warren, Grace, Ivs 314 University 
Warren, Lola, stenog, Ed Chown & Son, Ivs 314 

Warren, Sarah (wid George), res 314 University 
Warren, Wm H, secretary MeKelvey & Birch 

Ltd, res 438 Brock 
Warner, George L, student, res 351 University 
Warner, Myers, liveryman. Guess' Livery, res 

21 Division 
Warner, Wm, driver, Toye's, res 14 Vine 
Wart, Alfred, res 63 Stephen 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

That's The Toye Bread Co. 




'Phone 147 for Service 




Wart, Marshall, painter & paper-hanger, res 240 

Wart, Milton, painter & decorator, res 38 James 
Warte, Mary, patient, 362 Montreal 
Wartell's Shoe Store, 338 King 
Wartell, Hiram, shoe merchant, res 338 King 
Wartell, Louis, clerk, 338 King 
Wartelsky, Alex, grocer, 101 L Bagot 
Wartlock, Geo, teamster, W J Crothers Co Ltd, 

res 35 L Union 
Wartman, Gertrude, res 92 Queen 
Warwick, Allison H, retired, res 39 Division 
Warwick, Caroline (wid Chas), Ivs 39 Division 
Warwick, Charles J, retired, res 93 Clergy W 
Warwick, Harry, retired, bds 39 Division 
Warwick, Joseph, patient Sydenham Hospital, 

res 336 Division 
Warwick, Pearl, Ivs 407 Princess 
Watchhorn, Mary (wid A) Ivs 329 Division 
Watchhorn, Robert, auto mechanic. Palmer's 

Garage, res 329 Division 
Waterhouse, Annie, dining-room waitress, 207 

William . 

Waterman, Edwin John, arthropedic, res 33a Main 
Waterworks Pumping Station, 17 Ontario 
Waters, Susan, nurse K.G.H. 
Watkins Manuf Co of Canada Ltd, J M Hughes 

mgr, 229-231 Wellington 
Wathen, Annie, clerk New England Bakery, Ivs 

143 Nelson 
Wathen, Clara, Ivs 141 1/4 Nelson 
Wathen, Ernest, contractor, res 141 ^^ Nelson 
Watkins Wing, K.G.H. , Stuart St 
Watson, Alexander, lab, res 34 Clergy W 
Watson, Annie, Ivs 75 Hickson Ave 
Watson, Annie (wid Wm) Ivs 41 Quebec 
Watson, Arthur, tailor, R.M.C., res 282 Queen 
Watson. Benjamin R, motorman St Ry, res 186 

Watson, David B, Ins Agt, Metropolitan, res 227 

Watson, Eliz E, cashier A Martin's Meat Store 

Ltd, Ivs 36 Livingston 
Watson, George S, Ins Agt, Predential Life, res 

41 Quebec 
Watson, George, retired, res 75 Hickson Ave 
Watson, Harry, lab, Ivs 75 Hickson Ave 
Watson, John, Assessor Income Tax Office, 156 

Watson, John, Prof M.A., LL.D., Vice Principal 

Queen's University, res 96 Bagot 
Watson, Margaret (wid John), res 36 Livingston 
Watson, Nellie, 254 University 
Watson, Thos G, res 243 Earl 
Watts, Albert, harness-maker, M J Dolan, Ivs 

36 Quebec 
Watts, Alice M, bds 188^ Union 
Watts, Arthur J, clerk. Can Nat Grand Trunk 

Agency, bds 191 Brock 
Watts, Cecil, Ivs 235 Wellington 
Watts, Edwin, driver, Drury's, Ivs 235 Wellington 
Watts, Elsie, stenog. W J Fair, Ivs 157 Stuart 
Watts, Ernest, lab, Davis' Dry Dock, 11 Mark- 

Watts, Ernest M, store keeper, Davis Dry Dock 

res 72 Markland 
Watts, Harold, porter, Randolph, Ivs 235 Wel- 
Watts, Harold W, contractor, res 98 Frontenac 
Watt, Harold, porter Randolph, Ivs 25 Welling- 
Watts, Herbert N, driver Watts' Florist, res 4 

N MacDonnell 
WATTS, JOHN N, Florist, 177 Wellington, res 

24 Regent 
Watts, John O, carpenter, res 157 Stuart 
Watts, Lola E, develops and prints pictures. Ma- 
hood's Drug Store, Ivs 157 Stuart 
Watt, Mary F, servant, Ivs 116 Johnson 
Watts, Mary J (wid Alex), res 131 Colborne 
Watts, Myrtle R, nurse, Ivs 98 Frontenac 
Watts, Reginald, lab, bds Sydenham Apts 
Watts, Roy, mason, res 295 Albert 
Watts, Samuel I, patient Sydenham Hospital, Ivs 

50 L Rideau 
Watts, Samuel R, res 50 L Rideau 
Watts, Sidney, agent, res 83 Earl 
Watts, Stephen M, carter, res 36 Quebec 
Watts, Stuart E, checker. Grand Trunk Freight 

Sheds, Ivs 50 L Rideau 
Watts, William, farmer, Bath Road 
Watts, William John, wks Ship Yard, res 235 

Waugh, Dr Freeman, dentist, res 106 Wellington 
Way, Wm Herbert, engineer, No 2 Fire Station, 

res 236 Barrie 
Ways, Mary, nurse, K.G.H. 
Ways, Norman H, student, Ivs 236 Barrie 
Way, William H, engineer. Fire Dept., res 236 

Weagant, Clarence S, l)k-kpr VanLuven's, Ivs 

329 Alfred 
Weaver, Dorothy, opr Bell Tel, Ivs St George's 

Hall, Wellington 
Weaver, Ernest D, engineer, res 165 Victoria 
Weaver, Reuben W, engineer, res 165 Victoria 
Weaver, Wilbert C, accovmtant. Royal Bank of 

Canada, res 65 Nelson 
Weaver, Wm J (jr), compositor, Ivs St. George's 

Hall, Wellington St 
Weaver, Wm J, caretaker St George's, res St. 

George's Hall, Wellington 
Webb, Ernest W, gardener, res 142-144 Pine 
Webl), E Miss, res 15 Aberdeen 
Webb, Ethel, maid, 104 Wellington 
Webber, Henry C, gardener. Regent St 
Webber, J James, shipper Tannery, l)ds 667 


27-33 Princess 
Weber's Store Room, 39-41 Princess 
Webster, Benjamin E, lawyer, ZZ Brock, Ivs 84 

WEBSTER, CHARLES R, Barrister, office 33 
Brock, 2nd floor, front; res cor Frontenac 
and Union 
Webster, Fred, patient, Sydenham Hospital, res 
669 Princess 

J, K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service. 

Dealer in 

Cor. King & Queen Sts, 



Webster, I, clerk, Bank of Montreal, 281 King W 
Webster, John S, res 134 Stephen 
Webster, Mary (wid Wm A), res 184 Stuart 
Weese, D A, Photos, Frames & Art Goods, 168 

Princess, res 520 Princess 
Weese, Rev W W, Methodist Clergyman, 

Sydenham St. Church, bds 98 Division 
Wehman, James, clerk A Chown & Co, Ivs 251 

Wehman, John C, contractor, res 251 Division 

OFFICE, H T Hart, 12-14 Market 
Weir. Charlotte (wid Thos), res 269 Sydenham 
Weir, James, l)ds 139 Alfred 
Weir, Joseph, barber, res 323 Jolinson 
Weir, John, driver, res 222 University 
Weir, Judd, bds 269 Sydenham 
Weir, Kennetli H. carpenter, res 6 Mack 
Weir, Stanley H, salesman, Silver Fox Co, lids 

139 Alfred 
Weir, Wm Steward, G.A.U.V., res 269 Sydenham 
Welch, C (wid C) res 20 William W 
Welch, Frank C, cook, res 205 University 
Welch, Frederick, retired, res 58 Clergy 
Welch, Hugh, mgr, Collingwood Ship Yard, res 

131 King E 
Welch, John H Major, Chief Clerk C.P.R. Ticket 

Office, res 102 Frontenac 
Welch, Lawrence T, mgr Hotel Randolph, res 

63 Earl 
Weller, Sarah, res 36 Clergy E 
Wells, Charles A, painter, res 14 Elgin 
Wells, Isabelle, wks Kingston Steam Laundry, Ivs 

14 Elgin 
Wells, James, barl^er, res 41 Ordnance 
Wells, Jennie (w-id), IkIs 286 Queen 
Wells, William John, retired, res 201 Alfred 
Wells, Ross, Ivs 14 Elgin 
Wells, Wilfred, wood-worker K.D. Mfg Co, vs 

39 Russell 
Wells, William, driver, Ivs 14 Elgin 
Wellwood, May, Ivs 205 William 
Wellwood, William, tailor, Williamson & Well- 
wood, Ivs 205 Wiliam 
Wenborn, Howard, rural mail carrier, res 201 

Wenborn, Robert, retired, res 166 Sydenham 
Wesley, Arthur W, soldier R.M.C., bds 224 King 

Wesley, Rhoda, nurse, K.G.H. 
West, Alice, maid, 14 Alice 
West, Arthur R, girder, res 168 Division 
West, Dorcas R, saleslady, Ivs 15 Stephen 
West, Edwin H, foreman R.M.C., res 15 Stephen 
West, Walter H, guard K.P., res 232 Stuart 
Westcott, C, res 45 L Bagot 
Westcott, Nellie, milliner Gedye Millinery, Ivs 

83 Beverly 
Westcott, Walter, gilder, Kirkpatrick's Art Store, 

res 83 Beverly 
Whan, Ellen (wid), Ivs 12 Corrigan 
Whalen, Miss E, clerk Woolworth's, Ivs 38 Main 

Whalen, George, lab, bds 48 Elm 
Whalen, Mary (wid D), res 165 West 
Wha en, Mary (wid John), res 151 Division 
Wha en, Theresa (wid Thos), Ivs 38 Main 
Whalen, Theresa, mgr Laura Secord Candy 
Store, bds 330 University ^ 

Whaley, Fannie (wid John), Ivs 409 Johnson 
Whe an. Capt Luke, n^ariner, res 5 Aberdeen 
VVnelan Lillian, treasurer Steacy's Ltd, bds 111 

Wheelock, G L, Ice Cream and Confectionery 
^^n ,,^t "^^^ Princess, res 354 Princess 
Whec ock, Laura (wid M B), res 113 L Albert 
Wheelock, Robt, Ivs 113 L Albert 
Wheeler & O'Connor. Millinery, 370 Princess 
Whee er, Calvin S, retired, res 220 University 
Wheeler Marion, milliner, Wheeler & O'Connor 

370 Princess, Ivs 220 University 
Wheeler, Mary, nurse K.G.H. 

Whitcomb, Charles, store keeper, res 100 Raglan 
Whitcomb, Frederick, machinist, Ivs 100 Raglan 
Whitcomb, Miss M, clerk Woolworth's, Ivs 100 

Raglan Rd 
Whitfield, Jas Wm, baker, res 108 York 
Whitford. Joseph, lab, res 41 Concession 
Whiting, Arthur G. shoe repairer, res 41 Colborne 
Whiting. Harry, trainman C.N.R. bds 168 Division 
VVhitmarsh, John, butcher, Hounslow Meat Mar- 
ket, bds 376 Barrie 
Whitmore, Chas, lab, bds 30 Hickson Ave 
Whitney, Benjamin, salesman, Newman & Shaw 

res 168 York 
Wliitney, Fred, retired, res 409 Barrie 
Whitney. Mamie. Ivs 409 Barrie 
Whitney, Ray. mgr Kingston Auto Sales, res 303 

White. Bertha, clerk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs 323 

White. Edward, foreman Weber Piano Co res 

363 Bagot 
White. Elizabeth (wid Joseph). Ivs Montreal 
White. Frederick Charles, carter Roddy & Monk 

Quarry, res 12 Orchard 
White Fred J, Ledger-keeper, Bank of Toronto 

Ivs upstairs Bank of Toronto Bldg 
Wliite, James I. lab, res 47 Division 
White, Maurse. accountant, McGowan's Cioar 
Factory, bds 212 King 

^Yrl"'^^' N^^''^' waitress, British American Hotel 
White, Ross, bds 212 King 

White, Thos L, lab Public Utilities, res 283 

White, Vivian, student, Ivs 323 University 
^'"te Wm J. Post Clerk, Post Office, 16 Up 

White, W J B, Ins Agt. Office 239 Bagot. res 
oZJ University Ave 

White. William J agent, Fleischmann Yeast Co 
res 162 L Bagot ' 

White, William G, blacksmith, bds 128 Chatham 
White, William, lab, res 32 Quebec 
White, William J, engineer, res 34 James 
Whiteman, Stewart, carter, res 347 Princess 

LA. STERLING «'»« R^*^* 

209 Princess Street 

Rough & Dressed Lumber ^* ' "l? ^' ^' ""'^'^ ^®' 

P » ^' ^jo^u i-umM^i ^yQ_53Q Montreal St. Phone 1681J 



Whitehead, Edward, cigar maker, Ivs 42 John 
Whitehead, Eliza, res 114 L Bagot 
Whitehead, Gertrude, bds 134 King 
Whitehead, Joseph Alfred, lab, res 42 John 
Whitehead, Joseph A, lab, res 133 Hickson Ave 
Whitehead, Robert, lab, Ivs 42 John 
Whitehead, Thos J, soldier, res 35 L Charles 
Whitehead, Victoria, wks Cotton Mill, Ivs 114 L 

Whitty, Bernadette, stenog, Robertson's Ltd, 

Princess St, Ivs 284 Johnson 
Whitty, Celeste, bk-kpr, W J Crothers, Ivs 284 

Whitty, Edith, nurse, Ivs 213 Colborne 
Whitty, James, opr, Allen Theatre, res 228 Uni- 
Whitty, Michael J. res 284 Johnson 
Whitty, W, carpenter, res 213 Colborne 
Wickhan, Charles, clerk, Anderson's, Ivs 350 

WIGHTMAN, H DUNCAN, Agent, Excelsior 

Life Insurance Co. res 66 Earl 
Wild, Leonard, bds 37 Johnson 
Wilder, Bessie L, Ivs 127 Bagot 
Wilder, Emma, teacher, Ivs 207 Nelson 
WILDER, HARRY M, Jeweller (Smith Bros), 

res 108 Bagot 
Wilder, Joseph, farmer, bds 207 Nelson 
Wilder, Laura, teacher, Ivs 207 Nelson 
Wilder, Mary (wid A), res 207 Nelson 
Wilder, Melville, Electric Meter Repairer, res 

215 Frontenac 
Wilder, Charlotte, Ivs 207 Nelson 
Wilgar, William P, Lieut-Col, Prof Civil Engin- 
eering, Queen's, res Tintern Place, Mack St 
Wilkins, Henry, painter, res 189 Collingwood 
Wilkins, Norman, mariner, Sowards' Coal Co, 

Ivs 37 Chatham 
Wilkins, William, lab, res 5 Concession 
Wilkinson, Alice, clerk. New York Fruit Store, 

Ivs 443 Alfred 
Wilkinson, Emma (wid Henry), Ivs 134 Bagot 
Wilkinson, Frank, Ivs 443 Alfred 
Wilkinson, Geo., clerk, A Chown & Co, res 26 

Wilkinson, George, lab, res 12 John 
Wilkinson, Grafton, clerk, Royal Bank, Ivs 134 

Wilkinson, John, carter, res 443 Alfred 
Willard Storage Battery Station, I Lesses, prop, 

19 Brock 
Willard, Charles Capt, res 230 Earl 
Willard, John F, Capt, Mariner, res 301 Barrie 
Willard, Wm J. traveller, res 371 Brock 
Willott, Mary (wid A), Ivs 67 Markland 
Williams, Albert, groom R.M.C., Ivs 4 Corrigan 
Williams, Angus G, Patent Medicine & Sundries, 

Drug S\ore, 171 Wellington, res 388 Albert 
Willian^s, Chas. lab, res 396 Barrie 
Williams, Charles, soldier, res 212 Frontenac 
Williams, CoUis, student, Ivs 422 Albert 
Williams, Douglas, motor mechanic, Ivs 396 Barrie 
Williams, Doris, Ivs 396 Barrie, student, Ivs 422 

Williams, Francis, student, Ivs 313 Johnson 
Williams, John, patient Sydenham Hospital, res 

23 Sixth 

Williams, James P., shipbuilder, res 313 Johnson 

Williams, John, machinist, res 5 Markland 

Williams, Knox, student, Ivs 150 University 

Williams, Laura, stenog, Geo A Bateman, Ivs 313 

Williams, Lawrence J, retired, res 150 Univer- 

Williams, L W, traveller. Vacuum Oil Co, res 
422 Albert 

Williams. Marjorie. Ivs 150 University 

Williams. Alary E, Ivs 23 Sixth 

Williams. Victor Alajor, Medical Doctor, Per- 
manent Force, res 251 Brock 

Williams, Stephen, soldier, R.C.H.A., res 304 

Williamson & Wellwood, tailors, Williamson, 
Richard: Wellwood, William, 30 Montreal 

sician, res 240 King E 

Williamson. Frederick, foreman Jackson Press, 
bds 376 Bagot 

Williamson. Mrs Frederick O, bds 323 Montreal 

Williamson, George, conductor Kingston Street 
Railwaj', Ivs 10 Chestnut 

Williamson, George, caretaker Armouries, res 12 
Raglan Road 

Williamson, Geo H. reporter "Whig", res 236 

Williamson, Geo N, prop Elliott & Williamson's 
Garage, 378 Brock, Ivs 243 Division 

Williamson, I, salesman, McKelvey & Birch, res 
451 Albert 

Williamson, Mary J (wid John), res 398 Montreal 

Williamson, Richard, tailor, Williamson & Well- 
wood, res 10 Chestnut 

Willey, A, wks Weber Piano Factory, res 269 

Willey, Abez W, fireman Electric Light Co, res 
263 Earl 

Willis, Alton, asst Dr C C Nash, Ivs 230 Barrie 

Willis, Charles E, mgr Savings Dept, Bank of 
Montreal, res 84 Barrie 

Willis, Gladys, nurse K.G.H. 

Willis, Ida (wid James), res Clow's Block, Que- 
bec St 

Willis, Mary, nurse K.G.H. 

Willis, Walter, bds 10 Chestnut 

Wilmot, Francis, res 91 Clergy W 

Vinegar Mfrs, V B Murray, mgr Bagot St 

Wilson, Ada A, Ivs 72 Clergy W 

Wilson, Annie, Ivs 309 Earl 

Wilson, Bessie I, nurse, Ivs 73 Alfred 

Wilson, Bertha, saleslady College Book Store, 
Ivs 184 Queen 

Wilson, Blanche, packer W J Crothers Co, bds 
14 Colborne 

Wilson. Charles E, clerk Dr Bell Wonder Medi- 
cine Co, res 309 Earl 

Wilson, Charles, asst S S Corbett's, res 246 

Wilson, Donald D Dr, dentist Sydenham Hospital 
res Edgehill 

Wilson, Earl T, electrician, Ivs 67 Up Charles 

Wilson, Mrs Earl, Ivs 255 Montreal 

Wilson, Edmund, student. Ivs 198 Queen 

Wilson. Elizal)cth. maid, lids 149 Earl 



PHONE 834 






Wilson, E M, Millinery Shop, 119 Princess, res 

119 Princess 
Wilson, Euphemia (wid G), res 184 Queen 
Wilson, Eva, Ivs 265 Earl 
Wilson, Fidelia (wid R) Ivs 610 Division 
Wilson, Florence, clerk, S Anglin & Co, Ivs 92 

William W 
Wilson, Francis, Ivs 126 Union W 
Wilson, Fred J, General Secretary Y.M.C.A., res 

62 Mack 
Wilson, George, Ins Agt, Imperial Life, Ivs 88 

Wilson, Geo, clerk Imperial Hotel, res 31 Johnson 
Wilson, Geo, salesman Fuller Brush Co, bds 84 

Wilson, George Francis, clerk, res 31 John 
Wilson. George, macliinist, Ivs 31 John 
Wilson, George, blacksmith, res 222 Sydenham 
Wilson, Harold B, Income Tax Specialist, ofifice 

314 Barrie St, res 369 Alfred 
Wilson, Harold, bds 365 King E 
Wilson, Mrs H, bk-kpr, R J Reid, res 2 Colborne 
Wilson, Harry, garage man, Boyd's Garage, res 

2 Colborne 
Wilson, Helen, nurse K.G.H. 
Wilson, James, lab, res 14 Fifth 
Wilson, Jennie, Ivs 222 Sydenham 
Wilson, Jennie I, clerk, Newman & Shaw's, Ivs 

88 Quebec 
Wilson, John E, salesman. Golden Lion Grocery, 

res 6 Garrett 
Wilson, John, wks Queen's Hotel, res 106 Ontario 
Wilson, John A, mason K.P., res 353 Alfred 
Wilson, Joseph, Shoe Repairer, McGall & Slater, 

Ivs 197 Ordnance 
Wilson, Joseph, retired, res IZ Alfred 
Wilson, Josephine, Ivs 222 Sydenham 
Wilson, Katherine, res 126 Union W 
Wilson, Laura, stenog Oddfellows' Relief, Ivs 88 

Wilson, Lena, Ivs 309 Earl 
Wilson, Levi, fireman, res 409 King E 
Wilson, Lucy, waitress, Ivs 222 Sydenham 
Wilson, Mary E, clerk, George Masoud, Ivs 184 

Wilson, Mary (wid R), res 92 William W 
Wilson, Maude, clerk, Laura 'Secord Shop, Ivs 

26 Main 
Wilson, May, Ivs 88 Quebec 
Wilson, Nelson J, patient, res 361 King 
Wilson, Pearl (wid H), res 303^ Earl 
/ Wilson, Robert, meter reader, Public Utilities, 
/ Ivs 88 Quebec 

i Wilson, Robt E, miner, res 198 Queen 
' Wilson, Robt G, lab. Golf Links, res 67 U Charles 
Wilson, Robt J, milkman, Ivs 126 Stephen 
Wilson, Robt J, fireman, Donnelly Wrecking Co, 

res 126 Stephen 
Wilson, R J W, traveller, res 72 Clergy W 
Wilson, Dr Robert J, pastor, Chalmers' Church, 

bds 207 William 
Wilson, Robt W, blacksmith, Lowry's Black- 
smith Shop, res Portsmouth 

Wilson, S, wks Wel)er's Piano Factoty, Ivs 184 

Wilson. S C, clerk. Bank of Montreal, Ivs 88 

Wilson, Stuart V, lalj, piano factory, Ivs 184 

Wilson, Thos, carter, res 499 Princess 
Wilson, Wm, lab, res 501 Princess 
Wilson, William, lab, Davis' Dry Dock, res 88 

Wilson, William, l)rakeman C.P.R., Ivs 8 Raglan 
Wilson, William Charles, lab. Cotton Mill, res 

5 Cataraqui 
Wilson. William Henry, retired, res 83 Victoria 
Wilson, Wm (jr). clerk C Donoghue, Ivs 501 

Wilson, Winifred, wks Cotton Mill, Ivs 126 

Wilstead, John A, retired farmer, res 444 Albert 
Wiltshire, Harry, mechanic, res 185 Division 
Wilton, Bertha, Ivs 479 Princess 
Wilton, Mrs Emma, res 479 Princess 
Wilton. Hattie, Ivs 479 Princess 
Wilton, Harry, foreman tinsmith, McKelvey & 

Birch, res 11 Arch 
Wilton, Helen I, student, Ivs 11 Arch 
Wilton. Margaret H, student, Queen's Univer- 
sity, Ivs 11 Arch 
Wilton, N H. Teller, Bank of Montreal, Ivs Bk 

of Montreal 
Windover, Fleda, Queen's, Ivs 433 Alfred 
Windover, Schulyer, farmer, res 433 Alfred 
Wing, Geo W, res 521 Albert 
Wing On Lung, Chinese Goods, 133 Brock 
Winnett, Dr A W, dentist, 124 Wellington, res 

109 Bagot 
Winslow, Harold W, operator. Grand Trdmk 

Office, bds Zll Alfred 
Winstin, Elizabeth, stenog, W N Linton & Co, 

Ivs 97 Wellington 
Winston, Ida. milliner. Geo Mills, Ivs 97 Wel- 
WINSTON, LOUIS, Tailor, 159 Wellington, res 

97 Wellington 
Winston, Percy, student, Ivs 97 Wellington 
Wiskin, Arthur E, driver C N Express, res 146 

Wiskin, Ernest, lab, Ivs 195 Nelson 
Wiskin, Evelyn B, clerk, Ivs 266 Nelson 
Wiskin, Geo, lab, McGinnis & O'Connor, Ivs 260 

Wiskin, Henry, lab. City, res 266 Nelson 
Wiskin. Irene. Ivs 260 Sydenham 
Wiskin, James, lab, res 195 Nelson 
Wiskin, James H, salesman, res 486 Barrie 
Wiskin, Mary (wid Ed), res 260 Sydenham 
Wiskin, William J, operator, British Whig, Ivs 

27 Nelson St 
Winter, John, plumber. Queen's, Ivs 17 Rideau 
Winter, Lillian, weaver Cotton Mill. Ivs 17 Rideau 
Winter. William, mechanic Can Loco Co, Gore St 
Winter, William, machinist, res 17 Rideau 
Winton. Geo. Florist, P C Lawson, 68 Centre, res 

141 ColHngwood 






126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 



Winton, Peter, lab, Anglin's, bds 40 Durham 
Wiseman, Albert, harness maker, res 71 Stephen 
Withers, William, res 90 Gore 
Woertemdyker, Ida, res 81 Clergy W 
Wolfe, Charles, clerk Lockett's Shoe Store, res 

60 Colborne 
Wolfe, Henry G, conductor, Kingston St Ry, res 

60 Colborne 
Wolfe, William L. res 273 Division 
Wood. A, help K.G.H. 
Wood, Annie (wid Almond), Ivs 34 Vine 
Woods, Annie B, (wid Chester) Ivs 84H Col- 

Woods, Annie, cook, 78 Barrie 
Wood. Bertha, bds 246 Bagot 
Wood, Campbell, clerk, Livingstort's, Ivs 184 

Woods, Charles, clerk, Ivs 54 Bay 
Wood, Charles, clerk Post Office, ress 100 Up 

Wood, Chafifey, Ice Cream Pedler. Ivs 68 Cherry 
Woods, Cecilia, opr Bell Tel, Ivs 21 Pine 
WOOD, CHESTER H, McFarlane & Wood, res 

84^1 Collingvvood 
Wood, Clara, Ivs 196 Ordnance 
Wood, Daniel, carpenter, res 236 Alfred 
Wood, Delroy C, carpenter, res 1 Smith 
Wood, Edith, saleslady, Steacy's, Ivs 507 Albert 
Wood, Edward, clerk, Henderson's Grocery, Ivs 

54 Bay 
Wood, Edwin, patient, Sydenham Hospital, res 

264 Victoria 
Wood, Ethel, bds 216 Nelson 
Wood, Frederick, druggist A P Chown's Drug 

Store, bds 134 Nelson 
Wood, Fred, clerk, Employment Bureau, bds 367 

Wood, George, miller, res 507 Albert 
Wood, H A,"mfg Co Ltd, cor Johnson and King 
Wood, Harry A, watchmaker, res 263^/4 King 
Woods, James, tinsmith, res 134 Chatham 
Woods, John W, carpenter, res 27 Pine 
Wood. Kenneth, Ivs 184 University 
Wood. Louise (wid Wm), clerk H Swaffield's, 

Brock St, res 14 Redan 
Woods. May, Ivs 14 Redan 
Wood, Muriel, binder, Hanson, Crozier & Edgar, 

Ivs 236 Alfred 
Wood, Nelson F, res 560 Albert 
Wood, Ocea, clerk, Newman & Shaw, Ivs 236 

Wood, Peter, fireman, Davis Tannery, bds 8 

Woods, Samuel, nightwatchman, bds 3 Miller's 

Wood, Sarah (wid W J), res 184 University 
Wood, Thos Andrew, helper Ed Chown & Son, 

Ivs 445 Barrie 
Woods, William, driver, Kingston Sand & Gravel 

Co, res 104 U Charles 
Wood, William, boarding house, res 144 Ontario 
Wood, William, barber, 346 Brock, res 196 Ordn- 
Woods, William A, carpenter, res 54 Bay 

Woods, Wm J, clerk C.P.R. Ticket Office Ivs 

54 Bay 
Wood, Wm K, Sergt, C.A.P.C, res 445 Barrie 
Wood, Wm P, barber, res 196 Ordnance 
Wood, Mrs W, Albion Hotel 
Wood, Vera E, res 323 Johnson 
Woods, Vera M, opr Bell Tel, Ivs 27 Pine 
Woodcock, Edward Alexander, lab. Davis' Tan- 
nery, res 6 Clow's Block, Chatham St 
Woodcock. Frederick, soldier, res 124 Ordnance 
Woodcock, Peter, lab, res 374i^ King 
Woodhouse, Charles, clerk. Laidlaw's Ivs 17 

Clergy W 
Woodhouse. David, carpenter, res 17 Clergy W 
Woodhouse, Harry, guard K.P., res 7 Pembroke 
Woodhouse, Helen V, Ivs 321 King 
Woodhouse, Miss K, clerk Woolworth's, Ivs 17 

Clergy W 
Woodhouse, Kathleen, Ivs 17 Clergy W 
Woodhouse. William, lab Bruton's Wood Yard, 

res 2)2) First 
Woodley, Mabel, nurse K.G.H. 
Woodman, Elmer E, ins agt, res 185 Earl 
Woodman. George A, engineer C.S.L., res 25 Elm 
Woodman, Olive M, teacher, Ivs 185 Earl 
Woodman. Richard H, Ivs 185 Earl 
Woodman of the World, 2>2) Montreal 
Woodrow. Alfred W, tutor R.M.C., res 4 Jenkins 
Woodrow, Florence, mgr Parker's Dye Works, 

res 379 Earl 
Woodrow, Mary (wid F) Ivs 194 Rideau 
Woodrow, Nelson, printer "Whig" Ivs 4 Jenkin 
Woodruff, Nelson. Ivs 19 Union W 
Woodruff, Clarence, Ivs 19 Union W 
Woodruff, Clifford H, Ivs 19 Union W 

Woodruff, Henry W, engineer, res 379 Earl 
Woodruff, Joseph, Ivs 19 Union 
Woodruff, Violet, Ivs 379 Earl 
Woodruff. William, res 19 Union W 
Woolgar. Sydney, lab Davis' Tannery, res 8 John 
Woolgar, William G, carpenter, Davis' Dry Dock, 

res 64 Patrick 
Woolrich, Mrs A, help K.G.H. 
Woolrich, Hilda, help, K.G.H. 
WOOLWORTH, F W & CO., W F Musselman, 

mgr, 106-110 Princess 
Wotherspoon, Hugh C, Ins Broker, 101 Clarence 
Wormwith, W H, retired merchant, res 195 Earl 
Wortellsky's Grocery, cor Bagot & Raglan Rd 
Wormington, Edward, Ivs Barriefield 
Wormington, Ro1)t, Ivs Barriefield 
Wrenick, Gordon, patient. 362 Montreal 
Wright, Albert, machinist, Ivs 334 Johnson 
Wright, Bert G, servant R.M.C., res 49 Up Charles 
Wright, Charles, carpenter, res 328 Division 
Wright, Daniel, carpenter, res 42 Livingston 
Wright, Dorothy, binder, Hanson. Crozier & 

Edgar, Ivs 375 King 
Wright, Frank, lab, res 59 George 
Wright, Frank T, machinist, res IS St Catherine 
Wright, Geo, res 295 Princess 
Wright, Geo A, machine shop, 40 Princess, res 

334 Johnson 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 



Wright, Geo W, mason, res 31 Up Charles 
Wright, Harry J, n;achinist C.L.C., res 59 L 

Wright, James, porter, Prince George, 1)ds 2 

Wright, Rev J de Pencier, clergyman, St Luke's 

Church, res 311 Alfred 
Wright, John, traveller, Macnee & Minnes, res 7 

Wright, Meryl, nurse, Ivs 42 Livingston 
Wright, Percy J, gardener, Ivs 31 Up Charles 
Wright, Richard, liveryman, bds 240 Montreal 
Wright, Samuel C, agent. Grand Trunk, res 224 

Wright, Thelma, stenog, Macnee &. Minnes, Ivs 

142 Livingston 
Wright, Thos, packer, Robertson's Ltd, res 262 

Wright, William, Ivs 311 Alfred 
Wright, William A, machinist, Price's Dairy, res 

223 Earl 
Wright, William E. student, Ivs 82 Union E 
Wylie, Isaac, butcher, Anderson Bros, Ivs 302 


Yankowick, Nicholas, lali, Davis' Tannery, bds 202 

Yates, Ethel R (wid J. B. Y.), res 6 Sixth 
Yampolsky, Hyman, clerk Robinson's, Ivs 75 

Yampolsky, Isaac, student, Ivs 75 Colborne 
Yampolsky, Morris, Tailor & Gent's Furnishing, 

res 75 Colborne 
Yellowley, Ann, res 69 Union 
Yellowley, C. E., clerk. Imperial Oil Ltd, Ivs 69 

L Union 
Yellowley, Dorothy, stenog, Ivs 69 L Union 
Yellowley, Walter, Ivs 69 Union 
Yellowley, William, Ivs 69 Union 
Yeomans, Hobart. mechanic Kingston Auto Sales, 

res 270 Johnson 
Yeomans, James S, car salesman, res 270 Johnson 
Y.M.C.A., F J Wilson, Sec'y, 371-377 Princess 
York, Sydney, dental mechanic, Sydenham Hos- 
pital, res 369 Alfred 
Yott, Evelyn, milliner, bds cor Division and York 
Youlden, Nina (wid Henry), bds Sydenham 

Apts, Brock St 
Young's Finishing Shop, G. Young, prop, 94^/2 

Young, Archibald, salesman, Steacy's, res 37 

Young, Clarence A, gunner R.C.H.A., l)ds 103 


Young, David J, res 182 Alfred 

Young, Elwin, Post Clerk, Post Office, Ivs 190 

Young, Florence (wid Dr E A) bds 27 Wellington 
Young, Esther (wid Alexander), Ivs 89 Barrack 
Young, Frederick W, painter, Ivs 198 Colborne 
Young. Geo, Sec'y Military Y.M.C.A., res 633 

Young, Geo, res 89 Barrack 
Young, Geo, retired, res 198 Colborne 
Young, Gordon, res 89 Barrack 
Young, Helen, cook, bds 3 Emily 
Young, James, bds 260 Division 
Young, Josephine, wks Tile Works, bds 40 Main 
Young, Laura, nurse, K.G.H. 
Young, Myles E, carpenter, res 659 Princess 
Young, Pearl, wks Cotton Mill, Ivs 119 L Bagot 
Young, Sarah (wid Richard), bds 181 Alfred 
Young, Thos, lab, res 118 L Bagot 
Young, Thos, medical attendant R.M.C., res 65 

Up Charles 
Young, Vina, clerk, Sydenham Hospital, Ivs 182 

Young, William, wks City Parks, res 663 Princess 
Young, William, res 190 Clergy 
Yule, James, bk-kpr R. J. Carson's, wholesale, res 

303 Alfred 
Y.W.C.A., 196 Johnson 

Zacks, Celia, student, Ivs 134 Ordnance 

Zacks, Eva, student, Ivs 273 Princess 

Zacks, Isaac, merchant, 271 Princess, res 273 

Zacks, Keva, real estate, res 134 Ordnance 
Zacks, Samuel, student, res 134 Ordnance 
Zakos, J, prop Olympia Fruit Store, bds 307 

Zakos, Miss Peguila, clerk, Olypia Fruit Store 

bds 307 Brock 
Zbar, Soloman, peddler, res 197 Raglan 
Zeidler, Barbara (wid George), Ivs 19 Rideau 
Zeigler, Margaret (wid Wm), res 152 L Bagot 
Zeigler, Margaret, clerk, Barnums Bakery, Ivs 

152 L Bagot 
Zeigler, Robert, lab Anglin's, Ivs 152 L Bagot 
Zeppert, Michael, Abramsky's Bakery, 160 Bagot 

Zion Presbyterian Church, Pine St 
Zubcky, John, tanner, Davis' Tannery, res 66 

Up Charles 
Zufelt, Prof Lindsay A, Supt Dairy School, res 

125 Beverly 
Zurbrigg, David J, prop City Delivery, res 598 








126-128 PRINCESS ST. 

Fine Furs 





Burns, R E, Ontario Chambers 
McCann Agency, 82 Brock 

( Insurance) 
Abell, J Lambert 
Adams, Herman 
Bateman, G A. 159 Wellington 
Bell, R C, 130 Clarence 
Carroll, J K, 58 Brock 
Cooke, J B, 332 King E, cor Brock 
Crumley, E M. 420 Earl 
Davis, R F, 352 King E 
Dobbs, J R C, 44 Clarence 
Driver, J D, 352 King 
Fair, W J, Wellington cor Clarence 
Folger, H S, 44 Clarence 
Godwin, Enoch, 39 Brock 
Godwin, Enoch, Jr, 39 Brock 
Hanley, J P, Ontario, cor Johnson 
Hutton, J O, 67 Qarence 
Johnston, M G, 58 Brock 
Kent Bros, 91 Clarence 
Kirkpatrick, C S, 36 Clarence 
Litton, Chas, 188 Union W 
Lockhart, T J, 58 Brock 
McCann Agency, 82 Brock 
Macnee, J H, 328 King E 
Mills, Thos, 79 Clarence 
Mullin, E W. 276 Johnson 
Ogilvie, G Hunter, 203 King 
Roughton, Stephen, 60 Brock 
Sharp, Harry, 60 Brock 
Strange & Strange, 95 Clarence 
Swift, J W, foot of Johnson 
Thompson, Blake E, 39-41 Brock 
Webster, Ford, 14 Market 
White, W J B, 239 Bagot 
Williams, E, 2 Couper 
Woodman, Elmer, 60 Brock 

McCann, Agency, 82 Brock 
Mullin, Edw, 276 Johnson 

Cooke, Frank W, 219 Bagot 
Craig, Jas, 140 Johnson 
Dalby, W H, 82 Brock . 

De Carteret Clement (grocers' sundries) 59 

Hendry, James A (grocers' sundries), 75 Princess 
Percival & Granger, Golden Lion Bl'k 
Spence. John, Massey-Harris, 30 Garrett 

Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd, ft of Johnson 
Hanley, J P, Ontario cor Johnson 
Kirkpatrick, C S, 36 Clarence 
Swift's Wharf 


Alarie, W F, 27 Brock 
Clow, M & Son, 471 Princess 
Martin, J W, 110 Clergy 
Massey-Harris Co, 132 Clarence 


Burns, R E, Ontario Chambers, Clarence street 
Driver, Thos, (Customs) 8-10 Market St 
McCann Agency, 82 Brock 


Beaudoin, J Chas (naval), 250 Alfred 

Ellis, Arthur, summer residence. Garden Island, 

res 165 King E 
Newlands, Wm & Son, 258 Bagot 
Power & Son, 81 Brock 
Power, Thos R, 160 Earl 


Kirkpatrick, Michael, 159 Princess 
Uglow, R & Co, 141 Princess 


Adney, E Tapan, 153 Sydenham 
Brophy, Miss Margaret, 59 Wellington 


Burns, R E, 65 Clarence 
McCann Agency, 82 Brock 


Allen, R W, 232 Brock 
Bedford, H L, 15 Montreal 
Murray, Wm Jr, 18 Market 
Twigg, W A, 192 Barrie 


Angrove Bros, Sydenham, near Princess 

Anglin Bros, Briscoe Garage, 35-37 Montreal 

Blue Garages, 289 Bagot, cor Queen 

Boyd, Geo W, 129 Brock 

Central Garage, Brock cor Montreal 

Clarence St Garage, M Oberndorffer, mgr, 124- 

126 Clarence 
Cooke's Auto Sales, Queen St 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'Mf;uV«l*^°b/ 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Momen t's Notice 


Overland Garage, Artliur Callaghan, 210-214 

Vanluven Bros, 34-38 Princess 


Cooke, F W, 219 Bagot 
Dix, Capt Joseph, 21 Nelson 


Clarke, Charles G, 158 Bagot 


Toye, R H & Co, 195 Ontario 

Barnum, Chas, 320 Princess 
Bowen, W A, 324 King 
Burns, Wm, 61 Victoria 
Carnovsky, T R, 668-670 Princess 
Geraldi, John L, 198 Barrie 
Lackie, Mrs, 302 King 
McCammon, Jas H, 64 Nelson 
Toye, R H & Co, 195 Ontario 


Couper, Daniel, 341-343 Princess 
Gordon, J, 249 Montreal 


Bank of Montreal (Market Branch), R R F 

Harvey, nigr, City Buildings 
Bank of Montreal, Philip Du Moulin, mgr. King 

cor Clarence 
Bank of Nova Scotia, A N Lyster, manager, 

Bank of Toronto, C Percy Borland, mgr, Market 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, Robert F Brymner, 

mgr, King cor Brock 
Kent Bros, 91 Clarence 
Bank of Montreal, H A Tofield, Manager, Brock 

cor Wellington 
Royal Bank of Canada, E E Newman, mgr, 155 

Standard Bank of Canada, J F Rowland, mgr, 

140 Princess 
Bank of Commerce (Branch) Edwin M David- 
son, mgr, 288 Princess 


Ainslie, Herbert A, barber, Ivs 362 Johnson 

Bazeau, F H, 297 King 

Crosby, Fred, 2>2 Montreal 

Christley & Lawless, 19 Montreal 

Davey, John, 432 Princess 

Davidson, Daniel, 48 L Bagot 

Doyle, Hugh J, 167 Wellington 

Elmer, Fred, 68 Princess 

Elmer, R H, 161 Princess 

Ferguson, Jas, 202^ Princess 

Glover, William, 77 Ordnance 

Heaslip, John E, 42 Montreal 

Hillier, Wm, 316 Princess 
Homer, Joseph G, 100 Clergy 
Hunt, A E, 286 Princess 
Jacobs, Vincent, 40 Colborne 
King Edward, 206 Pine 
Kingsbury, A B, Princess 
Lennox & Williams, 261 King 
Lawrence. Jos, 227 Princess 
Murphy, A, employed 286 Princess 
Reid, David, 31 Brock 
Robbs, E, 346 Princess 
Robbs, Frank, 185 Wellington 
Smith, Fred, Princess St, near Barrie 
Todd, F J, Z7S-Z77 King e 
Wood, Wm, 346 Brock 


Cunningham, A B, 79 Clarence 

King & Smythe, 72 Clarence 

Macdonnell, Geo M, 38 Clarence 

Mundell, Wm, 93 Clarence 

Nickle, Farrell & Day, 194 Ontario 

Revelle, Adrian L, 69 Clarence 

Rigney, T J, 89 Clarence 

Shea, Ambrose, King & Brock (upstairs) 

Sullivan, W H, 34 Clarence 

Walkeni & Walkem, 93 Clarence 

Webster, C R, 2,2, Brock 


Angrove, James B, 179 Wellington 
Milne, H J, 272 Bagot 
Muller, Geo, 375 King e 
Treadgold, A E, 88 Princess 


Angrove, James B, Clergy St 
Clark, J W & Co, 353 Princess 
Milne, H J, 272 Bagot 
Muller, Geo, 2,72 King e 
Treadgold, A E, 88 Princess 


Allen, R W, 232 Brock 


Baker, W J, Estate, 250 Princess (upstaris) 
Martin, Ed, 211 Princess 
Pappas, Michael, 200 Princess 


Crothers, W J, 207-209 Wellington 


Byrant, Frank, 5 Concession 
Cockburn, William, 277 Ontario 
Corcoran Bros, Queen 
Lowry, J A, 147 Brock 
Olsen, J'ohn, cor Queen & Bagot 
Taugher, J J, 381 King st 



209 Princess Street 

THF K n Mf ^ Pn ^^^-^^^ Montreal St. Phone 1681J 





Mrs. Ainslie, 356 Johnson 

Miss Alarie, 79 Division 

Mrs. Allan, 232 Brock. 

Mrs. Anderson, 220 Johnson 

Mrs. Armstrong, 556 Princess 

Miss Barrie, 22 Division 

Miss Ada Bates, 247 Brock 

Mrs Beaupre, 28 Clerijy W 

Mrs Betts, 118 Earl 

Mrs Bould. 42 Clergy W 

Mrs Bryant, 217 Colborne 

Mrs Burns; 61 Union W 

Mrs Butler, 218 Barrie 

Prof Cadenhead, 136 Bagot 

Mrs Caverly, 480 Princess 

Mrs Clark, 380 Brock 

Mrs Clark, 381 Division 

Mrs Cleland. 83 Alfred 

Miss Comer, 80 Division 

Mrs Connolly, 58 Union 

Mrs Cooper, 418 Johnson 

Mrs Corrigan, 224 Johnson 

Miss Daly, 182 University 

Mrs Davy, 382 Princess 

Mrs Dennison, "Densmere", 72-74 Sydenhai 
Mrs Dopking, 103 William 

Mrs Dix, 269 Brock 

Mrs Doyle, 102 Clergy 

Mrs Elsback, 81 Alfred 

Mrs Fairfield, 142 Stuart 

Miss Fowler, cor Union and University 

Mrs Franklin, 107 Frontenac 

Mrs Norman Eraser, Residence Earl St 

Mrs Frizzell, 215 William 

Mrs. Gamble, 44 Frontenac 

Mrs Geraldi, 475 Princess 

Mrs Gibson, 189 Earl 

Mrs Gowdy, 144 Alfred 

Mrs Hall, 331 H Brock 

Mrs Hamilton, 268 Johnson 

Mrs Hastings, 311 Queen 

Mrs Hood, 229 Barrie 

Mrs Hysop, 31 Clergy W 

Miss Jack, 312 University 

Mrs Johnson, 160 Stuart 

Mrs Kidd, 160 Nelson 

Miss King, 64 Victoria 

Mrs Knott, 382 Johnson 

Mrs Lawless, 160 Earl 

Mrs Lemmon, 249 Barrie 

Mrs C D Litton, 188 Union 

Mrs Ludlow, 11 Nelson 

Miss MacMillan, 28 Wellington 

Mrs McDcrmott, 420 Johnson 

Mrs McFaul, 358K' Johnson 

Mrs Milne, 318 University 

Mrs Moff, 56 Wellington 

Mrs Montgomery, 294 University 

Mrs Moore, 76 Earl 

Miss Muckleston, 49 Bagot 

Mrs Orr, 32 Wellington 

Mrs Packer, 61 Arch 

Mrs Reading, 319 Earl 

Mrs Sedgenack, 305 University 

Mrs Shales, 29 Arch 

Mrs Sharmon, 274 University 

Mrs Sherman, 256 University 

Miss Shaw, 129 Union 

Mrs Sligh, 24 Division 

Mrs Smith, 35 Division 

Mrs Smith, 181 Division 

Mrs Somerville, 23 Frontenac 

Mrs Stratton, 303 Earl 

Mrs Tandy, 425 Alfred 

Mrs Turpin, 35 Clergy 

Mrs Turcott, 77 Division 

Mrs Watson, 243 Earl 

Miss Webb, 15 Aberdeen 

Mrs Whelan, 5 Aberdeen 

Mrs J Willard, 301 Barrie 

Mrs Wilkins, 189 Collingwood 

Miss Wilson, 126 Union 

Y.W.C.A., bdg. House, 196 Johnson 


Davis Dry Dock Co, ft of Bay 
Holder Wm, 58 King w 
Kingston Shipbuilding Co, Ontario 
Knapp, A C, La Salle Causeway 
Knapp, James & Co, Barriefield 


Knapp, A C, La Salle Causeway 
Little, Wm, ft West 


Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd, Ontario, ft of Earl 
Davis Dry Dock Co, foot of Bay 


British Whig Publishing Co, Ltd, 306-310 King E 
Hanson, Crozier & Edgar, 18 Market 
Jackson Press, 173 Wellington 
McAuley, Henry W, 93 Princess 


College Book Store, 260 Princess 
Morrison, Vincent, Clarence St 
McAulev's Book Store, 93 Princess 
McGall, I, 132 Princess 
Uglow, R & Co, 141 Princess 


The Midland Shoe Co, King St 

The Aliernethy Shoe Store, 123-5 Princess 

Abramson, Louis, 336 Princess 

Dutton, Miss Maud, 150 Sydenham 

Johnston, J E, 70 Brock 

Lockett, EG, 116 Princess 

Rcid, A M, 111 Princess 

R & R Shoe Store, Princess & Clergy Sts 

Sawyer, W A, 212 Princess 

Sutherland, T H. & Bro, 103 Princess 

Wartell, H, 338 King 

Zacks, Isaac, 271 Princess 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe!5,?1^"e. 





Allan Lumber Co 

Headquarters for , 



Beaver Brand 
Hardwood Flooring 



Office and Yards : 

Victoria Street 

Phone 1042 





Weber Piano Co., Ltd 

Kingston, Ont. 



Insurance and Steamship Ticket Agent 


Lloyds Agent and Customs Broker. Phone 568w 


Freight, Furniture, Safes, Pianos, Cartage and Storage 
of Every Description 



Phone 377, Evenings 2231. 

158 Wellington Street 

— * 


The Taste Will Tell. 






I Mattresses, Children's Cots, Camp Mattresses, 

! Cushions, Pillows, Pads, made to order. 

J Couch Beds made or renovated. Mattress Renovating a Specialty 

j 377 KING ST. E. PHONE 1961J 

I J. R. CONLEY, Manager 





American life/ 



Permanent Stability 


The North American Life 



Note These Figures: 

Assurance in Force, over $106,000,000 

Assets 21,877,767 

Net Surplus for Policyholders 3,025,365 

North American Life Assurance Co. 


"Solid as the Continent." 

W. J. FAIR, Inspector 

ICingston, Ontario 







"Kingston's Shopping Centre" 



House Furnishings 

Men's Furnishings 

The largest stock of high-grade popular priced 
merchandise in Eastern Ontario to choose from. 


Given on all regular cash purchases 


We Locate the Buyer and Satisfy the Seller 

3(. C (ttarrnll 


Insurance of all kinds 



Real Estate 

A Specialty 

See Our List Before Buying 

56 BROCK street 

'PHONE 68 












It takes more than Capital, more than 
Determination, more than Aggressive- 
ness, more than Advertising '.o make a 
product leader of its kind. 

All these aids, powerful as they are, 
would be unavailing to achieve such a 
position ur.'less the product possessed 
su|!erior merit. 


has placed 

The Canada Metal Co., Ltd. 

in its position of 


as the largest manufacturer of White 
INIetal Alloys in the Dominion of Can- 















Head Office 


and Factory TORONTO ^^^^^^ 








THE FORD TRUCK gives retail merchants a 
great opportunity for business growth. It widens their 
trading area. 

It means motor transportation at low cost — low first cost, 
low operating cost. 

A small outlay will motorize your deliveries and open to 
you the opportunity for business expansion. 

We give you quick and satisfactory Ford Service. 

Consult us as to the type of body which will best suit 
your needs. 






Phone 155 

Up-town— McGALL'S CIGAR STORE— 'Phone 811 

Geo. A. Palmer 

Used Car & Salvage 

Co., Limited 

SELLS— Used Cars and Trucks 

Used Parts for Any Make of Car 
Used and New Tires 
Magnetos, Starters, Wheels, 
Axles, Drive Shafts, etc. 
Repair Department under expert mechanics. 
Estimates given. 

'Phone 410 J 

I r 



Phones: Office 326, Res. 896 86 Brock St., Kingston 

^%^\^%m^9^ A I ia"^\ d-^lf I /%r[F IN TROUBLE ON THE ROAD 


and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or nigh* 




Home, S V, 148 Ontario 
Thompson, Geo A, 292 Princess 


Lake Ontario Brewery, Portsmouth 

Bongard & Co, stocks and bonds, 239 Bagot 
Bateman, Geo A (Customs), 159 Wellington 
OeCarteret, C D, groceries, 304 King E 
Kirkpatrick, C S (Customs), 42 Clarence 
McCann Agency (Loans and Stocks) 86 Brock 
Mills, Thomas, loans and stocks, 79 Clarence 
Robertson, D Stewart & Sons (groceries) 33 


Kingston Broon: Co, 400 King 


Kingston Business College, head of Queen St 

Allan Lumber Co, Victoria St 
Anglin, S & Co, Bay cor Wellington 
Frontenac Floor & Wall Tile Co Ltd, Outer Statn 
McKelvey & Birch Ltd, 69-71 Brock 


Ainslie, M, 262 University 

Anderson Bros, w s Division, 1 s Princess 

Balls, Frederick W, 141 Nelson 

Blakey, A Stanley, wholesale butcher, 846 Princess 

Blakey, Alfred, 840 Princess 

Blakey, James, 90 Victoria 

Central Meat Market, E Luckin, 173 Princess 

Clenahan, Geo S, 372 Barrie 

Dominion Meat Store, 364 Princess 

Doyle, M W, 176^ Montreal 

Eves, W H, 222 Montreal 

Green Bros, 74 Brock, wholesale 

Harkness, Harry, 221 Wellington 

Jones, Wm A, 785 Princess 

Joyce, R J, 468 Division 

Joyce, John, 498 Division 

McGuire, J E, 260 Montreal 

Martin, A( Ltd, 272 Princess 

McGeein, B V, 338 Princess 

Metcalfe, E J, 62 Brock 

Millan, D J, 252 Ontario 

Nicholson, Thomas, 136 Ontario, cor William 

Purtell, Michael, 260 Montreal 

Quick, Charles, 112 Clergy 


Murphy, L W, 27 Sydenham 
Crawford, Jas, 239 Princess 


Cab Stand, 37 Clarence st, 'phone 490 
Cab Stand, 32 Clarence st, 'phone 64 
Andre, G, 299 Montreal 

Baker, Eckard, 462 Barrie 
Bird, L, 197 Colborne 
Boyd, Geo W, 89 Earl 
Coyle, John, 66 Bay 

Diamond, Charles, 159 Montreal, stand 49 Clar- 
Diamond, Michael, 159 Montreal, stand, Clarence 
Ennis, James, 126 L Bagot 
Gallagher, Wm, jr, 39 Markland 
Gallagher, Leo, 39 Markland 
Gallagher, Frank J, 216 Montreal 
Godkin, J D & Son, Queen St 
Gibson, John, 179 Alfred 
Guess, Leighton, Bagot, cor Brock 
Hagerman, William, 69 Colborne 
Herbison, J E, 611 Princess 
Kelly, Alfred, 14 Frontenac 
McKane, Burns, 454 Barrie 
McGall, Thos, 105 Queen 
Miller, Matthew, 26 William 
Morrison, Ross, 304 University 
Nesbitt, Stanley, 335 Johnson 
Northmore, Wm, 58 Lansdowne 
Nolan, H, 30 York 
O'Brien, Timothy, 25 Markland 
O'Donnell, Walter, 40 ColHngwood 
Patterson, Stewart, 497 Barrie 
Purvis, Thomas, 9 John 
Pollitt, William, 31 John 
Pipe, S C, 25 Frontenac 
Ray, Charles, 60 Bay 
Reid, Harvey, 170 York 
Richardson, Dennis, 35 Elm 
Sinnott, Jos, 36 Johnson 
Tait. Robt, 37 Up Charles 
Talbot, Wm, 8 St Catharines 
Valleau, D, 243 Brock 
Valleau, Gordon, 243 Brock 
Ward, Percy, 307 Alfred 


Hooper & Slater, 128 Ontario 
Payne, G A, 465 Johnson 


Knapp, A C, LaSalle Highway 

CARPENTERS (see Contractors) 
Milne, H J, 272 Bagot 


Harrison, T F Co, 229-237 Princess 
Newman & Shaw, 130 Princess 


Clow, Mathias & Son, 471 Princess 
Frost, Wm G, 299 Queen 
Gilmour, Wallace, 215 Wellington 
Kelly, John, 54 Queen 
Kidd, John, rear 184 Queen 
Laturney, Edward, 390-392 Princess 

LA. STERLING ?!«'«J«'?™s 

209 Princess Street 

BULBS, PLANTS ^ ^ ^'^^^y DI^IVjiVjO „^^,, 


Clover, Grasses, Grain 






Kingston Transfer Co., phone 377, 153 Wellington 
Swift, James & Co, ft Johnson 


Andre, Chas, 35 Charles 

Andre, Geo, 299 Montreal 

Aiken, Patrick, 28 Patrick 

Aiken, Edmund, 26 Patrick 

Bedore, Chas, 274 Nefson 

Bermingham, W A, 451 Division 

Boucher, Alfred, 153 Division 

Bradden, Philip, 72 York 

Bratt, Geo, 277 Ontario 

Boyd, Wilmer, 84 Centre 

Bruton, Wm C, 244-248 University 

Buckley, Reginald G, 102 U Charles 

Bryant, Harry L, 16 Russell 

Burns, Ivan, 174 Johnson 

Campbell, Ed J, w s Beverly 2 n King 

Chambers, C J, 41 Rideau 

Clark, Andrew, 28 Elm 

Cody, Ross, carter, 42 L Rideau 

Conway, Charles, 31^ William 

Crollin, Wm, 106 Montreal 

Dufferin, Thos, 260 Johnson 

Dcrry, Hugh. 157 Nelson 

De Roche, Alfred 228 Earl 

Devine, Michael, 447 Division 

Edwards, David, 131 Division 

Emmons, Frank, 487 Alfred 

Eves, Daniel, 147 Ordnance 

Ferris, Ed, 689 Princess 

Graham, Wm T, 43 Concession 

Hackett, Jos, 358 Bagot 

Harpell, Willet, 258 Nelson 

Hennessy, Robt, 468 Albert 

Henry, Robert, 468 Albert 

Hounslow, Jas, 26 Main 

Hunter, Hilton C, 22 Patrick 

Hunter, John J, 22 Patrick 

Jarrell, W H, 4 Rideau 

Kingston Transfer Co, 153 Wellington 

Knight, Hugh, 123 Colborne 

Knox, George, 130 Stephen 

LaFrance, Willian^, 2 Miller's Lane 

Lemmon, John, 456 Barrie 

McEwen, Ed, 359 King W 

McGregor, Alexander, 24 Russell 

McKegney, John, 65 Rideau ^ - 

Miller, Robt, 96 William \ l. , _^ , . , i 

Morrison, Wm, 94 Rideaa.Jl,/^'^^^"-^- * x^-" . 

Purdy, Fred, 19 Lansdowne*"' "'-•'•' "/"^''f' -- 

Reid, Harvey, 26 Elm 
Rothwcll Bros, 437 Alfred 
Ryder. John, 104 Patrick 
Randall, Chas, 73 John 
Shane, James, 437 Princess 
Simpson, William, 30 Plum 
Sinnott, John, 36 Johnson 
Smith, Daniel, 38 York 
Taite, R J, 37 Charles " 
Thompkins, Fred, 192 Colborne 
Tupper, John. 439 Brock 
Turpin, Geo Henry, 27 Main 
Vancoughnet, John, 3 Cataraqui 

Vancoughnet, Jos, 37 Stephen 
Venoss, Edward. 404 Montreal 
Walker, Henry, 26 Stephen 
Wathen, E, 141 K- Nelson 
Watts, Stephen, 36 Quebec 
White, Frederick, 12 Orchard 
Whitty, W, 213 Colborne 
Wilson, Thos., 499 Princess 
Woodhouse. Wm. 105 Barrack 
Washer, Joseph, 10 Orchard 
Wiskin. Tas R, 195 Nelson 
Wood, Wm, 104 Charles 


Reid, Marshall, 30 Union 
Tierney, A, 151 Earl 


Blakey, Alfred, 840 Princess 
Blakey, Jas. 90 Victoria 
Green Bros, 74 Brock 
Joyce, Robt J, 470 Division 


Anglin S & Co, Bay cor Wellington 

Frontenac Lumber & Coal Co, cor Ontario and 

Place d'Armes 
Norman, H F, 66 Charles 


McGowan Cigar Co, Rideau 
Oberndorfifer, Simon, 298 Ontario 


Aliramsky, Jos, 263-265 Princess 
Abramson, Joseph B. 257 Princess 
Abramson, Louis, 336 Princess 
Bibby's Limited, 78 Princess 
Forrest, J P, 348 King e 
Jenkins, E P, 136 Princess 
Lipman, B, 107 Princess 
Livingston, C & Bro, 75-79 Brock 
Patterson. J G, 120 Johnson 
Prevost, Zotique. 55 Brock 
Roney & Co. 127 Princess 
Yampolsky. Morris. 353 Princess 
Zacks, Isaac, 271 Princess 


Anglin, S & Co, Bay cor Wellington 

Bedore, Chas & Son (wood), 274 Nelson 

Booth & Co, ft West 

Chadwick, A & Son, 300 King w 

Crawford, Robert, ft of Queen and 301 King w 

Drury, William. 235 K' Wellington 

Nolan. R, 241 Montreal 

Sowards. James, Coal Co, Ontario, cor Place 

Swift, James & Co, ft of Johnson and 374 Princess 

and 225 Montreal sts. 
Talbot, W H & Co (wood), 8 St Catherine 


T^fcCann Agency, 82 Brock 
Webster, C R, 33 Brock 

J. K. Carroll Agency FIRE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 INSURANCE 


Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 




(See Miscellaneous Directory) 


Craig, W G & Co, Ontario St 
Richardson, Jas & Sons, ft Princess 
Swift, James & Co, ft of Johnson 


Barnum, Clias H, 320 Princess 

Carnovsky, W H, 94 Brock 

Crothers' King St Store, 302 King 

Crystal Palace, 180 Princess 

Bowen, W A, 324 King e 

Dafnas, Chas, 286 Princess 

Diana Fruit Store, 354 Princess 

Fruitland, 348 Princess 

Grimm, N Roy, 102 Princess 

Laura Secord Candy Shop, 138 Princess 

Masoud, Geo, 238 Princess 

New York Fruit Store, Peter Dafnas, 368 Princess 

Olympia Fruit Store, Jos Zakos, 386 Princess 

Rees Bros (wholesale), 254 Bagot 

Sakell, T & H_, 220 Princess 

Superior Ice Cream Parlor, 204 Princess 

Star Fruit & Candy Store, 66 Princess 

Zbar B, 280 Princess st 


Crothers, W J, 207-209 Wellington 
Cunningham, Chas, 56 Bay 
Dafnas, Peter, 314 Princess 
Grimm, N R, 102 Princess 
Toye, R H, 195 Ontario 


Andre, Thos, 36 Sixth 

Andre, Fred, carp, 122 Montreal 

Angell, Frederick, res 114 Queen 

Ashton, William, res 45 King w 

Aykroyd, Overton, 21 Main 

Bailey, Wm (carp), 305 Division 

Bearance, Henry (carp), 63 York 

Bell, James, 163 Raglan 

Bellmore, Harry, 154 Raglan 

Bews, Jas, sr 215 Colborne 

Bews, Wm (mason), 97 York 

Bermingham, Wm (carp), 240 Division 

Bevock, M, 451 Alfred 

Black, Jas, 137 Alfred 

Boyd, Jos R, 451 Princess 

Bowk, William, 218 Stuart 

Bradley, Jas, 32 Ontario 

Bruce, Wm (carp), 126a Nelson 

Bruster, Robt, 82 L Bagot 

Burnside, Everett, 11 Bartlett 

Burleigh, Wesley, 49 Livingston 

Brocklehurst, John W, 14 Clergy w 

Bryant, Arthur, 17 Bartlett 

Burtch, Enoch, 2 Birch 

Bustard, Wm. 78 Bagot 

Buck, P (carp), 442 Johnson 

Buck, Wm R (carp). 102 Victoria 

Calback, James, 263 Brock 

Card, Richard, 10^^ Raglan 

Campbell, D, 219 Upper York 

Chapman, W J, (carp), 31 Garrett 

Clififord, Walter, North MacDonnell 

Clow, Albert, 18 Cowdy 

Clugston, Thos (mason), 364 Brock 

Clugston, Wm R (mason), 396 Brock 

Clement, Chas, 92 Queen 

Cobet, Ivo L (mason), 213 Bagot 

Compton, C R, 257 Brock 

Connelly, Samuel (mason) 1 Adelaide 

Connelly, John, carp. Imperial Hotel 

Copley, Thos (carp) 42 Durham 

Corrigan, Michael, 11 L Bagot 

Crellian, Michael, 9 Russell 

Davidson, Robt, 254 University 

Davidson, Wm (mason), 12 Sixth 

Davis, J C, 106 Nelson 

Davy, William, 171 Nelson 

Derbyshire, H, 231 Albert 

Derbyshire, Eugene, carp, 127 Montreal 

Deane, Wm, 141 Colborne 

Derry, Hugh (mason), 34 Wellington 

Dennison, Jas, stone cutter, 133 Collingwood 

Dixon, Wm, 68 Cherry 

Dixon, Geo E (carp), 1012 Union w 

Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co Ltd, 193 

Douglas, Hugh, 510 Brock 
Douglas, Kenneth, 510 Brock 
Downey, Geo, 136 Queen 
Duncan, Robt, 20 York 
Emery, Gerald, 136 Bagot 
Farmer, John George, 70 Cherry 
Farrell, Jas (carp), 412 Montreal 
Ferguson, George, 679 Princess 
Filtz, Richard, mason. 344 Albert 
Fleet, William, 111 Raglan 
Forsythe, Andrew, 140 Collingwood 
Gallagher, Emmanuel, 132 Raglan Rd 
Gates, Wni J, 214 Alfred 
Gates, Abel, 64 Victoria 
Godwin, Wm H, Jr (mason), 14 Nelson 
Gough, J (mason), 120 York 
Gordon, John (mason), 300 Albert 
Gow, Edward, 111 Bay 
Granger, James, 527 Princess 
Graham, Percy (electrical), 426 Princess 
Graham, C J, Kingston Highway 
Grimshaw, S A (carp), 284 Division 
Gunn, John, 8 Corrigan 
Gutoskie, Robt (carp), 9 Charles 
Hackett, Damon, 322 Queen 
Halliday Electric Co, 345 King e 
Harold, Alex, 104 Clergy 
Harrison, T J, (mason), 176 Rideau 
Harrison, Chas G, 572 Princess 
Hartman, J (carp), 297 Queen 
Harvey, Wm (cement), 92 Queen 
Hewitt, Fred (carp), 454 Division 
Hearn, Jas (mason) Bath rd 
Henderson, Geo (carp), 74 Union 
Henry, John, 342 Division 
Herbert, Louis (carp), 7 Plum 
Hennessy, John (carp), 324 Division 

Dr. Beirs Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 



'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Hermiston, Chas, 84 Collingwood 

Higgins, Arthur, 9 Mack 

Holder, Herbert B, (mason), 34 Up William 

Hooper & Slater, 128-132 Ontario 

House, John (carp), 23 Elm 

Hubell, Walter H (carp) 26 Quebec 

Hunt, Freeman, 45 Colborne 

Hunter, Harry, 332 Barrie 

Hunter, Richard (carpj, 486 Barrie 

Hunter, Stewart, 128 Victoria 

Hunter, Geo (carp), 75 Pembroke 

Hunter, Geo (carp), 128 Victoria 

Hunter & Harold (carp), 175 Queen 

Hunter, Henry. 332 Barrie 

Hunter, John C, 22 Patrick 

Hurd, Frank, 38 Stephen 

Hurst, James, 352 University 

Hyland, SaniiUel (carp), 425 Alfred 

James, William (carp), 73 York 

James, Martin, 203 University 

Janeway, John H, 37a Cherry 

Jackson, Fred C (bridge and R R), 286 Johnson 

Jackson, Benj, 30 Nelson 

Jarrell, J F, 271 Bagot 

Johnson, Alex, 354 Johnson 

Karl, Wesley, 94 Victoria 

Kearns, Samuel, 492 Barrie 

Keller, Chas, 94 York 

King, Howard (carp), 330 Montreal 

King, John (carp), 375 Alfred 

Knapp, Stanley (carp), 10 Pine 

LaLonde, Henry, 20 George 

Laughlan, Henry (carp), 348 Brock 

Lake, Amos K, (carp), 18 Division 

Lambert, Michael, 258 Rideau 

Langdon, Nathaniel (mason), 222 Division 

Lee, Jas, (carp), 386 Johnson 

LeHeup, John, 15 University 

Lemmon, Charles. 149 Frontenac 

Leslie, Wm, 23 West 

Lindsay. Rol)t J (carp), 36 Ellerbeck av 

Litton, J W (mason). 52 Frontenac 

Lyons, Oliver, 27 Ellis 

Lyston (carp), 351 Alfred 

Macnee, Francis B, 345 Alfred 

Maiden. William, 25 Main 

Marshall, Allan, 60 Elm 

Marshall, Joan, 101 Queen 

Marshall, Robt (carp). Smith St 

McBartney, Hugh (stone) 137 Bay 

McBride, Jos (carp) 563 Princess 

McCartney A (mason), 248 University 

McCartney, A, (mason), 231 University 

McCartney, Wm jr (mason), 315 Earl 

McCoy, Peter (railway), 57 Beverly 

McDonald, Richard (mason), 354 Montreal 

McElroy, Harry, 9 Markiand 

McFadden, Ed, 32 Patrick 

McFarland, N S, 388 Earl 

McFarlane, R N F. 310 Johnson 

Mcllquham, James (mason). 390 .All)crt 

McKee, A, (mason), 205 William 

McKee, Robt. 14 Plum 

McKelvey & Birch, 65-71 Brock 

McLeod, Peter C (carp), 36 Clergy w 

Marshall, Robt (carp), 653 Princess 

Martin, Alex J, (carp), 1 Aberdeen 

Martin, Frank, (carp), 349 Brock 

Maxwell, E B, 17 Victoria 

Maxwell, J, 17 Victoria 

Mayell, John R (carp), 16 Redan 

Monk, Francis, 24a Elm 

Moore. Chas, 125 Colborne 

Moore. Wm, 340 Brock 

Morgan. Matthew (carp), 396 Ordnance 

Morley, Wm (mason), 460 Barrie 

Morrison, John, 33 Pine 

Morton, Angus, 424 Johnson 

Moulton, Herbert, 178 York 

Mowat, Geo (mason), 224 Division 

Newlands, Wm, cor Bagot and Princess 

Newman, H W, Electric Co, Princess St 

Newton, John (carp) 107 Clergy 

Nicholson, Thos, 286 Queen 

Nobes, Wm, carp, 19 Division 

Nolan, John H (carp), 30 York 

Norriss, Horace F, 68 Charles 

Onslow, Jos, 26 Main 

Pannell, Wm (carp), 248 Albert 

Papps, John (mason and carp), 59 Queen 

Payne. George A, 465 Johnson 

Payne, Wm, 305 Collingwood 

Pearson. George, 284 Sydenham 

Pelow, Dennis (carp), 38 Clergy w 

Peters, Fred, 439 Brock 

Peters, Hugh, 44 Victoria 

Peters, John (carp). 44 Victoria 

Peters, Jas A, 105 King w 

Phillips. Joseph, 3 Pine 

Pierson. Geo (carp). 284 Sydenham 

Potts, Jos (carp), 15 Up York 

Putnam, A, 651 Princess 

Randall, Wm (mason), 42 U William 

Raney, Wm, 43 Quebec 

Ratcliffe, William, 30 Aberdeen 

Rawley, Geo. 7 Garrett 

Redmond, William T (carp) 254 Patrick 

Reid, Thomas, 252 Victoria 

Revell, Matthew, 167 Clergy e 

Reynolds, Robt, 214 Nelson 

Richards, Herbert, 143 Ordnance 

Richards, Samuel (mason), 102 York 

Revell. Matthew, 167 Clergy w 

Rolson, William, 148 Ordnance 

Ryder, John, 557 Albert 

Saunders, Herbert, 150 Raglan 

Scott, John, 182 Barrie 

Scriven, John (carp), 522 Brock 

Selby, James, 53 Livingston 

Sliields, William, 72 Princess 

Sharp. Cyrus H, 294 Queen 

Slceman. William H (mason) 156 Frontenac 

Smallridge, William, 318 Earl 

Smith, Alexander, 421 Johnson 

Smith. George A, 27 Cherry 

Smith, Thos (mason), 4 Devonshire Terr 

^louthall, David, 12 Lawrence 

Stark, W A, 64 Mack 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF Ahh KINDS 


B9-91 Princess Street 

Kingston, Ont. 


'Phone 418 



Staley, Chas, 127 Bagot 

Stanford, Ed (carp), 17 Patrick 

Stanlake, Wm, (carp), 141 Pine 

Sullivan, Michael (carp), 87 King e 

Sullivan, Vincent J (carp), 15 Charles 

Tait, Joseph (mason). 2>7 U Charles 

Tait, Robert, 2,7 Up Charles, 

Thompson, Harry, 106 Montreal 

Thomas, Samuel (mason), 19 Frontenac 

Thorogood, Jack, 107 King 

Talbot, G A (carp), 10 Raglan 

Teeple, Hardy, 22 Carlisle 

Turcott, George (carp), 8 Sixth 

Turkington, W J, mason, 20 O'Kill 

Ubdegrove, A, 396 Division 

Vancoughnet, A, 4a Orchard 

Vancoughnet, J (carter & contractor) 3 Cataraqui 

Vandewalker, C J, 215 Montreal 

Vanwinckle, N P, carp, 117 Ordnance 

Vaughan. John, 346 King e 

Vanoss, E, 404 Montreal 

Vick, David (carp), 295 Barrie 

Wade, James (carp), 173 Nelson 

Walker, Albert, 245 Montreal 

Wallace, Ronald, 102 Stephen 

Wright, Robt (mason), 305 Bagot 

Wright, Geo W, (mason), 28 Division 

Wallace, Robt (stone). 116 Patrick 

Walton, John, 278 Division 

Wathen. Ernest E, 141^ Nelson 

Watts, H W (mason), 98 Frontenac 

Watts. John, 157 Stuart 

Weir, Kenneth, 60 Mack 

Wilson, Jos (carp), 7i Alfred 

Wood, Delroy, (carp), Smith st ' 

Woods, John W, 27 Pine 

Woodhouse, David, 17 Clergy W 

Woolgar, William G, 64 Patrick 

Wright, Chas (carp), 328 Division 

Wright, D T (carp), 42 Livingston 

Young, Myles, 659 Princess 


Lockhart, T J, Ontario Chambers 
McCann Agency, 82 Brock 
Thompson, E Blake, cor Brock & King 


Dom Textile Co, Cataraqui st 


Robertsons' Limited, 71-73 Princess 

Gordon, John, 149 Montreal 
Robertsons' Limited, 71-73 Princess 
jtroud, W D & Son. 109 Princess 


'ity Dairy, Robinson & Marrison, 24-26 Johnson 
Kingston Milk Dairy (^H F Price), 277 Princess 
[urphy, T W, mlk dlr, 791 Princess 
■•ickering, Harry, Ivs 126 Nelson 
i*urdy, Arthur A, 204 Frontenac 


Aykroyd, S A, 92 Princess (upstairs) 
Black, D E, 130 King e, cor West 
Dewar, Dr, 200 Princess 
Glover, W R, 264 King e 
Knapp, A E, 258 Princess 
Millan, R R, 84 Princess 
Nash, C C, 183 Princess 
Renton, Dr, asst, 183 Princess 
Sparks & Sparks, 150 Wellington 
Stevi^art, H A, 194 Wellington 
Walsh. J L. 132 Wellington 
Waugh, Freeman, 106 Wellington 
Winnett, Dr A W, 122 Wellington 


Abbott, Miss Emma, 235 Colborne 
Abbott, Miss Elizabeth, 378 Division 
Adams, Miss Mary, 70 Arch 
Amos. Miss Annie, res 106 Patrick 
Anderson, Miss M A, 178 Bagot 
Ashley. Eva, 236 Wellington 
Bowman, Miss Clara, 102 Earl 
Boyd, Miss Margaret. 261 Johnson 
Caldbach, Miss S A, 367 Alfred 
Clancy, Miss Mary, 135 William 
Conner. Miss Jennie, 157 Frontenac 
Coulson, Mrs Mary, 186 Victoria 
Dean. Mae, 141 Colborne 
Derry, Cecilia, 185 Collingwood 
Doolan, Ann, 134 L Bagot 
Finkle, Jennie, Wellington St 
Friendship, Miss Alice. 427 Albert 
Frizer, Rhoda, 176 Clergy 
Gallagher. Miss M E, 96 Earl 
Gillespie. Miss Sarah, 309 Alliert 
Givens, Miss Gertrude, 39 Beverly 
Gossage, Ila, 272 University 
Gough, Rhoda, 140 Union w 
Hall, Kate, 229 Barrie 
Henzy, Miss Harriet, 429 Brock 
Hallinan, Miss Helen, 107 Wellington 
Harper, Mrs Maude, 327 Johnson 
Hughes, Miss Mabel, 40 Union 
Johnson, Agnes, 49 York 
Kaminske, Miss S, 157 Queen 
King, Flora, 32) Stanley 
Keen, Bessie, 127 Colborne 
Kennedy, Miss L, 175 Sydenham 
Leishman, Martha, 157 Sydenham 
Lemmon, Ethel, 284 Division 
Little, Mrs Catherine, 168 King e 
McKenzie, Isabelle, 98 William 
Mclver, Miss Eva, 130 Victoria 
McWilliams. Gertrude. 455 Barrie 
Magnet, Helen, 18 Vine 
Martin, Emma, 187 Alfred 
Marrison, Agnes, 69 L Bagot 
Meek, Miss Sarah, 317 Earl 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

That's The Toye Bread Co 




'Phone 147 for Service 




Miller, Myrtle, 96 William 

Mitchell, Mrs E M, IZ Brock 

Montgomery, Mary, 294 University 

Mulholland, Ethel, 460 Brock 

Mulholland, Cassie, 460 Brock 

Nelson, Mary, 390 Montreal 

Nokes, Mrs Mary, 250 Queen 

O'Brien, Misses Ellen & Margaret, 67 Union w 

Peters, Fanny, 44 Victoria 

Phillips, Winnifred, 204 Alfred 

Pidgeon, Miss S E, 218 University 

Pilley, Miss G M, 98 Clergy 

Pipe, Catherine, 201 Frontenac 

Porter, Ella M, 242 University 

Posselwhite, Ethel, 34 Division 

Redmond, Miss K, 400 Alfred 

Richardson, Miss E A, Alfred st 

Ryan, Loretta, 43 Livingston 

Shepherd, Grace, 80 Frontenac 

Sloan, Miss Mary, 293 Montreal 

Steacy's Ltd, 118-120 Princess 

Stephanie, Miss, 157 Queen 

Vanaskey, Miss Katie, 334 Brock 

Wilton, Miss H M, 479 Princess * 

Woodside, Mrs M A, 238 University ave 



Austin's Drug Store, King & Princess 

Best Drug Store, The, 124 Princess 

Chown, A P, 185 Princess 

Fisher, Dr J H, 544 Princess 

Gibson, W W, Wellington st 

Hoag, F J, 359 Princess 

Mahood, G W, 156 Princess 

McLeod, J R, 53 Brock 

McColl, M R, 312 Princess 

Sargent, T H, 186 Princess 

University Drug Store, A G Harris, 260 University 

Ward & Hamilton, Princess and Division 


Davis Dry Dock Co, ft Bay 

CoUingwood Shipbuilding Co, ft Union st 


Macnee & Minnes, 245 Bagot, cor Princess 


Corrigan, C J, 174 Princess 
Jackson-Metivier Ltd, 114 Princess 
Laidlaw, John & Son. 170-172 Princess 
Newman & Shaw, 130 Princess 
Steacy's Ltd, 118-120 Princess 
Linton, W N & Co, 168 Wellington 


"My Valet" 212 Princess 

My Wardrobe, 188 Wellington 

Parker's Dye Works Ltd, 69 Princess 


Graham, Percy, 426 Princess 
Burke Electric Co, 72 Princess 
Halliday Electric (To, 345 King e 
Moore, W J & Sons, 208 Wellington 
Newman, H W, Electric Co, 167 Princess 


Donoghue, Charles, 291 Ontario 
Richardson, James & Sons, ft Princess 


Telgmann, Mrs O F, 200 Frontenac 


Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd, Ontario 
Davis Dry Dock Co, ft Bay 


Canadian National Express Co, 145 Princess 
Dominion Express Co, 180 Wellington 


Dutton, Miss Maud, 150 Sydenham 
Leader. Miss M A, 105 Brock 
Mahood Bros, 113 Princess 
Mitchell, Mrs M. Ti Brock 
Mcintosh Bros, 101 Princess 
Potter, Mrs A. 181 Wellington 
Uglow, R & Co, 141 Princess 
College Book Store, 260 Princess 
Woods, Miss Marie, 15 Aberdeen st 


Milne, H J, 212 Bagot 


Frontenac Loan & Investment Society, 87 Clar- 
ence St, W F Nickle, pres; A B Cunning- 
ham, vice-prcs.; Dr R C Cartwright, mgr. ; 
Miss Olive Spriggs, acct. 

Kent Bros, 91 Clarence, Lt-Col R E Kent and 
W C Kent 

Thomas Mills, 79 Clarence 

Synod of Ontario, St George's Hall, Rev Canon 
J W Jones, Secretary and Registrar, R J 
Carson, Esq, Hon Treasurer; Francis King, 
M.A., K.C., Lay Secretary. 


Dominion Fish Co, 63 Brock 
McGuire, Tiiomas, 96 Union 


Cooke, F W, 219 Bagot 

McGall, John, 132 Princess 

Thomson, Geo, 294 Princess 

Treadgold Sporting Goods Co, 88 Princess 


Baiden Bros, Portsmouth 

Holton, A D, 280 Princess 

Flanagan, M E, 82 Barrie 

Lawson, P C, Brock St, Conservatories, 88 Centre 

Marsh, J W, 64 Elm 

Watts, John N, 179 Wellington and 24 Regent st 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

We Clean 


and do it well 

■PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER 3oods Called For and Delivered 




Couper, Daniel, 341-343 Princess 
Donoghue, Chas, 291 Ontario 
McBroom, W F, 42-44 Princess 
McFarlane, J A, 227 Ontario 
Peters. W P, 117 Brock 


Kingston Milling Co, ft Brock 


(See also Machinists) 
Angrove's Foundry Co, cor Queen & King 


Rees Bros, 244 Bagot 
Toye, R H & Co, Ontario, cor Clarence 

Amodeo M, 240 Princess 
Carnovsky. W H, 94 Brock 
Dafnas, Chas, 286 Princess 
Diana Fruit Store, 354 Princess 
Henderson, J R. 59-61 Brock 

New York Fruit Store, Peter Dafnas, 314 Princess 
Olymhia Fruit Store, Jos Zakos, 368 Princess 
Sakells & Co, 220 Princess 
Star Fruit & Candy Store, 66 Princess 


Harrison, T F Co, 229-239 Princess 
Lesses, I, 507 Princess 
Reid, James, 254 Princess 
Reid, R J, 230 Princess 
Sinclair, Robt, 360 Barrie 


Campbell Bros, 122 Princess 
Gourdier, W F, 78 Brock 
McKay, John. 149-153 Brock 
Mills, (jeo & Co, 128 Princess 


(See market gardeners) 


Abramsky, Joseph, 263 Princess 

Abramson, Louis, 336 Princess 

Abramson, J B, 257 Princess 

Bibbys Limited, 78 Princess 

Collier, D S, 214 Princess 

Forrest, J P. 348 King e 

Jenkins, E P, 136 Princess 

Lion Clothing Store, Howitz, Arthur, mgr, 356 

Livingston, C & Bro, 75-79 Brock 
Lipman, B, 107 Princess 
Prevost, Z, 55 Brock 
Reeves, P G, 212 Princess 
Roney & Co, 127 Princess 
Waggoner, A C, 188 Wellington 
Zacks, Isaac, 271 Princess 


Donoghue, Charles, 291 Ontario 
Kingston Milling (To, ft Brock 
McFarlane, J A, cor Ontario and Brock 
Peters-Thompson Seed Co, 117 Brock 
Richardson, James & Sons, ft Princess 



Carson. R J. 324 Princess 

Craig, W G & Co, 229-235 Ontario 

Fenvvick, Hendry & Co, (H E Richardson prop), 
189 Ontario 

Maclean, Andrew, 272-4 Ontario 

McRae, W R & Co (N E O'Connor, prop), Wel- 
lington cor Brock 

Parkhill, J Y, (Jas Crawford prop), 239 Princess 

Redden. James & Co, 178 Princess 

Robertson, George & Son, Ontario, cor Johnson 

Robertson Grocery Co, 183-185 Ontario 

Ahearn, Jos Jr, 308 Montreal 
Ainslee, M, University, cor Brock 
Anderson Bros, Princess & Division 
Arniel. Wm J, 163 Alfred 
Krnnedv. M, 303 Montreal 
Baker, R H, 407 Johnson 
Bateson, Miss Margaret, 90 William 
Bearance, Elwood, cor Union and Livingston ave 
Bon Marche Grocery, cor Earl and King 
Bryant, James, All^ert and Johnson 
Carnovsky, T R, 668-670 Princess 
Childerhose, J D, 164 Rideau 
Clark, Charles H, 86 Pine 
Cohen, S, 168 Ontario 
Coulter. C H, 909 Princess 
Couper, Daniel, 341-343 Princess 
Crawford, James, 182 Princess 
Cullen, Joseph, cor Princess and Alfred 
Davis, Alice (wid Arthur P), :iZ7 Queen 
Driver, W J, 271 Queen 
Driscoil, Chas E. 220 King 
Druce, John, Lower Station 
Eves, J T, 18 York 
Friendship Bros, 210 Division 
Gage, D B & Son, 254 Montreal 
Gage. J R B, cor Wellington and Gore 
Germain, Mrs J. 54 Ontario 
Gilbert, John, 194 Barrie 
Glover, Albert, 152 Bagot 
Goodman, Wm, King west, cor George 
Gordon, John. 149 Montreal 
Graham. Ed. 611 Princess 
Grant. Jessie (wid Thos), 525 Brock 
Hamilton, W G, 647 Princess 
Henderson, J R, 59-61 Brock 
Hill, James, 44 Main 
Hopkinson, James, Patrick & Pine 
Hopkinson, W E & Bro, 2>7 Brock 
Irishs' Grocery, 225 Division 
Irwin, Bella, Beverly, cor King 
Jarvis, John Henry, 617-619 Princess 
Johnston, Hugh, 49 York 
Kelley's Grocery, 155 Division 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Beirs cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations ^^^^"^ ^^^ chapped Hands, &c. 

FOR GOOD VALUE GO TO 'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Kemp, W J, 455 Division 

Kingston Co-operative Society Grocery, 53-55 

Ladds, T, 23 Stephen 

Lee, William, 393 Earl 

Miller's Grocery, 36 Division 

McRae, W R & Co (N E O'Connor, prop) Wel- 
lington, cor Brock 

Maclean, Andrew, 272-274 Ontario 

McCormick, W J, 412 Montreal 

Martin, F C & Son, 564 Princess 

McLeod, C R, 51 Union w 

Millar, J A, 36 Division 

Miillan, Dennis J, 256-258 Ontario 

Morris Bros, 345 King E 

Murphy, John, 75 Bay 

Nesbitt, Mrs Sarah, 246 Barrie 

Nesbitt, W James, 259 University av 

O'Donnell, Mrs Jean, 83 Collingvvood 

Percy, John A, 70 Division 

Pickering, C H, cor Princess and University 

Potter, Alex. 12 L Rideau 

Purdy, James E, 226 Barrie 

Purtell, M, 258 Montreal 

Quigley, Hannah (wid Jas), 214 Montreal 

Rawson, A. 40 Montreal 

Redden. James & Co, 178 Princess 

Reid, W J, 361 Division 

Robinson, J, Princess and Barrie 

Robinson's Store, 213 Montreal 

Rutherford, Thos, 1 Clow's Block, 72 Chatham st 

Ryan, D, 168 Sydenham 

Salsberg's Grocery, 39 Colborne 

Saunders, Charles. 505 Princess 

Shales' Grocery, 71 Pine 

Smith's Grocery, 85 Colborne 

Smith, Harold J, 419 King e 

Speizman, A, 330 Division 

Stover, Herbert, 109 Alfred 

Tooher, Miss Annie, 312 Montreal 

Wartelsky, Eva, cor Bagot and Raglan 

Watts, S J, 83 Earl 


McCann Agency, 82 Brock 


Chown, A & Co. 252 Bagot 
Chown, E & Son, 248-250 Bagot 
Dalton, W B & Sons, Princess, cor Ontario 


Bunt, J B & Co, 351-353 King e 

Chown. A & Co, 252 Bagot 

Dalton, W B & Sons, Princess, cor Ontario 

Elliott Bros, 11 Princess 

Hentig, Geo W, 345-347 Princess 

Lawrenson, Elmer, 385 Princess 

McKelvey & Birch, Ltd, 67-71 Brock 

Marshall, H W, 193 Princess 

Simmons Bros, 169 Princess 

Stevenson & Hunter, 85-87 Princess 

Taylor & Hamilton, 89-91 Princess 


Clow, M, 471 Princess 
Dolan. M J. 219 Princess 
Swafifield, Harry, 76 Brock 


Abramson, L, 336 Princess 
Campljell Bros, 84 Princess 
Jenkins, E P, 136 Princess 
Mills, George & Co, 106-110 Princess 


Denee, Eugene G, 868 Princess 
McFarlane, J A, 227 Ontario 
Peters-Thompson Seed Co, 117 Brock 


Lyons, Patrick, 10 Market 
McKay, John, Ltd, 151 Brock 


Albion Hotel, 46 Montreal 
Anglo-American Hotel, 172 Ontario 
Hotel Frontenac, 178-182 Ontario 
Hotel Randolph, 133-137 Princess 
Carleton Hotel, 76 Princess 
Prince George, 200-204 Ontario 
Lake View House. 286 Ontario 
Provincial House, Brock St 
Queen's Hotel, 119-127 Brock 
Royal Hotel, 342-344 Princess 
Whitney Hotel. 29 Brock 


Kingston Artificial Ice Co., Montreal 
Kingston Ice Co., 255-267 King w 


Bateman, G A, 159 Wellington 

Bell, R C, 130 Clarence 

Carroll, J K, 58 Brock 

Cooke, J B. m King 

Crumley. Mrs H S. 406 Earl 

Dobbs. J R C. 44 Clarence 

Driver, J D, 352 King 

Fair, W J, cor Wellington and Clarence 

Flanagan. Miss S E, 82 Barrie 

Folger, H S, 1 Emily 

Godwin, W H & Son, 39 Brock 

Hutton, J O, 67 Clarence 

Johnston, M G, 58 Brock 

Kent Bros, 91 Clarence 

King & Sniythe. 71 Clarence 

Kirkpatrick, C S, 42 Clarence 

Litton, C S, 46 Frontenac 

Lockhart, T J. 58 Brock 

McCann Agency, 82 Brock 

Macnee, W H. Board of Trade, 328 King 

Mills, Thos, 79 Clarence 

Mitchell, W A, II Brock 

Mullin, E W, 276 Johnson 

Roughton, S. 60 Brock 

Sharp, Harry, 60 Brock 

Strange & Strange. 95 Clarence 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'^rVIve. 









Thompson, E Blake, 39 Brock 
Trumpour, M B, IIII/2 Brock 
Webster, Ford, 14 Market 
White, W J B, 239 Bagot 
Wightman, H D, 151 Wellington 
Woodman, Elmer, 60 Brock 


Jewellers (retail) see watches, clocks, etc 


Cohen, I, Ontario st 
McLaughlin, Ed, 855 Princess 
Sugarman, H, 242 Ontario 
Susman, M, 185 Queen 


Steacy & Steacy, 118-129 Princess 
Mitchell, Mrs E M, IZ Brock 


Robertsons' Limited, 71-73 Princess 

Lee Bros, 331 Princess 

Eon Le T, 408 Brock 

Fong Sing, 383 Princess 

Hong, Charlie, Earl and Division 

Hong Toms, 84-86 Queen 

Hum Kim, 2>4 Rideau 

Imperial Steam Laundrj^ Co, 308 Barrie 

Kingston Steam Laundry, 308 Barrie 

Lang Sai, 220 Barrie 

Lee Shing, 104 William 

Lee Wee, 282 Princess 

Lee Yin, 412 Princess (Queen's Laundry) 

Lee Sing, 206 Montreal 

Lee Wee, 282 Princess 

Sang Lee, 350 Johnson 

Shing Lee, 104 William 

Wah Long, 155 Wellington 

Wo Kee, 116 Clarence 


McKay Ltd, 151 Brock 


Guess, Leighton, Bagot cor Brock 
Godkin, J D & Son, Queen st 


Canada Permanent Mortgage Corporation, G A 
Bateman, agt & appraiser, 159 Wellington 

Colonial Investment and Loan Co, McCann 
Agency, agent, 82 Brock 

Dominion Permanent Loan Co, J H Macnee, 328 
King e, and T J Lockhart, 65 Clarence, agt 

Frontenac Loan & Investment Society, 87 Clar- 
ence st 


Patrick, J M, 149 Sydenham 


Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd, Ontario ft of Earl 


Allan Luml)er Co (Mrs Margaret A Allan), 81 

Anglin & Co, Bay cor Wellington 
Hooper & Slater, 132 Ontario 


Angrove, T B, 382 King e 

Bishop, Thos G, foot Princess st 

Canadian Locomotive Co, Ltd, Ontario ft of Earl 

Cockburn, Wm, 211 Ontario 

Davis Dry Dock Co, ft of Bay 

Kingston Shipbuilding Co, ft of Union 

Wright, G A, 382 King e 


Hooper & Slater, 128-132 Ontario 


Fallon Bros, 139 Clergy 
McCallum & Co, 397 Princess 
Mullen, Jas, Victoria st 


Baiden Bros, Portsmouth 
Bushell, R J, s s Bath rd 
Coulter, Chas H, 909 Princess 
Dennie, Evarest, 461 Barrie 
Dougherty, Wm, 20 Sixth 
Friendship C C, ss Bath rd 
Friendship, John, 106 Victoria 
Hyland, John, Bath rd 
McDonnell, Robt, 297 Division 
Reid, Thos, 252 Victoria 
Rj'der, Lome, Bath rd 
Scott, Walter D, Regent st 
Simpson, Chas, Regent 
Watts, John N, 24 Regent 


Dr W W Sands, City Buildings 


Anglin, S & Co, Bay, cor Wellington 

Kent Bros, ofifice 91 Clarence; factory. Gore st 


Corrigan, C J, 174 Princess 
Gedye Co, 178 Wellington 
Wheeler & O'Connor, 370 Princess 
Mills, Geo & Co, 126-128 Princess 
O'Connor, T J, 260 Princess 
Parisian Shop, Brock 
Steacy & Steacj', 118-120 Princess 


Donnelly, Capt John, 193 Ontario 






126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 




Halliday Electric Co, 345 King e 
McKelvey & Birch, 69 Brock 
Milne, H, 272 Bagot 
Newman, H W, 79 Princess 


Davis Dry Dock Co, foot of Bay 

Angrove, Tiiomas, 382 King st e 


Anderson, Miss Helen, 178 Bagot 

Angrove, Madeline, 179 Sydenham 

Arbuckle, Albert W, 365 Alfred 

Bartels, Annie, 364 Alfred 

Betts, Mrs H A, 253 Albert 

Burns, Miss Annie, 129 Collingwood 

Chown, Miss D G, 126 University ave 

Clough, Grace, 23 Pine 

Compton, Rose, 206 Frontenac 

Couper, Bert, 776 Princess 

Dobbs, Mrs J R C, 258 Albert 

Fairlie, Anna, 480 Brock 

Graham, Mrs, 307 Collingwood 

Lambert, Marjorie, 459 Barrie 

Mooney, Miss Isol.el, 67 Alfred 

Nesbitt, Pearl, 24 Division 

Packer, Harold, 65 Arch st 

Rogers, Bessie, over Bank of Montreal, Clarence 

Saunders, Miss Verna, 353 Brock 

Sexsmith, Miss Margaret, cor Earl & Alfred 

Strachan, Miss A G L, 248 Division 

Tandy, R, 425 Albert 

Telgmann, Miss Norma, 216 Frontenac 

Telgmann, O F, 216 Frontenac 

Tierney, Mary, 17 Colborne 

Walker, Miss Lettie, 27 Clergy w 

Weese, Miss Florence, 520 Princess 

Wilder, Miss Charlotte, 207 Nelson 


• College Book Store, 160-162 Princess 
Dutton, Miss, 150 Sydenham 


Baker, W Jas, 202 Princess st 
College Book Store, 260 Princess 
McGall, John, 132 Princess 
Morrison, Vincent, Clarence 
Thomson, Geo, 294 Princess 


(Daily and Semi-weekly) 

British Whig, 306-310 King e 
Standard, 177-179 Princess 

Queen's University Journal (during college ses- 
sion only) ^___^ 

Canadian Freeman, 318 King e 

Queen's Quarterly, Queen's College 


Ahearn, Lorraine, No. 6 Victoria Terrace, Mon- 
treal st 

Alexander, Maud, 231 Division 

Austin, Gwendolen, K.G.H. 

Bain, Katherine, 203 King 

Beacock, Bessie, K.G.H. 

Black. Margaret, Ivs 137 Alfred 

Brian, Edith, 241 Queen 

Burnside, Ina, 119 Earl 

Callaghan, Bridget, 235 Brock 

(Zlark, Miss Emma, 479 Princess 

Coglan, Mrs, Ivs 310 University 

Cook, Ada, 251 Rideau 

Cullen, Mildred, Ivs 65 Frontenac 

Donnelly, Ruby, Ivs 195 University 

Fairlie, Catherine, 480 Brock 

Ferguson, Georgina, 126 Bagot 

Filson, Hildred, 41a George 

Flood, D, 235 Earl 

Frayne, Mrs Emily, 379 Earl 

Frost, Alma, 120 Colborne 

Gallivan, Mary, 285 Alfred 

Gardner, Jessie, 59 Gore 

Goodfriend, Anna, 256 Princess 

Hanley, Miss Minnie, 109 Wellington 

Harold, Jessie and Kathleen, Winston apts 
Earl St 

Hiscock, Grace, 122 Collingwood 

Hutchinson, Luella, 193 Brock 

Jarmon, Miss, 263i/4 King 

Jovce, Rose, 42 Charles 

Knapp, Elsa, 347 Albert 

Leader, Edith, bds 302 Queen 

Legree, Anna, Ivs 44 Clergy 

Legree, Jennie, Ivs 44 Clergy 

Lovick. Hester. 154 University 

Lyons, Gladys, 447 Johnson 

Mackay, Edith, 92 Barrie 

MacPhail, Katherine, 35 King w 

McKenna, Eliz, 127 Union 

Marsh, Mabel, 31 Pembroke • 

Mieske, Freda, 417 Johnson 

Minnes, Annie, 124 Bagot 

Minnes, Marjorie, 124 Bagot 

Page, Lydia, 94 Barrack 

Patterson, Gertrude, 430 Princess 

Rymer, Eleanor, 151 Earl 

Smith, Muriel, 41 Union w 

Todd, Olive B, 173 Union 

Tyrwright, Charlotte, ZZZ Earl 

Watts, Myrtle. 98 Frontenac 

Whitty, Elita, 213 Colborne 

Wilson, Bessie, li Alfred 

Wright. Meryl. 42 Livingston 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 



•Phone 634. Open Day and Night 

Cooke's Auto Service j^'-'^' " 

Cor. King & Queen Sts. 




Canadian Oil Co. Ltd, 288 Ontario 
Queen City Oil Co, foot of North st 


Arthey, Roy, 143 Princess 

Asselstine, John S, Optometrist and Optician, 

342 King e 
Best Drug Store (L T Best), 124 Princess 
Chown, Dr A P 185 Princess 
Coates, F W. 158 Princess 
Keeley, W J, jr. Brock St 
Smith Bros, 350 King e 
Stewart, J J, 142 Wellington 


Anderson, A, 155 Bagot 

Bryant, Chas, 225 Earl 

Bryant, Harry, 225 Earl 

Bushy, Henry E, 3 Concession 

Compton, Chas R, 163 Alfred 

Coward, George, 386 Albert 

Dunphy, E J, 110 Up Charles 

Edgar, W T, 374 Alfred 

Flannagan, J, 247 Montreal 

Frost, Norman, 86 Raglan 

Herbert, Charles, 26 Plum 

Henry, Chester, 58 Raglan 

Higgins, Chas, 214 Frontenac 

Horton, H, 205 Alfred 

Jenkins, E (automol)ile), York and Raglan 

Laird, John, 350 Princess 

Laturney, Edmund (carriage), 390-2 Princess 

Layzell, Charles, 166 Bagot 

Lytle, John, 35a Main 

McKee, Joseph, res 366 Johnson 

McMahon, Robt. 206 William 

Martin, C A, (sign), 35 Montreal 

Milo, T W, 255 Princess 

Mills, Robt, 34 Montreal 

Moberly, William, 64 Brock 

Moncriefif, E, 78 William 

Robinson, J S, (sign), 275 Bagot (rear) 

Rogers, J, 71 Stanley 

Sinclair, Robt, 86 Frontenac 

Vince, Wm, 160 Clergy 

Ward, H, 132 Victoria 

Wilkins, Henry 189 Collingwood 


Bradley's Parcel Delivery (U R Knight), 123 

City Delivery (D J Zurbrigg), 587 Princess 
Rapid Transit. Vanluven A, 377 Brock 


Coates, F W, 158 Princess 

Lindsay, C W & Co, 121 Princess 

Mahood Bros, 113 Princess 

McGall, J, 132 Princess 

Smith Bros, 350 King e 

Treadgold Sporting Goods Co, 78-80 Princess 


Austin, W E, Princess and King 
Chown, A P. 185 Princess 
Best Drug Store. The, 124 Princess 
Fisher, Dr. J H, 544 Princess 
Harris, A G, 258 University 
Hoag, F J, 359 Princess 
Kingston Art Studio. 84 Princess 
McLeod, J B, 53 Brock 
Sargent, T H, 186 Princess 
Treadgold, A E, 78-80 Princess 
Uglow, R & Co, 141 Princess 
Ward & Hamilton, 414 Princess 


Boyes, C H, 224 Princess 

Kingston Art Studio, 84 Princess 

Marrison, G. 92 Princess 

McKenzie, P, 180 Wellington (upstairs) 

Richardson, W L, 151 Wellington 

Weese, D A, 168 Princess 

Anglin, Dr W J, res 52 Earl 
Angrove, Harold, 180 Bagot 
Austin, Dr L J. office 41 William 
Ashcroft, Dr Robt, 204 King e 
Bogart, I Gordon, MD, 102 Wellington 
Boyce, H A, 146 Wellington 
Campbell, J W, cor Queen and Clergy 
Cays, Frederick, specialist, 124 Wellington 
Connell, J C, 265 King e, cor Johnson, (oculist 

and aurist) 
Connell, H C, 265 King 
Crowley, Lawrence, 217 Bagot 
Day, H E, 271 Alfred 
Elliott, Dr C H, Office 362 Brock 
Gardiner. Robt J, William, cor Bagot & Johnson 
Giljson, Wm, 85 William 
Gibson, Dr J F, 336 Barrie 
Howard, Dr C A, 199 Brock 
Huyck, Dr P H. Ill Wellington 
Jones, Dr A W, cor Johnson & University 
Keycs. S J, 255 Queen ('phone 831) 
Lake, E J, oculist. 258 Bagot ('phone 301) 
Lake, Dr S K, 357 Johnson 
Macdonald, Dr J O, 327 Barrie 
MacGregor, Dr R R, 142 Wellington 
McCallum, E C D, cor Brock & Barrie ('phone 

McCarthy, William, 163 Brock, cor Montreal 

('phone 307) 
McConville, Isobel, 189 Brock ('phone 488) 
Morrison, C A, 208 Bagot 
Mundell, D E, 78 Barrie 
Mylks, G W, MD, cor Johnson & Wellington, 

('phone 119) 
O'Connor, C E (oculist and aurist), 277 King e, 

'phone 383, residence 'phone 598 
O'Connor, Fergus J, 193 Earl; 'phone 368 
Porter, Dr S E, 220 Alfred 
Phelan, Daniel, 191 Johnson 
Reid, Dr F L, 204 Bagot 
Richardson, A W, MD, 247 Johnson st ('phone 

Ryan, Dr E, Rockwood Hospital 
Quigley, J P. 199 Johnson ('phone 566) 

L.A.STERUNG !'»« ^'"■^ 

209 Princess Street 

Rough & Dres'sed Lumber ?i.P® ?' , ?■ ^^hJ?' 

670-680 Montreal St. 

Phone 1681J 



Third, James, 67 West, cor Wellington ('phone 

Third, Dr Reginald, 67 West 
Volume, Dr D A, 4 Chestnut 
Williamson, A R B, cor King & William ('phone 



The Weber Piano Co Ltd, 27-29 Princess 


Swaine, W E, 100 Clergy 


Lindsay, C W & Co, 121 Princess 

The Weber Piano Co Ltd, 27-29 Princess 


College Book Store, 260 Princess 
Kirkpatrick, Michael, 159 Princess 
Weese, D A, 168 Princess 


Anglin Sz Co, Bay cor Wellington 
Hooper & Slater, 128-132 Ontario 


Elliott Bros, 77 Princess 
Hall, David, 66 Brock 
Lawrenson, E, 385 Princess 
Lemmon & Sons, 187 Princess 
'McKelvey & Birch Ltd. 69-71 Brock 
Nolies & Hamilton, 345 Princess 
Simmons Bros, 169 Princess 
Taylor & Hamilton, 89-91 Princess 


McKelvey & Birch, Ltd. 69-71 Brock 
Davie, Neil, 203 Wellington 


Maclean. Andrew, 272 Ontario 


Crawford, Jas, 239 Princess 
Martin. Ltd, A, 86 Princess 


Hanson. Crozier & Edgar, 18-20 Market 
British Whig Publishing Co, Ltd, 306-310 King e 
Canadian Printing and Publishing Co, 318 King 
Jackson, Wm, 190 Wellington 
Standard Pub Co Ltd, 177-179 Princess 


Bell, Geo W, Clarence st 


British Whig Publishing Co, Ltd, 306-310 King e 
Standard Pub Co Ltd, 177-179 Princess 
Canadian Printing and Pub. Co, 318 King 


Bell, R C, 130 Clarence 
Bateman, Geo A, 159 Wellington 
Carroll. John K, 56 Brock 
Cays, D A, 57 Brock 
Dobbs, J R C, 44 Clarence 
Driver, J D, 352 King 
Hutton, J O, 67 Clarence 
Lockhart, T J, 58 Brock 
McCann Agency, 82 Brock 
Meagher, F W, 99 Albert 
MuUin, E W, Johnson, cor Division 
Roughton, S, 60 Brock 
Strange & Strange, 95 Clarence 
Thompson, Blake E, 39-41 Brock 
Zacks, Kevy, 134 Ordnance 


Gildersleeve, James P, registrar of deeds. City 
of Kingston, office head West st 

Eraser, Miss Helen, registrar Surrogate Court, 
office, Court House 

Gibson. Wm. registrar of deeds. County of Fron- 
tenac, office head of West st 


Allies' Cafe, 326 King 

Belmont Cafe. 65 Brock 

Crown Cafe, Windsor Blk, Princess st 

Dainty Cafe, 83 Princess 

Frisco Cafe, 183 Wellington 

Frontenac, 65 Princess 

G.T.R. Restaurant. Outer Depot 

Grand Cafe, 222 Princess 

Masoud, Geo, 238 Princess 

McCormick, Wm, 47 Princess 

New England Chinese Restaurant. 331 King 

New York Chinese Restaurant. 83 Princess 

Royal Cafe. 157 Princess 

Victoria Cafe, 354 King e 


CNR, city office, 217 Princess 

C P R ticket office, 180 Wellington, station opp 

City Hall 
G.T.R. System, ft of Johnson 
N.Y.C. & H.R.R., ft Brock 


Gavine, William, 25 Frontenac 


Hanson, Crozier & Edgar, Market st 
British Whig Publishing Co, Ltd 


Donnelly Salvage and Wrecking Co, Ltd, 193 


Anglin, S & Co, Bay, cor Wellington 
Hooper & Slater, 128-132 Ontario 



PHONE 834 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 




Anglin & Co, Baj', cor Wellington 


McKelvey & Birch, 69 Brock st 


McBroom, W F 42 Princess 
McFarlane & Wood, Ontario and Brock 
Peters, W P, 117 Brock 


Shapiro, A, 45 Princess 
Goldman, Carl, 391 Division 
Handler, Z, 284 Princess 
Lesses, Louis, 507 Princess 
Routbard, L, 289 Princess 
Shear, A, 261 Princess 
Sugarman, Henry, 238-242 Ontario 
Thompson, John, 333-335 Princess 
Turk, Jacob, 279 Princess 


Singer Sewing Machine Co, 225 Princess 

Davis Dry Dock Co, ft Bay 

Kingston Shipbuilding Co, foot of Union 


Aylsworth, Andrew B, 34 Cherry 
Davis, W C, 395 Princess 
Downey, Timothy, 91 Earl 
Doxstater, W J, Princess above Barrie 
Hinton, David, 348 Johnson 
Johnston, J E, 70 Brock 
Ringland, Robt, 355 Princess 
Kaminske, A, 157 Queen 
McGall & Slater, 292 Princess 
Moulday, J Z, 381 Johnson 
O'Connell, Robert. 176 Montreal 
Patterson, Matthew, 421 Brock 
Ringland, Robt, 355 Princess 
Sutherland, J H & Bro, 103 Princess 
Whalen, Dan J, 206 Barrie 


Home, S V, 148 Ontario 

Thompson Bottling Co, 294 Princess 


McGall, John, 132 Princess 

Treadgold Sporting Goods Co, 88-90 Princess 


College Book Stone, 260 Princess 
Morrison, Vincent, Clarence 
McAuley, Thomas, 93 Princess 
Uglow, R & Co, 141 Princess 


McBratney, Hugh, 137 Bay 
Wallace, Robert, 112 Patrick 


Craig, W G & Co, 125-127 Ontario 
Frost, W G, 299 Queen 


Elliott Bros, 77 Princess 
Hentig, G W, 345-347 Princess 
Lawrenson, Elmer, 385 Princess 
Lemmon & Sons, 197 Wellington 
McKelvey & Birch, Ltd, 69-71 Brock 
Simmons Bros, 169 Princess 
Taylor & Hamilton, 89-91 Princess 


Alexander, Robt. 116 Brock 

Crawford & Walsh (mer), 155 Princess 

James, Wm, 388 Princess 

Jones, H M, 81 Princess (up-stairs) 

Livingston, C & Bro (mer), 75-79 Brock 

Maxam, Alfred, 170 Queen 

"My Valet'" D S Collier, prop. Princess st 

O'Brien & Co, 13 Montreal 

Prevost Zotique (mer), 55 Brock 

Tweddell, John (mer), 131 Princess 

Waegoner, A C (mer), 188 Wellington 

Williamson & Wellwood, 30 Montreal 

Winstin, Louis, 159 Wellington 


Davis, A & Son, Ltd, Lower Rideau st 


Stratford, Jas, 307 Division 


Canadian Pacific Railway Co's Telegraph, 40 

Canadian National Telegraph, 34 Clarence 
Great Northwestern Telegraph Co, 34 Clarence 
North American Telegraph Co, Ltd, 40 Clarence 


Bell Telephone Co, 81-83 Clarence 


Cooke, F W, 219 Bagot 
Dix. Joseph, 211 Nelson 

McKelvey & Birch. Ltd, agents for Turner's, 
Peterborough, Ont. 


Allen Theatre, E O Smithies, mgr, 223 Princess 
Grand Opera House, 218 Princess, D P Branigan, 

local manager 
King Edward, Princess, cor Montreal 
Strand, 262 Princess 


Chown, Edwin & Co, 248-250 Bagot 
Elliott Bros, 77 Princess 
Hentig. G W, 345-347 Princess 
Lemmon & Sons, 197 Wellington 
McKelvey & Birch, Ltd, 69-71 Brock 
Simmons Bros, 169-171 Princess 
Stevenson & Hunter, 95-97 Princess 
Taylor & Hamilton, 89-91 Princess 



209 Princess Street 

670-680 Montreal St. 

THE K. D. Mfg., Co., 


Phone 1681J 




Chown, Edwin & Son, 248-250 Bagot 
McKelvey & Birch, Ltd, 69-71 Brock 


Baker, W J, Estate, 202 Princess 
McGall, John, 132 Princess 
Cain. Ernest, 270 Princess 
Martin, E F. 211 Princess 
Thompson, Geo, 294 Princess 
Martin, Lewis, 165 Princess 
United Cigar Store, 164 Princess 


Dobbs, J R C & Co, 44 Clarence 
Bell, R C, 130 Clarence 


Dobbs, J R C & Co, 44 Clarence 
Bell, R C, 130 Clarence 


Abernethy Shoe Co. 123-125 Princess 
Bibby's Limited. 78-80 Princess 
Lockett, F G, 116 Princess 


Corbett, S S, 246 Princess 
Cornelius, J, 274 Princess 
Keyes, M P, 49 Colborne 
Reid, James, 254 Princess 
Reid, R J, 230 Princess 
Ronan, Ida, 238-240 Bagot 


Harold, Frank W. 291^ Princess 
Harrison, T F Co, 229-237 Princess 
Reid, James, 254 Princess 
Reid, R J, 230 Princess 
Sinclair, Robert, 360 Barrie 


Bedford, H L, G.W.V.A. Rooms, 67 Princess 
McCann Agency, 82 Brock 


Albertson. Thomas. 7 Rideau 
Bell. G W. 110 Clarence 
McGill, W A, 133 Colborne st 
Xicholls, \Vm, 134 Clarence 


Wilson, Lytle, Badgerow Co of Toronto, Ltd, 
Baeot near Ordnance 


(See Carriage and Wagon Makers) 


Laird, John, 350 Princess 

Milo, T W, 255 Princess 

Vince, Wm, cor Clergy & Colborne 

Wilkins, H, cor Frontenac and Johnson 


Coates, F W, 158 Princess 

Keeley, \V J, jr. Brock near Wellington 

Kinnear & D'Esterre, 100 Princess 

Lane, C W, 192 Wellington 

McCandless, W, 318 Princess 

Smith Bros, 350 King e 


Canada Steamship Lines, Limited, ft Johnson st 
Richardson. Jas & Sons, ft Princess 
Swift, James & Co, ft of Johnson 
Crawford, R, foot of Queen 


Crescent Iron & Wire Works, 144 Collingwood 
Partridge & Sons, King w 


Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co, Ltd, 193 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited ptiiiVivE. 





'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A. Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 



The Standing Committees of Council and 
Officials of the City of Kingston, 1923 

Mayor — Thomas B. Angrove. 

Finance and Accounts — Thomas B. Angrove, 
Mayor; Aid. Driscoll, Aid. Kelly, Aid. Laturney, 
Aid. O'Connor, Aid. Robertson, Aid. Sargent. 

Board of Works — Aid. Sargent, Chairman; Aid. 
Godwin, Aid. Holder, Wm.; Aid. Johnson, Aid. 
Milne, Aid. Nash, Aid. Richardson. 

City Property and Markets — Aid. Kelly, Chair- 
man; Aid. Boyd, .A.ld. Johnson, Aid. Kent, Aid. 
McCartney, Aid. Nash, Aid. Price. 

Fire and Light — Aid. O'Connor, Chairman; Aid. 
Chown, Aid, Godwin, Aid. Holder, John; Aid. 
Kent, Aid. McCartney, Aid. Richardson. 

Parks — Aid. Robertson, Chairman; Aid. Anglin, 
Aid. Boyd, Aid. Holder, John; Aid. Holder, Wm; 
Aid. Kidd, Aid. Peters. 

City Health — Aid Driscoll, Chairman; Aid. 
Chown, Aid. Price. 

Industries — Aid. Laturney, Chairman; Aid. 
Anglin, Aid. Kidd, Aid. Milne, Aid. Peters. 

Home for Aged and Infirm — His Worship the 
Mayor, Mr. D. Couper, Mr. T. W. Milo. 

Board of Health— Dr. Williamson, Dr. J. 
Austin, Dr. I. G. Bogart, Dr. J. Kane. 

Court of Revision 

Robert F. Vair, Sheriff; Samuel R. Bailey, 
Geo H Williamson. 

Committee Meetings 

Committees meet the week preceding the reg- 
ular meeting of the Council, as follows: 

Monday — City Property & Markets, 4 p.m. 

Tuesday — Fire & Light, 4 p.m. 

Wednesday — Board of Works, 4 p.m. 

Thursday — Finance & Accounts, 8 p.m. 

Thursday — City Health, 5 p.m. 

Other Committees at the call of t|ie Chairman. 

Council Meetings 
The regular meetings of Council will be held 
every two weeks, beginning Jan. 15th, 1922. 

City Officials 
W W Sands, City Clerk; O V Bartels, Treas- 
urer; H S Dick, City Engineer; Edwin Mooers, 
Assessment Com; W A Newlands, Ta.x Collector; 

T J Rigney, City Solicitor; Dr Williamson, 
M.H.O.; C C Folger, mgr Pub Utilities; Robert 
J Robinson, Chief Police; A H Muir, City Aud- 
itor; Geo W Bell, V.S., Milk Inspector; E 
Sleeth, Sanitary Inspector; J Armstrong, Fire 

Water, Light & Gas Depts. 

Civic Utilities 

R N F MacFarlane, chairman; Thos Hewitt 
Mayor Angrove, R E Burns; Miss E Powell and 
J C K Munsie, accountants. 

Light Department 

C C Folger, mgr; Miss E Powell and J C 
Munsie, accountants. 

Waterworks Department 

C C Folger, mgr; Miss E Powell and J C K 
Munsie, accountants. 


Chief, James Armstrong; Capt, F Reid , No 1 
Station; Capt, Wm Cockade, No 2 Station; elec- 
trician, Jolin Hall; engineer, W H Way; firemen, 
.\ Lutz, T Patterson. T Lawlor, F Shepherd, T 
Boucher, H Pollie, C Brown, A Patrick, J Burns 
V Bnghtman, C Saunders, B Redden, S Christ- 
mas, V Davidson. 

Fire Halls 

No. 1 Fire Station, Ontario street, between 
Brock and Princess streets, 'Phone 196. No 2 
l^re Station, Brock street, between Clergy and 
Barrie streets, 'Phone 196. 

Chief's Residence, 96 Clergy St East, 'Phone 
No 952. 

Chief's Office, No 2 Station, 'Phone 196. 

2 — Richardson's Elevator 

3 — Cor Queen and Ontario sts 

4— Brock and King sts 

5 — Princess and Wellington sts 

6 — King and Barrack 

7 — Cor Princess and Bagot sts 

8 — Cor Queen and Montreal sts 

9 — Brock and Sydenham 
10 — Brock and Bagot 
12 — Clarence and Wellington 
13 — Cor Gore and Wellington 






126128 PRINCESS ST. —— 


14 — King and Johnson POLICE FORCE 

IS — William st. east of Ontario st nu- c d i ■ at t ^ , x » 

16-Collingwood Shipbuilding Co M. V ^°'^V''°f' i^^ J r^'T%'''^^ ^^"""^ ^ ^ 

17-Gore and Ontario ^^^1°"' '^'■"^^^ V^^o^ ^ ^^^'^ T- ^ ^"VJ'^i;?."^' 

18— Cor Kin" and T'ninn «f= '^ Timniernian, C Boaprey, V Campbell, Thos 

19-Bagot and WilHam '' Mullinger James Cotter, W Fitzgerald, T Gar- 

21-Princess and Sydenham sts '''y- ^'' ^ ^°"^^^- 

?^~?[u^""'^''^^^"-^•^^'''■'^ ^^^ CITY CORONERS 

-^4 — Lolborne and Mam 

25— Queen and Division Drs D E Mundell, A E Ross, W W Sands, D 

26— Princess and Chatham Phelan and R J Gardiner. 

27— Princess and Albert • f,.„ TAOTTrT? 

28-Princess and Victoria ^^^ TARIFF 

29 — Cor Brock and Frontenac sts From any point within the City limits to any 

31 — Montreal and Russell sts other point within the said limits, except as here- 

32 — Montreal and Charles inafter provided. 

,34 — Montreal and Bay NIGHT 

35 — Colborne and Sydenham from 

36 — Cor Patrick and Balaclava sts 10 p.m. to 

37 — Bagot and Ordnance sts 7 a.m. 

S~^'^^''"^^°" ^"d P'ace d'Armes 1. For One Person $ .50 $ .75 

39— Tete du Pont Barracks 2. For Two Persons 50 .75 

41— Bay and Rideau sts 3. For each additional person.. .25 .40 

"l^—^^Sian rd and Bagot 4. For Each Person to or from 

j^CottonMill the G T R Junction 50 .75 

45 Davis Tannery 5_ Por each person from any point within the 

46— Cor River and Rideau sts City to the Penitentiary, Rockwood Hos- 

47— Opposite 684 Montreal st pital. Royal Military College, or any 

-o T=.°''- ■ ^"^ Barne sts other point within three miles of the 

o2— Division and Johnson City limit or vice versa: 

53— Earl and Lniversity (a) Between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m 50 

fj"^^". ^."^ -^•'^^'■t sts (b) Between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m 1.00 

56 — Cor York and Barrie sts 

57 — York and Division sts By the Hour 

58— Cherry and Plum sts 6 (^) Automobiles-From and to any point 

IiI.T^.a^'^'a^u^^ ^vithin the city limits and within three 

61-West and Sydenham sts ^^-^^^ thereof, four passengers or less, per 

^^^^'i, ! ^r^'^ Maitland sts h^^, ^ - ' '' 2.50 

^t A [, f " Pl^'"'"'' For every additional person SO 

64-Albert and Stuart ^^^ Other Cabs-From and to any point 

65-General Hospital ^^^i^j^i^ ^j^^ ^ity limits and within three 

67-Kmg and University sts „^il^^ thereof, per hour 1.50 

68 — King and Collingwood sts . . , , , , . 

69— King and Livingston ave --^"^ ^'me over the hour under sub-section 

71— Union and Division <a) section (b) to be charged in half-hour 

72 Alice and University fractions, at one-half the charge for the 

73 — Union and University ave hour. 

74— Union and Frontenac sts COUNTY OF FRONTENAC 
/o — Union and Collingwood sts 

76 — Johnson and Victoria Members of Council and Committees, 1923 

78 — Cor Union and Livingston ave Officers: 

81 — Alfred and York aw i t i o oi i ■ 

83-Division and Stephen sts Warden--John S S.hbitt 

84-Stephen and Cowdy sts V°""^ ^^""^^-^ ^^ Bradshaw 

91-Calderwood and Union sts ?'''rf"''^''T t? a^ ^"'"^^ 

94_Mowat Hospital Auditoi-A H Mmr 

261-Albert and Mack sts ^°""ty Road Siipt-R H Fair 

291-Brock and University J- l' l'' South Frontenac-S A Truscott 

321-John and Patrick J^ P- S- North I^rontenac-M R Re.d 

421-Rideau and Dufferin Governor of Gaol-Joseph T Hawkey 

County Registrar — W G Gibson 
Gaol Surgeon — Dr A W Richardson 

POLICE COMMISSIONERS Surgeon House of Province— Dr W Gibson 

Surgeon House of Industry — Dr A R B Will- 
Judge H Lavell, Police Magistrate Farrcll and iamson. 

Mayor Angrove. Caretaker— Wm Toner 

MacKay's Cream Bread 'Mf;.uVct:^X' 



and one of our Service or Wrecking Cars are ready at a moment's notice, day or night 


County Council, 1923 

Barrie, Charles McGregor. Myer's Cave; Bed- 
ford, David E Barr, Burridge; Clarendon and 
Miller, John D Flake, Plevna; Howe Island, John 
Pickett, Howe Island; Hinchinbrooke, R A Ham- 
ilton, Godfrey; Kingston. GAB Clark, RR 1 
Westbrook; Kingston, Deputy Reeve, C J Gra- 
ham, Bath Road; Kennebec, L D Parks, Arden; 
Loughboro, William Guthrie, Perth Road; Olden, 
G M Drew, Long Lake; Oso, Archie Gray. Fall 
River; Pittsburg, John S Sibbitt, RR 1, Kingston; 
Portland, Levi Storms, Verona; Portsmouth. Jas 
Halliday, Portsmouth; Palmerst & N & S Can- 
onto, David Gemmill, Snow Road; Storrington, 
Samuel Jamieson, Battersea; Wolfe Island, Dr 
Wm Spankie, Wolfe Island. 

Warden — John S Sibbitt 


The first named on each Committee is the 
Chairman, and the Warden is a member of all 

County Property^Councilors Gemmill, Halli- 
day, Pickett, Parks, MacGregor. 

Finance — Councillors Guthrie, Clark, Spankie, 
Drew, Halliday. 

Printing and Education — Councillors Storms, 
Jamieson, Graham, Spankie, Barr. 

Roads and Bridges — Councillors Qray, Flake, 
Hamilton, Parks, MacGregor. 

Good Roads — Councillors Barr, Guthrie, Clark, 
Storms, Jamieson, Sibbitt. 

Quarterly Board of Audit — Councillor R A 

Administration of Justice — His Honour Harry 
A Lavell, County Judge; R F Vair, Esq., Sherifif; 
T J Rigney, K.C., Clerk of the Peace; Helen 
Fraser, Surrogate Clerk; Thos. Milne Asselstine, 
Clerk of County Court; J B Walkem, K.C., Mas- 
ter in Chancery; J W Bradshaw, Police Magis- 
trate, Fron. So. 


Postmaster, James Stewart. 

Asst Postmaster, C Gay Shannon. 

Clerks — W T Harkness, E C Hiscock, R E 
Genge, S B Cochrane, Miss S Morrison, W J 
White, Joe Daley, Geo B Scott, W G McCullagh, 
Jas F Kane, S A Morris, Miss B W Powers, H 
Nicholson, Hugh Free, Miss Elsie Easson, Jas 
Halliday, C H Stockdale, C Wood, H H Free- 
man. E C Gilchrist, W F Hubbard, J A Murray. 
W W Hawley, H Hunter, W J Kerr, W T Mor- 
rison, W A Mallory. Temporary, A H Metcalfe. 

Letter Carriers — Superintendent — Jas J Pur- 
tell, R J Elliott, G F Little, M Murphy, M A 
Donnelly, D J Patterson, I W Doherty, G S 
Compton, A Blomley, F Connors, A A Buck, 
Geo Laws, J H Allmark, T J Pickering, F Phillips, 
E P Murray, F Seaton, Wm Green, Wm Perrin, 
M Considine, A H O'Reilly, S L Scott. 

Transfer Agents — W J Amey, F H Muckler, 
R W Harris, F W Cobham, E B Gowan. 

Stamp Vendor — Migs I Garbutt, Miss B Mc- 
Rorry, assistant. 

Letter CoUector^-Jas V McFadden 
Messenger — Geo Gordon 
Caretaker — Geo Kehoe 
Parcel Post— F Hebert, W F Timms 

Post Office Inspector's Office 

Post Ofifice — J Campbell Strange 
Clerk Stenog — Miss Lucy, A Merrick, Miss 
Arleen Funnel 

Sub Ofifice— 316 Barrie, No 1, Mr C A Bunt 


Cor King and Clarence Sts 

A Strachan — Collector of Customs, Custom Ofifice. 
A W Cathcart — Asst Appraisser, Market and 

Clarence sts 
Wm Cockrill — Clerk of Customs and Excise, 

Custom House 
A E Doherty — Clerk, Custom House 
W J Frizzel — Clerk, Cigar Factories 
Thomas Gaskin — Chief Clerk, Custom House 
W D Graves — Clerk, Examining Warehouse 
H J Guy — Examining Ofificer, Grand Trunk and 

Oil Shed 
Thomas Healey — Packer, Examining Warehouse 
James Hogan — Clerk, Vinegar Works and Malt 

L M Loney — Clerk, Custom House 
James Mallen — Clerk's Messenger 
H C Mcllquham — Examining Ofificer, C.P.R. 

and Ferry Dock 
W H Montgomery — Excise Clerk, Custom House 
J J Newman — Clerk and Examining Ofificer, 

Custom House 
R J Somerville — Clerk, Custom House 
John Stansbury — Examining Ofificer and Clerk. 

Inspector of Customs and Excise 

(Gov't Bldg., Clarence St) 
Inspector — E J Gow 


(Govt Bldg, Clarence St, 2nd floor, room 7). 

Inspector of boilers and machinery and exam- 
iner of engineers — T P Thompson. Residence, 
162 King St. Phone 982. 

(Govt Bldg, Clarence St, 2nd floor. Phone 284) 

Inspector of Hulls and Equipment — M R Davis, 
178 University ave 


Assistant Inspector — F T Hart 


(Diocese of Ontario) 
Rt Rev E J Bidwell, DCL, DD, Bishop of 

LA. STERLING st«« f"*".^ 

209 Princess Street 



Clover, Grasses, Grain 







Rev Canon J W Jones, Sec'y of Synod 

St George's Cathedral, cor ^ing and Johnson 
sts — Clergy: Very Rev Dean Starr, MA, DD, 
Rector. 78 Wellington: Rev W E Kid'd, MA, MC, 
Priest-Vicar. 7 Wellington St, Phone 869w 

St. James' Church, cor Union and Arch streets. 
Rector, Rev T W Savary, B.A. 

St Paul's Church, cor Queen and Montreal sts 
— Rev Canon W F FitzGerald, M A, rector, resi- 
dence, 238 Brock street. 

St Luke's Church. Nelson st, cor Princess — 
Rev J de P Wright, M A, B D, rector, 311 Alfred. 


First Baptist Church, cor Johnson and Syden- 
ham streets — Rev John S Laflair, pastor. 

Union St Baptist Church, Union, cor Colling- 
wood — Rev (Capt) Fairfull. 


Bethel Church. 248 Johnson St, Pastor, A Sid- 
ney Duncan. 347 Brock st 

Calvary Church, Bagot, cor Charles — Rev A F 
Brown, pastor. 


Sydenham St Methodist Church. Sydenham st. 
cor William; parsonage, 181 William st. Rev R 
H Bell, pastor. 

Queen St Methodist Church, cor Clergy and 
Queen sts — Rev W S Lennon, B A. D D, pastor, 
30 Colborne St. 

Princess St Methodist Church, cor Albert St 
— Rev. J A Waddell, minister, 620 Princess st. 


Chalmers, Barrie, cor Clergy — Rev R J Wilson, 
D.D., pastor. 

Cooke's Church. 197 Brock— Rev T J S Ferguson, 
pastor, 515a Albert St 

St. Andrew's, Princess, cor Clergy — Reverend 
John W Stephen, BD, pastor. 

Zion, Pine street, near Division — Rev. Edwin 
H. Burgess, pastor. 

Roman Catholic 

Residence, the Palace, 225 Johnson st 
St Mary's Cathedral. Johnson, cor Clergy — 
Most Rev M J Spratt, DD, Archbishop; Rev A J 
Hanley, Rector; Rev E M Leacy, Rev J F 
Nicholson, Rev P J Keaney, Rev Hyland, Rev 
J E Clancy, Rev Brady, Rev M James, asst 

Other Churches 

Ministerial Association — Rev Taylor Dale, pres. 
Mr F J Wilson, Sec-Treas. 

Catholic Apostolic, 285 Queen street — J W 
Dunlop, minister in charge. 

First Church of Christ, Scientist. 95 Johnson st, 
Miss E Crcighton, first reader. 

Holiness Movement Church, 267 Division — 
Rev Caswell. 

Free Methodist Church, Colborne st — Rev. 
Miles S Benn. pastor. 

^1^'^^^*°" Hebrew Congregation— Synag'ogue, 
148 Queen st— L Abramson, pres; M W Abram- 
sky. Sec. 

Kingston Hebrew Zionist Society, Synagogue, 
148 Queen st— Committee, I Cohen, W Susmani 
Mr Smyter. S Robinson. 

Salvation Army— S A Barracks, 285 Princess 
street. Local corps— Adjutant R Condie, officer 
in charge. 



Princess, cor Barrie st. Phone 450— Directors, 
E W Skinner, pres; F R Anglin, vice-pres; W T 
Minnes, treas; F W Partridge, rec-sec'y. 

Kingston Staff— F J Wilson, general sec'y; S 
T Lilley, boys' sec'y; A W Dean, physical direc- 
tor; W J Cunningham, caretaker. 

Y W C A 

196 Johnson, Phone 130— Directors, H W 
Davis, H W Newman. O Chown. W J Saunders, 
R H Ward, C S Anglin, Wm Gill. E P Jenkins, 
F L Newman, T Ashmore Kidd, Dr C C Nash. 

President, Mrs W E McNeill; vice-pres, Mrs 
F Welch; treas, Mrs H Breck; rec sec'y. Miss 
Lockett; cor sec'y. Miss Ireland; house supt, Mrs 
Moscript; gen sec'y. Miss Buhlig. 

Rooms open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pleasant Sunday 
afternoon, 4 p.m. Evening classes, gymnasium, 
cooking, sewing, educational extension work and 
club work. 


Pres, Mrs John Wright; vice-pres, Mrs W 
Jackson; sec'y. Airs R Ruttan; treas, Mrs E P 


Pres, Mrs Geo A Bateman; vice-pres, Mrs 
Roney; 2nd vice-pres. Mrs W H Gimblett; sec'y, 
Airs E Lake; treas. Airs G McCallum. 

Ontario Lord's Day Alliance 

Kingston Branch — Rev M Macgillivray, pres; 
B W Robertson, treas; G M Macdonnell, KC, 

Christicin Endeavor Union 

Aleets first Tuesday in each month. Hon 
presidents, Rev J A Waddell, Rev J S LaFlair; 
Pres, R H Treneer; vice-pres. Miss E Revell; 
treas, Stafif-Sergt Alyer; rec sec, Aliss R Davis; 
cor sec. Miss C K Easson; organizer, John Alex- 
ander; supt of intermediate and junior work, S 
T Lilley. 

Kingston Children's Aid Society 

Office. City Buildings, Ontario St. — Pres, Dr 
A W Richardson; sec, Dr Sands; treas, O V 
Bartels; inspector. John Pollie. 

J. K. Carroll Agency FIRE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 INSURANCE 


Cleaning Dyeing. 

'PHONE 650 





Our Specialty 



The Victorian Order of Nurses in Canada 

Founded in commemoration of the Qvicen's 
Jubilee. Pres, Mrs S Crawford; 1st vice-pres, 
Mrs W Linton; 2nd vice-pres, Mrs Lyons; fin 
sec, Mrs P Davidson; rec sec, Mrs Fred Reid; 
treas, J B Walkem, KC; nurse, Miss Edith 
Leeder; asst nurse, Mrs Francis Robinson, 302 
Queen st. 

Meets 1st Thursday in every month at 3 p.m. 

City Poor Relief Society 

Pres, Mrs John Wright; vice-pres, Mrs J 
^ Elliott; treas. Miss Machar; sec'y. Mrs S Cor- 
bett. Meets every Tuesday from November to 


Queen's University 

Chancellor— E W Beatty, K.C. 

Principal and Vice-Chancellor — R Bruce Taylor, 
M.A., D.D., LL.D. 

Rector— A E Ross, B.A., M.D., LL.D., C.M.G. 

Vice-Principal — John Watson, M.A., LL.D., 
D.D., D.Litt. 

Registrar and Treasurer — W E McNeill, M.A., 

Deputy Registrar — Alice King. 

The Board of Trustees— W F Nickle, B.A., 
K.C, M.P.P., Chairman. 

Oscar D Skelton, M.A., Ph.D, Dean of the 
Faculty of Arts; Arthur L Clark, B.Sc, Ph.D, 
Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science; J C 
Connell, M.A, M.D, Dean of the Faculty of 
Medicine; Dr A R B Williamson, Secretary 
Medical Faculty. 

Librarian — Lois Saunders 

De^n of Women — Mrs W E McNeill, M A 

Director of the Summer School — Professor 

Director of Extension Work — E H Morrow, 
B A, MBA. 


W H Godwin, chairman; W J C Allen, W R 
i Allan, F R Anglin, Thos G Bishop, L T Best, 
J D Boyd, W M Campbell, J B Cooke, J G 
Elliott, J M Farrell, Jas Henderson, Canon J W 
Jones, Allan Lemmon, T W Mills, Miss E L 
Mowat, A W McL'ean, Mrs A Newlands, H F 
Norman, W J Renton, Ambrose Shea. 

Public School Inspector — J Russell Stuart 

Secretary-treasurer — John Macdonald. 

Regular meetings of Board, 2nd Thursday 
feach month. 

Standing Committees 

Management — Trustees Campbell, Best, Bishop, 
Elliott and Farrell. 

Property — Trustees J B Cooke, W Roy Allan, 
Anglin, Henderson and Jones. 

Finance — Trustees Newlands, W J C Allen, 
McLean, Lemmon and Renton. 

Play Grounijls — Trustees, Best, Anglin, Mills, 
Newlands and Norman. 

Commercial — Trustees Boyd, Jones and Mills. 
Messrs H Metcalfe, T D Minnes, J F Rowland. 

Industrial — Trustees Lemmon, Bishop and S.S. 
representative, Messrs Jno Birkett, Colin Mac- 
Pherson and H C Welch. 

School Chairmen 

Collegiate Institute — Trustee Mowat 
Victoria School — Trustee Jones 
Robert Meek School — Trustee Elliott 
Central School — Trustee Anglin 
Macdonald School — Trustee W J C Allen 
Frontenac School — Trustee Norman 
Louise School — Trustee Best 
Sydenham School — Trustee Farrell 
Rideau School — Trustee Boyd 
Depot School — Trustee Bishop 
Orphans' Home — Trustee Renton 


(Established 1792) 
E O Sliter, M A— Principal 


Central School — W F Inman, Prin. 

Victoria School — J G Ettinger, B A, Prin. 

Macdonald School — Mr Scott, Prin. 

Frontenac School — Mr Thos McKee, prin 

Louise School — Miss Lovick, prin 

Robert Meek School — D McDougall, prin 

Sydenham School — Miss Conley, prin 

Rideau School — Miss E Wilder, prin 

Orphans' Home — Mrs Gamsby 

Specialists — Miss H Barney, Writing; Miss 
McKinnon, Household Science; Miss H Lovick, 
Nurse; E Parkhouse, Manual Training; H Hill, 
Musical Instructor. 


Chairman, Rev A J Hanley; sec'y-treas, A W 
Gannon; representative to the Board of Educa- 
tion, Ambrose Shea (barrister); J Carty, prin, 
St Mary's. 

Members of School Board — T E Doolan, 
Cochrane, C J Corrigan, Jeremiah Melville, W J 
O'Brien, W G Bailey. T J O'Connor, J O Law- 
rence, W C McDonald, J Sullivan, W J McPar- 


President— The Most Reverend M J Spratt, DD 

Principal — Rev J F Nicholson, M C 

Rev J F Nicholson, M C, Latin, French 

Rev T Scott, B A, Christian Doctrine, History 

Re'v R Coyle, English 

Rev M James, Art 

F J Quinn, B A, Science, Mathematics 


Cor Bagot and Johnson streets 
(High School for resident and non-resident 

Sister St M Alexander, Superior 

Dr. Beirs Veterinary Hospital 

110 Clarence St. 

'PHONE 514 or 364 



'Phone 147 for Ambulance 







(Head of Queen street) 

H F Metcalfe, president; J E Cunningham, sec- 
retary; Miss Kathleen Flynn, shorthand: Miss 
Maud Leonard, principal shorthand dept; G 
O'Brien, teachers. 


Prof A L Zufelt, superintendent; J A Craig, 
instr in buttermaking; Dr Reid, bacteriologist; 
Prof Neish, lecturer in chemistry; Miss Ethel 
Lake, stenog. 


(Cor Johnson and Bagot sts) 

President, Mr A N Lyster; treas, O V Bartels; 
secretary and librarian, Mrs A Kennedy. 


Pres, J B Walkem, K.C.; vice-pres, G M Mac- 
Donell, K.C.; sec-treas, T M Asselstine; trustees, 
J B Walkem, K.C.; Francis King; Library com- 
mittee, J B Walkem (chairman), T J Rigney, 
KC; Francis King, J M Farrell. Library, Court 

Headquarters Military District No 3 

(Old Collegiate Building. Clergy St) 

General Officer Commanding — Maj-Gen J H 
Elmsley, C B, C M G, D S O. 

Asst Adit & Quartermaster-General — Brig-Gen 
F W Hill;' CB, CMG, DSO. 

General Stafif Officer— Lt-Col F O Hodgins, 

Deputy Asst Adjt & Quartermaster-General — 
Lt-Col B W Browne. DSO, MC 

Senior Engineer Officer — Major J B Dunbar. 

Senior Medical Officer — Major G G Greer, MC. 

Medical Officer in Charge Troops — Major J V 
Williams, MC. 

Senior Supply & Transport Officer — Major H 
O Lawson 

Senior Officer, Pay Services — Lt-Col J F Foul- 
kes, DSO. 

District Signalling Officer — Captain S A Lee, 

Inspector of Cadet Services — Lt-Col G H 

(Cohen Building. Rideau St, Kingston) 

Senior Ordnance Officer- -Major E M Cartmer. 
Ordnance Officer — Captain G C Dupre 
Inspector of Ordnance Machinerj' — Capt G E 
J Ball. 

(Barrack Stores, Barrack St, Kingston) 

Officer in Charge Barracks — Capt A T Hughes. 

(Veterinary Hospital, Place d'Armcs St) 

Senior Veterinary Officer — Major I"" Walsh 

R. C. H. A. 
List of Officers 

(Tete-Du-Pont Barracks) 

Lt-Col W H P Elkins, DSO, OC 

Captain, R L Fortt, Adjutant 

Captain J A McDonald, District Officer 

Capt H P Lafferty, Gunnery Instructor 

Capt J H Roberts, MC, Gunnery Inspector 

Capt W Hird. MC, Riding Master 

Capt H F Geary, Quartermaster 

Capt A Light, Director of Music 

Capt J F Preston, MC, "A" Battery 

Capt R O G Morton, "A" Battery 

Capt J C Murchie, "A" Battery 

Lieut H M Keefler, "A" Battery 

Lt-Col C V Stockwell, DSO, "B" Battery 

Major F J Alderson, DSO, "B" Battery 

Capt W E R M Stone, "B" Battery 

Capt HON Brownf^eld, MC, "B" Battery 

Artillery Park Barracks) 

No. 3 (H) Co., R.C.G.A. 

Lt-Col A E Harris, Major R J Leach, MC; 
Capt G P Morrison, Lieut R R G Crosby, Lieut 

W M H Holmes. 


Drill Nights — Monday and Friday Evenings 

Headquarters — Armouries, Phone 1883 

Officer Commanding — Lieut-Col E B Sparks. 

2nd in Command — Major Goodwin. 

Adjutant — Major W J McManus 

This regiment perpetuates 21st Batt, CEF. 
Has Brass Band, Pipe Band and Bugle Band. 


Med Supt— Col T C D Bedell 

Med Representative — Major E E Latta 


Maj-Gen Sir A C MacdoneH, KCB, etc. Com- 
mandant, (residence, Commandant's Quarters). 

Col. T V Anderson. DSO, Gen Staff Officer, 
(residence, Barriefield). 

Lt-Col C F Constantine, DSO, Prof of Artil- 
lery, (residence, "Annandale"). 

Capt W J Finney. Riding Master 

Prof W R P Bridger, Associate Professor of 

Prof L A Brown. Associate Professor of 
Mathematics, (residence, 125 Centre St) 

Col H J Dawson, CMG, DSO, Professor of 
Mathematics, (residence, Barriefield). 

Prof F H Day, Professor of Physics and 

Capt W J Finney, OBE, Instructor in .\rtillery. 

Lt-Col R J Gardiner, Medical Officer, (resi- 
dence, 68 Johnson St). 

J. K. Carroll Agency INSURANCE 

56 Brock Street 'Phone 68 OF ALL KINDS 


Kingston, Ont. 

89-91 Princess Street 


*Phone 418 


Mr T F Gelley, Instructor in English, (resi- 
dence, 208 King St). 

Major E de L Greenwood, Staff Adjutant. 

Capt E J Harvey. Superintendent of Gymnasia. 

Major J Jeffer3\ OBE, MC, Instructor in Tac- 
tics and Infantry Drill, (residence, 62 Earl St). 

Capt A W Kelly, Quartermaster. 

Major H H Lawson, Associate Professor of 
Survey, (Residence 218 Johnson St). 

Mr A Lewis, Instructor in Physics, (residence, 
182 Alfred St). 

Mr P Lowe, Instructor in Mathematics, (resi- 
dence, 120 Wellington St). 

Prof O T Macklem, Associate Professor in 
Civil Engineering, (residence 227 Brock St). 

Mr S Marion, Instructor in French, (residence 
64 William St). 

Dr J McKee, Instructor in Chemistry, (resi- 
dence, 82 Beverly St). 

Lt-Col K M Perry, DSO. Professor of Tactics 

Lt-Col E J C Schmidlin, MC, Professor of 

Lt-Col J A Scroggie, Instructor in Tactics 

Mr J F Twiss, Instructor in Mathematics, 
(residence, 336 Johnson St). 

Prof G Vattier, Associate Professor of French. 

Capt F Yokes, District Officer 

Nursing Sister R B Wurtele 

Major L F Grant. Instructor in Civil Engin- 

Capt G N Dickenson, Temporary Instructor 
in Military Engineering. 

67 Princess St, Phone 1982 

Hon-pres, Gen MacDonnell; pres, Dr D A 
Volume; vice-pres, J Halliday; Sec-treas, C H 
MacLaren; executive, W Susman, E C Pierson, 
T H Flint, J S MacDonnell, H Fowler. 


Headquarters, Windsor Block, Princess st; 
•Phone 1811. 



Cataraqui Lodge No 10 — Aleets every Tuesday 
evening at cor Princess and Montreal sts — A E 
Hunt, JGP; W Ferguson, NG; G Couper, VG; 
R M Douglas, RS; A W Cathcart, FS; A W 
McLean, treasurer; Dr H S Angrove, MD, phy- 

Kingston Lodge, No 59 — Meets every Thurs- 
day at cor Princess and Montreal sts — Ernest 
Kennedy, JPG; Philip Allen, NG; T J Cherry, 
VG; B J Gilbert, rec secy; R J Diack, fin sec'y; 
R Stafford, treas; Harold Angrove, MD, physi- 

Granite Lodge, No 363 — Meets every Wednes- 
day evening in hall, cor Princess and Montreal 
sts— R A Caughey, JPG; W H Lane, NG; D H 
Johnston, VG; W T Harkness, res sec; K Mc- 
Cullagh, fin sec; Dr O W Daly, treas. 


Canton, Kingston, No 6, Patriarchs Militant — 
Meets 4th Friday in each month in hall, cor Prin- 
cess and Montreal sts; Dr A E Ross, captain; R 
Stafford, lieutenant; F A Monk, ensign; W Hip- 
son, acct. 

Limestone City Encampment, No IS — Meets 
2nd and 4th Mondays in hall, cor Princess and 
Montreal sts — Chief Patriarch, W P Burns- 
Scribe. W T Edgar: FS, R M McRae; treas, F 
A Monk. 

Canadian Order Oddfellows 

Frontenac Lodge, No 128 — Meets 4th Friday 
at 130 Clarence^ st— Dr G W Bell, NG; VG, A 
VanLuven; R C Bell, secretary-treasurer. 

Oddfellows' Relief Association of Canada 

Head office, 334 King street, near Brock — W 
F Xickle, president; Dr J C Connell, Kingston, 
vice-president; Fred S Evanson, sec-treas; J M 
Farrell, solicitor; D E Mundell, M.D.; medical 


The Knights Templar 

Hugh de Payens Premier Preceptory, No 1 — 
Meets in Masonic hall, Wellington street, first 
F"riday in each month. W A Bearance, pres pre- 
ceptor; Fr W J Renton. registrar; John Birkett, 

Capitular Masonry, RAM 

' Ancient Frontenac and Cataraqui Chapter No 
1 — Meets third Friday in each month in Masonic 
Hall, W'ellington st — First prin, F Crozier; sec- 
ond prin, C Brunke; third prin, J E Chatterton; 
prin soj, W H Gimblett; SS. W Moore; JS, F J 
Moxley; SN. G L Vanhorne; scribe E. R S Gra- 
ham; treas, Jas A Minnes. 

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite 
Rose of Sharon Sovereign Chapter of Rose 
Croix de H R D M — Meets first Wednesday in 
each quarter, at 81 Brock street. Sov Prince, 
John A McRae, 18 degrees, MWS; Sov Prince, 
George C Wright, 18 degrees, registrar. 

Kingston Lodge of Perfection, No 7 — Meets 
3rd Thursday in each month. J B F Waugh, 
TPGM; J E Mortimer, S Warden; W J Harvey, 
J Warden; Secretary, George C Wright. 

Craft Masonry 

The Ancient St John's Lodge, No 3, GRC — 
Meets 1st Thursday of each month — W Bro H 
N Lawson, WM; W J C Allen, SW^ W J Gibson, 
JW; W Bro O W Daly, treas; A W Cathcart, sec. 

Cataraqui Lodge, No 92, GRC— Meets 2nd Fri- 
day in each month — W Bro F K Ludlow, WM; 
Bro T Mercer, SW; Bro M Hyland, JW; W 
Bro H A Graham, secretary; W Bro C Wheeler, 

Minden Lodge, No 253, G R C — Meets 1st 
Tuesday in each month — W Bro Reg Crawford, 
WM; Bro R J Robinson, SW; Bro Geo McGlynn, 
JW; W Bro H Milne, treas; V Bro R S Graham, 

PHONE 834 npL ■> TTi T n i /^ 

The Home of Toye's 1 hat s 1 06 1 ovc Dread to. 

Wrapped Bread -^^^^^— =■— ^— ^^^■■■■^■i.ii^^^.ii^ 




'Phone 147 for Service 




D D G M 14th Masonic District— R W Bro 
W M Campbell, Kingston. 

Queen's Lodge — Meets 3rd Monday in Masonic 
Hall Wellington st— W Bro Dr J L Austin. WM; 
R W Bro S W Houstin, SW; W Bro Prof 
Rutledge, JW; Bro E W Skinner, secretary; Bro 
D E Mundell, treasurer. 

Royal Edward (M.D.)— Meets 4th Friday in 
Masonic Hall, Wellington St— R W Bro Dr R 
J Wilson; Bro W A Bearance, SW; Bro John 
Wright, JW; Bro W J Saunders, secretary; R 
W Bro' J H Birkett, treasurer. 

Postmasters' Association 

President, Dr O W Daley; secretary, G H 

Shriners' Club 

Pres, H J Milne; vice-pres, W C Crozier; 
secretary, W Hawley; treasurer, Harold Davis. 

Canadian Order of Foresters 

Court Stanley, No 199— Meets 1st and 3rd 
Tuesday in the Orange Hall; F McCullough, CR; 
W J Wells, fin treas; Rev Canon J W Jones, fin 
sec; H A Graham, rec sec. 

Independent Order of Foresters 

Court Cataraqui. No 3421— N Pickering, CR; 
M F Patton, fin sec. 

Court Frontenac, No 59 — Meets 2nd and 4th 
Thursdays in hall, cor Princess and Montreal sts 
— CR, J McQueen; VCR, Companion Deyo; PCR, 
H Pelletier; rec sec, R S Graham; fin sec, Thos 
Lambert; treas. Rev A F Brown; R W Allan, 
orator; J Wilkinson, SW; T Smeaton, SB. 

Canadian Order Chosen Friends 

Council No 20— Meets 1st and 3rd Fridays in 
the Orange Hall, Princess st — W J Amey. PC; 
W Payne, CC; J O Elliott, VC; R C Bell, Rec; 
J H Jarvis, Treas; Dr A W Richardson, medical 

Council No 121 — Meets 1st Monday in Sons of 
England Hall, cor Alontreal and Princess — C H 
Powell, chief counsellor; W Pillar, vice chief 
counsellor; H Sharpe, rec; C H Clarke, treas; Dr 
H Angrove, physician. 

Council No 217— Meets 3rd Monday in Sons 
of England Hall— EE, John Donovan; VC, J 
Hurley; rec. Miss N Hanley; treas. Miss M 
Hanley; prelate, Mrs Devlin; marshall, Mrs E 

A O U W 

Limestone Lodge, No 91— Meets 2nd and 4th 
Thursdays at 21 Montreal st — MW, Chas Davi- 
son; PMW, R S Graham; Foreman, J Brown; 
Overseer,' W Greaves; Recorder, Wm Pillar; 
Financier, D Couper; Treas, Wm Murray; Phy- 
sician, Dr Sparks. 

Daughters of Rebekah 

Louise Lodge, Xo 10 — Meets Oddfellows' 
Building, cor Princess and Montreal sts, 'Phone 
1082w— Mrs K Arniel, JPG; Mrs E K Jordan, 
NG, 358 Brock st; Miss Agnes Watson, rec sec; 
Miss E Gwatkin, fin sec; Miss L Davy, treas. 

Sons of Scotland 

Sir William Wallace Camp, No 13 — Meets 1st 
Thursday, Orange Hall, Princess st — Chief, Jas 
Hendrie; past chief, G B Scott; chieftain, A Pol- 
lock; chaplain, Dr D A Volume; marshall, John 
Mills; rec sec, George Younge; fin sec, James 

Canadian Order Knights of the Grip 

Kingston Commandery, No 4 — Meets every 
third Saturday afternoon in Board of Trade 
Chambers— HCG, J E Gardiner; PHCG, A G 
Geiger; CG, Jas Newell; Capt, C Winton Thomp- 
son; treas, A J Abernethy; sec'y, R M Douglas. 
guard, James Leckey. 

St Andrew's Society 

Pres, H C Welch; 1st vice-pres. J C K Munsie; 
2nd vice-pres, T H Stewart; chaplain, Prof Mac- 
Fadyen; physician, Dr A E Ross, M.P. ; piper, J 
W Eraser; baron. Col A AlcPhail; auditor, J F 
MacMillan; sec-treas, J Stewart; executive, J D 
Bankier, Sergt Maj H Black, J R Harris, Jr; Dr 

Sons of England 

Leicester Lodge, No 33 — Meets 2nd and 4th 
Mondays in hall, corner Princess and Montreal 
sts— Pres, R Baldwin; PP, A R Fearne; VP, S 
Hinchcliff; treas, Chas Selby; sec, H M Hawley. 

Daughters and Maids of England 

Duchess of York Lodge, No 50 — Meets 1st and 
3rd Thursdays of each month — Past Pres, Mrs 
A Maxam; worthy pres, Mrs Turner; vice-pres, 
Mrs F Carter; secretarj^ Mrs J H Parker; treas, 
Mrs G Eastwell. 

Canadian Order Home Circle 

Kingston Circle, No 105 — Meets 4th Monday, 
69 Raglan Rd — Leader, Mrs Smeaton; sec and 
fin sec, Mrs E R Prager; treas, Mrs Wm Nichols; 
physician, Dr Bogart. 

Knights of the Maccabees 

Frontenac Tent No 200 — Meets 1st Tuesday in 
every month over Marshalls Hardware store — 
H Oberndorflfer, C; A E Treadgold, RK. 

Woodmen of the World 

Con Com, S G Woolgar, 8 John st; Adv Lieu, 
H Akerley, 116 Rideau; banker, J O Finnigan, 
Barriefield; clerk, H C Emlaw, 128 Clarence; 
escort, C Finnigan, Barriefield; watchman, W 
Woolgar, 64 Patrick; sentry, R Vanhorne, 105 
Clergy; physicians, Dr Bogart, 102 Wellington 
st; Dr Keyes, Queen st; managers, R J Mcllroy, 
160 Rideau; J Berry, 17 Mack; E Hughson, 220 

J. K. Carroll Agency REAL 

56 Brock Street 

'Phone 68 

We Clean 


and do it well 

•PHONE 650 Office 214 Princess, 

MY VALET Works, 11 Elgin St. 

D. S. COLLIER Goods Called For and Delivered 



Eastern Star 

Eastern Lodge, Frontenac Chap No 90 — Meets 
3rd Thursday in Orange Hall, 386 Princess St, 
Phone 615J— WM, Mrs G Rothwell; WP, E Bow- 
man; AM, Mrs Eliz Jordan, 358 Brock st. 


(Hall, opposite YMCA) 

No 6 — Meets second Wednesday in each month 
— Johii Watson, WM. 

No 2679 — Meets on 4th Wednesday of each 
month — H Edgar, WM; H A Graham, sec. 

No 316, meets 1st Tuesday in each month — 
R Harris, WM; J Potts, rec sec 

No 352 — Meets first Wednesday in each month 
— W Sheppard, WM; F W Taylor, rec sec. 

No 577 — Meets second Friday in each month 
— J C Bennett, WM; C Posslewhite, rec sec 

Royal Scarlet District Chapter — Meets on the 
14th of each month — A B Bryant, WC in C; 
C E Webster, Com Scribe. 

District L O L, No 1 — Meets 1st each quarter 
— A E Sedgewick, WDM; K Weir, rec sec. 

Frontenac Preceptory, Royal Black Knights of 
Ireland — WP, W Lowry; DP, W Ferguson; 
registrar, W H Lane. Meets fourth Thursday of 
each month. 

'Prentice Boys 

No 1 Derry Lodge, meets 1st Friday — WM W 
Salisbury; DM, W Clark; sec-treas, Jas Berry. 

True Blues, No 16 — Meets 3rd Friday of each 
month — W M, Roy Metcalfe; fin sec, T Smith 


Catholic Mutual Benefit Association of Canada 
(Head Office, Montreal). 

C M B A 

Branch No 9 meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 
in C M B A hall, over Sargent's drug store — 
Pres, James R Keating; rec sec A W Gannon. 

Children of Mary 

Meets 1st Sunday in the month at 3.15 p.m. in 
St James' chapel— Miss Margaret Brophy, pres; 
Miss M E Shaw, vice-pres; Miss May Bolger' 
treas; Miss Mary Gallagher, sec; Rev Fr Hanley' 

Young Irishmen's Catholic Benevolent 

Branch, No 483— Meets in their hall on Wel- 
M f^°n '^~^^^ vice-pres, J Kehoe; 2nd vice-pres, 
N Mdlan; rec sec, T O'Neill; fin sec, J Thomp- 
son; treas, F McKee; marshall, P Fannon- seret- 
at-arms, J Mann. 

Ladies' Auxiliary of the Hotel Dieu Hospital 

Meets last Wednesday of each month— Pres 
Mrs l^ergus O'Connnor; 1st vice-pres, Mrs J 
M-'^^M^i^-^'/'^ vice-pres, Mrs J Melville; fin sec. 
M,ss N Kirke; cor sec. Miss M O'Connor; treas 
Mrs S Hartman. ' 

Ancient Order of Hibernians 

County Division No 1, Kingston— County pres, 
L n^'^- ''"""^^ vice-pres, J J Lackey; fin sec, E 
McCabe; rec sec T James; county treas, A 
U Keilly; county chaplain, Rev Father Casey i 

Division Officers 


''■^/■J.McGrath; vice-pres, J J Lackey; rec 
, J R Keating; treas, J J Taylor; fin sec, J 

Knights of Columbus 

Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at hall, cor King ^^ 

Chinese Nationalist League 
Pres, Frank L Dick; vice-pres, Charlie Lamb; 
Chinese secy, Lee Chick Hon; English sec'y, 
Ross Wong; treas, Ray Lee 

Kingston General Hospital 

(Cor Stuart and George streets) 

Governors ex-officio— Judge County of Fron- 
nac. Mayor of Kingston, Warden of Frontenac, 

sec, Jos Catlin; lecturer, H V Eves. r.lvin^R / r^'^'^'^nV a? t^^''"'^"'"'' ^ ^ 

Calvin, R J Carson, D M Mclntyre 

Catholic Order of Foresters Subscription Governors — Rev M Macgillivray, 

r . XT icn A^ . 1 . ^ ^ 1 -ri j ?/^ J Mackie, C Livingston, Prof D H Marshall, 

Court No ISG-Meets 1st and 3rd T^iursdays. Hugh Nickle, T McK Robertson, R F Elliott 

R Seaton CR; James McGuire, VCR; Frank R Waldron, Dr J C Connell, Dr A P Chown 

Seaton, FS; Harry Eves, RS; Geo Hanson, treas; Dr Third, W B Skinner, C M Strange; James 

M Goodman J Kennedy, sentmels; P Daly, H A Minnes, R E Kent, Rev Douglas Laing Dr 

Cooper, D McGeen, trustees r e Sparks, Colonel Massie, A F Chown Dr 

St Vincent de Paul Society ^ G Anglin, Dr Abbott, T F Harrison, E T 

' Steacy, Principal Gordon, Dr A W Winnett, F 

Meets every Sunday afternoon in St Mary's G Lockett, Prof I E Martin, W B Dalton' A 

school at 4 o'clock. President, James Lawlor; Shaw, H D Bibby, Wm Jackson, D Couper ' Dr 

rec sec, James R Keating; fin sec treas, AW I G Bogart, Dr D E Mundell, Wm Anderson 

Gannon. Geo A McGowan, Francis King. C A M acpherson! 

ASK FOR Our Cough Syrup is the finest on 

DR. BELLAS Wonder Per- the market. Beirs cucumber 

FUMES & Toilet Preparations cream for chapped Hands, &c. 

FOR GOOD VALUE GO TO 'Phone 147 for Ambulance 






Geo Hague, W P Peters, W C Kent, T D Minnes, 
W T Minnes, T W Milo. Frank Reid, John Gil- 
bert, Dr J F Sparks, Dr G W Mylks, Hugh Mac- 
pherson, H W Newman, Dr Bell, Dr R J Gar- 
diner, Dr J W Campbell, R N F McFarlane, 
James, Berney, F J Hoag, W H Wormwith, 
Dr A E Ross, MPP; J R Smeaton, W H Macnee, 
W J Fair, Elmer Davis, James Crawford, A 
Lingham, Harold Davis, W S R Murch, N C 
Poison, sr. 

Officers — Lieut-Col Kent, chairman of the 
Board of Governors; F G Lockett, vice-chair- 
man; A F Chown, hon sec 

Committee of Management — T McK Robert- 
son, W Jackson, H Davis 

Medical Supt— Dr J H Pilkey 

Supt of Nurses — Miss P H Carey. 

Asst Supt of Nurses — Miss Edna Meighen 

Gen Sec — Miss E A Hunter 

House Surgeons — Drs L Leggett, J McCaul, 
W Campbell, H Spence, J Evans, J Lochead, A 
Richards. • 

Dietitian — Miss Eleanor Hamilton. 

Housekeeper — Miss Ada Currie * 

Auditors— Wm Gill, H M Ruttan 

Ofificers of Medical Staff— Dr J C Connell, 
chairman; Dr Williamson, secretary 

Hospital visiting days — Every day, from 2 to 
4 p.m. 

Home for Friendless Women and Infants 

Shelter, 75 Union. General Committee on 1st 
Tuesday of each month at 10.30 a.m.; Walkem 
& Walkem, hon solicitors; Mrs W H Macnee, 
pres; Mrs D Laidlaw, 1st vice-pres; Mrs Robin- 
son, 2nd vice-pres; Mrs E J B Pense, rec sec; 
Mrs G McGowan, treas. 

Hotel Dieu Hospital 

Is situated on Sydenham St, between Johnson 
and Brock streets. A nonsectarian institution, 
conducted by the Sisters of Mercy. Rev 
Sr Farrell, Superior; Rev D A Casey, chaplain. 

All doctors are at liberty to admit and treat 

House surgeons — A Phelan, J O'Reilly, J Mc- 
nally, J Lalonde 

House of Providence and Orphanage 

Montreal street, between Ordnance and Bay — 
Conducted by the Sisters of Charity. 

St James' Home for the Aged and Infirm, con- 
ducted by the Sisters of Charity 

Orphanage, St Mary's-of-the-Lake, conducted 
by Sisters of House of Providence 

Home for Aged and Infirm 

Superintendent — F R Y Baldwin 

Matron — Mrs Baldwin 

Secretary — Dr W W Sands 

Board of Directors — Mayor Angrove, F Welch. 

Ontario Hospital for Mental Diseases 

Edward Ryan, MD, Medical Supt; Thomas D 
Cumberland, asst supt; C H McCuaig, asst phy- 
sician; C C Hodgins, bursar; Miss E Thomson, 
stenog; R S Graham, storekeeper; Miss M Mac- 
Millan, matron and supt of nurses. •, 

Protestant Orphans' Home 

Union st, cor University av — Directresses, Mrs 
A L Clark, Mrs Carruthers, Miss L Lewis; treas, 
Mrs E C D MacCallum; secretaries, Mrs H 
Bibby; cor sec'y, Miss L H Kirkpatrick; registrar, 
Mrs J B McLeod; supt. Miss I J MacKenzie. 

Kingston Penitentiary 

J C Ponsford, warden; W G Anglin, MD, sur- 
geon; Thos D Minnes, acct; Ven Archdeacon 
Dobbs, Rev M McDonald, chaplains; H Keech, 
C S VanAlstyne, R A Caughey, H S Begg, A N 
Robinson, H Cleeton, H Hora, clerical assts; R 
R Tucker, dpty warden, M J Walsh, chief kpr; 
Miss M G Draper, Miss G Dromgole, Miss A 
Hartrick, matrons; S Kerrison, steward; R J 
Burns, J Tweddell, chief trade instrs; T Nixon, 
chief engineer; A Crossley, school teacher. 


Bank of Montreal (Market branch), City 
Buildings— R R F Harvey, Mgr; A H Brieden, 

Bank of Montreal, cor King and Clarence — 
Philip Du Moulin, mgr; A N Lee, acct 

Bank of Montreal, cor Brock and Wellington 
— H A Tofield, mgr; Victor M Buffam, acct 

Royal Bank of Canada, cor Princess and Bagot 
sts — E E Newman, mgr; H R Tyner, acct 

Standard Bank, cor Princess and Bagot — J F 
Rowland, mgr; R H Stephen, acct 

Bank of Toronto, cor King and Brock sts — C 
P Borland, mgr; Raymond H Hutchings, acct 

The Canadian Bank of Commerce, cor King 
and Brock— R T Brymner, mgr. 

Bank of Nova Scotia, cor Wellington and Prin- 
cess St— A N Lyster, mgr; C P Pettit, acct . 

(Branch) Bank of Commerce, 288 Princess st 
— Edwin A Davidson, mgr 


The British Whig — Daily and semi-weekly, 306- 
310 King. The British Whig Pub Co, Ltd, publish- 
ers; Jos G Elliott, pres; Leman A Guild, manag- 
ing-' director and editor; Geo H Williamson, city 
edTtor; E G Barrett, J R Forster, F B Pense, F 
D VanLuven, reporters; Miss M Going, social 

The Standard— Daily, 177-179 Princess st. The 
Standard Pub Co, Ltd, publishers. W R Givens, 
pres and managing director; R H Henderson, 
man. editor; Miss L Kilborn, society editress 

The Canadian Freeman— Irish Catholic weekly, 
318 King St. Rev D A Casey, editor 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pemVave. 










Grand Trunk, Canadian National, Can Steam- 
ships Ltd, Ocean Steamship Line, J P Hanley, 
agent. Ticket office, foot of Johnson st 

C.P.R. Offices — Passenger Station Office, On- 
tario st, opp City Hall; City Passenger Ticket 
Office, 180 Wellington st; Freight and Cartage 
Office, foot of Clarence st 

Kingston, Portsmouth & Cataraqui Electric 
Railway Co — Offices, King st, east of Queen, W 
F Nickle, secretary and treasurer; H C Nickle, 

Canadian Club 

Nominating Committee's Report presented by 
Mayor Angrove: Committee begs to make the 
following nominations of officers and executive 
committee of the Canadian Club for the year 
1923, namely: — Hon Pres, Rev Dr Gordon; hon 
vice-pres, Major-Gen Sir Archibald Macdonell, 
KCB, &c; past pres, J M Farrell; pres, T J 
Rigney; 1st vice-pres, Capt R Crawford; 2nd 
vice-pres, Thomas W Mills; treas, W Kent Mac- 
nee; sec, W M Nickle. Also Mayor Angrove, 
Judge Lavell, Harold Davis, A N Lyster, J M 
Campbell, Rev T W Savary, Oliver Chown, J P 
Hanley, George Brownlee, Rev Dr Kingsley, J 
J Druce, J G Elliott, A E Day, Prof A C Neish, 
Capt J' Donnelly. 

Women's Canadian Club 

Hon pres. Miss A M Machar; pres, Mrs Con- 
stantine; cor sec, Mrs J Rigney; rec sec, Mrs 
Kennedy; treas, Mrs A S Ferguson. 

Frontenac Club 

Club house, cor King and William sts — Dr 
Etherington, pres; A N Lyster, hon sec treas 

Kiwanis Club 

Meets every Monday at 1 o'clock, Frontenac 
Hotel, with the exception of the last Monday of 
the month, which is held in the evening at 6 

Officers — H C Nickle, pres; R Easton Burns, 
vice-pres; W Kent Macnee, sec treas. 

Directors — Dr L J Austin, T A Kidd, Elmer 
Davis, W M Moore, C C Folger, J F Sowards, 
J P Hanley, Dr A W Winnett. 

District Trustee — Frank J Hoag. 

Kingston Yacht Club 

(Maitland St) 
Com, Dr A Black; vice com, J C Newland; 
rear com, G H Lockett; sec-treas, C S Kirk- 
patrick, 36 Clarence st 

Kingston Branch Canadian Patriotic 

Mr James H Macnee, sec'y; Hugh C Nickle, 
chairman of Relief Committee. 

Kingston Automobile Club 

151 Wellington st, phone 789w— T M Assels- 
tine, pres; J M Hughes, past-pres; Dr A Black. 
vice-pres; H D Wightman, sec-treas; auditors, 
J F Rowlands, E O Sliter; directors, M C Dunn, 
L A Guild, W F Gourdier, Jas A Minnes, Dr 
C C Nash, H C Nickle, T H Sargent, A Vanluven. 
Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, Ltd 

Links at Portsmoutli, Ont — Pres, T J Rigney; 
vice-pres, Dr L J Austin; sec-treas, F A Smythe; 
professional, D Cunningham. 

Kingston Country Club 

Club house and tennis courts at Barriefield — 
Col A Macphail, pres; Mrs T R D Hemming, 
vice-pres; Major J B Dunbar, sec'y; Lt-Col W 
P Wilgar, treas. 

Life Underwriters' Association 

Pres, H D Wightman; vice-pres, E Woodman; 
sec'y-treas, F L Jackson. 

Executive Committee — J B Cooke, W J Fair, 
J F Leatherland. G V Franklin, Dan Dennis. 


Hon Pres, Hon A E Ross, CMG, MP; W F 
Nickle, KC, MPP; pres, Elmer Davis; 1st vice- 
pres, B N Steacy; 2nd vice-pres, H C Nickle; 
sec-treas, W K Macnee; council, Jos W Bell, Rev 
J D Boyd, J M Campbell. P B Chown, W H 
Craig, John Donnelly. J G Elliott, C C Folger, 
T A Kidd. D J Laidlaw, C A Macpherson, W Y 
Mills, A M Rankin, MPP; H A Tofield 


Hon pres, A A Wright, Toronto; pres, T R 
Enderby, Alontreal; 1st vice-pres, Hon L C Web- 
ster. Montreal; 2nd vice-pres, George J Madden, 
Ogdensburg, N.Y.; counsel, Francis King, King- 
ston; sec-treas, Francis King, Kingston 


Pres. Mrs Macgillivray, Kingston; rec sec. 
Mrs McCallum, 302 Barrie; cor sec, Mrs F W 
Dyde; treas, Miss H Chown 

Orphans' Guild 

Pres, Mrs H P Smith; 1st vice-pres, Mrs T 
Murphy; 2nd vice-pres, Mrs J Dougherty; treas, 
Miss L Whalen; Miss A Doolan. rec sec; Miss 
M Maiden, fin sec. Meets 1st Sunday of each 

Societies and Presidents 

National Council of Women, Miss L Mowat. 
Catholic Women's League — Miss Ida C Ronan. 
Orphans' Hon>e — Mrs W E McNeill, 144 Uni- 
versity ave. 

Child Welfare Station — Mrs Robertson 
Poor Relief — Mrs J Wright, 7 Mack st 
Children of Mary (Sodality) — Miss I C Ronan, 
240 Bagot 






126-128 PRINCESS ST. 


Fine Furs 



Jewish Societj — I Cohen, 209 Queen 

Y W C A— Mrs Bateman, 309 University 

Hotel Dieu Ladies' Auxiliary — Mrs Fergus 
O'Connor, 193 Earl 

Victorian Order of Nurses — Mrs J Wright, 7 
Mack St 

Infants' Home — Mrs W Macnee, 115 Union 

Nurses' Alumnae — Mrs Crawford 

Orphans' Guild — Miss A Doolan 

Daughters of the Empire — Mrs J B Carruth- 
ers. Earl st 

Women's Canadian Club — Mrs Lavell, 22 Barrie 

Art Association — Miss Drummond, YWCA 

Red Cross Society— Mrs H R Duff, 468 Princess 

W C T U— Mrs John Wright, 7 Mack 

Women Teachers' Association — Miss M 
Cunningham, Earl st 

KGH Graduate Nurses' Association — Mrs G 
Nicol, Cataraqui 

YMCA Boys Division — Mrs G A Bateman, 
Universit)' ave 

Public Library Board — A Strachan, Custom 
House. Clarence st 

Queen's Alumnae — Miss W Gordon, 122 Uni- 

St John's Ambulance — Mrs G H Ogilvie, Prin- 
cess st 

Women's Auxiliary of Patriotic Fund — Mrs H 
R Duff, 468 Princess 

Cataraqui Chapter lODE— Mrs H Nickle 

Frontenac Chapter lODE — Airs T G Smith, 
250 King e 

Municipal Chapter, lODE — Mrs J B Carruth- 
ers; sec. Miss Mowat 

Richardsoh Chapter, lODE — Mrs J T Suther- 


Municipal Chapter — Mrs J B Carruthers, re- 
gent; Miss L Mowat, sec; Mrs Arthur Ellis, treas. 


Kingston. Trades and Labor Council — Meets 
1st and 3rd Thursday in each month at Labor 
Hall. Pres, Alderman DriscoU; sec, Wm Gib- 
son, 272 Princess 


Pres, John Simpson; sec-treas and manager, 
R J Bushell 


Pres, Lt-Col R E Kent; 1st vice-pres, Prof J 
McGillvary; 2nd vice-pres, P C Lawson; direc- 
tors, W H Graham, T A Dunlop, G W Bell, Dr 
A P Chown, Jas Craig, J O Hutton, Dr D A 
Black, R J Bushell, A D Holton, R F Bailey, R 
F Greenlees, W W White, J A Minnes; auditors, 
O V Bartels, L A Guild; sec-treas, A W McLean, 
(Kent Bros) 


Pres, J C K Munsie; 1st vice-pres, Sgt Frost; 
2nd vice-pres, J Colclough; sec-treas, W J 

Pres, J R C Dobbs, 44 Clarence st, 'phone 819; 
vice-pres, Miss Machar, Col G H Ogilvie and 
Rev J O Crisp; sec-treas, J C K Munsie, 35 
George st, phone 976 


Pres, M P Reid, office 2152, residence 843 w; 
vice-pres, J_ Matheson; sec treas, P D Lyman, 
residence 95 w. 


Hon pres, Dr John Watson, hon chaplain. 
Principal Bruce Taylor; pres, J F MacMillan; 
vice-pres, H W Newman; sec-treas, Dr R C 
Cartwright; supt of lawn, John Angrove; green, 
Queen's L^niversity Grounds 


Miss Betts, pres; vice-pres, Mrs H C Welch; 
hon treas, Mrs T M Asselstine; hon sec'y, Mrs 
H F Mooers, 68 Barrie st, phone 428; convenor, 
House Committee, Mrs R N F McFarlane. 


Pres, Leman A Guild; vice-pres, A N Lj-^ster; 
sec-treas, R H Ward; directors, Bert Abernethy, 
C R Anglin, H Breathwaite, Dr H E Day; sergt- 
at-arms, Howard Kelly. 


W Y Mills, pres; vice-pres, W P Peters; Herb- 
ert M Steacy, secretary; W F Kinnear, treasurer. 


J B McLeod, pres; L T Best, sec-treas 


Kingston Collegiate Institute 

Pres, Rev J W Jones; sec-treas. Miss D Stock; 
executive com, E O Sliter, Prof W C Baker, J 
Diack, Mrs J W Foster, Mrs F Anglin 


Victoria School 

Pres, Mrs H T J Coleman; sec, Mrs H Day. 


Pres, Rev J S LaFlair; vice-pres. Rev R H 
Bell; sec-treas, F J Wilson. 


Pres, C W Simmons; vice-pres, S T Lilley; sec- 
treas, J Findlay. 


Pres, Major Gen Sir A C Macdonell, KC, 
B CMG, DSO; vice-pres. Miss Lillian Mowat; sec- 
treas. Pro W R P Bridger. RMC, Kingston. 

McKAY'S CREAM BREAD Manufactured by 


'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

^ I V A x^ C^^..:^^ T. 1 • DURANT MOTOR 

Cooke's Auto Service _dh1£lb cars 


PARKS Lake Ontario Park — Portsmouth. 

Breakwater — King street west 
City Park — King, between West and Barrie sts. 

Clarence St Park, between King & Wellington. CEMETERIES 

Macdonald Park — Water front, foot of Barrie st. ^ • ^^ t- t^ 

Victoria Park— North of Alfred, between Brock Cataraqui cemetery— Cataraqui, Ont, E K 

and Mack streets. Purdy, supt , 

Frontenac Park— Ordnance st. St Marys cemetery— Eastern extremity of 

Aberdeen Park— Portsmouth Division St, Charles Martm, caretaker. 

209 Princess Street 


& DresJed Lumber ?* ]}^^, ^- ?' "^t?-' ^®- 

Phone 1681J 


670-680 Mo ntreal St. 




Briclgen, Prof. R. 

Butler, Rena, cook 

Day, Prof. Frank H. 

Driver, Bessie, nurse, R. M. C. 

Duncan, Nellie, servant 

Frulkner, Frank, Sgt. -Major 

Finney, Capt. W. J., staff 

Greenwood, Major Eric, Staff Adjutant 

Harvey, Capt. E. J., paymaster 

Kelley, Capt. A. W., quartermaster 

Schmidlin, Edward, Prof. 

Scroggie, O., officer of taxes 

Talbit, Florence, servant 

Yokes, Capt F, divisional officer 

Vince, Robt., chief engineer 

White, Dorothy 


Anderson, Col Thos V, R.M.C. 

Anderson, Joseph, carter 

Anderson, Margaret 

Barriefield School 

Blake, Frank, boat builder 

Blake, James, labourer 

Blundo, John, gas works 

Bolger, John, labourer 

Bramah, Thos. H., soldier 

Brightman, Jane, house maid 

Campbell, Harvey, carpenter 

Carr, Chas., labourer 

Country Club 

Dawson, Col. H. J., R.M.C. 

Dowling, Etta 

Dowling, Doris, clerk 

Dowling, Herbert, carpenter 

Dumbell, William, caretaker 

Esford, John, labourer 

Gray, Reginald 

Gray, Robert 

Hewitt, George 

Johnson, Lillian 

Johnson, Frederick 

Johnson, Wilson 

Kaine, John 

McAllister. George, teamster 

McCartney, John, baker 

McKinnon, William 

McKinnon's Grocery 

Medley, Miss Georgina 

Medley, James, mariner 

Merchant, James, R. M. C. 

Murray, Arthur, clerk 

Murray, Roy, labourer 

Muller, Edward, mariner 

Muller, Ernest, teamster 

Muller, Frederick, machinist 

Muller, Allan, farmer 

Aluller, Geo. F. 

Murray, William, auctioneer 

Murray, Olive, clerk 

Murray, Herbert, mariner 

Murray, Percival 

Murray, Edward M. 

Moore, Gordon 

Neverson, James, carpenter 

Norris, Jas. W., carpenter 

Norman, Jas. Wm., tinsmith 

Norman, Sarah, (wid W.) 

O'Connor, Frank, labourer 

Purtell, Robert A., general carter 

Quinn, Jas., labourer 

Rickey, Ella 

Rickey, Genevieve, student 

Rickey, Alexander, wheelwright 

Rickey, Archibald, carpenter 

Rolffe, George, R.M.C. 

St Mark's English Church 

Stanton, Lawrence 

Stanton, Nathaniel, piano maker 

Stanton, Robert, repairman 

Stanton, Agnes 

Stanton, Edward, piano maker 

Tisdale, Albert, machinist 

Tisdale, Ross, carter 

Timmerman, Norman, labourer 

Township Hall 

Turner, James 

Turner, Thos., labourer 

Vancoughnet, Frank, labourer 

Warmington, Robert 

Warmington, Walter 

Warmington, George 

Warmington, Edward 

Wash, William 

Watts, Henry 


Wood, Rundell 

Wood, Sophia 



PHONE 834 

'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOK S AUTO SERVICE repairing, painting 

STORAGE, WASHING Service and Wrecking Cars Ready at a Moment's Notice 




Adair, Chas. F. 

Baker, Henry, gardener 

Baker, Chas, gardener 

Baker, Sydney, gardener 

Baker, Alfred, farmer 

Baker, Lora 

Baker, David, student 

Barry, Harriett, (wid James) 

Barry, Stanley 

Barry, Arthur J. 

Black, Andrew, labourer 

Black, John, farmer 

Black, John, labourer 

Bennington, Melville 

Blair, Bessie 

Blair, James R. 

Blair, Mrs (wid Wm J), gardener 

Blair, William, gardener 

Border, Morris, gardener 

Brecken, Reginald 

Brecken, Helena 

Bullen, Lawrence, gardener 

Burke, John Joseph, gardener 

Burtch, Thomas H., insurance agent 

Cameron's Garage and Smithy, J. Cameron, (prop) 

Cameron, William, blacksmith 

Cataraqui Cemetery, Supt. Purdy, Rastus 

Caverly, Edith 

Caverly, Ida 

Caverly, Israel 

Christ Church, Anglican 

Clark, Annie 

Clark, James, gardener 

Clark, Margaret 

Clark, Canan, Custom Office 

Cleland, William, draughtsman 

Cleland, Robert, moulder 

Clyde, John 

Clyde, Joseph 

Cook, Ernest, gardener 

Cook, Walter J., gardener 

Cook, Wm., gardener 

Cook, Harold E., traveller 

Cook, William Edward 

Cook, James, gardener 

Davy, William M., prop, store 

Durrant, David, labourer 

Ealy, Elias 

Edwards, Dr. J. W., physician 

Edwards, Evelyn, student 

Edwards. John W., (Jr.) 

Fairbanks, Oliver, retired 

Fairbanks, Isaac, labourer 

Free Methodist Church 

Gardiner, Reginald, labourer 

Gardiner, Francis, student 

Gardiner, Francis, farmer 
Gibson, John C, labourer 
Gourdinier, Reginald, labourer 
Goldup, Frederick, gardener 
Graham, Miriam, (wid John) 
Graham, C. J., retired 
Grant, Catherine 
Grant, James 

Grice, William J., labourer 
Grice, Charles, retired 
Grice, John, section man 
Harpell, Angelene 
Harpell, Henry, farmer 
Harpell, Robert, farmer 
Harnden, Perry, farmer 
Hayes, Leonard, labourer 
Heaton, John, retired 
Heaton, Alice 
Heney, Robert 
Henessey, John, patient 
Henessey, Margaret 
Henry, William 
Holton, Albert D, florist 
Hopkins, Charles, labourer 
Hood, Alexander, labourer 
Hood, William, labourer 
Jackson, Harry, gardener 
Jackson, Irwin, farmer 
Jackson, Walter H., farmer 
Jackson. Arnold, gardener 
James, Thomas, Farmer 
Keyes, Florence, (wid James) 
Keyes, Howard, gardener 
Kingston, Thomas, gardener 
Kish, Benjamin, retired 
Lancaster, B., gardener 
Ledsair, Mrs. Joseph 
Lyons, Harriette, (wid Robert) 
McDonell, George O., machinist 
McCallum, Byron F., carpenter 
McFedridge, Wm. J., driver 
McMichael, George A., farmer 
Miller, John, labourer 
Morley, Francis, retired 
Methodist Church 
Morley, Peter, farmer 
Morton, Thomas, gardener 
Murphy, Alexander, retired 
Patterson, Stafford, farmer 
Pixley, Neil 

Purdy. Charles, gardener 
Purdy, Thomas, gardener 
Riley, John 

Riley, Edward H., gardener 
Rodway, Sadie, nurse 
Rose, Herbert, labourer 



209 Princess Street 


THE K. D. Mfg., Co., '^' ''' ^""''^'"' ^' ^^°"^ '^«^J 



Rudrun, William E., gardener 

Saunders, Alfred E. 

School House 

Sedore, Samuel 

Sedore, Thomas, labourer 

Shewell, Arthur, gardener 

Shevvell. George, gardener 

Silver, James E., garbage collector 

Sisco, Rev. Gordon A. 

Sigsworth, Mildred, teacher 

Simpson, Harold E., farmer 

Simpson, Henry J., farmer 

Smith, Stanley, student 

Smith, Arthur, student 

Smith ,Rev. T. A., rector Christ Church 

Smith, Phoebe, teacher 

Smith, Alva Edison, cabinet maker 

Smith, Andrew M., carpenter 

Smith, Mary, (wid Wm.) 

Smith, Sherman, farmer 

Smith, Damon, Inspector of Public Highways 

Spratt, James, cheesemaker 

Spence, William H., salesman 

Walker, William, labourer 

Walker, Myers W., labourer 

Weston, Sarah, (wid Thomas) 

Weston, William, gardener 

Wise, Joseph, storekeeper 

Wood, Miles, labourer 

Wood, Ro}', labourer 

Wood, Cornelius 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited peJ^Vave. 




'Phone 634. Open Day and Night Cor. King & Queen Sts. 

COOKE'S Auto Service 

A. Garage Devoted Exclusively to Every Wantof the Motoring Public. 




Adams, Herman W, Insurance Agent 
Alton, Grace, nurse 

Anglin, Dr W G, Surgeon, Penitentiary 
Andrews, Fred W, attendant 
Ashby, William J, farmer 
Asselstine, J 
Atkins, D Alexander 
Atkins, Dorothy C, milliner 
Baiden, Richard, gardener and florist 
Bailey, Jane (wid Henry) 

Bartman, Dorothy, director of Vocational Ther- 
Beaupre, Anna D, bookkeeper 
Beaupre, Peter M, instructor, Penitentiary 
Beaupre, Stanley 
Beardsall, Cecil, carpenter 
Bell, Ruby A, nurse 
Bentley, Mrs Helen, maid 
Bennett, Gladys 
Best, L T, drug store 
Beseau, Stanley, attendant 
Brady, John 

Brinck, Julius, brewer. Lake Ontario Brewery 
Brunton, Anna, nurse 
Burkett, Frances, nurse 
Burke, Rose L, dressmaker 
Burke, Frances E, tailoress 
Burke, Mary E 
Burke, Bridget (wid Edward) 
Burke, Thomas F, gardener 
Burke, Kathryn, H E, stenog 

Burns, R J, chief trade instructor. Penitentiary 
Burns, George, carpenter 
Caddick, Margaret, maid 
Camm, Ernest, attendant, Rockwood 
Campbell, Thomas J, labourer 
Campbell, Patrick, labourer 
Campbell, Jas, gardener 

Campbell, Mary, servant, Mowat Sanitorium 
Cannon, Jean, nurse 
Card, Evelyn, nitrse 
Charnock, Jonathan H, attendant 
Church of the Good Thief, Roman Catholic 
Citizens' Coal Co 

Clark, Robert A, guard, Penitentiary 
Clarke, Frank, barber 

Clayton, Thomas, night keeper, Penitentiary 
Cledgett, E J, farmer 

Cobb, Ernest J, engineer. Lake Ontario Brewery 
Cochrane, Robert B, cheese maker 
Cochrane, Mamie, school teacher 
Coddy, Catherine (wid J P) 
Coffey, Grace, nurse 
Cook, James, machinist 

Crossley, Alfred, school teacher, Penitentiary 
Culcheth, E, storekeeper 
Culcheth, Ernest A, baker 
Culcheth, Myrtle A 
Curran, lona, nurse 

Davidson, Edwin, mgr (Branch Bank of Com- 

Davidson, John, chief attendant, Rockwood 

Dawson, Agnes (wid William) 

Dawson, Edna, assistant stenog, Rockwood 

Day, Harold, supervisor, Rockwood 

Dean, Margaret, seamstress, Rockwood 

Department of Soldiers' Civil Service, Mowat 

Derry, Hugh, mason, Rockwood Hospital 

Dixon, Frederick, guard, K. P. 

Dougherty, Cecelia, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Dougherty, Anna AL, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Dowsley, J. H. Percy, clerk 

Dowsley, Richard D. 

Doyle, John, labourer 

Doyle. Thomas 

Doyle, Frank, instructor, K. P. 

Doyle, Florence, cashier 

Drumm. John, attendant 

Dunbar, J. B., Major, military engineer, R.C.E., Old 

Dunlop, Florence, nurse 

Dupre. George C Capt, soldier. Ordnance Corps 

Durborne. Arthur, patient. Mowat 

Dyer, Daisy, (wid George) 

Dyer, Dorothy A., milliner 

Edgar, William, painter 

Edmunds, Carey, nurse, Rockwood 

Edwards. Jas., guard, K.P. 

Ellison, John, cooper 

Evans, Thos. 

Evans. Dora 

Ewart, William, blacksmith 

Ewart, Robert, labourer 

Ewart, Thomas John 

Ewart, Robert 

Fallhurst, William, labourer 

Fernraband. Emil, machinist 

Felix, William. Capt., mariner 

Fisher, Angelic 

Fisher, Eliza 

Fisher, John, retired 

Fisher, William, retired 

Fitzgerald, Ella, nurse. Rockwood Hospital 

Fitzgerald, Tena, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Flowers. Herbert, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Ford. George, engineer. 

Ford. John 

Forsythe. Joseph, engineer. Rockwood Hospital 

Forsythe. H. Neil, electrician 

Forsythe. J. Carl, clerk 

Forsythe, Robert, electrician 

Forsythe, Beatrice, milliner 

Forsythe. Florence, milliner 

Forsythe, George, conductor 

Forsythe. Allan, guard. K. P. 

Forsythe, Andrew, butcher 






126-128 PRINCESS ST. — "— 



Forsythe, Joseph, plumber 

French, Harriett 

Frost, Henry, guard, Rockwood Hospital 

Frost, Horace, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Foulkes, J. F. Major, senior officer. Old Collegiate 

Foulkes, F., "Calderwood" Union St., W. 

Fuller, Wm. J., attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Fulton, Bella, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Garland, Alfred, attendt., Rockwood Hospital 

Garner, Alice, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Garrah, Raymond, attendt., Rockwood Hospital 

Geach, Victoria, (wid John) 

Geach, John 

Geary, Major, R. Can. Artillery. 

Germain, Daniel, guard, K. P. 

Germain, A. William M., student 

Gibbs, farmer 

Gilmour, Isabella, cook 

Glendennen, Victor S-, fireman 

Good, William, gardener 

Graham, Thomas F., carpenter 

Graham, Muriel M., teacher 

Graham, Gladys M., teacher 

Graham, Margaret A, student 

Graham, William J., student 

Graham, Irwin, labourer 

Graham, R. S., storekeeper 

Graham, Richard M.. clerk 

Graham, Jethro, clerk P. O. 

Grant, Esmond L., clerk 

Grant, John 

Gray, Dora, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Gray, Samuel J., retired 

Guthrie, Thomas J. 

Guthrie, Thomas, chef, Rockwood Hospital 

Guthrie, John 

Guthrie, Thos., engineer, Rockwood Hospital 

Guthrie, Hugh, student 

Hall, Robert, attendt., Rockwood Hospital 

Halliday, Phyllis 

Halliday, John, patient, Mowat 

Halliday, James, contractor 

Halliday, William, mariner 

Halligan, John, guard, K. P. 

Halpin, James, mariner 

Halpin, Michael, mariner 

Halpin, Mary, dressmaker 

Hanson, Ruth (wid A.) 

Hanson, Metta J., 

Hanson, Matthew, manager. Lake Ont. Brewery. 

Hartrick, Charlotte 

Hartrick, Sarah, matron K. P. 

Hartrick, Frederick, electrician 

Hawkins, Sarah, nurse, Rockwood 

Hayes, Archie, driver 

Hayes, Jessie, servant 

Hayes, Jennie M., laundress 

Hazclton, Ethel L., nurse 

Henderson, Nicholas, Capt. coal merchant 

Henderson, Ruth H., telephone operator 

Hill, Arthur, attendant 

Holland, George, labourer 

Holland. Alexander, 1)aker 

Holland, Albert, labourer 

Holland, J. Alex., baker 

Houston, N. Roy, asst. physician, Rockwood Hospt. 
Hunter, John, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Hunt, Margaret, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 
Jeffaey, Mildred, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 
Jenkins, Clarence, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Johnston, Murdock. manager Manufacturers' Life 

Insurance Co 
Jones, Gladys, (wid Frank) 
Jones, Ross, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Kane, Francis H, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Kennedy, John, Sr., retired 
Kennedy, John D., motorman 
Kennedy, Bridget 
Kennedy, Phillip, labourer 
Kennedy, Jas. 

Kennedy, Duncan H., patient, Sydenham Hospital 
Kerr, Wm. J., coal merchant 
Killin, Edna, nurse 
Kimberley, Grace, nurse 
Kincaid. Effie, teamster 
Krause, Gustave, baker 
Lake Ontario Brewery Co 
Lamb, Walter G., driver 

Lambept, Mildred, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 
Lambert, Joseph, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Lambert, Frank, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Langsford, Frank, chef, Mowat Hospital 
Lawless, James V., official, Rockwood Hospital 
Lawless, Mabel C. 
Lawless, Elsie M., secretary 
Lawless, James, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Lazenby, Matthew, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Linch, Charles, patient, Mowat 
Lindsay, Herbert J., barber 
Littlejohn, Lorretta, nurse 
Livingstone, Ellen, nurse 

Lynch, James, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Mofin, Ella, nurse 
Manion, Mrs. Peter 

Marham, Arthur, stoker, Rockwood Hospital 
Marks, William J., plumber 
Marks, John R., ship carpenter 
Marks, John R., (Jr.) , ship carpenter 
Marks, George W., student 
Marks, Richard T., caulker, ship3'ard 
Marsh, Wm., attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Matheson, Sarah, (wid James) 
Melville, Patrick, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Methodist Church 

Millborrow, Geo., attendant, Rockwood Hospital 
Miller, William H., fireman 
Miller, Mary A., (wid William) 
Miller, Robert, engineer 
Mills, Hattie, (wid Robert) 
Mills, John, carpenter 

Mills, James Harold, instructor, penitentiary 
Minncs, Thomas, accountant, K. P. 
Misko, Leo., labourer 
Mitchell, T. E., night fireman 
Mitchell, Francis Henry, mariner 
Mooney. Hazel E. 
Mooney, Edward, (Jr.) 
Mooney, Mary, stenog. 

MacKay's Cream Bread ^Ma^Vctl'^T/ 


TAYLOR & HAMILTON "nsmiths and 

Wendholt, Charles, baker 
Wendholt, Edith, waitress 
Wesley, George W., engineer 
White, Edward, florist 
Wick-ham, George H., grocer 
Wickham, George E., fireman 
Wickham, David Harold, driver 
Wickham, Walter, guard K P 


Wilson, Robert VVm, farmer" 

Wilson, Nelson, carter 

Wirris, P., attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Wmdhalt, Harry, guard, K. P. 

Wood, William E., carpenter " 

Wood, Grace, teacher 

Zapel, William, mason 

PHONE 834 

The Home of Toye's 
Wrapped Bread 

That^s The Toye Bread Co. 

FOR GOOD VALUE GO TO 'Phonc 147 for Ambulance 






Mooney, Edward, retired 

Moreland, Francis, retired 

Mundell, Eva, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Murphy, Angus J., patient, Mowat Hospital 

Murphy, Ella, nurse 

Murphy, Veronica, nurse 

Murphy, Mary, nurse 

Murphy, Pearl, nurse 

Mackintosh, Frederick, waiter, Queen's Cafeteria 

MacMillan, James, Nelson, brass moulder 

McCammon, Thomas W., baker, Rockwood 

McCammon, Harold E., student 

McCambridge, Anna, «iurse, Rockwood Hospital 

McCuaig, Elizabeth (wid Donald) 

McDonald, Rev. Father 

McGeein, Richard, (Sr.), labourer 

McGeein, Rose, (wid D.) 

McGeein, A. J. 

McGinnis, Thomas A., highway contractor. 

McGuire, Thomas H.. butcher 

McGuire, Neville, butcher 

McGuire, Joseph 

Mcintosh, Sarah, maid 

Mclver, Archibald, laundryman 

Mclver, Archie, engineer 

Mclver, Edith 

McKay, Alexander T., guard, K. P. 

McKendry, Vera, nurse 

McKendry, Myrtle, nurse 

McLean, Gertrude, asst. stenog. 

McWalters, Annie 

McWilliams, John, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Nagle, Henry, fireman 

Newport, Charles, gardener 

Nicholson. W. Ford, (Golf Links) 

Nicholson, Fannie, (wid T. G.) 

Nicholson, Harold, driver 

Nixon, Mr., chief engineer, K. P. 

Northmore, Esther, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Northmore, Clara, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

O'Day, Thos. Mowat Hospital 

O'Rielly, Elizabeth, (wid John) 

Portsmouth Hotel, Smith, Thos., manager 

Portsnjouth Town Hall and Jail 

Potter, Jas. M., ship carpenter 

Potter, William, retired 

Potter, George 

Portsmouth Public School 

Parker, James, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Paugh, F. H. C, asst. physician, Rockwood Hospital 

Paupst, Wm., attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Payne, John A., mason 

Payne, Russell G., chauffeur 

Payton, Ada, maid 

Perrin, William H., letter-carrier 

Peters, Lloyd, labourer 

Ponsford, Wallace, student 

Ponsford, John C, warden K. P. 

Powell, Haffel, guard, K. P. 

Powell, James 

Powell, Arline, student 

Powell, Vera, milliner 

Ralph, Thos., attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Ralph, Reginald, attendant. Rockwood Hospital 

Remy, Elizabeth de F. 

Reynolds, Elizabeth, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Rising, A. Frederick, labourer 

Roddy, Edward, driver 

Roddy, Mary 

Ross, Jane 

Ross, Charles L., Capt., mariner 

Sands, Eva, nurse 

Scally, Rachel, nurse 

Scally, John, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Sears, Warren, guard, K. P. 

Sears, Benjamin, messenger, , 'Rockwood Hospital 

Sears, Annie, laundress 

Sharpe, J., attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Shelton, Robert, attendant 

Shelton. Mabel, house maid 

Sherbino, David W., machinist 

Shields. Effie, nurse 

Sister Mary Theresa, Separate School 

Singleton, Harry, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Smith, Charles, truck driver 

Smith, Fred, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Smith, Thomas, labourer 

Smith, Fred, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Smith, W. Hilyard Rev., Church of England 

Smith. Thos. J., (Sr.), labourer 

Smith, Thos. J., (Jr.), manager Portsmouth Hotel 

Somerville. Frank, carpenter 

Sparling. Earl M., marine engineer ( 

Sparks. Gertrude, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Stead. William George, guard, K. P. 

Stronach, Margaret, housekeeper, Rockwood Hospt. 

Sweet, Clarissa 

Tatton, William 

Taylor, William S., guard, K. P. 

Taylor, Mary, bookkeeper, Lake Ontario Brewery 

Thomson, J. C, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Thomson, J. F., attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Thomson, Mrs. E. 

Thomson, Nellie, nurse, Rockwood Hospital 

Thomson, John, tailor 

Tobin, Thos., guard, K. P. 

Tucker, Robert R., Deputy Warden, K. P. 

Tunbridge. Joseph 

Turner. John, Iron Worker 

Turpin, Richard O., guard, K. P. 

Twedell. James, chief trade instructor, K. P. 

Tyson. Edward, guard, K. P. 

VanLuven. Robert M., farm instructor, K. P. 

Veley, Mabel, nurse 

Village Park 

Waller, George W., driver 

Waller, Thelma R. 

Walker, William J., village constable 

Walsh, Matthew J, chief keeper, K.P. 

Walters, Arthur J., engineer 

Waller, Clifford W., driver 

Waller, Eva M. 

Ward, Annie, (wid William) 

Watts. Fannie, (wid of George) 

Webster, William, grocer 

Webb, William, gardener 

Wells, Joseph, attendant, Rockwood Hospital 

Wcllborne. William 

COLOR COMPANY, Limited pe'/rVave. 


















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ar.tnoMan.go Lift of Canada. The Pcll.^ J Orders rccnives 100 

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